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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  March 6, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PST

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i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. we have a lot to t good morning it's 7:30 am sunday, march sick -- sixth. the big story today is whether. the storm making primacy weekend and it's not over yet. julie watts and has been keeping an eye on it. >> we are enjoying a brief break outside if you want to get outside and walk the dog, get out there. we are getting a brief break in rain later today. heavy rain, heavy winds on the way. >> reporter: those high winds
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yesterday brought down trees and power lines around the bay area, especially in know we valley where the treated some pricey damage. >> we are also costing -- talking tech and terror. a new commission as the battle between privacy and security continues in the public and private sectors. >> and we are going to talk about these latest primary numbers between democrats and republicans and with the chatter in the halls of congress is about. >> a lot of members of congress have got to be a little worried and our political insiders will talk about what's next. >> that includes the possibility of an uprising of the republican convention. but let's take a closer look at the rain coming up later today. >> a couple scattered showers right now. we could see some thunderstorms. that might bring some heavy
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rainfall. we aren't quite out of the woods but the next heavy rain and highland incident moves and later today. here is one heading toward danville and morocco. you might see a couple of sprinkles pick up north, we have light rain over cloverdale heading toward hidden valley lake and farther south, santa cruz mountains getting a couple sprinkles. this will eventually move toward saratoga, lexington hills. these light to moderate sprinkles at this point. out there right now, current temperatures in the 50s. futurecast showing scattered showers for the first half of the day, pausing around 3:00. that's when we see heavy rain moving to the north bay and make its way south through the evening hours. heavy rain, high winds, saturated soil from last night's rain. this could be problematic in terms of flooding.
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scattered showers continue through monday morning and taper off tomorrow. we do have a flood watch in effect through sunday evening. heavy rain, saturated soil possible with streams and creeks so we could see flooding debris flows and rock slides. wind advisory also in effect for the entire bay area, sustained winds out of the south at 20 i could 30 miles per hour. gusts of what was similar yesterday. maureen could be problematic. futurecast showing 5:00, upwards of 30-35 miles per hour. you want to be mindful of that for one more day with rain and high wind. they taper off in the morning commute. also, a high surf advisory for all coastal locations. swells building to 20 feet. if you're out there fishing, stay off the rocks today because you never want to turn your back to
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the ocean. and finally a winter storm warning in effect down around 4500 feet by this afternoon. 1- 2 feet in some areas but we could see up to 5 feet above 7000-8000 feet by tonight. we will see some and prep -- some impressive snow totals by this time tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. we will talk about what's to come in a minute. here is mark kelly. >> reporter: its stamp in noe valley but, especially after what we saw overnight but it was a very different seen earlier. the biggest storm in weeks responsible for knocking trees onto four different parked cars last night here in noe valley. clearly, a nightmare for those drivers but it appears to be all cleared up this morning. also, over the east bay, folks in lafayette sat in the dark after a strong wind brought down power lines and trees.
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in fact, this mess across this road was an obstacle for people trying to get back to their homes last night. a few more feet and this trick could have done more damage to the san ramon police department. instead, officers got pretty lucky when the tree just missed their building. the storm also turned deadly. how floodwaters claimed one woman's life. a number of people had to evacuate their homes in santa cruz county because of flooding from the storm. three major lotteries surpassed flood stages and flooded surrounding areas. several roads were closed because of mudslides and downed trees. two evacuation centers have been opened in capitola and felting. an estimated 400 -- 4000 households are in the dark. according to a pg&e spokesperson, there were a total of 56,000 homes without power at one point. the south bay was at the worst
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with an estimated 1200 residents without power and over 1000 in the north bay. 90% of affected customers now have power according to pg&e. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off in flint, michigan. >> this coming off the heels of super saturday. republican voters had the polls in several states. trumka louisiana and kentucky but sanders son nebraska and kansas victories. hillary clinton win the louisiana primary with more delegates. marco rubio trying to gain momentum. >> we are going to win florida. >> democrats will caucus today in maine and puerto rico and those will hold the republican primary. the wrecking ball will bring a final end to an apartment building teetering on a cliff in pacifica. >> the soil has slipped in slide did -- slipped and -- is
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slipping and sliding. workers tore down a building last month that had been red tagged. the demolition is expected to take about a week. some of those red tagged buildings still have lawsuits pending trying to gain access to their property. in the meantime, the wrecking ball was just sitting there waiting to hit it. you would like to see this play out in the legal system first but that's not going to be an option. >> like you said, the more storms, the more that cliff goes way. here is another big item of debate. federal investigators are looking into san francisco's police department. they're going to hold more community meetings. >> the department of justice is they want more input on the way the san francisco police department can improve relations with the community. the doj opened an investigation into the department after the shooting of mario woods last
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year. the police chief has taken a lot of heat about that but he has kept the support of most of the city establishment. but apparently the ranking officers are losing some faith in the san francisco chronicle. >> the police chief of san francisco, very popular initially but these latest -- latest twists to have the police de-escalate violence is coming -- causing tension at the law office. now, the mayor and a member of nash -- at a number of national leaders are saying escalating violence should be exchanged for dialogue and de-escalation. >> what kind of effect could we have if some of the officers are turning on the police. there are plenty of people who
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don't like their boss but you keep working and keep doing your job. >> there was a big meeting this week, among some of the police officers. they had to call a special meeting because there was a vote of no-confidence but the leadership said no, we're not going to do that. that will only put us in more harm when it comes to the police commission and it would put rigs are in a tighter position as well. we need to work this out and try to talk through this and i think that's what you will seeing the months to come. >> the pressure is on in the city of santa clara to 17 candidates will be interviewed for an open stop dish open spot on the council after another big blow to city government last week. >> manager julio fontes mentioned he is resigning after three years but he will stay till the end of may. this comes among a civil grand jury investigation into we buy stadium finances and how much the city is actually putting into that deal and his own claims he is being discriminated against because
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he is latino. this follows the resignation of jaymie matthews, the mayor of santa clara last month. >> i think the wheels are coming off the tate -- train right now. i wonder what's next. we have a city that used to be open and friendly to its citizens. it's not now. >> council members will begin also trying to fill what was an open seat left when mayor matthews left and councilwoman lisa gilmore was appointed mayor to fill that void. it's getting very interesting and santa clara. all this comes at a time when the 49ers who are big fans of jaymie matthews are opening up or heavy opposition -- option of opening up their lease for further rent. >> it looks like a lot of people might have gotten in trouble but the stadium deal. >> it's about the ongoing how much it costs to operate the stadium during game days and other events. >> but with people doing these
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abrupt step down cinema seems like there's going to be a bombshell. >> i'm not sure there's going to be a bombshell so much is a series of revelations. remember when the 49ers made the move to take over the kids soccer parks, which are next to the stadium, that set off the whole domino of political reactions in that small city that has now turned into a very big story. here is another story. >> the state senate about to vote on a bill that would raise the smoking age in california from 18 to 21. >> it was approved by assembly last week. the bill would make tell for no one of the first states to raise the smoking age. hawaii has also done it but there is an exception for military members who would still be able to buy tobacco at 18. >> this summer, san francisco's new law will go into effect raising the age within city limits but some are shaking their head. 18-year-olds can still buy medicinal marijuana however.
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>> if people want access, they're going to get it. if it's cannabis, tobacco, alcohol, they are going to get it. >> it's likely to be voted on in november putting the legal pot purchase age at 21. the controversy over unlocking a terrorist's cell phone gets more complicated. this is a calm before the storm. a break in the rain. more rain on the way. as we had to break, a reminder that two pop-up shelters remain open and san francisco because of the storm at the bill graham auditory -- bill graham civic center and the county fairgrounds. ,,
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the weather has turned dead. kpix five's mark kelly tells this storm has taken a life. a quarter to age. we are expecting -- a 7:45 --
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we are expecting more rain today. >> here is a high death doppler loop that shows you what happened over the last couple hours. just some scattered showers. we do have a couple light sprinkles here just north of cloverdale and one of the santa cruz mountains heading toward scotts valley, lexington hills, los gatos, saratoga. the real rain heads in later this afternoon. our active stormtrac has finally returned. we broke down that ridge of high pressure that has been blocking all of this moisture. now, that tropical moisture is streaming in and bring yes more rain. futurecast showing scattered showers throughout the day. definitely, the possibility of a thunderstorm. keep that in mind practice because you see blue skies doesn't mean you won't see a pop-up thunderstorm. futurecast showing the heavy rain begins around 4:00 this afternoon in the north be spreading self throughout the rest of the bay area continuing
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overnight. we will see scattered showers tomorrow morning for the morning commute and i do think we will see a lot of roadway flooding because the road is already saturated. as this continues for the morning commute, we could see some problems. give yourself some extra time on them road. i want to show you futurecast here. notice this is the future cast rain total. we do see over an inch and places like santa rosa, napa, concord. this is the next round of rain bringing yet more rainfall totals to what we already have a flash flood watch in effect due to heavy rain and already saturated soil we saw from last night's rain. flooding is possible. urban flooding, roadway ponding. then also some rock slides and debris flow in burn regions and the mountains.
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wind advisory in effect as well for the entire bay area. sustained winds 20-30 miles per hour out of the south with test over 40 miles per hour. up to 50 miles per hour in the health. this could mean more downed trees and power lines tonight? make sure your phone is charged and your line is ready to go in case your power goes out. high surf advisory for all coastal locations. we also have a winter storm warning in effect for the high country. we could see treacherous driving conditions tonight, especially over the passes so if you can put off driving through the passes, i would. scattered showers possible this morning, heavy rain moves in late this afternoon into the evening with high wind drying out for monday. by monday afternoon, temperatures today having around 600 mark for most places. again, drying up tomorrow, a break tuesday and wednesday. next round of rain moves and thursday, friday and possibly saturday.
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one of the most concerning things about the storm in terms of the saturated soil and high winds are downed trees and power lines. >> reporter: we learned this morning chp -- from chp that a woman drowned in her vehicle because she was trying to drive her vehicle through one of the flooded streets. it happened north of sacramento on highway 70. chp says a woman and a man drove past caltrans crews us they were trying to close a flooded stretch of the highway. the two tried driving through the flooded roadway but the water at 6-8 feet in some spots flood of their vehicle. >> all the water runs down to the lowest point. the pumps that normally keep it clear are pumping but the ditch that they pump into its full and the water is coming back over it right back down the highway. >>reporter: the man was able to
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free himself and we're told he is recovering at the hospital this morning. mark kelly, kpix five. information on a locked iphone could reveal a stable state third shooter at the san bernardino terrorism attack last year. this comes as up on the fbi fight over whether to unlock that i found owned by one of the shooters. we have congressman eric -- about whether the fbi should be able to tell apple give us a key to this one. you want to appoint a commission to look into this? >> i was a prosecutor for seven years. i have seen how data on cell phones can send you best people away. i am very tech savvy and have data and privacy concerns. i think it's time congress asks the american people what can we
7:50 am
do to update our laws so that we don't have challenges like this and uncertainty like this going forward >> isn't that the role of the courts? >> right now, there's uncertainty in the courts. two different courts are split on whether the fbi can unlock the phone. i think the will continue to be uncertainty until congress gets involved and ask. i think what congress needs to ask the american people is do we want the fbi to have the ability to go into a dead terrorist's public cell phone or do we want to have a world where all cell phones are off- limits? i think somewhere in between -- >> what is that in between area? yes. comes in and says they want the cell phone. once a get that tool, you and i both know the fbi is capable of taking that and applying it to a whole lot of other cases. >> that's the concern privacy advocates have put out there but i don't think this is an either or proposition. i think the american people primarily believe lawmaker's jobs is to keep people safe.
7:51 am
all of our lives around smart devices but we can still protect people. if we're not willing to do that, i think the american people should also know security will look a lot different in their abilities to protect them are going to look different but it's time for congress to act. >> but when congress gets involved in things, lobbyists can involved, special-interest get involved. >> democracy is a beautiful thing. >> tech gets involved. we other end up with nothing or something that's worse rather than a judge just looking at the constitution. >> right now, a judge is looking at a 1783 law. maybe, it's time have our own ios update for the laws law enforcement are able to use. >> we are going to be doing that. while you're here, i have to ask you what are the rumblings in congress about this primary situation? you are a democrat. bernie sanders, his voters, his insurgency against hillary clinton.
7:52 am
>> i think right now, democrats are learning about money and politics, debt-free communication this education, we can't ignore those issues. we need millennial voters to show up. >> in other words, all politics is local. voters will respond to local concerns. >> my whole family is republicans and it's palm to face right now thinking about who their nominee is going to be. >> we have more interesting to come when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today in the presidential r voters will head to the pol in maine and puerto rico. ts comes on the heels of what's called "super saturday." tes senator ted cr more primaries and caucuses today. voters head to the polls in maine and puerto rico. this comes on the heels of what is called super saturday. ted cruz won in cancers and meanwhile donald trump took louisiana and kentucky. hillary clinton and bernie sanders split the vote in louisiana, kansas and nebraska. they are taking part in a debate tonight. >> there was a fiery republican debate last week that sounded more like south park there and a national political form. he sat down with mayor willie brown and political analyst melissa came and asked can we go -- cain and asked can we get any more crazy? >> i can't even say it but we
7:56 am
are on a family-friendly show. >> i've been to lots and lots of debates but we would never drop to that level. we wouldn't dare. we would be run out of the country if not prosecuted for some form of discussed. in this case, it's elevated to the level of presidential determination. >> or dropped down to the level . this is where the presidential race has gone. >> but that crowd, it's elevation. >> they were screaming, yelling. it was amazing. >> at the same debate between the republicans after they were calling each other liars,?, con artist's, and every innuendo, they said by the way whoever wins here, we will support. >> that was a really big shock. i thought one would say i'm not supporting that candidate. >> remember, they said we will only support that candidate because bernie sanders and
7:57 am
hillary clinton are worse. can you imagine that? >> but even bernie sanders- hillary clinton where he is saying you are a tool of wall street, for the general public, we in the political vein accept that as the way it is but if you are watching this for the first time, which a lot of people are, it just comes across as a whole lot of hypocrisy on everybody's part. >> they say extreme things to get the nomination and then pivot back to the middle. i think it will be surprising to a lot of people who are tuning in for the first time to see the way this dance plays out. >> we have moved down to this level because a whole new element showed up. in the past, when you would run for office as important as presidency, you would make yourself into an abraham lincoln. you tried to make yourself into a lincoln-douglas debate.
7:58 am
you try to make yourself into theodore roosevelt. now, suddenly, some guy shows up with zero respect for anything that has gone on before and he does exactly what he is doing and has done to elevate himself as a brand and that's all he is doing. he doesn't care what the requirements of the office happens to be. he wants the job and he knows how to go after the people who are going to cast the vote and that's what he is doing. >> and to be fair, ted cruz and marco rubio tried for a good nine debates to not really seem to this level but it seems like they have made the determination. their focus is bringing one- liners, getting harsher and that's what we have seen them do to try to deal with this brand-new element. it seems like absent donald trump, we might have seen something usual. >> and the interesting thing is you don't even have to make it up about trump. just look at his career. it is laced with everyone minor you have ever heard or wanted. >> absolutely and that the
7:59 am
certain sect of the population he is appealing too. a lot of people are blaming the media for the rise of donald trump -- >> wait, wait, wait. >> what came first the chicken it -- or the egg? >> it was the timing, the mood of the company this country, that capture -- that he captured. this is the mood of the country. by the way, i would also like to add that everybody is talking about the level and tone of the debates but remember from the get-go of the first debates, it was go after trump. also, those two guys on each side of him have an going after him. so, it is a sandbox fight in an elementary school. >> i think you had it right when you called a south park episode. >> we are in a south park world. >> it's going to get better when we have one candidate of each side. i'm sure of it.
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coming up, live team coverage from this weekend's storm and the next round of rain on the way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning. the time is _ _. good morning, i'm phil mati. i'm anne welcome back.
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this blustery morning, the time is 8:02 am. >> we have a lot to talk about the next half-hour including this weekend's storm. julie watts has been keeping an eye on it. >> more rain and wind on the way which means possible flooding and downed trees and power lines. mark kelly is out there tracking the damage from last night. >> reporter: overnight, this first powerful storm did some serious damage. coming up, i will show you folks from one east bay neighborhood and what block them from getting back to their homes. we are also talking about the evolution of oakland park the city's crime writers way down this year and political insiders are going to weigh in on what's next for the republican race for president. >> that includes the possibility of an uprising at the republican national convention come july. let's go back to julie for a closer look at another round of rain on the way. >> you may not believe me if you look outside right now because it's so beautiful but we have another round of rain
8:04 am
on the way. if you need to get outside, clean up some damage last night or get the dogs out, now is the time to do it. here are the scattered showers that came through over the last few hours. we are for the most part dry right now but that will not remain for long. a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge this morning. blue skies with a few clouds out there. temperatures mild in the 50s areawide with the exception of santa rosa this morning but we do have more concerning whether on the way with a wind advisory in effect for 4:00 tonight through 4 am tomorrow with winds possible 20-30 miles per hour and gusts upward of 40 miles per hour. that's not the only advisory we have. flash flood advisory in effect due to more heavy rain on top of already saturated soil. flooding is possible, especially small streams and creeks. we could see some roadways flooding and also some rock slides and debris flows in the mountains and certainly in those burn areas that we have
8:05 am
seen throughout the summer months. we are going to keep a close eye on that so folks in that area, be very mindful. a high surf advisory in effect for all coastal locations. this remains through tuesday. sneaker waves, recurrence, never turn your back to the ocean. if you are out there fishing today, stay away from rocks and jetties. a winter storm warning in effect at harold's a toothpick snow level dropping to around 4500 feet. regulations of about 1-2 feet at that level. above the passes, above 7000 feet, anywhere from 2-5 feet. we will talk about the warnings and what's to come later today but first we want to go outside to mark kelly to talk about what happened last night. these high winds, heavy rain -- rains caused a lot of damage. >> reporter: it was a mess overnight.
8:06 am
as you said, it's absolutely beautiful out here. a little damp in noe valley but a very different scene overnight. the biggest storm in weeks is responsible for knocking trees onto four parked cars last night in noe valley, clearly a nightmare for those drivers but it appears to be all cleaned up this morning. over in the east bay, folks in lafayette, sat in the dark after a strong wind brought down power lines and trees there. in fact, the mess across this road was an obstacle for people just trying to get back to their homes last night. a few more feet and this tree could have done some serious damage to the san ramon police department. instead, officers got pretty lucky when the tree just missed hitting their building last night but this storm also turned deadly. coming up, how floodwaters claimed one woman's life. all those details in a live report but for now, mark kelly, kpix five. >> mark is working overtime this weekend to try to get 60
8:07 am
of his cars back in service by tomorrow morning's commute. they have been dealing with a problem in the trans bay tube. they have taken 80 bart cars out because of power issues. they replaced one a few months ago. taking cars off-line means passengers will be on shorter trains and those will be more crowded. >> not as bad as a bus in the city but it's pretty close. you just hope you can make it. it's just not fun at all. >> part -- bart assures passengers if they happen to be on a train where it happens, they may not even notice it >> meanwhile, can eight is trying to -- bart is trying to get passengers to change the schedule. bart perks attempts to get passengers to shift their
8:08 am
schedules. if so, trends over the last crammed during peak times. >> where encouraging them to travel before 7 am or after 8:30 am. if you do, those points you earned can be redeemed for small cash incentives where you can play and possibly win up to $100. >>will use clipper cards to track participants. officials say they will target passengers riding from the east bay into san francisco. how many people do think are going to jump on board? a lot of people like a good game. >> the park is a seat. if you can get a seat, you will play. >> $100 doesn't hurt though. you have to have this out with your boss though, if you are able to come in a half-hour later to play the game. you'll probably be told now. neighbors standing up against a plan to build a mosque in sam routine. >> it's in the seltzer -- santa
8:09 am
clara county. many neighbors oppose it because it's too big for the small community but there is a small vocal rain daugherty who don't want a mosque because it represents the muslim face. >> if you shop at our meetings and you want to turn this into a religious thing, we don't want you there. stay home. this is about our environment, our community, and it has nothing to do with religion. >> the south valley bok center says it's committed to engaging in a dialogue with its neighbors to make sure it fits with the community and makes a positive community. >> that meeting was part of an environmental impact review and that will take about a year. >> as the old adage goes, some things are just better left alone. this is a different topic. now, whole foods.
8:10 am
>> whole foods is taking some flak for using plastic containers for oranges when the supermarket claims to be environmentally friendly. packaged, pre-peeled oranges for $5.99 a pound. one shopper tweeted this picture. that got retweeted 65,000 times. whole foods responded, definitely our mistake back these have been polls. we hear you and we believe they should be left in their natural packaging, the appeal. it's great to see -- the peel. it's great to see a company response of quickly. >> the ones that are buying them are the ones saying don't use the plastic. ,,,,,,,,
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murder. 5 murders so far this year oakland... compared to the period last year, homicide is down 69%. non-fatal shootings are down 30 perce. violent crime dropped by 19 percent. robberies... 18 percent. burglaries down 46 percent. more focused on ho a homicide rain oakland is down 65%. >> violent crime dropped by 90%. robberies 18% and burglaries
8:14 am
down 46% >> we're just more focused in how we do things. it's not hot spot policing, more hot people policing. which groups and pings are currently the most active in driving violent crime? focus our efforts on matt. >> the new strategy to target known criminals as part of operation cease-fire but the chief also points out to prevention helped by schools, nonprofits and charges. >> and the new plan for affordable housing hopes to keep oakland diverse. the priority protecting the residents currently living in affordable housing units. the plan calls for the creation of 17,000 additional affordable units over the next eight years. >> some say oakland raiders are taking a walk on the wild side but it depends on who you ask. locals have a mixed reaction to a local campaign. >> a shot of lake merritt with a headline that says introducing oakland, the wild side of san francisco.
8:15 am
online, some people mistook it for a visit oakland campaign. >> some have called the headline insulting, or blend stupid but others say it kind of works. >> it is the wild side. you can take it the wrong way or it can be a good thing. >> i think the problem is you don't want to be the side of another city. oakland has its own campaign meantime that says it is uniquely oakland. let's check in with julie for another world -- for another while there -- for another weather forecast. >> we could see pop of showers at any time. here's a look at high definition doppler. over the last few hours, we saw a band of rain move repack now, we have blue skies and mild temperatures in the 50s for the most part. we do have more rain on the way
8:16 am
things in part to this active stormtrac. it finally has returned to our area. tropical moisture is streaming in bringing us wave after wave of rain which continues through the week. we are in a dry period right now but this is 5:00 this evening. notice we receive our next round of heavier, more widespread rain moving through late afternoon, early evening. it continues through the evening hours and scattered showers linger throughout the evening and into the morning commute. keep in mind, we already have saturated soil, ponding. at the rain and we get tonight's heavy rain and we will see problems on the roadway for tomorrow morning's commute. at flash flood it watch in effect -- flood watch in effect due to the combination of heavy rain and saturated soil. flooding possible, small streams and creeks, roadways, urban flooding, rock slides,
8:17 am
debris flows also a possibility. high wind advisory in effect for the entire bay area begins about 4 pm today. higher winds could start just a little before that and continue through tomorrow morning. sustained winds 20-30 miles per hour with gusts up to 40 miles per hour. even higher in the hills. we could see more downed trees and power lines. high surf advisory if you're heading to the coast. sneaker waves, strong rip currents, really stay away from the water. winter storm warning in effect if you're heading to the high country. plenty of new snow and treacherous travel commissions. if you can avoid trouble, do it right now but avoid it this afternoon and through tomorrow. here's a look at what to expect in the bay area. showers possible this morning with thunderstorms through the early afternoon hours. heavy rain move in late afternoon into the evening along with high winds pick that will continue overnight. lingering showers for the
8:18 am
morning commute and then drying out by monday afternoon. temperature wise, where miles in the upper 50s to low 60s for the most part. more of the same for tomorrow. we start off with a couple of scattered showers and we are drying out -- drying out. tuesday and wednesday will warm up and more rain on the way thursday, friday and possibly saturday. we will take a. we do like breaks to allow us to absorb some of the rainbow. -- some of the rain, though. our political insiders weigh in on what is next for donald trump. ,,,,,,,,,,
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. senator bernie sanders wille part in a democatic presidel debate tonight in flint, michigan. it comes the same day as vo take part in primaries and caucuses in puerto rico and maine. (adlibs) now the hillary clinton and bernie sanders are taking place in a debate tonight in flint michigan. this as the caucuses and primaries take place in puerto rico and maine. >> i have never seen this much attention paid a two every moment of the presidential race so early on. democrats met with political
8:21 am
delegates and i asked our analyst if the gop has something if trump appears unstoppable at this point. >> they have stops baked into their process that could stop donald trump. the problem is, if you pull these levers, what is the result. we going to explode your party? trump supporters could absolutely burn the house down. they are there but they may not want to use them. >> do you see a stop button? >> they absolutely have a stop button. some years ago, when they were concerned about whether or not mr. -- operation would disrupt their operation with one boat after another, they built into the process a system that says unless you win a majority in eight different states, you've
8:22 am
got to win a majority of delegates in eight states. if you do that, then you're eligible to be on the floor in the debate but unless you go there -- and the interesting thing is not one of them is not qualified so they could literally all be disqualified. >> but that would require a change in the rules. there are also choices to change rules leading up to or at the convention. >> but that's reading the game. >> believe me, for years of always make sure to pay attention to the rules. if i needed to have the result produce itself the way it should, you do it within the rules. in the rules committee, all the pros on the republican side will be in that rules committee. tremble have zero in that rules committee and he may be at a disadvantage. >> in the rules committee, these are the establishment people. these are the people he is definitively running against have every incentive to do something to thwart his
8:23 am
nomination. and people don't realize how much power the parties have over this. they think the majority vote should get the nomination but that's not how this works. this is a party run system and they have the final word expect but, they have one great fear -- word. >> but, have one great fear. if he goes home, he will be running as the third-party candidate to elect hillary. >> that is true but he cannot run as a third-party candidate after he says he wasn't going to. >> oh, excuse me? i'm not putting the past anybody. by the way, bernie sanders 'people could stay home and that could spell trouble as well. more than 8000 cambodian americans live in the bay area, many experiencing their cultural history for the first time.
8:24 am
>> is the silent? >> -- teaches the language to eager adults and children.. take 11-year-old sydney culture. >> it's my culture, my tradition. >> reporter: she entered the cambodian school of san francisco in 2012. it offers three to our language class hours at a temple. >> generations in the u.s. are not familiar with it. the more they know about it, the more they can appreciate the culture. >>reporter: in the older generation can learn to read and write their language for the first time. like many cambodian refugees, her mother was denied an education under the kamir rouge. the class welcomes anyone curious about cambodian culture. she has recruited volunteer
8:25 am
teachers like her brother and sister-in-law to bring the community together. >> the language forms a central part of any culture and without it, you lose identity. >> reporter: so far, the classes have served hundreds of people not just here but also online. she recorded 74 language lessons for more than 1000 subscribers. she also shares video of cultural ceremonies like this blessing that was even new to her. >> i get excited, document, i share. >> reporter: in addition, she encourages months to start meditation classes for senior citizens and organizes pilgrimages to boot's birthplace. -- buddha's birthplace. >> people see her as a leader so they follow her. >> for helping cambodian
8:26 am
americans preserve cultural identity through her language school, this week's jefferson award goes to marli ooch. ,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
sunday. one more check on our weather. home right now. >> the calm before the storm. we did she -- see showers early this morning that i want to timeout. futurecast shows the possibility of thunderstorms, scattered showers. heavier rain moving in this afternoon continuing during the overnight hours. high winds as well. something to keep in mind throughout the day. temperatures looking pretty good and then we dry out tomorrow. >> face the nation's next.
8:28 am
-- face the nation is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ickerson: today we'll ta the front runners, donald
8:29 am
8:30 am
trump, hillary clinton and ted cruz. interviews you'll only see on "face the nation." yesterday ted cruz was the delegate winner take can maine and kansas. donald trump took louisiana and kentucky. is it down to with-man race? >> i would love to take on ted one on one. that would be so much fun. >> dickerson: fun for donald trump but not so much fun for the republican party. who some say is in the process of shattering. we'll talk with trump and cruz, plus we'll hear from the chairman of the republican party, reince priebus. and with hillary clinton's wins this week she's turning her attention to donald trump. plus a look at what is coming up in michigan on tuesday with new cbs news brattle ground tracker numbers. hair-raising campaign all ahead


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