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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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♪ then local news for the city you're in then carpool with sir elton john ♪ and so we've come to the end of the show for the super bowl ♪ with the final score carolina 10, denver 24 ♪ and so we've come to the end of the show ♪ now it's time to go with the final score carolina 10, denver 24 >> james: ladies and gentlemen, boyz ii men! you can see them in concert at the mirage in las vegas. thank you so much for watching tonight. we'll be here tomorrow. we hope to see you then. good night, everybody!
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the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. super bowl 50 is in the books. broncos fans celebrate their newly crowned champs. while the panthers quarterback decides he's had enough. good super bowl evening to you. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook.
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broncos fans are soaking it in with their team's huge win. many of them arriving at the marriott in santa clara, their team headquarters. >> in san francisco, orange and blue are the colors of the night. tonight the transamerica pyramid lit up in the champions colors right now. >> we have live team coverage. let's start with dennis o'donnell and the bay area star who came to conquer the world and left in a pout. >> yes, he did. and i guess you could say that somebody stole superman's cape and it was the smothering denver defense that dominated super bowl 50 tonight. you may recall cam newton was nice and loose all week beginning last sunday when he stepped off the airplane wearing those leather versace pants but there was no doubting in celebrating tonight. newton didn't have much of anything to say after being sacked seven times and committing three
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turnovers. >> did denver change anything defensively to take away your running lanes? >> no. >> 24-10 is the final. denver wins super bowl 50. likely peyton manning's last game. vern glenn and i game day on location after this newscast. dennis o'donnell reporting live from levi's stadium. >> levi's stadium under lock and key to super bowl 50. military tanks, humvees, even an entire military compound dedicated to keeping stadium goers safe. kpix 5's mike sugerman is at levi's stadium tonight. we've never seen really security operations quite like this one, have we? >> we heard about it for the last couple weeks, months, three years that we've known the super bowl was going to be here. security, security, security. okay, going to bow a lot of
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security -- going to be a lot of security. when you got here, it struck you like you cannot believe. >> reporter: this doesn't belong to the 9ers or santa clara or california. >> it belongs to the united states of america. >> reporter: and to the people who make it safe. >> in a square mile have you ever seen this many military and security? >> oh, no. >> reporter: maybe in wartime but this is a wartime super bowl. in the way wars are fought these days. and it's in our home. >> for city of santa clara this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. actually probably for the whole state of california. >> reporter: levi's stadium in california today is ground zero for people who want to hurt america and it's changed even in the last year. >> last year's super bowl we went to, it was good as well, but it wasn't as highlighted if you will to show deterrence. >> reporter: it certainly shows. we've heard about how it would be different for months but to see it is something entirely different. >> it really is hard to describe. i've seen the chp and
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their full tactical s.w.a.t. military gear. the military are here. the mps are here. i think it's an incredible site for us to make everybody feel safe like that. it's a wonderful thing. >> reporter: 55 different police and military agencies. they have machine guns. they have hummers. they have dogs. they have the gratitude of fans who are constantly stopping to take picture with them. they're friendly to them all. >> good job. >> reporter: kpix 5 security analyst jeffrey harp said -- >> weather is always a factor and the fact that we do have nice weather, it certainly helps out and helps out in the sniper positions and it certainly helps out in visibility in and around the stadium. >> that was mike sugerman reporting. north carolina's governor was in the bay area tonight and saw his team get crushed. then it got worse. matt mccrory was in a car crash on highway 237. the governor's car was rear ended and he had
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some minor pain. he continued on to his destination. one person who was travelling with the governor did have to go to the hospital. the mass exodus from levi's stadium created a lot of traffic on the roads. a lot of fans opted for public transportation this evening. busy night on cal train. we caught up with fans coming back from the game tonight. passengers say it was a smooth trip back with no delays. the broncos came out on top. it was a good game against the panthers. we saw some rival fans coming to blows. >> kpix 5 devin fehely is near bronco headquarters at the santa clara marriott tonight. >> watching football can be an emotional experience. apparently playing it can be as well. as we saw today, some of the celebrations after the game got a bit out of control. >> reporter: tempers flared as celebrating broncos and panthers fans crash in a parking lot a
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short distance from levi's stadium. thankfully this fight would end with a few bruised egos but no serious injuries. and while the celebrations were often loud, ruckus, and in your face, most fans expressed their joy with words and not this. >> colorado is bronco nation. we live and breathe orange and blue. everything is there. people all over colorado, it's all over san francisco. we thank god that we're here. >> reporter: gloria and her friends came all the way from denver for the game and were overjoyed that the broncos could pull off one last win for qb peyton manning. >> i think he left his heart on the field. he did it. all passion. it proved it. >> reporter: the parties weren't problem-free. our cameras caught this fan who appeared to have had too much to drink being treated by paramedics and police before he was loaded in to an ambulance. devin fehely, kpix 5. a lot of talk tonight about
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two of the big issues that have plagued levi's stadium since it opened. the weather in the 70s, some fans complained about baking in the sun. we talked to one broncos fan who says it's 40 degrees colder in denver right now. then there was the turf. several players had to change their cleats because they were slipping on the field. crews were busy patching divots throughout the game. but we should mention the nfl was in charge for the field for super bowl 50. it installed new turf at the beginning of january. what a difference a couple hours makes. super bowl city is no more. as soon as it closed today at 3 p.m., crews started to take it down. for nine days it ruled the heart of san francisco, offering free entertainment to tens of thousands of fans. >> was it worth it? >> i think it was. i think it brought out a lot of bay area culture and really showed the nation, what the bay area is all about. >> streets in the area are
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still closed tonight. they should reopen in a couple days once the cleanup is over with. breaking news in the east bay right now. several lanes on westbound interstate 80 are shut down. according to the chp, someone in a car shot at another car hitting one person. this happened about 90 minutes ago. the victim took himself or herself to the hospital. you're looking at live pictures of the scene. while this was happening, a third car that was disabled on the shoulder was also struck by at least one bullet. it's unknown if anyone was in that car. there have been at least five shootings along interstate 80 since october, all within a couple miles of each other. last month someone opened fire on a car, injuring three people including a 2-year-old child. no arrests have been made in any of those shootings. tonight the chp says the three people who died in a fiery car crash would have gotten away with a citation and their lives
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if they had just stopped instead of taking off. kpix 5's joe vazquez is in san francisco's soma district tonight with new video. >> here at 9th you can see the remnants of last night's fiery crash. there you see the black and charred pavement. right next to a sidewalk memorial with candles that spell the name dave. officials have not yet released the names of those who died here but some video has emerged. >> reporter: this video posted on youtube shows the immediate aftermath of the crash, a car engulfed in flames, three men killed. the chp says the men were doing donuts in the street at 5th and bryant when an officer spotted them. >> all of the sudden they took off and ran through that light. the officer then turned on his emergency lights in an attempt to make a stop on that vehicle. >> reporter: after the car sped through several more red lights the chp said they discontinued the chase then watched as the car hit a yellow cab, went out
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of control, and crashed hard. >> a bang and the whole car burst in to intense flames so we all ran to try to help. >> the flames were so intense, by the time we got there, there was no way anybody could be alive or we could get close. >> reporter: witnesses say another car drove up within seconds. >> four women jumped out and they were screaming get him out of the car. the first two tires blew up and they screamed and drove away. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. pretty wild brawl involving sticks and bats turns deadly in the north bay. two people were killed on cole drive in marin city. a third man survived a gunshot wound to the head. authorities believe an altercation broke out when a man intervened in a domestic dispute. the violence happened in and around a large apartment complex. >> we received a number of phone calls of the fact there was some type of fight, an altercation taking place here
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involving persons armed with bats, give, sticks, things of that nature. it was during our response that that was upgraded that people were reporting they were hearing gunfire taking place. >> authorities say it's an isolated incident and there's no threat to the community. no arrests have been made. a new sign of erosion in the bay area. this time at a popular tourist spot in san francisco. kpix 5's emily turner shows us. >> reporter: it's a beautiful view, just not one you're supposed to see underneath a sidewalk. the bulkhead along marina green has left a gaping hole and growing danger. >> nothing. ever since it's been like that i didn't do anything about it. >> reporter: it opened up after the last storm. considering this is his usual fishing spot, he should know. we tried to talk to public works about it but they didn't return our call. in the meantime the hole he says has been getting larger and larger. >> it's probably getting washed out from under there. >> there's no caution tape up.
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there are no warning or danger signs and these concrete barricades are there but it's easy to go down where that sinkhole is. this is the latest discovery of a coastal cave in this season. last month in pacifica a whole portion of it opened up in to the ocean. another part of coastline is so unstable, everyone in this apartment complex had to move out. coastal experts and city leaders blame the weather while they race to keep up. >> what seems different this year is this barrage of storms, one after the other. but an accumulation outpacing the city's ability to respond. want to go back to our super bowl 50 coverage. for some fans at levi's stadium tonight they weren't there to watch the broncos or the panthers. >> some of them told our christin ayers they came for the beyonce concert. >> it was -- there were the
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people who came in to see the super bowl. then there were fans who came in to see the beyonce bowl. which was something else entirely. she scored big tonight and had an assist from coldplay and bruno mars. >> reporter: it's the big show within the big show. the kick-off from coldplay and bruno mars to queen b herself. some fans told me tonight this was a 2-fer. their favorite teams and their favorite musical acts. >> you said you want to be a backup dancer for beyonce. >> still working on it. i don't know. what do you think? [ laughter ] >> getting a little bootylicious. >> definitely a lot of that. >> reporter: call it the beyonce bowl. >> i can't wait to see beyonce. she's the best . the dancing and the rocking and everything you need to start off with. >> reporter: forget the fan
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colors. >> nicolette told us the music was the main event. >> reporter: they weren't alone. yeah, that's me in the background screaming when beyonce took the field. >> can it get any better, seriously? >> reporter: in my book, no. >> throat is still a little sore from screaming like a little girl when i saw beyonce on stage. i'm going to say she knocked it out of the park tonight. she did a great job. and certainly along with the rest of the musical acts tonight, bruno mars, coldplay, lady gaga with the national anthem. that was definitely worthy of a super bowl 50. back to you. >> i love that. she's our beyonce correspondent. that sounds good. i want to do it too. check this out. the cal band tweet ed, quote, wondering who the band performing with coldplay, beyonce and bruno mars
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was? it was us. the bay area host committed will hold a ceremony. houston will get the ball as it gets to host super bowl 51. tonight at super bowl 50 the world saw the broncos beat the panthers. at times with superhuman skill and strength. maybe. but you may not know a growing number of scientists and entrepreneurs hope one day we'll all be super human. kpix 5's anne makovec shows us how. >> reporter: a bionic eye. >> we're going to be able to see 100 miles with sheer accuracy. we're going to be able to see germs on each other's bodies. >> reporter: a digital chip underneath the skin in your hand that unlocks doors. >> your identity is on you embedded in you. >> reporter: or implants that allow you to touch electromagnetic fields. >> it opens your sense up to something most people cannot feel. >> reporter: engineers, biohackers, and futuristis are
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changing. >> we need to get rid of the accessories. we don't want to carry devices. we want devices built in to us. >> reporter: he belongs to the transhumanist party. the movement seeks to radically improve humans by using bionic limb, digital implants, even genetic manipulation. >> we're going to keep the very best parts of our humanity with us as we slowly merge with machines. >> reporter: the married father of two is running for president on the transhumanist platform. he recently hit the campaign trail on a bus that looks like a coffin. a campaign goal, to conquer biological death. >> we want to become something that cannot be destroyed easily. >> reporter: and some believe we're well on the way. >> now technology has just caught up to the point that we can now direct our own biological evolution. >> reporter: ryan o'shea is
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with a group that creates technology that augments human technologies. one acts as a compass. another, a wireless biometric sensor records body temperature. >> we're quickly expanding to blood oxygen, glucose, heart rate. >> reporter: however -- >> there's been a lot of discussion about privacy. >> he runs new deal design in san francisco. his team is developing tiny implantable digital tattoos. they'll authenticate credit cards, track your location, even collect health data. >> i think just about everyone will eventually want it. >> reporter: but because the chip lives in you, it will record all your history. >> who owns that information? where does it go? >> reporter: journalist of uc berkeley's graduate school of journalism has written about biohacking in a new book. >> we should start thinking about what these technologies are. if we do want them, what should we need them to do?
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>> reporter: it's already outdated. >> i have the older chip now. i need to get the upgrade. >> reporter: some things never change. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the first tiny digital tattoos by new deal design are expected in just a few years. in fact, paul has got one and he can tell you. here we go. it's why we still need the weather man and hopefully for a while. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. we're dry on the radar. we'll be dry for a while. have you noticed the rainfall? 17 days, we got more than half a foot of rainfall. the past 17 days including today we received half an inch of rainfall. big time change. where has el nino gone? hasn't gone anywhere . it's the strongest on record. we've just not been receiving the rainfall here. mainly clear. 48. san francisco, 51. sun comes up,
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7:07 tomorrow. super bowl 50 was today. this is acting like a very strong offensive line. we're the quarterback and the ridge is protecting us from the rainfall. there are storms hitting this wall in the atmosphere going up over the wall in to british columbia. nowhere close to us. until this ridge movers, -- moves, we'll not see any rainfall. we're looking at futurecast to wednesday where the storm track is heading in our direction but is now across the border in to the pacific northwest. still nowhere close to here. there's zero rainfall in my 7-day forecast. we'll get cloudier and cooler by the end of the week but record highs are likely tomorrow, mid 70s for some of you and this dry stretch is likely to continue for the next seven days. fremont tomorrow, 74. 70 in concord. 76 in san jose and how about 71 degrees in february in san francisco? extended forecast, a little bit cooler but still well above average through wednesday. cloudier over the weekend with
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highs in the 60s. but rain, now the super bowl is done. we need the rainfall. mother nature says time out. got to wait another week. we'll be patient. think these puppy bowl puppies from super bowl city are cute? you can take one home with you. san francisco's animal care and control will offer them up for adoption starting tomorrow. if you're interested you'll be able to adopt one at a 50% discount through february 18th. valentine's day. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. kpix 5's juliette goodrich s us -- pizza is tops when it comes to take out and
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deliveries. a big part of the super bowl is of course the food. >> and more food. kpix 5's juliette goodrich shows us pizza is tops when it comes to takeout and deliveries. >> i bet you're hungry. you've been working hard. this was the number one food this super bowl season, pizza. i'm going to have one. >> reporter: it was a mandatory work day for this crew. >> we've done it for lunch already which is unheard of. >> reporter: after all, super bowl sunday is the busiest day of the year for pizza orders here nationwide. they bulked up. >> we go through about thousand to 1200 pounds of flower, few hundred pounds of pepperoni, but we're prepared for this. >> reporter: and bring on the dough. in more ways than one. tossing it isn't as easy as he makes it look. so i decided to
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help out in front. phones ringing off the hook. sherry and her 91-year-old mom were picking up pizza to take to hungry football fans. >> we're here to pick up the pizza and go home and watch the game and eat pizza. >> we'll put this in the oven, let it bake, and i'll see you back there in san francisco. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sup, sup, sup, sup.
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people in china are ringing in the lunar new year. people lit fireworks and firecrackers to scare away bad spirits and bring good fortune for the coming year. around here san francisco public schools are closed tomorrow in observance of the lunar new year. but city offices remained opened. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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