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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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of rain in the past 24 hours. they are keeping a close eye on the russian river. joe vazquez is out there live right now with the latest. joe. >> reporter: the weather right now, well, it's raining slightly but it has been moderate to heavy all day here in guerneville and the surrounding area. that's why all eyes are on the russian river. right now it's well within the banks. if you look there along the fence line you can see it creeping upwards. let me show you the projection. right now, well within its banks, as we get into tonight, tomorrow, and then early saturday, that's when now the projection is that it will go above its banks and we could have some minor flooding in this area. >> get everything out of here and leave, floods, you know? going to do the best we can and get her done. >> reporter: mike lives in the
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rv camp in forestville. the private owner told all the residents to move to higher ground. >> soaking wet and ready to go home. take a shower somewheres. get warm. >> reporter: it's going to get worse before it gets better? >> that's what they say. i don't know. i'm still not sure it's going to flood the way they say it's going to flood. >> reporter: but you're not sticking around. no, we have to leave no matter what. >> reporter: steady hard rains have pounded the area today. this mud slide in forestville blocked summer home park road for hours. earlier today it didn't appear the river was going to go out of its banks but this afternoon the national weather service updated its projection and now believes it will go above flood stage saturday morning. folks are being warned in monte rio they could be flooded as well as riverside areas in guerneville and forestville. >> i have seen it up to the top stair here because i have stairs down to the river. >> reporter: linda has had to
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do this before. this is her 3rd evacuation. >> i'm nervous. >> reporter: i'm 61. and this is my home right now. >> reporter: so we watch and we wait and the fact is, a lot of the locals here, they are used to this. this is something they have seen from time to time. every several years. but that doesn't mean that the low level flooding that will get into some homes in this area is any less of an important fact. the fact is, there will be some damage. there will be some massive clean-up. back to you. >> thank you. severe weather is prompting a school closure in sonoma county. harmony elementary school, salmon creek charter school and guerneville school all will be closed tomorrow. in santa rosa a downpour of rain so powerful it caused the roof of a kmart to collapse. no injuries. jackie ward on where there was concern something i like to could happen. >> reporter: public works crews in santa rosa have been gearing
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up for latest string of storms for days. >> a good part of the week preparing. >> reporter: what does that entail? >> removing debris and making sure that our system is open. >> not enough work was done at this kmart ahead of time. >> reporter: contractors were concerned about the forecast and the stability of this roof. turns out they had a good reason to be worried. >> this is different. this isn't normal but it can happen. we want to make people aware of it that it's not just trees and power lines. there's a reason we're telling people, hey, clear your gutters. >> reporter: that's why the santa rosa fire department continues to emphasize the same thing they have been saying since the beginning of this winter. >> we are pushing the message that be aware, floodwaters rise quickly. if you play in the creek, keep them out during the weather. >> reporter: the outdoor garden center received the brunt of damage. but a little bit of the inside of the store did, as well. so right now, the fire department working with the building inspector to make sure that the building remains safe for people to shop and work in
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today. this happened when water got into the dry rot and just weighed that roof down. in santa rosa, jackie ward, kpix 5. within the past 30 minutes, a major road closure. because of the storms, getting word that the chp has had to shut down the intersection of highway 121 and highway 12 in napa county. emergency crews tweeting out this photo of water covering the intersection. they are not expecting to re- open that until midnight. >> and in marin, creek levels are rising as rain falls and storm drains funnel the water in. low-lying roads are almost completely submerged forcing cars to turn around. kpix 5's emily turner is ankle deep in marin rainwater. emily? >> reporter: it has been wait day all day long here in marin and we aren't the only ones prepared with all our rain gear. here in san anselmo there are shop owners also prepared sandbags a common sight up here in marin. the north bay is soggy starting with the golden gate bridge, it
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gets wert. there is standing water on the roads especially in known spots like the highway 1 and 101. caltrans already has measure this is place for road closures due to flooding. and law enforcement and signage are out in force to ensure drivers don't speed on wet roads. arborists are also on alert ready for the calls of downed trees. some have already fallen but this person expects the calls to increase as the ground gets more wet. >> the saturation spot to knocking trees over now. we have had five emergency tree failures. if we get wind it could make the problem worse. >> the marin civic center doesn't farewell in wet weather either. the frank lloyd wright building is set to be a world heritage sight but today the hallways are a mine field of budget and puddles. >> we have to navigate at different times, you know, where the next leak is going to be. so it's challenging. we need water wings.
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>> reporter: it's sandbags this preschool needs in san rafael that sits below street level and floods. so mark is bagging it up today hopefully to save the day. >> it flooded the floor last time inside and one of the rooms. >> reporter: there's not much up here in the north bay that the rain hasn't affected. our camera is out in the rain all day so it's out of focus. sorry about that. but stay dry if you can even if our equipment didn't. live in san anselmo, emily turner, kpix 5. a unique flood control effort in san francisco. 400 feet of this plastic flood barrier in place around businesses in the mission district. the neighborhood in a flood zone. some barriers are filled with recycled water to help hold them in place. it's the first time the city has used this method to prevent flooding. the stormy weather causing
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setbacks in one bay area airport. at sfo in fact. more than 100 flights have been canceled so far today. average delays there an hour to hour and a half. no major delays at the oklahoma and san jose airports. here's another look at def. we'll get an update from brian hackney on what to expect tonight through the weekend coming up in less than 15 minutes. another developing story. a verdict in the federal civil rights trial against san francisco police officers. four officers cleared of using excessive force when they shot and killed 28-year-old nieto in a park in 2014. kpix 5 reporter mike sugerman is at the federal building. he has reaction for us. mike. >> reporter: veronica, alex nieto's parents lost their son two years ago at the hands of police. they say those officers used excessive force so they went to court asking for justice and money. they got nothing. police have won again in a wrongful death shooting case. >> the first question on the
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jury form is whether the officers used excessive force or unreasonable force. the answer was no. >> reporter: san francisco police officers encountered alex nieto in bernal heights park. there were reports he had threatened several dog walkers with a taser and was acting irrationally. officers said when they arrived he pointed what that he thought was a gun at him. four officers shot 59 bullets hitting him more than 10 times. >> it's tragic. it doesn't mean that the officers violated the constitution when they used lethal force. and that's what the jury found. >> reporter: this was a civil case. nieto's family was suing for damages. the district attorney had already cleared police on criminal charges saying the taser could easily be mistaken for a gun. >> we knew from the start we would not get justice. >> reporter: nieto's friends and family said the system was rigged against them. >> the criminal justice system is -- doesn't play fair if a jury is white, you know, and there is a victim that's either brown or black. >> reporter: one eyewitness
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testified nieto did not point anything at the officers, in fact had his hands in his pockets. but there was forensic evidence that the taser was fired just seconds before the shooting. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk to our legal analyst who will explain why the jury found the way it did. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. a tense standoff in a south bay neighborhood lasts more than 6 hours. >> coming up, why police are thanking an alert neighbor. >> plus a troubling health prediction for millions of californians. >> and no order in the court. what sparked a brawl in a california courthouse. ,, ,,,,,,
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situation.. involving their toddler. it happened in a home the willow the divorce of a san jose couple turned into a armed hostage situation involving their toddler. it happened in a home on jonathan avenue in the willow glen neighborhood. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez tells us one man saw what was happening and jumped in to try to help that child.
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len. >> reporter: that's right. this thing might have ended differently. it started off as a hostage situation, then became a standoff situation. it ended peacefully just a short time ago with the arrest of 34-year-old thomas. who allegedly threatened his ex- wife and tried to kidnap his daughter. if not for the brave actions of a neighbor he might have gotten away. >> reporter: the dramatic rescue of a 3-year-old girl safe on the way to be reunited with her mother. hours earlier the toddler was kidnapped at gunpoint by her father during a divorce papers signing that turned dangerous. playing out in public on jonathan avenue in willow glen. >> i came out to put my garbage can in and the lady across the street from me came running out said that her ex-husband was trying to take her baby away from her and he is leaving with my baby, leaving with my baby. >> reporter: a neighbor blocked his car with his own pickup so he couldn't escape. >> he confronted him. i said you're not leaving nowhere with anybody's baby. >> reporter: for the next few
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hours it was a standoff with armed s.w.a.t. team surrounding the home. police tried to negotiate with him by cell phone. but they also fired several flash-bang grenades into the house and sent in a remote- controlled robot to monitor what the gunman was doing. then 7 hours after it began, police patience paid off. s.w.a.t. team members arrested the man without shots being fired and recovered his gun. he was taken to the hospital by ambulance to be checked out. police say they started out negotiating then became more and more increasingly aggressive to try and get him to get out. eventually they say it was his decision to give up and walk out peacefully. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. passwords don't always stay secret. >> coming up, private passwords floating around where criminals can find them. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on how to protect yourself. >> then a tragedy at a california zoo. the surveillance video just
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released of a visitor attacking an endangered koala. >> and another live look at kpix 5 hi-def doppler. storm dumping heavy rain in the bay area. what to expect later tonight and when we might get a break from the rain. that's all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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activity, don't necessarily dismiss new at 5:00 if you get an email from amazon about
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suspicious activity don't necessarily dismiss it as spam. consumerwatch reporter julie watts here to explain what's going on. >> reporter: you know, we often warn about those spoofing emails that look like they are coming from a legitimate company. but then when you click on the link they steal your password or download malware on your kempt for instance, i got one of those emails supposedly from amazon telling me to click here because my account was disabled for suspicious activity. i knew it was a fake because email was sent to several julies and when i hovered over the link the url didn't go to then i got another email and this time the link did direct to amazon. it warned that mine was among a list of email addresses and passwords that amazon discovered posted online. it said the breach was not amazon-related but suggested i reset my password because customers reuse their passwords on several websites. now, amazon wouldn't confirm if the email was real today but has confirmed similar emails in the past. we don't know how this information was compromised or
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how many others were involved, a cyber security expert says i'm not alone. >> unfortunately, this happens every day. you might never know where it was compromised because your email address has been taken probably packaged up with lots and lots of other people's email addresses and passwords. and auctioned off somewhere on a dark web. that's what amazon will be doing sending you the email. so the first thing is change your password on your email account because if somebody takes control of your email account they can then do password resets on all the other accounts. >> in fact, tony suggests using a completely separate email account for your bank accounts in addition to of course different passwords on every site and changing the last denial or letter isn't enough. instead of using passwords, use an acronym. for instance this is my password for amazon would be testimonied impfa. don't out that one it's too easy to guess and above all never click on a link in an email. go directly to the company's
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website by timing in the url. we contacted amazon this morning. i spoke with several people. so far nobody is able to confirm this is real. but folks who have received exact same email in the passage son has confirmed those are real so we are assuming this is real. >> the dark web, not very comforting. >> most people will likely be victims of this sometime or another. new at 5:00 the dean at the berkeley school of law is resigning two days after being sued for sexual harassment buys his form -- by his former assistant. uc-berkeley announced sujit choudry's resignation today after initially placing him on indefinite leave. the suit brought by his former assistant accuses him of unwanted contact including hugging and kissing for two years. top university leaders have also come under fire for their handling of the situation. california senators voted today to raise the smoking age
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from 18 to 21 and now it's up to governor brown to sign off. anti-smoking advocates say the age change will help keep children from lighting up. it's part of a package of bills that would also restrict ecigarettes the same as tobacco products when it comes to who can buy them and where they can be used. on the healthwatch nearly half of california adults are on the road to diabetes. that's 13 million people. ucla researchers found 46% of california adults have blood sugar levels higher than normal. another 9% already known to have diabetes. so those the majority are type 2 which is preventable with a healthy diet and exercise. researchers say the problem is that many people don't know when they are prediabetic and it can only be detected through blood tests. soaking wet hills nearly cause disaster on the roads. a 30-foot oakland reuprooted
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came crashing down in sunol. drivers couldn't get through from 6 to 9 a.m. for much of the day rain drenched san francisco's embarcadero. cars making their way through puddles and across the bay in castro valley, a downpour of rain today. the umbrellas all out. let's take a live look at the russian river in sonoma county. officials have been keeping a close watch on it. it is expected to crest above flood stage by saturday. we are looking to brian hackney for what's ahead tonight and tomorrow and all of that could set up flooding. >> this is the kind of system youer from like 1986 and 1997 and some of the big el nino years when it begins to rain and doesn't stop and in those years, we are going to at least get a break by tomorrow afternoon. these years were no breaks. the napa river and also the russian river at guerneville are going to get close to flood stage and a little beyond. it doesn't seem at this point as if it's going to be a huge
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overflow. but it always bears watching. right now you can see the brunt of the rain now has uncharacteristically at least for today moved into the east bay. so the heavier cells down toward antioch and plenty of rain from the north bay right down to san jose. and then it has done all day today and yesterday just stops in san jose. it has picked up no rain at all but it will by tomorrow afternoon as the cold front finally presses south. at guerneville the russian liver will peak above flood stage and it's going to be peaking saturday about 8 p.m. that's the way it looks right now. friday 9 p.m. to saturday 8 p.m., that's friday night saturday russian river above flood stage. that's why guerneville picked up four inches of rain. kentfield 1.75 inches. nothing in san jose. the transamerica pyramid pierces the clouds above san francisco the numbers right now near 60 degrees and here's how it looks. as you can see this long plume
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of tropical moisture coming from out in the region of the hawaiian islands. stretching across california. you could make a strong argument that this storm is el nino-fueled and what's behind it is the low pressure kicking in tomorrow morning when that cold front moves in. they we really stand a chance of strong rain again right during the morning commute and behind it a bit of a chance of showers and thundershowers with this. futurecast lays it all out. here we now. south we go showery tonight a little bit of a break and here's midnight tonight. now watch what happens. tomorrow boom, right during the morning commute, 7:00 a.m. a lot of heavy cells, showers and thundershowers will clear it off -- won't clear it off but it will be less intense this time tomorrow night. futurecast shows how much rain from now through sunday afternoon another three and three-quarter inches in santa rosa would bring your total to more than 6 inches of rain up in the north bay. santa cruz mountains doesn't do
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badly either. flood advisories tonight until 8:00. more heavy rain friday morning unsettled weather this weekend. napa river just at flood stage at saint helena very briefly and the russian river will be at flood stage a little above for more than 24 hours beginning tomorrow night. extended forecast this is the good news we get a little bit of break in between systems so heavy rain during the commute tomorrow. go showery and then sunday, monday saturday periods of showers but nothing like what we have had the past 24 hours and what we are going to get in the next 24. >> daylight saving time this weekend. >> that's right. thank you. new at 5:00 a popular beer is being recalled. >> why corona is saying look before you drink. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and bruised after a court h brawl. it happened yest a defense attorney is bloody and bruised after a courthouse brawl. it happened yesterday at the justice court in santa ana. lawyer james crawford said he was attacked by an investigator who works for the d.a. crawford claims it was
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unprovoked. the district attorney, however, says his one-sided story is a lie. >> supposed to have trust in law enforcement and here they are overreaching going over the edge abusing their authority. >> the district attorney is interviewing witnesses who saw the find trying to find out what happened. crawford will sue. an endangered koala mauled to death at the los angeles zoo. an unexpected visitor killed her. surveillance footage captured this 130-pound mountain lion entering the zoo overnight and got over the fence. to prevent it, zookeepers bring the koalas in at night. america's favorite imported beer is being recalled. some of it anyway. the makers of corona extra say that some bottles in the 12 and 18 pack may contain small particles of glass. they say check the 8-digit code on the side of the cardboard boxes and on the next to the 12-
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ounce bottles. only the 12 pack bottle numbers ending with 4 and 18 pack bottles ending with 8 are affected. 5,000 bottles so far. no reports of injuries. scott pelley has what's coming up on the "cbs evening news." >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. dishonorably discharged. the two top men in america's largest veterans charity have been fired after cbs news exposed lavish spending at the wounded warriors project. also tonight, deadly floodwaters in the south force thousands to flee their homes. more rain is on the way. we'll have those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news." rallies to bring a smile to
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6 year old boy-- seriously hurt in hit and run. an update on his new at 6:00 tonight, a community rallies to bring a smile to the 6-year-old boy seriously hurt in this hit-and- run accident. we'll have an update on his recovery and the search for the driver. >> celebrities, athletes, ceos, team up to give kids around the country the best schoolday ever! how bay area classrooms are benefiting from huge surprise donations. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> how much rain in the forecast for the weekend? >> you know, again, the good news is we get a little bit of a break tonight before we really get pentiumbled again tomorrow morning. the good news is look at hi-def doppler. notice offshore we're not getting as much yellow showing up and that's as per forecast. the cold front is hanging back. there's still plenty of heavy rain out there in the east bay. but tonight we should get a little bit of a break fewer showers before tomorrow morning more comes in. we'll have the latest and 11.
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>> thank you. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: dishonorably >> pelley: dishonorably discharged: it's two top men wounded warrior project are fired after a cbs news expose on lavish spending by the veterans' charity. also tonight, deadly floodwaters in the south force thousands from their homes. more rain is on the way. violence at a trump rally. a protester is sucker punched. and a koala is killed at the l.a. zoo. "60 minutes" introduced you to the prime suspect. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. we begin tonight with breaking news in our investigation of this country's largest veterans charity. the two top executives of the


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