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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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studios, this is kpix5 news. good monday morning, everyone. a live look at levi's stadium where it would be a good day to go swimming. it is wet out there in a big way. hi, everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. wet conditions in the bay area are not letting up. strong winds and rain in several cities, heavy snow in the mountains and toppled trees across busy highways. and we have team coverage from the impact on this latest storm. our crews are spread throughout the bay area. first let's get a look at weather and traffic with roberta and gianna. >> we have most of the activity moved due east of the bay. over the weekend we have seen over 8 inches of rain now in throughout the loma prieta area and the santa clara county area and also seen over 7 inches of rain in monterey bay, so a whole lot of ponding on the roadways. over 6 inches accumulated in and throughout marin county.
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our live high def doppler radar, we are looking at snowfall right there in the mount hamilton area, as it brightens up this morning we will be able to see exactly where the rain and snow is. that is the snowfall in the mount hamilton area and we have a cluster of some pretty heavy rain around martinez, around 680 as you make tracks in a southerly direction towards walnut creek, concord, clayton, all the heavy there. also in the sunol area, san jose district and fremont, the bottom line is, we will continue to see scattered showers. i wanted to zoom out towards the open waters and see if we have any thunder or lightning strikes being detected. we don't as of right now but i did see some about 90 minutes ago. it's wet today. we will see the showers tapering off during the afternoon hours. we have cloud cover, temperatures are much cooler than what we have been experiencing due to the cooler
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air mass that has filtered in with the passage of this front. in addition to the scattered rain showers today we have that high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. on tuesday, some of the breaking waves up to 20 feet. today's temperatures into the 60s, shy of 70 degrees, the winds will not be as windy but certainly breezy up to about 20 miles per hour. we will have more, a series of storms heading this way. we will track it together coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. with this weather we've got a lot going on on the roadways right now. traffic alert continues, highway 92 at 35, we've got a downed tree in the roadway, jackie ward will have a live report from the scene in just a few minutes. also dealing with slow-and-go conditions out of the altamont pass this morning, had an accident at greenville, that's just been cleared but the damage is done, you are backed up well, at least to 205 this morning so slow-and-go conditions there. south 680 at bolger county road, two lanes blocked because of an accident. northbound 101 at holly one lane taken out for this accident well.
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activity on the scene, injuries reported. we are seeing a lot of wet conditions this morning -- bay bridge, so far traffic is doing okay here, we haven't seen any trouble spots yet out of okayed into san francisco, your drive time off the east shore freeway holding steady at 18 minutes as you head from the carquinez bridge to the maze. reports of an accident eastbound 92 at industrial, not blocking lanes but activity over to the right side of the roadway. chp on scene and westbound 24 at acalanes. heavy rain saturating the ground triggering a number of rock slides in the santa cruz mountains. kiet do is on the summit at highway 17 with a hoodie up on a very wet monday. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: highway 17 at the summit as you approach the summit here that we've got news about a rock slide that crews cleaned up but i can tell you
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right now that the rain has been sporadic but when it does fall, it is heavy at times with big rain drops. we've got video now of that rock slide that was cleaned up a couple of hours ago here. it looked like it came in right around 1:00 and it caused a sigalert, this morning it happened in the redwood estates area before you get to the summit. mud, boulder and fallen trees shut down one lane of 17 on the right side, it is cleaned up right now but had it shut down for about two hours. the ground very saturated right now, it's been raining practically nonstop since saturday morning. on the way to the summit we saw at least three warning signs posted about flooding. it looks like some of these heavy rains are still running off as we speak and you do approach -- when you do approach some of these runoff areas there is a little bit of hydroplaning so do keep both hands on the wheel if you're heading up through the mountains here. we did see caltrans crews standing by the summit with their scraper trucks. this tells you that they do not think the worst is over yet. so we will continue to monitor the situation here at the summit but for now we are live
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along highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. drivers in san mateo county could have a tough time getting to work as crews are clearing fallen trees near highway 92. jackie ward is live in san mateo county near a stretch of 92 that's off limits as crews deal with the fallen trees. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. so there are actually a couple of different instances that crews were focusing on overnight along highway 92 at highway 1, that has just been lifted. a series of at least five big trees fell because of the powerful storms that rolled through here last night. but still, the storm and its lingering effects are still causing major traffic issues here this morning. so right now there is a severe traffic alert in place along highway 92 between highway 35, skyline boulevard and i280 in san mateo county. as you can see this tree is blocking all lanes of traffic so drivers are being asked to seek an alternate route if they are trying to get to the coast.
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it's still a little dicey out here as far as major roadways being opened. crews have been out here for several hours because i'm sure you heard a wind and heavy rain last night that caused all these issues so we will be monitoring their work. back to you. >> jackie, when do crews expect this to be cleared up? >> reporter: right now at highway 35 and 92 we are expecting crews to be out here for maybe another hour or so. their goal is to make sure this area is clear in time for the morning commute. in san mateo county, jackie ward, kpix5. still only limited traffic getting through interstate 80 in the sierra. folks heading westbound will only get through after having their tires checked by the chp. all eastbound lanes remain shut down right now at this hour. if you're heading in that direction, take extra caution. several crashes and spinouts reported after heavy snow overnight. more buildings along the shoreline at risk for falling into the pacific this morning, in pacifica and all the rain we are seeing is just speeding up
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the process. kpix5 reporter anne makovec is live in pacifica in front of the building scheduled to be demolished in 24 hours. anne, what's it looking like out there now? >> reporter: well, this is the beginning of the end for this building. you can see here behind me on esplanade avenue this morning a fence is going to go up around it like the fence you see here behind me and then the wrecking ball is going to take this thing down. it is one of three properties here on this avenue in danger right now of falling into the ocean. the city red tagged this building 320 esplanade during the last el niño in 2010. the building next door is yellow tagged after this year's storms ate away at the cliff below and all of the apartment renters there were forced to move out. they filed a lawsuit over it, as a matter of fact, and the city has not yet decided whether that building will be torn down. and last month the building on the other side of 320 esplanade was demoed after winter rains brought it dangerously close to
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falling into the pacific. >> it's not safe anymore and if we wait and there is some catastrophic storm or an earthquake or some other event, that building could end up on the beach below and if so, the cost to clean it up would be a lot higher. >> reporter: the demo cost is about $200,000. the city hopes to get reimbursed in the future through the property owner's bankruptcy proceedings and once this building is taken down, city of pacifica moves onto its next concern. we will talk about that in the next half hour, but a clue for you, i'm standing on it right now. live in pacifica, anne makovec, kpix5. developing news in north korea. the country is threatening the u.s. and south korea with what it calls a preemptive nuclear strike of justice. it follows recent sanctions by the united nations to punish -- some experts say north korea doesn't have the right bombs yet to carry out its threat.
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navy zales key players in counter terrorism -- s.e.a.l.s key players in combat terrorism say they don't have enough combat rifles. they say when they return from deployment their rifles are given to other commandments shipping out. congressman duncan hunter of california has heard this complaint from multiple s.e.a.l.s and now an army general is looking into the problem. more international travelers are touching down at sfo than any other airport in the united states. airport officials say sfo saw 9% increase in international passengers. last year that number trumped stats in new york, l.a. and miami. the director of sfo says the airports are a record 50 million passengers last year. time now is 5:09. peyton manning calling it quits while he is still on top. reaction to the announcement and a look back at his 18-year nfl career. and want to earn money just by riding b.a.r.t.? it's possible by something
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called b.a.r.t. perks. tell about it coming up. we have been so busy and it continues to rain. i'll tell you when to expect the next series of storms. injury accident along 101 and that's just the beginning. a slew of accidents. i'll have details coming up. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple.
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calling it quits. denver broncos quarterback peyton
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manning good morning. everyone. taking a look out towards the bay bridge, light rain falling there. wildly scattered rain showers for the morning commute. we've got snow in the mountainham area and -- mount hamilton area and we have your complete forecast coming up in less than four minutes. this morning a football great is calling it quits. denver bronco quarterback peyton manning will hold a press conference today saying he will hang it up. >> the news comes weeks after he led his team to a super bowl victory. >> he did? >> he did. you heard about it? >> i do, every day. don champion reports. >> reporter: peyton manning is leaving the game he loves as a champion, after winning super bowl 50 last month, he's prepared to enter the next phase of his life, a day after his big win he admitted to cbs this morning retirement was on his mind. >> certainly talk about it with ashley and i'll pray about it. >> reporter: manning's announcement comes after 18 seasons with the nfl.
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he's league leader in passing yards and touchdown passes, with two super bowl wins, it's often said manning changed the role of quarterback, something even one of his biggest rivals, tom brady, acknowledged in a facebook post sunday saying you changed the game forever and made everyone around you better. fans agreed. >> it is sad to see one of the sports great quarterback like him go because who knows when someone is going to achieve something like he did. >> reporter: amid all the triumph, there has been allegations, an -- an illegal performance enhancing drug, something he denies. >> the nfl has no choice to investigate it. i get that. but i can tell you what they are going to find, a big fat nothing. >> reporter: it's not clear what manning's plans are after retirement. don champion, cbs news. >> manning is tied with bret favre with the most regular
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season wins. his super bowl 50 win was his 14th in the postseason. reduce crowding on its trains by offering small cash rewards. the program called b.a.r.t. perks allow people to earn points that can be redeemed on pay pal for cash or can be used to play for larger prizes. it will offer incentives to riders to shift their travel time away from the peak morning hours, 25,000 people will take part. it is 5:15 right now. get another check on weather with roberta. >> what a busy weekend we have had. we have had our weather watchers checking in, dave in napa tells me he had over 5 inches of rain over the weekend. thank you, sir for letting me know that. and right now let's go ahead and call in our hi-def doppler radar. this is live information, what we are seeing is wildly scattered showers. when you hear that term, wildly scattered, this is what it looks like, rain showers in alameda, oakland, outside of lafayette. you see rain showers around
5:16 am
novato, highway 87 leading you in throughout sirus point past the american canyon area and leading you into vallejo as well and you see a more cluster of activity in the form of moderate to heavy rainfall in 680 to pleasant hill. in pittsburgh you see -- pittsburg, you see a cluster of rain that passed through the golden gate bridge and back through mere beach as well. you can see if you look carefully there, the light rain that continues to fall with the package of that cell. we have our cooler temperatures all due with the passage of the front. temperatures are into the 40s and in the 50s and winds fluctuating out of the south for the most part and increasing to about 10 miles per hour. we will have some gusty winds a little bit later today but for the most part the rain and the thunderstorms will taper off later today. it's going to start off as a dry tuesday with rain returning to the north bay late and then running into early wednesday, very light precipitation before
5:17 am
a more series of storms stack up by the end of the workweek. high surf advisory remains in effect, some of the waves up to 20 feet. never turn your back on an angry ocean. meanwhile seeing 1/2" of rain an hour into the flash flood advisory areas including butte county into the central valley. this is our forecast. look at lunch hour, wildly scattered, light rain showers tapering off, your evening commute drive but still have a lot of ponding on the roadways. here's your tuesday morning, this time lots of dryness and then we begin to see more rainfall to the north in the north bay by tuesday evening into your wednesday morning, some moderate precipitation, this is going to be for the most part a north bay event scattering around the central bay but that's about it. thursday, another frontal boundary cued up to move into the north bay by the morning hours. how much more rain to expect today alone? only about quarter inch of rain but on top of the 3 inches of rain that has already accumulated in the pleasnaton area but by monday night when it tapers off, 3/4 inch of rain
5:18 am
there, over 1/4 in the san francisco area and in san jose. your wind gusts today will be fluctuating up to about 20 and 30 miles per hour at times, there's your wind gust right there in san francisco by later on tonight, so still a breezy to windy day. temperaturewise, up to about 70 degrees at best. in fact, here is your extended forecast as we forge ahead and look ahead, we do have the thunderstorm activity beginning to taper off in the afternoon hours today, the rain overnight tuesday into your wednesday morning and then daily chances you will need the umbrella again from thursday through sunday. so obviously this has taken a toll on the roads. here's gianna franco. if you are hitting the roads this morning give yourself a few extra minutes and pack your patience. traffic alert along 92 at 35. a tree down in the roadway. they are working on clearing it out of lanes but that's definitely going to hamper your drive working your way out of san mateo this morning. use highway 84 as an alternate. got a couple of problems along 101 right now, northbound 101
5:19 am
right at dori, the number 3 lane is blocked for an injury accident, also getting word of this accident northbound 101 at holly, now been changed to whipels for the low carrot. -- locator, that right lane blocked. both of these wrecks have injuries reported and we are seeing delays as you approach the scene. they are running traffic break here north 101 at whiffels. in the meantime you will see delays along 101 as you work your way along the peninsula this morning. other trouble spots headed on 680 this morning just a heads up, southbound at bolger county road we had an accident involving an overturned vehicle. at 1.2 lanes were completely shut down. they just cleared everything over to the right shoulder but check out our sensors here, 38 miles per hour as you work your way on the southbound side. still seeing slow and go conditions as a result because of this accident so traffic is going to take a little time to recover as you work your way through there, again, south 680 at bolger county road. over to the south bay we go, northbound 101 doing okay this
5:20 am
morning, we haven't had any troubles out of san jose. the only thing you want to look for, though, is northbound 87 connecting over to 101. we are getting reports of flooding in the right lane and possibly an accident reported in that same area. so be careful as you work your way through there. taking a look at conditions through the altamont pass to 680, 18 minutes for your drive time, east of there where you're seeing a lot of delays this morning coming out of tracy, we had an accident at greenville, now been cleared but look at all this red, 9 miles per hour in some spots. so give yourself a few extra minutes if you're commuting out of tracy this morning. mass transit might be your best bet. ace is running on time right now. traffic doing okay connecting to 680. and the san mateo bridge so far okay, just slick surfaces across the span so take it slow. drive time 13 minutes between 880 and 101. that's the traffic.
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more history for the golden state warriors. the warriors won the first three meetings by an average of 24 points. different story yesterday. they committed 22 turnovers. jordan clarkson and deangelo russell combined with 46 points. as for kobe, 12 points in 24 minutes. this is a 17-point blowout in what is being called the biggest upset in nba history. earthquakes fans jacked out of their minds for the opening day. new season, same old wanda. san jose beat colorado 1-0. cactus league, first taste of the giant dodger rivalry. struck out 5, allowed one run in three innings. the dodgers beat the giants 5- 2. cell phones, beer, baseball, right? doesn't get any better in peoria for the as and padres. chris coughlan was rookie of the year in 2009.
5:25 am
as management hoping to see a little bit more of that. the as beat san diego 6-5. so how about it, the warriors lose a stunner, that's their sixth loss of the season. totally unexpected. they can get the all time record for consecutive home wins tonight if they beat orlando and our sportscast will emanate from there. i'm dennis o'donnell. how about play of the day? it is march, we got a little madness for you and we got northern iowa against evans vale, watch. >> score. >> yeah, get ready for a lot of that. northern iowa west washman hits the buzzer beat. and they are on their way to the ncaa tournament in dramatic fashion. also got the play of the day. nice. massive storm that's slammi we are in san mateo county this morning where crews are
5:26 am
busy clearing a lot of fallen trees due to this powerful overnight storm. and one coastal city trying to beat mother nature to the punch. coming up, we will tell you about the big demolition project set for today. ,,,,,,
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. heavy snow just part of a massive storm slamming the area right now. the latest on the restrictions and closures for drivers in the sierra. i'm kiet do. we are live in the santa cruz mountains. wait until you hear how much rain fell here over the weekend. >> that's kiet do rocking his
5:30 am
hoodie this morning. good morning from the weather center. we are tracking this storm and wait until you see how many more days of rain is slated. and with that wet weather comes a lot of problems on the roadways. details coming right up. good morning, everyone. it is monday, march 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> and it's a wet one. hi, everyone, i'm frank mallicoat at 5:30. and the commute could be mighty messy for drivers in san mateo county since crews work to clear fallen trees on highway 2. jackie ward is in san mateo near a stretch of 92 still off limits thanks to one of the fallen trees. jackie. >> reporter: you know what, frank? i think that just changed within a matter of 10 seconds, not even kidding. i saw all of the crew trucks here, the caltrans, the tree cutters, all here drive out. so good news there because they had dragged out major pieces of the tree. this tree seemed to be huge and it was blocking traffic in each direction at one point. half moon bay just east of half moon bay had a similar incident
5:31 am
with even more trees, at one point at least five trees were knocked down there, closing traffic in both directions so that area is now open too but there was a severe traffic alert that was in place here along 92 between highway 35 and skyline boulevard and i280 in san mateo county because this massive tree was blocking all lanes of traffic in both directions at one point. so it's what happens with the ground gets a lot of rain at once, the soil becomes so saturated that these trees come crashing down and in this case can cause major traffic issues so from what i understand, drivers are still being asked to seek an alternate route but like i said, that just changed seconds before we went live so i'm going to check on that and give you an update as soon as i can in the next half hour. in san mateo county, jackie ward, kpix5. parts of the bay area are recovering from storm damage this weekend. check out this mess in sonoma county after rain flooded part of highway 121. the water pooled west of petaluma near the town of valley ford but you can see some drivers battled their way
5:32 am
through it. elsewhere in the north bay, this large oak tree came crashing onto saint helena road. crews have a project because the tree's roots left a huge hole in the street. plus a creek running along the pavement will make a fix tougher. and all the rain loosening the ground leading to an increased danger of rock slides especially on mountain road. kiet do is at the summit on highway 17 in the crews mountains and has video of a slide that shut down lanes for hours. kiet. >> reporter: yes, good morning. it is cold and foggy out here up in the mountains, elevation here roughly around 2000 feet or so, rain is on again, off again. right now we've got clear skies overhead but that could change at any minute. here's a look at the traffic conditions on highway 17, looks like traffic volume light right now, traffic also moving at a pretty good clip here as we head into the silicon valley area. round two of the storms is over and looks like highway 17 made
5:33 am
it out relatively okay. the ground soaked up a lot of rain. at least 10 inches from both systems have moved in and out on saturday and sunday. now, there was a sigalert issued on highway 17 southbound in the redwood estates area around 1:00 a.m. this morning. this is just before you get to the summit. mud, boulders, fallen trees shut down at least one lane of 17 on the right side. it has cleaned up now and they have the highway partially closed for about two hours. cleared up at around 3:00 a.m. the ground is very saturated right now. it's been raining practically nonstop since saturday morning. on the way to the summit we saw at least three warning signs posted about flooding. looks like some of the heaviest rains still running off as we speak. caltrans crews standing by at the summit with scraper trucks and that tells you they do not think the worst is over yet. we will continue to monitor the situation at the summit but live, i am kiet do, kpix5. i got out of the sierra in time. i drove home scot-free down 80 about 9:00, got home about
5:34 am
noontime. had i spent the night i would be up there for a day or two. >> yeah, it's closed, right? >> yes. >> and then on 50 a lot of chain requirements at this particular time. we have had up to about 3 feet of snow and it's immense snow above 7000 feet in the high sierra, very gusty winds and locally we have picked up, i would say easily up to 10 inches of rainfall in the santa cruz mountains, it still continues to rain, it's kind of hard to get the tallies at this time. the wind speeds at this particular time have been dying down but will increase a little bit later today, we are looking at these winds approximately southeast at 11 miles per hour in oakland. they are calm in the mountain view area. i'm going to try to cue up our hi-def doppler radar because every time i do put something in advance, everything is changing so rapidly. so let me work it manually here. when i talk about scattered showers, this is what i mean, concord and antioch, you have showers, hayward not so much, livermore, a smattering of
5:35 am
precipitation. concord, clayton, walnut creek, light rainfall and this drifts into the brentwood area. zooming in over the bay waters, a cell over alameda area, now it's traversed to the east. it's live data. we have light rain falling at the golden gate bridge at this particular time. our air temperatures very cool with the passage of this cold front, in the 40s and low 50s but again you couple in a wind up to 11 miles per hour, feels raw, we have a high surf advisory in effect until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m., some of the breaking waves, boy, 20 feet, never have your back at an angry ocean again. theories the wind speeds again, up to 9 in the berkeley area. some of the winds will increase to 30 miles per hour during the afternoon hours, we are going to regroup and talk about all this and more coming up shortly about 48 minutes after the hour. gianna. >> thanks, roberta. jump over to the roadways right now and get you updated on some of these accidents we have been monitoring. we still have this traffic alert in effect on 92 right at highway 35. they are working on clearing a downed tree out of lanes.
5:36 am
in the meantime use highway 84 as an alternate. north 101 at dori, the number 3 lane in the clearing stages still blocked. good news, though, north one at whipple, these been cleared out of lanes and so far your drive from 92 along the 80 split to the 101 only 90 minutes. still doing okay this morning. if you want to use 280 instead better choice. couple things happening in the south bay. south -- another accident south 680 at mckee dealing with flooding. guadalupe parkway connector as you work your way towards 101, also along ate 80 at the alameda, that is a -- 880, at the alameda, hart closure -- hard closure. dealing with big delays out of the altamont pass this morning. 18 minutes to the altamont pass to 680. 57 minutes to go from tracy towards 680. right? >> thanks. traffic finally starting to move again on interstate 80 through the sierra, chains or snow tires are required in both
5:37 am
directions, chp says heavy snow is making driving very hazardous. up in the mountains overnight there were several spinouts and weather-related crashes on i- 80, one family returning home from a tahoe vacation says it was a very scary drive. >> when we went to go around him we lost traction and either had a choice of going into the car or going into the wall and we chose going into the wall. >> i was holding onto my seat belt. >> i did too. >> no serious injuries were reported from crashes there. right now chains are required from truckee to colfax in the westbound drivers and drivers heading east chains required as well from colfax to truckee. sfo, delays expected as heavy rain and strong winds continue to hit the area. the wet conditions caused 30 to 90 minute delays in arrival times last night. and pse&g crews -- pg&e crews busy all over the bay. 237 outages in the south bay.
5:38 am
154 people lost power on the peninsula, in the north bay over 100, east bay under 80 and in san francisco 30 customers say they don't have power right now. another building on the coastline is at risk of falling into the ocean and the city of pacifica says it's going to tear it down before it slips off the edge. kpix5 reporter anne makovec is live just outside the building and, ann, does it feel like you're on solid ground right now now? >> reporter: i'm feeling confident where i'm standing but this building to my side is going to begin to be demoed today. the other one knocked down. another building on the other side of this building is also on the city's list to potentially be knocked down. that's because these buildings are in danger of falling into the ocean. the city red tagged 320 esplanade during the last el niño in 2010. the building next door is
5:39 am
yellow tagged after this year's storm ate away the cliff below, all of the apartment renters there were forced to move. and the city has not decided yet whether that one is going to be torn down. last month, though, the building on the other side of 320 esplanade was demoed after winter rains brought it dangerously close to falling into the pacific and the buildings aren't the only concern up here. >> frankly, what's on our mind next is protecting the street. esplanade avenue will be the next asset that's at risk. >> reporter: so no real estimate or plan on exactly what they might do with the street. the cost for this building is $200,000. they say the city hopes to get reimbursed in the future through the property owner's bankruptcy proceeding. so today the fence is slated to go up around this building and then the official demolition starting tomorrow and it should take all week. live in pacifica, anne makovec, kpix5. >> thank you, anne. many remembering first lady nancy reagan who passed away
5:40 am
yesterday in her southern california home. she was 94. >> i just know she was slim and elegant and we had a good time together. she also had a strong backbone. she was steadfast in her ideas, she gave really wonderful support to a great president. >> george schultz served in the reagan white house for seven years, also a close friend to president and mrs. reagan. mrs. reagan's fine roughly still being -- funeral still being planned. an east coast institution bringing its famous baked goods to this area. >> dunkin' donuts' new location and much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. stocks continue to bounce back after a rough start to 2016. on friday the dow jones 62 points, the nasdaq rose nine. friday's jobs report showed hiring still going strong. the labor department says the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9%, the lowest level in
5:41 am
eight years. the government is investigating ford's f150 pickup truck after receiving more than 30 complaints about brake failure. ford drivers said the problem was so bad it caused their vehicle to crash. appelgate farms is recalling 8-ounce packages of its natural chicken nuggets because could have plastic pieces in them. best before date of december 27th, 2016. and amazon changed course and says it will restore on fire tablets with a software update this spring. the change comes as apple squares off against the fbi over access to an encrypted iphone. frank and michelle. >> thank you. starbucks customers are ticked off ever over changes to the company's rewards program. and now dunkin' donuts is seeing that at maybe a chance at opportunity. tell us about that. >> that's right. dunkin' is going after starbucks customers who are unhappy about changes to that starbucks loyalty programs. giving out $5 gift cards to encourage them to give dunkin' a try.
5:42 am
the first dunkin' donuts set to open in walnut creek. and as a dunkin' donuts coffee lover, i say get excited. >> two medium regulars, please, they're the best. >> i thought a double-double. no, that's in-n-out. never mind. 5:42 your time. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going head to head in the latest democratic debate. the main focus, the water crisis in flint. why it's important to the rest of the country. ,, kpix5's mobile weather lab, powered by toyota. see your local toyota dealer to test drive one of our award winning vehicles. toyota, let's go places. ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ ♪ as long as you love me, it's alright. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪
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the two democratic candidat for president. clinton and bernie sunday was debate night for two democratic candidates for president, hillary clinton, bernie sanders facing off in flint, michigan to a packed crowd there. the two sparred on economy and foreign policy but when it came
5:45 am
to the flint lead crisis, the two opponents agreed. >> i believe the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible, he should resign. >> i agree. the governor should resign or be recalled. >> michigan will hold its primary on tuesday along with hawaii, idaho, mississippi and oregon. most voters in maine have a firm idea of their future president. the name bernie sanders, he scored a very strong victory there and it was his third win of the weekend. and voters in puerto rico showed strong support for marco rubio this weekend. it was rubio's second win of the primary season and because he raked in more than 50% of the vote, he claims all 23 delegates and now rubio is working for a big win march 15th when his home state of florida holds a primary. it's a winner take all scenario with 99 delegates at stake. and john kasich might not be on the sidelines for long
5:46 am
because arnold schwarzenegger has his back. >> and we need john kasich is now take charge and be at the white house and this is why i endorse john kasich, our great governor. >> schwarzenegger and kasich have been at the close friends for several years. voters in kasich's home state of ohio will head to the polls on march 15th. it is 5:46 right now. you know, heading into work today, pools of water out on the roads. >> lots of pools of water out there and you've had lots of traffic alerts this morning as well and when people are making their way out, we have had a lot of debris on the roadways as well so you really don't know what you're going to encounter. take it slow. i think gianna can give you all the details on that. >> sure will. >> coming up in a little bit. >> yeah, sure. >> it's traffic and weather together but today weather and traffic. we are picking up moderate rainfall in throughout the eastern portion of the bay area anywhere from concord through
5:47 am
clinton into bay point, antioch, lighter rainfall moving out of the brentwood and discovery bay area, traversing to the east. it's falling right now from shipyard acres into american canyon, drifting around to the novato area as well. check this out, when i say wildly scattered showers today, this is a good picture of what we are talking about. we do have some heavy rain right now the berkeley area but not so much in danville then we traverse over to the peninsula and you see some wildly scattered showers from sunnyvale backing into the santa cruz mountains. some of these pockets, the cells contain up to half an inch of rain per hour so we could still see a lot of accumulation as the day progresses, i've been keeping a watchful eye out over the open waters. i saw thunderstorm activity between 1:30 and 2:30 this morning but for the most part that activity is quiet. not so quiet, the red roadways over the golden gate bridge, currently you need a little light jacket heading out the door, we are in the 40s and
5:48 am
50s. the showers taper off as the day progresses but the wind increasing out of the northwest up to 30 miles per hour. for the most part a dry day tuesday with rain showers late night in the north bay. high trip advisory in effect, i took a look at some of the buoys, 18 feet surf at this particular time. please don't turn your back to an angry ocean. flash flood advisory to the north and central valley but nonetheless do not cross a flooded roadway. here's your futurecast, play along at home. look at that right there, by 8:00 we are dry. we are dry on tuesday morning but then begin to see mitt and hiss -- hit-and-miss scattered showers across the north bay in the evening hours, wet commute for wednesday and then dry out and look what happens on thursday, i would count on at least some rain each and every day as we slide into the weekend. how much more rain to expect? some of these pockets can produce up to 3/4 inch of rain to the east, over 1/4 in san francisco and san jose, about
5:49 am
-- 36-mile-per-hour wind gusts up to 39 along coast today, a blustery day. the temperatures up to 70, it's the rain showers and thunderstorms tapering off but remaining very windy in and out of the rain from about tuesday night through sunday. that's our eye on the storm. you mentioned earlier about this flooding, we have some pretty serious closures because of the flooding. go down to the south bay right now, south 880 at the alameda, you will see closures here. we have got a live look at crews working hard to deal with this. this is south 880 at the alameda on-ramp, that right has a hard closure because of flooding this morning. again with all the rain that's coming in, we are going to deal with this throughout the week. give yourself a few extra minutes as you head out the door. in that right lane getting onto the ramp and the rest of the stuff in the south bay busy as well. south 680 at mckees, this wreck over to the side of the roadway, not blocking any lanes
5:50 am
right now but we are seeing our drive times slow down a little bitty specially along 101 right now. northbound 101, 280, 680, at least to highway 237, that's about a 15 minute drive time, 280 is doing okay, that might be your best bet this morning. if you want to use guadalupe parkway, heads up, connecting over to 101 might be a little bit tough because we are getting reports of flooding there as well in the right lane. right now your drive times are 10 minutes north 87, 85 to 101. traffic alert continues, highway 92 at 35. a tree down in lanes so we are going to check in with chp here in just a few minutes to see if those lanes are reopened. i think may be opening up within the next couple of minutes. in the meantime until we can confirm that, use highway 84 as an alternate. bay bridge right now, carquinez bridge, 21 minutes for your drive time. metering lights are on so a butt of a backup there beyond maybe the west grand at this point. looks like 580 starting to slow down a bit as well. and dealing with delays out of the altamont pass this morning,
5:51 am
traveling out of tracy this morning, a lot of brake lights, 13 miles per hour in some spots. give yourself a few extra minutes there. when you connect over to 680, traffic actually is pretty light over making that connector at the dublin interchange. that's a look at your morning drive. time now is 5:51. they are heading up again, gas prices, what you will be paying this week compared to last when we come back. ,,,,
5:52 am
we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. ,,,, my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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it happened north of the saa clara station... around 8 lt night. the train was held ut an hour.. a man hit and killed on the track. happened around 8:00 last night. the train was held in place for about an hour with about 100 people on board. all trains had to use a single track until 10:00. sonoma county has a plan in the works to widen a highway, highway 37. that is between highway 121 in muir island. it doesn't take much to cause a backup there but the highway is surrounded by sensitive wetlands, home to thousands of birds and a virginia company has proposed building a replacement for 37 that will protect the wildlife. >> it's a sensitive wet land area and they have proposed a crux method that really doesn't interfere with the wetlands and as an elevated viaduct which allows all the wetlands, the water underneath to flow
5:55 am
freely. >> climate change is another motivating factor. the water could rise as much as a foot over the next few decades but so far no one has found the estimated $2 billion to pay for that project. gas prices on appear upward -- an upward trend. the average price per gallon jumped by 7 cents. the main reason is growing demand combined with higher prices of crude oil. los angeles at the top of the scale with an average of $2.58 for a gallon of regular. and here in the bay area the current average in san francisco is $2.54, according to aaa, that's up 3 cents from just a week ago. in oakland the current price is $2 price and in san jose it's $2.41, up 4 cents from last week. the world's largest aircraft is weeks away from its maiden flight. the airlander 10 can carry up to 10 tons to transport some 50 passengers and fly continuously for up to five days at 90 miles per hour. doesn't need a runway. it can land on most surfaces
5:56 am
including water. the plane was first developed for the u.s. army in 2009 but it was reimagined for commercial use after the original project was abandoned. >> it's got the latest fly by late technology and the latest avionics and the latest computer software, very much an aircraft for the 21st century. >> the airlander 10 is expected to lift off over the uc for a test -- u.k. for a test flight later this month. 5:56 right now. where do they go from here? in the next half hour how the weekend primaries and caucuses will affect the race for the white house. we will look ahead with our political analyst melissa cain. multiple parts of highway 92 in san mateo were blocked from fallen trees but thanks to the hard work of crews overnight all roadways are back open. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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live from the cbs studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning, everyone. it is monday, march 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. at 6:00, more wild weather in the bay area so let's get right to it. >> roberta is going to let us know what's happening and what we can expect later today. >> we have our eye on the storm. good morning, at 6:00 straight up, still picking up wildly scattered showers associated with the secondary system that rolled into the bay area yesterday and when i do refer to wildly, you can see what i am referring to. we do have some scattered showers right now to the north and that's pretty heavy rain, that is falling from yonville through napa, encompassing highway 12 into american canyon. vallejo you hear the heavy rain drops on the rooftops. al mo, a couple of -- alamo, a couple of rain drops as well, berkeley all good, though starting to see the


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