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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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,, the warm cookies you crave.ors. now in one delicious treat. baskin robbins new warm cookie ice cream sandwiches. create yours today. breaking i s early in the day. good afternoon, i' very rude awakening for residents in the south bay. police say rooks are breaking into home early in the day.
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kpix diego says one homeowner was held hostage in his own bedroom. >> reporter: they haven't had a home invasion in years. on rosemary circle yesterday it has become more troubling. it was 9:30 in the morning and the crooks knocked on the front door but no answer. they went to the side of the house and came in through an open window. the homeowner was sleeping and found the crook in his bedroom. they had a gun and forced the homeowner to open their safe. they were held up for 15 minutes inside the bedroom and then the crooks made off. that was monday but two other incidents on thursday and friday
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a couple minutes away. on the morning of march 11st a man was trying to pry open a window but the homeowner scared them off. another suspicious man spotted in someone's backyard. >> there could be a connection but at this point we don't believe so but not ruling it out. >> reporter: morgan hill police believe they may have known the victims. they are described as two latino men. the get away car was dark silver. >> you will get caught. it's only a matter of time. meanwhile morgan hill police trying to gather surveillance video and working with the mrech sketch artist. a chp officer who got his start in the bay area is being remembered today. nathan taylor began his career in san jose. he was hit by a car over the
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weekend. . a bell ringing ceremony held in his honor this morning. several officers held one another and wept. he leaves behind a wife and three young sons. one of his brothers is also a chp officer. a busy street in san francisco may get a make over. every year many pedestrians get hurd on lombard. -- -- hurt. >> reporter: the city of san francisco identifies lombard one of the most dangerous to drive on. it gets a lot of high speed traffic. >> we're trying to put in things to make right turns safer and limit visible obstacles as far as parked cars. >> reporter: this is part of a
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$12 million safety overhall project. it would increase pedestrian visibility for drivers and reduce distance for drivers crossing the street. between 20008 and 2013, 150 collisions happened here on lombard street. by installing high visibility crosswalks they hope to reduce this by 37%. this would leave lombard untouched and focus on francisco and franklin street. there would be a net loss of 46 parking spots here. >> we want to put in pedestrian and transit medians so people have a place to stand and wait for the bus or traffic to pass rfrnths the project would be paid for by money that was built into the budget two years ago. >> they will learn if they have
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approval at this meeting at city hall. the need to improve a nearly two million dollar grant to remodel the inn's 200 rooms. the shelter would open by the end of the year. on o the race for the white house. voters hitting the polls with two gop presidential candidates bit ling for political survivor. don champion has the latest from miami. >> reporter: the face of the republican presidential race could change today as voters cast ballots on primary day in florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina and missouri. >> your governor is totally overrated. >> reporter: gop frontrunner donald trump leads the poll in every state except ohio where he's in a virtual tie with john kasich. he voted this morning and said
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he feels proud of his campaign the positive campaign is starting to shine through like a beacon. >> reporter: here in florida marco rubio's political future is on the line at polling places like this. he predicted a win but way behind in the polls. >> this state will elect 99 delegates to one person. i want it to be me. >> reporter: ted cruz has his best shot at winning in illinois where he's within striking distance of trump in the polls. bernie sanders is trying to pull off a midwest upset against hillary clinton. he's making a run for missouri, you will ill and ohio. >> in the states we have great opportunities to win many of them so feeling good. >> reporter: clinton sounded confident this morning in raleigh, north carolina. >> the numbers are adding up in my favor. >> reporter: she took a jab at
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trump saying his bullying style is disturbing to the majority of americans. sanders typically does well with independents which benefits him in states with open primaries which you don't have to be registered democrat to vote and three of those fall into the category today, missouri, illinois and ohio. people who plan in an apartment complex plan to stop their building from being torn down. another apartment building was just torn down because it was teetering on the edge of a cliff that was eroding. the city wants to tear down the building next door but the residents and owner plan to challenge that decision at a hearing next week. a massive sink hole after the ground gave way two days ago swallowing a light pole and creating a gas leak.
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that forced pge crews to shut off service to 2300 customers and reigniting the line. police in berkeley investigating a shooting at san pablo avenue. a person shot at 11:30 this morning. officials are setting up a command post but haven't released information about possible suspects. new at noon, travellers can hop a flight to the mile high city from sfo on virgin america. the silicon based carrier kicking off its new service from denver. the founder pose for a photo with the flight attendants before taking the podium. >> i haven't missed an inaugural flight from virgin america since day one. i love the airline and everything about it and all the
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people that work for it. >> reporter: to celebrate the partnership guests were treated to make overs and now they can fly in the air. bart is expanding into silicon valley. they gave the go ahead for phase two to bring bart down to san jose. most of the six miles will be in a tunnel through downtown. the valley trapgs authority will oversee the construction -- -- transportation. a san francisco supervisor reveals the cost of offering city wide internet access today. the price tag of constructing and operating a massive fiber network. he hopes to give everybody in the city access to low cost gigabyte speed internet. a new soccer legal could get
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its field back and the promise they made. delivery at your doorstep. the bay area restaurant you'll be able to order from. in san francisco, good afternoon everybody. it's not dublin, ireland. this is dublin california, the rolling hills of dublin. we have the full forecast coming up featuring rain. right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more than a week -- before they learn if there's d- n-n the knife found on o-j sim's former estate. the former n-f-l player liv there when his ex- the los angeles police department say it could take more than a week to learn the dna on the oj simpson knife.
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two weeks retired officer claims it was given to him by a construction worker who found it on simpson's property but ner turned it in. tmz reported no dna was on the knife but the test is still being processed. the obama administration announced the easing of travel and trade restrictions of cuba. this comes days ahead before president obama's trip to cuba. it will be easier for businesses to operate more freely. pope francis declaring mother theers teresa a saint. some developing news. california's government pension fund is among the plaintiffs in
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a new lawsuit against volkswagon. institutional investigators from 14 countries say the auto maker should have told them in a timely fashion that they had problems with the diesel cars and they are seeking more than $3 billion in damages. volkswagon have seen its share of price share fall by a third since last november. a senior league official acknowledges the possible concussions in contact sports. a youth soccer league could get its field back from the nfl. they used it as a media village but today is the deadline to return them in mint condition but there's a slight snag in
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plans. the nfl says it wants more time to make minor repairs on bench shelters. 49 bay area school champion spellers are studying for the spelling bee. last year's event winner went to washington d.c.. she will be back again this year but with new competition. 16 are veterans of our region. keeping with the fun of all this, we're going to put maria to the test and see how you do. the word is maladrote. >> which means? >> it's a french word that's an adjective and revealing or lack of perception, judgment or
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finesse. >> m-a-l-c-r-o-te. >> let's check in with an elementary student in free mont. >> maladrote -- maladroit. >> i missed it by a vowel. i blame you frank. >> everyone else does. >> you can see the rest of the spellers compete on saturday at noon that will be on channel 44 on cable and live streamed on our website. here's a cheer from him from his
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classmates at stratford elementary in freemont. >> those cheers not for me. >> it was a good effort. >> but i think he has you beat. how do you spell weather? >> i thought it was something like brought. we're thinking weather out time -- -- drought. dana is checking in and reporting temps. it should be stopping off at 70 degrees today. hi everybody, take a look at this. looking at from the trans-america pyramid. visibility is unlimited. you can see the bay waters on the calm side and temperatures in the 50s and low 60s in concord and walnut creek. we have the winds under ten miles per hour.
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a calming in liver mor livermore. temperatures climb. wait until you see the forecast. this indicates the low pressure system are guided along a particular path well into the pacific north west. currently going up to 65 in ring. 50s in monterey bay. going up to 50 in the high sierra. we have seen an increase in our snow pack that fell over the past weekend. sun goes down tonight at 7:17. tomorrow we will have real live numbers in the 60s. if you sneeze and wheeze and it's uncomfortable all the way through friday, almost off the charts there. tonight's lows in the 40s and 50s except for concord and
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fairfield. your extended forecast. not just one, two, three, four, five days of sunshine. palm sunday we have rain in the forecast. i believe for the services and the morning hours outdoor. no rain but in the afternoon rain moves in through monday so a nice break. we need it. >> we will be waiting for the rain by then. >> thanks roberta. see how wall street is. plus 12 at this hour. coming up, adding a brand new app. how uber is teaming up with san francisco restaurants to get your food delivered. we want to know what's cool about your school. e-mail your nominations here and we might come out and feature your school on the show.
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tinder tweeted last night - fixed a technical glitch that accidentally deleted some ' matches. the company told u to log out and then back in. to their hav tinder app outage left us searching for love in the dark. they accidentally deleted user matches. they told users to log out and
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come back in to have their users restored. there were also reports of missing message histories too. uber cooking up a new app for food delivery on demand. the stand alone uber eats app launched today in san francisco. users can get meals delivered between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week. before they could only access it within the app. >> let's eat. today's tip of the day with chef tony. >> we have these wonderful green onions. they are very large ball green onions and the flavor profile is out of this world. when you buy them, you want to make sure they have a beautiful white color here and no yellow
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whatever. nice and firm. has to feel nice and fresh. just like green onions, you can use it from the bottom to the top. the flavor profile changes every inch up. simply store them in the fridge right away. rather short shelf life. the green onion is called the mexican green onion. it's a combination of a spring garlic and an an onion. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our pronunciation staff down stairs says it's maladroit. so. >> i would have gotten it right. >> hey, enjoy your tuesday everybody. >> wow, that's pretty.
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♪ [ keys jingle ] >> liam: what's wrong? >> quinn: nothing. >> liam: you look sad. >> quinn: it's just... something i have to do. >> liam: what is that? >> quinn: [ sighs ] a friend is, uh, about to die. >> liam: oh, my god! eve! what -- i'm so sorry. how come you didn't tell me this? >> quinn: i-i didn't want to upset you. and i never imagined it would get to this point.


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