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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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or alicia keys who talked about mario woods during a show in san francisco. >> i don't think it's violation i don't think it violates it's not shocking to the conscious nor is it violation of the contract which either of these artists performed for. >> reporter: a performance for halftime but was it the best time far political message? >> take what's mine ♪ i'm star ♪ >> reporter: and she is not the only one with a political statement last night. coldplay made references to marriage equality in his performance. live at levi's stadium. kpix five. >> the super bowl left the bay area for houston texas. care mondayial hand off took place this morning. houston tapped the history of space exploration to take the ball for super bowl 51. and they had astronauts from space kick things off houston's mayor says the city has a tough act to follow. >> to the host committee of san francisco, of this super bowl 50, let me say incredible
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incredible job. you all have set the bar so very, very high. >> this will be the third time houston hosted the super bowl. it last hosted the game in 20 04. a super lean up-- cleanup effort the sweeping of confetti began after the broncos left the field last night. crews arrived at daybreak today to start tearing down the 14 story structure. they say it's the largest the nfl has ever built.crews are take down super bowl city in san francisco. it could take a few days before justin herman plaza returns to normal. they say commuters should expect roads to remain closed through saturday. we are getting a pretty good feel for what the bay area thought about hosting super bowl 50. a fairly positive response in the exclusive survey usa poll. when asked how they rate the events 42% said they were excellent. 25% said good. and 19% of the responsents
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thought they were fair and 11% didn't like them. something of a surprise when we asked whether hosting the game was worth it? that part of the story we will have tonight at 6. developing story out of dealy city. police shot a man who was trying to make -- daley city. police shot the a man who was trying to make a run for it. this is st. frances boulevard. we are told an officer shot the man in the backyard of one of the homes. daley city police say a call came in at about 12:45 p.m. for domestic dispute at a home on campus drive. that is a block away from where the shooting happened. there were reports of a man chasing a woman around and according to police callers thought he could seriously hurt her. >> witnesses reported that the male was possibly armed with a knife. officers shortly arrived on scene after that and they located the suspect. the suspect fled on foot. >> police chased him and caught up to him but it's not clear what happened before the officer opened fire. the suspect was shot in the
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arm. new at 5a. group of nuns who dedicated their lives to helping the homeless here in san francisco could soon be priced out of the neighborhood. kpix5 mike sugarman says they are in need of a miracle. mike. >> reporter: you might hear the nuns behind me praying as they bake the rich french desserts they sell in order to make money to help feed the poor. but the timing may be running out. they are look for a hail mary on what was among the grimiest drug infested grittiest streets in the grittiest neighborhood. >> you want something. >> reporter: residents who choose to be here. >> holy mary mother god. >> reporter: hope they have a prayer of staying. >> they are kicking us out. >> everything. >> reporter: that's not entirely true. the nuns of the order have for 8 years served food out this soup kitchen prepared food left
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over from restaurants and banquets. to the hungry of the neighborhood. they go out to other parts of the city. the landlord says they can stay if they can pay a 50% rent increase. 5500 dollars a month. that's the going rate in the tenderloin. >> the people who are suffering on the streets and. [audio not understandable] people want to make money and they are take care of people and we have to find the right balance. >> good to see you. >> you too. >> reporter: that's height in a general try fying neighborhood and even the homeless are getting pushed out in the tenderloin. >>i don't know what i would do without them. thr so nice and -- they are so nice and they are always this is free food that they are cooking for homeless. so i don't know what i would do without them. >> reporter: there are plenty of other places to go though lines are longer. the story here is yet another nonprofit could be priced out of a jetry fying san francisco.
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jetry fying san francisco. >> -- gentry fying san francisco -- gentrifying san francisco. >> thank you for all you are doing. >> reporter: we talked to the land lor's -- landlord's attorney and he says we are putting the rent increase on hold and will meet with the nuns on thursday and i told that to the nuns as it was news to them but it was good news. what they would like is to have a new church and a new kitchen where they could cook because they don't they the poor are -- they don't think the poor will be welcomed here for long. in san francisco, mike sugarman kpix five. we have a traffic alert in the north bay an 18-wheeler wreck has part of 2 highways shut down in vallejo. big rig overturned. paramedics rush the driver to a hospital. that crash happened about 3:15 this afternoon on the highway 37 entrance ramp to highway 29. the westbound 37 ramp to highway 29 is now blocked. one southbound lane of highway 29 ises have closed.
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and -- is also closed and it could take another two hours to clear the wreck. a man is dead after being struck by an amtrak capital corridor train in berkeleych the train was heading from sacramento to san jose when it hit the man near bancroft way and fourth street before noon. investigators say the man was trying to cross the tracks at the time of the collision. no one on board the train was hurt. bay area headlines this afternoon highway bandits target a couple driving on highway 1 between half-moon bay and san gre goreo. this started when they pulled over to let a tailgating vehicle pass. police say the suspects cut in front of them and then forced the couple to stop. one guy pulled a gun on the driver and the other a knife on the passenger. they demanded a purse wallet and cell phones and suspects got away in a black crown victoria with tinted windows. and another shooting on interstate 80 sends one person to the hospital. this happened near the apiien way exit. someone fired from one car into
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another and the gunman got away. there have been several shootings on 80 since october. a rough monday on wall street. at one point, the dow was down 400 points in the end, they gained back half of those losses. the markets have been in a funk since the beginning of the year and the reason has not changed. >> a lot of concerns about the health of the global economy. we saw oil prices drop below $30 and big sell off in european banks and that's worrisome about that continent's economy and we saw heavy selling in the tech sector continue with shares in yelp and twitter falling to all time lows. >> the drop in oil prices is trickeling down to drivers. price of gas in the bay area has tumbled to levels we haven't seen in a very long time. kpix john ramos one they could stay low. >> reporter: the price of gas is down all over the bay area. from san jose to concord drivers are now paying less than 2 bucks a gallon.
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and you don't hear much complaining at the pump. >> everything else is going up but gas prices are going low. >> i never thought price would be like this low. you know i should have a bigger car and fill it up. >> reporter: but not everybody is celebrating. >> the changes in price just smash through the whole world ofenergy. >> reporter: dr. croft spent years in the oil industry and says pressure to overproduce is coming from saudi arabia mainly which fears future competition from neighboring iran and increases in u.s. oil production from fracking. it's led to a big game of chicken to see who will cut production first. >> if you can store a certain amount oil is bulky throughout the value and that storage is starting to fill up. and that's putting huge downward pressure on prices. >> reporter: and while no one believes crude oil prices will stay low forever, professor croft says it may take a while to clear out the huge glut that is being created. >> the more we put all the oil
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in storage the longer delay there's going to be between any restraint and production and bringing the market back into balance. >> reporter: drivers are hoping the imbalance will stick around for a while. it certainly increased their number of smiles per gallon. in concord don ramos kpix5. >> the golden state warriors are on fire right now. >> coming up, what a warriors player did to draw huge crowds in berkeley. for lunch.. why the chain >> at some point in time, you may have wondered today, what is going on with the weather. some parts of the the bay area hit 80 degrees and we are still well into the 70s. and it's february 8th. we will talk about why it's happening and how long it will last live from berkeley that's coming up. >> and every chicago poet lay restaurant in the -- chipotle restaurant in the bay area and around the country closed why they stopped serving up burritos for several hours. ,,
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after a company- wide safety meeting today.
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chipotle says at least oyees attended chipotle stores opened again after a company wide safety meeting today. they says at least 50,000 employees attended the briefing through a video hookup. it focused on the company's response to the outbreaks of norovirus and e.coli that sickened more than 500 people. among the changes, new procedures for storing handling and cooking food. chicago pole poet lay is -- chicago poet lay is introducing- - chicago poe tay is intro duing paid sick leave. they are lining up for free meningitis vaccines they launched an inoculation effort after three students tested positive for a rare strain. more than 4,000 students have been vaccinated since last week. vaccines will be given out until 6:00 tonight. chopper 5 caught this long line this afternoon at a coffee shop in berkeley. it was not so much the coffee as it was the person serving
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it. the warriors draymond green was dishing out coffee. the team is partnering with pete's or special coffee blend to raise money for charity. your promised one amount but build more. >> coming up how to fight back when extra fees pop up on your cable bill. >> and the super bowl ad that has a federal agency weighing in. republicans fight for second in new hampshire as sanders pushing ahead of clinton in the polls. what's at stake in the first primary and why beyonce's new song caught the world off guard at super bowl on cbs evening news with scott pelley. ,,,,,,,,,,
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one of the super bowl ads. ans tonight a federal agency is looking into one of the super
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bowl ads. it's the quicken loans commercial promoting their mortgagech the program allows people to apply for mortgagescompletely online. quicken president says that the ad was to promote the app but viewers took to twitter saying it was promoting a lending environment similar to what led to the great recession. consumer financial protection bureau weighed in saying homeowners he should take their time and ask questions. yesterday's super bowl drew 111.9 million viewers. that is the third largest tv audience ever. and about 4 million people live streamed the game. that is a digital record. the super bowl has set viewership records 6 of the past 7 years. last year's super bowl holds the all time record with more than 114 million viewers. in less than 24 hours new hampshire's unpredictable voters will cast their ballots
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in the first primary of the 2016 presidential race. latest polls show a tight race for second place in the republican side. hillary clinton is closing in on bernie sanders. cbs reporter danielle nottingham is in manchester with the latest. danielle. >> reporter: well liz the candidates are all around the state tonight making their final appeals. now new hampshire voters are notorious for making last- minute decisions so every one counts and with republicans jogying for position they were going back and forth again today. >> you wouldn't hire him to do anything. >> reporter: donald trump was back to taking swipes at his favorite target jeb bush monday. trump is holding onto a double digit lead in the latest monmouth university poll with less than 24 hours to go until new hampshire voters cast their ballots. >> he is like a spoiled child and spent 110 million dollars on a campaign and he is nowhere. >> reporter: bush slammed
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thebillionaire on twitter monday calling trump a liar and a whiner. bush is in a tight race for second place with john kasich marco rubio and ted cruz. today, rubio praised his it willo candidates. >> from this republican field i think there's presidents of potential vice president and cabinet people future presidents. >> reporter: barbara gelnet he was-decide but says a kasich town hall changed her mind. >> not republican or dep krat but people centered is what the president i want. >> reporter: tuesday's primarycould make or break some republican campaigns democrats could be in for another close race. >> our government brie longs to all -- belongs to all of us pores. >> reporter: polls show bernie sanders with a comfortable lead over hillary clinton and is out today reminding voters of the difference. >> i-- differences. >> i believe what i am putting forth has a far better chance of actually producing the results that will give people confidence we can turn this around. >> reporter: both democrats
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have events scheduled into the evening. the first polls open at midnight. and will someone else jump into the republican race? former new york mayor michael bloomberg told the financial times that he is considering entering the race after saturday's debate. live in manchester new hampshire, danielle nottingham kpix5. >> celebrations right here in the bay area and around the world to mark the lunar new year. this 50 foot string of firecrackers lit to scare away the evil spirits. this is the year of the monkey known for being clever, but sometimes mischiefous. a chorus of little monkies would of the musical performances. a new big new year's parade in san francisco is saturday. february 20th. meteorologist paul deanno
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was at the arena we need the rain and it was strange to have this warm in february. >> it's strange and record breaking day and here's deal. we do need the rainfall and this pattern to change but mother nature is not for multiple choice and is dishing out sunshine and warmer weather. let's go with it and the seating capacity on every restaurant along 4th street in berkeley got larger because the outdoor tables are in play for much of the winter it's not. it's been chl crane wet. but the pattern is flipped and we have been dry for a couple weeks and today is crazy with some spots in the bay area including oakland hitting the 80s today. on february 8th. so what were the records in san francisco san rafael and san jose and oakland. they were in the 70s. let's reveal how warm we got -- reveal how warm we got today all four cities saw a record high. san jose 78. oakland, 81 degrees. san rafael 74 and san francisco 75 degrees. also kent field in napa broke records today.
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outside right now it's still 78 degrees in oakland. san jose 76. and one spot below 70 degrees is the trivalley livermore at 67 degrees. but still 74 in san francisco. it looks strange to see it so sunny and warm for the super bowl yesterday. it's actually several degrees warm arer for -- warmer for parts -- warmer for parts of the bay area. we will cool off tonight. livermore 45 and santa rosa 44. have a layo 49 and 53 oakland and north bay val-- valley. the question now is how long will this ridge of high pressure remain? the answer is, a long time. longer than we might want because even though the high pressure ridge will get weaker and flatter later in the week it's close enough and strong enough to keep us rain free for each of the next 7 days. we need rain to return. it likely will not for the next week. mainly clear tonight patchy valley fog especially in the north bay tomorrow morning
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right around sunrise. and sunny and warm again tomorrow. perhaps not as warm but well above average and cloudier and milder meaning no more 80s or 70s. we will be down in the 60s heading towards the end of the week and weekend many tomorrow, pretty warm. even pacifica heading to the beach 69 degrees. livermore 72 vallejo 70 another day in the upper 70s in san jose san francisco 70. we will cool down a few degrees each day all the way to saturday. by saturday, we will not hit 70 in where away from the water. low 60s near the bay but that's a mild and sunny week. and we will stay above average for a while. back out here live in berkeley, stress are blooming because we have -- trees are blooming because we had a ton of rainfall and now sunshine and warmer weather. trees probably think it's april. it feels like april outside. there are folks eating dinner outside on february 8th in near 80 degree weather in berkeley. that's not right. but it's happening today. back to you in the studio where it's 6 degrees cooler we keep it 72 in there. >> it's cooler in here. >> yeah it is what it is outside. paul. >> enjoy it.
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>> thanks. it's one of the most common complaints from people with cable service. >> higher than expected bills even when you have a contract. consumer watch reporter julie watts with the story of one customer who decided to fight back. >> reporter: joe didn't exactly want to sign up with comcast but they say there weren't a lot of options. >> it's the only local one that services our area. >> reporter: so over a year ago he's greed to a two year -- he agreed to a two-year deal after what seeped like a fair price. >> supposed to be around 148 for the first year and then the second year would be approximately 168 dollars. >> reporter: except he says when year two began the bill sky rocketed to 20 dollars more a month than what he says he was promised. >> it was such a doctor matic difference of what i with a --dray make the difference of what i expect -- dramatic difference of what i spec. >> reporter: when he -- expected. >> reporter: what he called to complain. >> they said that's the price.
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>> reporter: the other option pay the cancellation fee. rod tarn says it's illegal for a salesperson to make untrue or misleading statements. >> but if the customer doesn't obtain proof it is difficult. >> reporter: and without proof a company's written contract is what counts. like many comcast says we have the right to change our charges at any time with or without notice. and in this case, comcast did raise the fees. the company can tells us "as with all paggages -- package the quote didn't include additional fees. but comcast has now agreed to honor the price he says he was originally quoted. an offer he plans to get in writing. >> they should honor what we have agreed upon. >> reporter: bottom line companies do have to honor the price you were quoted so get the quote in writing. but keep in mind quotes don't include taxes or fees which companies can raise at any time
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increasing your overall bill inspite of a contract. julie watts kpix5. >> and a new side of the red planet. >> coming up, a cbs news exclusive look at the mars 2020 mission. >> and the fiery stunt that caused a scene on a london bridge. new jersey after being t
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(baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. ♪ soul on fire, best you learn ♪ can't get higher ♪ ♪ till it burns ♪ man on fire
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♪ sole survivor, yeah ow! ♪ get up! probst: medical, medical! woman: god, it just hurts so bad. probst: we're right here with you, all right? woman: oh, my god. all right, we're going to have an evacuation! call for the chopper! ♪ oh ♪ man on fire ♪ sole survivor, yeah. around in rough seas. royal caribbean cruise ship head back to port in new jersey after being tossed around in rough seas cell phone video captured the winds and powerful waves. off the coast of the carolinas. and take a look. at some of the damage on board, the hurricane force storm crashed cracked over ceramic planters and knocked over tables they are offering 4,000 passengers a full refund. a movie stunt caused a and nick london neighborhood. look at this. the double-decker bus explodes across the bridge. it was filmed for a action movie called the foreigner
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starring jackie chan some people living nearby were spooked saying they were not warned about the stunt in advance. nasa taking a step towards its goal of sending humans to mars. this is a first look at the assembly room of the mars 2020 mission. nasa is building an unmanned spacecraft that will send a new rover to mars in four years. unlike the curiosity rover mars 2020 has a higher resolution camera to study the habitability of the red planet and could potentially bring a sample of mars back to earth. and we are back after a quick break. >> stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i am allen partin in the newsroom new 569 a taste of spring in february so bay area cities hit record high temperatures but what happened to el nino? what this break in the rain means for our drought. >> earthquake earthquake. >> and few seconds could mean the difference between life or death when the next earthquake hits. we have got the technology but the money stalled. tonight, science california is finally ready to get the ball rolling. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 6 guys. >> should be a great show thanks. and thanks for watching the kpix5 news at 5. the cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. >> allen and ver onicca will see you at 6 and remember latest news and weather always on to
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>> pelley: primed for the primary. >> you have to get out and vote tomorrow. >> tomorrow the eyes of the country and a lot of the world, by the way, will be right here on new hampshire. >> come out tomorrow and vote for me. >> come out and vote for me tomorrow. >> pelley: also tonight, gayle king with the president. >> i'm curious about how the presidency has changed you. >> pelley: terror on the high seas. re there was a point where i was like, this thing is going to tip. >> pelley: birth defects and the zika virus, the doctor who connected the dots. and the halftime song with a full-throated message. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the first votes in the first primary will be cast in a few


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