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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 10, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. rescuers test the limits, braving the dangerous bay area surf after a couple is swept out in to the ocean. just an hour ago, we learned that one of them has died. a big wave caught the pair off guard at shark park beach in pacifica. andria borba is there tonight. >> reporter: just a short time ago, the san mateo county coroner's office confirmed the name of the man who passed away, 60-year-old larry moore, pronounced dead shortly after he was pulled out of the water.
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on an unusually warm february day, people were pounding the streets of the pacifica. >> it's safe for me to be out there and they realize they're getting in trouble. >> reporter: around 2:00 this afternoon, a couple met the ocean's pier here. >> a wave came and grabbed her, they were holding on to each other, took her out, the guy went in after her. >> reporter: the women, went against her natural human instinct and didn't reis sift the rip -- resist the rip currents. >> she was floating way out there, but i could see that her head and like, [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she eventually made it back to the shore. >> he on the other hand was trying to fight it and get back up, he actually got close to getting out, like, about two times, despite wastes taking him back in. >> reporter: using a long line, a coast guard rescue swimmer dropped from a helicopter in to the ocean to pluck the man out and load him in to an ambulance. hours later, surfers like greg enjoyed seven to eight foot
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waves hitting every 10 seconds and saying the beach is not to be trifled with. >> 10 feet deep, the water slams off the beach and that water suck in underneath under that hole as the next wave comes in, it's a cycle peck where people just -- effect where people get hammered. >> reporter: and gave a warner to those who might want to dip their water. >> it's really hard to get out of if you don't know what you're doing. >> reporter: surfers say unless you're advanced or expert level, you do not belong in the water off shark park beach. andria borba, kpix 5 news. and the waves don't have tog to be that big. >> yeah seven or eight, weeks ago they were 15 or 16, you don't need big waves to get strong rip currents, we had lots of folks going to the beach because it was warm, sunny, the waves didn't look that rough. you get caught, it can be deadly. what do you do?
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well, it goes against your natural way of doing things, let that rip current carry you out. once that does, once it relaxes offshore, you can swim parallel to the coastline, call for help or come back in. fighting the actual rip currents will like -- current will likely lead to injury or death, that's how most people lose their lives, they fight, struggle, and get pulled underwater. 72 in san francisco, 85 in santa cruz today. fremont, 73, san rafael, 69 degrees. talk about how long the warm weather sticks around, if there's any rain in our forecast coming up. >> all right, paul to your recollection. a bay area guy takes the law in his own hands, shooting and killing his carjacker. tonight, christin ayers says the da wants justice, but thz a -- there's a twist. >> reporter: a carjacking, the victim leon behind bars since friday, awaiting murder charges after opening fire on the man who tried robbing him, last
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night neighbors told us he shouldn't face charges. >> it's self-defense. >> we declined to file charges. >> reporter: the contra costa da office agreed, not enough evidence to prove that he committed murder, rather than self-defense. >> we could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury. >> reporter: the carjacker who leo shot, richard parento died friday after plowing the stolen van in to a car, aa tree and a neighbor's -- a tree and a neighbor's yard. and tonight, another twist. the carjacker did not act alone. they believe a third man, timothy jones, a friend of leo loops lure -- leo's lured him to the rite aid parking lot. >> that was part of taking his money and resulting in taking his car. >> reporter: he's jailed on conspiracy, carjacking and robbery charges. leo's family did not want to talk tonight but a friend told us he'll be out of jail tomorrow
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morning. in antioch, christin ayers. political opposites but bernie sanders and donald trump have something in common tonight, kate -- ca it, e has the results. >> reporter: they were winning easily and that's how it played out. trump and sanders rolled to easy victories. sanders wiped out hillary clinton. there's still ballots that need to be counted but the vermont senator has 60% of the vote, the surprise is on the republican side, yeah, trump won, but second ohio governor kasich. who's not on the board? marco rubio. >> if a week ago, if you had said you know what, rubio is going to be at the bottom of the pack and kasich and bush are going to be at the top, you would've looked crazy with you we've seen a surge of support for kasich and bush and a steep decline for marco rubio, i don't think anyone saw that coming. >> reporter: chris christie beat up on marco rubio heavily in the last debate. but that didn't help him in ham.
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tonight he -- new hampshire, tonight he's headed to new jersey to take a deep breath before deciding what's next. a record number showed up in the first primary of the race. check out the gridlock, some of the polls stayed open because of this traffic jam. what's the most important quality? the number one answer for republicans, someone who shares values followed by someone who can bring along change and someone who tells it like it is. for democrats, they want someone honest and trustworthy. the next, february 20 in nevada and the gop primary in south carolina. -- cate carrie cauguiran, kpix 5 news. take a look at tomorrow's front page. >> president obama is coming back to the bay area tomorrow for one thing, more money. but tonight, mark kelly tells us the town of atherton is passing the buck.
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>> reporter: it's the bay area's beverly hills. but its mayor says the town's pockets aren't quite as deep as the people who live here. >> the residents are wealthy but our budget is very small, comparatively speaking. >> reporter: so when the president swings in to town to fundraise, atherton with its $12 million budget can't afford to foot the bill for the extra security. >> we have a finite amount of numbers to spend for emergencies and they should be for emergencies, not preplanned events. >> reporter: the last time president obama was here, the town was on hook for $12,000, city leaders say not this time. >> we take the property taxes and the fees very seriously. >> reporter: last summer the city council tightened up its special permit ordinance, now host the president in your home or for that matter nirks large scale event that eats up public resources, and you, not atherton will be paying for it it.
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they used the new law for a big super bowl event with joe montana at an atherton estate and they'll use it for the president. in atherton, mark kelly, kpix 5. atherton has 19 police officers, the chief says the last time the president swung through, it took 150 officers in addition to the secret service to secure the visit. this time the fundraiser's organizer has agreed to pay the costs. a lot more fake cameras on bart than we first thought. we learned today, a full 77% of those cameras are either decoys or they don't work. to be exact, 198 cameras are real. 669 are fake! many bart riders can't even tell the difference. >> the decoy cameras operated on sort of a principle of uncertainty, you didn't know if they were real or weren't, that's how they prevented crime. >> bart working to outfit all its cars with working real
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cameras by 2017. that will cost $1.4 million. drivers in the tri valley about to get a big break. express lanes stretching 14 miles will open at the end of the month in both directions of interstate 580, between dublin and livermore. if you want to use the lanes, you'll have to get a special kind of fast track called fast track flex. before you drive, you set the device to solo driver. two person carpool, or three person carpools. carpoolers, van poolers or clean air vehicles will be able to use the lanes for free, solo drivers will have to pay a fee. tonight we're learning that it looks like girl scout sleepover at levi stadium was cancelled to stadium officials could make way for a queen. kpix 5 betty yu at levi's tonight to splin. betty? >> reporter: well, ken when the 49ers abruptly cancelled the sleepover, the girl scouts only knew that it was because of a
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concert. well, tonight, the mystery's over. apparently it was queen b's concert that booted the big slumber party. ♪ take what's mine! i'm a star! ♪ >> reporter: beyonce e stole the show and she just announced her world tour days, they include a stop here on may 16, that's two days after the girl scouts had originally scheduled a sleepover for 1,200 on the 50 yard line. it was a reward for scouts that sold 600 boxes of cookies each. now, the 49ers suddenly cancelled it last week, which is, by the way, permitted by their contract. but after much public backlash, they later rescheduled it for a week later. so in the end, beyonce fans, they're excited because the queens are returning and the
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girl scouts will get their party after all. and the niners have agreed to it pay for the $70,000 event and throw in an extra $10,000 donation to the organization. live at levi stadium, betty yu, kpix 5. tonight, new calls for people to tone down the lunar new year celebrations, this in little saigon. fireworks lit trees on fire, the fireworks continued even after the tree burned. >> i begged the community to step and be respectful. i hope people would be toned down, please have a good time but in moderation. >> fireworks are illegal in san jose, but there's little enforcement. all three santa clara university students hospitalized with mention meningitis are back home, they tested positive for a rare
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strain of meningitis, it prompted a rush to the clinic, nearly 5,000 students ended up getting vaccinated. a man viciously attacked, the attacker still on the loose tonight. the victim told kpix 5's mark -- sugerman he was targeted because he was gay. >> reporter: he moved to michigan six weeks ago to get away from what he encountered off the high priced bar in the marina saturday night. >> there was guys and they started calling me girly and then they started calling me [ bleep ] and then started approaching me >> reporter: they got of oto-- off the phone, he sensed trouble was coming and he was right. >> and then they started spitting on me and punching me. and i couldn't take it. i couldn't take as many hits as they were giving me, i fell and
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cradled my face in the fetal position. >> reporter: he doesn't know how long it lasted, it seemed like forever until rescued by a friend. >> i saw my coworker and they started running and swinging and he broke all of them up, he's 6'3'', it's understandable. >> reporter: jeffrey said he was so upset, he didn't file a police report or check with the doctor. advocates say it's important he does to get it on the record. >> many people see san francisco we believe or like to believe we conquered homophobia. >> reporter: we talked with wnlss who confirmed his -- witnesses who confirmed his story, his facebook posts attracted 1 million views. he said it's hard to talk about, but he wants the story out. in san francisco, mark sugerman, kpix 5. the man slashed across the throat by a homeless man in san francisco is out of the hospital. officer andre cirenko is with family, slashed on the street on
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ramp to i-80 last week. noel pleaded guilty to attempted murder, trying to get the $5 million bail reduced saying he has no criminal record. dubbing the hefty heister is under arrest, veronica de la cruz shows us how deputies got him down. >> a high speed chase in the clear oaks area, speeds up to 80 miles an hour. a sheriff's deputy ahead of the chase put out spike tires, sheriffs surrounded him the suspect dropped his gun and vernlded surrendered. he hit banks all across the area and other places in thorn --
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northern california. tonight he's being held in lake county. tonight the easiest dui arrest ever. take a look at this. the woman in this silver honda drove right in to the police department's parking lot this week, dog in tow. not only was she snacking while driving, they say she was drunk, more than twice the legal limit and she had meth in her car. she was taken to jail, her canine passenger went to the department's shelter. help could be on the way for some san francisco businesses hurt by the big game. supervisors are proposing what they're calling an impact fund. the money would go specifically to vendors who were displaced because of any of the events going on downtown, mainly super bowl city. if approved, it would set aside $100,000 from the city's budget reserves. tonight governor brown send issing out an s -- sending out an sos for struggling crab fishermen for the hold out
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season. it's been on hold after a toxic chemical on the crabs. the governor estimates the delay has cost the state nearly $50 million. well, could you live without your mobile device? yeah, that's what we thought. all that screen time could be bad for your eyes, bad for your sleep, now, apple is testing a new kind of light that's not the only solution. allen martin takes a look. >> reporter: now focus on this. a lot of our eyeballs today are glued to digital devices. >> i use my mobile device for everything. i'm on them all the time. >> reporter: we stare at them for hours on end, day and night. >> after hours you're using additional devices, watching streaming video. >> reporter: but with the kind of light they emit, there may be a dark side. our gadgets give off what's called blue light. and blue light reaches far deeper in to our eyes than other kinds of light. >> the worry with blue light is that it could cause reactions in
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the nerve that cause damage over a period of time. >> reporter: dr. tony moore is a professor of ophthalmology, age related degeneration, to. >> we don't know whether chronic use over many, many years might lead to a problem. >> reporter: a more immediate concern, digital eye strain and sleep disruption. >> well, if you think about it, the devices are smaller, and you generally hold them closer. >> reporter: dr. dennis fong is a clinical instructor at uc berky's school -- -- berkeley's school of optometry. they're seeing it more in young children. >> they're stressed. >> reporter: while we need more in the morning to wake up, blue
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light releases melatonin, a hormone that influences the body's biological clock. >> using them late at night could disrupt sleep and this has an impact on general health. >> reporter: as the sun sets, the light in your device will turn to a warmer yellow. blue light blocking lenses. cal student anna bought a pair of them. >> i would rather be safe than sorry, if i can can be more comfortable, i'd do it. >> reporter: i'm allen martin, kpix 5. and eye doctors stress that you shouldn't be too anxious about using your digital device since it is unproven that they are likely the cause damage in young, healthy eyes. but they also welcome software developments that filter out the blue light. it's on. organizers have given the green light to the mavericks surf contest. the announcement was made today on the event's official website. the surf contest is now set for
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this friday. chopper 5 caught the surf at half moon bay this afternoon. might not look like much now, but the famous monster waves are expected to start rolling in. >> got the blue light, yellow light and the green light. >> and the yellow light for the mavericks, yeah, weather should be just fine on friday. plenty of storms, 1,000 miles off shore. we'll kick off the coast. radar is dry, kpix 5 high def doppler dry once again. man, did we see the change from january to february. january, 154% of average, that's good. february, 10% of average. that is not good. we need that to change. it's going to get drier before it gets wetter. look at the temperatures outside with that gorgeous sunset with the palm tree silhouette in santa cruz. [ no audio ] 42 in santa rosa, a chilly
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start. san jose, oakland 48, san francisco 51. extra cloud cover today, all that is, another storm riding over our ridge of high pressure which has been blocking thing for the last several days. it is beginning to weaken. it is beginning to slide to the south, but it won't get weak enough or far enough away from us to give us any widespread rainfall. that ridge by friday, using futurecast, this is the jet stream, our computer thinks the jet stream will look like and the fastest winds, that storm track, yes in oregon, that's closer than british columbia. not close enough. storms will policymake it to the pacific northwest but not here. we'll roll out futurecast now. how much rainfall? two, three, four inches of rain for western washington. less for oregon and the rain, no rain line gets nowhere close to san jose, san francisco or oakland. we will stay mainly dry for each of the next seven days. partly cloudy tonight, a little bit of fog in the north bay and east bay, especially the valleys, foggy this morning, you'll be foggy tomorrow morning as well. tomorrow a mixture of sun and clouds, a little bit of mixture, slow cooling, slow cooling in to
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the weekend. upper 60s and low 70s, crazy if february, that's -- crazy in february, vallejo, san jose, napa sonoma, 70 degrees. warmest spots will stay in the 70s through the weekend. actually be sunnier for valentine's day. mid 60s near the water, low 60s at the beach, no rain for the next seven days. very enticing and beautiful to head to the coastline, the rip current risk will stay elevated. don't turn your back to the beach, if you get caught in the rip current, let it carry you out and swim parallel to the coastline, it could save your life. >> a lot of people panic. >> you panic and the first thing, i want to fight it, don't. which is odd, but that's what you shouldn't do. >> thanks. gold state warriors celebrating the lunar new year. >> they wore special jerseys for tonight's game at oracle, they have chinese lettering and a patch for the year of the monkey. the opponents, houston rockets also wore special jerseys. they say it's a way to recognize
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all the support they've received from the chinese community. an alligator thrown in this fast food restaurant, harmless pack or assault with a deadly weapon? >> coming up on the "late show with,, >> coming up on the "late show dayquil liquid gels and go. hey buddy, let's get these but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus.
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introducing new k-y for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. threw it through the drive- this live alligator ended up inside a wendy's restaurant in florida after someone threw it through the drive through window. ha-ha! tonight, josh james is in jail, accused of assault with a deadly weapon, his parents say he knows someone at that wendy's and it's just a harmless prank. an officer released the alligator in to a canal. look what popped up at a poll station in ham, a 600 pound pig, voters thought it was a prank, but it showed up on its own. caps say it belongs to a local
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farmer who came over and took the animal back home! [ laughter ] >> the pig didn't know anybody at the polling place. it wasn't a big deal. >> there's a whole lot of bacon! >> yes, sir, bacon and yeah, now i'm hungry. just when you thought you've seen enough, the warriors have set another nba record! quite amazing! but in the association,,,,,,,,,,
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time...with league record implications... here are your we nba up top and the warriors still on top, go with league record implications, here are your all-stars, draymond green, klay thompson, warriors block party and here come the dub ahead of curry, 45, curry hit three pointers, james harden did damage, grown man move inside, and won, harden scored 37. warriors had a strong 4th quarter, barnes, three points! he scored 17 of his 19 in the last period. dubs best 51 games started in nba history, 47 and four, they
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won it, 123-110. the logo gave it away. that's where the white shirts skated away with an advantage, patrick marlow broke a second period scoreless tie. to these final moments, the nets, jazz, and thornton did not miss. got his 12th goal for the season. san jose one final 2-0 look out sharks have won 10 of the last 14. this lady's 102 birthday, jazz mavericks tied it 117. hayward, we're done here. jazz won their seventh straight, 121-119. you got to see this again and again. bubba watson trick shot! this at pebble beach! [ laughter ] yeah, this from a practice run, hair calling -- they're calling it the sky hook, abdul jabar sky
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hook, i wonder if i'll see anything like ha when i show up tomorrow for the kpix 5 at&t pro a.m. >> smooth, very smooth. >> taking the sticks? >> i'll take the sticks but the only stick i'll be carrying is a microphone. that's about it! [ laughter ] >> should be beautiful down there. >> oh, yeah! >> great, can't wait. >> great, can't wait. >> we',,,,,,,,
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colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. "late show with stephen colbert" next. >> and our next newscast tomorrow morning, 4:30 join our morning team bright and early. we'll be there. in spirit. we'll see you. ,,
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