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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 3, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, live, from the cbs weigh area studios -- bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> the bold biker led the police on a chase, tonight, he is bragging about his get away. >> christin, this guy appears to be taunting the police. >> reporter: yeah, it seems like plate ten taunting that's happening in the video, and people we spoke to said they see it all the time, bikers ripping through the streets here, while oakland police do little more than just follow them. and tonight, as you saw, some bikers boasting about it online. the videos posted on in star yam
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show a -- instagram show a biker taking a wild ride. a police officer in close pursuit, lights flashing. the biker and others appear to ignore the over and keep riding. the same rider can be seen tearing towards downtown oakland, a different police vehicle behind him, and brazen show of defiance. one shot right here at seminary and east 17th. an employee at the market said he saw groups of bikers riding in the area sunday. >> we've seen them on the evening, weekends, on the sidewalk, going the opposite direction. it's a behavior that is not, shunts be tolerated. >> reporter: but the -- shouldn't be tolerated. >> reporter: but the police are hesitant to crack down. >> the police, they don't want to create extra the problems, cost somebody their life. >> reporter: does it seem like the police have it under control?
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>> certainly, it's not an indication it's under control, definitely. into he says this kind of brazen bike riding is an off shoot of the infamous side show. >> it's to the point, we can impound the vehicle, and we my have to apply this to the motorcyclists as well. >> reporter: we did reach out to a spokesman for the police department, and he did not answer. right now, after 12 straight days without a drop of rain, get ready. tonight, several storms are on the horizon. paul? >> first storm of many is impacting parts of the north
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bay. some yellow, steady rainfall in sonoma county, napa county, santa rosa, petaluma, nevada, and napa and saint had he lien -- had helena. oakland, berkeley, fairfield, vacaville, and scattered showers will last until the morning commute. we need a lot of rainfall, we saw little in february, but more telling, we need the snow in the sierras. the snow pack is down 9% for the week, but down 30% for the month. we're down to 82% of average. rain and snow will not be a problem, if anything, we will have too much over the next week. coming up, finds out which part of the bay area will get half a foot of rain by monday. >> thanks, paul. tomorrow, a bay area serve is taking matters -- tonight, a pay area sheriff is taking matters this her own hands.
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>> the results of her shopping spree, kate? >> reporter: ken, tonight, the santa clara county sheriff said she is bypassing bureaucracy after she was told it could take years to get more cameras in the jail. she said it wasn't fast enough. >> this the probably not the most perfect solution, but it works. >> reporter: the sheriff laurie smith gave kpix5 the first look at the new security cameras as they were installed in the maximum security pod. >> if it's going to take two years to get a new system in, these are great in the interim. >> reporter: the officials said it would take two more years, and $20 million before anymore cameras made it in the jail. so she took matters into her own hands, drove herself to the santa clara cosco, and bought 12 of these, she spends about $760,
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on 12 high def views. >> we didn't want to get hung up on the bureaucracy, and red tape. we wanted cameras in the facilities. >> reporter: the gaps in the surveillance system were exposed, after three correctional deputies were accused of beating inmate michael tyrooe last august. they sat at the preliminary hearing. >> what do you have to say about people that may call this a publicity stunt? >> i've been talking about cameras for a long time. our project started a long time ago, and in it's something we have to do. this is only a temporary solution until the new system gets put n the sheriff did tell me she checked with the county before she bought the cameras, and she may buy more.
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>> this livermore baby-sitter is behind bars, she is accused of physically abusing a 13-month-old boy. detectives say they found clear evidence of the abuse. she tied on -- advertised on a mother disappears, we know it was her torso that was found in free month. near the dumbarton bridge, but the mystery doesn't end there. andria? >> reporter: there are more questions than answers both here in fremont and brisbane. it was hikers along the fremont shoreline who found another body part. this time, affirming brisbane investigator's specials about the death of shelly titchener. >> we were able to get a right thumb print. >> reporter: then came the confirmation of shelley's demise. the question, where did the
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57-year-old die? >> we can't specifically say if there is a crime scene. we haven't been able to determine that. >> reporter: detectives are calling her husband, paul, a suspect in her murder. paul jumped to his death from the bay bridge, a few days after shelley's torso was found. with the chief suspect dead, detectives are trying to create a time line of shelley and paul's whereabouts after she was reported missing on february 13. that involved checking license plate readers and electronics. >> some devices were taken from paul's which is, and some from the home. >> reporter: also in question, reports that shelley was seen shopping at northerly -- nordstrom, and spotted by neighbors. >> that's weird. we haven't heard from her since saturday. why did she come back on monday. >> reporter: while the how of has been answered, the where and
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why has not. >> detectives at this point are also looking at bank statements and credit card records to try to figure out what may have happened. and working with shelley and paul's sons. live in fremont, andria borba. the search has been suspended for a man who of the swept to sea. michael dwyer of brisbane was reported missing monday night. his jeep was found parked nearby. the coast guard searched by air and water, but there was no sign of him. a popular south bay night club was warned to wind down. but now the state helped. they are losing the liquor license for 15 days after an undercover investigation. suspension comes after a number of police reports of fights and public drunkenness. after a 15 day suspension, the club will still be on thin ice. 9 day suspension came with a one year probation period.
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it can result in more suspension, time or even on up to the revocation of the license. >> just last month, there was a super bowl party at the night club. some explosive allegations against san francisco's district attorney. the they are accusing him of making racist remarks during a drunken dinner this. stems from george gascon was the city police chief. according to sworn statements by two police union officials, in 2010, gascon was drinking heavily, made statements that disparage minorities. he became so loud and anticipated that an african-american patron approached chief gascon, and asked him to restrain himself because of the behavior, which was offending his family. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney's appearance before a blue ribbon commission
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has raised the hack kills of the police officers association, not only do they say the gascon testimony is incorrect, but that when he was chief, he went back east with a couple of union officials, and one night on the town, actually had too much to drink and made racially disparaging remarks himself, and was approached by an african-american patron at a restaurant. the office is not comments on the allegations, however, they are questioning the credibility of doa president who made the allegations. it's been handed to the blue ribbon commission for them to look at. and if they ask the president to testify he will. if you think parking in san francisco is brutal, try petaluma. people in one neighborhood told mark chemly it's an all-out war, and only getting worse. >> i don't know where am i going to park. >> reporter: kathy loves living in petaluma, until it's time to finds a parking spot for her
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honda. >> time to go to work, and i go to get in my car, and this is what i came to. >> reporter: this stolen car is the latest theft. for months, some neighbors have been trying to intimidate her, because they don't like where she is parking, on a public street, no less. >> i've had nasty those left on my car, wipers bent and turned. oh, boy, they are trying to teach me a lesson not to park here. >> reporter: neighbors say petaluma has gotten congested and parking is tight. james says he's also ben a target. -- been a target. >> i was going out of there, a few months back. >> reporter: mary has had nasty notes put on her car about parking. >> it's about escalating, and getting out of hand. this is not okay. >> reporter: police say they are investigating, but admit the theft is the number one crime here in petaluma. the neighborhood wants to see police patrol more, and kathy
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hopes that will put this the petaluma parking war to an end. >> mark kelly, kpix5. oakland police hope this video leads to an arrest. a woman is the hit by that car. she was not the in the crosswalk at the time. the woman driving stops briefly before speeding off. victim broke her collarbone, and says it could have win worse. >> been worse. >> she had no idea what was wrong with me. she nosy -- knows i could have died. >> the suspect was possibly driving a gray ford fiesta, or honda accord. a good samaritan stopped to help the victim, and directed traffic, newly help arrived. police say there were several surveillance cameras in the area at the time, and it's just a matter of time before that driver is caught. the also tonight, police say
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these two guys were caught red handed, stealing catalytic converters in the east bay, and there's been a string of thefts this the east bay recently as we've told you. a bart employee spotted the men tinkering understand a car in the union station parking lot. they alerted police, who caught up with them. police say inside the car, they found stolen parts from three different vehicles. we have some remarkable video tonight of a coyote roaming around a weigh area neighborhood. -- bay area neighborhood. >> reporter: as we've been hearing about more coyotes in san francisco, tonight, we are seeing one, crystal clear. here it is, walking casually in the middle of the road this the could reason heights -- corona heights neighborhoods. here's another look from a different angle moments later on state street. it stayed on the sidewalk until at car passed by, and then there it is, back on the street, it goes. another neighbor snapped the
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pictures of the same coyote. in october, we captured this on video running through telegraph hill. and then a coyote attacked and killed a dog. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. the pentagon is googling new ways to make the military more text savvy. former google ceo, eric schmidt has been tapped for a new job, to head up the new defense invasion advisory boards. the goal is to help the defense department use silicon valley invasion. crazy video of a team of thieves ransacking a gun store in houston. they ripped off rifles and hands guns, all in less than two minutes. >> reporter: the entire smash and grab caught on surveillance,
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ten minute, pulled up to the front of the carter's country store before dauphin. broke the windows, attached a chain to the doors, and pull them off the hinges. then, the cooks rushed in and ran through the store, emptying kills play cases, grabbing handguns by the sack full, you can see one man scooping up at least four rifles off the back rack. investigators say the thieves got away with at least 50 weapons. weapons stolen in this type of burglary will likely end up in in -- on the black market, and used in violent crimes. vehicle has hit the bay area, and we have the first confirmed case -- zika virus has hit the bay area, and we have the first confirmed case. she is showing no systems. the virus is linked to a rare birth defect. at 6:00, we revealed a parents legal loophole leaving
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parents in the dark about concerning chemicals in their kids' car seats. julie is here with shocking results, after she had her own daughter tested for a chemical also found in her car seat. and julie, this is a popular car seat, pretty expensive, and they advertise as ecofriendly. >> you know, i've covered the debate over chemical flame re tar can'ts for years -- retardants for years. and what i've learned has impacted me, but they has hit this close to home. >> reporter: before me daughter was born, i swapped out my couch cushions. i bought the recommended mattress, changing pad, and car seat tied to be free of dangerous flame retardant chemicals, including tdccp. so imagine our surprise when a bio monitoring study revealed our daughter had that flame
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retardant in her body. we just tested her car seat for an unrelated consumer investigation. the next day, results from three independent labs confirmed it contained tdccp. >> it has been clearly shown to cause cancer. >> reporter: toxicologist, says a team of scientists reviewed decades of research in human animals and cells before adding the flame retardant to the list. decades after it was taken out of kids' pajamas due to concerns. she said kids are more susceptible to the harmful chemicals. and children are more likely than adults to inhale the dust through hands to mouth contact. i also tested positive for tdcpp at 3.68 parts per billion in my body. my toddler's results?
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more than 60 parts per billion. should i be concerned? >> i think what you have done in replacing the car seat with one which does not have this cancer causing chemical is the right first step, and no reason to think your daughter's going to get cancer from this the particular exposure. >> reporter: she explains if you ingests 5.4 mike grams per day, your lifetime risk would be 1 in 100,000. and with the half life of about 8 hours, tdcpp doesn't stay in the body for long, once you identify and eliminate exposure. for instance, 24 hours after we got rid of my daughter's car seat, levels dropped from 60 parts to billion to less than 9. ten days later, less than 5. >> what does that tell you? >> that suggests that her car seat was a primary source of exposure. >> reporter: in a statement, orbit baby said since there are so many products and places where people can be exposed to
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various chemicals, it is the difficult to link a particular substance to a specific source. all car seats currently have flame retardants, some believed to be safer than others, but this report found concerning chemicals in 75% in those tested. >> it is the only children's product that you as a parent are required by law to purchase. >> reporter: the manufacturers want to be exempted from the standard that they say requires they use flame retardant. >> you can use materials that meet standards that don't have chemicals in them. >> it would be extremely, extremely expense i have. >> reporter: so for now -- expensive. so for now, wash your child's hands when they get out of the car, clean and vacuum your car seat often, and only use the car seat in the car. >> the lower the exposure, the lower the risk. >> scientists have argued that the flame retardants are unthese, as there is no evidence they protect kids this a car
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fire, and tonight, a huge development. it will begin research on a new car -- to find out in the meantime, which flame retardants are under your car seat -- this your car seat, we have a link on our website. the program has been a game changer, it -- thank you. checking in with paul. we got rain heading our way. >> rain tonight, and by this time next week, all available computer models say a half of a foot of rainfall. more than half of a foot in far northern california, and a good chunk of rain around here. the pattern change begins tonight. good evening, in santa rose is a where the rain -- santa rosa where the rain just dan. petaluma, napa, you are next, this is one thin band that moved
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through overnight with scattered showers in the forecast for tomorrow. so rainfall headlines, things are changing! some rain will fall tonight and tomorrow, really, not that much. heavy rainfall and strong potentially damaging wind will hit this weekend. we can see gusts up to 60 miles an hour saturday evening. uniform temperatures, 58 san jose, and livermore at in oakland and san francisco. that ridge of high pressure is simply gone. there's an energized jetstream and moisture plume that stretches from san francisco to hawaii. tropical moisture will begin to pile in. now, we've had that the past couple month, but it's been deflected into british columbia now it's aimed at california with the potential for several tissue storms that will difficult -- different storms, that will give us moderate rainfall. the saturday morning, when the front moves through saturday evening, we're talking dusts in
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the higher elevations up to 60 miles per hour. so a wet and windy weekend. >> is going to be a very wet weekend, rain tomorrow, scattered showers tomorrow, cloudy, vallejo, 63. scattered showers continue friday, saturday, wet, windy, sunday, still breezy, still wet, monday, still wet. we'll catch a middle of next week. pattern change on a dime. here comes the rainfall. >> it's here. >> it has returned. who's hiring? how about netflix. how you can earn 2000 bucks a week for taking pictures. >> and coming up on the late
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home wins tomorrow night ify warriors with tie the bulls record of 44 straight home wins tomorrow night, if they beat oklahoma city. steve ballmer's clippers down by 22. in los angeles, but jordan tip-in, completed a miraculous come back, l.a. ended the game with a 26-5 run. game on tomorrow at oracle. oklahoma city has steph curry's 38-foot shot to -- curry was at the practice. why he didn't call timeout during that critical possession. >> because steph's really good in transition. it was an air paul. >> at least he missed it at practice, right? the giant cactus league opener against the angels, how about
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this? first home run of the year, goes to connor gillespie. giant win 4-1. a's open tomorrow, a beginning of what the a's hope is a big season for billy burns, who got rookie of the year votes last year. the biggest off season improvement in he got married. >> i've been hopped about leaving the seat up a couple times, i'm not going to lie, but i'm getting we are, improving, so i think she's -- better, improving, and i think she's keeping track. >> ran into the one and only kpix5 reporter -- >> wow! >> how about that?
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