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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we love that. >> better yet, it's dry. >> it's dry right now. >> for a year. >> i'm sean. >> i'm frank. mallicoat. we have a treat today . >> it's all about her. welcome back. >> thank you so much. >> yeah. >> it's good to be back. >> a nice vacation. >> almost 9 months. >> born one day before michelle's baby, so they're bff's. >> the best. >> we're going to have a little fun today. you my friend are bringing in rather dry sunshine. >> can you believe it. we're getting a break-in the rain. look what we're tracking what's left. there's i few sprinkles on the roadways -- there's a few sprinkles on the roadways. we
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have stray showers over hercules and these will dry out. we're going to time it out for you coming up. it's slick in spots. san carlos, southbound 101 at holly, it's early. we're not seeing big delays. we'll let you know when we'll see one lane. even though it's not pouring down rain, i'm sure it's going to be busy out there. >> you haven't forgotten how to do it. well done. >> it's 4:31. we begin with seriousness. we're following breaking news east of discovery bay where police are investigating a double fatal accident. a car with three kids and three assaults plunged inside the water. one assault survived. a passer buyer rescued the children. the crash under investigation. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring more details in a half an hour. new this morning, a 3-alarm fire breaks out at the san
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francisco's building that has been scorched before. the building on 22nd and mission caught fire around 11:30 last night. it took crews an hour to contain the flames. it has been vacant since the fire back in january of 2015. no one was injured in the blaze and no word on the cause. 20 people in a hospital after an amtrak train derailed in kansas. the accident happened after midnight. about 20 miles west of dodge city. five cars ended up on their side and amtrak said the train had two locomotives and the train carrying 220 passengers. those not injured are on an alternative transportation. heavy rains got -- a water ray never saw this current at the height of the drought and today, it has excepted a crest
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well below flood stage. this loud buzz is heard more and more as heavy rains topple trees. this huge pine fell onto highway 1 near jenner. apart of the freeway was shut down for hours as crews used a chain saw to clean up the mess. powerful rains -- it devoured a light pole sparking a gas leak and evacuations. the grounds gave way on rainbow lane and center street by the shopping center. steve vasquez on the sinkhole that crews are struggling to fix. >>reporter: when the sinkhole appeared, it was 8-feet deep and didn't seem to be causing a problem. the sinkhole kept growing and around 5:00, a traffic light pole fell into the hole and punctured a gas leak.
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>> when the first officer said it was occurring, i could hear the gas escaping from the radio. >> police evacuated people from the area from restaurants, from the 24 hour fitness, from the theater. they blocked off a quarter mile perimeter. 450 people had to leave the area. tg and e arrived and began assessing the situation. >> we've used state of the art technology to look for leaks through sensors we used from the mars rover. we're making sure our customers and city is city. >> pg and e said they're using heavy equipment to dig around the pipe and pinch off the leak. >> we about potholes on the line -- we did potholes on the line and stop the flow of gas. >> work crews are dealing with a couple of major challenges. first, they have to break up the concrete in difficult weather conditions, and two, that sinkhole could be getting worse causing more prones than it has
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already. in maraga, i'm joe. raging waters out f of morgan hill -- dozens of people are waiting to see if their mobile homes will make it out. 150 people were ordered to leave the 1,000 trails campground because of the fast living streak. maria medina spoke to one family who was given minutes to get out. >>reporter: this was the last thing dominic and her family saw, a bridge into their campground under water. >> we're getting flooded in. >> as they raced out to beat the river. >> we thought get over that bridge and we'll figure it out later. >> dominic, her mother, and boyfriend, and her family and several families -- dominic says her trailer sits 15 feet from the river. >> we lost our trailer. >> everything inside.
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>>y vakys -- evacuation managers warned them wednesday. they were told they can stay or leave until the storms subsided. >> we decided to stay in and we've been prepared with food and water. >> 30 minutes after they decided to stay, they got the knocks on the door. >> we got a knock on the door from the sheriff's department that said get in your car to get out. >> at first they went to a nearby fire station before they ended up here at presbyterian church. >> dominic grabbed pictures of her animals, the only belongings that means the most in case her home isn't still standing when she returns. >> hopefully i return back to the trailer. i don't know. i don't know, honestly. i just glad me and my kids and family is safe. >> that was maria medina
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reporting. neighbors say there's no word when they can return home. roberta takes the day off and we don't have a drought. >> we have made -- >> what a weekend. >> a lot of you are ready for drive weather. go ahead and take an outside. high depth doppler showing what's left of showers as you're heading on your way to work this morning, you can find a couple of spots with stray showers. here's one south of livermore and east of the san jose. rain since wednesday, over 5 inches up north in santa rosa. 3 and a half in san francisco. oakland, nearly 2 inches. san jose, three quarters of an inch. these are fantastic numbers and this is what we want to see. our reservoirs filling up. good news there. showers will be tapering off for today.
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dry later today, and then warming into the workweek. how about a couple of 80s. you might be able to get that [indiscernible] by the end of the week. i do want to point out we have a high surf advisory in effect. all coastal locations today, and there's a winter storm warning if you're headed to the high country. and i'm sure liz will have more on your roadways. how are they looking? >> coming better than they have in a while. as you mentioned, we're drying out a bit, but the roads are slick from yesterday's skully washer. let's go to san carlos. they just reopened one lane. that's the good news. the accident is southbound lane s of 101 at holly street -- lanes of 101 at holly street. they're putting that one lane, but it sounds like three lanes are blocked. grab your chains up highway 55. interstate 80 is
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clear. so that looks okay for right now. we're going to check with matt coming up. in the meantime, michelle and frank, back to you. time is 4:39. thanks to the weekend's wet condition -- mark kelly who say mud isn't coming in their direction. >>reporter: the flood of this home looks fine, but at the back of the house, it's teetering on a cliff. it looks like any moment these two homes can slide into the swollen creek below. the trail a few yards away buckled like a freeway in an earthquake. >> we're trying to get as many things out as quickly as possible. >> he owns the land behind these homes. the trail has been shut down. but neighbors like laura burgerson who worries her house could go next says east bay mud
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should do more. >> what have they said? >> nothing. we had zero communication from them. even if we have it fixed today, we can't get equipment on there because the soils are totally unstable. and they're wet. >> east bay mud said they're monitoring and put down these large tarps as a band aid to get the soil to dry faster, but the people who live here don't want to take a risk. they're abandoning ship. >> definitely not going to be sleeping here. >> mark kelly, kpix 5. >> they expect apart of the hillside back in january and nothing suggested this big chunk would unravel. one person was killed in a multi car crash. slick roads may be to blamed. four cars were involved. one of them completely mangled. two lanes near sycamore valley were shut
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down for several hours. violence at trump's rallies had candidates on both sides targeting that front runner. dawn champion is in miami with the latest on the presidential campaign. >>reporter: sanders and clinton took questions on a range of issues from ohio voters during the town hall. but violence at trump's rally took center stage and they took aim at the front runner. >> he has lit the fire and throws his hands up and claims he shouldn't be held responsible and he should be held responsible. >> i would hope mr. trump tones it down big town and tells his supporters that violence is not acceptable. >> sanders holds a narrow lead over clinton in ohio, but trails her in crucial primaries in florida and illinois. at a
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peaceful valley in boca ruton florida -- >> they're talking about us and how well we handled it. >> trump leads in florida where the contest is winner takes off. rubio hopes his has a greatly -- >> someone is going to get crushed. >> john kasich is vying for a win in his home state of ohio where polls show he could beat trump. >> i believe we're going to continue to roll. >> trump is about a third of the way to the nomination with ted cruz close behind. dawn champion news, cbs miami. >> here's the two states that will vote, illinois -- a total of 238 gop, 609 democratic delegates are on the line. time is 4:42. here's under a year old, but he's been to
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space and running for president. we'll introduce you to charlie on instagram. that's up next.
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someone stole a police car d led officers on a chase. the suspect was a wild car chase in downtown los angeles sunday night. someone stole a police officer and led officers on a chase. the suspect was driving with light and sirens on through streets in temple city, and hollywood and universal city. a lot of drivers got out of the way thinking it was a real officer. eventually the suspect turned into a dead end parking lot in glendale and a patrol car slammed into the vehicle stopping it. about 100 [indiscernible] were involved in a -- 20 people hurt in i-85 and i-40. witnesses say the combination of sun and rain on the roads made for blinding conditions. the official cause still under investigation. also in the south,
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evacuations continue as flooding put thousands of people at-risk. dangerous water levels in louisiana and mississippi have prompted more than 3300 rescues by the national guard. at least 4 people have died in louisiana. several houses in nearby texas have flooded too. mornings about thunderstorms and tornado in a couple of states continued through last night leaving many residents on edge. >> it's up into everything right now. you don't know what you're going to need and you don't know what you left behind and if it's going to be there when you get back. >> thousands of homes are in rough shape across louisiana and mississippi and two fisherman from mississippi have been missing for days. the rain isn't stopping crews from knockdown an apartment building in pacifica today. it's day three of the project. you can see the building has nearly levelled the apartment building. next year's el nino storm is heavy leaving
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the building in a dangerous spot. the city decided it was too risky to leave it standing and demolition expected to begin any begin. it's 4:46. >> my first live shot of 2009 was in front of that building in pacifica. we haven't been to that building for a long time. >> a very long time. >> it will be over. showers are tapering off and lingering showers out there. as we head into the afternoon, we'll see some sunshine out there. partial clearing. here's a look at high depth doppler. stray showers east of martinez and north of concord towards bay point. light sprinkles and some in the santa cruz mountain and boulder creek road. current temperatures out the door, relatively mild. we're in the 50s area wide. tomorrow at this time, it might be chillier.
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a storm pattern coming to an end. we've had a direct hit on northern california. we'll see high pressure building back in -- that means the stormtrac gets bumped up to our north and we'll dry out and an offshore flow meaning temperatures are warming. notice most of our showers dry out. can't rule out a stray shower or two. for the most part, we'll dry as we head into the afternoon. clouds clear as well. partial clearing later today and we could see fog developing as we get clear skies tuesday morning, so keep that in mind during tomorrow's commute. mainly dry today, and sunny and mild weekend storm. sunrise today, 7:21 and sunrise, 7:17. that's a long day. high temperatures in the -- most folks today, area wide, just the
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beginning of an extended warmup. we're warming into the upper 60s by tuesday. mid-70s by wednesday. upper 70s thursday and friday. we're going to be well above average for this time of year. saturday and sunday, we're going to increase cloud cover a little bit. a chance of showers for the far northern portions of the north bay. most of us will stay dry. looking dry through the extended forecast, but the big news is, liz, welcome back. i'm bringing you 70s, near 80 degrees. how do you like that. >> spring-time this week. thanks julie. the roads are wet and what sounds like a bad accident is in san carlos. they still have three of the southbound lanes of 101 closed. this is all happening around holly street. the accident broke out shortly after 4:00 and it's still there. you can see the delays on the censors. it's backed up for one accident. for it to be backed up this early, you know it's
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serious problems going on. emergency crews out there. it's around holly. the rest of the day is looking okay. we had some pretty bad commutes last week. the bay bridge looks like this right now. you can see that the roads are wet. it's not a bad drive time on the east shore freeway. and if you're traveling along 880 in oakland, this is what it looks like right now. this is near the open coliseum. all the headlines is the southbound traffic heading into family embro. we're seeing major flooding, but nothing major. it's on smaller side streets. nothing to slow you down. if you're trying to cross bridges, this is what it looks like at the san mateo bridge. it should take you 14 minutes to cross the stand from end to end if you're headed to the peninsula. i was trying to time this out. flashing lights and they're trying to do the lane
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changes. crews try to get another southbound lane open for commuters. right now, everything looks clear in both directions. and that's transit. so far- no delay. 8-train looks good, cal tran and your mini metro is reporting no delays. that's your latest, kpix traffic. >> thanks, liz for that. a california baby is learning how to play the drums and run for president in pictures. >> adrian on the -- >>reporter: he's a little man with big dreams and at 10-month-old, charlie has been to the deep blue sea. his dreams are coming true with his parents. >> he drives it and tells us what it's going to be and i follow his lead and make it. >> the future looks bright for charlie, a professional drummer and --
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>> week four was the skier and i loved that one because that was the first one he was in the position that felt right. he felt like he was just chilling on a ski lift. >> his instagram project was to document charlie's growth week by week. each pictures takes hour to make. at one week old, charlie was juggling and by 10 weeks, he was juggling high and at week 42, it seems we have a new candidate running for president. >> it shows the different things he could be some day. as a new parent, anyone would agree, it's fun to think what their kid could be. i hope he finds his passion and he follows it. that's what this instagram account is all about. >> he has options there. charlie's mom and dad want to compile his pictures on a children's book and they're working on apps so eager parents can create pictures like theres. 4:52 is your time.
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she moved into her home in 1976, you she never found -- why she says she didn't call the cops, coming up. ,,,,
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and a robber in santa rosa. this s a showdown between a clerk and a robber in santa rosa surrender -- surveillance shows the fight on hopper avenue. the suspect tried to take a bottle of alcohol. you can see a gun in his right hand. the clerk tried to stop him and when the robber pulled out the gun, the clark fought back. the clerk was hit over the head with that bottle, but when the customer came into the store, a suspect took off. a woman scared off a burglar on her own.
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the woman named lidea heard a noise at the window and she felt someone looking in and cutting a screen. she turned on the lights and the intruder disappeared. later, she found the screen sliced off and the fence broken and there were two foot prints in the flower bed, but she didn't call police. >> some little thing like this, they just have to snip it. >> i'm upset and mad. >> i always look out here every night. >> you tell me when they leave my garage open. >> her neighbor looks after the elderly woman as best as she can. lidea says this is the first time someone has tried to break-in. today, turkey's airport send targets in northern iraq to retaliate for a car bombing that happened earlier in the day. 37 people killed after bombs went off. turkish authorities believes two bombers were
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involved backed by turkish militants. a shark square in southern california. it happened yesterday morning at chica state beach in the town of huntington beach. a surfer says a shark bumped him off his board with his tail. people were cleared out of the water. a life guard and coast guard went to look for the shark, but they didn't find it. the beach was closed for the rest of sunday, but expected to reopen today. it's 4:57. ahead, a collision sent a car full of people into chilly waters. children were saved, but two adults are dead. we'll have that in a live report. we're live in marago where a sinkhole caused a pole to
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knockout power for thousands. ,,,,
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good monday morning, everyone. it's march the 14th. a beautiful view of the bay bridge and i'm happy to say it's dry out there for the first time in a long time. hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. >> three people surviving after their car plunged into a river. their parents died in the crash. a passer byer rescued the children and one other adult. police are investigating the crash. >> they need to slowdown. this roadway is straight, but it's dark out here. it's only two lanes. one in either direction. they just need to slow down. >> the driver of the other car involved was transported to


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