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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we begin tonight with the latest on the ace train derailment. the last of the derailed cars has been put back on the tracks and towed away went last hour. ace train also resume service tomorrow morning. one seriously injured passenger is still in the hospital tonight. let's take a listen to emergency dispatchers as the scope of the derailment unfolded. >> partially in the creek, three passengers -- correction, nine passengers in the train currently. 's juliette goodrich ha e crash site all day >> the train derailed about 7:30 last night in niles canyon between sunol and pleasanton. kpix 5's juliette goodrich has been at the crash site and has the latest. >> reporter: veronica, a lot of progress has been made as you can see that that last train
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car has been actually righted and towed down the tracks. so now the tracks are clear. and they could be resuming freight train service this evening. the ace train will be back up and running tomorrow. but the big question tonight is, how will this be prevented from happening again? inch by inch, a crane hoisted the 250-ton passenger train up the canyon. you can see the damage of the impact. shattered glass and holes on top of the train. francisco castillo is with union pacific. but was there any concern about this hillside? was there any red flag in the past? >> there was no red flag which is why the train -- i mean, an hour before this incident a train went through with no problems. >> reporter: ace train 10 heading from san jose to stockton with 214 passengers slammed into the mud slide at 7:30 p.m. some passengers were soaking wet from the frigid waters of alameda creek while they waited for rescue. but everyone survived.
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>> this is a miracle in the canyon. >> reporter: congressman eric swalwell surveyed the damage. this is his district. >> i'm just concerned, you know, we have intense weather headed our way. it's a break in the storm right now. but i want to make sure that passengers on that train tomorrow are safe. >> reporter: you can see where the hillside gave way. the train slamming into the dirt and kept going before the front railcar went down the canyon and into the creek. we do know a mud slide caused a derailment but at this point we don't know whether the mud flowed on the tracks before the train got to that spot in the canyon or whether it actually struck the lead car as the train rolled past. this afternoon, crews cleared trees and debris around the mud slight area. i asked union pacific the question on most everyone's mind. >> what's being done make sure that this doesn't happen again, that the hillside is secure that we don't have more mud slides? >> we can only do so much as a railroad. so we have individuals inspecting the right of way to
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ensure that things are stable there and, you know, we inspect it twice a week. >> reporter: and we're back out here live now. you're looking at alameda creek. and take a look at how swift moving this water is. it was less than 24 hours ago that this train derailment happened and people were actually in the water waiting for emergency crews to get them out. quite a harrowing experience. as it stands right now, the track is clear. ace train will resume tomorrow. niles canyon, though, veronica, is still closed and likely will not open until about 4 a.m. tomorrow. that's the latest from here. back to you. >> all right, juliette goodrich live for us tonight i niles canyon, we appreciate it, thank you. joe vazquez, when you look at it the train didn't stand much chance against the mud. >> reporter: this mud slide had a tree and other debris inside of it. all that stuff gets under the wheels and one expert said it's a sure thing it will knock a
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train off the tracks. it can happen in a blink of an eye. this cell phone video from a few years ago in washington state shows you just how quickly a landslide can rip down the hillside and into a train knocking it off the tracks. >> it just came down. >> mud slides here in the canyon are a common occurrence. >> reporter: henry of the niles canyon railway operates trains on the other side of the canyon from last night's derailment. he says train operators are constantly checking these tracks for slide and other debris. but once it happens, especially when it's dark, there's nothing you can do. the debris will get under the wheels, lift them off the track and cause a derailment. >> it jumps off about over here, started to get pushed along by the rest of the train all that mass has to lose all its momentum. so it's pushing the rest of the car down, plowing down the trees. this was a slow motion
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accident. >> reporter: notice he said push. in the old days train locomotives, the engines, were at the front and only pulled loads but these days, commuter trains save time and money with what they call push/pull technology. instead of turning the train around, it can just move in reverse. now with the heavier locomotive in the back, some believe it's less safe that way. in oxnard in february 2015 a commute derailment raised the issue of push/pull trains since the lighters cars in front the heavier locomotive being harder to stop. after that crash metrolink decided to put one locomotive in front and another at the back as a safety precaution. that train last night was pushing its load, the locomotive at the back of the there's a lot of debate about whether this is an issue. i talked to someone who told me it probably wouldn't have made any difference in this case because the landslide gets under those wheels of the train, it's very likely that it will unhook from the track and then derail whether it's being
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pushed or pulled. joe vazquez, kpix 5. this is what it looked like when rescuers got to the scene. alameda county fire actually tweeted out this video. you see a firefighter here breaking a window trying to get people out of the car that landed in the creek. they said this was one unique rescue effort. >> in the wilderness and you don't really know what's going on. and here's this train on the side -- strange when you're standing next to them, they're massive and here it is on its side and you're wondering, how in the world did this happen? >> been in this job a long time and this is surreal. you don't see it every day or sometimes never in a career. >> shaken passengers were bused to the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton where they met one family members. >> very, very jarring ride. for a while we didn't know what was happening because it was dark and we couldn't see what was going on. >> slid for quite a while, wasn't sure if we were going to
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turn over or not. um, as soon as i knew we were stable, people were crying for help and i went to find the conductor. >> nine people were injured, four seriously. just the first time in the ace train's 17 year history it has had a derailment. we do have more on the derailment on our website, new at 6:00, bay area gun stores targeted. one in el cerrito, another in petaluma. cate caugiran joins us now with details. cate, they were in and out in a matter of minutes so they exactly what they were after. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. if the two heists are linked like investigators believe, it appears that the thieves were unsuccessful here in el cerrito and moved on to petaluma but not before all four suspects were caught on camera. from this camera angle we see one suspect throw something at the window. whatever it was, it triggered an alarm. >> we want to prevent any of the guns getting into wrong hands and it's a significant concern for us. >> reporter: el cerrito police
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released this surveillance video of an attempted burglary at the old west gun room early saturday morning. >> approximately four suspects are seen fleeing westbound from the rear of the business and jumping over a fence. >> reporter: two hours later police got a report of a burglary at the independence armry. four suspects backed a car into the door just enough to get in and out of the armory with 18 semi-automatic glock handguns. concern for law enforcement, this could be a troubling new trend in the bay area. >> these guys are out looking at these shops for targets of opportunity. >> reporter: kpix 5 security analyst and retired fbi assistant special agent in charge jeff harp says these quick heists unusual quick cash. >> what happens is these crooks end up taking a lot of firearms. they hit the street immediately and they get rid of 'em so they're not caught with 'em. >> reporter: according to new numbers from the alcohol tobacco and firearms bureau, the number of guns record stolen or lost nationwide has dropped but we are seeing
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bolder attacks like this one in houston last week where ten suspects used a truck to rip off the door of a gun store and in less than two minutes they got away with 85 firearms. so far investigators here tell me they are still working to confirm that the two crimes are connected. reporting live, cate caugiran, kpix 5. new details about an officer-involved shooting in san jose. the suspect was walking away. why did police shoot him? here's what devin fehely found out. >> reporter: san jose police say they have launched an internal investigation into last night's deadly officer- involved shooting. witnesses and investigators tell us that the suspect had gone on a violent rampage brutally stabbing one man in the face and neck and then stabbing his estranged wife when she tried to intervene. neighbors managed to wrestle the man to the ground but he broke free as the first police officer arrived. witnesses say the suspect then turned and headed back towards the house where all of this started. when a young woman began to
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come outside. >> the individual is there. very aggressive. appeared angry still holding the knife. as the officer with his gun drawn demanding the suspect to put down the weapon, does not, he then begins to walk towards house. >> reporter: police have not identified the suspect but say he is the husband of the woman that he stabbed. they also say that there was a previous domestic violence call to that house in december of last year. in san jose, feel kpix 5. tonight the santa clara county d.a.'s office says that three sunnyvale officers acted lawfully when they shot and killed a murder suspect back in 2014. 53-year-old glen gregg dies after barricading himself in a bedroom in 2014. he threatened officers with a bb gun as he was investigated for the murder of his roommate. she was one of four women who died while dating griggs. we saw some light showers this afternoon and we have more
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rain on the way. meteorologist paul deanno tracking what's on hi-def doppler right now. >> reporter: more showers working their way south. it is san jose, sunnyvale, campbell, fremont, palo alto, redwood city down to santa cruz we are seeing showers. this is working its way from the north to the south. if you are watching us in marin, napa, contra costa county, you are rain-free. coming up in weather we'll talk about which part of bay area will receive four inches of rain and at the same time parts of the bay area will only get one .25" of rain. we'll explain coming up. ♪[ music ] all right, paul, thanks. four minutes of wonder. if you missed the rare total solar eclipse we have a prime view of what's captivating stargazers around the world. >> they are on two sides of a highway and two worlds apart. neighbors try to assert their independence. the name they say is putting a black mark on their reputation. >> you know someone like this on your compute? the rude behavior that could
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soon get you fined on bart. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pitted against each other. highway 37 is th a turf war in the north bay has two communities pitted against each other. highway 37 is a dividing line between green point and black point. kpix 5's mike sugerman in marin county. and, well, what's it all about? >> reporter: let me get right to the point. there is a community black point in novato and part of that is called green point. well, now green pointers want to break away from black point to get an official name in the county community plan. what's the point? well, that depends upon your point of view. black point in novato has these
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and more modest homes in the bay marshland but the neighborhood is connected to green point. houses mostly built on two acres. the neighborhoods are separated unofficially by highway 37. but others say it's the railroad that divides the two. with flashpoint on literally the other side of the tracks. some in green point think black point puts a immaculata on their area. >> the housing is -- puts a black mark on their area. >> the house something small. roads are terrible. it's creepy to drive around up there. >> reporter: the pace of life can be explode here in black point. they prefer you not drive too fast. they point out, some of the infrastructure there. this is what they call the boardwalk. there are boards. whoa! and do youand you do walk on them. difference aren't as clear-cut. there's a gray area. >> i think it's driven by economics. >> reporter: says peter who lives in one of the nicer green point homes. >> there was a possible conspiracy from the black point
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to limit property rights of green point. >> not have all of these spurious restrictions that black point people want to impose on us. >> reporter: it wasn't quite the level of the republican presidential debates but it was spirited. >> i am very mindful of certain interests who want to bring in the medical marijuana dispensary into black point. >> reporter: in the end, supervisors voted to unanimously allow separate community plans. >> we're one community and to do this is just pitiful. >> reporter: michael thinks the whole thing was pointless. all right. here's what i'm trying to point out. it was quite a colorful day in the neighborhood. and if you think i went too far in the way i told this story, point taken. in marin, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> he made his point. it's not new, either. the area known as black point goes back to the 1850s. >> the city of millbrae says a plumbing company is to break for an accident that flooded
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several homes with sewage. pipe repairs continue today on el bonita way. over the weekend sewage poured into three homes on the street. the city says the company called sewer rat that had been working on the underground pipe failed to properly seal up their excavation site. this weekend's storms clogged those pipes and sent sewage into homes. at least two of the three homeowners affected say their insurance will not pay for the damage. >> they said oh, you're not covered. nothing, we're not covering anything. so now we have to find somewhere to live, we're a family of five. too much. >> city officials say they support the homeowners but right now there is nothing they can do to help them. sewer rat did not return our phone calls for comment. other bay area headlines, a tricky rescue in the marin headlands. high tide forced a hiker to seek refuge on higher ground but he got stuck there overnight. the class field trip spotted
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him today and the teacher called for help. el cerrito police looking for a man caught on a human security system. video shows the suspect knocking on the front door. when there was no answer he went around back and broke in. the owners came home to find the place ransacked. it's the last show for the silicon valley ballet. the 30-year-old dance company confirmed it's closing it doors after years of money trouble. the shutdown affects about 32 staff members and 32 dancers. it will also impact 450 students who attend a dance school operated by the ballet. time to check with paul deanno and paul, you're talking about the solar eclipse tonight, right? >> yeah. kind of cool. moon completely blocking the sunlight over portions of indonesia and the western pacific ocean. this is video in the foreground the moon all you see is the fringe of the sun there. all of the sunlight blocked for four minutes. where but from in indonesia, about 45 minutes ago it went completely dark in the middle of the day if you were in
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indonesia about 45 minutes ago. we'll have a solar eclipse here in the western united states in america for the first time in five decades next august. but a total solar eclipse, you can hear people cheering because it's cool. the lights went out in indonesia just about 45 minutes ago. the sunshine went out around here because we went from sunny this morning to cloudy quickly with some rain showers, as well. oakland chilly day high only 59. hayward 58. san francisco 56. there is rain out there along highway 1 one. the bayshore freeway is wet from redwood city south from palo alto east palo alto to san jose and can bell. santa clara getting showers and campbell. the rain is not that far away from new san jose. look at the snowfall totals. tahoe at lake level one inch of
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snow. mount shasta 67 inches of snow! by friday! that's because it's going to be so warm the snow level will be super high but if you get high enough in elevation man, it's going to be snowing a lot up towards mount shasta which is wonderful because it will eventually melt and fall into california's two largest reservoirs. chilly this morning because of the cloud cover. nowhere as chilly tonight. napa tonight 47 degrees. but there will be showers out there. showers throughout the morning on wednesday. a stronger storm is coming thursday. we are talking about that disparity in the rainfall totals and the rainfall totals difference is huge. watch this. the rain up in santa rosa, by thursday afternoon, is 2." by friday afternoon it's 3" of rain because the heaviest rain will be aimed toward the north bay on thursday. look at the rainfall total for san jose. don't worry about the specific number but you can see a big difference there. the south bay will get about
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one-third or less the amount of rainfall that the north bay gets because thursday the heaviest rain will be aimed north of the golden gate. so we are all going to get some rainfall but the farther north you are looks like right now that's going to be the heaviest rainfall from that system that moves through thursday into friday. light rain tomorrow morning. that's not the main event. just some light rain. it will be mild in the afternoon and mainly dry after lunchtime. vallejo 66. fremont, san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, you will likely hit 70 tomorrow. thursday we're wet. but really wet in the north bay. we are still wet friday. we squeeze in one dry weekend day albeit cloudy on saturday and then more rain sunday, monday and tuesday not as heavy. i think thursday, friday by far will be the wettest event there but that's a huge difference with four inches of rain in the north bay and less than one inch for the south bay and really is going to depend where you are. >> prepare. >> thank you. are you fed up with fellow commuters taking up too much says in bart is now strike --
6:22 pm
are you fed up with fellow commuters taking up too much space? bart is now striking back. >> a startling number of babies born into drug addiction. tonight mothers speak out to help other women from becoming a statistic. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hogging seats.. john ramos , there is some talk of a new crackdown on bart tonight for bad behavior. >> that's right. from "manspreading" to hogging seats, john ramos says it could cost you a pretty penny. >> reporter: as the bay area's competent grows, competition for a seat on bart is heating up. and so are people's tempers when they see this. or this. or even this. [ laughter ] >> shouldn't be that rude take up that much room. >> reporter: complaints about seat hogs are so common, they are regularly featured on a website called the bart idiot hall of fame. from people using the seats as recliners to those like to keep their bags comfortable. is there a problem with people
6:25 pm
taking up too much space? >> a little bit. i think especially when it gets super busy. >> reporter: so the bart director is standing up for those who have to, well, stand up. at thursday's board meeting he plans to propose new fines for people who insist on taking up more than one seat on crowded trains. $100 for a first offense and $500 for each thereafter. but at the orinda bart station nobody supported the idea. >> it's extreme to fine anybody unless you know the person's intent. >> reporter: mostly people seemed skeptical that bart could actually enforce the rules. >> would they have guard to do that? i'm not sure how they would do that. >> the only way it would work is like constant surveillance, from like the bart employees. >> reporter: the idea is to give authorities a way to deal with unruly passengers. but it's always a challenge to try to regulate what should be a matter of common courtesy. >> if somebody is just grumpy
6:26 pm
they will get fined in some other formulate they are life. >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5. >> the new fines wouldn't apply to people with medical conditions or physique that would require them to occupy more than one seat. coming up in our next half hour, the biggest minds in tech meet to try to take down donald trump. >> plus, it's super tuesday part2. the front-runner for president are scooping up new wins. we'll break down the results and the tight battle for the biggest states. >> one a student says police have it all wrong. >> the runaway pigs and the clergyman. the makings for an only in san francisco nursery rhyme. the unusual roundup on the streets.
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back to back gun store your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i'm juliette goodrich with tonight's top story. less than 24 hours ago, the train derailment in sun foal happened. all is clear now. crews have been able to up right the last train put it on the tracks and tow it to a yard. freight trains will be on the
6:30 pm
traffic tonight and tomorrow morning ace train also run. niles canyon is closed until 4 a.m. back-to-back gun store burglaries could be connected. one in el cerrito and a few hours later in petaluma. more than 85 weapons were stolen. super tuesday round 2 four more states holding primaries. results coming in right now. so far, a good night for donald trump but maybe there's an upset brewing in michigan? that state is the big prize tonight 130 delegates up for grabs for the democrats, 59 for the republicans. >> right now bernie sanders is ahead of hillary clinton and liz, this is new. >> yeah. >> kind of a surprise. >> it's very interesting. the polls closed about 30 minutes ago in michigan and so far, the results are looking good for the senator from vermont. let's take a look at the numbers. coming into tonight, polls showed sanders behind in michigan but something happened! and he not only caught up but is building a lead about 4%
6:31 pm
with a quarter of presubjects reporting right now. -- of precincts reporting now. another easy win for clinton in the mississippi primary. that was expected. so far she has swept the southern states this primary season. meanwhile on the republican side, donald trump has taken the all-important michigan primary. he also won in mississippi and he could win two more primaries by the time the night is over. idaho and hawaii are also voting tonight. now, here are the latest numbers from michigan. the battle right now for second place. ohio governor john kasich is leading texas senator ted cruz at the moment. kasich made a big push heading into the primary. he is trying to build momentum heading into his home state's primary next tuesday. this point he need to win ohio to have any chance to keep his campaign going. marco rubio, other than, having a bad night. is not even close. he is banking on a big showing next tuesday in florida his home state. trump is trying to win over
6:32 pm
other republican voters. >> i hope that the republican also embrace it. we have don't forget democrats coming over, very importantly, we have independents coming over. and they haven't done that ever probably ever. and with all of these people coming over, we are going to have something very, very special. >> now, this has become a theme in his campaign. recently he has been portraying himself as someone who can unite, not divide, the party. as i mentioned, ohio and florida are the next big prizes on the election calendar. they both vote next tuesday along with illinois, north carolina and missouri. >> super tuesday 3. >> yeah, no kidding. keeps on going. and california could end up being something big. >> we'll be important. >> i know. it's exciting in june. >> thank you. and some famous faces are banding together to stop trump from taking the republican nomination. that's according to a report released today. top bay area tech ceos and politicians met at a private island resort off the coast of
6:33 pm
georgia over the weekend. among the attendees, tesla's elon musk, google's cofounder larry page, napster creator sean parker, apple's ceo tim cook. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, political strategist karl rove and house speaker paul ryan. an american tourist was killed and ten others wounded in a stabbing near tel aviv. police say the attacker stabbed the victims along a popular boardwalk. officers shot and killed him. the stabbing happened about a mile from where vice president joe biden was visiting israel's prime minister. the vice president condemned the attacks. major hurdle removed in california's plans for a $64 billion high-speed rail system. a sacramento county judge ruled that the plans do not violate promises made to voters when they approved state financing for the project. attorneys to who represents kings county and a group of landowners wanted to block the financing. they claim that the state's projections on ridership and other figures were not reliable.
6:34 pm
but the judge said the system is evolving so it's premature for the court to intervene. san francisco supervisor david campos wants city leaders to do more for homelessness. today he introduced legislation that declares a state of emergency on homelessness. campos said that measure would allow the city to build more navigation centers. >> we're not talking about rocket science here. it's a very complicated issue, but we also know that things that we have done in the past that have worked. and one of the things that has worked in the mission is a navigation center. >> the legislation calls for six additional navigation centers in the coming year. a group of uc-santa cruz students busted for allegedly running a drug ring told kpix 5, state police it all wrong. but santa cruz police and the feds say that the six students are far from innocent. investigators raided three homes last friday and say they found more than 4,000 ecstasy pills also known as molly.
6:35 pm
police say they got a tip about suspicious overseas packages which led them to the students, who are uc-santa cruz fraternity and sorority members. [ cursing ] >> can you tell us about the arrests that were made, you guys are ruining lives. >> are these allegations true? >> no they're not. all right? >> so the state police it wrong then? [ pause ] >> you will see it when the -- >> the state police it wrong then?! >> you'll see the fact on the court dates. >> what are the facts, then? >> the suspects are all 21. the university spokesman says the national fraternity and sorority organization suspended them for now. the students can either be suspended or expelled from the uc system. new at 6:00 an alarming number of babies in the bay area are being born with drug addiction. the problem especially alarming in sonoma county. one mother shared her story with kpix 5's emily turner. >> reporter: these women and their babies are the faces of addiction and pregnancy in
6:36 pm
sonoma county. this person used to be one of them. but she is now on the road to recovery. >> i got pregnant. i kept telling myself i'm going to stop. i'm going to stop. this will be the last time. or i'm going to wean myself off. i couldn't stop. >> reporter: she was addicted to opiates. she used them throughout her pregnancy. when her son was born, an infant already in withdrawal, he was taken into protective custody. he is one of the 25 babies born a year addicted to drugs in sonoma county. the number tripled in the past 10 years and is double the state average. >> it was embarrassing and it was sad and it -- i broke my heart by doing that. >> reporter: sheryl stanley the director at women's recovery services says opiate addictions have taken the place of meth in recent years thanks to easy access and overprescriptions. the effects of that class of drugs on babies is further
6:37 pm
reaching. >> these babies are irritable, difficulty eating, most of them put in specific foster homes that know how to care for them. >> reporter: she now has her son back thanks to a treatment program with women recovery services a program with a wait list. she is says more than a statistic she has a message for women. >> i think it's important for women to ask for that help. you know? ask -- get resources. lean on somebody. it's okay. >> reporter: emily turner, kpix 5. >> the drug-free babies program was founded six years. it serves about 30 women a year. about half the number of women referred to the program. incredible moment a california baby hears his parents for the first time. >> yay! >> and the technology making it possible. >> and quite a show when this mom gave birth to her pup in
6:38 pm
front of a bay area crowd. now their adorable bonding time. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
san jose could be the bigge generated by the super bowl. it appears san jose could be the biggest loser when it comes to revenue generated by the super bowl. it appears the city overestimated how much it would make in hotel taxes. three out of every ten rooms were vacant. that translates into a revenue loss of $2 million. with the super bowl in nearby santa clara, san jose believed all its hotel rooms would sell out. some incredible video of a california one-year-old hearing his parents for the first time. [ clapping ] >> yay! >> he hears us. >> oh, he does. when thomas was born, doctors actually told his parents he was perfectly healthy but when an alarm sounded and he didn't wake up his mother knew
6:41 pm
something was wrong. so doctors screened him again. found out he was deaf. now thanks to cochlear implants, he is hearing the world. >> we're just thrilled that he hears us, that he is happy hearing us, that one day not yet but he is going to say mama. >> he will will. now that thomas can hear, things as ordinary as the crunch of that plastic water bottle seem extraordinary. do you text while walking? go to my twitter page at #veronicadlcruz vote now. join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. this little pig buy stops bay area traffic and wait until you hear where the chase ended up. >> hopefully not the market. we have a perfect pattern set up for more rainfall here in the bay area. huge ridge east of hawaii
6:42 pm
steering the storms into california. but it will really depend on where you are because parts of the bay area will get half a foot of rain. parts of the bay area 10% of that. i'll break it down coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, what is the tougher plastic to explain the black hole or oracle. we have made it a difficult place to play. we're proud of that. >> raiders have agreed to terms with two players. we'll tell you who is coming and for how much. >> we have a major upset. >> look at those hands. >> no, no, not that guy. a local basketball team. highlight straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pig scurrying ar a little piglet had an adventure in san francisco. a man noticed a pig scurrying around bushes in front of the society of st. francis near dolores park. st. francis the patron saint of animals and the city. several people were worried she would run in the road so they caught her. animal control took over and they have named her janis. the owners have five days to
6:46 pm
get her. >> aw. and the monterey bay aquarium showing off its new addition, only a few days old. she was delivered in the great tide pool inlength in front of visitors in the aquarium. scientists say it's a sign the species is making a comeback. sea otters were almost extinct but now we are seeing them thrive. here's a photo taken just moments after that pup was born. the mother went to a quiet spot on high ground away from the waves to deliver her baby. the aquarium says both are happy and healthy. >> they had sunshine down there. >> rare. >> the pig is safe. otters are safe. everything is good. >> all is right. >> everything is good with nature. the animals won't be heading into your backyard because there's plenty of water where they live. that's another great thing with the rainfall that we have had. light rain in cam best, los gatos, sunnyvale, milpitas, showers working their way south. not raining in morgan hill or
6:47 pm
gilroy yet. give it a few minutes and it will, otherwise light scattered showers. we are rain-free for now at the golden gate. only 50 in san francisco. how about santa rosa? 48 currently it's chilly. concord, oakland, mid-50s. we are doing better for the water year. the only place behind is the north bay. but that may not be a problem after thursday and friday. santa rosa for the water year 83%. not bad. but frankly we did expect more. livermore 97%, san francisco 92. and a a drip or two above average. lows tonight we are going to hang out where we are right now. we are increasing the cloud cover with that blanket of clouds over the bay area. we'll stay in the upper 40s to low 50s. livermore 49. redwood city 48. napa tonight 47 degrees. i'll explain this a little more. big strong ridge east of hawaii that's take the tropical moisture and hitting the ridge and riding it over the ridge which is a problem when the ridge is off the california coastline but when the ridge is here it's good. now all that tropical moisture is riding straight into it like
6:48 pm
taking a bus ticket right into california and the next three or four weather systems will follow this pattern and follow right into the bay area giving us more much-needed march rainfall. we have counted four storms already. there's some rain that will move in tomorrow albeit not much but we'll call it storm 4. it's the one behind it tapping into the jet stream energy giving us widespread heavy rainfall on thursday. this is critical because it really depends on where you live on thursday. sometimes with these pineapple express systems, they sit over one spot and they pour over one spot but just to the south and north it's not that much rain? wednesday scattered showers. look at thursday now. i'm going to stop it thursday night. those of new san jose may be watching us saying where's the rainfall? i don't see any. but up the road in santa rosa it will be wetter than over the weekend. two inches or more of rain for the north bay. very little if any for the south bay and finally when the front comes through on friday we are still looking a a huge business sparty in rainfall
6:49 pm
totals more than 3 or had" of rain for santa rosa but san jose less than an inch. tomorrow morning light rain. heavier rain into the north bay thursday morning. highs tomorrow we go back above average temporarily. concord 68. fremont 70. campbell 69. cloudy day with some morning showers in san ramon, 69. 66 for sausalito and petaluma. 64 degrees for a high tomorrow. wettest day will be thursday. up north the wettest day for you in the south bay will lookly be thursday night into friday. we are dry saturday. showers return sunday. and more rain is likely next month and next tuesday. the wet stuff especially in the north bay is certainly going to get here thursday. dennis with sports is next. ,, ,,
6:50 pm
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jennifer azzi with a five-yr contract extension after her dons gained a birth in the women's was usf s t eights month ago usf awarded the basketball coach with a five-year contract extension after her dons gained a berth in the nit. it was the first post-season since 2002 and the beginning for the former stanford star. >> when you take over a program like this one that was so down and i mean really down, it takes years, and i think in college athletics everyone wants to either change a coach very quickly or think that, you know, you can just replace a couple players and you can
6:53 pm
turn it around. >> fade azzi's dons trailed byi up to sa in the wcc title game, trailed up to 15. 27 points inside, ten rebounds and a major league staredown. 23 seconds to go don's down one. proctor makes the hit. back the other way, fouled, two free at least to give usf the first lead of the game. she finished with 21. final chance for byu and didn't get a shot off. sixth seeded lady dons beat byu 70-76 and advance to the ncaa tournament for the first time since the clinton administration! now, we have this segment on nightbeat we call jump on tomorrow. the raiders are big fans of that show. free agency begins tomorrow but the raiders are scoring big today. reportedly agreeing to a five- year deal worth up to $60 million with offensive lineman [ non-english language ] now,
6:54 pm
friends call him k-o for short. the former raven is anything but short. 6'5", 330 pounds regard the as a top lineman on the market. the raiders also reached a deal with pass rushing linebacker bruce irvin. the 28-year-old had 22 sacks in four seasons with the seahawks. the last time the warriors lost a game at home donald trump was still hosting celebrity apprentice and not considered a serious candidate for the republican nomination. >> we're going streaking! >> golden state beat orlando last night to set an nba record with 45 straight home wins in the regular season dating back to last year and according to steve kerr no fan base deserves all the encore success more than one nation.
6:55 pm
>> i have so many memories of coming in here when the warriors weren't that good and it was our place to play. because of the crowd. so now it's the double whammy. we have the crowd that's always been there but we have the talent to go with that. and so we have made it a very difficult place to play. and we're proud of that. >> don't count charles barkley among the backers. he said the warriors every warriors wouldn't win the nba championship last year and apparently he hasn't learned his lesson. >> they have a terrific team. they have been great for the nba. they have been great for the nba. >> are you ready to jump on board this year because they are the number one team this year. >> i'm telling you right now they are not going to win the championship this year. >> are you a betting man. >> of course i am. [ laughter ] >> what do you want to bet? >> you make light on yourself. >> i'll bet you a round of golf. >> bet. >> it's a deal. [ applause ] >> good night, that is a huge fish! >> our catch of the day goes to
6:56 pm
this man, this is lawrence miles. he pulled in a pair of bass off the delta. i got a question for you guys. maybe paul, you know. do fish tend to bite more in bad weather conditions? because i have been getting a ton of bass pictures off the delta the last few days. paul, your thoughts? >> then the answer is yes [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. >> catch of the day you think you can do better? send us your pictures to we'll make you a star for all of five seconds. >> that's worth it. worth the bright of admission. >> charles barkley is paying for golf. >> that's the kiss of death for anybody else except the warriors. >> there you go. >> worked last year. >> do it again. >> all right. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather, always on >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. see you back here at 11. captions by: caption colorado ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you folks? thank y'all very much. i appreciate it. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. folks, returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 41,675 bucks, from dublin, ohio, it's the champs, it's the clowes family. [cheering and applause] and from lawrenceville, georgia, it's the carter family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win
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