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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the livermore ace station and kiet, are the passengers a little leery or are they okay? >> reporter: they seem fine. we talked to them as they arrived for the 6:26 train at livermore. this is thanks to crews who worked nonstop monday night. a's train 1 arrived in livermore with not much fan fair. even at this early hour were there were plenty of commuters on board. a's handles thousands of passengers a day -- ace handles thousands of passengers a day. a passenger comment. >> i feel very comfortable getting on the train. i have been taking trains for about 15 years so it's a way of life for me. >> out at the scene in sunol the biggest challenge was hoisting up the final rail cart one that smashed through the mud slide monday night and toppled into the creek. it was laying on its side and the front den was buried in
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several feet of mud and water. union pacific hooked up the car and lowered it on a flatbed. crews were inspect it and if possible repair it and then turn it back into service. representative swalwell is concerned about more upcoming rain. >> i'm just concerned. we have intense weather headed our way. it's a break in the storm right now. but we want to make sure that passengers on that train tomorrow are safe. >> reporter: and the signs here at the station are telling the passengers that there will be a slowdown order observed as they head through niles canyon. in livermore, kiet do, kpix 5. the derailment could have been deadly. these are some pictures taken from inside the car that plunged into icy water in the alameda creek. you can see all the mud and water in there. while no one died, there were some serious injuries. >> people were crying for help and i went to find the conductor. i keep a flashlight in my bag. and he had flown out the window, the front window.
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>> one lady had dislocated her knee. one of the injured gentlemen he actually had cracked his ribs. >> several passengers stepped in to help each other while they waited for crews to arrive. >> here's gianna with the traffic report. >> we are actually going to start off with the tri-valley commute for "super commuters" on 580 this morning. here's a live look at conditions. we are dealing with some slick surfaces out there because of the wet weather so be careful westbound and it is starting to get busy out there. extra volume westbound altamont pass and 680 to 680. 21 minutes for your drive time. we have brake lights as well westbound from mountain house towards greenville this morning. so again give yourself a few extra minutes. ace train is on time this morning. bart, caltrain, muni metro all mass transit is doing good. so you might use that instead of dealing with all this wet weather. northbound 880, right at 238 we have an accident involving three vehicles. also a big rig. debris in the road a lot of delays on the southbound side of 880. looks like 28 also starting to
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see some slow-and-go conditions as you work your way towards the nimitz freeway. so extra busy into hayward. north of there though no troubles northbound 880 into downtown oakland. southbound near the coliseum actually moving at nice speeds but again the jazz taking on the warriors at oracle. >> did you say wet weather? >> i did. >> oh, no, it's just the angels crying tears of happiness for gianna's birthday! [ laughter ] light rain showers. we have had a quarter inch of rain in the mount saint helena area this morning. danville .05." right now we have a few raindrops on the rooftops in american canyon according to our hi-def doppler. it's live and we're picking up rainfall in vallejo and crossing the dumbarton towards newark light rain making roads slippery. a few raindrops on our camera lens in san francisco taking a peek out towards the port of oakland where currently it's 54 degrees.
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it's 50 in livermore. 48 degrees cool start to your day in santa rosa. the rains will dissipate this morning mostly cloudy skies. winds will pick up a bit breezy 10 to 20. our temperatures near 70 degrees. heavy rain on thursday. more rain for friday, heavy rain everywhere and we'll talk about that coming up at 18 men's after the hour. bernardini might be smiling as he debates hillary clinton tonight because sandy just clinched a big surprise win in michigan. craig boswell on that and more from last night's primaries reporter: bernie sanders regained momentum last night picking up a big win in michigan's primary contest over rival hillary clinton. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points out a few days ago. >> reporter: clinton who scored a victory in mississippi is looking ahead to the general election.
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>> running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults. it should be about delivering results for the american people! >> reporter: for sanders the race is uphill. the former secretary of state has already earned more than half of the delegates needed to clinch the party nomination. >> in terms of superdelegates he is way ahead and probably won't change -- she is way ahead and probably won't change. >> reporter: despite some trying to derail donald trump's campaign, he continues to extend his lead picking up even more victories last night. >> there's only one person did will tonight, donald trump, i will tell you. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the billionaire front-runner defeated his rivals in michigan, mississippi and hawaii while ted cruz carried idaho. >> we have tremendous support on the grassroots and we are fighting to earn delegates. >> reporter: marco rubio had a brutal night emerging with nothing. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> cbs news has learned that
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marco rubio's team is discussing the future of his campaign. some of the biggest names in sillicon valley are trying their best to crush donald trump. reports say several tech executives flew to this private island resort off the coast of georgia, reportedly holding a secret meeting to craft a "game plan." among the people were tesla's elon musk, google cofounder larry page, napster sean parker and apple ceo tim condition along with republicans senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, strategist karl rove and house speaker paul ryan all reportedly there. some heavy hitter. pedestrian deaths are on the rise in california. a new study shows they increased some 7% in the first half of 2015 over the previous year. just under 350 californians were killed by cars. nationally, pedestrian deaths went up 6% during the same period. but the nonprofit behind the study says once final stats are compiled, that number
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could be even higher. state lawmakers are making a new move to tax mike sugerman in california. they would have to pay a health impact fee of 2 cents an ounce for the distributors. $2billion a year in revenue would help fund health issues. time now 6:0. a group of college students is accused of running an international drug smuggling ring. what they had to say when we confronted them. >> a rare phenomenon providing spectacular views over indonesia. we'll take a look at some of the amazing picture from the total eclipse. >> we have a series of storms taking aim on the bay area. i'll tell you which day will have the most rainfall coming up. >> and as your morning commute is busy the accidents are trickling in. mass transit is on time. details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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standing by for fun. ♪ we're continuing to follow developing news in seattle this is your live weather camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. we have raindrops on the camera lens and rain in the forecast today through monday. i'll show you which day will be slammed the hardest in less than 4 minutes. >> we are following develop news in seattle where nine firefighters were rushed to the hospital after an explosion. it happened as fire crews were checking out reports of a natural gas leak. it leveled one building and another collapsed. the explosion shattered windows of surrounding businesses and forced the evacuation of an apartment building. the nine injured firefighters are being treated for minor burns and abrasions. >> a hiker who got trapped in a bay area bluff can finally move around again.
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the 33-year-old man got stuck above the ocean at rodeo beach in marin county on monday. he was sandwiched about 80 feet up from the top of the bluff. the hiker spent the night on the cliff. the helicopter pulled him to safety the next morning. other hikers called 911 after hearing him call for help. check out the scene from the helicopter. chp says the hiker scaled the cliff as a shortcut to get to his car. the santa clara county d.a.'s office says three sunnyvale officers acted lawfully when they fatally shot a murder suspect in 2014. 53-year-old glen griggs died after barricading himself in his bedroom on june 5 of 2014. he threatened officers with a long bb gun as they served a warrant to investigate him for killing -- for the killing of his roommate. she was one of four women who
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died mysteriously while dating griggs. students are in trouble with the police. officers say the uc-santa cruz students ran an international drug ring. maria medina confronted the suspects. >> reporter: excuse me. maria with kpix 5. >> get [ censored ] off my property. >> reporter: you're ruining lives. >> they haven't seen their court date yet. >> reporter: but police say they are far from innocent. six uc-santa cruz students allegedly busted for operating a drug ring that likely went on for a while before they got caught. >> this is actually an active and ongoing investigation. there will be more to follow. >> reporter: packages were postmarked to santa cruz from overseas. inside more than 4 pounds of ecstasy pills. >> we are troubled. >> reporter: the suspects are members of the lambda phi
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epsilon fraternity and the kappa delta phi sorority. >> they have are not operating anymore. >> reporter: the suspects all just 21 lived in three different homes all raided by police and the feds last friday including this home where police say more than 4,000 pills of ecstasy also known as molly were ready to be sold out into the community. are these allegations true? >> no, they are not. >> reporter: so the police have it wrong? the police have it wrong then! >> you will see the facts on the court date. >> reporter: what are the facts! the u.s. spokesman could not specifically talk about each student's case but he says they could face anything from suspension to expulsion. in santa cruz, maria medina, kpix 5. >> police say the street value of the drugs is about $100,000. backers of high-speed rail in california have won a big
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victory. a sacramento county judge ruled that the plans do not violate promises made to voters when the project was approved. attorneys who represent kings county and a group of landowners wanted to block funding for the $64 billion system. they claim the state's projections on ridership and other figures were not reliable. but the judge said the system is evolving so it's premature for the court to intervene. today people on the other side of the world witnessed a rare celestial event. this is always fun. in the united states we'll see it next year. a total solar eclipse. it happened over out east asia. the moon moved across the sun. it lasted for four minutes in indonesia. in august of 2017, a total eclipse will bring darkness to the u.s. starting up north in oregon. so mark your calendar. >> cool. >> reporter: the roads are
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busy on 880. accident 880 at 238 blocking lanes slowed things down this morning. now south 880 at lewelling we have a new wreck reported also blocking lanes with injuries. so busy out of hayward this morning. plus slick surfaces. it's wet out there this morning. we have some rain. roberta will have more on that coming up. so that means folks are taking it slower than usual this morning which is a good idea. south 880 in san lorenzo hayward into fremont towards the san mateo bridge some delays, as well. also along 880, northbound right at the alameda we have reports of an accident here as well near broadway. looks like this one is in the blocking lanes. it's not causing delays actually 880 through there looks good. over to the san mateo bridge, we are seeing extra volume now as you work your way westbound between 880 and 101. 16 minutes for your drive time. just a couple of minutes than what it was about an hour ago. busy at the bay bridge. metering lights are on. you're backed up into the maze so slow-and-go there coming off the eastshore freeway. it's going to take you 27 minutes now traveling from the
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carquinez bridge to the maze. rain on the bay bridge cam. eastbound 4 bailey to loveridge traffic control there. chp is on scene. westbound delays. stop-and-go out of antioch but it really slows down into pittsburg. traffic gets better throughout the morning once you hit the eastshore freeway and then brakes on the westbound side. here's conditions along san jose northbound 101. we have brake lights really starting to fill in around 280680 connector as you work your way northbound. eases up a bit past 237. 280 a good choice 12 minutes through downtown san jose. guadalupe parkway also seeing some delays this morning. and westbound 580 altamont pass to 680 our drive times about 20 machines now busy as you work your way westbound from the mountain house area to about greenville. and again we have a little bit of rain this morning.
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"lady g," did you say delays? >> yes. >> we have delays at sfo on some arriving flights up to 43 minutes due to rain. and also, very low ceiling. good morning, everyone. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. we have very light rainfall. nonetheless it makes the roads very slippery. from walnut creek to the san ramon valley, streaming into that 580/680 corridor. we have precipitation moving off the peninsula into the bay. 280 duchess you off on the embarcadero, we have the light rain falling. that's now traversing out over the bay waters. but as we take a bird's-eye view from our kpix 5 studios and look down towards the embarcadero, across the bay, the visibility is now limited due to the light rainfall and the low ceiling and that's why we have those delays at sfo. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. winds will blow today out of the southeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. the rain is going to shut off
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during the morning hours. and then we'll have mostly cloudy skies during the day. heaviest rain thursday and friday. and four inches of rain expected in the wettest spots of the north bay by early saturday morning. here's a plume of moisture associated with this system that we're having today and then watch this moisture all the way back to the hawaiian islands. we are going to be tapping into that river this el nino conditions. here's there is's storm. this is the core of the center of the area of low pressure bringing us the heaviest rainfall. today if you watch the clouds, hit-and-miss scattered showers then we clear out for the evening commute. this line tomorrow morning will produce heavy rainfall thursday anywhere north of the golden gate bridge and in the city and the peninsula. watch how it barely nicks the eastern portion of the bay area leaving the santa clara valley area void. but this is your friday. everybody will see heavy rain and gust is it wind. trees will fall. power lines could come down, as well. and then by saturday morning
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we are going to have a break. here's your rainfall totals: hires your thursdayfriday almost 5.5" in santa rosa. everybody else just about an inch to 3" of rain today approaching 70 very muggy el nino conditions. a bit of a break by saturday before heavy rain sunday night and chances of rain monday and tuesday. enjoy your wednesday. time now 6:20. the head of uc-berkeley's law school is accused of breaking the law. we'll have the details on his alleged bad behavior. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, saint mary's had a chance to punch their ticket to the ncaa dance if they beat gonzaga and raiders big on the eve of free agent frenzy. who is coming and for how much coming up.
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play of the day... off to the province of alberta. sh good morning, everybody. today day one of nfl free agent frenzy. and it's raiders general manager reggie mckenzie signing the biggest check. they will make kelechi osemele among the top five highest paid offensive linemen in the league five years $60 million. on the other side of the beautiful the raiders will sign pass rushing linebacker bruce irvin. he will reunite with former coach ken norton, jr. can randy bennett and the st. mary's gaels finally beat gonzaga in the title game of the wcc? gonzaga led most of the gay but to the rack, cuts the zag lead to three points. how would gonzaga respond? like a team that's been to the ncaa tournament 17 straight years.
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mcclellan three ball gonzaga defeats saint mary's 85-75. the gaels only hope now is an at-large bid. i think they will get that. can the lady dons pull off a major upset over byu in the title game? closing minutes. usf down 2. taylor proctor with a clutch lay-in and one. she had a great game. 27 points. here's the great george devon with the finish. >> free throw up, no good, pushed by purcell, three seconds purcell midcourt -- [ screaming ] >> the dons are going to the ncaa tournament! >> devon upset indeed. the dons headed to the dance in a shocker! man, let the madness begin early, right? the sharks beat the oilers 3-0 to complete the canadian sweep. i'm dennis o'donnell. get ready for the 49ers to get busy in the free agency. we'll have that story tonight at 6:00. thank you, dennis. play of the day, we are going to take you up to the province of alberta. more on that sharks and oilers game and one mighty impressive
6:26 am
goal. watch this. >> gives it back to martin. he shoots scores! >> paul martin with a slapper in the second period pavelski are the goal. he got 31 this season. sharks beat the oilers 3-0 completing the alberta sweep for the play of the day. allegations of excessive use of force. coming up we'll tell you the latest in the case against the san francisco police alleging wrongful death. >> and i'm kiet do. we're live in livermore. that train derailment has been cleaned up and "ace" train service is back on again today. ,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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and i'm frank mallicoat. tis 6-- the scene good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 9. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:30. the scene of a train derailment near sunol is clear now and service on ace has been running smoothly all morning. kpix 5's kiet do is at the livermore station and has been monitoring the trains for us all morning long. no issues yet, kiet, right? >> reporter: yeah, no issues. the first train to pass through niles canyon since the derailment came through here in livermore precisely at 5:26 this morning. take a look. we were right there when it happened. ace train number one pretty much arrived with no fanfare. even at that early hour, there were plenty of commuters on board. they handle about 6,000 commuters a day. the sign here at the station is telling passengers there is a slowdown order going through niles canyon. talking with union pacific yesterday, confidence was high and that restoring service was in the a question of if but when. union pacific crews raced to
6:31 am
get the tracks ready for the trains again. listen to the tapes from monday night after a train derailed into alameda creek: >> reporter: an hour after another train rolled through, sometime before ace train 10, a patch of mud 40 by 80 feet slid off the hillside. you can see from chopper 5. >> we don't know yet whether the impact was, you know, before -- whether the tree was down before, whether the impact was while the train was traversing. >> reporter: the result, the train derailed and one car was in the creek. reversing gravity and retrieving the cars was an all- day process. >> three were easier than the las two. >> reporter: the wheels were a foot deep in the mud. >> we look at it and we're like, whoa, that's not doable
6:32 am
but when our crews look at it they have been trained in doing this, they have been doing this for years, they look at this and say, that's doable. >> reporter: union pacific says the tracks are inspected twice a week and more in bad weather. >> i'm just concerned. we have intense weather headed our way. it's a break in the storm right now. but we want to make sure that passengers on that train tomorrow are safe. >> reporter: the line of looked good once the mud slide was cleared out. they only had to replace a couple of concrete ties. kiet do, kpix 5. the derailment could have been deadly. here are some pictures taken from inside the car that plunged into the creek. you can see all the mud inside the train. there it is. one passenger described his experience getting off that derailed train car. >> kind of nerve-racking because you're on the side of the train and you don't want to step on the windows because you think you're going to go through the window.
6:33 am
>> there were no serious injuries. several passengers stepped in actually to help one another out while they waited for the rescue. a miracle. >> amazing to see the footage and the wreckage and then know that no one was seriously hurt. let's see how the roads are. >> reporter: we have some wet weather out there this morning. so we have folks taking it slower as they work your way through the altamont pass this morning. looks like drive times about 29 minutes from the top of the pass to 680. a lot of delays east of there as you work your way westbound out of tracy right around mountain house and greenville. ace train number 3 is on time. and ace train number 5 leaves at 6:40. south 680 at lewelling, an accident in lanes. southbound stop-and-go conditions well before hayward now working your way south of there all the way into fremont. the san mateo bridge 25-minute delays between 880 and 101. look at that traffic crawling along. a lot of it due to wet
6:34 am
weather. >> we have spotty scattered showers around the bay area. this system is carving a path for two storms that will impact the bay area by the weekend. good morning, everyone. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. and as we take a look at the green on the screen, it's very light precipitation but we have picked up about a quarter inch of rain in the mount saint helena area since midnight. it's wet. danville had a splash & dash shower going east toward marsh creek springs. with the rain showers we'll have delays at sfo on some arriving flights up to 43 minutes. temperatures approaching 70 degrees. muggy and warmer due to the influence of the atmospheric river tapping into really el nino conditions. 60s beaches. becoming mostly cloudy during the day. rain tapers off about 2 p.m. good morning, tri-valley, your numbers upper 60s and low 70s. a southeast breeze 10 to 20
6:35 am
miles per hour. 65 degrees today in san rafael. north bay this area, you're going to get smacked with heavy rain especially on friday. we are going to talk more about that plus your snow report is coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. 6:35 your time. the dean of uc-berkeley school of law facing a sexual harassment lawsuit. [ non-english language ] executive assistant claims he gave her unwanted hugs and kisses last july. a university panel disciplined over similar allegation including some made by some other women. the new lawsuit named both him and the board of regents saying the school did nothing. happening today, the lawsuit over a fatal shooting by san francisco police officers is wrapping up. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the courthouse where closing arguments are scheduled this morning in the case of alex nieto. >> reporter: this is the end of a long trial alleging wrongful death and excessive force against four san francisco police officers.
6:36 am
it was filed by the parents of alex nieto a 28-year-old shot and killed in a bernal height park in march of 2014. supporters have held several vigils claiming police overreacted when they killed him. he was armed with a taser that he had for his job as a security guard. >> it's our belief that the claim that he had pulled out his taser and pointed it at the police did not happen. that is a false statement. it is a cover-up statement. >> reporter: now, the d.a.'s office never charged the officers in this case saying that their use of force was justified. so this morning, we are expecting closing argument in this case and it should be in the hands of the jury around noon. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. an oakland man arrested for a murder that didn't happen has died in jail.
6:37 am
65-year-old melvin stubbs died on sunday of complications from diabetes. a nurse found him unresponsive in the medical wing of the santa rita jail in dublin. stubbs had been in custody since saturday. that's when oakland police found his wife dead inside their home. investigators later determined she died of natural causes. as for the presidential race, michigan voters have made up their minds. last night's results were a surprise for bernie sanders. his win defied many polls that had predicted a hillary clinton victory. the vermont senator scored 49.9% of the vote in the wolverine state. clinton got about 48%. sanders thanked michigan voters for proving the polls wrong. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago who repudiated the pundits who said that bernie sanders was not going anywhere. >> on the republican side,
6:38 am
donald trump won michigan easily. ted cruz came in second. trump spoke to voters after the results. >> we have something going that's so good, we should grab each other and we should unify the party and nobody is going to beat us. >> he also won mississippi. he scored more than 47% of the vote in yesterday's primary. clinton continued her strong showing in the south getting almost 80% of the vote. and ted cruz took the state of idaho scoring over 45% of the vote. trump was in second with marco rubio third. and the results from hawaii are now in. trump won the state with 42% of the vote. cruz placed second. the next big prize is in campaign 2016, ohio and florida. voters in those states head to the polls next tuesday, along with illinois, north carolina and missouri. time is 6:38. an intruder is shot while breaking into a bay area home. and now the homeowner's son is
6:39 am
the one in legal trouble. we'll explain coming up. >> with bart trains getting more and more crowded, the agency considers a radical move to stop passengers from hogging too much space ,,
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. time check, 6:42. some light precipitation around the bay area. as we zero in on the city of san francisco, we have light precipitation over muir valley. but let's take a peek outside right now. we have lots of raindrops on our camera lens and, in fact, we have temperatures today soaring into the 60s even 70. rain will taper off, bigger storm tomorrow. we'll have the complete
6:43 am
forecast coming up. warmer temperatures? >> yeah, keep the umbrella handy. getting a workout, thank you. it is time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> and we have the man to do that, charlie rose standing by live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, frank and michelle. we'll talk with john dickerson about bernie sanders' very big upset. and whether marco rubio can even make it to the florida primaries. plus, new crash test videos show how front seat can break. front seats. the latest developments in the cbs news investigation. also [ indiscernible ] was supposed to revolutionize medicine. we take a look at critics say the palo alto-based company failed to deliver. and we look back on the incredible career of beatles producer sir george martin. the news is back in the morning. >> he was amazing. >> love the music. >> you bet. >> see you at 7:00. cisco of san jose is going on a buying spree including
6:44 am
plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars overseas. >> joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. cisco not really worried about some of the stock market volatility economic growth concerns that we have seen is over the past couple of months. it's really been opening up its purse over the past couple of weeks. now buying san francisco startup sonata which specializes in search technology in sifting through massive amounts of business data. the company last week spent $640 million buying two companies, san jose startup clicker as well as israeli based leber semiconductor and it announced a half billion dollars development into germany the next three years using it for i.t. training and research products on privacy and data intelligence which is a big deal in europe right now and also some startup growth, as well. tough day ahead for yelp. the san francisco company getting dinged by a downgrade
6:45 am
from the ubs analyst who is sell rating on the basis that it's having problems growing its user base compared to rivals and it's not seeing the product innovation that it needs to in order to keep up with those companies. those are familiar refrains over the past year. that's really slammed yelp stock during that time although yelp has been on a rebound over the past month with the stock up around 40% but it is sliding in the early going today. overall the market is rebounding after a losing session yesterday. let's take a look at the big board and see how we're faring so far. dow is up by about 70 points. nasdaq up 17. s&p higher by 9 points. yelp shares are down by over 5%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> okay, jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. a new crackdown on bart. could you face big fines if you take up too much space on the train. ridership is at an all-time high. seats are at a big premium. complaints about see the hogs are so common the agency decided to do something about it. fine those passengers $100. if you keep doing it, you're
6:46 am
going to get hit with a $500 fine. >> they have guards to do that or something? i'm not sure how they would do that. >> the only way it would work is like constant surveillance from like the bart employees. >> the new fines would not apply for people with medical conditions or people who couldn't fit in one seat. all right, michelle. you have a little explaining to do here. >> okay all right. >> i spoke yesterday with a swimsuit model for secret service. victoria's secret. >> there's someone missing. michelle, were you supposed to be there. what happened? did you not get on the flight? what happened? you were supposed to be part of the swim special. so we are going to have to like put new somewhere. >> yeah. i was really busy. >> were you busy? >> they kept calling my cell phone. >> the do your facial. [ laughter ] >> yeah. right. [ laughter ] >> she is a good sport.
6:47 am
kind of fun. >> it was fun. it was kind of cool. you didn't tell me that was going on. >> it's too bad you're not part of it. >> it's too bad. well, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> save me, gianna. [ laughter ] >> next year. no, she is available next year. this year was a little hard with her schedule. so. >> there you go. >> don't worry, michelle. jumping to the freeways right now, it is a doozy out there as you work your way on the roads. so maybe use mass transit. bart is on time. ace train all trains running on time right now. ace train 5 left a few minutes ago. caltrain and muni metro no delays this morning. we are seeing stop-and-go conditions best bound 580. 205 as you make the connector to five. sluggish at the top of the pass. it bogs down just a bit as you work your way towards 680. and we can't use our 680 cam because it's socked in with wet weather out there this morning. southbound 880, 238 to highway 84, that's a 27-minute ride. the problem was, we had a couple of accidents along 880 this morning. they have been cleared out of lanes. but as you are, the damage is
6:48 am
done. a lot of red there which indicates speeds under 25 miles per hour. check this out. what a struggle the san mateo bridge is right now. 34 minutes so over half-hour as you work your way westbound 92, 880, 101 to foster city. very slow. bay bridge doing okay in some lanes. metering lights are on. delays including the eastshore freeway as well as 580. highway 4, we have some roadwork on the eastbound side. they have traffic control in effect that's now been wrapped up. westbound seeing a lot of brake lights this morning slow- and-go conditions as you work your way near loveridge. south 680 that ramp to concord avenue we have reports of an accident where a vehicle hit a pole. big rig may be involved, as well. some activity there as you exit concord. more on the rain. >> what time is it? >> is it weather watcher time? >> it is! good morning, everyone. 6:48 a.m. time to check in with people in the area who have weather stations.
6:49 am
maybe you do. if you do, go to you can check in with us. well, 59 degrees right now, here's 49. let's check in with linda mather in napa. she picked up about .03" of rain since midnight. wet rain slight wind with cool temperatures. you nailed it. that's why we are calling on our live hi-def doppler. this is where we have some very light precipitation around the bay area. east bay danville got .05" since midnight. we have activity that's moving due east of the san ramon area heading towards brentwood and discovery bay. livermore light rain showers. light rain from bay street into chinatown. looks clear at the golden gate bridge but our camera shows remaining raindrops on our camera lens. temperatures in the 40s and
6:50 am
50s. southeast increasing 10 to 20 miles per hour. mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. this serving carving the path moistening up the air mass for two big storms heading this way. in fact, it's a active weather pattern. we have this one right here your thursday storm. this one storm number 5 is going to impact the entire bay area on friday. here's what young expect today. mostly cloudy skies. that's the leading edge of thursday's system. as it begins to sag, you can see it really falls apart at the seams. it really only affects san francisco to the north with hit-and-miss scattered showers. it's friday's system that will blast through the area with gusty winds up to 30 and 40 miles per hour. and by the time it pushes through on saturday morning, up to 6" of rain in the wettest locations of the north bay. that's a lot of rain. all right. here we go. this is your wednesday system. we walk you through your thursday storm. we have more rain to the north. and then watch what happens on friday. we get blasted with over about 5.5" of rain in santa rosa. there's your state temperatures today.
6:51 am
your snow report: rain through tuesday. that's our "eye on the storm." first the man breaks into a foster city home then takes a homeowner's son to court. kpix 5's mark kelly on the lawsuit that is tough to believe. >> that is my biggest issue. out judicial system allows these people to have the right to try to sue. >> reporter: joel balance vary could hardly believe an intruder sued him for negligent use of a handgun. . joe's family was pending the night at his parents' foster city home in 2014 when a noise woke him up. >> i heard a noise from the
6:52 am
front door, the door handling rattling. so i woke up my father. told him someone was trying to break into the house. where's your gun? >> reporter: joe says the intruder did not stop at the front door. he jumped the fence and made his way around the back of the house through the side door into the unlocked garage door. >> this guy is now in my house. >> reporter: in the dark house joe came face to face with his 6'4" intruder and fired three shots. >> the shots hit him right here and that's what put him on the ground. >> reporter: but here's the catch. the plaintiff says he was intoxicated and thought he was walking into his friend's house. >> there was no knocking. there was no announcement. there was nothing. >> reporter: months after the incident, there was that civil suit and in the end the judge sided with joe but with mounting legal fees, he launched a "go fund me" account in hopes once and for all paying off his debt and
6:53 am
putting that horrific night behind him. >> this guy put a huge burden on my shoulders. >> reporter: in brentwood, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> prosecutors didn't file charges in the case. since the shooting happened at joe ballestreri's parent's home, the homeowners's insurance covered only their legal fees, not his. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
face off once again in a de tonight in florida ....ahea the state's winner- take-all five things to know at the :55. bernie sanders and hillary clinton debating tonight ahead of the winner-take-all primary next week. he gained momentum with a crucial win in michigan last night but hillary clinton got more delegates with a win in mississippi. republican donald trump dealt another blow to his gop
6:57 am
rivals. the front-runner was victorious in michigan, mississippi and hawaii, ted cruz carried idaho. sources say that marco rubio is discussing whether his campaign staff whether to drop out. nine firefighters were rushed to the hospital after an explosion in seattle. some live pictures there. it happened while they were checking out reports of a natural gas leak that levels one building and caused another to partially collapse. the injured firefighters are treated for minor burns and abrasions. today an assemblyman from santa monica will introduce a bill to tax all sugary drinks sold in california. the plan would add a tax of 2 cents per ounce. the money would go toward obesity and diabetes prevention and oral health programs. and closing arguments get under way in a civil rights lawsuit against the san francisco police department. officers killed alex into yosemite tow in bernal heights park in 2014. alex nieto's family claims the
6:58 am
officers were too quick to pull the trigger. >> reporter: i'm kiet do reporting on the mud slide and derailment on monday. ace train one arrived in livermore precisely at 5:26 a.m. with no fanfare and even at that early hour there were lots of people on board. ace handles about 6,000 passengers a day coming to and from the central valley to the bay area. signs on the platform told passengers the train would be under a slowdown order heading through niles canyon. now this, this was the scene in sunol yesterday. the biggest challenge for union pacific was hoisting up the final car that smashed through the mud slide monday night and fell into the creek. they removed it. the rail line was okay and they just replaced a couple concrete ties. kiet do, kpix 5. on the roads now, just getting word of an accident along 85 at cottle with injuries. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. slick surfaces out there, 42
6:59 am
between 880 and 101. bay bridge not much better 42 minutes off the eastshore freeway ride from the carquinez bridge. metering lights are on and it's slow across the upper deck into san francisco. also raining at the golden gate bridge right now. so we are seeing some delays just slightly southbound as you come away through novato. good morning, it's our live hi-def doppler radar. we have had a smattering of rain so far about a quarter inch of rain in the mount saint helena areas. otherwise .05" in danville. see that visibility how restricted it is? that's why we have delays at sfo on 43 minutes on some arriving flights. we are in the 40s and 50s. got to tell ya, it's going to be a little muggy today approaching the high 60s to 70 degrees southeast winds to 20. rain tapers off, cloudy skies today, a bigger storm on thursday. a bigger storm on friday with gusty winds will topple trees, 6" of rain by saturday morning. wettest spots of the north bay generally one to three inches across the urban areas. >> good day to celebrate a birthday.
7:00 am
>> happy birthday, gianna! captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west, it is wednesday, march 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." bernie sanders pulls off a huge upset over hillary clinton in michigan. and donald trump calls for republicans to unite after his three victories. >> breaking news. a building explodes in seattle injuring several firefighters. we're on the scene. legendary producer george martin, saying good-bye to the fifth beatle. first, today's "eye opener," your world in 930 seconds. >> huge voter turnout. i'm talking about a huge voter turnout. bernie sanders pulls off a


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