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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  March 13, 2016 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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in for anne makovec. i'm and it is 8:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. good morning. >> we have a lot to get to in our next half hour. and of course that includes the weather this morning. we're seeing more damage caused by the latest round of storms here in the bay area. a look at neighborhoods left cleaning up that big mess. also ahead, news flash, news flash, news flash. more problems. more controversy. what are we talking about? a donald trump rally, of course. >> that's right. we'll learn why the secret service had to tackle a man. >> that's right. during an event in ohio yesterday. we'll sit down one on one
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with willie brown. what changes we saw at last week's debate. it was a rough night for dozens of local hotel guests. why they were forced to evacuate a holiday inn. let's get to julie for a check on the rainy weather. >> we started off with lighter rain. starting to see heavier pockets continuing for most of the day. daylight hours then tapering off. a break is in sight. let's go ahead and check in with high def doppler. the rain is pretty much area wide. parts of the north bay starting to get a break. if we look to the south bay, we're seeing light to moderate rainfall. san jose. heavier rainfall redwood city. we do have a pocket of heavy to moderate showers off to the east. farther to the north, facing moderate to heavy showers passing through santa rosa. just north of napa. we'll continue to see rain in the north bay throughout the
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day today. a flash flood watch is in effect for the north bay, possible flooding, small streams, creeks. we are seeing pretty high levels on most of our rivers and creeks. right now all expected to stay at least the major rivers below flood stage. this is the one we're keeping a close eye on. forecasted to crest just below flood stage. forecasted to crest here at about 29.2 feet. this is something we'll be watching over the next couple of days. we'll be tracking rain throughout the morning. i'll time it out in just a bit. we want to take a look at your top stories this sunday morning. several years of drought combined with all the recent rain smells trouble for the bay area trees. tree trimmers now working overtime trying to keep up with the record number of toppled trees. after years without water, many of the roots have now weakened, causing the foundation to fail when soil gets saturated. elsewhere in the north bay,
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fairfax road is shut down this morning due to a mud slide. it's expected to be closed until tomorrow. and highway 1 is under a traffic alert due to a large tree blocking it. demolition crews raze the building on the cliff above. word to demolish the apartment building started yesterday. the bluff is eroding into the ocean. work is expected to continue for three days. heavy snowfall may be to blame for an accident that sent a chp officer flying into the middle of the freeway. the officer was responding to a collision on interstate 80 in the snow near donor's summit. the officer was outside of his vehicle when an suv tried to change lanes and struck the officer. sending him flying several feet and landing face down in the median. >> for reasons unknown she
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moved out into the number one lane to avoid that slowing traffic. at that time made contact with the officer. >> the officer is stable but suffering from major injuries. new this morning, san francisco police need your help finding the driver behind a deadly hit and run. it happened just before 7:00 last night. police say two men were crossing the street when they were struck by a vehicle. one of the men who was in his 50s died at the hospital. the second man was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police don't have a description of the driver's vehicle. rough night for some guests a the a walnut creek hotel. more than 100 people were evacuated from the holiday inn express on north main street after a hazmat scare. that's after some guests reported a pepper-like odor and a burning sensation in their eyes and throats. one person was even taken to the hospital. >> the hazmat teams are on scene and they're doing some monitoring of the inside of the
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structure. we've also started ventilation efforts to try to blow all the air out of the structure, out of the hallways. >> still no word on the source of the fumes. that's a look at your top stories. back to you. >> all right. we are going to the race for the white house today. voters taking part in a couple of republican caucuses this weekend. marco rubio won yesterday's contest in washington, d.c. ted cruz won in wyoming. but it's a partial win. the rest of wyoming's delegates will be awarded at the state convention. republicans and democrats are campaigning ahead of tuesday's primaries in several states including florida, illinois and ohio. and we're talking about more trouble for donald trump at a rally near cleveland. secret service agents swarmed around the candidate after a protester tried to rush the stage. look at them taking him down right there. that protester removed and arrested. police in kansas city used pepper spray twice while
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outside a trump rally yesterday. it's not clear if it was on demonstrators or supporters. two people arrested in that case. trump has said his campaign is attracting new voters. >> some of them might not be the new voters he's thinking about. some of them aren't even citizens yet. justin skinner is an attorney with the international institute of the bay area. en election packed with immigration rhetoric could become a surge in people becoming u.s. citizens. >> there's a lot of different reasons. for some folks they decide now is the time because they'd like to register to vote and participate in the election. >> we don't know what the numbers really add up until later this year, but one thing that is becoming clear is donald trump's phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down. did you watch the news yesterday? it was amazing. every candidate, cable channel was wall to wall coverage of this guy. >> all trump all the time. >> biggest thing we've seen since the beatles. >> political theater at its
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best, worst? who knows. >> we'll sit down later and talk about that theater and some of the best and worst of it. we have desperate times for san jose police department with the deals with a staffing crisis. >> a voter approved tension reform plan knowned a measure b has left his department chronically understaffed and overworked. he was hopeful a settlement with city hall would toss out measure b. but a legal challenge spearheaded by the silicon valley taxpayers association threatens to throw a wrench in the deal. >> this is how this lawsuit matters. it's a delay tactic. this delays our ability to implement a settlement that will help us rebuild our police department. >> last thursday the department announced officers now face mandatory overtime. san jose currently has over 800 officers that protect a city of over 1 million. we're sort of seeing this in a lot of different places. not just san jose police. >> it's not. as a matter of fact, heads up for you that work for uc.
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they're talking about changing their pensions as well. shifting from a guaranteed benefit to a 401k. it's interesting to note in that san jose story is that frustration at the city hall, they couldn't get a deal. they went to the ballot. >> take it to the voters. >> former mayor and the current one. take it to the voters. now that the voters have spoken, city hall cuts a deal. sort of a bargaining deal with the unions and the voters say no, we passed this measure. we've seen it in the state as well. take it to the voters, then you've got to turn around and deal with the voters after you cut the deal to negotiate a settlement. >> that's right. that's just the way it works when you take it that way. >> we go to the ballot all the time. now here's one that might go to the ballot as well. >> the metropolitan transportation commission releasing the conceptual design for a path. >> they've narrowed it down to two options. adding wings on either side of the bridge or going above
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traffic like the brooklyn bridge. but getting back down into the city could be strucky. one option is a ten story plus winding spiral. >> a structure on the side of the bridge like little wings on the side of the bring and ease you down into san francisco. >> the cost estimates for the new path vary from $300 to $500 million. >> we were talking about voters. is this going to go to voters? >> they're studying it right now. they might put it on a ballot initiative to raise the to tolls on the bay bridges. this would be one of them. >> i'm wondering if people are going to use a bike path. i mean, you know, are they going to use it? >> the question is how many are going to use it. you have this back and forth saying is that the most effective way to use transportation monies but the bike lobby says it's fair because we've been excluded forever and on the political side they're sitting there going if we're going to pass this dollar toll increase for
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everything from possibly a new bart transbay tube and other things we need every vote we can get and the cyclists might not use it, but if they vote for it we could use them in the packing an and help push this over. in san francisco schools are turning to sesame street to support and focus on a vulnerable group of students. >> the money ets will be used to help kids of incarcerated parents. the school board approved a new curriculum that will train teacher and counselors, as well as bring in had new books and videos to help kids cope. >> my father was incarcerated when i was 14. i thought that i was stupid, that i wasn't doing well when the reality was that my parent was locked up. >> it was uplifting to know we have a system of support? our san francisco unified school district. >> a study says there are almost 19,000 children of incars rate offed parents in san francisco. and coming up, new details on the german wings copilot
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accused of deliberately crashing a plane in the french alps nearly a year ago. the alarming finding in a new report. and rain continues heavy at times, plus breezy, even gusty winds today. we have details coming up. ,,,,
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to warn authorities when a pilot's mental health could threaten public safety. this comes after a germanwis new rules to warn authorities when a pilot's mental health could threaten public safety. this comes after a german wings copilot deliberately crashed a plane in the french alps nearly a year ago. a new report says a doctor urged andreas lubitz to attend a psychiatric hospital two weeks before a crash. lubitz had been suffering from depression. none of the doctors he consulted alerted his employer. the presidential candidates for both parties are on the campaign trail this weekend as several states prepare to hold primaries on tuesday. florida, ohio, north carolina, illinois and missouri all vote. the primaries in florida and
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ohio are critical for republicans since both are winner take all. >> that may have triggered a change in the tone at least at the debates. we sat down with willie brown. if we're seeing the same field of candidates as we saw before. his answer -- >> you go back from the first time they started last september on these debates when we were all excited about it it because it was great new theater. then you show up with these four steps and they sounded like stiffs. even trump did himself down in order to be equal to his rivals. >> in what way? >> equal in terms of being boring. to being unexcited. and those guys don't understand that the only way they can catch up with trump or beat trump is to exceed him in some way. he's way out front. he's so far out front that
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anything that they do equal only to him doesn't hurt him. >> nobody is paying attention to policy. if you track trump's statements he goes one way then the other. so it's all about personality and they can't outshine him. >> no question. you go back to policy. hillary is suffering from addressing policy. if hillary had been selling i'm a woman, i'm a grandmother. if she'd been selling the achievement of this potential for equality and i'll knock out the ceiling, she'd be an interesting person. >> how about if she sold i'm tough -- >> a woman has to be careful. in my opinion as a public official, when a woman starts asserting how tough she is
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means she's moving into the category of trying to compete as if she's a man. a woman has so many more positive, wonderful things about them that they should not dummy down to males. they ought to stay the woman. >> where do you see it going from here? >> well, i think hillary clinton versus donald trump. it'll be the first time he's been in a fight. he won't know how to handle hillary. he doesn't do well with women. remember he got smacked after the first debate even though she wasn't on the stage at the time. when he talked about, that face? >> you're giving the same old conventional stuff. his poll numbers went up for that. >> for a moment, for a very moment she literally sailed
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into the stratosphere. >> as donald would point out she's no longer on the stage, he is. >> that's right. but he won't be able to do that with hillary. what is he going to say? he got say anything, frankly, constitutes something he's doing himself. >> he doesn't mind you shooting back at him. >> he should parade all three of his wives because hillary will. >> and trump keeps talking about bringing everyone together. we're seeing more and more protests. >> absolutely. it's going to be interesting no matter what. >> it is. with ohio and florida out there, this is going to be the big week for it. stay tuned, folks. >> get your popcorn. >> you can either eat it or throw it at the picture. and you can also just netflix it out at home while the rain is coming down; right?
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>> exactly. after the rain is going to be tapering off as we head into this week. good news is you -- if you're tired of this mess you won't have to stay inside and watch it. get outside and enjoy outdoors. today is going to be a wet one. we continue to see widespread rain, heavy at times. take a look at high def doppler. here's a look at the east bay. seeing light to moderate showers. there are heavier cells heading your way south bay. escaped most of the rain the last few days. starting to get substantial rain this morning. we'll see moderate rainfall right now here in east palo alto. lo s altos hills. eastwood hills, you'll be getting hammered through many of these systems. golden gate bridge. gray skies.
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damp on the roadways. temperature wise, in the 50s area wide. we could see temperatures chilly. we could see some 30s in some inland valleys. today we are mild by comparison. here's a look at the satellite perspective. we stay unsettled. notice the stream of moisture. we're taking a direct hit northern and central california. thanks to the jet stream just ushering all this moisture in. low pressure will move inland over the next couple of days. it takes the rain with it. for today, future cast shows -- here i'm pausing us around 1:00. widespread rain. pockets of heavier rainfall, especially in the north bay. then you see here down on our coastal ranges as well we will see some of the heavier rainfall. as we make our way throughout the day. dinner time. starts to taper off a bit. lingering showers in the south. you'll see lingering showers
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overnight tonight. possibly into the monday morning commute. second half of the day monday we start to dry things out. wind, something else to keep in mind today. right now wind speeds are relatively light. breezy in places like napa. the wind speeds will increase as we head into the afternoon hours. gusts upwards of 20, 30 miles per hour. you combine that with saturated soils and we could see some problems out there. just keep that in mind. more downed trees and power lines. the high country, we do have winder storm warning in effect. snow levs lowering. two to three feet of new snow. we could see spring skipping conditions. rain continues heavy at times. breezy today. drying into the workweek. high temperatures today hovering around that 60-degree mark. sunshine on the way. tomorrow showers taper off. upper 70s by the latter half of the week. next chance of rain will be next weekend. >> exciting to see that
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sunshine back in the forecast. >> feeling like seattle here. >> this week's jefferson award winner. how one is helping prison inmates get the training they need to they can find jobs once released. ,,,, i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you.
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this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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did, they can't get on the internet. welcome back. imagine teaching someone to write computer code when they don't even own a computer. and if they did they can't get on the internet. this week's jefferson award winner isn't letting those challenges stop her if it means
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prison inmates get the training they need to get good jobs once they're released. >> i like that. >> beverly and her husband chris would drive by san quentin all the time. >> on the ferry you pass san quentin. you drive by. but you never really know what's going on inside the prison walls. >> -- >> five years ago chris was asked to speak to inmates about how to start a business after they get out. he got beverly to join him and what she heard from an inmate changed everything. >> he said i can no longer let 12 minutes of one day of my life define who i am as a person. >> that inspired them to create the last mile. the couple has spent years in high-tech, it made sense their nonprofit would teach inmates the science of computer coding. 75% of the people released are
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unemployed within the first year. 60% get out, commit another crime and go right back in. >> their mission is to provide marketable skills that will result in gainful employment. we believe that having a job is truly the key to successful reentry. >> i'm the manager of campus services. >> one of the first graduate -- >> what the last mile did was introduced us to the idea of how technology has changed the way that businesses operate. >> become part of the recovery revolution of the fit -- >> the last mile chose to focus on computer coding because that's where the jobs are. and the chances of success. >> computer coding is one business area where you would be judged by the quality of your work, not by the stigma of your past. >> one problem? no computers or internet in prison. >> so we had to create this
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simulated program that would feel like an internet environment but not be. >> last mile recently received funding to expand that program to six more prisons. but besides learning to code, what do inmates really get from the last mile? >> i would say the number one thing they receive is hope for the future. >> today i have a future. >> so for giving inmates the tools if for a job and a better life after prison this week's jefferson award goes to beverly perenti. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers
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to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation" the 2016 presidential campaign comes unglued. violent protests at trump rallies our cbs battleground tracker poll shows movement in key primary states. protests at trump rallies which began in chicago. and kansas city last night marked shocking escalation in the angry political tone in america. >> don't hurt the person. don't hurt the person. i'm a nonviolent person, did you know that about me? >> dickerson: we'll talk to donald trump about the chaos what he's going to do about it. we'll hear from our cbs news reporter arrested trying to cover the chicago demonstration. and do or die or two candidates in home state primary contest tuesday. we'll talk to ohio


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