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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 19, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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area college campus.. and to police say this guy is preying on women near a bay area college campus. >> andrea is in berkeley tonight with the latest. >> reporter: between 19 and 21. students were walking alone and the dark and share within thing in common. ssault happened near the corner of durant and ellswoh on tuesday around 11. nats traffic? then, 20 minutes l and less than a mile away -- another attack -- this timen the 2500 block of benven the surveillance >> reporter: running at full strength, detectivesing he may be responsible for three sexual assaults in less than a week. >> we do believe that these are
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connected at this point. >> reporter: the first happened on february 11th. >> the victim has been watching the road. they were grabbed from behind. >> in each case, the victims have all been asian females. >> reporter: the second happened here around durant. 20 minutes later, another attack, on the 2,500 block. >> we don't know if it's a person who hanging out in the area. >> reporter: berkeley officers are worried he will mufblg from assault to rape. >> there has been some type of force, and so there is a concern that could escalate.
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was last seen late saturday police in heyward are . >> reporter: a concerned parent put his foot down and turned his camera on. he's talking about this black suv caught yesterday morning. he didn't want to show his face, but he's glad his camera was rolling when this happened. >> once there was another opening, he snuck over to the
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right. tlvs another car in front of him that tried to block him. >> reporter: at the time pierce was dropping off their kids at elementary school. the man i spoke to posted the video, and the website >> i thought what the heck this is guy doing? driving around the sidewalk just to get in front of people? there were wasn't the first time. >> after posting it, other people started saying oh, i've seen the same drive doing the exact same thing. >> reporter: the video made its way to the sheriff's office. >> we saw the vehicle do something similar to this. >> reporter: deputies don't know if the driver of the suv is the same driver cut on video .
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a trip to sports ended like this tonight. a man in his 80s crashed his suv into a pillar. >> 12 inch by 12 inch solid wood that he hit and knocked it loose. so the front end of the part, that's significant damage. >> engineers were called in to help shore up the building. the california highway patrol is looking into some video that we uncovered of a side show on the bay bridge.
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>> there's a real lack of respect, not just for the police, but just in general vm fellow commuters. >> many are posting under #bayareamovement. his job back tonight. it was a decision that took the poli rprise. a police officer fired for threatening tweets. it was a decision that the police department tried to explain. >> reporter: the san jose police department did not make this decision. they cited this officer and don't believe he should be back on the job. but a third party says the fires was not justified.
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>> reporter: officer white seen in this video just got his job back. >> you gotta use your noggin! use your brain! >> reporter: after he started a social media firestorm on twitter two years ago. he was fired in the fall lashing out at black lives matter movement and 28ed "threaten me and i will use my godgiven right to kill you." and by the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight." an arbitrator reinstated officer white. so the city and the police department disagree with the decision. but they will honor it. >> we are really angry. outraged and disappointed. >> reporter: rob with the media
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and sociality justice collection led the fight to get white fired and started a petition. >> this decision by singerullar anonymous arbitrators is a process that's totally natural. basically mind, put at jeopardy relations. >> officer white has been given administrative duties. police are boycotting beyonce. today the department tweeted back the blue. they claim her super bowl halftime performance promoted an antipolice message. beyonce's
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song draws references to police brutality and black lives matter, and her dancers' costumes were attributed to the black panters. the officers are vowing to boycott security at her concert. putting out an antipolice message is not the message that you want to be sending out. officers that work these extra duties are volunteering for a reason vm dramatic life- a bay area man travelled to hawaii and found himself in the middle of a dramatic life or death situation. the whole thing was caught on camera. >> a helicopter with five people on board made a crash landing off the island of oahu.
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then a tourist rushed to the rescue. >> i've seen the helicopter started sputtering. >> reporter: in trouble over the waters of pearl harbor this morning. >> they saw what happened and they started running. and i started running. >> within a second, somebody else gets down and just turned and ran. snoop there were people standing right there. heeld have hurt a lot of people. >> reporter: some of those witnesses rushed to save the family on board. >> i jumped in. there were three people in the water. >> reporter: a 16-year-old boy was underwaterfor several minutes. he is in critical condition. belongs to a company called 'genesis aviation. tonight,
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the national transportation safety board is investigati. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. >> the national transportation safety board is investigationing. an apartment building that was teetering on the edge of a cliff is a pile of rubble tonight. this is what's left of 330 esplanade avenue. it didn't fall into the ocean. it was torn out. and some people are popping the champagne. ly being demolished. kevin hub / pacifica sot: the view is awesome. i can't complain. million dollar view! track: clifftop apartment buildingt 330 esplanade danger of >> reporter: neighbors finally have a clear shot at the pacifica center. the lot is being demolished. >> it's awesome. i can't explain it. >> reporter: the apartment building at 330 esplanade was in danger of falling into the ocean. dozens had had to be evacuated in 2009. it has been sitting empty and condemned
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until today. crews should be done by the end of the night. the owner paid for the demolition. that won't be the case for 320 esplanade next door which was also red-tagged in 2009. the owner of that site is bankrupt. and last month, a third building was yellow-tad after el niño took more chunks ouflts the cliff underneath. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: it's party time for the folks across the street. >> now you've got a view. >> are they gonna raise your rent? >> i hope not. [ laughter ] >> there is a growing problem with erosion. morstorms to come. say: 23-year-old christopher africa slammed into a bicyc on winchester boulevard last arrests in a deadly hit and run. christopher africa slammed
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into a bicyclist on winchester boulevard last friday. he then ditched his car at this nearby restaurant. detectives just traced the car to his home and were able to arrest him. we're learning what the new site on the golden gate bridge will look like. the construction bidding period has been delayed two months. the new deadline may 1st. >> the net is the first of its kind in the world as a project of this magnitude. it's gonna be 1.1 miles along on one side, the other side. about seven football fields worth of netting. it takes a lot of work and a lot of planning to make sure that goes
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in right. bound express lanes on 580 e big news for leaders in the trivalley. the new eastbound express lanes are set to open tomorrow morning, 5:00 am, giving drivers a new option for travelling through pleasanton and livermore: travellers will have to get a different tag that will say whether they're travelling solo or carpooling. >> >> donald trump in a feud with the poem. pope francis said trump is not christian and he plans to build a wall between u.s. and mexico to stop illegal immigration. that comment set off a holy war of words. >> reporter: >> a religious leader to question a person's faith is
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disgraceful. >> reporter: the poach said this about -- pope said this about trump. "a person who thinks only of building walls is not a christian. >> he actually said i'm not a good christian or something. it's unbelievable. if and when the vatican was attacked by isis, which everyone knows, isis is up in the trufshg, i can promise you that the hope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> reporter: at tonight's republican presidential town hall in south carolina, some of his rivals sided with the businessman. >> i don't think it's appropriate to question his faith. he knows what his faith is. >> there's too many walls between us. >> reporter: south carolina is among the safest places ational poll tonight:
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trump in a new national poll, trump has a commanding lead among republican voters. we exposed the secret apple project last night keeping a silicon valley neighbor tough. and we tried to get more answers from the city. metal slamming, clanking, grinding coming from a top-secret tech facility registered in apple in sunnyvale. also tonight: apple is getting more time to fight a court order that would forc to help the f-b-i hack into san bernardino shooter's i-phone. bloomberg reports apple will now have until february 26-o respond. yesterday apple c-e-o tim cook said.. obeyi >> bloomberg is reporting that apole will have until february
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26th to respond. yesterday the ceo said obeying the feds' orders would compromise the security of billions of iphone users. the legal team is asking the judge to go easy on him. prosecutors requested an 8-year sentence. he pleaded guilty last july to felony racketeering. a texas couple is learning hard: write a negative yelp review, and you could get sued. they hired a pet sitter they found. while the reviews for prestigious pets were mostly good, their experience was anything but, they say. they say the fish's bowl was cloudy among other things. so they wrote a
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review. >> didn't like that they messed up the building. >> the owner disputed the review and sent the couple a cease and desist letter and filed a lawsuit. california banned nondisparagement clauszs in 2014. thousands of people who live near the well in the l.a. county area are finally able to go back home. the well was looking for about four months, spewing methane gas from an underground storage facility owned by south carolina gas.
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a remote site in california is so toxic, one guy told us his teeth are falling out. there's a race against time to contain the hazard hazard before it ends up here. >> reporter: in one of the most remote places in california, el niño is a game-changer, raising threats of toxic water washing into the bay. >> how much? that's what we don't know. >> reporter: at the long long-abandoned new mercury mine, there is now a rush to dheen up and contain toxic dirt and water laced with chemicals. >> methyl mercury works its way into the food chain. and becomes concentrated in fish. >> reporter: the first rospecters to mine came in the 1850s. by the '80s, there were
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minors living here full time. so important were the mines, troops guarded them during the war. but the boom times went bust. and by 1972, the mining abandoned the site instead of cleaning it up. so toxic is the soil here, it turns fresh water orange, and poisons it with a host of heavy metals. >> it's iron, it's everything. >> reporter: he's lived downstream of the mine for 30 year. >> my teeth are falling out. >> reporter: he is one of the first people in the water's half. the tree winds its way through the hills and across
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farmland. >> reporter: bum dozers are finally rumbling across this area closed by the clean water act 40 years ago. >> we're expecting a very wet el niño winter. >> reporter: crews are diverting runaway away from exposed mine west and expanding federal funds. >> the problem, it feels like it's heavier for the metals to comute. >> e >> reporter: the cleanup and containment plans could be put
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to the test. it first storm of the week is now gone. nothing for us. up on the north, rain and snow tomorrow. kind of a chilly night in danville. san francisco 51 degrees. overnight tonight, dropping to 43. one gave us thunderstorms this morning, 100 lightning strikes before 8:00
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this morning. a weaker storm is on the approach. weaker and quicker. tomorrow morning, no rain, puit will be cloudy. rain around midday tomorrow for san francisco and oakland. low 60s for you. lahay hoe 67. dry weather is returning saturday and sunday. 60s, sunshine, next week 60s and 70s sunshine. one chance of rain to go. >> quite dramatic. >> it was. quite stormy. twin sisters won $6 million tonight ball because of a lady bug.
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"set for life" scratcher.. r twin sisters from san rahonstruck is it rich. >> one bought a scratcher after she saw a lady bug yellow for the first time. this season??? and did bruc how many games have the cal bears basketball team won on the road? countrymen..lend me your ,,,,,,
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announcer: through sunday at sleep train's presidents day sale, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday. suspense by annoucning that santiago cassila is the clo. snooe >> day 1 of spring training practice. bruce bochy in suspense announcing he'd go to
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see it. beefing up a starting rotation decimated by injuries last season. you think about the trio of lincecum cain, garner. >> coming into spring training, this is as solid as we've been. and that's saying a lot because we have had some very good rotations here. and you had two guys like this. they make it that much better. >> big talk. the giants -- doesn't sound like the godfather. [ laughter ] >> make me an offer i can't refuse. [ laughter ] >> the giants need an upgrade. the woord dlan came and went without any of them packing their bags. >> i like the front office but the league is crazy. we're good.
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>> playing like a top-5 nba draft pick. udub's coach called brown an tloik locomotive. bears hold on. 78-75. sharks and panthers shootout. jokinen trying to extend the game. martin jones comes up with the same of the -- save of the night. >> do you buy bochy that this is the best rotation he's ever had? >> i tell you what, exchanging blows there. >> three world series! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> steven coler with is next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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