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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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how long it lasted. it seemed like forever until rescued by a friend. >> through legs i saw my coworker and he started running and swing and he broke all of them up. he is 6'3." >> reporter: jeffrey was so upset he went home and didn't file a police report nor did he check with a doctor. advocates say he does to get it on the record. >> many people see san francisco as a place where we believe or we like to believe we have conquered this. >> reporter: maybe they were from out of town for the super bowl. jeffrey doesn't know. he can only describe them as white men 20 of them. he does know what he would say to them if he could. >> i'm sorry for whatever drives the hatred in you. if you can forgive yourself for that hatred, you can move on. and become a better person. >> reporter: we talked with witnesses who confirmed
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jeffrey's story. a facebook post that he posted has attracted almost a million hits so far just in two days. he said it was very hard to talk about but he wants to get the story out. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. developing now, rough surf brings big trouble for a man and woman on a pacifica beach. conditions so rough, even a rescuer seemed to struggle with the waves. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz is following the story from our newsroom. veronica. >> reporter: the surf was so rough like you were saying it took a huge effort to get the couple out of the water. a man and woman on the beach were overcome by a big wave. they both were swept out. >> though were holding on to each other. it took her out and he went in after her. she let the riptide take her out. >> the woman made it to shore.
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she was taken to the hospital for evaluation. the rest due of the man was more complicated. >> the coast guard lowered one of their rescue swimmers know into the ocean and grabbed the second victim lift him out by air and bring him onshore where he was immediately -- the victim was immediately put into a rescue stretcher and taken to a waiting ambulance and treated en route to a local hospital. >> reporter: we don't know his condition. here's the operation. you can see rescuers and volunteers out there running toward the water to help get the two out. now, we're working on more details on this story. liz and ken, we'll have more for you straight ahead at 6:00. >> thank you. and tonight, there's a beach hazard in effect on all california beaches. let's get over to kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> very interesting scenario. as we look at temperatures at the beach in the 60s and 70s,
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more folks are going there. then they look out at the ocean. it's not as angry as it has been recently. we had waves up to 20 feet a few weeks ago. now they are down to a more manageable 7 to 8 feet. so people get the false hope they can go in the water and be safe. here's the deal, though. under the water, we have extremely strong rip currents right now so even though the ocean doesn't look as rough as it has been all winter long, those rip currents can be deadly and we have seen that over the past week. people flocking to the beach because it's mild outside even though the waves aren't that high the rip currents are dangerous so please use caution if you are heading to the beach anytime this week with this pleasant weather to get outside. speaking of, 70s once again, dublin 71 for a high. san jose 76. saint helena in wine country nearly 880 today. even ocean beach with the high of 71. but it is the surf that even though doesn't look that high, those rip currents can be very dangerous. if you ever got caught in one let it carry you out and then swim parallel to the shore and get out of that rip current. it could save your life.
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we'll have the forecast coming up. what's dangerous for some is perfect for others. new at 5:00 weather and ocean conditions have come together just right. the mavericks surf competition will be held this friday. the waves have been peaking picking up at the world famous surf spot in half moon bay. chopper 5 caught some of the breakers rolling in this afternoon. but it is really expected to pick up and generate a massive wave at mavericks. organizers say el nino has helped them in predicting when to hold the contest. >> more storms keep coming and the storms that are out there right now have been very readable. so we have been able to forecast this so that we can call it two days out three days out actually. >> 24 surfers were all over the world are invited to compete. many of them are currently in another surf competition in hawaii. here's what might be coming our way. this is from the notorious
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pipeline surf spot on the north shore of oahu. the waves have been crashing in throughout the day. the pipeline is known for its big waves and being one of the deadliest surfing locations in the world. tonight a san jose city leader is asking the community to tone down vietnamese new year's celebrations after there was a fire in little saigon last night sparked by fireworks. fireworks are illegal in san jose but kpix 5's maria medina went to find out if anyone is enforcing the law there. maria. >> reporter: i can tell you there are no cops here in sight and i'll tell you why in just a moment. you know, festivities well under way here. we have heard fireworks on and off for the lunar new year all afternoon despite that reminder of what happened here last night. [ beep beep ] >> i was like oh, my god there's a fire. reporter: this is how the first day of the tet festival ended. >> i called 911. >> reporter: firefighters say fireworks lit the tree ablaze threatening to spread to the
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building that houses lots of businesses in little saigon. >> i begging them, i beg the community to be respectful. >> reporter: today san jose councilmember tam nguyen is pleading to his own community. although he says he understands the tradition of celebrating the new year, he wants them to obey the law. >> i hope people would tone down, please have a good time but in moderation. >> reporter: kpix 5 reporter kiet do showed us last year just how easy it is to buy illegal fireworks here. today, inside the mall, there are signs that veil laters will be prosecuted but last night, you can see the fireworks continued even as the tree burned. do they crackdown on the fireworks here? >> sometimes. it depends if it gets messy and stuff like that. they just say that no more fireworks or just keep it one at a time. >> reporter: it's a new year's celebration that could have a different tone next year.
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-- vows councilmember nguyen if things don't change. the property manager didn't want to go on camera. as for san jose police they say they only respond to fireworks if they are called. yesterday, they got 59 fireworks calls and none of them were here at this mall. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. bay area residents steam to be careful about launching fireworks because the rules vary depending on where you are. fireworks are banned in san francisco except for public displays that have been cleared by the fire marshal and police chief. in san jose, they are allowed but they require a city permit. last month we broke the story about decoy cameras on bart trains. now we are learning just how bad the problem is. today bart officials said less than a quarter of the cameras on its trains right now are functional. and 77% of them are fake or broken. we learned of the problem after cameras failed to record a deadly shooting on a train at the west oakland station last
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month. bart says it plans to install working cameras on its trains at a cost of $1.4 million. polls have closed in new hampshire in the first presidential primary. donald trump and bernie sanders entered the day as the favorites. allen martin is monitoring the results for us tonight. allen. >> reporter: liz, that's how to played out. we is learned cbs news is declaring trump and sanders the winners. it was a huge turnout today. a lot of polling stations were packed. some of the workers at locations thought they might run out of ballots. donald trump was ahead in most polls. marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich are expected to have good showings. trump is on top and the race now is who is going to come in second because that order is really changing every few minutes. as for the democrats, there have been projections that not only would bernie sanders carry new hampshire, but he could win in a landslide. sanders could very well then
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build on that momentum heading into the nevada caucuses. now, the early numbers show sanders with a big lead over hillary clinton. and it has been growing as the results come in. trump, sanders declared the winners by cbs news but we'll keep an eye on the final numbers as the numbers come into the newsroom. a carjacking victim takes the law into his own hands. >> coming up, he learns his fate after opening fire on a getaway driver. >> plus, the much-needed relief coming to drivers who use an east bay freeway. >> and what has these bay area seniors so upset they spent the day protesting outside their retirement home.
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won't face murder charges f killing a carjacker who jumd him. we f story last nig a case of street justice. an antioch man won't face murder charges for killing a carjacker who jumped him. we first told but the story last night. leo lopez was sitting in a van outside a rite aid in antioch.
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that's when he was carjacked. but as the suspect drove off, lopez opened fire and shot the man. the carjacker then crashed and later died. >> i think it's self-defense. he is getting charged with murder which isn't right. >> on one side you have loss of property and on another side you have loss of life. >> nobody wins. >> the suspected carjacker has been identified as 2 7-year-old richmond perino of pittsburg. a home in berkeley heavily damaged by a two alarge fire and the crews got the call around 11 a.m. flames already consuming the back of the house on haste street near shattuck. the berkeley dog and cat hospital next door had to be evacuated as well as a precaution. this picture on twitter shows the heavy smoke. it took more than an hour to put it out. no animals or people were hurt. the chp officer slashed across the throat by a homeless man in san francisco is out of the hospital. officer andres sirenko is at home with family.
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he was slashed during a struggle at the essex street on- ramp to i-80 last week. today 45-year-old noel corpuz pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. his attorney is trying to get the $5 million bail reduced claiming corpuz has no prior record. north bay seniors rallying tonight. >> coming up, what they are protesting to save at their retirement communities. >> and maybe you have seen the ads. car insurance companies offering bonuses and discounts. so why are so many drivers complaining they can't actually get those discounts? ,, (baseball on tv in background)
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soon to commuters in the ea bay. today we got an upclose loo some road relief is coming soon to commuters in the east bay. today we got an up-close look at the new express lanes along interstate 580 between livermore and dublin. they are set to open later this month and require cars to have a fast track device. we'll have more on the express lanes coming up at 6:00. some members of a north bay community are rallying to save some redwoods. the trees line the entrance of the retirement community in mill valley. kpix 5's don ford on why this fight comes down to trees versus safety. >> reporter: they are not that tall, not that large, but these small redwood trees are a big
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deal to the seniors living here at the redwood senior living community. >> the residents are not happy. >> reporter: that's because along with several other bushes and small trees, they were about to be cut down. part of a multi-million dollar remodel of the senior facility. would you call yourself a tree hugger? [ laughter ] >> i guess so. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but to many here, it's no laughing matter, saving these small trees. >> someone started a petition and it was out for a short time and over 80 people signed it. >> reporter: the problem is the parking lot. for decades, seniors have had to walk through the moving cars to get to the street. and it's too small to safely handle emergency vehicles. >> we're in a situation where the safety issues come first. i need to make sure -- i won't give up the security of the residents and the safety of the residents for the trees at this point. >> reporter: they are saying they need the space for, like, emergency services and things like that. like coming around the corner now. >> yes. and they do.
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[ sirens ] >> it is a problem. >> reporter: an ambulance and fire truck responding to an emergency call had trouble negotiating around the tight parking lot. the ceo says a new protected walkway is planned for the seniors and the trees must go. still, many seniors are sad to see them cut down. these trees will be replace, i'm told, on a one-to-one basis. in mill valley, don ford, kpix 5. new at 5:00, car recalls to tell you about. mercedes-benz is recalling more vehicles because of potential defective airbags. they were made by takata. this recall involves 705,000 cars in the united states. it also covers 136,000 vans. mercedes has not released the models or years. the bad takata airbags have led to the recall of millions of cars. general motors meanwhile is recalling hundreds of thousands of trucks for a brake pedal problem.
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it covers 2015 and 2016 model years. the models involved are the chevrolet sheriff rad doe hg, the gmc sierra hd and chevy tahoe police vehicles. gm says a nut can cause the brake pedal to fail. two friends comparing their auto insurance policies made a surprising discovery, same cars, same companies, different discounts. they asked our julie watts to take a look. >> reporter: roberta and her friend both live in marin, both own honda civic hatchbacks and both have state farm insurance with nearly identical policies. yet he gets a vehicle safety discount based on his make and model and she doesn't. >> my first impression was that there was something wrong with my car that i didn't know. >> reporter: the good news, there's not. the bad news, she says state farm can't explain why she doesn't get the discount. >> i got answers that didn't make sense. >> reporter: among state farm's answers, her car is, quote,
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beyond 7 years old. but her friend's car is 17 years old and has more miles. >> i would be baffled at the website. i do this for a living. >> reporter: richard of the consumer federation of california says insurers don't always clearly define those advertised discounts. >> liberty mutual deductibility -- >> reporter: state part isn't alone. >> switch today. >> reporter: this allstate commercial promises customers a reward for driving safely. >> i was a good driver. where's my bonus? >> reporter: in spite of the ads, phyllis discovered the bonus is not available in california. >> that the bonus check that's not in california. >> reporter: it's considered discriminatory here but allstate is still allowed to run its ads. meanwhile, state farm's vehicle safety discount isn't illegal. he says its claims of big discounts are misleading and in roberta's case? >> the savings might have been three or four dollars. >> reporter: still, she says she would take it. >> i would like any discount i
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could get. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> bottom line, julie says if you are thinking about switching insurers, you cannot base your decision on those advertised discounts. downtown denver a sea of blue and on. thousands cheered on the super bowl champs. the broncos beat the panthers sunday to bring home their third vince lombardi trophy. lots of kids along the parade route. they were given excused absences from school. super bowl city here is still being dismanled. everything is being packed up. it will take until the weekend as to close it all up. coming down the visa banner. it was draped across the top of 7 floors of the one market building. the bay area isn't the part of california being hit with spring-like temperatures. the only ones. southern california is feeling the heat, as well. how about this for february 9? parts of the l.a.
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area in the upper 80s today. upper 80s. >> wow. >> good for chinups at the beach. if you can find the chinup bar. >> i could never do a chinup ever. >> work on it. you will get there. >> i have to practice. the weather is good for it. >> now you can get outside and maybe take the jog outdoors. there's no reason to stay inside with weather like this. we need the rainfall. we all know that. that's what we want. mother nature not doling it out right now. we have warm weather 10 degrees cooler than yesterday and they are still up to 10 degrees above average. cloud cover shows our ridge of high pressure is beginning to move and weakening. that said, no rain in the immediate forecast. january rainfall in san francisco was 154% of average. then we went to february and so far this month we are running 10% of average. and we are not going to see that number increase for a while. at least the next week.
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overnight 40s. we have this ridge of high pressure. we want it gone. it needs to move. it needs to leave if we are going to get rainfall around here. it's weakening and beginning to meander south and it's not going to move far enough away anytime soon to bring the storm track back here. so the storm track is slowly returning. see that red chlorite there, that's the fastest portion of the jet stream. we want that right over the bay area. not yet. it's going to be in oregon and the pacific northwest and we are going to stay mainly dry even though the pattern is beginning to go back to what we want, temperatures will be above average and the rainfall, yes, for washington, yes for oregon, no for the bay area. we are going to stay dry for a while. so what to expect? as we move forward we are looking at partly cloudy tonight with some patchy valley fog once again north bay and east bay a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. a little sunnier than what we had today. and we will continue that cooling trend but we're so far above average that even if we lose a few degrees each day we
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are still going to be well above normal into friday and saturday. so 70s again tomorrow. at the beach that high risk of rip currents continues. 64 for a high. san francisco 67. and san rafael 69 degrees. we are going to cool down just a few degrees. warmest inland spots will stay in the 70s right through the weekend. likely mid-60s for the next several days near the bay. and is there any rain on there? let's stare at it. can things change? no. ah, the pattern looks like now we are just going to go super long range here. there are some super long-range computer models that say we are locked in this for the next one or two weeks. late february early march, things may flip back. it is what it is. >> what i'd like is for lizzie to be able to do a chinup. >> one day. >> you will get there. >> i just, you know, eh, i'm okay with it. i can move on.
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>> you're doing fine. [ laughter ] sails surging at red lobster tonight. >> why the restaurant change is thanking beyonce. >> but first, the markets closed down. more than racking up viral s on youtube.. it's being cre,
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announcer: cbs monday, february 15, witness greatness at the grammys with once-in-a-lifetime performances by:
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plus: and say "hello" when world superstar adele returnsto the grammy stage. ♪ hello from the other side... than racking up viral viewsn youtube.. it's being credit with helping to boost salesa seafood chain. her surprise beyonce's latest song is doing more than racking up viral views on youtube. it's being credited with helping to boost sales at a seafood chain. her surprise single formation which dropped on saturday includes lyrics about red lobster. very next day the company's ceo says sales jumped more than 30%. as a way of thanking beyonce, red lobster has renamed some menu items after her including it's bay biscuits. big parties going on tonight in new orleans. ♪[ music ] >> it's fat tuesday final day of mardi gras.
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thousands of people lined streets around the french quarter to watching the floats and costumes. all this partying has a purpose. tomorrow marks the start of lent, solemn period of prayer and penance leading to easter. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley in new york. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. campaign 2016 coverage of the nation's first primary. we're there as the voters in new hampshire make their voices heard. >> plus, a cbs news investigation into a blood test that claims to detect cancer before there are symptoms. >> and we'll meet the youngest reporters on the campaign trail. all of that tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight: santa clara.. just pulled o i'm allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, santa clara just pulled off hosting the super bowl. but behind closed doors, the city government is falling apart! allegations of racial tensions behind the scenes. >> a showdown over the future of california's coast. one man's at the center of it all. the decision tomorrow that could open up miles of pristine shoreline to developers. that and more at 6:00. donald trump, bernie sanders, winning the new hampshire primaries. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: breaking news, big wins in new hampshire for donald trump and bernie sanders. also tonight, cbs news investigates. can a blood test detect cancer before there are symptoms? the eight-minute mortgage. is it the wave of the future or a throe back to an ugly past? and look out, major, here come the minors. >> why should young voters vote for you, captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. pelley: this is our western edition. edition, and we begin with breaking news from new hampshire. donald trump has won the republican presidential primary, his first win in his first bid for elective


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