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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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but hold on --- a break in e rain is on the horizon. good evening, i'm juliette go brian hackney is off the daylong the leash in the bay area leads to landslides and flooded roads. a break in the rain is on the horizon. we have been praying for rain forever and now we are hearing when is it going to end? soon. over the last three hours you can see the heaviest rain paskaruk and now we are starting to taper off. we are seeing some showers right now over the east bay heading toward oak land --
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oakland. they will start to taper off. farther north we saw over will -- recorder inch of rain -- over three quarters of an inch of rain. farther north there is some concern with the flood warning in effect getting some heavy downpours up north. flood stage could rise by 8 pm tonight. back here closer to home we have a flood watch in effect for most of the north bay and an advisory for parts of the southeastern portion of santa clara county. flooding is possible. i high surf advisory for most coastal locations. we will talk more about that
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coming up. the wet weather has led to evacuations because of flooding. or than 150 people were ordered to leave the thousand trails count ground. there were reports -- campground. there were reports of the creek overflowing its banks. no word on when campers will be allowed back in. we are in san francisco. >> reporter: we are here on ocean beach and there is a high surf advisory in effect right now. the waves are pretty choppy right now and they are pretty strong. the waves can sneak up on you. you need to be careful, people have been taken away by the waves into the ocean. rip currents are here and they are telling people that people have drowned by swimming.
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that did not stop the stores we ran into -- tourist we ran into. >> i was careful. i am champ -- trying to keep it up to my waist. >> when you get these big storms and it is choppy. it should be safe. i'm an old surfer. they are playing it safe. most people are going to dip in but we don't see anybody being a daredevil. with that said, they are telling you to stay further back than you normally would because the waves will sneak up. hundreds of people in the bay area are without power because of the storm.
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more than 400 customers are without electricity in these bay and more than 300 are out on the peninsula. 100 customers don't have power in the north bay. in the south bay about 136. just a handful don't have power in san francisco. it will work around the clock as long is safe to restore power. the relentless downpour in these bay has for some to evacuate. the concern is a slow-moving landslide. the homes are located on augusta drive. mark kelly shows us the damage. >> the front of this home looks perfectly fine. here at the back of the house it is now teetering on a cliff. a huge chunk of the foundation has slid away. looks like any moment these two homes could slide into the creek below. the trail a few yards away, has
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already buckled. >> we are trying to get as many things out as weekend. >> he owns the land by hind the creek and the trail has been shut down. neighbors say east bay mud should do more. >> they have done nothing. we have had zero communication. even if we had a fixed today we can't get equipment on their because the soil is unstable. >> until the rain stops is being says they are monitoring and put down these large tarps as a band-aid to try and get the soil to drive faster. the people who live here don't want to take any risks. they are abandoning ship. >> we will not be sleeping here tonight. back in january there was some trouble but there was no indication that this other part
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of the hillside would give way. in san francisco the rain was also nonstop. many who braved the storm did so with a smile. they were the people who saw it half-empty rather than have flooded. >> we brought suntan lotion. we do this every year in the uk. >> sometimes every day. >> showers in san francisco are expected to tonight. one person was killed in a crash on a wet freeway that involved several cars. it happened just after 12 pm in interstate 680. chp officials say four cars were involved, one of them completely mangled. shortly after the collision to southbound lanes were shut down. no word on what caused the crash. all lanes are back open. in the north bay the driver
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of this garbage truck escaped injury when he lost control. he said about 100 feet down an embankment. this is off of petrified forest near conestoga and you can see if the truck went down any further. with roads are likely the cause. the high water was no match for this driver. his car stalled as he tried to drive through a flooded area. the driver eventually pushed his car and called for tow truck. take a look at the river. it is flowing good and steady. the river is behaving and staying in its banks but homeowners are watching a carefully. it is expected to crest tomorrow over 25 feet lower than previously expected. flood stage is 32 feet. protesters pepper sprayed at a rally for donald trump. the candidate says he refuses
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to take responsibility for violent outbursts. the guy that rushed the stage at the trump rally in cleveland is talking. we hear why he says he did what he did. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rally in kansas city. that pepper spray police are using on pro
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a wild the last night outside the donald trump rally. he was pepper sprayed at least two people were arrested. this is just the latest in a series of unruly crowds. donald trump is defending his supporters in rejecting any responsibility. the chaos seems to have little effect. the latest news poll showed trump steamrolling toward the nomination. >> get them out of here please. >> donald trump insisting his supporters are peaceful. blaming his sometimes chaotic rallies on organized disruptors. >> a lot of them come from bernie sanders. >> trump tweeted bernie sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my then. the careful burning my supporters will go to yours. >> to suggest our campaign is telling people to disrupt our campaign is alive.
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>> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is trying to stop hillary clinton. in a major shift the poll shows him ahead by two points in illinois. former secretary of state leads polls in ohio and florida. the same poll shows trump and governor john kasich tied in ohio. he wavered on a pledge to support trump. >> i would like to support the nominee. he makes it difficult. we will see how does. >> of florida must win state for rubio trump leads by 20 points. rubio dropping to third. blamed the billionaire for blowing apart stability in politics. >> we have turned an election into a circus. >> trump canceled the plan to have an event outside miami and will hold one in ohio. more than 1100 delegates are up for grabs on tuesday.
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a man who tried to rush the stage at a trump rally in ohio is speaking out and he explains why he did it. >> i was thinking that i could get up on stage and take his podium away from him and take his microphone away from him and send the message to all people who wouldn't consider him racist and wouldn't consider themselves approving what type of violence donald trump is allowing and send them a message that we can be strong and find out and stand up against donald trump. >> trump can ask the protesters to be kicked out but he cannot order anyone to be arrested. a deadly attack in the middle east, and the chaos following a bomb attack at a bus stop. we continue to have rate out there. a live look over san jose. will talk more about two -- what to expect coming
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up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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through the nation's capita here's a look a the chaotic scene today. flames and smoke inundated a busy trant hub close to ankara's main ors say a car at least 34 people were killed in turkey after an explosion ripped through the nation's capital. here's a look at the scene today. flames and smoke inundated the busy transit hub. investigators say a car bomb targeted civilians. it happened at about 6:30 pm local time. 125 people were wounded. is a look at the moment the bomb went off. it was captured on a security camera. this is the second car bomb to hit in less than one month. in western africa a strong police presence today after a
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terror attack in ivory coast killed 16 people. it happened at a beach resort town. gunmen stormed three hotels and opened fire. al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the group -- attack. officials say there is no evidence american citizens were targeted. the rainy weather did not stop crews moving forward. >> they two of the project in you can see the building is almost completely torn down. this is the apartment building at 320 esplanade for the past several years. this year's el niƱo storms that eaten away at the cliff leaving the building perched. it was too dangerous to remain standing. demolition work has been going on and is expected to be completed later this week.
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>> when i first got here back in 2009 i was doing live weather in front of that building. that is an old building. rain is an old story by now. here's our doppler. most of the rain moved through earlier today. here's what's going on in the east bay with moderate showers. we will start to see the showers taper a bit san jose you are in a dry spot right now. we do have a flood advisory for parts of southeastern santa clara area. morgan hill if you are not seeing it, you will hear over the next few minutes. over the last 24 hours nearly one and three-quarter inches.
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take a look at your screen. here are your totals. pretty impressive rainfalls. right now current temperatures outside are on your screen. a live look at the golden gate. satellite shows the rain will soon be tapering off and the ridge of high pressure will build back in. we will hold of the storm track and see more sunshine. by 9 pm, scattered showers and into the morning commute a few lingering showers. we dry out for the second half of monday and start to warm up. wednesday right now little breezy out there. 20 mile-per-hour winds in napa. we do have some higher gusts upwards of 25 miles per hour
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through the evening. saturated soil and gusty winds could mean even more downed trees and power lines. for the high country winter storm warning in effect. we could see another 16 to 17 inches by tomorrow. in terms of what to expect over the next few days, leftover showers tapering off tomorrow drying and warming into the work week temperatures tomorrow in the low 60s. warming as we head into the work week 60 tuesday 70s as we get toward the end of the week. next weekend our next is of showers. twitter is giving in on its notice of march madness. the website unveiled eight themed emoji's so they will pop
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up on tweets including hashtags march madness. there are emoji's counting down to the sweet 16 final four and the national championship. >> in the studio right now is the great dan he is the channel 5 expert and allows it. coming up, a school was in the tournament and another one was out. we will tell you where cow is headed and whether or not st. mary's will join. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bears starting peaking laten the season and they were despite starting the season ranked 14th cow -- cal went head. >> the golden bears of california, the four seed is the highest ever for cal . the bears will open up on friday in spokane in the south region against 13 the hawaii who won the big west regular-season and tournament titles. one bear backer is charles barkley. he apparently has a high opinion of cal. >> this is probably the most
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talented team in college basketball. i have no idea why they lost 10 games. >> they were young. >> the youth caught up with them. they started to play together and figure it out. >> this might be the most talented team. >> high praise from charles. st. mary's has been on the tournament since losing the finals on tuesday. after five days of waiting the fumble was pop. they finished the season 27-5. st. mary's will miss the tournament for the third straight year. they will settle for the mit where they will host at new mexico state on tuesday. before all of the brackets were announced, coach knew his team wasn't getting in because for the first time the brackets
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were leaked on social media taking the suspense out of the selection. >> i guess the players were on the phones. you can keep this thing secret. charles barkley was rambling. i heard we weren't in it. i did not look at it and i didn't want to know. i was hoping it wasn't real. >> i knew we probably weren't cutting in. i was -- getting in. i was disappointed. the rib cage injury in a foot injury. the injuries aren't major and he will be ready for opening day. charles for so needed to rally in the final round in the open. he was two shots back and knocked in this monster 65 foot birdie putt to keep hope alive.
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bill haas had the two-stroke lead with three holes to play. first troll's wurtzel hittson i'm down the middle of the fairway. slice the three wood into the gallery. that essentially sealed his fate. his win was on life support. he had it easy for the win over it's his third victory worldwide. nascar in phoenix edwards crew was channeling their inner cam newton. leading the four cars he took the move at the bottom of the track came down the final stretch they made contact twice. getting the win final margin of victory was .01010 second. the raiders free agency.
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they are calling this not pulling any punches. >> what sort of message would be in activity for the 49ers? >> horrible. you are coming off one of the most abysmal seasons in bay area sports history. a completely dysfunctional season. now the big mass, it is just one negative headline after another. to counterbalance that i can't believe what goes on in santa clara. >> the 49ers will be on tonight. thank you for watching.
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we will see you back here in a half an hour. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: a wild weekend for the trump campaign before tuesday's critical primaries. a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows where cruz, kasich, and sanders could upset the frontrunners. also tonight: two terror attacks overseas. a horrific bombing in turkey. beach resorts ambushed in africa. the death toll rises from the historic floods in the south. floodwaters top a levee in louisiana. the new trend in eating: big meals give way to smaller snacks. and, why these kids from the class of 2032 have a million reasons to be thankful. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening.


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