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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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this is kpix 5 news. >> a sunday storm slamming the bay area with rain, and wind tonight, there's also a threat of thunderstorms. >> and slow going in the mountains, heavy snow, making a bess of the roads. good evening. >> a live look at santa clara, just one of the spots where steady rain has been falling for hours. >> center of the story is spinning off -- storm is spinning offshore. the steady rich that's been falling on the north bay is heading south. high def doppler show it's easing off, but south, a swath of moderate rain is falling in the east bay shoreline and towards livermore. some of the heavier rain, moving
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into the south bay pounding in san jose, and the santa cruz mountains that had 6 itches of rain yesterday -- inches of rain. flash flood watches are in effect right now. we head towards -- wind gusts as well, already top 50 miles an hour in part of the bay area. after midnight, there is a chance that thunderstorms would light up the skies on the floor northern california -- over northern california. we have team coverage of the latest storm, first, maria in a soggy san francisco. >> reporter: the storm arrived this evening, and it's been raining nonstop since then, and it's gusty out here. if you're preparing for tomorrow's commute, leave early, because this storm is not over. today's storm barreled through the bay area, with relentless rain and strong winds.
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>> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: there weren't as many reports of downed trees compared to last night after a rain storm caused branches and entire trees to crack and fall on to cars in the street. thousands sat in the dark after pg&e crews worked quickly to restore power, but they say they prepared for the worst for the storm. >> it was horrible, messing up my day, i ain't got no car. >> reporter: for several more hours of rain expect, it will be a soggy commute monday. >> i'm having my brother picking me up. i don't feel comfortable. >> reporter: this is the lightest we've seen the rain, but the wind is picking up in san francisco, now pg&e says although they are prepared for power outages, he should be prepared with flashlights just in case. live in san francisco, kpix5. >> good info, thank you. joe is in petaluma where flooding has been a concern over
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the weekend. joe? >> reporter: brian, a gentle rain right now, it's actually increasing a little bit. we did see a couple of streaks of lightning in the northwestern sky, within the last ten minutes. but for the most part, this round 2 tonight, well, it's barometric pressure a light punch compared to round one that came in last night and earlier this morning. a small rock slide kept road crews very busy on saint had hea road. the fire department had to direct traffic around the scene, while they figured out how to remove the tree. in west sonoma county, downed trees caused power outages. high winds was the culprit. sonoma creek flooded 121 south and they had to close it down, which caused a major traffic
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jam. odega highway also flooded. if that wasn't enough, it hailed near santa rosa, appropriate icing on the wild weather day in sonoma county. not much standing water, but the streets are wet. authority are urging everyone to showdown, they believe that the morning commute is going to be slow, and they said give yourself extra time to reach your destination. >> thank you have. here's a live okay at fo officials say the weather has caused 30-90 minute delays. a look at the latest power outages. more than 1100 customers in the south bay are without power. more than 400 on the peninsula, about 160 in the east bay, and more than 100 customers in the north bay are in the dark. and people in pacifica are
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watching the weather as the crumbling hillside spells the end of a complex. it's all in the name of safety. >> reporter: years teetering on the end, this week, the building will meet its fate. >> i'm glad they're taking the billion down. >> reporter: the construction fence goes up, and tuesday, the demolition begins on this 20 unit apartment building. pacifica city officials red tagged it during the last el nino in 2010. the building next door is yellow tagged after this year's storms ate away at the cliff pee low. residents have been forced to move. the city hasn't yet decided whether it will stay or be torn down. and last month, this nearby apartment got demoed after within at the rains brought the building dangerously close to falling into the pacific. >> it's not safe anymore. and if we wait, and there is some catastrophic storm or
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earthquake, or some other event, that building could fall on the beach below, and the cost to clean it up will be higher. >> reporter: the demo cost is about $250,000. they hope to get reimbursed through the property owners bankruptcy proceedings, but the gofundme is tearing down the building -- but the goal is tearing down the building in the next five days. >> the concern is safety, safety of everybody. >> reporter: once this building is demolished, the problems aren't over yet. they are concerned about this street. >> what's on mind is protects the street. esplanade will be the next the asset at risk. heavy snow is making for dangerous conditions for drivers in the sierras. the roads are a mess. watch. >> reporter: the driver along i80 is increasingly dangerous and more slippery the higher you climb this. is a stopping point
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for many cars as chp makes every vehicle without snow tires has chains on the tires. >> it was scary. >> reporter: bad road conditions along interstate 85 makes driving a nightmare on sunday night this family of four was heading back home after a quick vacation to reno, but near the town of colfax, a truck in a nearby lane, and driver in the car in front of them started to panic. >> when we went to go around him, we lost traction, and we just -- >> i was holding on to my seat belt. >> i did, too. >> reporter: 40 miles north, another accident, a chp vehicle rear ended on the snow-coughed highway. >> it want hard enough to damage. >> reporter: amanda says it's hard to complain about a few scratches when you put things in perspective. this was the first vacation after the valley fire destroyed their home five months ago.
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>> it's part of life. >> reporter: part of interstate 80 and highway 50 are already seeing the road closures. caltrans is trying to prevent the spinouts that we're hearing about. caltrans is working to get back on schedule after a person was hit and killed on the tracks. it happened north of the santa clara station before 8:00 p.m. the train was held in place until 9:00. about 100 passengers were on board. small earthquake jolted the south bay, 3.0 southeast of gilroy. it happened just after 7:00 tonight. the fault along the 680 corridor, no reports of injuries or damage. tributes are pouring in to nancy reagan, she died at the age of 94 today. >> i just know she was elegant, and we had a good time together.
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she also had a strong backbone. she was steadfast in her ideas. she gave really wonderful support to a great president. >> george shuttles served in the reagan white house for 7 years, he was a close friend of the reagans. nancy reagan was influential in her years in the white house. she will be remembered for their partnership, which lasted more than half a century. >> reporter: former first lady nancy reagan died of congestive heart failure sunday, beyond this gate at her home in los angeles. lapd officers gave a final salute as the hearse passed by. she was remembered at the church where she and her husband attended many years. >> we join the rest of the nation in our prayers, not only for her family, but also thanks for the life she lived so well. >> reporter: nancy reagan became a champion for people battles
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alzheimer's after president reagan died from it she will be buried here along her husband at the ronald reagan library. >> it's appropriate to take time to pay respects. >> reporter: she had many critics during her days at first lady, but admirers credited her for restoring grace to the white house. president obama offered condolence on behalf of the first family, and jimmy carter said theirs was one of our nation's great love stories, a model of great devotion. she and president reagan were matter married -- married for more than 52 years. she celebrated her 94th 94th birthday last july. >> funeral details have not been announced. she requested donations be made to the reagan library. nightmare commute on a bay
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area freeway. the move that could ease the headache. >> and the one big road block. >> and the democratic presidential candidates go head to head. the hot topic that turned into common ground. >> snow, rain, wind, high surf, thunderstorms, and wait until you see what's in the week ahead. as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza. ,,,,,,,,,,
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notorious for heavy trafficw one county leader has a soln to speed things up. but kp's jeffrey schaub tells us.. 's
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around the road... could stand in the way. track: highway 37. any comm will tell you it's a nightme mos: "this is insane." " they need to widen this hig" mos: "this is insane." " highway 37, any commuter will tell you it's a nightmare. >> what do you think about the traffic on 37? >> it's crazy. backed up here, you can't get through, it takes forever. >> really need to widen that road. >> reporter: this 21-mile stretch of road between highway 121 in so moment county, and bear island has been a two lane blacktop since the 1930s. now, anything can slow down traffic. elephant seal that got trapped? traffic was backed up more miles, now public leaders say they want the nightmare to end.
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>> we hear from people about it, and we're trying to step up and see what we can do. >> reporter: what they want to do is widen the highway. >> simple, you need two more lanes. >> reporter: steve page is the president of sonoma raceway that attracted thousands of races fans all year-round. >> it is a huge drag on business in sonoma and napa valleys, people that want to come up for a weekend. >> that is the primary road. >> reporter: but the problem, the highway is surrounded by wet lands, home to thousands of birds. a vazquez company has proposed billion a replacement for 37, that will protect wildlife. >> they have proposed a construction method that doesn't interfere with the wet land, and it's an elevated viaduct, which allows all the wet lands of the
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water up neat to flow freely. -- underneath to flow freely. >> reporter: there's another major reason to elevate it, and it's called global climate change, skype tises say over the next -- scientists say the bay areas could rise as much as a foot, and that means the commuters might need a submarine to go along highway 37. >> i see what i mean? >> but so far, nobody has figured out a way to find the estimated $2 billion to build it, and when it is built, it likely will be a toll road, the money used to build the new highway 37. >> we have to look for alternatives. >> reporter: anything to end the pain. on to campaign 2016, bernie sanders easily beat hillary clinton in the caucuses in maine. it's his third have i industry in the weekend -- victory in the weekend.
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they debated in flint. the water problem was front and center. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton debated in flint, michigan, to address the water crisis. >> what is going on is a disgrace beyond belief. >> reporter: the tap water became toxic with red after officials switched the supply to cut costs. investigators revealed state leaders knew about the problem, but failed to do anything about it. both candidates called for michigan's governor to resign. >> people should be held accountable, wherever that leads. >> reporter: the debate came just two days before voters head to the polls for michigan's democratic primary. the candidates sparred on the floor an issue important to the people here, the 2009 bailout of the auto industry. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the
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wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> reporter: clinton hold a major delegate advantage and is leading leading in the michigan poll, but sanders home his wins over the weekend will change voters' minds. here's how the race stand tonight. hillary clinton hold a sizable lead in the delicate count. she is about halfway to the number needed for the nomination. marco rubio has his second win, he easily won the puerto rico primary. rubio faces a must-win situation on march 15 when his home state of florida holds its primary. it is a winner take all with 99 delegates on the line. and john kasich has a big endorsement from a california
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governor, arnold schwartzenegger. >> we need john kasich to now take charge and be at the white house, and this is why i endorse john kasich, our great governor. >> they have been good friends for several years. ohio voters also head to the polls on march 15th. now approaching 11:20 on this sunday night, a stormy day. will end up with a stormy night, and as we head into the early hours of monday morning, the chance of thunderstorms are coming in all because of this unstable low that is hanging on shore, it will be directly on the floor the bay, a little offshore from san francisco tomorrow morning bringing unstable air, and another round of rain in the wee small hours of the morning, and joe said he saw a couple lightning strikes around petaluma. so thunderstorms are possible in the overnight hours, towards sunrise tomorrow morning. and plenty of rain as well. heavy rain reported still in santa rosa at this hour, most of the focus has shifted to the south bay for the moment, where
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hayward, and santa hose, mountain -- san jose, and month view. big swath of fairly decent rain coming from livermore south through fremont, easing up in the city, you head to the south bay, and from san jose to morgan hill, a good deal of rain, and more offshore. futurecast shows we have all of this unstable activity in the wake of the front that will be passing through after midnight tonight. we'll finally begin to ease up monday afternoon. but, between now and then, flash flood watches are still posted, heavy rains, rivers rising, especially to the south bay, and so there's still the potential for some flooding in small streams and creeks, how much more rain? little less than an inch in the bay area, but that's sag something on top of the fact it's rained 6-inches in part of the santa cruz mountains. wind advisories posted through 4:00 a.m., with gusts up to about 40 miles an hour.
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the winds have eased up to about 15 miles an hour at this hour, and high surf advisories, strong westerly swells. white house conditions are possible, wind gusts up to 80 in the sierras. heaviest snow after midnight. you could pick up as much as 3 feet of snow by tuesday morning. we look at the traffic approaching the toll plaza at the richmond bridge, right now, the temperatures are mostly in the 50s in the bay area, so rain and thunderstorms south. it will be on the windy side, not as bad as last night. showers will ease up later on monday. but don't be surprised if a thunder clap jolts you awake. rain, thunderstorms, moving south. few more showers on monday. and then more rain coming in by late wednesday. thursday looks wet, so does next weekend. travel weather out of the bay area looks wet, and snowy in the mountains, back in the bay area tomorrow, we'll be in the low 60s. extended forecast, showers and thundershowers tomorrow.
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the showers will enhance after midnight as the cold front moves on shower. tuesday, we get a break. saturday, some showers, and then more rain on sunday. so, it's not unusual to get a lot of rain in march and we're going to get a lot of rain in march. >> we'll take it. still ahead, a drat make i can rescue after -- a dramatic rescue after a couple of and -- couple of adventurers get stuck. ,,
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her fiance's back... as they took a "polar plunge" her fiance's back... as lady gaga giving back in an unusual way. they took a polar plunge in lake
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michigan. the singer was among 6000 other jump percent. the annual event in chicago is a fund raise error for the -- fund raise error for the special -- fund-raiser for the specs olympics. an otter was spotted sipping with its young one. mother was seeking shelter from the storm, and when she swam away, she said i think i'll give birth. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's something we haven't seen on the doppler in a while, but you can see it now. you can see the lightning strikes, and those are actual lightning strikes recorded by equipment and duplicated on the screening. so the possibility of thunderstorms as hang continues to unwind -- rain continues to unwind, and it will be a factor tomorrow morning during the morning commute. >> thanks for keeping us
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informed. >> it's been fun. you be careful driving tonight. >> thanks for watching. game day is next. ,,,,,,,,
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the licensce plate of that k this is "game day." >> and good evening. i hope you're staying dry. it was a wet one in the bay area today. and did anybody get that license plate on the truck that ran over the warriors this afternoon? i think it said k-o-p-e. if you've not yet med draymond green's mom, you're on the right channel. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. and we're going inside the ropes at the quake's opener.
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fun night. but we're going to tip it off at staples where the best team of the nba played the worst team in the western conference. at one point, i tweeted who are those imposters? they are millenniums, i don't know if it's the shoes, but kobe and company dialed in. second quarter, lakers rookie russell gives golden state a little taste of its own medicine. 3 point barrage. he had three quick ones to give l.a. a 8 point lead, finished with 21. warriors struggled to take care of the basketball against one of the league's worst defenses. clarkson steals the pass, one of 20 turnovers, lakers led by 11 at the half. third quarter, kobe gets free, in the lane, finishes with the left hand, 12 point in 24 minutes for kobe bryant. there is no curry come-back today. just one of 10 from beyond the arc. k l.a. y


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