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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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building down there. this is on top of the transamerica pyramid. i'm michelle griego. >> if you only knew how they got it together. it's 4:30 and i'm frank mallicoat and we'll start with the valentine girl. >> a couple days late. >> we had nearly half a dozen record high temperatures yesterday and more of the same again today. and i just wanted to share this beautiful shot with you one more time. visibility is unlimited. very mild start to the day. and 57 degrees in elkland. and we should see three more record highs. 80degrees in mountain view and san jose. and i have rain back in the forecast. right now let's bring in lady
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g. >> we're not dealing with any delays or issue. making the connector at 205. 16 minutes from altamont pass to 680. we'll look at the bay area bridges coming up. the suspect in a triple shooting at a san francisco tourist spot is now behind bars. >> reporter: the suspected murderer cornered and arrested. san francisco police also focused on this nearby home which may be where the suspect was living. at the twin peaks, the memorial is growing for the homicide victims. >> what did you think when you heard there was a double homicide. >> i was concerned. wow, we are here and it can happen any time. >> reporter: the shooting happened 2 a.m.
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sunday. and on the surface it feels like a let your guard part of the city. but there's been a spate of recent crimes. a woman pepper sprayed and mobbed, car break-ins, and now homicides. >> we need more police on patrol. and we have serious public safety challenges that we're trying to address. >> reporter: we saw several squad cars keeping law and order on twin peaks, but this many officers is unusual. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the third shooting victim, an 18-year-old man, is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and the suspects knew the victims. a new clue in the search for a missing 73-year-old. this is the last known shot of john beck who has been missing for a week.
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he was due for an payment last tuesday in san francisco. his daughter said her father had a lot to live for. >> it's not the only factor. he has so much love in his life. >> reporter: his family insists he is not hiding from law enforcement. he's appealed the judgment against him. a sky diving community-mile- per-houring the loss of a man who fell to his death. kpix 5's kristen aires on what went wrong. >> the concord man's facebook feed is full of pictures like this. he was a photographer for the red dog sky diving club. saturday something went terribly wrong as he was jumping at the parachute
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center. sheriff's deputies say the problem is his parachute. the owner of the parachute center says he packed his own parachute that day. >> as far as us contributing, that was all we did. >> he crashed into a cinder block wall and fell into a drainage ditch. now the faa is investigating his death. his bay area friends told me they were not ready to talk about romero. one message from a sky diver, today we lost a friend, comrade, and community member. our love and prayers are with family and those closest. the owner doesn't keep track of the number of deaths but defended his company. >> you can expected to have a malfunction every 2000 jumps. and we make thousands of jumps with no problem at all.
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>> reporter: in 2012, a veteran sky diver lost control and fell to his death at a nearby vineyard. a successful rescue in bay area waters. the coast guard saved two fishermen yesterday morning. they suffered mild hypothermia and are recovering well. politically charged messages taking center stage on music's biggest night. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the set began with kendrick lamar in handcuffs with chains around his ankles. and then he unleashed full throttle. the rapper has emerged as a voice of the black lives matter movement. >> a lot of energy and a lot of
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representation. >> reporter: those behind the scenes promised it would be emotional. >> we live in challenging times and i think people will be very proud of the music and the statements being made tonight. >> the way social media and the world is we don't have enough platforms to celebrate our music culture. >> perhaps the biggest controversy was adele. hello. where did her audio go. the broadcast feed went silent for a few moments and her performance seems off. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the night featured tributes to the late david bowie, the eagles glenn frey, blues great b.b. king. and to maurice white of earth, wind, and fire. >> we need to make every single
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thing accessible to every single person with a disability. >> taylor swift took a swipe at the haters. >> there'll be people along the way who try to undercut your success or take credit for your successes or your fame. >> and beyonce made a statement at the end of the show. perhaps addressing those critical of her performance. >> art can impact people in a variety of ways for different reasons at different times. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> the microphones in the piano dropped on the strings and that's what threw off the sound during adele's performance. and she handled it like a pro tweeting i'm treating myself to
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in and out. >> anything is better with an in and out burger. >> one of my favorite moments were hamilton. i thought that was great. >> and i was amazed that broadway was lit up on a monday night. >> i think it was only that night. >> you think? >> and all my performances were by women. >> earth wind and fire tribute out of this world. >> and day from san diego and golding. oh, my gosh were they just hitting it out of the part. it was a great night if you like music, right. good morning, everybody. it's a good morning. and visibility is unlimited. boy, it's dropped into the 40s in the livermore area. and it did not feel that way at all. i had a rough night sleeping. trying to kick the blankets off. this is what we need to know
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today. we'll be making a good stab at records. we should see a tying event in san francisco. i'm forecasting 80 degrees. it will be at the 70s at the beaches. and 70s and 80s across the santa clara valley. 81degrees in discovery bay. and the north bay in the 70s. we have rain coming. i'll tell you when to expect it. let's jump right to the freeways. 101 near embarcadero. we're getting reports of an accident. a vehicle is over to the side of the roadway. some activity there as you head south 101 at embarcadero. cutting across the san mateo bridge should not be a problem. taking a look at the bay bridge so far. and an accident west 80 at american canyon. time now is 4:39.
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all eyes are on the vacancy in the supreme court. and a woman with well known bay area ties might receive a nomination. >> president obama could make his nomination as soon as next week. morning the names bandied about thus far, a wildcard from san francisco. current state attorney general. >> she's a superstar in the democratic party. her name was obvious to come up in a situation like this. she's electable and appointable. >> reporter: he says any potential nomination is complicated by the fact that she's returning for retiring senator barbara boxer's seat. harris has $2 million in her campaign war chest. >> they are still -- on the kind of future she could have
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in politics. i don't know if this is something she would want to commit to. >> reporter: a harris nomination is a long shot for three reasons. >> a woman, a woman of color, and a woman who is very liberal. there are plenty of justices and jurists that meet the criteria that are better well known. and have been approved by the u.s. senate, for example loretta lynch. >> with the promise that any white house nomination will be blocked, the possibility that harris would shy away from a supreme court nomination is real as well. >> whether that's something that obama can get through the senate committee. >> until the seat is replaced. the possibility of a 4-4 split morning the justices is high. the lower court's ruling would stand. a familiar face joined the
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republican presidential candidate on the campaign trial days before the south carolina primary. it was a bush family affair yesterday. former president george w. bush spoke at a rally for his younger brother jeb. and donald trump escalated the war of words with ted cruz. >> ted cruz is the most dishonest guy i've ever met in politics. i think he's an unstable person, i really do. >> trump threatened to sue cruz over his eligibility to run for president. time is 4:42. and you could call it the uber effect. how ride sharing is putting more cars on the road.
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ride-sharing boosting sales. californians a new car sales are soaring in the bay area. how the rise of ride sharing companies is boosting sales. californians are loving the new car smell. >> we love it. >> reporter: 2015 was a great year to be a car salesperson. new car sales jumped to 11.1% in the state, twice the average.
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>> i think the stock market was great and people in the bay area have money to spend. i think that's what it is. >> the economy is up in this area in particular and gas is going down. time to buy. got an suv. >> reporter: cheaper to fill it up nowadays. >> reporter: the spike in new car sales has to do with the growth in lyft and uber. >> we got a little more sales because of uber. >> 10% of prius sales were thanks to uber and lyft drivers. the honda civic was the best selling car. 2million cars left the dealers in the state. and this year could be another
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good one. cate cauguiran. the city has been given $24 million for much needed repairs. cracks and potholes have made for bumpy rides. most of the funding comes from gas taxes, federal grants, and car registration fees. the sum they really need is far higher. >> we need $100 million every year to maintain the system in good condition. and $24 million doesn't get us close. >> still the money promised will be enough to repair 80 miles of road. muni riders could face fines if they refuse to give up their seat to disabled or elderly riders. muni riders under the age of 18 face criminal penalties and fees if they don't give up
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their seats. people are -- presidents day looked more like memorial day. people flocked the local beaches. >> can you believe it's february. >> it's awesome after having the cold january. a major cleanup as communities recover from severe storms. in alabama, debris all over a fire station after an apparent tornado in johnsonville. this dash cam shows what seems to be a twister plowing through a florida town -- or the aftermath. one alabama man described the wild storm. >> when we got in the house and covered up, we heard all the rumble. and then it was all gone. in baltimore an ambulance flipped over as it responded to a call. everyone inside survived and the weather is expected to get warm quickly after the weekend
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cold snap. >> seems like everyone has severe weather except us. >> it's not right to be 80 degrees. >> we had half a dozen record temperatures and today three or more near or record high temperatures. and they be the bottom falls out. rise and shine. this is the scene looking out to mineta airport. i'm not anticipating any airport delays. temperatures in the 40s in santa rosa and livermore. and bayside, 5 degrees in san francisco. have you been sneezing or wheezing? it's because the pollen count remains on the medium to high side. it's a mild start with near or record highs. the rain will return tomorrow. and then we have dry conditions on friday through the weekend. an area of low pressure will start to spill clouds into the
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forecast as it chips away at the ridge of high pressure. this is our future cast. and notice increasing clouds by this time tomorrow morning. maybe a hit and miss shower to the north of the santa rosa area. and as the day wears onen during the lunch hour, rain spills from the north to the south. this is very light and we start to see these over the highest elevations. a bit of a break and then a secondary system for thursday. by friday we start to tally the numbers up and they look like this. 3/4 of an inch in the ukiah area. and nearly a half in san jose. and lesser amounts to the east. and san francisco picking up a healthy four at the points of an inch of rain. it's 21 degrees in the lake tahoe area. and here's a look at the forecast for the today. pretty much in the 70s and 80s. the winter shows clear skies.
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and unlimited visibility. rain tomorrow and thursday. and then we dry out just in time for the weekend. taking a look at the morning commute. are you busy? we have a couple of accidents trickling in. and everyone making the trek through the altamont pass. we're seeing a few more people on the roadways. here's westbound 580. 680 traffic is starting to get busier. westbound making the connector. 205 to 580 we're seeing speeds 29 miles per hour in some spots. a little sluggish. clear all the way to 680. still working on the accident in embarcadero road. it was a vehicle that hit the center divide. there was activity off to the side and slight spectator slowing as you work your way past the scene. 92 to the split is an easy ride
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this morning. the rest of the bay area looks good. no delays between 880 and 101. the east shore freeway is calm. and as you head out of richmond to berkeley to the bay bridge. west 80 at american canyon. the accident is not blocking lanes. golden gate bridge looks good. no delays out of marin county towards the toll plaza. an easy 14-minute ride to san francisco. time now is 4:52. and an onslaught of unhappy comcast customers take to twitter. what they were complaining about -- next. ,,
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r season... but some take a look at the tv screen. up to 19 degrees above average in many neighborhoods. full sunshine, head west. 73 in half moon bay. and 70s and 80s around the peninsula. and morgan hill at 80 degrees. low 80s in discovery bay. and 78 in blackhawk. good morning, san rafael. in the mid-70s. and meanwhile, sunny skies. and 79 degrees in windsor. and south 101 at embarcadero road. a couple of units are clearing an accident. and traffic is moving along with no problems on 101. california's crab fishermen have waited months to start the season. and some will wait longer. crab has been deemed safe to eat but in other parts of the state there are still high levels of a toxic acid.
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>> i would like to see them be able to keep the state closed until the whole state is clean. it would be the chipotle situation all over again. >> some will take their concerns to the department of fish and wildlife. happening today, the tiburon ferry service will be suspended. weekday ferry service will be replaced with buses. the midday and weekend service will be suspended completely. a big vote over short term rentals in the east bay. there have been complaints about increased traffic and unknown strangers. the city council could vote to improse regulations or ban short term rentals completely. only a hand fortunately of sites are listed. regulations would limit stays under 30 days.
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comcast is back to normal. and the damage will linger. an outage affected cities from coast-to-coast. many took to twitter to express frustrations. one company spokesman tweeted the problem was with transmission palestines. no specifics were offered about how many lost service. when the justices return to the bench, it will be the first time they are without justice scalia. insight on who might take his place. the suspected killer of two santa rosa men is caught in richmond. we're at twin peaks and we'll bring you the details. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. happy tuesday everyone. and we begin with a beautiful shot of the bay bridge lights
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on a beautiful morning, february 16th. hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. a san francisco tourist spot known for stunning views is making headlines for violent crime. a man suspected of a triple shooting is now under arrest. jackie ward has the latest on the case and the recent crime wave. so this is where friends and family are remembering the two men from santa rosa who were killed sunday morning. and they set up a memorial before police announced they had caught a suspect. police say they caught a suspect who they believe to be the suspected killer at a gas station in richmond. they also focused on this home which may be where the suspect was living. police believe the suspected killer is off the street, but the issue of a lack of police is still out there. >> they are focused on violent crime. and we need to do more wi


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