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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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you can't really tell from all that fog. we can say it's anything. you would never know of. >> the kpix 5 parking lot! >> i'm michelle griego. >> oh, man. it is friday and we are thrilled. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. and we got a little traffic and weather to talk about, don't we? >> the first thing i thought of when i saw that golden gate bridge this morning and i had looked at some of my observations is, mavericks! and the coast is foggy at this particular time. the fog could lift by the time of the competition and we could have haze. look at this view looking east from our studios east toward the port of oakland toward piedmont where currently we have some high overcast there. temperatures 49 degrees, clear skies in concord shrouded in areas of fog around sfo. 46 in santa rosa. high surf advisory in place today. mavericks has a green light, 13- foot swells. numbers another mild day 60s and 70s. weekend is on approach.
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we have the forecast coming up. good morning, sandra. >> good morning. some great news. we talked about that fog on the golden gate bridge this morning. that's something to just be cautious about. but take a look right here. remember all those super bowl closures? those we're saying good-bye to. southbound embarcadero reopened this morning. something to be very excited about near the ferry building. we are also seeing all muni lines back open including the f line. i'll have details about some of your drive times coming up in just a bit. 4:31. a bay area police officer gunned down in his own home. the prime suspect is a police academy graduate. officer was shot to death on narragansett court in vallejo and kpix 5 reporter andria borba spoke to the officer about their colleague. >> it was just a lot of joy around that house and around his family. reporter: hours after the shooting that left richmond police officer gus vegas dead the thin blue line of officers from vallejo and richmond kept a protective watch around his
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glen cove home. >> we are stunned. we are saddened. we are working to process it. >> reporter: 4:30age the 15- year veteran of the richmond police department was shot multiple times allegedly by the father of his 6-year-old grandchild. >> he puts his life on the line when he does his job during the day. you don't expect him to have to come home and deal with something like this. >> reporter: the suspect, 30- year-old robert vega, who graduated from the same police academy in napa as gus, took the boy and fled to fairfield where he was quickly arrested. honored with a salute hours after the shooting, gus' flag- draped body was removed from his home. >> now everything's changed. nothing is going to be the same. >> reporter: gus and his wife sandra weren't just caring for 10 kids and also foster parents; they were involved in the nonprofit foster greatness, mentoring children and other families in the solano county
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community. >> he clearly enjoyed being a father. and his joy rubbed off on people and it was like i said authentic and genuine. he was a spectacular human being. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> investigators in solano county are remaining tight- lipped about the details of the case. maybe because there are two agencies involved. vallejo pd is involved in the crime scene while fairfield is involved at the arrest scene. new details in the fatal police shooting of mario woods. an autopsy report shows the san francisco man was shot 21 types mostly in the back. cell phone video captured the deadly encounter last december. the report also reveals woods was on drugs at the time. it shows he had methamphetamine, marijuana antidepressants and cough syrup in his system. police tried to use beanbag rounds to subdue woods before firing the shots. the report comes days after beyonce's super bowl 50 halftime performance. some of the dancers held up
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signs saying justice for mario woods. the national sheriffs association calls that anti- police. today the law enforcement group is launching a wear blue campaign honoring four officers from across the united states who died on duty this week. the pacifica city council is moving forward with some emergency repairs to storm damaged seawall and the promenade in the city. councilmembers approved a plan to stabilize that area along beach boulevard as soon as possible. power el nino waves caused extensive damage in january. public works director says it will likely cost $2 million to make those permanent repairs. in just a few hours, daring is yourers in attempt to conquer the -- surfers will attempt to conquer the waves at mavericks reporter: the mavericks competition is held a half mile offshore from pillar point not the easiest spot for spectators but this year, law enforcement will also be out keeping people off the nearby bluffs.
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>> it's really, like, exciting for us here. >> reporter: surfer mitchell king says mavericks buts a special energy to half moon bay and is also an inspiration to many local surfers. >> it's definitely pretty crazy some of them what they do. impressive. >> reporter: with waves 20 feet on up, authorities are taking no chances. the coast guard will set up a perimeter around the competition to keep boaters out. and san mateo county sheriff's deputies along with park rangers will keep people off of the bluffs from ocean boulevard in half moon bay all the way to moss beach. nobody wants a repeat of what happened here in 2010 when spectators were hit with big waves. but despite the safety precautions, organizers of mavericks are expecting a strong day of competition. >> it's not us that call mavericks. mavericks makes the call. we have to wait until the conditions are right and the
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waves come. and without the waves, we're nothing. >> reporter: the 24 competitors are set to hit the water at 7:30. reporting in half moon bay, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> you can watch the surfers brave waves on big screen tvs. restaurants and businesses from santa cruz to san francisco will be showing the event and all the information you need is on our website, that shot of the golden gate bridge when we opened up, there's fog? >> there's a hint of fog not too dense which is good news. but the best viewing is in some of the local restaurants and bars. they open up early in the morning and they have the big giant viewing. that's why i have been down there reporting every year and you can't go to pillar point and that's okay because you could just see the waves, very small. so take in the party atmosphere and take in the big screens, make it a great friday!! good morning, everybody. stepping out the door, we have a high surf advisory in place so be mindful at the coast some swells up to 13 feet could be
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sneaker waves, as well. so never turn your back on an angry ocean. "titans of mavericks" today, 54 degrees for the morning hours. and then 64 degrees with mild conditions a few high, thin cirrus clouds. otherwise we have we are skies inland. we have some partly cloudy skies around the bay and we have a hint of some fog along the immediate seashore. numbers today still above average. 60s beaches, 70 again today morgan hill. low 70s in brentwood. these temperatures 7 to 11 degrees above average. 67 in petaluma. full forecast still coming up but right now here is sandra osborne. >> good morning. you mentioned that fog on the golden gate bridge. i'd like to take you out there live right now. you can see what it looks like. just a little bit of fog but we're starting to see headlights. right now, no major accidents to report. so we are starting things off "friday light" exactly what we like to hear. here's the bay bridge right now. lots of green on the map. carquinez bridge to the maze currently a 19-minute drive
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time. now, we have some road construction to talk about. i-680 both directions. this is between sycamore valley and rudgear road just until 5 a.m. so a little while longer but no major slowdowns. back to you guys. it's the news bay area seafood lovers have been waiting for. you can now eat local dungeness crab but there's a catch. betty yu spoke to those most affected at fisherman's wharf reporter: it's now safe to eat dungeness crab like these caught south of point reyes. the department of public health lifted a warning after traces of a toxin known as domoic acid were to low or undetectable levels. >> it's been very quiet. this is the time of season where we rely on the crab and on our customers buying it. >> reporter: commercial crab season is still shut down.
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but the announcement is an encouraging sign for fishermen wharf restaurants. they have been hurting since the holidays when the fishing ban started. sales dropped by at least 50%. these crabs have been coming in from the northwest. >> fresh crabs! >> this is people's livelihood. you know? this is what people make their living off of. >> reporter: at nick's lighthouse it's been a tough season. the manager is waiting along with fishermen to find out when "commercial" boats can head out again. the department of fish & wildlife could make that call in a week. >> we sell crab. we sell seafood. and without that entity, it just means we're out one more step that we need to be able to have a restaurant run effectively. >> reporter: the green light for recreational fishermen means they can head out thursday. but take out the guts before you cook the crab and to boil
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or steam it instead of frying it. in san francisco, betty yu kpix 5. campaign 2016. hillary clinton is hoping to get her campaign back on track after her defeat in new hampshire. she and bernie sanders sparred last night over foreign policy and race relations. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: hillary clinton sought to regain momentum in milwaukee last night calling the vermont senator out on his so-called unrealistic plans for the country. >> we have to also be very clear, especially with young people, about what kind of government is going to do what for them and what it will cost. >> reporter: secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. [ laughter ] >> reporter: both candidates then turned their attention to immigration and criminal justice reform. >> i would hope that we could all agree that we are sick and tired of seeing videos on television of unarmed people often african-americans shot by police officers.
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>> when we talk about criminal justice reform and ending the era of mass incarceration, we also have to talk about jobs, education, housing and other ways of helping communities. >> reporter: with the candidates effect and neck in the polls, minorities are expected to play a key role in the next nominating contest. >> there's no doubt that secretary clinton starts with a long-standing record and a long- standing advantage. >> reporter: one of the more heated exchanges came when clinton challenged sanders for being overly critical of president obama. >> the kind of criticism that we have heard from senator sanders about our president, i expect from republicans. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> reporter: he made use of the opportunity that bernie sanders offered to her earlier today by criticizing this gap in leadership from the president. >> reporter: the former secretary of state has worked to set herself up as the candidate who will continue president obama's agenda, something pundits say appeals
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to the democratic base in nevada and south carolina. marlie hall, cbs news, milwaukee, wisconsin. >> on the republican side, donald trump says he is planning attacks against george w. bush. the report just came out showing the former president plans to stump for his brother next week in south carolina. well, trump says he will leave jeb bush alone if his campaign stops airing negative ads against him. trump has a commanding lead in south carolina. cbs news hosts the next republican debate saturday night in greenville, south carolina. it is 4:42 on this friday. would you believe you can buy a computer for less than it takes to fill up your gas tank? the real deal. and it was developed right here in the bay area. we are going to show it to you when we come back. ,,
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a p-g and-e crew found the skeletal rem investigators say human remains found in gilroy of not those of sierra lamar, a missing teenager. a pg&e screw found the skeletal
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remains -- crew found the skeletal remains near gavilan college this week. no idea on the age or gender. >> we do not believe it is sierra lamar based on dental work. there is a gold cap on the body. >> that's not something that sierra did not have? >> that is correct. >> the remains were found about 20 miles from where the morgan hill teen went missing in 2012. her body has never been found. the raiders are staying in oakland for now. the team reached a tentative deal to extend their lease at the coliseum through the 2016 season and possibly beyond. the extension creates a chance to work out a deal to build a stadium that will keep the team in the city long term. raiders owner mark davis had previously been exploring the possibility of moving the team to other cities like l.a., san antonio and las vegas. >> we have agreed in principle to one year lease extension to play our home games at the oakland coliseum for the 2016
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season. >> the team has an option to stay at another two years after that. some good news for drivers in san francisco. it should be a lot easier time navigating downtown streets this morning. streets that were closed for super bowl city are finally back open. the blocked out streets opened up last night including the southbound side of the embarcadero and market street plus muni just resumed its regular service. and uber is paying millions to put the brakes on class action suits regarding rider safety. the ridesharing company is paying $28.5 million to settle two suits. they center on uber's safe ride fee. the issue, uber doesn't do the same fingerprint checks required of taxi drivers. and now uber plans to call the charge a booking fee. a judge still has to approve the arrangement. turns out san francisco has a bounty of water sloshing around under its streets and about 65 million gallons of it go to waste every year. it's a complicated story involving pumps and public transit so we sent a reporter
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to get to the bottom of it. he learned [ indiscernible ] one of san francisco's underground creeks. workers back in the '70s had trouble tunneling to build it because the water table was lying just 20 feet under the surface. and what they did with all that water when the station was done hasn't changed in decade. >> we're constantly having to pump water out of that station. if we didn't, then it would flood. the water is currently going straight into san francisco's sewer. >> now a company called nrg says it could use that water for its business providing steam heat to downtown buildings. bart is offering it for free but nrg would have to treat it first. it is 4:47 right now. roberta, it's foggy out there. >> it is. i believe it's going to take at least until mid-morning to see some clearing at mavericks. all the places with the wide screen tvs those are the places to go. you won't see anything from the
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seashore or watch it. we'll be streamlining it here at and our helicopters will be high in the sky above the low deck of fog. let me show you what i mean. we now have the fog slipping in through the gate. we could not see that fog as we peered out towards the bay bridge just less than 30 minutes ago but there it is. numbers are in the 40s and 50s. stepping out we have that high surf advisory in effect until 8:00 tomorrow night for all coastal areas with big swells building. if you suffer from allergies, this weekend is going to be monster like as far as the allergist are concerned so you might want to stock up and plan ahead of time. if you sneeze and wheeze from the pollen blooming. we have the areas of fog this morning. otherwise partly cloudy skies. we have clear skies away from the by inland. mainly sunny and warm through the weekend. next chance of rain on wednesday. we'll continue to see high, thin cirrus clouds in the bay area. we have a huge dome of high
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pressure. 8 to 14-day outlook still be average as far as rainfall is concerned. we'll see some rain on wednesday then the last week of february into the first week of march, we should see el nino return from its little mini "stay-cation." all right. 11% down as far as the snowpack is concerned if you are heading to greater lake tahoe area for some spring skiing. you know what that means. you need sunblock and the goggles but we have a nice packed powder base. temperatures locally 60s and 70s, 7 to 11 degrees above average. and then here you have it. a dry holiday for monday for president's day. we are going to be pushing 80 and rain returns on wednesday. yes, it is a holiday on monday. mild to warm conditions. mid-60s to mid- and high 70s. make it a great friday! >> hey, good morning. just coming into the traffic center we have a stalled out vehicle on the westbound side heading from treasure island into the city. that may cause some slowdowns out there on the bay bridge this morning. but elsewhere, things are looking "friday light" exactly
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what we like to hear. we are watching some fog on the golden gate bridge but still drive times are looking absolutely beautiful. all right. let's talk about all those super bowl closures that have been plaguing us for a while. good news this morning. finally back open so southbound embarcadero reopened near the ferry building. also all the muni lines back open this morning including the f/s line. so welcome back to the f line this morning. very good news as we kick off our friday. speaking of some of the mass transit systems right now. no delays out there. which is picture-perfect as we kick off friday heading into valentine's day weekend. we have some construction this morning. 680 both directions between sycamore valley and rudgear road until 5 a.m. no slowdowns. similarly this morning westbound 80 between 4 and pinole valley road that's in the hercules area, again until about 5:00 this morning. all right. take a look at your drive
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times. 580 the altamont pass to i-680 currently a 14-minute drive time. back to you guys, thank you. >> sandra, thanks. are you in the market for some new tech? how about a computer that will cost less than a night at the movies? christin ayers shows us the new device from a west oakland startup. reporter: it may not look like it. >> this is chip right here. the world's first $9 computer. >> reporter: but this is a computer designed in oakland made in china. it's small but mighty. >> four gigs of storage, bluetooth and by five. >> reporter: capable of turning a tv into a desktop computer and of pouring a talking door. >> how are you this evening. a teddy bear disguised with a computer inside of it. >> reporter: the founders of west oakland startup next thing co costs just $9, called chip. the goal was to design a less expensive computer for this toy camera. the result one of the cheapest computers in the world. >> the cool thing is it means
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that anyone can have one. >> reporter: the ceo says the possibilities are endless. add a few wires and a television and you're surfing the web, word processing and playing music or videos. the chip computers have just started shipping and they are going quickly. 50,000 sold in a month. 10,000 more preordered in a single day. most of the customers are teachers. >> people all over the world say this is cheap enough for every one of my students to have one. >> reporter: the chip has its limits. it's no macbook. >> but if you want to use it for a single purpose, if i just want to surf the web or i just want to work on my homework it's great. knowing that what we build is going to be used by real people every day to do just regular things is really exciting for us. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the chip computer was initially funded by kickstarter donations topping $2 million. time is 4:52. trouble on a flight after it takes off out of san jose.
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the emergency landing it had to take in l.a. we'll tell you about that. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. take a look at your tv screen. this is what you can expect on this tgif. yes, it's friday. 60s beaches today. the fog lifts. 60s and 70s common across the eastern portion of the bay area. then very similar to yesterday. not just a degree or two cooler. good morning sonoma at 70 degrees and cloverdale in the low 70s. just as roberta was talking about that fog, we have been watching it on the golden gate bridge this morning. but take a look here. that's now clearing. things are looking picture- perfect out there "friday light" no major accidents to report. we'll have an update coming up. a scary ride for some passengers leaving san jose's
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mineta airport. their plane had to land in l.a. yesterday after smoke started filling the cabin. american airlines flight 564 landed safely in los angeles yesterday morning. and then a tense scene in the terminal where firefighters evaluated eight passengers who had problems breathing. >> then it smelled funny so i closed the vent and next thing you know there's smoke coming up from the side under the seat. >> the flight had a mechanical issue but the airline hasn't confirmed where the smoke came from. first class passengers were not affected by the smoke but one man sit there is looked back and saw a woman carrying a baby. he rushed to give up his seat so the pair could be safe. ntsb says the driver in last month's deadly greyhound bus crash in san jose was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. ntsb couldn't find any mechanical problems with the bus, either. as for reports the driver dozed off, they are still looking into it. two passengers died. the driver and 12 others had
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minor to serious injuries. no charges being filed against an elderly driver who hit her mercedes into a livermore gym in september. investigators say the driver probably mistook the gas for the brake. that crash killed livermore lab exec kathy baker. and prosecutors say there isn't enough evidence to file charges. 5:47. one minute diners at a restaurant are eating and the next, they are dodging an attacker's machete. the investigation into the shocking incident. next. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live at the scene of a fatal hit-and- run in san jose. police need your help finding the unique getaway car. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning,everyone. happy friday. beautiful shot of the bay bridge
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. and it's friday, february 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. san jose police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that killed a bicyclist. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is at the scene where police have some clues about the car involved. >> absolutely. it looks like the coroner has removed the body from the scene and they are cleaning up the blood getting ready to open winchester boulevard in a couple of minutes. this began around midnight when witnesses say a red honda del sol was speeding northbound on winchester north of hamilton. a man on a bike was traveling in the same direction. the del sol hit the man knocked him off his bike. the man died at the scene and the driver took off. investigators say knowing the make and the model of the car is a big clue. >> t


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