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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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whole and in part by bigotry. >> reporter: the 2013 incident led to massive protests according to testimony the defendants clamped a u shape bock lock around his neck call him three 5th and postedconfederate flag and the jurors said the incidents happened at different times and they could not connect them to determine intent. >> obviously the jury had a lot of issues with whether it was a hate crime which is what the case was about. >> reporter: the victim didn't react to the verdict but the da said he was courageous. >> i hope that the three young men in this case there were four but the three that were tried would learn something from mr. williams example and how he he conducted himself and behaved throughout the entire experience. and look into their hearts and change. >> reporter: you hear the district attorney mention four defendants one was a juvenile
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at the time this happened in 2013. and his case is being taken care of separately in jupe night court -- juvenile court for the three convicted they will be back in court next month for sentencing as for the district torn's office, they say they are -- torn's office they stay -- attorney's office they are interviewing jurors to determine whether or not they will file again charges of a hate crime against them as they are allowed to do by law. >> thank you. the case sparks protest on san jose state campus. the university responded by putting together a special panel. that task force came up with more than 50 recommendations. san jose state formed a diversity commission to tackel racial discrimination on campus. new details on the death of a woman reported missing after a party in hayward. stacy aguilar body's was found and as she had been shot several times. >>i really want to express personally and on behalf of all
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of the personnel in the police department to the family of the victim how incredibly sorry we are for their loss. >> reporter: hayward police saystacy aguilar bullet river body was dumped off. the missing person case unmistakably a murder investigation. investigators say they have arrested the person who they believe killed aguilar but haven't charged him yet. >> we do have a person of interest in custody and we cannot release the name of the person until charges are actually brought with the district attorney. >> reporter: aguilar was seen at party in hayward on february 13th. and she was reported missing by her family a few days later. by friday, police already had enough evidence to believe she was a murder victim and saturday's grim discovery of her body confirmed it. investigators were tightlipped about the details of the ongoing murder investigation but simultaneously wanted to reassure the public. >> the people in the community can sleep at night not being worried that there's a murder
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out on the loose. we are very confident moving forward this person of interest is the right person and. >> reporter: in hayward devin fuelly. >> the mayor he had lee is backing a plan to arm some police officeers were tasers. it's part of a series of reforms on the use of force. the proposal calls for arming s.w.a.t. officers and crisis intervention officers with stun guns. among other changes, police soup are advisors would have to respond to any scene where weapons are involved. officers would go through an 8- hour training course on the use of force and there would be an emphasis on de-escalation. >> the vast majority of shootings that happened in san francisco by recent study show they happen inside five minutes and inside 15 yards. so if we can create time five minutes and distance 15 yards we can avoid almost all the officer-involved shootings. >> the changes follow
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deadlyshooting of mario woods in december that ignited protests and led to a federal review of the police department. new at 5, pleasantton police say a group of thieves struck twice at popular east bay mall. three men targeted a 63 -year-old woman in the parking lot of the stone ridge mall yesterday. they grabbed her purse and police think the trio also targeted a danville teen on saturday. in both crimes, the suspects escaped in a suv. new at 5 it looked like a customer who fought back against an armed robber at a cell phone store was going to be a hero. when the crook left the store on sycamore everyone breathed a sigh of relief. kpix5 julia goodrich tells us what happened. >> just just one pop and i heard someone screen scream. >> reporter: she owns a -- he owns a salon and watched the commotion from his window. >> i heard people screaming and yelling. >> reporter: police say around 6:40 in the evening a suspect
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walked into the phone store pulled out a gun and demanded money and a phone from both the clerk and customer inside. the customer refused and tried to take the suspect's gun away. >> we need security in the area. >> reporter: police are reviewing store surveillance video. they say the suspect took off but returned a short time later and fired his gun wounding the customer in the hand and leg before taking off again. a lot of business owners in this strip mall are on edge. >> we do need protection. >> reporter: especially with the increase in crime in the area. >> it's just not safe. >> reporter: surrounding businesses have surveillance cameras. this store has 11 cameras inside. but on the outside when they put cameras up they get knocked down or broke en. >> a bad area. you know. things are continue to happen. >> reporter: gunman grabbed phones and cash a is on the loose the gunshot wounds are not life-threatening. julia goodrich kpix5. >> san francisco police say the man shot outside a mcdonald's
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yesterday was targeted. 23-year-old curtis cail died of his injuries this morning. yesterday afternoon outside the busy mcdonald's restaurant on fillmore, witnesses say a gunman approached his car and saw he was inside and started firing. police say he had a target on his back after he was arrested in 2012 for a murder in the tenderloin. new developments in the encryption battle between apple and the fbi. apple wants congress to step in now. the ceo tim cook wants the government to create commission to review civil liberties in the digital age. the judge wants to force apple to unlock the data from a iphone belonging to the san bernardino terrorists. but, apple says that puts the security of hundreds of millions of people at stake. former nsa director michael hayden agrees. >> i think apple is right in terms of opposing universal back door. >> some of the survivors of the
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san bernardino massacre are expected to file a legal briefing appealing to apple to unlock the phone. corrosion in the bay bridge tunnel worse than first thought. caltrans says it stays despite admitting the concrete is weak. >> we look back at the life of napa valley wine pioneer peter monday dovey. >> and train drill turns into rescue mission. how bay area emergency crews were in the right place at the right time to save a young girl trapped in snow. >> the california coastal commission has power. >> nothing is built on a coast lien without approval. >> only kpix five took you to the bay and hearing over the executive director's fate. >> dirty politics is coming in and it's not fair. it has nothing to do with developers. >> the decision could shift the
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tide of california's future. expect a original reporting from kpix5 news expect more. ,, than we thought.. last month -- a concrete sl nearly hit a car when it fe oming traffic. n . >> the corrosion problem in the bay is wore than thought. >> a concrete slab nearly hate car falling on oncoming traffic. now caltrans officials are saying they have found a dozen more trouble spots. >> maria madeana joins us live with how state workers can say for certain the tunnel is safe
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maria. >> reporter: they say it's safe but can't grain tee it won't fall again. are you worried -- guarantee it won't fall again are you word which had. >> always worried. >>reporter: for robert he would rather go out of his way to avoid the bay bridge. >> i have to think about going around the other way and spend another half-hour going another way. >> we take this seriously. and it's an aging structure. >> reporter: caltrans spokesperson says they have discovered a dozen trouble spots where concrete is in danger of cracking and becoming loose in the bay bridge tunnel and their investigation sparked after tire size chunk of concrete fell in front of a car causing thousands of dollar in damage when the driver ran it over last month. >> we have gone out and we have repaired the problem areas right now. but we need to find out is to make sure what's causing it get together root cause of it. >> reporter: one of the series
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for the -- theories is rainwater leaking from drains on to thetunnel. he says drivers should not be afraid. >> it's safe to drive through and if it weren't we would shut it down bon safety is number one. >> reporter: can you say 100% it won't happened. >> we can't say that that's why we are investigating it and looking for the problem. >> reporter: for drivers like robert that's not good enough. >> i think they should close it down and figure out what's going on. >> reporter: and crews say they will be out with the federal highway administration tomorrow to look at the tunnel. meanwhile they will bring in high tech equipment to look at what's going on behind the walls to see what is going on. live in san francisco, maria madeana kpix5. peter mondavi has died. he was 101. his career started in 1943 when his parents bought the charles crewing winery in 1943 and his brother robert received a lot of credit for putting napa on the map. but it was peter who was behind many of the invasions.
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he was the first to use french oak barrels for wine aging. he started coal fermentation allowing wine makers to produce crisp white wines. coming up new rules for pet owners. >> when it comes to some of the bay area's most popular parks. >> yet another mild mainly sunny day. san jose you hit the low 70s. coming up, when we will approach record highs again and when the rain will finally reapproach the bay area. it's coming up next. ,, kx clear ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ue team. it began as drill in the high sierra but it turned into the real thing for maureen county search and rescue team. sheriff's department released photos showing how its team rescued a 10-year-old samantha white yesterday. she fell into this hole while she was snowshoeing. the rescue team says it was more narrow than a manhole cover. samantha fell into the hole in the borrow castle peak area and the rescue team happened to be nearby. today her mom tweeted the sheriff's department saying a huge thanks to marin county search and rescue for being at the right place at the right time to rescue our daughter. we are expecting new rules for bet pet owners who use barks parks inside the golden
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gate recreation area there's tension between the pet owners and park service where pets can rome and where they have to stay on a leash. we are hearing from pet owners who claim the rules would ban dogs from east beach and christy field and right now that's a popular area for pets. if true that could touch off a backlash in recent years political heavy weights like nancy pelosi called on the park service to recognize the rights of pet owners even within the boundaries of national parks. two men are accused of filling a van filled with expensive rare books. that theft on whitmore in oaklandch van contained about 400 books worth more than 350,000 dollars. the van's owner says a man was arrested after trying to sell the books in berkeley but a suspected accomplice got away. police have not found the van. this morning was the first commute featuring new express lanes on westbound 580 through the livermore valley.
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drivers can use express lanes in both directions. two eastbound toll lanes opened friday and they will be free for carpools van pools and bans motorcycles. drivers will need to use a fast track flex toll tag to designate if they are driving solo or car pooling. part of san francisco mission treat is getting a new look. road crews are painting transit only lanes between 30th andand the paint work will take place weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. 16-year-old passenger of last week's pearl harbor helicopter crash has died. that crash was caught on video. immediately after impact witnesses jumped in to help trapped passengers. everyone was pulled from the wreckage but rescue hers to cut the seat belt to free the submerged teen. five other people were injured in the crash but are expected to be okay. san francisco based uber says it received complaints about the kalamazoo shooters
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erratic driving the night of the deadly spree. jason dalton picked up several uber passengers between killings uber says. he appeared in court today admitting to the killings. prosecutors are charging him with 6 counts of murder and two counts of assault with intent to commit murder. uber has said dalton passed the background check. republicans in nevada will cast votes in the caucuses tomorrow. and as allen martin place first place may be sown up. >> reporter: the last of the early voting states before the race for the nomination goes national. a town of 20,000 people is the center of the nevada caucuses today. marco rubio ted cruz and donald trump's son are all making appearances there. it's important because it is republican stronghold in nevada. a stronghold that may now belong to donald trump. >> issues which are important to voters here are ones they
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trust trump more. >> reporter: the race in nevada is a fight for second place. rubio and cruz focused attacks on each other. cruz says rubio can't win. >> no candidate won the nomination who didn't win one of the first three states. only two people have done that donald and me. >> reporter: and rubio is accusing the cruz campaign of dearthy politics. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue. >> reporter: nevadaans get one more day of the political full court press before the candidates move onto super tuesday states democrats are in south carolina for the primary this weekend. 12 states one territory willvote tuesday march #st texas offers more delegates than the early voting states combined. ken. >> that's right. all about population. thank you. spring is in the air and that means baseball season is just around the corner. can you believe it? some of the familiar faces from the san francisco giants are in the arizona desert getting
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ready for upcoming buster posey there are also some new ones at sprng training. pitcher jeff samaraga and giants added another johnny cueto and he is fresh off a -- fresh off a championship run with the royals. we have spring training reports starting tomorrow night. >> i can't believe we are talking about spring already it feels like winter was a week long. it wasn't but use. >> 2 1/2 weeks. >> i know but it's gorge out. it's hard to complain. >> but that's the conundrum we need more rain but how is it possible to complain or dislike such a comfortable day outside. that's kind of the quandary we are in. that yes we need the rainfall. you and i both know that. but mother nature is gig giving you something else the envy of the rest of the country. look outside it's sunny and 07 in condured. -- concord. perfect sunshine in san francisco. 63 visibility great.
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and the top of the pyramid that's off in the distance above the western span of the bay bridge. 68 degrees in santa rosa. but, nothing on the radar. kpix5 high d etch f doppler live looked at the other two strong he will ninos how much rain through february 1982, # 3, two feet of rain. 98, 98, 37 inches of rainfall through february. and this very strong el nino, not created equal. 14 and a half inches of rainfall. where is that rain? it has been deflected to the north. seattle is having the wettest winter ever. we most certainly are not. fremont 45 degrees overnight tonight. san jose 44. chilly for you in fairfield and vacaville mid-30s responsible and an isolated parts of the north bay and watch out for the possibility of a little fog although winds are shifting offshore which limits the coverage of the fog overnight tonight. and we put in the wind particles and this is the jet
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stream how are the wind moving up where the planes fly and it tells the story because there's the big ridge of high pressure. night directly over the bay area. it's not the strongest ridge i've seen but it's close enough and strong enough to take the storm track and the next storm the storms are there. they are not making it to the bay area. next storm hits the ridge goes up and over and seattle and vancouver and portland will get the rainfall but we he won't because of that ridge. let's roll futurecast out. and look at the best opportunity for rainfall which is a tiny chance friday as that ridge slides farther to the south. a jet stream is more active and closer but likely, we will miss out on the rain on friday. another opportunity on sunday with those in the north bay may get a few showers. but significant big rain events which we need i don't see that at least for the next 7 to 10 days. clear and cool tonight. especially way way -- away from the water. sunny and warm through thursday. no record highs but we are close. tomorrow and wednesday, and possible changes with the storms inching their way toward the bay area as we head towards the weekend.
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look at the 70s tomorrow. it's comfortable. fremont 272. napa 72. red -- 72. napa 72. a couple degrees not as mild wednesday and thursday. we will cool down a bit friday and saturday. and there is the one all be it very tiny rain chance sunday evening before we head towards next week. it's my job to look at the bigger picture. sunny outside. really nice to get outside and hear it near every elementary school they are running around and big picture is it should be raining late february the other two very strong el ninos it has and this year deflected to the north. >> there's a fair amount of snow in the mountains that's good news. >> that is. we are putting that in the bank at 94% of normal which is not 100% but last year at this time it was 19%. >> doing better there. >> yeah. >> look at the bright side. thanks paul. starbucks lovers upset tonight. >> the changes to the company's loyalty program that could lead to coffee drinkers going somewhere else for a latte
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coming newspaper but first the markets closed up again today. oil rose here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. new at five: visa is experimenting with ways to your car your new ,,
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(baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping.
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*credit card. the company now at 5 visa is experimenting with ways to make your car your credit card. the company teamed up with honda to create a mobile payment app for a car's dashboard. the app would allow drivers to pay for gas or convenience store items by using the dashboard. visa plans to test the app in northern california for about 3 months. starting this spring. starbucks is overhealing hauling the rewards program but not everybody is happy. the old loyalty program was based on simple transactions. so, you got credit for anything you purchased at a starbucks the new one rewards customers for the dollar amount they spend. which could take a lot longer to receive a complimentary beverage.
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with the average customer spending 5 bucks every visit the math equals out to about 1 free drink per 60 dollars spent. and alarming report about laminate flooring made by lumber liquidateers. people expose to the the flooring are 3 times more likely to get cancer than previously predicted. last year kpix5 and 60 minute reported lumber liquidators sold chinese made flooring that exceeded safety limits. the company says the cdc revised calculation overestimates any potential health risks. new ranksings are out for the -- rankings are out for the most popular dog breeds and for the 25th straight year, yep, the lab. lab number one with a reputation for being friendly and multitalented. the american kennel club ranks german shepherd number 2 followed by golden retrievers. and then bulldogs. and then there are begels --
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begels. >> i love them all -- beagles. >> i love them all. >> now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> hi. great to be with you in the bay area. here's cbs evening news tonight an uber driver appeared in court today and was charged with 6 counts of murder from a shooting spree on saturday night. prosecutors say he has confessed to killings. plus, after a mega fire we will look at the safety of double- decker mega buses and she turn the white house into a dance party. we will have her story tonight on the western edition of the cbs news at 5:30 right after kpix5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight: the tents. from i am allen martin in the kp x 5 newsroom tired of the tents a homeless camp-invasion force as liberal grocery store in the bay area to take extreme action. sky crepe infernos like this in dubai has some wondering could it happen here. we will show outtechnology in bay area high rises that can contain fires before they become disasters. and a referee sucker punched by a player. the soccer field scuffle that turned violent. those stories and more at 6 ken and liz. >> thank you. that's it for us here at kpix5 news the cbs news with scott pelley is next. >> in the latest news and weather and information always
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on >> pelley: an uber driver is charged today with six count nrder in a saturday night shooting spree. also tonight, cruz fires a top aide for posting a bogus video of rubio. >> every single day comes out of ce cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> drew: why did this mega-bus with 40 passengers burst into flames? >> the bus boomed and then boomed again and you see sparks and flames fly everywhere. it pelley: and virginia mclaurin waited more than a century for this moment. >> it was the greatest time of my life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today a driver for t


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