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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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check out hi-def doppler lit up in yellow and orange right now. it is really coming down. the storm that started in the north bay is drenching most of the bay area. we have watches and warnings to tell you about. brian hackney has more. >> it began to rain last night in the north bay. it sagged south into the central bay where now we have urban and small stream flooding watches which means it's raining, ponding on the road, right in the thick of the evening commute. the brunt of this is sinking south into the central bay area now lifts to the north bay where heavy cells are coming down right now. especially in the flood-prone russian river valley. that's where they have flood warnings posted for the river peaking at about 9:00 saturday morning. south bay not a big deal. a million people in san jose picked up a trace of rain. much more than that up in the north bay where flash flood
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warnings are posted until 8:00 tonight. flooding is expected in sonoma county, penngrove and petaluma. the petaluma river, even the napa river at saint helena, will briefly touch flood stage tomorrow. it shouldn't be high above flood stage. in the meantime, look at how much of this rain, more than 4" up at guerneville and that's one of the reasons that they have flood warnings posted on that river beginning to hit flood stage tomorrow night peaking saturday and easing off by saturday night. between now and then a lot could happen. especially in that part of bay area, stay tuned. as for what happens next, we'll have the complete forecast in just a few minutes. breaking news related to the storm. we are getting word, ace commuter trains are proceeding very slowly and cautiously heading out of fremont to niles canyon. inspectors checking the tracks because of the threat of flooding. can you blame then? they have to be extra cautious. it was monday evening that a mud slide came crashing down on
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the tracks causing major derailment. one car ended up in the alameda creek, nine people hurt. eight trains tonight running very slowly through niles canyon so you can expect some delays. in forestville near the russian river a mud slide off summer home park road. the hills are more susceptible to the mud slides. some serious flooding around sonoma county. check this out. some rural roads now barely passage. small creeks overtaking those roads driving through here becoming dangerous this evening. we have a team of reporters. cate caugiran and emily turner covering storm-related issues in san francisco and marin. but first we go to joe vazquez in guerneville where eyes are on the russian river tonight behind you. joe. >> reporter: we are watching it. it has been raining steadily all day long. sonoma county officials have put out a notice telling people who live especially in the low- lying areas near the river that the river is rising and is expected to hit flood stage and actually a couple of feet over
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flood stage by saturday morning. >> my family has been here for many generations. >> reporter: she runs a kayak rental company in guerneville but when floodwaters come she often puts on her other hat as a leader of a rescue crew. she is urging her neighbors to get ready. >> people in the low-lying areas should prepare. they could get blocked into their homes. and if they don't have enough food, water, electricity -- >> reporter: steady hard rains have pounded the area today. this mud slide in forestville blocked summer home park road for hours. earlier it didn't appear the river would go out of its banks. but this afternoon the national weather service updated its projection and believes it will flood saturday morning. sonoma county officials are warning folks in monte rio in low-lying flood-prone areas they could get flooded same for some riverside neighborhoods in guerneville. >> i have to say i'm nervous. >> reporter: jill anderson lives along the river. what have you done today? >> packed up my office and moved it up three flights of
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stairs. >> reporter: you moved higher up inside the home? >> yeah. it's elevated two stories. so if the floodwaters reach that then this whole town is going to be in trouble. >> reporter: it will take a day and a half to see how much trouble is coming. though town's flood measuring sign is way above water but time is ticking away. floodwaters nothing new to the folks out here but you can detect nervousness in the area. no matter what officials describe it as, they are calling it minor flooding, it will impact this community especially people along the river. the damage will be a problem for them. live in guerneville, joe vazquez, kpix 5. a major road closure to tell you about due to the storms. the chp has had to shut down the intersection of highway 121 and 12 in napa county. this photo shows water covering the intersection. they are not expecting it to re- open until midnight. this is what it looked like from castro valley a heavy rain started coming down this afternoon. drivers slowly making their way
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through slippery streets. in san francisco, a lot of splashing at the embarcadero. our cameras caught drivers navigating standing water in some places here. >> a very soggy drive across the richmond/san rafael bridge. our live camera there covered in raindrops as you can see. drives are slowing down a bit as they approach the toll plaza. the city of san francisco trying a new approach to combat flooding problems. kpix 5's cate caugiran has details for us tonight. cate. >> reporter: veronica, the city started a new project to try to keep water out of hopes and businesses so they put in flood stops. they are watertight flood barriers made of recyclable material. the rain hasn't done much damage here yet but we do have days more of wet weather to come. 17th and folsom is one of san francisco's low-lying areas making it notorious for damaging floods.
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so san francisco's public utilities commission hopes that these flood stops will be a better solution than sandbags. this round of storms will be the first test for the $165,000 pilot program and people who work here in the area tell us we'll just have to watch and see. >> we're used to it. sandbags have always worked for us. and, you know, we're prepared. >> reporter: larry works across the street from where we're standing still has the sandbags you see from the city that they -- the city gave him actually last year. until flood stops are put on his side of the street, these sandbags will be his only line of defense against the rain. but if these the flood stops are successful, the puc says they will expand the program and they will also put the flood stops in other areas of the city that have similar problems to 17th and folsom. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. some students in sonoma county are getting a break because the storm. harmony elementary school, and
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two other schools will be closed tomorrow. a kmart in santa rosa collapsed this morning. no injuries. part of the store is closed until it's safe for customers. storm team coverage continues with emily turner dealing with the fallout in san an sell no marin county. >> reporter: it's one of those places that's never forgotten just how impactful and how powerful flooding is. look at this this the watermark from 2005. it has people prepared. that's a pile of marin county's most recent storm casualties. the pile is going to grow as the ground gets wetter. >> the trees are heavy and when the ground gets wet they canada hold them selves in with the root and a lot of them are stressed from the drought so the roots are already weak.
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>> reporter: aaron has had five emergency calls already but he is prepping his fleet and placing his crew this weekend. >> we are filling up with extra supplies and staging them around the county to take care of contract needs when they call. >> reporter: he is not the only one a battle plan. >> i am making sandbags. [ laughter ] >> for preschool around the corner. yeah. so they are below street level and it floods. >> reporter: so shovel by shovel, mark will help save bright horizon's free school in san rafael. last time a major rain moved through there was water in the floors inside. sandbags are common in san san anselmo ready for the storms. there's been a lot of work here in san anselmo to make sure that the type of flood that happened in 2005 doesn't happen
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again. people are cautious. you can see right there in front of the door of this shop, reporting live in san anselmo, turn kpix 5. a live look in san jose -- emily turner, kpix 5. a live look at san jose with gray clouds. the wet weather hasn't caught up to the south bay. kpix 5's len ramirez was in san jose this afternoon asking where is the rain? >> reporter: i'm len ramirez in the south bay where folks may be wondering where is the rain especially after hearing what's been going on in the north bay with all the rain that's falling there. down here it's been very dry aside from a very brief period of sprinkles at about 2 p.m. here in the willow glen area. the folks around here know that it's just a matter every time before the wet stuff comes but when? >> new at 6:00 tough tactics to deal with the staffing crisis at the san jose police department. mandatory overtime has just been put in places because of short staffing. devin fehely on how the
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department reached this desperate state. >> i applaud our city leaders for recognizing the flaws in measure b. >> reporter: the san jose police chief says the voter- approved pension reform plan measure b left his department chronically understaffed and overworked. currently he says there are fewer than 850 street-ready officers serving a city of a million people. >> quite frankly when you have more people leaving than you have coming in, our staffing will never grow. the department will be very difficult for to us grow if we don't increase those numbers. >> reporter: garcia was hopeful a settlement with city hall which would toss out measure b might help to turn things around. but a legal challenge spearheaded by the sillicon valley taxpayers association and former city councilman pete constant threatens to throw a wrench in the deal. >> the mayor, the city council and the unions are attempting to circumvent that by asking a judge to eliminate the ballot measure as if it never happened. >> reporter: constant says that
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voters approved measure b and only voters can strike it down. mayor sam liccardo says the city is now gearing up for what he fears could be a protracted legal battle while the police department remains locked in a largely losing wharf attrition. >> this is how this lawsuit matters. it's a delay tactic. that's the all this is. this delays our implementation to rebuild the police department. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the current police academy class has only 7 recruits. measure b has made it impossible for the department to compete with other agencies offering more money and better benefits. people there are under arrest after allegedly ramming a patrol car and then leading deputies on a wild chase along the peninsula. deputies arrested electioner reyes, myra ochoa and an woman named sandoval. they confronted them in a parked suv at canada around midnight. that's when they say reyes
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backed into one patrol car, sped toward the other deputy and then drove off. that started the chase up interstate 280. the suv eventually lost a tire and came to a stop on el camino in millbrae. in the middle of all that the suv crashed head on with the patrol car in san bruno. the three suspects tried to runway from the last scene but they were caught and arrested. investigators are still trying to track down the driver who struck a 6-year-old boy in castro valley this week and took off. kpix 5's da lin shows us how the community is rallying behind the boy and his family tonight. >> i'm going to fill this out as much as i can. >> reporter: neighbors are putting together a gift basket for a 6-year-old boy hit by this car monday. >> fruit, there's cookies. >> reporter: there are books, even gift cards, hoping to brighten the little boy's spirits. >> to let them know we're here for them as neighbors if they need anything. we are here for them. >> breaks my heart. i just can't even imagine.
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>> reporter: the crash was the result of a car theft. four men were found stealing cars from a livermore dealership in the middle of the night. later that day, one man crashed the stolen car in castro valley pinning the boy's left leg against the utility pole. he and his family were walking to school. the 6-year-old may lose his leg. the suspect 29-year-old daniel morris took off run. linda and others ran to help. the mother was calm. >> it broke my heart to see it. telling his mom i'm not going to make it. we kept assuring him he was going to make it that he was going to be okay. >> reporter: investigators are searching for the suspect. they believe he is in hiding with the help of friends. >> this is a top priority for a lot of people. this young boy has suffered. his family is suffering. it would be nice to bring closure to this situation. >> reporter: neighbors are still adding to the gift basket. linda will be dropping it off friday night n castro valley, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
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>> it's a case that sparked rallies in the streets. the jury clears the officers who fired 59 shots at a man holding a taser. we'll hear from friends and family who say justice was denied. >> getting tough on tobacco. our exclusive bay area poll on the statewide plan to raise the smoking age to 21. >> a scramble for citizenship, how the rise of donald trump is inspiring latino immigrants to "fight back." ,,,,,,
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killing of 28-year old secu lding a taser. four san francisco police officers are cleared in the killing of 28-year-old security guard who was holding a taser. alex nieto's family filed a federal lawsuit but the court determined it was justified. kpix 5's mike sugerman reports. >> reporter: this has been a flashpoint for two years.
6:17 pm
since san francisco police officers killed alex nieto at bernal heights park. the friends friend of nieto hoped a federal jury would punish the city and the police officers for the killing. but it didn't. his parents hoped the jury would agree with them that san francisco police violated their son's civil rights by using excessive force shooting at him and killing him. >> the answer was no. they did not. >> reporter: nieto's parents lost their case against four officers who had earlier been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. police came across the 28-year- old after being called to bernal heights park. dog walkers told them he had pointed a taser at them and was acting irrationally. officers said he pointed a gun at them and wouldn't put it down when ordered to. >> i believe that the officers all appeared extremely credible. and they had given a statement
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that night about what had happened and continues to be consistent throughout their time of giving the various statements that they gave including at trial. >> reporter: what they thought was a gun was a taser, although a in the trial told the jury nieto had his hands in his pockets when shot. forensic evidence showed it was used seconds before the officers shooting. >> but we all knew what was going to happen because in the past all men charged with killing a young person. >> reporter: not in california. a chicago cop is facing charges of killing a young black suspect. kpix 5 legal analyst ladoris cordell says in this civil case, the jury must decide if the officers reasonably thought their lives were in danger and they believe the officers. >> the issue is was their use of lethal force reasonable? the jury concluded that it was reasonable under these circumstances viewed through the eyes of a reasonable officer under those circumstances. >> reporter: she says if the jury believes it took lethal
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force to stop the situation, officers should be cleared. whether one shot was fired or 59. it was an eight-person jury, the verdict unanimous. the jurors were white. the backers say that had something to do with it. mike sugerman, kpix 5. a few hours ago, san leandro police arrested a man they say is responsible for a hate crime. 21-year-old cody sigh son is charged with felony counts of vandalism based on a criminal act. he allegedly spray-painted this on the doors of the san leandro unified school district offices. police stopped sisson while he was riding a bike spray- painting with the same colors. they say he lives in the neighborhood. he will appear in alameda superior court tomorrow. california lawmakers want to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. state senators voted in favor of a package of bills targeting tobacco. the age increase is meant to try to stop young people from
6:20 pm
starting to smoke in the first place. i think if you banned people under 21 from buying cigarettes they will find a way anyway. >> it's good for the community but inconvenient for the store owners because people are hesitant to give their id. >> the bills were also restrict ecigarettes the same as tobacco products when it comes to who can buy them and where it can be used. the bills will now go to governor brown. in our exclusive poll we asked about the smoking age. 60% said increase it to 21. 38% say keep it at 18. we also asked if the tobacco age is raised to 21, what about the age to buy medical marijuana? well, you see, 51% want to see that increased, too. 47% say leave it alone. the north bay take the brunt of today's rain. not much fun for drivers on highway 101. take a look at this. the steady rain and spray from passing cars made driving tricky. in the east bay a 30-foot oak
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tree came down in sunol. on killcare road. drivers couldn't get through from 6 to 9 a.m. this morning. the hills in the area like many others soaked from our string of storms. >> people were going 20 when i drove in on the bridge. >> it's a rare sight like driving through plutonium! [ laughter ] >> what is this stuff? we have more on the wear. the kpix 5 hi-def doppler there's another band of heavy showers just working their way on to the peninsula shoreline and also up into the north bay. if you look down towards san jose and on the east bayshore line not much. it's been a dramatic tale of two different regions up in the north bay unrelenting rain since last night. and some pretty good cells west of petaluma. it's one of the reasons why there will be a spike on the russian river at guerneville. friday night through saturday, it will top flood stage. and it will peak about 3 feet above flood stage by tomorrow night at 9:00 and stay there
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through 9:00 saturday night. and it will crest around 9 a.m. on saturday. just a few feet above flood stage but it does bear watching. it was balmy in the south bay today. 71 at morgan hill. 58 for santa rosa. here's what's happening. we have this long plume of subtropical moisture that's coming up south of hawaii and slamming into california. this has the signature of an el nino fueled storm. when this comes ashore tomorrow morning this cold front finally makes landfall about 8, 9, 10:00 tomorrow morning in parts of the bay area. when the cold front comes through, increase rain and showers and thundershowers and going to drop some heavy rain at times. here we are right now. let's go to scattered showers tonight. and then as you can see by midnight tonight, not much. more offshore. watch what happens right during the morning commute tomorrow morning. plenty of heavy rain moving into the bay area. but then it gets whisked through fairly quickly leaving us with unstable air a few
6:23 pm
showers maybe a thundershower or two. so unsettled weather tomorrow after another heavy band of rain. flood advisories posted tonight until 8:00 and more heavy rain friday morning and unsettled weather on-again, off-again showers through the weekend. tomorrow we'll see numbers mostly in the upper 50s, low 60s. rain tomorrow morning in and in the extended forecast, variably cloudy and rainy through the weekend but that's the good news. at least it's not going to be relentless. we'll get a chance to drain and dry. but all that has to do is change a little bit. all of a sudden instead of the russian river being that far above flood it's higher. >> thank you. hollywood stars and ceos open their pockets. the huge surprise for schools around the country. how it's taking some of the strain off bay area teachers. >> a smash-and-grab surprise. the thieves who stole some high- end watches have yet to find out their loot has been tracking them. ,,,,,,,,
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kp the some bay area schools benefiting from a flash fundraising movement on social media. >> kpix 5's cate caugiran on the hashtags that support classrooms in need. >> reporter: the biggest names in sillicon valley and hollywood. >> hi, i'm a cofounder of twitter. >> i'm ashston kutcher. >> seth rogen. >> reporter: join together for a flash mob called hashtag best school day by website donors it's a surprise funding for schools in the country including bay area school districts. >> we are happy to fund all the projects in sonoma county. >> when children get the high quality education they deserve, it opens up a lifetime of choice and opportunity. >> reporter: together, the group will donate $14 million to fund 12,000 projects on the site allows teachers to fundraise for classroom projects and supplies. the late night show host stephen colbert made the announcement today on "cbs this morning." >> the reason i did it is i
6:27 pm
know the real heroes are the teachers. >> yup. >> who are too often themselves spending their own money for these projects. >> reporter: on average, elementary teachers will spend about $500 on school supplies every year. and that money comes out of teachers' own pockets. >> let's see what we can do. >> reporter: kyle smith is a second grade teacher in oakland. today he found out 25 google chrome books he was fundraising for were paid off by yelp's ceo. >> i have been reading reports about all these new schools opening up in san francisco and the south bay. and every student is given a computer. here, um, we have a computer lab that like has sometimes it's not working all the time. all right. there it is. >> reporter: kyle has raised $10,000 on trying to make sure his students get the best. >> jobs in the future, we don't know what they are going to be. this is a great way to get kids access to technology and close the technology divide. >> reporter: in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> now, to inspire others to
6:28 pm
donate the cofounder of google and "whatsapp" pledged $3.2 million to match donations on coming up in the next half- hour a powerful storm showing no signs of letting up. several watches and warnings tonight. we are going to check with our team of reporters covering the fallout around the bay area. >> and pulling hair throwing punches. this was not over leg room. the midair brawl over a boom box. >> plus, immigrants hoping to fight back at the ballot box. the rush in citizenship applications tied to donald trump. ,,
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doppler-- lit up in yellow d green. our top story an el nino storm targeting the bay area this evening. here's a look at kpix 5's hi- def doppler lit up in that yellow and green. >> kpix 5's joe vazquez live in guerneville where officials are paying close attention to the rising waters of the russian river. >> reporter: veronica, when you see all that yellow and green and red on the radar, this is what it looks like! it's raining coming down pretty hard right now. i had to tell you this has been a steady arena all day and all
6:32 pm
eyes are on that river behind me. the fact is that sonoma county officials have warned people in low-lying areas that they are prone to flooding that it looks like it's going to get over flood stage. let me show you some video here. this is mirabel rv park in forestville and it's one of the low-lying riverside areas that was specifically named. now people there are packing up. the private owner of the park said it's time to move to higher ground and evacuate. >> get everything out of here and leave before it floods, you know? got to do the best we can and get it done. >> it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> i'm hesitant it's going to flood the way they say. >> reporter: you're not sticking around? >> we can't. we got orders to leave no matter what. >> reporter: not the time to take chances. the fact is it's well within its banks now. but they are looking at 9 a.m. saturday to flood stage and beyond. we are talking about two feet above flood stage what they
6:33 pm
describe out here is minor flooding. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, back to you. >> thank you. we are going to check back in with kpix 5's emily turner watching the rain in marin. how are things holding up there? >> wet! that's exactly how it's been all day. everyone here in san anselmo is prepared. look at this street here. this door front they have their sandbags ready to go. look at the video we shot earlier today pretty incredible. there's water, water everywhere flowing in the creeks down the drains. so far, not in any storefronts. but it is all over the roads all the usual places that are flooded. we want folks to remember to be very careful. as for what's to come over the weekend, people aren't sure but they have their sandbags ready just in case. it's definitely better to be safe than sorry. reporting live in san anselmo, emily turner, kpix 5. >> be prepared. more weather coverage just ahead. brian hackney back with that
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rather soggy seven-day forecast in about 10 minutes. a toddler kidnapped at gunpoint by her father as a couple was about to finalize their divorce. it happened this afternoon in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. police were able to rescue the girl and reunite her with her mother. police credit a neighbor who block the man's car with his own pickup so he couldn't escape. >> lady across the street from me came running out said her ex- husband was trying to take her baby away from her. you're not leaving nowhere with anybody's baby. >> serve hours after it started -- seven hours after it began, police patience paid off. s.w.a.t. team arrested the man without shots being fired. the uc lawsuit school resigned after a sexual harassment scandal after first being put on administrative leave. the lawsuit filed by sujit choudry's former assistant, she alleges he kissed and hugged her repeatedly over two years. university officials have also come under fire for their
6:35 pm
handling of the situation. initially choudhury was ordered to undergo counseling and write an apology to his assistance. the gop debating now in florida. florida is a must-win for the state senator marco rubio and his last chance to chip away at donald trump's lead before tuesday's primary. tonight's debate more tame and focused on immigration, visas and sanctuary cities. >> we clearly have to control our borders. we can't have people just walking in. we lock our doors at night in our homes and the countries has to be able to lock its doors, as well >> we shouldn't have the h1v visa. very bad for workers. >> we are bringing in far too many low skilled workers. what that's doing is driving down the wages of hard working americans. our system isn't working and then on top of that, we have a system that's allowing in millions of people to be here illegally. and the answer to that i have laid out a very, very detailed immigration plan on my website,
6:36 pm
we're going to build a wall, triple the border patrol, we're going to end sanctuary cities and let me tell you how. we are going to cut off federal taxpayer funds to any city that defies federal immigration laws. [ applause and cheers ] >> donald trump likes to say his campaign is attracting new voters. some of them might not be the new voters that he is thinking about. as wilson walker shows you some of them aren't even citizens yet. >> [ indiscernible i need all [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: oscar martinez is studying what he likes to call a beautiful story. kes to call >> it's a beautiful story. every person [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: so after five years as a permanent resident this native of guatemala is about to take his test for citizenship. [ indiscernible ] president and supreme court. it's nice justice. >> that's probably a lot of american citizens who don't
6:37 pm
know half of this. >> exactly. >> reporter: there's one major reason why oscar says the time for citizenship is now. >> i will build a great, great wall! >> every, single day i see the news coming election and my -- this year i -- >> reporter: this year across the bay area most of the groups that offer citizenship classes are nonprofit which means they are nonpolitical. but off camera many of them will admit that their classrooms are starting to fill up as presidential politics comes to them. >> the minimum number is 5 years with green card but some people had them for up to 30 years. >> reporter: justin skinner is an attorney with the international institute of the bay area. while won't address donald trump specifically he says an election with immigration rhetoric could create a small citizenship surge. >> there are a lot of reasons but for some folks they decide now is the time because they would like to register to vote and participate in the
6:38 pm
election. >> a lot of people in the class, oh, teacher, i need vote this year! >> reporter: we won't know how the numbers add up until this year. >> election for six years. >> reporter: but you might be able to measure this election's impact by counting your new fellow citizens. >> my vote is very important for this country. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> even at its fastest the citizenship process takes months so anyone aiming for the november vote would have to get started at least by the end of april. coming up, some drunk passengers take air rage to a whole new level on a california bound flight. ,, ,,
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los angeles. the cause -- a boombox. cell phone video shows the s in the cabin. there's hair- fists were flying on a spirit airlines flight from baltimore to los angeles because of a boom box. there is hair pulling and pushing on the cell phone video. other passengers and a flight attendant tried to break it
6:41 pm
up. witnesses say a few passengers were playing music loud and others around them objected. no one was seriously injured. one person was cited. suspects who robbed a busy southern california jewelry store in for a surprise. police say the rolex watches that the thieves pocketed had tracking devices in them. the bandits hit the jewelry shore in topanga mall yesterday. they stole 30 rolexes. tracking expert lee knight says tracking for luxury items is becoming more common. >> it can now calculate multiple locations. 12 satellites at once to get a precise location to within three meters anywhere on the globe. >> tracking technology for luxury items still has its limits. engineers working now to develop a chip that's small enough to go undetected. tonight a cure for smoking? a new vaccine could help people kick the habit for good. and on the heels of san francisco raising the smoking age to 21, we're asking if you
6:42 pm
think california should follow suit. tweet me your thoughts right now veronicadlcruz is the place. we'll have more on the vaccine and the poll tonight. bay area nightbeat, come join us at 10:00 over on our sister station cw 44/cable 12. we have the wettest march in five now officially now in san francisco. but going to be seeing if things are going to change as we get into next week. the in the meantime, plenty of rain around the bay area. we'll have the forecast after a break. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, did an outspoken former 49er take a shot at colin kaepernick? >> they're kind of primadonnas. >> you will never believe what silences an outspoken warrior. >> and meet the bay area woman who loves leather. >> apparently i have a reputation. >> no, no. not what you think. we'll explain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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setting his sights high. well, for high school students prom is right around the corner. >> big night. big night. one san mateo senior setting his sights very high. >> i just wanted to say [ indiscernible ] >> 127-year-oldthe 17-year-old
6:46 pm
came up with this creative way to ask a woman to his high school prom. he spent hours working on the youtube video which started to gain momentum online. the teenager says he was drawn to the fighter after hearing about her struggles with bullies. >> i can honestly relate to that. in middle school i was somewhat bullied for like being fat and chubby and i came into taking martial arts. >> she has yet to respond to the invitation. brandon said if she can't make it he will go with a group of friends. he hopes that she watches the video whether she goes or not. >> i hope -- i hope she goes. >> so nice. >> now, ladies and gentlemen, time to get to the latest on the kpix 5 hi-def doppler which is showing the split that we have had for the last 36 hours. that is to say it's raining mostly in the north and central bay and not much at
6:47 pm
all down here. in the south bay there's the great wall of rain which is blocking anything from getting down to san jose just a little bit. a trace of rain down in san jose. it's been raining nonstop in the north bay for a day and a half. heavy rain still from fairfield to petaluma down through the city and across the bay over to richmond. it will continue to unwind the next few hours. we'll get a little bit of a break as we head toward midnight but in the next few hours, flash flood warnings are posted in sonoma county, willowbrook creek, penngrove and petaluma rivers. you see that little red gash heading out to the pacific ocean is the flood warning that's posted on the russian river. expecting that river to peak around 9:0 saturday morning. guerneville 4.22 inches of rain. santa rosa about 2.43 ." napa
6:48 pm
1.75. but the city at .81" now. this is the wettest rain season beginning on july 1 and ending on june 30. it's the wettest season we have had in the city in five years. thanks to jan knowles legendary at golden gate weather services for adding that up. that's good news. just a trace of rain down in san jose. fog and clouds around the bay area at this moment. and here's what's happening. a plume of moisture that goes beyond hawaii. it's directing this extremely moist flow. what's behind it is that low pressure is kicking in tomorrow morning boosting rain totals so between now and sunday afternoon, we pick up an additional 3 and a third inches in ukiah. santa rosa up to 5" since this began yesterday. san jose will get wet when the
6:49 pm
cold front powers through during the morning commute tomorrow. that's what we're expecting. more heavy rain tomorrow morning during the commute and unsettled weather this weekend. forecast highs tomorrow we'll see them in the upper 50s low 60s. rain tomorrow morning rain tonight, as well. we'll have some breaks of the saturday and sunday variably clouds and raining. look at the latter half of the week? we finally get a chance to dry it out but we have to wait until tuesday for that. in the meantime, flood warnings are posted. we'll have the latest at 11. we'll be back after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sean smith, and this time, was the silver and black th won out.. the raiders and smith have agreed to a four year deal, reportedly worth 40 mi the 49ers and raiders, the silver and black went out. the raiders and smith have agreed to a four-year deal reportedly worth $40 million. $20million guaranteed. 28-year-old spent the last three seasons with the kansas city chiefs. the 49ers have not made quite the same splash in the free agent market. they signed backup quarterback
6:53 pm
lewis to a one-year deal. as for keep the broncos, jets and browns are reportedly the three teams showing interest to training for the capper whom the 49ers want a second round pick but i don't think kaepernick will be listing former teammate alex spoon as a reference. >> i did get to see teddy bridgewater today and i can say after five minutes of meeting them i love them and will do everything i can to protect them. >> what was it about him that he has connected. >> just the fact that he is a normal guy. you have seen so many guys in this league that are just people are in a donnas. >> there's plenty of talk for the warriors last night. talk about last night's win over the jets, utah didn't have an answer for curry and company but one reporter wearing a michigan t-shirt did figure out how to lead the always outspoken draymond green speechless. >> y'all kidding me? jesus christ.
6:54 pm
distraction. [ laughter ] >> um, -- [ pause ] >> let's go to andre iguodala. just block it out. >> yeah. you know, dray has a huge, huge, um, i'm at a loss for words, jesus. >> if he hasn't figured it out draymond went to michigan state. if you ever played baseball, or softball, your glove is like an american express card. you don't leave home without it. every now and then that needs tune-up and that's where the glove whisperer comes in. >> apparently i have a reputation, um, sorry, mom. >> reporter: if there's anyone in cotati whose reputation precedes him, it's definitely fran. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: fleet has a business crammed into an oversized phone booth. baseball and softball players locally and abroad all hope she can do one thing breathe
6:55 pm
life into their closest companion. >> these guys love their gloves. >> reporter: four decades of glove repairs all started when she was making sandals in the '70s. her sign still unchanged from that era. >> someone came in and had a baseball glove that had a broken finger. and wanted me to fix it. i went, yeah. pretty cavalier about it. sure. no-brainer. the word got around and i started passing out cards at little league parades and stuff. i would hand cards out to these guys and they would look at them and it says baseball glove repair am i fix my own. after the second week of that when they would say oh, yeah i fix my own i would just say, oh, yeah, i can tell. >> reporter: today fleet is the preeminent expert on glove repair. her shop littered with old leather mitts donated by loyal customers. >> one guy i had in town he was a policeman at the time.
6:56 pm
very heavy into softball, heavy. i asked him you're not married, are you? oh, yeah, my wife just had a baby about a month ago. i go, how much do you play? six nights a week. you wouldn't be married to me, buster. >> reporter: her commitment is to her craft. each repair deserving of appreciation. >> it's a bummer when do you that to a glove. you have done everything you can. this glove is ready to go another 20 years. comes in, writes me a check, doesn't even look at it. it's like wait, mister! i get so many guys in here who just love it so much. if i can do something that will get them happy -- >> saving a baseball glove. you can walk into that store, right? smell that leather. >> once you break in a glove you don't want to give it up. >> you cannot! >> long time. >> absolutely. >> all right. have a good night. captions by: caption colorado the bacon in no time. ng sorry. get a free quote at
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