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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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bridge. it's mini friday. thursday, february 11. it's friday eve. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. so close yet so far away. [ laughter ] >> i know. so true. so true. >> you're back! >> you're back. >> i'm back in one piece. i'm moving, i'm working. i'm back in one piece. i'm so glad to see you. you look so good. >> you will not be pitching for the giants this year. >> i will be pitching for my oakland a's later in the summer. i'll be on the mend here soon. good morning, we have clear skies heading out. look at the clarity even as we speak. visibility is unlimited. the bay waters are calm. temperatures though 40s and 50s. even though inside the bay relatively calm waters outside the gate, we have a high surf advisory in place. this is in effect tonight through saturday. we have the green live for mavericks. numbers slowly coming down but
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still above average. details coming up. first here's gianna. roadwork westbound 580 between broadway at 80 until 5:00. human remains found near a bay area college not far from where sierra lamar disappeared. it was discovered in a rural area near gavilan college in gilroy. kpix 5's betty yu has more from the scene. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's department has sealed off this orchard behind me near gavilan college as part of this investigation. they aren't saying a lot about it but human remains were found in the area. we saw crews out here tonight walking around a field filled with trees, shrubs and dirt. the santa clara county sheriff's department says crime scene has been out here but it's unclear how long the remains have been here, what kind of remains have been
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discovered. and who found the remains. we also don't know whether they belong to a male or female. a lot of neighbors have noticed the activity out here and wondered whether these remains could belong to sierra lamar. she is the morgan hill teen who disappeared nearly four years ago while on her way to school. her body has never been found but police arrested antolin garcia-torres on charges of murder and kidnapping. her dna was found in his car. his dna was found on her clothing. he is scheduled to go to trial in april. now, again, it is just too early to say whether the remains belong to sierra lamar. we just do not know at this point. i am standing about 18 miles away from her high school which is the area where she went missing. in gilroy, betty yu, kpix 5. investigators will be back at the scene at daybreak. some pacifica residents have filed a claim against the city over what they call
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forceful evictions. the city yellow-tagged their cliffside apartment complex saying erosion from recent el nino storms could be the cause and may cause that building to collapse. the former occupants say they have spoken to an expert who says the building is not in danger of sudden collapse. there's a hearing set for next month. and the california coastal commission has ousted its executive director. as len ramirez reports, from morro bay, environmentalists are concerned about the long- term inpacket of last night's stun -- impact of last night's stunning vote. >> reporter: california coastal commission members emerged from a closed-door session with a decision that stunned the audience of mostly environmental activists. >> commission voted on a motion to dismiss the executive director. that motion passed by a vote of 7-5. >> reporter: executive director charles lester was fired by the commission bringing tears to the eyes of his staff members and supporters many of whom who waited 11 hours for the outcome. >> my state is not what it used to be of the my town is not what it use -- my state is not
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what it used to be. my town is not what it used to be. it's not fair. >> reporter: the executive director for the last four years was under fire for his management style failing to communicate effectively with the board. >> the commissioners feld they had tried to get what they wanted. and the performance of the ed, they didn't. so it has nothing to do with any outside forces, nothing to do with politics or developers. >> reporter: but that's what environmental groups are afraid of. they think testifies fired to bring in a more developer friendly director to accelerate development of the coast. >> he clashed with developers from orange county where we're from and now, those development interests want to knock him out. >> reporter: lester acknowledged that there were communication issues with the board but hinted that may not be the only reason he was let go. >> i had offered a path forward to help deal with those issues. communication is a two-way street and i feel like i am a
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good communicator generally speaking. >> reporter: commission members will appoint a new interim director in the next few days while they begin a nationwide search for a new executive director that could take several months. in morro bay, len ramirez, kpix 5. it is 4:35 right now. let's get our first check of the weather. >> it doesn't look like much is going on but we have different things happening that's affecting our surf and that's why we have that high surf advisory in place. good morning. be mindful to keep this thought, we have a high surf advisory that goes into place tonight through saturday. this is so beneficial to know because even if you just like to go and look at the waves, never turn your back to an angry oceans. swells starting at 13 feet. that's why we have a green light for mavericks tomorrow. right now we are in the 40s and 50s. it is so mild in san francisco. it is 57 degrees. meanwhile, in santa rosa, it is
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49 degrees. the winds are all under 5. average high in san francisco 60 so even though we are going with 67, it's still above average. 60s will line the coast today. 70s peninsula, swinging around to the eastern portion of the bay area, upper 60s, low 70s north bay numbers stacking up to 70 in santa rosa. partly cloudy skies. more coming up. on the roads, we head to the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving along very nicely this morning. no delays as you work your way out of hayward into foster city. drive times looking good. 13 minutes as you head on that westbound side across the span. bay bridge looks good no delays to report as you head out of oakland into san francisco. really the only thing you want to look out for, keep an eye out for construction westbound 580 between broadway and 80. that will be there at least for another -- almost 30 minutes. eastbound 580 between grant and 35th we have roadwork in lanes. some good news for people driving in san francisco. streets closed for super bowl events will re-open sooner than
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scheduled. here's a look at everything that's been shut down for more than two weeks now. all the closed streets are now set to re-open tonight. they include southbound lanes of the embarcadero. the closures have caused some serious traffic jams. muni service is set to return to its normal schedule tomorrow morning. and things are also returning to normal in santa clara site of the actual super bowl. tasman drive the main route reopened yesterday afternoon. meanwhile some businesses near levi's stadium say the super bowl did them more harm than good. >> when game day came there was actually like the slowest day we probably had. we actually closed early cuz probably cost more money to like keep this place open. >> some of the businesses hope the city will reimburse them. one business other than said he might file a lawsuit. president obama is in the bay area today for one reason. he is collecting money. air force one touched down at moffett field in mountain view
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around 7 p.m. last night. the president will attend two democratic fundraisers today including one at the home of former state controller steve wesley in atherton. then later this evening, he heads to l.a. for more dnc events and an appearance on the ellen show. beyonce's super bowl statement got a lot of people talking about "black lives matter" and police shootings. it was top of mind as san francisco police chief greg suhr laid out his plan for major changes within the department. kpix 5's mark kelly reports from city hall reporter: >> stop this madness! >> reporter: protestors made it clear, they want sfpd overhauled but tasers are not the solution. >> and if we're talking about modifications to the use of force policy, they have to be modifications that have humanity in mind and not further arming and militarizing our law enforcement. >> reporter: a 2011 department of justice study found use of tasers can reduce the statistical rate of injuries to
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suspects and officers. chief suhr has been under the microscope since this police shooting in december caught on camera. officers said the suspect mario woods was armed with a knife. >> what killed that man was an incredible lack of sensitivity to the value of black life. that's what killed him. >> reporter: even during super bowl week, alicia keys and beyonce used a bay area spotlight to emphasize "black lives matter." >> stand for what is right. >> reporter: the chief says only 5% of specially trained officers will have tasers. >> only supposed to be for a small portion of officers. does that make a difference? >> no. i think it's probably intended to just get eventually into the whole force. >> reporter: no vote was taken at this meeting. it's also worth repeating that not every officer would be given a taser. also, former san francisco police chiefs have tried this taser idea in the past but every time, it has failed. at san francisco city hall,
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mark kelly, kpix 5. a sheriff's deputy and a civilian pilot died in a small plane crash in to larry county. the plane hit a mountaineer springfield and crashed wednesday. the cause is under investigation. developing in oregon the armed occupation of a wife life refuge will end today. they say they will surrender today. yesterday nevada rancher bundy was arrested the father of ammon bundy who started the occupation weeks ago. one of the ranchers was killed last month while trying to escape police during an arrest attempt. 4:40. a key endorsement for hillary clinton as she prepares to debate bernie sanders tonight. a preview of what's ahead for the candidates.
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facility is suing a contractor... claiming raci discrimination. k-p-i-x five's andria borba has dets about the alleged incidentst prompted legal action. it was sep a man who worked at a caltrans facility is suing a contractor who claims racial discrimination.
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andria borba reports on the incidents that prompted the legal action reporter: it was september 25th, 2015, when apprentice field ironworker james brown said his job near the bay bridge on caltrans maintenance facility made his stomach turn. >> while i was working on the job, my foreman threw down a hangman's noose. >> reporter: james says it looked something like this. 20 minutes later, the racially charged incident repeated. >> one of the coworkers had threw a rope at me and told me to put it around my neck. >> reporter: and then at the end of the day, the only other african-american on the adams and smith job site found a rope on his car. james went to a shop steward and reported the incidents. >> they tried to apologize, say that he said that he was going to take care of it. nothing ever happened. >> reporter: james, father of two, says his hours were cut after that. and then he was told there was no more work for him. >> that's retaliation which is against both federal law and state law. >> i think about it all the time. day to day. you know? it's a traumatic situation for
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me. it's something i never experienced. so it's there in my mind all the time. >> reporter: kpix 5 reached out to the utah-based company but did not hear back. on the adams & smith website the company touts its work on the bay bridge and says they are committed to maintaining a company that creates employee pride. brian mccormack, james' attorney, says their actions indicate otherwise. >> they think they are a big corporation that can pick on the individual and nothing will happen. but what we can do is we can stand up for mr. brown and make sure that this never happens again. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> mr. brown is suing for lost wages and punitive damages. the once cluttered field of republican candidates has narrowed in the race for the white house. former hp executive carly fiorina dropped out of the race yesterday after a 7th place finish in the new hampshire primary. also out of the race, chris christie. the new jersey governor was expected to do well in new
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hampshire but finished in 6th place with 7.5% of the vote. the two democratic contenders will be in wisconsin this evening for a pbs debate. meanwhile, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are courting black voters. polls show clinton is a heavy favorite among that demographic and she cantata new key endorsement. >> -- can tout a new key endorsement. >> the members of the congressional black caucuses members in their 30s to 80s have collectively concluded that hillary clinton is the right person for the job. >> bernie sanders met yesterday with al sharpton but the civil rights advocate has indicated he is not ready to endorse anyone. time is 4:45. the spread of the zika virus has hit closer to home. there's another case in california. yolo county health officials confirm a person has tested positive for a mild case of the virus. >> this person got infected while traveling outside of the united states so we don't have any concerns about that currently happening here in
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yolo county or sacramento. >> the zika virus is spread by mosquitos. it's linked to serious birth defects. and the summer olympics will be in brazil today. the olympics committee is hiring two infectious disease specialists. they are going to advise the athletes about how to prevent the zika virus. hope solo a soccer goalkeeper said if the olympics were being held now, she wouldn't go. it is 4:46 right now. yesterday roberta was gone and we all said, you were faking it because it was so nice. >> you really were saying that? you went there? >> did we say that? no. [ laughter ] >> i was putting the pieces back together again. >> dislocated shoulder. >> yes. >> i was running with my dog. my dog ran to go catch some squirrels and went under my feet and down went frazier. i rolled down a hill basically. >> we're glad you're back. >> thank you.
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i have positive bounceback factor. pbf! i hope you're waking up and planning on a thursday, which we have no rain. nothing but clear skies. partly cloudy conditions at this time. i don't see any rain in the forecast right now until the end of next week possibly. temperatures now, why couldn't it be that mild? 57 degrees in san francisco when we were at sens restaurant reporting outside super bowl city. we were at 41 degrees last week at this time. right now we are in the 40s and 50s. swells up to 13 feet. mavericks is coming up friday. that forecast is coming up. pollen count remains medium to high side. here's what you need to know. some partly cloudy to some clear conditions a slight breed heading out. that wind will remain light all day. some slight cooling by a couple of degrees and then we'll remain dry through the weekend. the rain is out there. it is now sliding across that northwestern quadrant of the state of california. we have clouds trailing behind it and those clouds are the clouds you will be seeing when
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you look up today and you see it masking some of the bright sunshine. so with the clouds no rain. that remains well to the north. our 8 to 14-day outlook drier than average. we are still in the triple digits for snowpack in the high sierra but we have lost 11% in the last 7 days. they are making snow on the north and south shores of tahoe. temperatures in the mid-60s at the beaches, low 70s bayside, low 70s around the peninsula. east breeze 5 to 10. 75 degrees in morgan hill. otherwise when you look at the coastal temperatures, those are the numbers each and every day for half moon bay. that's home of mavericks. 70s by monday, tuesday next week. if you are going out to see the titans of mavericks, men who ride mountains, temperatures in the 60s. gianna? >> thank you, roberta. if you plan to head through 280 this morning just a heads up.
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we have reports of an accident southbound as you work your way through millbrae. southbound 280 right at larkspur. it's not blocking the main lines of the freeway. it's on off-ramp. 101 looks good. no delays to report if you have an early flight at sfo. traffic is flow flowing northbound 92 to the 80 split. 280 no delays. 92 eastbound if you are coming out of half moon bay towards san mateo, traffic is clear this morning. golden gate bridge now no delays out of marin county. you're off to a good start south 101. 580 into san francisco, it will only take you about 14 minutes for your drive time. the drive time looks nice as well across the san mateo bridge. 880 to 101 about an easy 14 minutes. no delays along 880 through hayward. bay bridge no troubles to report now. traffic still quiet. metering lights are off. taking a look at construction, westbound 580 between broadway and 80 that will be there for
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the next few minutes. east 580 between grant and fifth 35th avenue until 5:00. san jose north 101/280 680 to 237, that's only 11 minutes right now so if you are heading to work you will have no delays along 280 or guadalupe parkway. if you want to skip the roads and use mass transit, everything is on time for all mass transit. there's a new cup of coffee in san francisco that will really cost you. 15 bucks to be exact. the pricy pour is sold at a shop called equator at 6th and market. it comes from a crop that is grown in panama and takes years to grow. this is the first year it's been sold and there is a limit to supply. so we asked, would you try it? >> no. >> reporter: why would you not pay $15? >> because i can get a lot of
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good coffee that's cheaper. >> reporter: even if it's the most rare coffee? >> i'm skeptical. i don't know. i like coffee but i don't know that i would pay $15. >> it has to be really good for $15. >> apparently. >> every equator coffee shop got a limited amount of the special brew. the cafe on market sold out yesterday but they plan to have more on sale today. >> apparently some people are trying it. 4:51. what someone has been leaving in dog parks that could land your dog in the hospital. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. is berkeley man is behind ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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drive through east bay streets...
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good morning. welcome to your thursday. time check right now is 4:53. minutes before the hour of 5:00. this is what you can anticipate. temperatures averaging 11 degrees above normal under partly cloudy skies. 60s beaches. upper 60s to the low 70s across the peninsula. good morning, san jose. at 74 degrees. it will be 70 degrees in san ramon today with partly sunny skies. the winds will be slight under 10 miles per hour in petaluma at 67 degrees. otherwise high temperatures today in the low 60s from rohnert park to clearlake. and good morning, marin. if you are hitting the roads early this morning you're in luck. your freeways look good along 101, 37 and 580. know he delays right now and the golden gate bridge off to a good charge. lane changes now but no delays. this berkeley man is behind bars. police say he took a destructive drive through east bay streets smashing his car into dozens of vehicles including police cruisers. chopper 5 captured his arrest on a quiet residential block
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after a chase that lasted roughly an hour. it started around 8:30 yesterday morning at east 23rd street and coolidge avenue in oakland. the dangerous drive stopped on hearst avenue in north berkeley and a victim described the frightening scene. >> see this car like going off the road like hitting cars like slicing them and then i pulled over because he hit my and i started honking but he didn't stop and he sideswiped the car in front of me, as well. he couldn't get through so he just like hit this bmw and her car got really messed up. oakland police say a pregnant woman got hurt during the chaotic driving spree. she was taken to the hospital. the chp picked up the chase from the air after oakland police felt it was too dangerous. they trapped the suspect darrell blackmon to the north berkeley bart station. somebody in the bay area has a grudge against dogs. the proof? this plastic bag full of tacks. hundreds of them were scattered around this popular dog park
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over the weekend and pet owners say it's been happening for three weeks at ohlone park in hercules. >> it's intentional. what the person's actual intent is joan but they did it on purpose. >> look around the park. we clean up one area and the next day come back and there would be just as many if not more. >> police say they haven't heard of any injuries yet but a park regular told us one dog owner had to take his pet to the vet after swallowed one of the tacks. the co-owner of a petaluma slaughterhouse is behind bars. he was convicted of distributing tainted beef out of the rancho feeding slaughter house leading to a nationwide recall of 8.7 million pounds of beef last year. jesse amaral, jr., admitted he was part of a conspiracy to avoid health inspections and now he faces a year in prison. at the sacramento zoo two tigers met to breed but the experiment turned deadly sadly. zoo workers say mohan a 12-year-
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old sumatran male killed 15- year-old baha within minutes of meeting her. this is video of baha with one of her cubs from a few years ago. both tigers have bred peacefully before with other tigers and this was carefully planned. the zoo is trying to figure out why things turned violent. 4:57. passengers cheer even kiss the ground after disembark every barking from a cruise ship. their harrowing tale of riding out a storm in the middle of the ocean. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's friday good morning, everyone. a live look, a beautiful look at the bay bridge with all of the lights up. it is thursday, february 11. i'm michelle griego. >> almost friday. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00. developing in gilroy at this hour police are
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investigating whether the mysterious discovery of human remains there could be linked to a 4-year-old disappearance case. the remains were discovered in a rural area near gavilan college in gilroy. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is nearby with more on what police found yesterday. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. santa clara county sheriff's deputies have been guarding the scene all night long as you can see. they have sealed off the orchard and it's a mix of private property and water district property. this all started yesterday when neighbors noticed a lot of activity in the area. detectives were sent to the scene as well as search-and- rescue crews. we do not know what type of human remains these are or how long the remains have been here or in what condition they are. it is also not clear if it's a man or woman. the big question everyone is asking is, is it missing teen sierra lamar? the crime scene this morning is about 20 miles away from where sierra vash


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