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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a double homicide in the most unlikely place and now an arrest and a past crime that's connected to the suspect. a major break in the case
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of a twin peaks double homicide. police believe the man they arrested is responsible for another high profile crime we covered back in 2014. first, who is this guy. richard contreras of richmond is accused of gunning down three men before fleeing in a stolen suv. police spotted the car last night at a richmond gas station. law enforcement quickly swarmed the area. and they called in s.w.a.t. teams to make sure he wouldn't getaway and finally, they have their man. kpix 5 has learned that contreras was responsible for a felony hit-and-run. he rammed into a transit bus and narrowly missed a 3-month- old baby. he fled on foot and was later
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apprehended. two years later. he's being charged with two counts of murder, one court of attempted murder. one count of carjacking, assault with a gun. people trading boots and sweatshirts for t-shirts and flip-flops. we're in the midst of some of the best february weather on record. and just about everyone is enjoying every bit of it. >> my girlfriends and i are on the way to the beach and we're appreciating the weather but we're ready for rain. >> and it might be coming. >> let's get a live look. people in the east bay have been seeing records fall and they'll fall again today. and let's check in with roberta and get the forecast. >> i want to go with the girlfriends heading to avila beach. you can clearly see that the visibility is unlimited.
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look in the distance. do you see the high, thin whispy clouds. today we have records to beat. the record for this date in san francisco is 75 degrees. set way back in 1930. and today we're forecasting a high of 76 degrees. we should shatter a record in oakland and san jose. and richmond should see a second day of record warmth. and we'll talk about the changes coming up later in the newscast. attorney general kamala harris has ended the speculation about her interests in becoming a supreme court justice. she says he doesn't want the job. she said take my name off the list. her name had been floated as a possible replacement for justice scalia. the family believes this instagram photo is the last
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known of john beck who disappeared a week ago. before the picture, they knew he was due for an appointment in oakland. and an attorney who helped defend sonoma county in the andy lopez case is missing. the wife of steven mitchell says she hasn't seen him sense saturday night. in orinda, police are looking for a man suspected of attacking another man during a house party over the weekend. the victim sustained severe head trauma and the fighting for his life. a grainy cell phone image was captured after the attack. and police are urging anyone to call police with details. fresno's police department is testing new technology to keep officers safe. reporter chris martinez on why the new software comes with critics. >> that's how fast it happens.
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>> reporter: the software program dives deep into the web, searching public records from property archives to arrest reports. it's giving police a heads up about who officers may encounter before they head to a call. >> someone with a past arrest for robbery or assault with a deadly weapon may cause the officers to handle the call differently. >> reporter: we watched them use the system after a man opened fire on two officers. they ran the license plate of the suspect's car and revealed the owner and the criminal record. a short time later he was caught. but beware is controversial. it assigned a red, yellow, or green threat level. how the score is calculated is unclear, even to police. >> reporter: jessica price is concerned about the program's ability to screen public social
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media posts. >> people want to be free to post without fear of government profiling or harassment just because they did something like post criticism of the police. >> fresno police opted out of the color coding and social media screening after public backlash. but the chief insists the program is necessary. >> when you look at the amount of technology that criminals are using, it's important for law enforcement to access the same tools. >> reporter: it's keeping police and citizens safe he believes. the company that makes beware won't reveal the calculation of the color score or what it does with the information it accumulates. some residents have complained about increased traffic and strangers in the
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neighborhoods. the city council may decide to improse strict regulations or ban short term rentals completely. ferry service to tiburon is being suspended for two weeks starting today. operators need time for inspections, maintenance, and repairs to the floating dock on the marin side. the midday and weekend service will be suspended completely. and muni will decide whether to reduce fines for refusing to give up seats to elderly or disabled riders. the crime would be $66 for teens. skyrocketing pharmaceutical prices are leaving a lot of bay area residents without the lifesaving drugs they need. and one pharmacy is changing that. the free drugstore has no copays or deductibles. you just need a prescription. and the pharmacy relies on
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donations. it's the first of its kind in california. jeb bush is pulling out all the stops on the campaign trail. it could shrink the field again. we'll tell you about the precarious spot a young horse ended up in. popular music and political messages, how the grammy stage turned into a pulpit for several artists when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the traditional black "drap on the supreme court chair justice antonin scalia ... the court and nation in mourning... while politicia draw battle lines over nami his replacment. the traditional black description on the chair of antonin scalia. battle lines are being drawn
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over naming his replacement. flags will be half staff for 30 days. the republican campaign trail looking like a slug fest. craig boswell on donald trump and his new target. >> george w. bush took the stage in south carolina to give jeb bush's campaign a boost. he gave a speech with thinly veiled jabs at donald trump. >> his faith reveals itself through good works not loud words. >> why do you mention jeb bush. he's not competitive. but i don't think it's going to happen. >> trump reserved his deepest insults for ted cruz. >> i think ted is a very unstable guy. i've never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. >> the attacks come days before the primary in south carolina. it's the first time that voters
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in the south head to the polls in the presidential campaign. the gop race is unusual. >> traditionally, i would say a candidate like cruz would be appealing in south carolina but this time, trump is leading in all of the polls and traditionally, he's not a candidate that south carolina voters would support. >> reporter: she predicts the republican field will narrow after saturday's results. south carolina voters head to the polls this saturday. >> more encouraging news for those interested in traveling to cuba. this morning in havana leaders signed an agreement to restore regular air travel for the first time in 50 years. it allows 110 daily flights to a dozen destinations. a young horse is up and around this morning and will
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need surgery after a nasty fall into an east bay ravine. >> animal control officers found the colt where he had fallen 150 feet into a fremont canyon. they used equipment typically used for humans to get the little guy out. >> he's not light. and it was steep and wet. and we had a rope we were trying to hold onto. >> no one knows how he ended up in the ravine. but he was named valentine in honor of the day he was saved. >> good weather to recover. the sunshine and it's lunchtime and he probably ate. and we have gorgeous conditions. look at everybody right now. reporting 60s and 70s. 68degrees, that was robert sullivan. where are you at? redwood city. winds under 5 miles per hour.
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and what does mr. sullivan have to say. got to get outside for a walk. everybody wants to get outdoors. go for it. these are the clouds you were referring to. they are cirrus clouds and they usually develop above 18,000 feet. and a lot of people call them mare's tail. you have a change in the weather and we do beginning with tonight. temperature-wise, 60s and 70s. and now 71 degrees in livermore. we've been having a problem with the pollen for a week straight now. the pollen count today is medium to high. and by the weekend we start to see the levels rise. and you can blame it on the alder, birch, juniper, and the cherry blossom trees blooming. we'll set some records today. clouds increase. and they gather later on this
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evening. and then the rain returns later in the afternoon. that's where you're seeing the cirrus high clouds drift into the bay area. this is the satellite and radar. and the huge dome of high pressure has been locked for three weeks. it's not breaking down. future cast clearly illustrates tonight. look at tomorrow. hit and miss scattered showers north bay and the coast. and by tomorrow's evening commute a little bit of a break. and then more precipitation in store for thursday. a chance of rain showers north of the golden gate bridge. and then mostly cloudy. by 9:00 on thursday evening. we should see 3/4 of an inch of rain in the ukiah area. and to the south. 3/10. and to the east, a half inch in pleasanton. it's 52 going up to 55 on the south shore. and a foot of snow will fall between now and about friday. we'll keep you posted with that. in santa cruz you have the
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sunup and sundown. and today's highs. 70s and low 80s and we'll see records. and winds rotating at 15. rainout wednesday and thursday, and dry skies for the weekend. and never too early to start talking about what? >> spring training? >> the weekend, the weekend. >> baseball is coming too. >> we're on the same page. >> the dow is rebounding. it's up 201-points. star studded performances and a few stumbles too. we have the highlights from last night's big grammy show coming up. got a cool school? tell us about it. we may come and feature your school on the show. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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collaborations. but some performers used the spotlight to make political statements. kpix 5's betty reports from the red carpet ===sot=== "sound the 58th annual grammys were packed with stars. and some used the spotlight to make political statements. >> reporter: the set began with kendrick lamar in handcuffs with chains around his ankle. then he unleashed full throttle. he has emerged as the voice of the black lives matter
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movement. >> a lot of representation where i come from. >> and those behind the scenes promised it was going to be emotional. >> we live in challenging times and i think people are going to be very proud of the music and the statements that are being made tonight. >> the way social media and the world is we don't have enough platforms to celebrate our music culture. >> reporter: but perhaps the biggest controversy was adele. hello? where did her audio go? the broadcast feed went silent for a few seconds and her performance seemed off. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the night featured tributes to the late david bowie, the eagles' glenn frey, blues great b.b. king, and to maurice white of earth, wind, and fire.
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wonder took the opportunity to speak up for the disabled. >> we need to make every single thing accessible to everyone with a disability. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> and queen b, beyonce, made a statement at the end of the show. perhaps addressing those critical of her super bowl performance. >> art is the celebration of culture through self- compression. it could impact people in a variety of ways for different reasons at different times. some will react, some will respond, and some will be moved. >> reporter: so there were a lot of provocative moments and a lot of chatter about adele's audio glitches. the recording academy president explained it was the microphones inside the piano
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that fell on the strings and that threw off the sound. they had a backup system and that caused the sound to drop out for a few moments. of course, adele handled it like a pro. at staples center, betty yu. the politically charged atmosphere was not lost on cbs' ceo. >> artists are about expressing themselves. so it's not surprising it happened. >> the grammys are so rich with entertainment. it's like seeing a year in the life of music all in one night. >> that would be the big boss. >> the big boss. a massachusetts man has created an app that allows kids to order cars on demand or in advance. and parents can record a message. >> this message will get delivered at the right time to the driver, to the teacher, and
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to the kid. on the map you can see the drivers around you. and you can look at their profiles. >> the biggest challenge will be convincing parents it's safe. drivers will undergo extensive background checks. it's pretty and good for you. >> our fresh grocer tony tantillo says try adding red leaf lettuce. >> it adds so much flavor and texture. when you buy it make sure the red is nice and red all the way around. where it's nice and green and white and free from yellowing. and free from browning. store it in the refrigerator right away. i say this when it comes to
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buying any lettuce. take the extra time. soak the head of lettuce and rinse out the water. and put it in the refrigerator. it will stay nice and crisp that way for a few days. otherwise, in a plastic it will start to break down. eat fresh and stay healthy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we'll show it to you comingp tonight on kpix 5 news at 5. -i-x a new tesla is perfect for children to drive. we'll show it to you on the
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news at 5:00. >> i bet it's not cheap. >> probably not. >> we have a nice day. >> last day with record warm temperatures. some of the records were established way back in 1930. so it hasn't been this warm for a long time on this day. there's snow in tahoe. let's enjoy the day today. >> picnic at the beach. >> i like it. >> let's go. see you tomorrow morning, folks. ,,
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♪ >> katie: entire photo album of you and bill. it's...[ sighs ] it's great. >> brooke: katie, please. don't let this ruin the progress that we've made tonight. >> katie: no, no. why would it? you were engaged. you were gonna get married. of course there were -- would be pictures. and look at all of the amazing places that you went. >> brooke: i made it a long time ago. i forgot i even had it. >> katie: but you didn't forget about your feelings for bill, right? >> brooke: you weren't meant to see this. >> katie: yeah, that seems to be happening a lot lately. did you know? did you know that she -- she made this scrapbook of all your fun times together? i mean, it's a little stalri


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