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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  March 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: a wild weekend for the trump campaign before tuesday's critical primaries. a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows where cruz, kasich, and sanders could upset the frontrunners. also tonight: two terror attacks overseas. a horrific bombing in turkey. beach resorts ambushed in africa. the death toll rises from the historic floods in the south. floodwaters top a levee in louisiana. the new trend in eating: big meals give way to smaller snacks. and, why these kids from the class of 2032 have a million reasons to be thankful. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor and this is a
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western edition of the broadcast. more than 1,000 delegates are at stake on tuesday. democrats and republicans hold presidential primaries in five states: ohio, illinois, missouri, north carolina, and florida. after several caucuses this weekend here's where the races stand. hillary clinton is about half way to the democratic nomination with more than 1,200 delegates. on the republican side, donald trump is about a third of the way to the nomination, but ted cruz is within striking distance. this weekend, more chaos erupted around the trump campaign, and dean reynolds has it covered. >> we all want peace. this group, is that true or what? we don't want trouble. >> reporter: donald trump styled himself as a unifying peacemaker today in bloomington, illinois. but when confronted with hecklers, as he regularly is, he took a familiar hard line. >> get him out of here, please. get him out. >> reporter: in kansas city last night, he could barely get a
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word in without interruption. >> we're in no rush. get him out. >> reporter: outside, police used pepper spray on protesters as the number of these incidents rise, trump has come close to condoning a violent response from his supporters. this is what he said in an interview today. >> in my speech, i said, folks, you have two people with tomatoes. if you see 'em, do whatever you have to do to 'em, i don't care. and you know what? i think i'm totally within my rights to say that. >> reporter: and in another answer he appeared to double down on a notorious incident at one of his rallies last wednesday. when one of his supporters sucker punched a demonstrator. the 78-year-old man was arrested. >> it's possible you could help him with legal fees, if this man needs it? >> i've actually instructed my people to look into it, yes. >> reporter: trump's legal defense fund could grow with rising drama at his rallies friday night in chicago, trump cancelled a rally when protesters and supporters clashed.
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and trump has taken lately to blaming the interruptions on bernie sanders as he did in dayton on saturday. >> these other people, by the way, some represented bernie, our communist friend. >> reporter: sanders, on "face the nation," was not amused. >> he calls me a communist, that's a lie. to suggest that our campaign is telling people to disrupt his campaign is a lie. we don't. >> reporter: trump also habitually exaggerates the size of his crowds, and the reviews of his debate performances. but his loose association with the truth does not seem to slow him down. and if the polls are right, jeff, he will win here in florida on tuesday. >> glor: trump's lead in florida is confirmed by a new cbs news battleground tracker poll showing home-state senator marco rubio has fallen into third place. in the other winner-take-all state of ohio, the poll says trump is tied with the state's governor, john kasich. in illinois, ted cruz is just four points behind trump. on the democratic side, bernie sanders has a narrow lead in
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illinois. hillary clinton is comfortably ahead in florida, and has a smaller lead in ohio. more now from julianna goldman. >> reporter: ahead of five critical contests on tuesday, donald trump hopscotched across illinois, ohio and florida. tied with governor john kasich in ohio, trump took aim. >> your governor as you know voted for nafta. which is absolutely, ohio has never come back from that. >> reporter: kasich has the fewest delegates of any republican presidential candidate, but his strategy rests on winning ohio next week, and betting he'll then be able to stay in until a handful of northeastern states vote in april. >> i believe after tuesday we're going to continue to roll we're >> reporter: kasich is also banking on outlasting marco rubio, who has been singularly focused on winning florida, but polls show him trailing there.
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>> on wednesday morning, some pollsters somewhere are going to have explain why they're so wrong, not just about florida but multiple different places. >> reporter: but the battleground polls indicate that ted cruz is emerging as the most appealing of the non-trump candidates. >> our campaign is the only campaign now that has beaten him not once, not twice, not three times, but eight different times all over the country. >> reporter: the stakes for tuesday are also high on the democratic side, clinton's lead is shrinking in ohio, where she campaigned today. and after his surprise win last week in michigan, sanders has a narrow lead in illinois. >> i think we have a lot of momentum in illinois, in ohio, in missouri. so we're looking forward to a very good tuesday. >> reporter: the poll shows that in illinois, sanders leads clinton when it comes to being honest and trustworthy. jeff, establishment efforts to stop trump don't seem to have had much of an impact, in all three states more voters say the party should rally around him if he continues to win. >> glor: a car bomb killed at
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least 34 people and injured more than a hundred others in turkey today. it's the second devastating attack in ankara in the last three weeks. jonathan vigliotti has more. >> reporter: rescue crews worked by the light of the fiery remains of blown out vehicles. ankara's main boulevard, shattered by the explosions, became a makeshift triage center for first responders. security video captured the very moment a car packed with explosives detonated near a busy bus stop in turkey's capital. embers and debris rained down on the street as survivors ran for cover. dogan asik, was injured in the blast: he said, "the bus slowed down a bit. then 'boom', it exploded. something red appeared in the bus. fire. it killed two to three people." city officials say the car bomb targeted the heavily trafficked kizilay square, home to a park and several government ministries.
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it's the third bombing in the city since last fall. turkey has struggled with kurdish rebels, threats from the islamic state, and the growing migrant crisis. the motive for today's explosion is unclear but comes just two days after the united states embassy warned its citizens of a potential terrorist plot. following the attack turkish authorities ordered a ban on broadcasting or publishing graphic images of the blast, and also restricted access to facebook, twitter and other sites in the country. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> glor: there was also a terror attack today in the west african nation of ivory coast. an al qaeda affiliate has claimed responsibility for a wave of shootings in grand- bassam, a popular resort town. at least 16 people were killed. debora patta has our report, and we warn you, some of the images are graphic. >> reporter: cell phone video captured tourists running from the beach as hotel security, on radios, tried to make sense of the chaos.
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the attack happened sunday afternoon on a stretch of beach lined by hotels popular with westerners. ivory coast officials say six gunmen targeted beach goers. "i heard shots coming from over there," said one witness, "that's when i saw the criminals. we found this guy here, they had killed him." another witness described how one of the gunmen approached two children, while the one child knelt and prayed, the other was shot dead. the gunmen were heavily armed with ak-47s, ammunition clips and even grenades. military trucks delivered backup and helped evacuate the injured the attack is the latest to target west african luxury hotels. in november, 20 people were killed at a hotel in mali. and in january, 30 were killed in burkina faso, including an american aid worker. debora patta, cbs news, johannesburg, south africa.
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>> glor: in the u.s., parts of the south remain under flood watches and warnings tonight. nearly a week of relentless rain has left six people dead, most in louisiana. and david begnaud is there. >> reporter: 78-year-old harold worsham had just recovered items from his flooded mobile home when the boat he was in capsized. worsham drowned. he was a deacon at the nearby baptist church. kenneth worsham is his son. >> they shouldn't have been out here. they were coming in here when the water was just a little too rough. >> reporter: in the pace community of natchitoches parish crews are scrambling to stop water from the nearby prarie lake. in bossier parish flood water is dropping. crews are winning the fight against red chute bayou. which was threatening to overflow a levee. the mandatory evacuation order here has been lifted. bossier sheriff julian whittington. >> literally the sandbags are holding the water back.
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if it were not for the sandbags, it would be topping the levee. >> reporter: about 26% of louisiana's river gauges are still in some level of flooding. initial reports show almost 5,000 homes received flood damage. in southeast louisiana, covington authorities called for a voluntary evacuation of communities near two major cresting rivers. mayor mike cooper. >> the rivers are rising and they're rising at historical proportions. >> reporter: for jeri minge and her family, river waters came close to their new home, they spent the entire day clearing out. >> we have a sump pump. we moved all the low stuff up. moved the cars, that's about all we can do. >> absolutely frightening. it's one thing for it to be you know. high. but just to see the flow and the motion there. definitely scary. >> reporter: back here in central louisiana in natchitoches parish, giant sandbags are holding water from the saline bayou but is flowing through a culvert below toward the community of clarence.
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about a mile from here the water is nearing the top of the levee. >> glor: will controversy overshadow yale's first trip to the ncaa tournament in decades? we'll hear from the coach, when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> glor: the men's basketball team at yale has qualified for the ncaa tournament for the first time in 54 years. they'll play baylor in the first round. it should be a time of celebration for yale, but there is also scandal. here's jericka duncan. >> and the ivy league champions for 2015/2016. >> reporter: when the yale bulldogs advanced to the tournament this year. for the first time since 1962. the team danced into the national spotlight. but that light is now shining hard on the team's ex-captain, jack montague, who was apparently expelled a few weeks ago amid rumors of sexual misconduct accusations.
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james jones is the head coach. >> we just circle the wagons. you know, in a situation like this you got to come in close together, believe in each other, and fight harder. >> reporter: what are you telling your team as you all prepare for the ncaa tournament? >> i'm just telling them to go out and have some fun here. >> reporter: getting this far should have been especially rewarding, because the bulldogs just missed the tournament last year, losing to harvard, by two points. back then, they were missing 6'6" forward brandon sherrod, who took last season off to travel with yale's a cappella group "the whiffenpoofs." this year he's back. >> all that he learned through his interaction he had around the world has come back to help our basketball team. >> reporter: but now they've lost their captain, and because the team supports him. they've also lost the some of their classmates' support. after the team wore t-shirts to
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the ivy league championship game, with montague's nickname, posters appeared on campus warning the bulldogs to "stop supporting a rapist." helen price is the director of unite against sexual assault yale. >> to show support in the most public and provocative way possible, you know it was a nationally televised game. i think that's very, very irresponsible. >> reporter: the team later apologized. >> is it frustrating at all as the coach, when you've worked this hard, and the headline isn't necessarily on the team and what you've accomplished. >> i can't tell you how happy i am in terms of what we accomplished with this group of young men knowing that we completed what we set out to do at the start of the season. >> reporter: the players hope to use their positions on and off the court in a way that can make everyone proud. jeff, new haven police say there are no cases today involving montague. >> glor: up next, the big business of smaller food sizes.
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>> glor: the economics of eating is changing. with so many schedules in flux, americans are increasingly eating on the run, and in new ways. snacks are now a $374 billion business globally. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here. jill, what is driving this snacking boom? >> well millennials are asking for healthier and fresher options but boomers are partaking as well. we see the biggest snackers, 55 to age 64, it's really broad based. amazingly 45% of americans say that they are replacing one or two meals a day with a snack. one third say they're taking more snacks in then they did two years ago. >> glor: and it's amazing how much the food industry is changing because of it. >> absolutely. if you look at a company like kellogs, big food brand, we look back to year 2000, 20 percent of in year 2000, finally years later, 50%, the i biggest growth segment, health and energy bars
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growing 87.5% over the past two years. and low carb diet, has promoted the growth of jerky. sriracha honey, ginger oranges. grew to 2.8 billion last year. >> bacon cranberry was another flavor i saw. not going to restaurants? >>reporter: we're not going to restaurants but we want small plates. what's big in restaurants now, snack mentions on restaurant menus up 97% over the last two years. the problem is they're fighting the big benefit of snacks. port anlt, 60% say the erroneous -- portability, the reason i take a snack i can get it on the go. we'll see if restaurants keep adapting, the worry is i'm worried about sunday dinners. >> glor: jill, thank you very
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much. s >> glor: still ahead: china unleashes super beagles.
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>> glor: scientists in china are engaged in controversial research: genetically modifying beagles to be more muscular. they say it's for medical reasons, but they've been accused of animal cruelty. here's seth doane. >> reporter: of the 2,000 beagles at this laboratory in southern china, two are making headlines: these are the ones that you're caring about most. >> yes >> reporter: scientists led by dr. lai liangxue at the guangzhou institutes of biomedicine and health claim they're the first to successfully alter the genetic makeup of dogs. this muscle is much stronger. they doubled the muscle mass of these beagles through the process of gene editing. "we knocked out a gene which would ordinarily stop muscles from growing, so these dogs became much more muscular," lai told us. scientists here tell us the idea is not to create designer pets, but rather to mimic disease like
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parkinson's in these dogs, and then treat them, in an effort to find a cure. ultimately the idea is to create a safe, effective drug. beagles are often used in research against the wishes of animal rights advocates. scientists at a lab in shenzhen used similar technology to create "micro-pigs". selling them as pets for $1,600 each. another lab drew worldwide condemnation for carrying out genetic editing tests on human embryos. some major scientific journals wouldn't even publish the work critics have called china the "wild west" of gene editing. is that fair? "i don't think it's fair. what we do is for the betterment of humankind," he added, "i don't think anyone should experiment on humans - before ethical questions are answered.
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>>reporter: dr. lai said, they, seth doane cbs news, >> glor: coming up: a kindergarten class gets a life- changing surprise.
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>> glor: we end tonight with a powerful act of generosity. a man in california saved up for a dream retirement, only to redefine his dream, and invest in the futures of 26 kindergarteners. here's teri okita. >> reporter: five minus two is a far cry from advanced calculus. but rio vista elementary school puts a big emphasis on college. even in tessa ashton's kindergarten class. >> and it's not too young for them to start now. >> no! >> reporter: but the cost of tuition makes that dream elusive. and each of these 26 kids would be the first in their families to attend college. which is where marty and seon- chun burbank come in. longtime volunteers, they've
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donated plenty of school supplies and sweatshirts. but recently marty said he had an announcement to make. >> i was thinking like a pizza party, or maybe some pencils, and he, you know, offers a game changer for their life. >> reporter: it was a game- changer for marty as well. a lifelong sailor who even got married at sea. he was planning to buy a 40-foot dream boat to retire on. until a sunday church sermon on charity made him think twice. so prior to that sermon you had every intention of sailing off into the sunset? >> that's right. >> reporter: but then something bigger came along? >> yes. >> he says to the kids, i'm gonna pay for your college tuition and everything you need came through. >> we came up with the number of $1,182,000. >> are you prepared to postpone your retirement? >> i'm prepared to. >> the students have to send
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them a iror an essay every year. >> i want them to visualize their goal, visualizing what life is going to be like. >> for him to remove that roadblock it infuses them with a realistic hope. like this isn't just some pipe dream anymore. >>reporter: and for parents like maria alvarez. >> from the bottom of my heart thank you so much! >> he just changed their family's future and child's future literally. >> circle the date for the class of 2032. >> we'll have a big party. >> graduation party for all of them! >>reporter: their future secure even before first grade. terry okita, cbs news anaheim. >> glor: that is the cbs news tonight, i'm jeff glor. good night.
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