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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. -- hazardous conditions on the roads. we have got el nino rains are back! drenching rain and gusty winds all day long in the bay area making for hazardous conditions on the roads. we have our "eye on the storm." good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. we have a live look now from our roof camera at pier 7 and the bay water just off the embarcadero. you can see how choppy the water is from the high winds. in lafayette crews were called out to clear a tree that fell across moraga road. the road was closed for two hours. >> here's a live look now at sfo, which is always affected by the weather. the flight duty manager telling us they are experiencing flight
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delays of over 2 hours. and so far today, 15 flights have been canceled because of the weather. >> it's all happening because finally low pressure offshore perfectly positioned for stormy weather which will continue for the next few hours. doppler radar shows heavy cells now pouring toward the san mateo county coastline but we'll all pick up lots of rain between now and midnight. already more than 1.5" of rain at mount tam, berkeley more than half inch, in the steve .47." flood watches are posted through tonight with heavy rain, fast runoff and flowedded roads and as for what's next? another blast is due in tomorrow. we'll have that when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. also, weather-related, a body was found today in the heavy surf off a beach in marin county. the bolinas fire department responded at about 2:30 this afternoon to the beach off brighton avenue. the only information we have is that it is the body of a man. investigators are looking for a cause of death.
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new temporary barriers are being installed in a troubled spot in flooding spot in san francisco. the public utility commission lined flooding barriers along 17th and folsom streets part of a new program to protect flood- prone areas. the puc decided to put the barriers up this weekend because we could see as much as 3" of rain in san francisco. >> we're also asking resident to protect their properties with sandbags, elevate their belongings from basements and garages to be ready. it's a partnership. we all have to help out here in times of heavy rain. >> if the barriers are effective, the city plans on deploying them in more locations even for residential use. rain is the big story tonight. but winds will be pretty bad, too. kpix 5 reporter mark kelly spoke to residents who are preparing for the worst. >> put it in the car. reporter: the harder the rain came down, the more people
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rolled up desperate for sandbags to take home. >> san francisco resident? >> yes, sir. >> all right. >> this little area by my house that's always flooding. >> we prepare ourselves for it just in case it really gets out of hand. >> reporter: if you live in san francisco, you could pick up 10 sandbags at this site at marin and kansas streets. it won't cost you a thing. >> ten of them. >> yup. >> we knew that there were going to be lots of storms. we started stockpiling the sandbags early and we have plenty on hand. >> reporter: the city's also prepared for those without a home. bill graham civic auditorium has been turned into a pop-up shelter to keep the homeless dry. >> you don't need a reservation. just come in. get something to eat. get out of the weather. you know, as long as your behavior is -- is good, you're welcome to stay. >> reporter: and there is a second pop-up shelter right here at the county fair building inside golden gate park. but this one does not allow you to bring your pets. and organizers say they are
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prepared to make these pop-ups more permanent if el nino does indeed return with a vengeance. >> we're prepared to do that. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. the sand bag lot is open every day of the week except sunday from 8 to 2. in other news tonight, a brazen burglary from a petaluma gun store that happened at the independence armory located at 501 lakeville street around 7:30 this morning. video surveillance caught the whole thing. the thieves backed their honda into the storefront gate after a couple of tries eventually able to breakthrough. four thieves with dark hoods rushed the store and loaded up. police say they stole a number of firearms. they then hopped in their getaway car and sped off. it seems like these types of robberies are more common. earlier this week, several suspects pulled the gates of a gun store using their suv. they rushed in and smashed display cases. police say they made off with
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at least 50 firearms. now, three arrests have been made. police are looking for more suspects. an arrest has been made in a deadly hit-and-run in san jose. this was the aftermath early yesterday morning at camden and leigh avenues. police found a huge debris field and two smashed up vehicles. one of the drivers was killed. they ran a red light. the driver of the suv was traced to his house where he was arrested without incident. so far he is charged with felony dui. presidential candidates battling it out again for delegates on this super saturday. the results that could turn the gop race in a whole new direction. >> he has never taken a class in cpr. how a boy managed to save the life of his father after the father collapsed and almost died.
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to campaign 2016. there's a this saturday. the latest on the kpix 5 hi- def doppler shows lots of rain especially over the south bay and the peninsula. and support going to be coming in later tonight up in the north bathings clearing up a little bit north of novato. we'll have the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. campaign 2016. these are the five states voting today. all eyes on the republican side
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of things where donald trump has become the target. in the democrat territory, also, um, let's see here, there's, um, kansas results. ted cruz rolled to victory in the republican caucuses at 48%. he finished well ahead of donald trump and marco rubio. >> kentucky hasn't been called yet. but right now, donald trump hold a double-digit lead over ted cruz. >> in maine, cruz holds the lead over trump. results have been slowly trickling in from maine. look who is in third. john kasich. ted cruz, um, seems to think that he is shaking up the establishment today with his showing. listen. >> and the scream you hear, the howl that comes from washington, dc, is utter terror. >> yeah. >> at what we, the people, are doing together. >> michigan now the next big contest for the republicans on tuesday. the democratic candidates
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are also looking ahead to michigan but as craig boswell tells us, the next big date to be march 15 che ohio and florida head to the polls. >> reporter: ted cruz kicked off super saturday with a big win in kansas. >> what we're seeing is republicans coalescing around our campaign. >> reporter: there were signs donald trump could be in trouble early saturday when he visited a caucus site in wichita and the crowd booed. >> boo! >> reporter: cruz is also leading in maine. but the night is expected to go better for trump in kentucky where there's a large turnout at caucuses there and in louisiana, which is holding a primary. those two states both have 46 delegates at stake, the most up for grabs today for the republicans. cruz and trump are well ahead in the delegate race. senator marco rubio is looking ahead to march 15 when his home state of florida votes. >> starts here in florida as it is every time there's an election. the eyes of the nation are upon this great state. >> reporter: democrats are
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voting in three states, louisiana, kansas and nebraska. bernie sanders and hillary clinton though are both focused on michigan which holds its primary tuesday. >> hillary clinton supported nafta, supported the tnt r, supported the columbian and korean trade agreement supported all these disasters. >> reporter: clinton is expected it win louisiana and nebraska tonight bringing her closer to the democratic nomination. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> the campaign remains fairly acerbic. look at what happened during donald trump's stop in orlando. the protestor was removed from the rally . this was one of several interruptions during the event. at one point trump turned around and said, get him out of here. one unusual rescue from the bottom of an air-conditioning shaft. a litter of puppies. what firefighters used to lure them out. >> a big storm heading into the
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bay area at this hour. we'll have the latest on the doppler and more ahead for tomorrow. more ahead in the forecast, too. we'll cover it after a break. ,,,, what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge,
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they found him 14-thousand down. check this out. scientists have discovered a new species of octopus while on a deep sea dive near hawaii. they found him 14,000 feed down, some of the unique features including the lack of pigment and the suckers are in one row on each arm instead of the usual two rows. and a quick-thinking 12- year-old is credited with saving his father's life. the pair was moving furniture from their house near seattle when the father collapsed.
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first the boy called 911. and then he started performing cpr. firefighters say he likely saved his father's life. and here's the twist. the boy has never taken a class to learn cpr. >> i just knew what to do. i don't know how. god just took the wheel right there. >> just imagine if he wasn't there, they wouldn't have found me until that night. >> i just saved his life, guess i'm really excited for that. >> i'm just lucky, you know, thankful for my family. kind of second chance at life. you know? >> firefighters say for every minute cpr is not initiated, the chances of survival decrease by 10%. and firefighters in fresno pulled off an unusual rescue this week. a woman discovered dogs trapped at the bottom of an air- conditioning shaft eight feet down. she called firefighters who lowered a contraption with cat food and a slab of ribs ton to
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coax the dogs. they eventually pulled up a mother and her three puppies. >> very happy and i'm glad that we found them on time. the mom seems like she is been there for a long time. >> the pregnant dog fell down the shaft and gave birth while trapped. the rescuer says she plans to foster the three pups and their mother. speak of dogs, there wasn't enough snow this area for the iditarod less is dog race. so alaska packed tons of snow on train cars and sent it down the state. the railroads brought in about 350 cubic yards of snow to cover the starting line for the race that got under way today. now it is time for revisiting the headline story for tonight which is heavy rain that right now is getting ready to move on the east bayshore line even as it eases up a little bit in the north bay but a good punch of rain that put its bulls sigh on the bay area at 4 p.m. this afternoon. you can see right now up in the
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north bay toward the end of the loop, there's not much left up around the 101 corridor from petaluma to santa rosa but look out. as you come across the carr strait over to the east bay wide band of heavy rain from san francisco all the way out to discovery bay across the carquinez strait. in hayward and fremont, it begins to leave san mateo and palo alto. down in the south bay, pretty good cells just headed through palo alto now that band of rain moving from milpitas, san jose, down to morgan hill. and it will begin to ease up in the next few hours and we have updated the 24-hour rainfall figures. mount tam now almost 2 inches of rain as we look live at the wet road at the golden gate bridge. vallejo three-quarters inch. about the same for berkeley and san jose now half inch and in san francisco, we have picked up .58." flash flood watches are posted through tonight with heavy rain fast runoff debris flows always a possibility up around lake county where they had the fires
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over the summer, flooded roads a hazard baywide at this hour. so heavy rain for the next hour and a half. flood watches. it will ease up tonight from the west to the east. winter storm warnings are posted out in the mountains with heavy snow above 4500 feet, up to 2 feet of snow. very windy at the passes. 24 to 48 inches of snow above 7,000 feet. good news for the resorts and for the skiers. wind advisories posted for the bay area tonight, for the entire bay, sustained winds 25 miles per hour. gusts now to 29 at concord. 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts at sfo. 25-mile-an-hour gusts at santa rosa. as we look live over the city, concord right now low 60s baywide really. san francisco, livermore, oakland, santa rosa 58 degrees. high surf advisories for all coastal locations always following a big storm offshore. surf is up with a big swell up to 20 feet by tomorrow with sneaker waves a possibility. so heavy rain tonight with low
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pressure offshore. that front gets through the bay area, futurecast shows boom, it comes through with a central part of it over the bay at 8 p.m. then we go to showery activity through 11:00 toll morning. so we have -- tomorrow morning. so we have clouds and some showers but not until tomorrow night do we get the next front coming through. a few scattered showers monday but not much. and then by tuesday, around midnight, skies begin to clear. but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. there's more rain later in the week. so heavy rain for the next few hours, gusty winds through sunrise. and more rain coming in about 24 hours from now. but we'll get a break tomorrow in the daytime. look at the futurecast. the first wave gives us about what we have. more than an inch of rain in san francisco by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. these amounts are pretty good. but watch what happens now from sunday afternoon through monday. wham! as we get that second front that's coming through, totals seem excessive to me but it gives you an idea that we could
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get several inches of rain in the bay area by midnight on tuesday. so as we head out of the bay area tomorrow, snow in the mountains and rain in the central valley and on the north coast. pretty much statewide we are getting rain. tomorrow, temperature highs will be in the low 60s with a few scattered showers and then rain tomorrow night. wet weekend for the bay area. a few showers monday. tuesday a break. looks like the sun comes out. then increasing clouds wednesday, more rain thursday, friday. a chance to dry out on saturday. so the good news is, as has been the case really this year, unlike the flooding events of '82, '83 and the flood in '97, this is not unrelenting. it's good. we are keeping an eye on the rivers. so far with the breaks in the storm that part looks good. we'll have more updates in an hour. that's weather. here's vern with sports. hey, put another log on the fire! we got a good one for ya.
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a huge shot an 11-year-old will never forget. and is there anyone out there that can stop the streaking warriors at home in home? it's been over a calendar year. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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game, you're in luck! all at conference play let's go to basketball. >> were you much of a basketball player? >> i'm kind of tall but no not a lot of basketball. >> no turnaround shot? love to see that. >> yeah. basketball. if you love the game, you're in luck. all about conference play this
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time of the year. locally, a nice one on the board. so we thought. was it physical? you betcha! arizona in white hosting stanford. here's the first side pocket 3. mark tolleson put the cats up 15. york was shooting for the conference tournament a steph curry range shot. york scored 32. nine threes in the last home game here. wildcats over the cardinal 94- 62. the new orleans complex, las vegas. west coast conference tournament, usf against pepperdine. devin watson three ball and a 49-45 second half lead. 11 minutes left, good ball movement here. jeremy majors had a nice look. and he hits. waves by 2. majors led pepperdine by 28. under 2 minutes left anybody's game. pepperdine spreads the floor
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and murray junior, had a slam. they had to hang on to hold off the dons 90-6 to advance to semifinal play, 90-86. the broncos ran with buiu, another quarterfinal game. broncos can shoot. ers that brownridge scored 30. one point game. the cougar never gave up the lead. four minute mark, we're done here. brigham young 72-60. monday is the conference tournament. semifinal. red clad fans loving the cinderella story. inside against tennessee martin, davis and the 8th land last seed in the ohio valley tournament up 9. austin p claimed the first spot in the ncaa tournament winning 83-73- beating the top seed.
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and they are headed for the dance. nba warriors off sunday at the lakers iguodala with a hamstring questionable. raptors steph curry and the wubs finished the staples center home monday to host orlando where a win would break the most consecutive home wins at 45 for the nba. but despite a streak that dates back to last january, does coach kerr feel any pressure to keep it going? >> zero. i mean that. our guys relish the atmosphere that we have at oracle. they relish the pressure that comes with winning. um, if you lose, it's really not that big of a deal, you know. it's, um, it's a basketball game. back to baseball. cactus league play in the desert. one giants split squad team lost to the rangers 7-5 despite two william some home runs.
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the other squad taking on the indians. giants up 1-0. duffy to deep center. great diving catch. deep enough to score arias to make it 2-0. they won final of 6-2. as for the a's, here's a 9th inning two out homer from josh begly. he tied the game. that's how this spring training game ended. the a's once led the game 7-2. let's go to miami. world golf play at doral, first round at 9. if we could all putt like dustin johnson today. 23 feet! tied for second at 9-under par. give me some sand play! rory mcilroy, within two feet. got a three-shot lead in this event after shooting a bogey three, four-under 68. at the new par three courses in houston, texas
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designed by tiger woods, i love this, this is 11-year-old taylor crowser asked to break in the first hole with everyone watching. look what happened! an ace hole in one! that deserved a woods hug and an applause. >> whoo! >> all around. >> are you kidding me? >> yeah. normally when you hit a hole in one, it's drinks for everybody at the 19th hole. i'm sure there was plenty of milk and soda to go around. >> don't you win a car or something like that for down the road? >> on certain tournaments. proud a hole in one in front of tiger woods. >> very cool. good to have you back from spring training. >> good to be back, recharged! >> from the sun to the rain, huh? >> and plenty of the rain, too. you want to take one more look at the doppler? can we do that? ladies and gentlemen, this is what we expect over the next few hours. heavy cells moving into the east bay and there's more where that comes from. flash flood watches posted, winter storm warnings in the
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mountain, wind advisories in the bay area. high surf advisories. forecast in 30 minutes. cbs news next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: campaign 2016. voters make their choices in five states with dozens of delegates up for grabs. will the races tighten? the class of 2017 puts the new s.a.t. to the test. s.e class of 2017 puts the new vocabulary words erased. >> and jack montague knocks down-- >> axelrod: yale university's basketball team in turmoil in the middle of their best season in half a century. their captain is now off the team and out of school with no official explanation. and a once-in-a-decade superbloom as california's death valley teeming with life. >> it's amazing to me that anything lives here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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