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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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of mario woods. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live at police headquarters with more on some of these changes. anne. good morning. >> reporter: we're talking about changes to the department's "use of force" policy. they are going to be presented to the police commission tonight. an integral part of chief greg suhr's proposal is to ask for the use of tasers within the department. now, the city has said no to tase nerds past even when the request war foss -- tasers in the past even when the request was only for those specifically trained in intervention. tasters are meant to prevent officers from using force. >> i want them to rush to the danger but if you get there and it's not actively going on, i also think be smart enough to then stop and back up. >> reporter: the department of justice is working with the sfpd on its review of policing procedures and this was spurred by the feat tal shooting as
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frank said of mario woods in the bayview on december 2. you probably have seen this cell phone video. chief suhr says if his officers had tasers that day, woods would likely still be alive. but the taser proposal very controversial as is the police shooting. so you're going to have two very different forces likely to see protests at that police commission tonight. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. one man is dead after a wave swept him into the ocean off the coast of san mateo county. it happened yesterday at sharp park beach in pacifica. kpix 5's kiet do is there live with details on what happened. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. the coroner has released the identity of the victim. his name was larry moore and he was 60 years old. now, this all happened yesterday afternoon around 2:00 when moore and his wife were walking near the pacifica pier. it's not clear exactly how it happened. but a large wave came up and swept the woman out to sea.
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moore tried to rescue her and went in after her. the woman was wearing a swimsuit and knew how to handle the riptide by not fighting the current. she got back but moore tried to resist. >> he, on the other hand, was trying to fight it and get back up. he actually got close to getting out like about three times. but the waves just kept taking him back in. >> reporter: and the coast guard sent a helicopter and a rescue swimmer to pluck him out of the hospital. he died at the hospital shortly thereafter. the high surf advisory in effect at the time expired. locals are telling us if you are not an expert swimmer, stay out of the water. live in pacifica. kpix 5. >> how about a check of weather with julie watts? if you liked the weekend and monday of tuesday, you're in luck. >> more of the same. maybe not quite as warm as yesterday. but certainly above average for this time of year and we're actually going to be sticking
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here through the extended forecast. no rain in sight but nice for february. let's check out the door this morning you may run into a little patchy fog out there on the roads. right now, current temperatures in the mid-40s to near 50 degrees for the warmest spots. oakland and san francisco at 50. 47 san jose. 45 santa rosa. 45 in concord. a look at those record highs. we looked at these just a bit ago but take a look at this. san francisco, we matched our record high yesterday. oakland we beat it. 70 was the high yesterday. the previous record was 69. 76 in san jose yesterday. the previous record there was 74. and 85 in santa cruz downright hot by santa cruz standards. the previous record there was 78. not quite as warm today. temperatures topping out in the 70s, mid-70s for the warmest spots. here's a look at the currents across the bay and we'll talk more about what to expect coming up after a check of your roads. >> you can expect delays on 101
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seven car pile-up southbound side 101 through palo alto near oregon expressway. debris in the road right lane blocked. delays on the southbound side. it's the noncommute direction. north 101 doing okay. no delays 92 to the 80 split. 19 minutes for your drive time. 280 and 280 extension into san francisco no problems. we have an accident northbound 238 at 880. two left lanes blocked. the motorcycle involved injuries reported. really backing traffic up at least for redwood there into castro valley. give yourself some extra time through there. once you get on 880 northbound you shouldn't have any trouble. southbound some delays out of hayward south into union city towards fremont. heading across the san mateo bridge also you might see some slight slow-and-go conditions. altamont pass still busy from the top of the pass to 680. frank. all right, gianna. thanks. donald trump, bernie sanders enjoying big victories in the
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new hampshire presidential primary. polls predicted both first place finishers but on the republican side, second place on down was really anyone's guess. cbs news' weijia jang joins us live in manchester, new hampshire to sort it all out. quite a night. good morning. >> reporter: it was, frank. good morning to you and good morning to everybody. in the end, it was trump and sanders who pulled out these massive victories and that speaks to how frustrated people are but we have a really long way to go before the party conventions in july. and yeah, on the gop side, it's still unclear who is really going to be trump's most fierce competitor. after finishing first in last night's new hampshire primary, donald trump has his sights set on the next major contest. >> we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. >> reporter: cbs news exit polls show voters in the granite state favored trump's position as political establishment outsider and overwhelmingly support his plan
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to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u.s. appearing on "cbs this morning," ohio governor john kasich addressed his second place victory. >> whether you're republican or a democrat, at the beginning and at the end you should be an american working together to solve problems. >> the real winner is the conservative grassroots. >> reporter: pundits say first place iowa finisher ted cruz could regain momentum in the palmetto state where republican voters prefer evangelicals. >> the claim against kasich for somebody lightning ted cruz is the same one he can make against donald trump which is neither are real conservatives. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders rode a wave of support from young people and independents to beat hillary clinton. >> what voters here in new hampshire confirm tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> reporter: clinton's camp is banking on support among minorities to give her an edge. >> it's not whether you get
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knocked down that matters. it's whether you get back up. >> reporter: the two con tenners will take to the debate stage -- contenders will take to the debate stage tomorrow night wisconsin and then the republicans will face off during a cbs news debate in south carolina on saturday night. so far, we don't know if we'll see christie again on the campaign trail. the new jersey governor went home and says he is reassessing whether to drop out. >> he only got 8% of the vote. how about governor kasich out of ohio. he surprised people although he campaigned a lot in new hampshire. what's up next for the ohio republican? >> reporter: well, you're absolutely right. i mean, he had a 100 town halls here in new hampshire. his ground game was untouchable. but is that going to translate to south carolina? he has been here not spending as much time there. and at the end of the day what really matters is -- is whether donors are paying attention to
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that because he needs that campaign financing so right now he is touting his positivity saying, look, all the other candidates are just going at each other. i'm focused on the issues. i'm for exampled on the people but whether that's actually -- i'm focused on the people. but whether that's going to actually translate into momentum in south carolina we'll see. >> 10 days away. weijia jang live for us in manchester, new hampshire. thank you. congressional leaders are meeting today to discuss the ongoing threat of the zika virus. there are now 66 confirmed cases of the virus in 17 states and the district of columbia. the mosquito-borne virus causes a birth defect in newborns. president obama has asked congress for more than $1.1 billion in emergency funding to respond to that virus. a san francisco man says he was viciously attacked for being gay. and he has the bruises to prove it. 28-year-old jeffrey lafayette was outside the high five bar in the marina district saturday night. he was talking to his mom on
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the phone when he sensed trouble approaching. moments later he was attacked. >> i looked around there was a huge group of guys they started calling me girlie and called me [ censored ] and they started approaching me. [ crying ] >> punching me. and i couldn't take it. i couldn't -- i couldn't take it as much hits as they were giving me. [ crying ] >> so i fell. i cradled my face in the fetal position. >> a coworker rescued him. he hasn't filed a police report. no one has been arrested in the attack. he hasn't seen a doctor. help is on the way for small san francisco businesses hurt by super bowl city. supervisors are proposing what they are calling an impact fund. the money would go specifically to vendors who are displaced by super bowl events. and if it's approved, it would set aside some $100,000 from the city's budget reserves. another issue during the super bowl was the homeless.
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city supervisor scott weiner wants all the sales taxes generated from hotels to go to helping the homeless. during the super bowl officials opened up a shelter for the homeless which sparked protests near super bowl city. today through friday, dentists in santa clara county are offering free screenings for students at 45 elementary and middle schools. 49 volunteers from the county dental society are taking part in the annual give kids a smile program. kids with serious dental issues will get help in securing dental insurance and follow-up care. it is 6:10. prosecutors have opted not to pursue murder charges against a man who shot and killed a carjacker. how they came to the decision. >> we have now learned how many of those cameras on bart trains actually work. and the number is especially comforting. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. here's a live look from our mount vaca. you can see mostly clear skies but we have patchy fog out there. we'll talk a little more about that and what to expect for the rest of the day coming up in your full forecast just minutes away. the supreme court has temporarily blocked the obama administration's plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. states would be required to meet specific carbon emission reduction standards based on their energy consumption. a federal appeals court will hold a hearing in june on a lawsuit filed by more than 2 dozen states. and for now, the clean power plan cannot be enforced while the rule is legally challenged. contra costa county prosecutors have decided against charging a man who shot and killed an alleged carjacker. kpix 5's christin ayers explains why and has details of a new turn of events in this case. >> reporter: a carjacking at this antioch rite aid. the victim is had in jail since
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friday awaiting murder charges after owning fire on the man who carjacked -- opening fire on the man who carjacked him. >> i think it's self-defense. >> we declined to file charges on mr. lopez. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office said there was not enough evidence to prove that leo lopez committed murder rather than self-defense. >> we could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury. >> reporter: the carjacker who leo shot richard perino died of his gunshot wounds friday after plowing leo's stolen car into a tree and a neighbor's yards. authorities also say the carjacker didn't act alone. they believe a third man, timothy jones, a friend of leo's, lured him to the rite aid parking lot as part of a conspiracy. >> that conspiracy was to rob mr. lopez of money and resulted in him taking his car. >> reporter: now timothy is jailed on conspiracy, carjacking and robbery charges. in antioch, christin ayers, kpix 5. the number every fake
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security cameras on bart -- of fake security cameras on bart is much more than first believed. 77% are decoys or don't work. 198 cameras are real. 669 are fake. most can't tell the difference. >> it operates on the principle of uncertainty. you didn't know if they were real and that's how they prevented crime. >> bart is going to outfit all cars with working cameras next year costing over a million dollars. right now some of the best surfers in the world heading to the bay area. the mavericks surf contest is on for friday. that's when the famous monster waves are expected to start rolling in. >> yeah. i'm so stoked. now, it's been a long time coming. we didn't get to run it last year. and everybody is so primed. we have had such good surf all winter long. and the big wave guys are so
6:17 am
tuned up. they are ready! >> 24 of the best big wave surfers in the world are invited to participate. all right. 6:1. we are going to check weather and traffic and how are the roads looking? >> actually busy. we have an accident northbound 238 connecting over to 880. it's with injuries. it's causing a pretty big backup as you work your way through castro valley. it was blocking lanes. we lost our camera. the good news, everything is over on the right shoulder. 880 itself starting to see some delays. if you are connecting to 880, southbound you're going to see some stop-and-go conditions. pretty much from 238 all the way downas you work your way into union city. northbound not too bad. it will bog down into downtown oakland towards the maze. across the san mateo bridge a little sluggish, as well. westbound 4 at port chicago getting word of a new accident blocking the right lane. that's causing a big backup as you work your way westbound out of pittsburg this morning. once you get past that, no delays along the eastshore freeway. southbound 101 at oregon expressway, the right lane still shut down as they clear
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this accident and debris out of the road. delays through palo alto there. northbound though, that's our commute direction. still looking good 19 minutes 92 to the 80 split. 280 also good choice this morning if you are traveling to the peninsula. it's been busy all morning through the altamont pass. the good news is we haven't had any accidents or stalled vehicles. just the usual suspects working their way out of tracy. slow-and-go out of 580. 205 connector towards grant line slow as you head towards the dublin interchange. let's talk about that forecast. it was beautiful yesterday, julie. >> it was. it's going to be beautiful again today although maybe not quite as hot as yesterday. out the door this morning, mostly clear skies with some patchy fog out there. temperatures in the 40s and 50s areawide. as we make our way through the day temperatures will be well above average once again. now, this ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken. as it does temperatures decrease into the weekend, cooler than what we have seen the last couple of days but not significantly.
6:19 am
the storm track is returning slowly but this time it's to the north. this system is going to bring rain to the pacific northwest. unfortunately, we will stay dry. there's a slight chance maybe the extreme northern portions of our viewing area northern sonoma county maybe you might see some showers but most of us will stay dry for the foreseeable future. in fact, here's what to expect from your headlines perspective. mostly clear to start today with patchy fog. mild afternoon, with a sun/cloud mix and then slow cooling into the weekend. i think cooling might be a bit of an extreme term there. we are not going to be quite as warm. highs are still well above average for this time of the year. gradual changes in the extended forecast. we dip down to topping out near 70 by friday and saturday when
6:20 am
we see the rain head up to the pacific northwest. we stay dry just slightly cooler. but then another ridge builds back in sunday into monday. and as it does, temperatures increase once again monday. next chance of showers in the far extended forecast not until the end of next week. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:20 right now. it's being billed as a battle for california's coastline. details on today's showdown that could determine whether protected areas are developed. >> good morning, everybody! the warriors, man, they can check off another nba record. and a golf shot you're going to want to see again and again and again.
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the warriors another nba record. here's how it went down against the rockets last night. take a look at the wednesday conference all stars. curry, green, thompson. curry two of 5, 7 three-point earns. the rockets came back from 16 down. here's james harden doing what he does. scored 37 in the game. the warriors had a strong 4th quarter. harrison barnes, money! 17 of his 19 in the last period. w's 51 game start, the best in nba history. the 47-4, they won it 123-110. man, bubba watson! this from yesterday at pebble beach. he calls it the sky hook trick shot! off the blade, in the left hand, sky hooks it in. just the shape of things to come at the pebble beach pro- am. there will be another practice round pro-am today and the
6:25 am
first round will be tomorrow. the at&t pro ham. i'll have a report from there later on in the day. speaking of the day, you have a great one. i'll see you later. >> thank you. play of the day, how about the nba? we have utah at dallas game tied in the final seconds of overtime with the ball -- >> hayward moving through the turn. >> there you go. gordon hayward with the dramatic game winning buzzer beating bucket. utah wins by two. grabs our play of the day. it is 6:25. special express lanes open in the bay area this month. we'll let you know how they work and how much time they are expected to save. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in pacifica where a man died after trying to rescue his wife who was swept out to sea. ,,
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> linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. the presidential contenders heading south after victories in the new hampshire primary. >> and potential bad news for san francisco taxpayers in the wake of the racist text message scandal at the city's police department. >> and after record setting highs yesterday, what's on tap for today? your unseasonably warm forecast is coming up. >> delays at the bay bridge metering lights are on, plus a handful of accidents that will slow you down this morning. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, february 10. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:30. >> a couple of outsider candidates are celebrating big wins in the new hampshire
6:30 am
presidential primary. bernie sanders beat hillary clinton on the democratic side. his edge is 60 to 38%, with votes from 11% of the precincts still being counted. >> on the republican race, donald trump has won with 35%, john kasich in second place at 16%. he is followed by ted cruz at 12, jeb bush at 11 and marco rubio also at 11% about 1400 votes behind mr. bush. the polls predicted both winners in new hampshire but on the crowded republican side, the order of the next tier down is making things even more interesting today. >> cbs news' weijia jang joins us live from man clester new hampshire with reaction from some of the candidates. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and frank. and good morning to everybody. these were massive wins for both donald trump and bernie sanders. and that really speaks to how frustrated voters are with the current state of american politics. but it is a long road to go before the party conventions in july and you're so right!
6:31 am
it is more muddled than ever who is really going to be donald trump's fiercest competitor. after finishing first in last night's new hampshire primary donald trump has his sights set on the next major contest. >> we are going now to south carolina! we're going in win in south carolina! >> reporter: cbs news exit polls show voters in the granite state favor trump's position as political establishment outsider and overwhelmingly support his plan to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u.s. appearing on "cbs this morning," ohio governor john kasich addressed his second place victory. >> my message is real simple: whether you're republican or democrat at the beginning and at the end you should be an american working together to solve problems. >> the real winner is conservative grassroots. >> reporter: first play iowa ted cruz could regain momentum in south carolina where
6:32 am
republican voters prefer evangelicals. >> the claims is the same one he can make against donald trump which is neither are real conservatives. >> reporter: on the democratic side bernie sanders rode a wave of support from young people and independents to beat hillary clinton. >> what voters here in new hampshire confirm tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> reporter: clinton's camp is banking on support among minorities to give her an edge. >> it's not whether you get knocked down that matters. it's whether you get back up. >> reporter: the two con tenners will take to the debate stage tomorrow night in wisconsin. and then the republican candidates will showdown on a debate stage in south carolina this saturday. in fact, you can watch it right here on cbs. chris christie did not qualify though. he placed sixth last night and he went back to new jersey saying he is going to take a, quote, deep breath before he
6:33 am
decides whether to drop out of the race. >> weijia, marco rubio had momentum coming out of iowa but didn't do so well in new hampshire. so what's he saying about his disainstallation 30ing showing? >> -- what's he saying about his disappointing showing? >> >> reporter: this is a big blow and missed opportunity because of the debate performance he had. it was christie who pointed out during that fight that he seemed to be regurgitating lines that is were memorized. at the time rubio denied that but last night he said the debate performance probably hurt him. and he pledged to voters that that poor performance would not happen again. >> okay. weijia jang, live in new hampshire, thank you. it is 6:33. happening today, a possible management shake-up that could change the look of california's coast. we have learned that the california coastal commission's executive director could be fired today and some commissioners say charles lester is an ineffective leader. for 40 years, the commission has tightly controlled development along the coast and
6:34 am
people have strong feelings about what a leadership change might bring. >> i'm afraid that what's happening right now is an assault on the integrity of the commission. >> they do have friends in the development business and i think they have the patience of job because it takes them forever to do their development projects. so next month the commission is set to vote on one of the largers projects ever, 1100 acres of development near newport beach. it's such a nice day julie watts is going to take to us lunch on the beach. >> a great day for it! temperatures once again above average for this time of the year. probably not quite as hot as yesterday but still, warm nonetheless. the temperatures yesterday, the records that we set and beat san francisco tied the previous record at 71. oakland beat the previous record at 70. san jose 76. santa cruz 85 degrees.
6:35 am
maybe we should head down to cruz today. really gorgeous weather out there. yes, we would like the rain, but in its absence at least we can enjoy the mild weather. you may run into a little patchy fog out there on the roads this morning. so be mindful of that. in fact, speaking of which, let's check in with the commute. >> it's busy. we have reports of a brand-new accident out of marin county southbound 101 right at novato. we have word of a vehicle stuck in the center divide. it is facing the wrong way so it's not blocking lanes but will probably cause a visual distraction through there. you can see in our sensors some yellow so speeds under 45 miles per hour on the southbound side of 101 and it gets better once you squeak by highway 37. down to the golden gate bridge not bad though from 580 down to san francisco. traffic is clear no delays there. we are still dealing with this accident 238 right at 880 motorcycle involved out of lanes on the shoulder still a
6:36 am
lot of activity on the scene traffic backed up out of castro valley five minutes there. southbound 880 slow through hayward. san mateo bridge looks like you're seeing backup there on the westbound side between 880 and 101. michelle. some rush hour relief is on the way for tri-valley drivers. new express lanes on interstate 580 open at the end of the month. they span 14 miles between dublin and livermore. you will need a special fastrak flex to use the lanes. the device can be set for a solo driver or carpool. carpoolers, van poolers and clean air vehicles get a free ride. but it will cost solo drivers as much as $13 to drive in the new lanes. using the lanes will save drivers an estimated 14 minutes during the morning commute. and 4 minutes during the afternoon rush. tragedy in the waters off san mateo county where rescuers were unable to save a man swept out to sea. it happened yesterday at sharp park beach in pacifica. kpix 5's keit do is there live
6:37 am
to explain what happened. >> reporter: good morning. you know, that high surf advisory that was in effect yesterday has expired but you couldn't tell by looking at the way that the waves are crashing here on the shoreline. nonetheless, the coroner has released the identity of the victim named larry moore and he was 60 years old. on an unusually warm february day at the beach, with no el nino storms in sight, people were in short sleeves and wandering near the pounding surf of the pacific. >> people go out there to see people surfing. >> they realize they are in trouble and don't realize it. >> reporter: around 2 p.m. the couple met the ocean's fury near the pacifica pier. >> the waves came in grabbed heard and so they were holding on to each other. took her out. the guy went in after her. >> reporter: the woman wearing a swimsuit correctly went against her natural human instincts and did not resist. >> she floated way out. i could see her head and feet.
6:38 am
>> reporter: she eventually made it back to shore. >> he, on the other hand, was trying to fight it and get back up and he actually got close to getting out like about 3 times but the wave would take him back in. >> reporter: using a long line, a coast guard rescue swimmer dropped from a helicopter into the ocean to pluck the man out and load him into an ambulance. hours later, surfers like greg enjoyed 7 to 8-foot waves hitting every ten seconds and said the beach here is not to be trifled with. >> it's 10 feet deep right there so the way it slams up on the beach the water drains off the beach and that water sucks underneath into that deep hole as the next wave comes. so it's just a cycle where people get hammered. >> reporter: and locals say if you are not an expert swimmer, probably a good idea to stay out of the waters. live at pacifica, kiet do, kpix 5. san francisco taxpayers could end up paying a million dollars in legal fees for the 10 police officers accused of sending racist and homophobic
6:39 am
text messages. in december, a judge ruled the officers could not be punished for the texts because the department waited too long. lawyers for the officers say they will file civil suits demanding the county pay their legal fees. developing news out of ferguson, missouri. the city council is pushing for several revisions to an agreement meant to revamp the city's police department and the court system. ferguson is in the spotlight since the police shooting the michael brown and because the justice department wants the agreement to stay in its original form is considering legal action against ferguson, missouri. time now 6:39. too much time staring at a screen may be bad for your eyes and sleep. how apple is hoping to reduce some of the effects. >> and the president will visit the bay area tomorrow. but this time the host city won't be quite as gracious. we'll tell you why.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. good morning, welcome back. time now 6:42. here's a look at your highs
6:43 am
around the bay today. topping out in the low to mid- 70s in the south bay. yesterday we broke a couple of records down there. east bay, as well. 70 in fairfield. 69 antioch. 72 livermore today. we broke records in san francisco -- excuse me, tied a record in san francisco, broke one in oakland today. temperatures today topping out in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees for the warmest spots around the bay. mid-60s along the coast. low 70s for the northern portion of our viewing area. your full forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. it's been a couple weeks time now though to check in on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning, gayle. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. hey, frank. good to see you both. donald trump will be here in studio 57 for the first time joining us after his big new hampshire win. we'll talk with john kasich and jeb bush. market for genetic testing is booming. do they work? we have a cbs news investigation. and we have this, too. what you eat can affect how you
6:44 am
sleep. did you know that? we'll talk with a top sleep specialist. frank i hear you laughing. no more coconut cake? >> i want to see trump. >> no more coconut cake. >> it's chocolate over here, gayle. we love the chocolate. >> we don't get a lot of sleep. >> you have to stop that. >> i don't want to. gayle, thank you. >> i'll tell donald trump you all said hello. >> do that. >> he won in new hampshire, my old state. have a good show. >> reporter: see you guys. some very tough times for a bay area solar energy company. that and more now from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. certainly the stock market has been causing a lot of sleepless nights for investors. and that's one of the reasons why janet yellen is showing uncertainty about the pace of economic growth. she started two days of testimony before congress on the economy. and she warned that global
6:45 am
threats are increasingly posing downside risk to the u.s. economy mainly referring to china and because of that, the pace of future rate hikes from the fed could slow down saying there is no preset policy for fed rate hikes. and there have been expectations we would see four interest rate hikes by the fed in 2016. the economists now think that will be scaled back to two at most. solarcity san mateo based sole land panel installer is having a horrible day today after reporting its earnings for the 4th quarter. its earnings in the 4th quarter were strong with revenue up 60% but current quarter installations will slow down significantly. two reasons it pulled business out of nevada after that state cut back on tax breaks and an increase on commercial projects which take longer to install. its shares are diving by 25%.
6:46 am
that is hitting the solar industry. san jose-based sunpower shares falling, as well. stock market is off to a positive start though. let's take a look at the big board see how we're doing so far after another negative day yesterday. trying to get into positive territory. dow is up 40. nasdaq up 36. s&p 500 up by 9 points. frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. digital devices can make every day a breeze. >> yes, but doctors say they are taking a toll on our eyes. experts tell us that the blue light emitted from phone and computer screens reaches far deeper into our eyes than standard lamp light. more and more tech savvy patients have headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision. we need blue light in the morning to wake up. doctors stress there are downsides to using devices frequently at night. >> the worry with blue light is that it could cause reactions in the retina that cause damage over a period of time.
6:47 am
>> now, apple is testing software that makes light in its devices change from blue to a warmer yellow as the sun sets and blue light blocking lenses also a good fix. an antioch man known as the hefty heister is behind bars but did give police trouble to get him. he led police on a high-speed chase in lake county racing down highway 20 into clearlake oaks sometimes at 80 miles an hour. they put down a spike strip and he surrendered. he is suspected of robbing several banks in the area and now 31-year-old wesley alan krohn is in custody held without bail at a jail in lake county. the feds say he hit several banks all across the bay area and towns further north. time now 6:47. let's check the roads. hi, gianna. >> good morning. we are going to jump to san jose and show you a shot of slow conditions on the southbound side. this is near leigh leading up to an accident that we just got word of from chp.
6:48 am
so you got some stop-and-go conditions as you work your way through there. you might use an alternate instead. the problem is we have a garbage can in lanes. it was hit by vehicles and caused an accident so sluggish southbound 280 at race where the accident is. busy on the northbound side, too. north 101 slow 280/680 to highway 237. that's about a 17-minute ride so a lot of yellow here on our sensors as you work your way through the south bay this morning. elsewhere, if you plan on taking the nimitz freeway near the coliseum, traffic still looking good on the northbound side. just north of there slowing down. 18 minutes 238 to the maze. bay bridge banged up with the metering lights on -- backed up with the metering lights on, all approaches very slow. san mateo bridge not much better 21 minutes from hayward and foster city. no accidents just extra slow conditions there. south 101 at novato, this accident still clearing with a vehicle facing the wrong way in the center divide. slower speeds than what we saw
6:49 am
about 10 minutes ago so traffic sluggish there. once you get past that, you're doing okay. 14 minutes, 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. and looks like 101 both directions the oregon expressway the accident gone but still sluggish through there. we are starting off with mostly clear skies a little patchy fog out there this morning. temperatures relatively mild to start out your day. in fact, here's a look at the current temperatures around the bay. 45 degrees concord. 50 oakland. 41 livermore. 47 san jose. 45 in santa rosa. so high pressure in place here over the last few days. and this ridge as it begins to weaken will allow our temperatures to cool off just a little bit. now, i'm not talking cool temperatures. i'm talking cooler than what we have been experiencing over the past few days. so here's what to expect. out the door this morning as i mentioned you might contend with patchy fog on the roads. mild this afternoon with a mixture of sun and clouds. and then slow gradual cooling into the weekend bringing temperatures down closer to where they should be this time
6:50 am
of year. we are not going to be seeing record highs this weekend. but certainly above average for this time of the year still. we have your ski report. no new snow. but we are talking a snow base somewhere between 68 to 90 inches machine groomed at heavenly, partly cloudy conditions today. and similar at kirkwood where we have a base 88 to 90 packed powder there. so your high temperatures today still well above average for this time of the year. 64 pacifica. 70 mountain view. 70 oakland. 74 san jose. and 70 in fairfield today. and the extended forecast shows again just gradual cooling into the weekend. we are going to be topping out around 70 for the warmest spots inland friday and saturday. but then sunday, another ridge of high pressure builds back in temperatures start to warm back up into monday. so we are talking warm temperatures mid- to upper 70s by monday again. you ask when are we going to see that rain? hang in there guys. it will be the end of next week as our next chance of showers. >> we will enjoy the week. thank you. 6:50. president obama returning to
6:51 am
the sillicon valley expected to fly in at moffett field later today. now, one of his stops is at a fundraising event tomorrow at the atherton home of a venture capitalist but as mark kelly reports, the leaders of the town say they won't pay for the president's security this time around. >> reporter: atherton is the bay area's beverly hills, but the town's pocket aren't as deep as the people who live here. >> the residents are very wealthy but our, um, budget is very small comparatively speaking. >> reporter: and so when the president swings into town to fundraise thursday the mayor and police chief say atherton with its $12 million budgeted can't afford to foot the bill for the extra security. >> we have a finite number of overtime dollars to spend. and they should be spent on emergency situations, not preplanned fundraising events. >> reporter: the last time president obama did a fundraiser here the town of atherton was on the hook for nearly $10,000. city leaders say not this time. >> we take our residents'
6:52 am
property taxes and the fees very seriously. >> reporter: last summer the city council tightened up its special permit ordinance. now host a president in your home or for that matter any large-scale event that eats up public resources, and you, not atherton, will be paying for it. they used the new law for a big super bowl event with joe montana at an atherton estate. and they will use it again for the president fundraising in atherton. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the president will also attend a democratic senatorial campaign committee event but so far, no details have been released on that. time now 6:52. the number of zika virus cases in the u.s. is on the rise. where the disease has now surfaced. >> reporter: when should police use deadly force? some new policy proposals will be unveiled today. coming up one of the most controversial points of the plan. ,, find fantasy shows.
6:53 am
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♪ standing by for fun. ♪ shifts to south carolina... donald trump won last nigh' republican pri five things to know at the :55. presidential campaign shifting to south carolina. donald trump won last night's republican primary in new hampshire with john kasich finishing second. democrat senator bernie sanders is the first jewish candidate to win a primary with a big win over hillary clinton. federal health officials will brief congress on the spread of the zika virus today. yesterday, delaware, pennsylvania, ohio and indiana reported cases of the virus commonly spread through mosquito bites. so far more than 60 cases have been reported in more than a dozen states and d.c. the justice department says it will take legal action against the city of ferguson, missouri. last night city officials voted to amend an agreement to reform ferguson's police and court system. the original agreement was
6:57 am
reached after the justice department uncovered widespread discrimination against blacks. the executive director of california's coastal commission could be fired today. the commission controls development along the coast. some commissioners say charles lester is an ineffective leader. lester supporters say this is a ploy to install a developer- friendly leader. a man was swept to his death off a beach in pacifica. he was in the water with his wife yesterday and they were hit by a wave. she was swept out but managed to swim back to shore. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where a new use of force policy will be unveiled at the police commission meeting tonight. an integral part of the plan that's going to be introduced by chief greg suhr will likely be asking for tasers. the city has said no in the past even going just to officers trained in crisis intervention. the chief is also slated to
6:58 am
discuss other deescalation practices to avoid use of lethal force. this is spurred by shooting of mario woods in the bayview december 2. greg suhr says if his officers had tasers that day woods would likely still be alive. >> the shooting that occurred out on 3rd street which is still under investigation may well be deemed to be -- have been lawful but certainly what it's done to our trust certainly in the community where it occurred is awful. >> reporter: we saw that over the past few months. a lot of protests against that controversial police shooting even during her concert last week alicia keys invoked the name of mario woods. now, the u.s. department of justice is working with the san francisco police department on this use of force policy. it's an ongoing process. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. out to san jose, we have some sluggish conditions. almost a parking lot southbound 280. that's because of an accident
6:59 am
caused by a garbage can that was rolling around in lanes. we'll show you the maps now. so out there blocking at least one or two lanes at this point. chp is on scene so busy there as you work your way southbound. northbound 280 as well very slow. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. you're backed up well into the maze. all approaches also slow this morning. 37 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze. san mateo bridge also slow towards the peninsula. and temperatures remaining warm today above those seasonal norms really for the foreseage future here. temperatures gradually cool into this weekend but still saying warm and sunny. and then early next week we start to increase the temperatures once again. beach forecast on saturday and sunday. 70s through next tuesday. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. if you are heading to mavericks, temperatures there topping out in the 50s. near 60. >> there are options. >> there are lots of options
7:00 am
for the remainder of the week and weekend. >> i say we take the noon show to santa cruz. captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west it is wednesday, february 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump and bernie sanders celebrate a landslide victories in new hampshire. hillary clinton loses big among young women. john kasich surges to second among republicans. we'll talk to him, jeb bush and donald trump who will be right here in studio 57. and the market for genetic tests is booming but is there proof they even work? part two of the cbs news investigation. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever


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