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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a high-speed chase
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leaves a gaping hole in a building after a car rams into it. goodie of -- good afternoon. i am frank mallicoat. >> i am michelle griego. a dangerous chase came to an end this morning. the timing couldn't of been better.>> reporter: it was a combination of fate, luck, physics, and bad choices that brings us to the scene and walnut creek. it looked more like our rescue than a police chase. it all began around midnight when lafayette police got into a chase with a bmw on highway 24 eastbound with speeds up to 140 miles an hour. after officers broke off the chase, the car took off on 680 southbound and loss control. the car went down an embankment, hit a tree, then went airborne, flipped over the fence, then straight through the parking lot where it ended up inside the building. guess it was parked where i'm
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standing right now? and ambulance clue. -- and ambulance crew. they saw the whole thing. dave style says the crash sounded like a dinosaur coming through in miss them by 2 feet. his first thought... >> that i'm going to die. it was really quick. i was glad to be alive once they went by me. i told him to stay calm, we're going to get him out. that's really the best we could do. we were concerned with the integrity of the building.>> reporter: after 10 minutes, firefighters rescued the male driver and the female passenger. both went off at all in critical condition. the impact severely damaged four businesses including a training room for just be yoga. jenny wendell, that class late last night, said it was karma.>> grateful that it happened timing wise and that the paramedics were here. there are so many little signs that are like, wow, you have to
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wonder that there is something greater than us in charge.>> reporter: yet doe, kpix 5. -- yet doe -- kiet do everyone is asking me about the weather. they say when are you going to get it? let's look outside. some low-level moisture. the rain is the radar sweet. this is our future cast for today. there we are for tomorrow's commute. also some showers during the afternoon hour.
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10 pm on friday. that's was going to make an impact on weekend plans. i will tell you went to expect heavy rains and gusty winds coming up later in the newscast. after weeks of sunny, warm weather, people are getting out the umbrellas. and mackovic on the preparations that are underway.>> reporter: sandbag stations like this one are open today in advance of our latest string of rainy days. gone for now are the days of winter sunshine we saw so far this year. the trademark el niño pattern is back.>> it is a big time of year for us. >> reporter: superintendent mark wright says the hills should be able to soak up a lot of water and they cleared out storm drains for the runoff. err now it's just checking the systems cocky pink the drains clear, keeping water flowing where it is supposed to flow.>> reporter: this guy install solar -- solar panels and will take the weekend off. >> we will get it partially done and then wrap it up
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another day. >> reporter: it will be a good weekend for indoor plans.>> do some home improvement, chillout. that's it. >> reporter: if you are out and about, the fire department is sending reminders for drivers of may have gotten used to the roadways being drive. this drivers up to the challenge. >> it's great. we need the rain.>> reporter: they don't expect much localized flooding, but public works crews say they are ready for supplies is. campaign 2016, they are on the same side. mitt romney's blasting donald trump for his policies and promises. greg boswell with romney's push to keep trump out of the white house.>> reporter: mitt romney delivered his speech with one goal in mind, stop donald trump from winning the nomination. >> donald trump is a phony, fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump
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university.>> reporter: romney says a trump nomination would be disastrous. >> a person so untrustworthy and dishonest as hillary clinton must not become president. of course, a trump nomination enables her victory.>> mitt is tough, sharp, smart. he endorsed romney earlier, but now regrets it. >> that was an election that should have been won by the republicans. he was a catastrophe. >> reporter: romney's speech reflects a growing fear that trump will win. the remaining candidates have their own strategies on how to stop it. sen. marco rubio appears to be trying to split votes to fend off trump.>> everyone get together so we can keep the front runner from winning and destroying the republican party.>> reporter: ted cruz mac -- ted cruz wants everyone out to take on troop -- trump head- to-head. >> if we are going to be trump,
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with can't be split. >> reporter: craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> trump will face megan kelly for the first time since the debate in august when trump took exception the some of kelly's comments. a latest issue of time magazine looks at donald trump's role in the presidential race after his super tuesday wins. check labels include bully, show man cop party crasher, and demagogue. >> three deputies are back in court for the murder of an inmate. the preliminary hearing could end today. the suspects are accused of beating michael tyree need to death. they are also accused of assaulting another mentally ill inmate who testified yesterday that he would've died not too, had he resisted. each other out on $1.5 million
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bail. police are hoping to hear from anyone who hired this woman to watch their kids. maria gonzales was arrested suspected of physically abusing a 13-month-old boy. detective say she advertiser services on prosecutors have filed one count of felony child abuse against her. a state senate committee has a proposal that would move tons of coal through oakland. it would use more than $50 million in tax revenue for an operation that would include a coal export -- export facility, six train 3 -- trains a week bringing coal from oakland where the: be shipped overseas. center for biological diversity release a statement that read, it makes no sense to use highway improvement money from utah to build a coal terminal in california. utah would be doubling down on coal, one of the dirtiest fossil fuels on the planet. loni hancock, state sen., has also weighed in.>> so the idea
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to suddenly use this for a coal export depo is bad for the state of california. it's bad for the east bay. it's bad for the city of oakland, and it is devastating for the community of west oakland.>> the proposal still needs approval from utah's all senate and house of representatives. the legislative session ends next week. libby schaaf the number city leaders will unveil plans to increase affordable housing. the oakland housing cabinet not only wants to protect 17,000 existing affordable housing units, it also wants to create 17,000 more affordable units over the next eight years. the city hall news conference is set to begin at 12:30. texas police have arrested several people involved in it gun store burglary. it happened tuesday morning in houston. leaves used to pick up truck to rip out the front door of the store, then 10 of them scattered inside grabbing his
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many guns his rifles -- guns and rifles as they carry -- could carry. gun store smashing grabs are becoming more common.>> we are seeing an uptick not only year in the houston harris county area but we are seeing an uptick across the country.>> that group switched cars a block away and took off. officials say the stolen welcomes -- weapons will likely be sold on the black market. how brandi chastain is bowing to help scientists study concussions. support for bart riders, freeing up space on public trains. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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commutes. it's called "bart perks."
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starting this spring... bart t more than bar is rolling out a new program that is all about easing rush-hour commutes. it is starting this spring. part will try to get more than 1200 passengers to take the train earlier or later. discipline to do so will earn points that can be used for gains or rebates.>> we are trying to convince them to nudge just a little bit to travel before seven or after 8:30. if you do, you earn points. they can be redeemed for small cash incentives or you can play and possibly win up to $100.>> the hope is the train will be less crowded during peak times. if enough passenger shift their schedules. the program will cost $1.6 million. google, ebay, and jetblue are among 13 companies joining the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking. us wildlife trafficking alliance
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says the companies will use their areas of expertise and influence in different ways. jetblue plans to educate passengers traveling to trafficking hotspots like latin america. ebay and google are building algorithms -- algorithms to stop the sale of illegal products. brandi chastain announced that after her death, she will donate her brain for concussion research. she became a symbol of power after the 1999 women's world cup soccer, and this is video of her at a baseball event a few years back. she suffered two concussions while playing soccer in college but she never experienced any side effects. still, chastain says she wants to give back to the sport that gave her so much and she hopes donating her brain will do just that. the san francisco giants fan badly beaten outside dodgers stadium spoke out against bullying today. brian stowe talked about 209th and 10th graders in san mateo. he suffered severe brain injuries after being attacked in 2011. he spent nine months in a
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coma.>> i can still do my favorite things in life. >> reporter: his visit at about a dozen schools since 2014 spreading the anti-bullying message.>> the other big story today is the weather. what do we say to rain buckets? get them out. >> it's true. get ready for some heavy rain this weekend. everybody has been asking me where is the rain? we have had a quarter of an inch of rain. let's check in with weather watchers and see what they had to say today. we are seeing temperatures pretty much in the 60s everywhere. 63 says charlie and belay hope. he says, looks like a lot -- looks a lot like rain. it appears as if doppler radar is not picking up any rain, but you have to imagine it radar beams, it's about 2700 feet high. underneath that is where we are picking up the raindrops around
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the golden gate bridge. we picked up 2/100 of an inch of rain there. we obviously have fog it feels muggy outside. temperatures everywhere pretty much in the 50s and 60s. what we need to know today, our stray showers in the forecast? scattered showers friday, heavier rain slated for saturday and sunday. this is one of my favorite storms. it had a big job to do. it had to just carve a path through the dry air mass, most of the atmosphere, that did the job for a series of storms over the pacific to move into the bay area. here we go to thursday. there is friday morning commute. it appears wet during lunch hour, wet during the evening commute. that there is the leading edge of a heavy rain maker that will produce heavy rain, gusty winds, thunderstorms possible, and winds up to 40 miles an hour. 6 inches of rain expected to the north and south. three to the east by the time this is all said and done. 72 degrees today at the state
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capitol. if you're heading to the high sierra, be mindful of the weather. it's a changing weather pattern through the weekend with up to 3 feet of snow above 7000 feet. there's your son for tonight, temperature in the 60s. i can't to leave it's humid. here is your extended forecast. rain tomorrow, heavy rain saturday and sunday, lingering showers monday. bass wednesday we will get back into a rainy period again.>> at the galoshes out.>> got to wax your skis. >> no kidding. how about some golf? not every kid can say they impressed tiger woods with their golf game, but check out this 11-year-old. taylor crozier had the teeing off honors at a kids course designed by tiger. on the first shot on the course, the first day, he aced it. he got a hole in one and a big hug. that it was tigers turn. in the end, that golfer ended up beating would -- woods by
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two strokes.>> he beat tiger woods. still ahead, opening up a whole new world through language. how this jefferson award winner is helping people connect with their culture.>> we want to know what's cool about your school. email your nominations to and we might feature your school on our show. we will be right back. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. announceright now, two pounds of halos california mandarins are just $1.99! - and we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪
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yellow peppers are great. they are important. they are not locally grown, but that mild flavor and sweetness for this time of year, fantastic. the pepper sandwich, a little bit of sausage, slice of cheese on some sourdough bread. we will get to that when jeter -- get to that would later. you want to make sure the crown is showing no rot soever in the stem is green. when you bring them home, put them in your refrigerator right away. yellow peppers in the market, great price, great flavor, can't beat it. i am your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy.>> more than 8000 cambodian americans lived here in the bay area, many experiencing christ -- cultural history for the very first
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time.>> it's all thanks to this week's jefferson award winner.>> reporter: mar light each teaches cambodians language to beginners. take 11-year-old sydney kong. marl isis founded -- founded the school in 2012, offering free two our language classes at than the got to dominant temple.>> the us is not familiar with it. the more they know, the more they can appreciate the culture.>> reporter: the older generation can learn to read and write their native language for the first time. like most cambodian refugees, her mother was denied an education under the khmer rouge and remained illiterate until now.>> that's amazing. >> reporter: the class welcomes anyone curious about cambodian
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culture. she recruited volunteer teachers like her brother and sister-in-law.>> the language forms a central part of any culture and without it, you lose a little identity. >> reporter: so far, the classes have served hundreds not just here in san francisco but also online. marl i recorded 74 language lessons on youtube for more than 1000 subscribers. she also shares video of cultural ceremonies like this blessing that was even knew to her.>> i get excited, i documented, i share it. >> reporter: she urged monks to start meditation classes for senior citizens and organizes pilgrimage to boot -- to buddhist birthplaces. >> she is an honest person and people see that. they follow her where she leads
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us.>> reporter: for helping cambodian americans preserve their cultural identity through her language school, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to marl i each. sharon chin, kpix 5.>> you can check out all the programs online on our website. you can also nominate your own local euro. we will be right back -- hero. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the program being tested rit now in san francisco... that story and more at five. that's it for the k-p-i-x at noon. coming up on kpix 5 news at five, a way to pay with just your voice. the program being tested right now in san francisco. that story and more coming up tonight at five.>> what if you change your voice?>> i like that voice on you.>> you get something completely different.>> someone else will pay for it. that will do it. have a great afternoon. byde -- bye
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