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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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of here. the road is shut down. the super bowl lingers in san francisco. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. it's tuesday, february 9. let's check the weather and traffic and pretty warm already. >> we had a dozen record highs across the bay area yesterday including the museum at oakland at 81 degrees. cooler today but still near to record warm temperatures. clear skies looking towards sfo. it's mild. 56 degrees in san francisco after a record high of 75 on monday. 43 in santa rosa. more spring-like conditions, temperatures in the 70s across the board. i have your full forecast coming up. let's say good morning to gianna. >> good morning. we start off with an accident westbound 580 right at isabel. vehicle stuck in the fast lane there. it's early though. so not a lot of delays as you approach the scene. also getting word of a trouble
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spot on 238. details coming up. new hampshire voters are casting ballots in the first presidential primary of 2016. weijia jang joins us live from manchester with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. for front-runner donald trump and bernie sanders this is a chance to establish campaign credibility and show that they are just not phenomena but serious candidates. their opponents are not going down without a fight. >> kasich, 3. reporter: the tiny community of dixville notch was the first to vote in the new hampshire primary and gave victory to john kasich. >> let's have a big, big victory tomorrow! >> reporter: but gop front- runner donald trump is still betting on a big win here. at a rally he repeated his get out the vote message. >> she says, darling, i love you, but i have fallen in love
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with another man. i don't give a damn. you got to get out to vote! right? >> reporter: and mocks marco rubio for his robotic performance at saturday's debate. >> wait, wait, wait. he said that two minutes ago. it's the same thin aof the fifth time -- after the fifth time, i said what's going on? >> raising our four children in the 21st century and we know how hard it's become to instill our values in our kids in the 21st century it's become hander than ever to instill in your children the values they teach in our homes and in our church. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is bracing for a fight to the finish against bernie sanders. the vermont senator already won dixville notch overnight and is leading clinton among women in the granite state. >> please, vote with your head and your heart. >> reporter: people are projected to turn out in record
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numbers to vote despite snow in the forecast. along with the weather, undecided voters could play a critical role today. a new hampshire primary is known for being open to independents and they make up about 40% of registered voters. >> weijia, what role would the new hampshire primary play going into the next races? >> reporter: the name of the game is momentum. and historically whoever wins in new hampshire is able to use that to carry through to the next races. so that's why it's so important here. it also signals to donors who is performing well because people don't want to give money to people who can't compete. and once that money starts drying up, then the pressure is on to drop out. >> all right. weijia jang live in new hampshire, thank you. time now 4:33. a joyous cultural event turns dangerous after a fire break out. hundreds of people were gathered at the grand century shopping center on story road in san jose last night for a lunar new year celebration.
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now, during the fireworks display, a nearby tree and roof of a bakery caught fire. this is cell phone video taken by a man who happened upon that festival even though the tree was visibly on fire, crowds remained and no one seemed alarmed. firefighters took 10 minutes to put it out. the building had exterior damage. nobody was injured. witnesses say it could have been worse. >> it's dangerous. we need more care for the people. we need to keep the people a little more away from the fireworks. >> the official cause of the fire is under investigation. but witnesses say they're sure the fireworks are the cause. san jose has a long complicated history with illegal fireworks. during the vietnamese new year this was the scene last year. parents brought their kids to watch. they believe it scares away evil spirits. fireworks are illegal in san jose. so where were the police?
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they were there. the temple hired off-duty officers as private security. >> that's not good especially with this dry weather and no rain in the forecast. >> no rain in the forecast for many days here. this is not good news for us here in the bay area. but yeah, everybody -- i was getting texts and emails. weather is gorgeous. not even just spring-like but early summer-like and we are going to see the same today. as michelle was saying, we do have dry weather. we have low humidity, we have had a bit of a breeze. and unseasonably warm temperatures. that causes the potential for fire so be very mindful of that. temperatures mid-40s to the mid- 50s at this early hour. the winds are under 10. your el nino update because everybody is asking is el nino over? no! it started off as an early february el nino and the strongest in modern history. we are not over with it. it's just like on a mini reprieve right now. lots of sunshine today. temperatures again running for a record. 73 degrees in pacifica.
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73 in san francisco down from 75 yesterday. so i'm bringing the temperatures down a couple of notches. we did have 81 at the museum in oakland but in downtown it was 78 degrees. going with 76 there today. and with the warm weather the pollen certainly is up so if you have been sneezing and wheezing you can blame it on the alder, birch and juniper. we'll talk about rain coming up. gianna? >> thanks, roberta. we have a couple of accidents to start the morning off with. first off, westbound 580 right around isabel we have reports of an accident, vehicle facing the wrong way in the left lane. chp and crews are on the scene hoping to have it cleared out within the next few minutes. an accident 238 northbound, looks like it may be blocking at least a lane. 880 both directions looks good. 238 to the maze 16 minutes this morning. no delays out of oakland past the coliseum. southbound traffic looks good all the way from here as you
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head into hayward and fremont. san mateo bridge looks good no delays both directions. 880 to 101 a nice start 13 minutes for that drive time. back to you guys. a man is in contra costa jail accused of shooting a suspected carjacker to death. it all began friday night in antioch in a parking lot on east 18th street. kpix 5's christin ayers has more on how this happened reporter: it began with what neighbors say sounded like an argument outside this antioch rite aid and then gunfire. >> boom, boom, and then boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: antioch police say leo lopez was inside his van here outside rite aid when a man pulled a gun and carjacked him. as the carjacker was driving away lopez pulled out his own gun and opened fire into his own van hitting the man. >> i heard three rapid fire shots. >> reporter: brian guzman says it was shortly after the gunfire stopped that he heard
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the crash. the stolen van careened from rite aid to this residential neighborhood, slammed into another car and went on a lawn hitting a tree and leaving tire tracks. >> there was somebody in the car. i don't think that they were alive. >> reporter: police say the carjacker died from his gunshot wounds. in a twist, the carjacking victim is now behind bars arrested for murder. a neighbor who didn't want to show her face told us none of it makes sense. >> i think it's self-defense. he is getting charged with murder which is really unfair. >> on one side you have loss of property on the other side loss of life. >> nobody wins. nobody wins. >> reporter: in antioch, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the coroner has identified the man who was killed as 27- year-old richard perino of pittsburg. >> reporter: one day after his city hosted the super bowl, santa clara's mayor announced he is stepping down. jamie matthews put out this brief statement. quote, it has been the greatest honor of my life to have serve as santa clara's mayor. now it's time for me to focus on my family and look forward
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to the next chapter in my life. that isn't the only political news off of santa clara. the city manager reportedly accused city leaders of discriminating against him because he is hispanic just hours before the super bowl. he and other leaders were heard screaming at city hall. a closed session performance evaluation of fuentes will take place today at 4:30. the effort to clean up after super bowl 50 continues. chopper 5 got a good view of the scene over santa clara yesterday. crews at levi's stadium have a lot of work ahead of them and there's no telling just how long it will actually take to get it in ship shape. in san francisco they are working to clean up. mark kelly is where super bowl city once stood and some residents are now questioning whether it was worth it it reporter: what an iconic shot for the hundreds of millions of people that watched on sunday. he chairs the super bowl host committee and said it was a wild success. but on the streets, the reviews for super bowl city aren't as
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glowing. >> i didn't go to it, but yeah -- >> reporter: nothing positive to say? >> i heard they had crab fries. >> reporter: for a week, complaints were traffic. the tourists are out but the no parking signs were still up and traffic was backed up. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: happy to see city go? >> yes. but it was good for the economy. >> reporter: a poll finds 42% gave the super bowl events an excellent rating. but asked if the financial benefits outweighed inconveniences like traffic, half said no. >> i don't know if it was worth it or not but i can tell you one thing that if the city had actually negotiated better, um, it would have cost taxpayers of san francisco $5 million less than it actually did. >> reporter: the mayor got a lot of heat for the $5 million of taxpayer money san francisco paid to build super bowl. >> i still think it's worth it. um, i think that, um, we all
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had a good safe time. >> reporter: but supervisor jane kim wished that $5 million went elsewhere. >> the public funds should be spent dealing with issues like affordability and homelessness not on a party for the rich. >> reporter: the mayor is banking on the sales tax windfall outweighing the $5 million investment. with all the flak, 60% support another bid to bring the super bowl back to the bay. did you want super bowl to come back to the bay area? >> absolutely! >> reporter: clearly not everyone happy about super bowl city. some wishing that it was built elsewhere and not such a congested area. but overall, many people saying that they appreciated the energy that a large sporting event like the super bowl brought to the bay area. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. and super bowl li is now in the hands of houston, texas. the handoff took place on monday at moscone center in san
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francisco. in houston they put their spin on the events. astronauts orbiting the earth in the space station in that ceremony. nearly 112 million viewers tuned in to watch the super bowl. that's the third most watched program in u.s. television history. in case you wonder, the top two most watched events, the 2015 and the 2014 super bowls. pop singer beyonce is getting some backlash over her super bowl halftime performance. ♪[ music ] >> one of her songs refers to police brutality and the "black lives matter" movement. and here's what she said after the show. >> makes me proud what i wanted. what i wanted to be proud of. [ indiscernible ] >> legal analysts say it's unlikely the singler face any consequences -- singer will face any consequences for her political message. 4:42. an attack on a freeway. who police are looking for this morning. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chaos marred a lunar new ye
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celebration in hong kong, e this morning. demonstrators were upset that police were cracking down on people on the chaos marred a lunar new year celebration in hong kong this morning. demonstrators were upset that officials were cracking down on food vendors in a neighborhood. protestors pelted officers with bottles, trash and garbage cans. an incredibly scary situation for one couple. they were driving through one of the most scenic parts of the bay area when andria borba says it all went south reporter: once the sun goes down there's no light on this stretch of highway 1 between half moon bay and the beach except headlights. >> this location is -- is poorly lit. it's somewhat rural. so it is a concern for us. >> reporter: around 9:30, a couple driving on highway 1 noticed in their rear view mirror a car tailgating just a few feet off their bumper. >> the couple became concerned. so to be safe they pulled over to let the car pass.
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>> reporter: the tailgating car turned from nuisance to menace pulling over and boxing them in along the shoulder. two people in masks believed to be men hopped out, one with a gun, the other with a knife. >> they rolled down the windows and at which point the suspects demanded money. >> reporter: the couple gave a purse, wallet and two cell phones and the suspects fled south on highway 1. the only clue, the suspect's car. a black crown vic with tinted windows and no license plates. >> it's what older taxicabs look like. it's what older police cars look like. >> reporter: much like this unmarked cruiser from the san mateo county sheriff's department many crown vicing at the end of their police lives end up at auction and in civilian hands. with so little information to go on san mateo county detectives are checking surveillance cameras at businesses along highway 1 to see if they find the suspect's vehicle anywhere before the crime. in san mateo county, andria
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borba, kpix 5. the bay area feels as warm as l.a. is el nino gone? this hot, dry weather is a shock in february. and you can see many in the bay area enjoyed long walks and picnics the past couple of days. but a meteorology professor assured us that el nino is still influencing our weather patterns. >> we always have a mild spell in february. it lasts for up to three weeks and then it will get cool and rainy again. in fact, i have been telling my friends enjoy it while you can. >> professor bridger confirmed there's already been substantially more rain this winter than expected. and she says when the rain comes again it could pour until april. this week northern california and nevada are experiencing warm spring-like weather in the middle of winter. now there's reason for concern about more avalanches after more snow falls on the mountains. deep in the snowpack is a type of snow called -- might need to
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help me here roberta -- >> surface hoar. >> it got buried under several storms of snow. that layer is a weak foundation condition allowing large slabs of snow to slide. >> very strong but once it gets buried, it can get weak and create avalanches. >> the north lake tahoe fire department says there are already several avalanches a day in the sierra and many are manmade by mountain resorts to avoid catastrophes. have a watchful eye if you are skiing. >> it sounds like a bomb going off when they're making a manmade avalanche. >> dynamiting. >> there's a reason why they tell us not to ski off the trails, to stay on the trails and that's a good reason. we have spring-like skiing and border in the greater lake tahoe area area. good morning, everybody. for you another day with near
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or record warmth. clear skies visibility unlimited and the difference between this morning and 24 hours ago is the lack of that onshore wind. calm winds, 25 in san francisco. 49 san jose. here's what you need to know on this ninth day of the month of february. 55 degrees in san francisco. lots of blue skies as you step out to begin your workday or get the kids off to school. lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. we're talking again near or record warmth. yesterday we had a dozen -- 12 records established here in the bay area. next chance of rain won't be until the end of next week. if you have allergies yesterday was horrible. today very similar-like conditions. it's the alder, birch and juniper. i have seen cherry blossoms out there already. we have storms over the western pacific. that's not moving onshore. we have a dense fog advisory in
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the san joaquin valley. we'll continue to see record warmth. we have a front moving east. our 14-day outlook even though we are saying a chance of rain by the end of next week, looks like we'll be drier than average through about next monday. not this monday coming up but the following monday. meanwhile 70 in stockton. 70 stockton. 70 fresno. also manteca. 52 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. but it's now 14 degrees so it's cold enough to make snow. 74 in monterey. here's our numbers. would you believe yesterday it was 85 in santa cruz? that was a record. today high 70s there. 83 pacifica. 77 in san jose after a record high of 78 degrees on monday. here's the extended forecast. we'll begin to cloud it up just slightly on friday over the weekend. but temperatures still flirting with that 70-degree mark
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inland. gianna. >> it was such a beautiful day yesterday. jumping to the roads now, as you work your way in and out of san francisco, just a heads up we have a live shot of embarcadero. here's southbound lanes remaining closed. this is where super bowl city was. they are still dealing with super bowl city clean-up so expect those closures to remain in effect at least until friday. of course, if it opens up earlier we'll keep you updated but right now southbound embarcadero is still closed right at market. also closures in effect along howard as well as market itself. the rest of the freeways look good. here's a look at conditions along the altamont pass. so right now no delays westbound towards 680 the dublin interchange. 14 minutes there altamont pass to 680. you are going to find some delays just east of there. we have an accident westbound 580 at isabel and then even east of there as you work your way out of tracy this morning. we have some stop-and-go conditions making that merge over to 580 coming away from 205 so plan for that. overall, though, your drive time is okay, 14 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. chp clearing this accident northbound 238 right around
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880. it's out of lanes now. looks like it didn't cause much of a problem this morning. no delays on 238. 880 itself looks good in both directions. if you are traveling near the coliseum, northbound 238 to the maze is an easy 16 minutes. 13 minutes, that's what your drive time is to work your way across the span of the san mateo bridge. that's heading westbound hayward to foster city. we'll have a look at the bay bridge coming up. right now back to you guys. so if you are beyonce, where would you stay in the bay area if you are performing at the super bowl? >> it turns out a typical hotel was not classy enough for we can b because no because she is queen b. she posted this photo on facebook and said it was a super weekend and tagged a bnb. the home has five bedroo eight bath o rprise it's been dubbed a "contemporary masterpiece." ne >> the home is five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. no surprise it's been dubbed a contemporary masterpiece and
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the price for just one night? $10,000. we did ask airbnb the obvious, was she paid to plug their most lavish of rentals and for no now response. but it's gorgeous. >> i know. but she probably just went to bed. she was busy so a couple of nights there. >> she can afford it. >> she can. chump change for her. it is 4:53. we all know extra seconds can save lives during an earthquake. but getting an early warning system in california means coming up with millions of bucks. how the state hopes to make it all happen when we come back.
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satellite flew overhead durg the super bowl... north korea says it launched fans at levi's stadium never noticed but a north korean satellite flew overhead during the super bowl. north korea says it launched
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the satellite into orbit late saturday. a technology watchdog tweeted the satellite zipped over levi's just before 8:30 sunday night. our security analyst says not to worry. >> so it's not uncommon for a country to launch a satellite. i think it's coincident dal that it was over the game. >> u.s. officials say that that satellite is now tumbling in orbit. having a heads up before an earthquake strikes can be life- saving. many lawmakers are pushing hard to fund an early warning system in the state. 400 sensors are in place but california needs another 700. and the price tag is $21 million. the original plan involved funding from the federal government. now some lawmakers are asking the state to cover that cost. a man is working to improve earthquake safety in schools. it follows the 2014 earthquake that did significant damage in the north bay. the bill would require schools to secure classroom furniture
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and lights to prevent them from falling during a quake. it is 4:56 right now. voting has officially started in new hampshire. next we'll talk about the candidates who sharpened their attacks just ahead of the first in the enabling primary. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in east san jose where illegal fireworks have caused a building to catch fire last night. we have a live report straight ahead. ,,,,,,
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good morning. it's tuesday, february 9-th.. i'm it's tuesday, february 9-th i'm michelle griego. good morning, it's tuesday, february 9. this beautiful view of the bay bridge looks like a painting. just gorgeous. looks like a postcard. all right. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it's 5:00.
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a big day out east. time to vote! right now people in new hampshire are casting their ballots in the first presidential primary of 2016. cbs reporter weija jang joins us live from the queens city of manchester where it's been snowing most of the week and i understand it's going to be snowing today, too, right? >> reporter: good morning, frank and to everybody. it is snowy. the roads were a little slushy this morning. but it's february in new hampshire. so we expect people to be able to deal with it and turn out actually in record numbers. and for front-runner donald trump and bernie sanders, this race is critical. not only for delegates but to prove they are serious contenders. their opponents aren't going down without a fight reporter: >> for kasich, we have 3. >> reporter: the tiny community of dixville notch was first to vote in the new hampshire primary and handed victory to john kasich. >> let's have a big, big victory tomorrow! >> reporter: but gop front- runner donald trump is still betting on a big win


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