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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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sinkhole opens up and a gas line is broken, the scramble to get it all fixed next. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee?
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. nkhole opens up... leading to a gas line break. hundreds of evacuated... now as the bay area storm bears down, a sinkhole opens up leading to a gas line break. hundreds of people evacuated. now the scramble to get it all fixed. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. the ground opened up at rheem boulevard and center street in moraga right near a shopping center. kpix5's joe vazquez is near that scene right now. >> reporter: they are keeping us back a considerable distance, but they are hard at work in the driving rain trying to fix this ruptured gas main that is still leaking now. meanwhile they're worried that the sinkhole sha caused it is get -- that caused it is getting worse. when the sinkhole first appeared around 2:30 in the
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afternoon, it was about 8 feet deep, didn't seem to be that much of a problem, but as the afternoon wore on, the rain kept coming down. the sinkhole kept growing. suddenly around 5:00 a traffic light pole fell into the hole and punctured a 4-inch gas main line. it started leaking. >> i was not at the scene, but i had my radio and the first officer broadcast that it was occurring. i could actually hear the gas escaping over the radio. >> reporter: police immediately began evacuating people from the area from restaurants from the 24 hour fitness gym, from the theater. they blocked off a 1/4 mile perimeter. about 450 people had to leave the area. pg&e arrived and immediately began assessing the situation. >> we used state of the air technology to look for additional leaks throughout, sensors -- art technology to look for additional leaks throughout, sensors to make sure that our customers and everyone is safe. >> reporter: pg&e officials are using heavy equipment to
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dig around the pipe and find a spot to pinch off the leak. >> we dig potholes around the line go, into it andsqueeze off the line quite literally and stop the flow of gas. >> reporter: usually this sort of thing takes hours, not days, but there are a couple main factors at work here. the weather is still raining. they're trying to bust up the concrete in the weather conditions and they just don't know if that sinkhole will cause any more problems than it has already. joe vazquez, kpix5. problems in problems in dublin as well, a water main snapped shooting a geyser into the air flooding the street. crews are repairing the pipe that ruptured. nearby dublin elementary school will have normal classes tomorrow. raging waters at a morgan hill campground after a creek flooded today. now dozens of people are waiting to see if their mobile homes make it out.
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more than 150 people were ordered to leave the thousand trails campground because of a fast rising creek. we spoke to one family who had just minutes to get out. >> reporter: this is the last thing domonique poella saw this morning, a bridge under their campground under water as they rushed out racing the fast rising river. >> they just thought get over the bridge and figure it out later. >> reporter: just one family out of dozens suddenly evacuated this morning by cal fire. domonique said her trailer sits 15 feet from the river. >> yeah. we'll lose our trailer, yeah. >> reporter: and everything inside it? >> yeah. >> reporter: the evacuees say camp managers warned them wednesday they could be evacuated as the nearby dam began to spill into the creek which runs through the thousand trails campground. today they were told they could stay or leave until the storm subsided. >> we decided to stay in.
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we've been preparing, have food, water, everything. >> reporter: just 30 minutes after deciding to stay domonique said they got a knock on the door. >> year getting knocks on the door from the fire -- we're getting knocks on the door from the fire department and sheriff saying get in your car and get out. >> reporter: at first crews sent the evacuees to a nearby fire station before they ended up here at presbyterian church. domonique said she spent the few minutes she had at home grabbing pictures and animals, the only belongings that mean the most in case her home isn't still standing when they return. >> hopefully i'll go back to the trailer. if not, i don't know honestly. i just know that me and my kids and my family are safe. >> reporter: tonight there's word the water may be below the bridge at thousand trails campgrounds. there's no word when the evacuees can return home until the storm blows through. in morgan hill, maria medina, kpix5. tonight the russian river is flowing thanks to the
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weekend rain. so far it's within its banks. it is expected to crest below flood stage tomorrow. most of the bay area got wet today. in san ramone the umbrellas were out and there are puddles all over the place. we'll look at how long the rain is stick around. >> it is winding down but not completely dry yet, still tracking lighter showers over the diablo range, a few showers toward hayward and fremont, rain north of diablo, concord, antioch, pittsburg bay point and a few showers south to alamo and look at the snow continuing in the sierra. it's high elevation snow and we'll take every flake. from tahoe south to yosemite it's snowing heavily. since wednesday over a five day period 5 inches of rainfall in santa rosa, some parts of the north bay receiving double digit rainfall, but that's the santa rosa and sonoma county airport, 3 1/2 inches for san
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francisco, 2 for san bruno, nearly 2 for oakland and concord. san jose less than 1 inch. this may be the number that gets you. 13 consecutive days with measurable rainfall and look at what it's doing to shasta lake. that is 650 billion gallons of water more in the lake right now compared to where we were january 1st. it is certainly helping out with the drought. we'll talk about how long the dry weather sticks around when it gets here coming up. on the slick roadways today one person was killed in a multi-car crash just after noon on interstate 680 in danville. four cars were involved, one of them completely mangled. two lanes near sycamore valley road were shut down several hours. in sonoma county this driver stalled out trying to get through a flooded area on valley ford road. the man eventually pushed his car out and called a tow truck. near calistoga a garbage truck driver lost control, smashed through a guardrail and slid down an embankment.
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if it went any further, it could have slammed into a home below. the driver had minor injuries. it is a familiar sound with our recent weather, crews using chainsaws to help remove this massive pine tree that came down on highway 1 near jenner. part of the freeway was shut down for hours. days of downpours have forced some east bay residents out of their homes. kpix5's mark kelly talked to people who say they aren't getting the help that they need. >> reporter: the front of that moraga home looks perfectly fine, but here at the back of the house it's now teetering on a cliff. a huge chunk of the foundation has slid away. it looks like any moment these two homes can slide into the swollen creek below. the trail a few yards away has already buckled like a freeway in an earthquake. >> we're just trying to get as many things out as quickly as possible. >> reporter: east bay mud owns the land behind these homes as part of its watershed.
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the trail has been shut down, but neighbors like laura bergerson who worries her house could go next says east bay m.u.d. should do more. what have they said? >> nothing. we've had zero communication from east bay m.u.d. even if we had it fixed today, we can't get equipment on there because the soils are totally unstable and they're wet. >> reporter: until the rain stops east bay m.u.d. says they're monitoring and put down these large white tarps as a band-aid to try and get the soil to dry faster, but the people who live here don't want to take any rusk. they're abandoning ship. >> definitely not -- risk. they're abandoning ship. >> definitely not going to be sleeping here tonight. >> east bay m.u.d. said they inspected part of the hillside in january when there was a sign of trouble, but there was no indication then that this other part of the hillside would give way. tonight coastal communities are under a high surf advisory in san francisco's ocean beach, choppy and powerful waves
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pummeled the shoreline today. signs are warning against rip currents and officials are asking people to stay back from the water. >> i only went up to like my ankles. i think i'm okay. i'm not going swimming, don't worry. >> the high surf advisory is in effect until 5 p.m. tomorrow. project the rain isn't stopping crews from knocking down an apartment building teetering on the edge in pacifica. this is day two of the projects and the building is almost leveled -- project and the building is almost leveled. the apartment at 320 espalanade has been red tag since 2010. this year's el nino storms have eaten away at the cliff leaving the building in a dangerous spot. the city decided it was too risky to leave standing. the demolition is expected to be finished later this week. a wild scene tonight in downtown los angeles where someone stole a police car leading officers on a chase. the suspect was driving with lights and sirens on through streets in temple city, alhambra, hollywood and universal city. a lot of drivers got out of the
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way thinking he was a real officer. eventually the suspect turned into a dead end parking lot in glendale and a patrol car slammed into the stolen car finally stopping it. it is still a developing scene right now and it's not clear how badly the suspect was injured. rs... and rejectin on the campaign 2016 trail, donald trump is defending his supporters and rejecting respons ibility for any violence that's overshadowed his rallies. cbs5's christin ayers reports it doesn't seem to be affecting his popularity. >> reporter: with five states holding primaries tuesday the focus on the campaign frail is shifting to donald trump's increasingly tense and sometimes violent campaign rallies. saturday night in kansas city police pepper sprayed a group of protesters twice outside a trump rally. earlier secret service agents swarmed around the candidate after a protester tried to rush the stage. trump was forced to cancel an event friday as fights broke out between his supporters and
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protesters in chicago. on face the nation this morning trump first denied that anyone had been hurt. >> you haven't seen one person even injured at one of our rallies. >> reporter: then he attacked protesters. >> these people are disrupters. they're not protesters. they're professional disrupters in some cases, but that's all they do. they stand up and they disrupt. >> reporter: trump's rivals blame him for the anger on the campaign trail. >> there is no doubt that he's run this divisive campaign and it's concerning to me. >> day after day his rhetoric is inciting violence. >> reporter: that kind of criticism does not seem to be affecting trump's popularity. pops show him leading in delegate rich florida and ohio, two states where the winner takes all. christin ayers, kpix5. >> here are the five states voting tuesday beside florida and ohio, illinois, missouri and north carolina are also holding primaries. meantime on the democratic side bernie sanders is looking to build off his upset win in michigan. he holds a narrow lead in illinois in the newest cbs news
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poll. coming up an armed man goes behind the counter to take booze, but the clerk doesn't back down. >> and a scare off the california coast, a shark bumps a surfer off his board not far from shore. >> and snowplows busy in the sierra tonight, what you can expect if you're planning a trip to the mountains. ,,,,,,
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this surveillance photo sho the fight between the two. bills ma it was a showdown between a clerk and robber in the north bay. the surveillance photo shows the fight between the two at bill's market in santa rosa. the suspect tried to take a bottle of alcohol. he had a gun in his right hand. the clerk tried to stop him. police say when the robber pulled out the gun, the clerk fought back. during the fight the clerk was hit over the head with a bottle. when the customer entered the store, the suspect took off. a shark scare in southern california this morning at huntingdon beach. a shark bumped a surfer off his
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board with its tail about 100 yards offshore. another surfer saw incident. people were cleared from the water. lifeguard and a coastguard helicopter looked for the shark but did not find it. the beach was closed the rest of the day and should reopen tomorrow. it's messy getting there, but people are celebrating the fresh snow in the sierra and we go to the mountain roads. >> reporter: this shell gas station was more like an assembly line most of sunday. semis coming in to get chains and snowplows heading out to clear the roads. >> cool, wet, snowy. >> reporter: one bay area family put their own spin on the snowy weather and turned the slush into a family snowball fight. >> it's not disappointing. this is what we came up here for. >> i won the snowball fight. >> reporter: others didn't have quite as much fun. it wasn't the lack of snow but
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too much of it. >> it was just socked in. >> reporter: this area was just cleared by a plow. caltrans crews will continue to clear the roads the rest of the night. just to show you what kind of snow we're dealing with here, it's really wet and perfect for making snowballs, but it could also cause slippery hazardous weather conditions. >> oh, no. i don't think we'll get to out. >> reporter: there was no shortage of semis at the shell station truck stop. this couple was on their way to sparks, nevada, from stockton and got blocked in. it was bad timing as other semis were preparing for the chain control checkpoint down i- 80 at baxter. not wanting to spend the night in a snowstorm, they were determined to get out of the semi gridlock. >> this is our first time getting stuck. i hope it will be our last time. >> reporter: making it over the mountain on this night? plan on taking more time. >> those are my old stomping grounds, lots of live shots
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from blue canyon back in the day. when it snows, send the reporters there. >> head up i-80, it's so nice to be reporting on snow. the past several years ski resorts closing in february, different story this year. rail, snow, wind, we've had it all every day this march, all 13 days featuring some rainfall, peek at the rain now, a sunday night and things wrapping up but not completely done. morgan hill, is -- san martin, gilroy scattered showers, up toward vallejo seeing showers, vacaville, fairfield, los gatos hills and los altos hills still receiving scattered showers tonight. here are the specifics on the snow. we could see an additional 17- inch of snowfall between tonight and tomorrow morning. winter storm warning is up until 11 a.m. tomorrow. a high surf advisory continues for all coastal locations, westerly swells through the night into tomorrow 15 to 18 feet. what did it look like?
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let us take you to pacifica. with that strong risk of rip currents it looks beautiful till you get close to the water. never turn your back to the beach with sneaker waves and surf running that high. it looks really nice, but be smart if you head to the beach tomorrow. the high surf advisory continues through the day. now for the good stuff. this rain and snow is, in fact, making a significant dent in the drought. shasta lake is up 44% since the beginning of the year. top of the year it was 31% full, as of this weekend 75% full, likely will get close to 85 or 90% of capacity as the rain we had in the past couple days takes a while to make it into shasta lake. tonight it is 57 in san francisco, oakland, livermore and san jose, scattered showers overnight with mainly cloudy skies, staying in the 50s, a couple spots in the 40s, concord, fairfield and napa. what has happened? these arrows, the storm track
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we draw for you right into northern california, eight storms in 13 days because our ridge of high pressure was way off to the west steering those storms. that will change this week beginning tomorrow. by wednesday we're looking at a huge ridge sitting offshore now blocking those storms. the storm track leaves northern california, heads up towards british columbia and the pacific northwest. we will be dry likely for seven days. we had two weeks of rain. still scattered showers through the night tonight. we'll be cloudy the better part of monday but mainly dry. then we get sunny, tuesday sunny, mild, warm thursday and friday. tomorrow is the coolest day of the week, concord 61, mountain view 63, napa tomorrow 59 degrees, but the headline is the rain is finished tonight. sunshine tuesday, sunshine and 70s wednesday, widespread 70s even near the bay thursday and friday and next week the weather system will pass by
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likely missing us to the north. we'll be a little cooler, a little cloudier. all the little league moms and dads, two weekends in a row rainouts, no practices, no games, no anything. the kids are inside. next weekend the games will happen. time to play. >> thank you. still ahead an explosion rocks the capital of turkey, the chaos near a busy transit hub. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up we'll talk raiders and 49er, but in studio the bracketologist for channel 5, this could be the craziest year ever in the history of the ncaa tournament. why? >> i think it will, dennis. we don't really have a dominant team in college basketball. we've had a number of upset ofs. no one is clearly above -- upsets. no one is clearly above anybody else. what if one piece of kale
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ripped through that na we have world headlines. at least 34 people were killed in turkey today after an explosion ripped through that nation's capital. here's a look at the chaotic scene. flames and smoke inundated a busy transit hub close to the main square. investigators say a car bomb was targeted toward civilians at a bus stop at 6:30 p.m. local time. 125 people were wounded. here's a look at the moment the bomb went off. it was captured on a security camera. it is still unclear who was
11:24 pm
actually behind the attack. this is the second car bomb to hit ankara in less than a month. in the ivory coast a strong police presence today after a terror attack killed 16 people. it happened at a beach resort town popular with tourists. gunmen stormed three hotels and opened fire. an al-qaeda affiliate group claimed responsibility for the attack. investigators say four killed were europeans. officials from the u.s. embassy say there is no evidence any american citizens were targeted or harmed. still ahead forget toys or books. this group of kindergartners is getting the gift of a lifetime, the huge donation that affects not just the kids, but their families as well. ,,
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the gift of a lifetime. at an elementary school in m... each of these 26 in southern california the gift of a lifetime, an elementary school in anaheim, each of these 26 kids will be the first in their families to attend college, but for many of them the cost of tuition makes that dream tough. not anymore thanks to volunteers marty burbank and his wife, a lifelong sailor, marty was planning to buy a 40- foot dream boat to retire on until a church sermon on charity made him think twice. >> he said to the kid i'm going to pay for your college tuition and everything you need to get through. >> we've come up with a number of $1,182,000. >> wow. will you have to postpone your retirement then? >> hopefully not, but i'm prepared to. >> the money will go into a
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trust and the students have to send the couple a picture or essay every year to show them how they're doing. like most parents, a southern california couple wanted to document all the big moments in their son's life, but they didn't realize their instagram project would go viral. we have their story. >> reporter: he's a little man with big dreams. at 10 months old charlie has already been to outer space and the deep blue sea. his dreams are coming to life with the help of his parents. >> he's the one that drives it. he tells us what it's going to be and i follow his lead and make it. >> reporter: the future sure looks bright for charlie, a professional drummer, gymnast and fireman. he's a jack of all trades. >> so week four was the skier and i love that one because that was one of the first ones that he was in this position that just felt right. it felt like he was just chilling on a ski lift. >> reporter: the instagram
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project started as a way to document charlie's growth week by week. each picture takes hours to create, but it is a labor of love. at just 1 week old charlie was juggling. at 10 weeks he was flying high. at week 42 it seems we have a new candidate running for president. >> it shows all the different things that he could be someday and as a new parent i think anybody would agree it's fun to think about what they could be. i just hope that he finds what his passion is and he follows it. that's really when this instagram account is really all about. >> mom and dad are hoping to turn the pictures into a children's book and they're working on an app right now. i thought said it nap, an app. >> naps are good, too for parents. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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