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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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seems even the sacred cows can be sacrificed. this proposal could turn the scenic highway into an avenue of ads. drivers say there's a lot to love about interstate 280 through san mateo county and they put these views at the top of the list. >> i use this highway every day. i' a courier from gilroy to san francisco. it's a lovely drive. >> reporter: but how is this for a change of scenery? like its ugly stepbrother highway 101, 280 the so-called world's most beautiful highway, may soon have billboards for the first time ever. >> no! that would be a bad idea. it would just spoil the view i think. leave the signs for 101. >> reporter: billboards of all shapes and sizes already line highway 101. so far 280 has been ad-free. but a proposal is going board san mateo county board of supervisors to place billboards on 280 to get money without
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taxes. the county executive estimates almost $8 million could be generated over a 30-year span. >> i thought it was a completely nutty idea. and it really needed to be stopped right now. >> reporter: lenny roberts with the committee for green foothills is leading the charge against the idea. >> 280 is a state scenic highway. and caltrans has named it the world's most beautiful freeway which, um, it continues today. and billboards recover are not allowed. >> reporter: at least three supervisors are open to look at the idea but they were unavailable for comment today. and it did gain traction among at least one driver i spoke with who says billboards could be done in a way that won't spoil the natural beauty. >> i think it's beautiful regardless if they're there or not. i think the best thing to do is to take out things that are unnecessary and put billboards up. we need money. >> reporter: the supervisors are looking at proposals to put billboards on 92 and 101 so
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even if the idea for 280 is defeated, the other highways might not be so lucky. len ramirez kpix 5. an equipment problem on bart is causing major disruptions starting at 10 a.m. right now, train service is suspended between the north concord martinez and the pittsburg-baypoint station. andria borba reports from north concord. what a headache. >> reporter: well, liz, take a look. you can see the bus bridge that has been set up. it's between the two stations at this point. the problems began this morning on the track between north concord and pittsburg-baypoint. bart engineers are describing it as a power surge. it's damaged the propulsion systems of 25 cars so far today. this problem is reminiscent of the problem a few weeks ago in the transbay tube according to bart. >> we had a situation where
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train cars were getting damaged while going over certain sections of tracks. specifically, there were surges in both -- there were power surges that were damaging the circuit tree that protects the motor. this surge in voltage is damaging equipment as part of the propulsion and because we can't lose any more train cars to damage we took that section of track out of service. >> reporter: bart has set up as we said a bus bridge. 14 buses between north concord and pittsburg-baypoint. -to-get folks where they need to go. there will be problems tomorrow again on the morning commute because they have to take those cars out of service that were damaged today and today when they started the commute they were already 16 cars down. they say at this point they don't know if that section of track will be open in time for tomorrow morning's commute. live in north concord, andria borba, kpix 5. caltrans will hit a key milestone tomorrow on the peninsula.
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crews will open the new overpass to traffic at broadway and highway 101 in burlingame. the old bridge over 101 will be demolished over the next couple of weeks. construction on the $45 million interchange project is expected to be complete next summer. last august construction crews accidentally toppled power lines across 101 crippling traffic for hours. new at 6:00 a potential game changer for tens of thousands of renters in san jose. kpix 5's devin fehely tells us the city is looking at revising its decades old rent control law. >> trying to find a place that's affordable on this huge -- >> reporter: its supporters say it would prevent supporters getting burned in a hot market. >> good luck finding a one bedroom under $1,200 in the area especially a decent area and if you want to be somewhere close to work and you, uhm, work in sillicon valley. >> reporter: the san jose city council is considering sweeping
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changes to its 37-year-old rent control ordinance possibly tying rent increases to inflation which would likely keep them below the current maximum of 8% a year. landlords say the policy is well intentioned but misguided. >> if you have a business that can't cover its costs, it won't stay in bills. and if it won't stay in business, what's going to happen to those units? >> reporter: roughly 44,000 out of the city's 122,000 rental units are covered by the rent control ordinance. it has managed to keep prices down. according to the city, a rent controlled property on craigslist is averaging just over $2,000. compare that to roughly $2,400 far a regular rental. supporters say the changes would provide at least a little protection for renters barely eeking out a living in sillicon valley. >> once you start missing your rent, you get evict so people in this position are now potentially homeless. we want to prevent them from being homeless. >> reporter: it doesn't make sense to help tenants by
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hurting landlords. >> apartment buildings are already going up for sale in the city of san jose. people are afraid of what happens next and that will probably continue. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. there is a community meeting on rent control tonight. the city council is scheduled to formally consider the plan at its april 19 meeting. google is going on quite the expansion spree. according to the sec filing, the tech titan plans to buy 8 buildings in sunnyvale. they are currently part of the net app campus and total nearly 600,000 square feet. price tag: $250 million. mountain view-based google has been leasing and buying properties across sillicon valley. this latest sale is expected to close next month. doctors medical center in san pablo could soon turn into a hotel. according to a website a boutique hotel operator in davis is set to buy that property for $13.5 million. the medical center has been vacant since it closed last
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april after years of financial trouble. the deal is expected to be finalized within the next few months. the santa rosa park where a teenager was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy is a step closer to being renamed and renovated in that boy's honor. today the sonoma county board of supervisors approved an additional $1.2 million for the project and chose andy's unity park as its name. andy lopez was killed by a sheriff's deputy in october of 2013 while carrying a toy gun. new at 6:00 frustration for commuters using golden gate transit. the agency has canceled a number of bus routes at the last minute because there aren't enough drivers. kpix 5's emily turner with how golden gate transit is trying to solve that problem. >> reporter: this person is riding the bus so he can go buy a car. the reason he is buying one is the very thing he is taking to get there. >> i was waiting for the bus and, like, i was looking at my phone to see, like, what time it comes and it never came.
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>> reporter: he says he can't rely on the transportation system that doesn't run on schedule which is exactly what has happened too often on golden gate transit. it's become so bad the company issued an apology to riders and offered free rides today to those most affected, the commuters. >> it happens all too frequently. the time schedule is merely a suggestion because most of the time they are not on time. >> reporter: golden gate transit says its staffing is to blame. too many people retired and left to fill the routes. now it's launched a hiring campaign and is working hard to replenish the ranks. >> in addition, we have decided to indefinitely cancel some trips in the morning and evening. in the morning and evening four trips each that have been indefinitely canceled. when we get staffing levels back up we'll hopefully add them back into the schedule. >> reporter: staffing will take some time hopefully offering release, though, for those looking to finds rides
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elsewhere. >> if the buses were more reliable, would not be interested in getting -- i would not be interested in getting a car but obviously i'm now on the way to get a car. they are not too trustful. >> that was emily turner reporting. golden gate transit announced that beginning march 21, it will eliminate some trips to help improve overall reliability. for a list of those changes, go to our website, muni won't be getting any money from the building boom in san francisco. mayor lee vetoed $2 per per square foot to builders. it would have helped pay for projects to ease congestion. the mayor didn't think it was a good idea to make developers pay. >> they are causing the impacts an they should pay their fair share. >> this is re-opening negotiations we have already been doing. >> it's estimated the fee would have brought in tens of millions of dollars each year for muni. former 49er facing rape charges is invited to speak to
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children about self-control. tonight a bay area school admitted it fumbled this one. >> he is accused of stealing cars and slamming into two young boys. the break that finally put a suspected hit-and-run driver behind bars. >> i'm mike sugerman at the game developers conference of san francisco. trying to grab this water bubble. it's really here -- weller it's virtual. but this is unbelievable what i'm seeing. stay tuned. >> it's not virtual reality. it is reality that we're having another dry day on kpix 5 hi- def doppler. coming up, rain creeps into the weekend. find out which part of which day is now looking wet. that just looks awesome on a wednesday night. you can see the shadow of the pyramid now spilling out over the bay. i'll have your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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severely. within the last hour, offics
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released a f daniel police make an arrest in a hit-and-run in castro valley that injured two young brothers one severely. officers. released a new mugshot of daniel morris. the chp, alameda county sheriff's deputies and the u.s. marshals service arrested morris early this morning at a hotel in hayward. he is accused of driving a stolen car and running off the road last week striking two children. police say they are investigating whether some of morris' friends helped him escape. >> i can't get into specifics with regards to that. but that could be a future avenue that investigators will take as far as any other potential charges down the road. >> the boy's family requested that the police not release specific details on the extent of the injuries. morris is held at the santa rita jail in dublin. fellow officers and complete strangers stood along a stretch of the 880 today to honor a fallen chp officers. the procession carrying the body of 35-year-old officer nathan taylor went from reno to
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roseville. he died over the weekend when an out-of-control vehicle hit him as he stood outside his patrol vehicle on i-80 near truckee. taylor served three years in chp san jose area office before being transferred to the gold run area back in 2013. other bay area headlines. two people are in critical condition after a shooting in berkeley early this morning. it happened near tremont and prince. so far no arrests have been made. just yesterday, a man was shot in broad daylight about two miles away. within the past hour, we have learned police arrested one suspect in connection with that shooting. they aren't providing any other information at this time. strange robbery in san francisco. police say last night a group of teenagers smacked a man in the back of the head with a tree branch on keith street at hunters point. once he fell to the ground they stole his wallet and fled. san francisco rescuers called to a car that plowed down a steep hill near lake merced. witnesses said the car went off the road at 5 a.m. this morning. no sign of the driver.
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police are checking to see if the car was stolen. tesla is getting ready to unveil its latest electric car the model 3. fremont based automaker tweeted this teaser photo showing a silhouette next to its two other models. starting at $35,000, the model 3 aims to build on success of tesla's model s and appeal to more people. the big reveal happens march 31 in southern california. an old technology being reinvented and reimagined for the world of gaming. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us just how advanced it's become and the rush from videogame makers to cash in. >> reporter: videogames don't just belong to teenaged boys sitting in their parents' basement anymore. >> the videogame business definitely rivals the movie industry now. >> reporter: consider what this person just said and then consider this. videogames are doing twice the business of hollywood. which is why 26,000 game
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developers are at moscone center this week learning the latest, greatest and coolest. and what is that? >> this year marks the commercial birth of virtual reality. >> when you take the headphones off and take the headset off and ask them what it was like, wow is what you hear more than anything else. >> reporter: count me among them. is that real? [ laughter ] what did i hit? nothing really. it was virtual. >> it's a true revolution. the same way, way went from 2d to 3d graphics, this is a key crossroads in the videogames. >> reporter: virtual reality has been around a long time but predictions are this could be the year it goes mainstream. vr as it's called could have its first billion-dollar year this year. >> it's six months ago or one year ago already things have moved very steeply. >> reporter: one study says in 10 years the market could hit $80 billion. >> a lot of people see it on reports, you know, on tv and they think, well, that's
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interesting. there's 3d and movies and similar to that. there's nothing like trying virtual reality. >> good shot! oh, man! >> reporter: it's true. on the new sony playstation 4 i was convinced i was bait as i was lowered into a virtual shark tank. >> i'm getting a little nervous! [ laughter ] >> reporter: my fear was not virtual. seeing that shark charge at me. you really do have to experience it to appreciate it. lots of people might just do that this holiday weekend. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> oh, mikey will do anything for us. consoles for virtual reality games are about $400. a welcome change in colors at the capital. the lawn is no longer brown. it's lush and green thanks to recent rainfall. capital park workers made a number of changes during the drought to meet governor brown's 20% water reduction mandate. the grounds crews say they have reduced water use by nearly 40% since 2013. >> wow. that and a little rain, lawns
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are green. >> now what's happening in a couple of yards? people put rocks down and not the weed guard. now you have a rock garden with 779 weeds coming up! >> things like to grow with water. >> we have had a lot of water. so if you don't have the grass, you likely now have weeds put the we had guard down a little hint. fairfax 77 today warm. vallejo, alamo, calistoga, 76 degrees. three fine communities there. sunnyvale high 74. point reyes only 59. we'll see a taste of late spring early summer tomorrow. we are looking at the snowpack. we are not 16% like we were last year. and we are up 9% in a one week span. so the snowpack is doing good not great. the reservoirs are doing better but not great. we are working our way back. mainly clear skies tonight. we'll warm up more through st. patrick's day and some changes. temperatures tonight will drop
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down to the 40s generally. we'll see some 40s to low 50s. san francisco 52. fremont 48. san jose your low 47 under clear skies. sunrise earlier by about one minute 7:17 the official sunrise tomorrow morning. how warm? let's take a peek. we are talking even out in the south bay. concord 75. livermore 77. you away from the water get an offshore northeast wind summertime will get into the 90s. this time of year we could see some 80s. san jose also santa clara also los gatos and morgan hill as well likely some low 80s. 78 for santa rosa and 78 warm degrees in redwood city. changes coming. we'll increase cloud cover on saturday. second thing we'll do is increase rain chances. that rain chance will hit us sunday afternoon. look at the extended forecast. nice and toasty warm the next two days with sunshine. saturday, cooler as the winds go onshore. sunday morning we're cloudier. by sunday evening, here comes some scattered showers. monday some more showers. and tuesday and wednesday we'll
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see cooler conditions with highs in the 60s. so the warmest day is tomorrow. luck of the irish, there will be a lot of people outside. weather will be perfect. it will feel like may or early june tomorrow. >> gorgeous. >> st. patrick's day and march madness begin. >> oh, wow. >> there's no work getting done! >> none. >> tomorrow. i'm not talking about personally. >> no, no, no. not us. not us. not us. >> never. [ laughter ] >> thanks, paul. two bald eagles welcoming a pair of chicks. the proud parents at channel island's national park have been trying for three years. there they are. the parents are transplants. they were born at the san francisco avian conservation center. both also part of a program to repopulate the area that was decimated in the '60s. there are now 19 breeding pairs across the channel island. a credit card heist in plain sight. how thieves can get your identity in just three seconds. >> plus, how party politics are stalling a bill that could protect children from identity theft. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shows crooks installing a ct card skimmer at a miami bea gas station in mere seconds. you can see one of the men startling surveillance video shows crooks installing a credit card skimmer in miami beach at a gas station in seconds. one distracts the clerk and the other puts on the skimmer near the register. it took them less than three seconds to put it in. police are still trying to find them. a bill that would help protect california kids from id theft is one step closer to becoming law. it was introduced as a result of consumerwatch reporter julie watts's reporting. >> tonight she is here with politics stalling a similar bill in washington. >> reporter: first the state bill. now it passed its initial test sailing through the assembly banking and finance committee with a 12-0 vote. it's being revised. if passed, california will
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become the 24th state to require credit bureaus to allow parents to place a security freeze or credit freeze on their children's social security numbers. it's believed to be the single best tool to prevent financial identity theft but two of the three bureaus still refuse to let most parents use it. our investigation recently revealed the credit bureaus may actually be putting kids at greater risk as well as their parents by using antiquated security measures like mailing sensitive documents and requiring social security numbers over international recorded lines. >> you need my daughter's social security number but you won't give me your employee id? >> the law should require the credit reporting bureaus to make this as easy on parents as possible. >> reporter: the california assemblyman introduced the state legislation and he is now amending it to address the concerns we raised. now, a similar federal bill would afford these same child credit freeze protections and rights to parents nationwide. yet we discovered for over a year, it has stalled in the house financial services
6:25 pm
committee. a spokesman for the committee tells us only, quote, at this time we don't have a hearing announcement regarding hr1703. in other words there is no eta on if or when the bill will move forward. since it was introduced a year ago, millions more kids' identities have been compromised through government and insurance hacks! so why the delay on this federal bill? well, we're told it's likely due to party politics. the bill was introduced and sponsored by democrats who can't move forward without the approval from the committee chair from texas. in this heated election year, insiders say it's not likely it will happen. the good news is the state bill support from both sides of the aisle expected to move forward next month. >> but the washington gridlock is what so many people are upset about. >> hopefully someone will step up. >> good work. thanks. coming up in our next half- hour a supreme court nominee that may be too good for the gop to ignore. how the president's pick is
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putting republicans in an interesting spot. >> and facing trial for rape charges, is former 49er a role model? a school doing damage control for choosing ray mcdonald to speak to kids. >> a dog lost at sea? a homecoming made for hollywood.
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supreme court. meet merrick garland. the nominee teared up after being introduced ae orning: president obama announces his pick to replace the late antonin scalia on the supreme court. merrick garland cried when he was introduced at the rose garden ceremony this morning. >> this is the greatest honor of my life. [ crying ] >> other than [ indiscernible ] agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. >> he became chief judge on the u.s. court of appeals in washington, dc in 2013. as for his politics, well, he
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is described as center left. he supervised justice department investigations into the 1995 observations bombing. born in chicago, garland graduated from harvard law school. kpix 5's ken bastida tells us he may be something of a centrist but the confirmation process will be anything but a cakewalk. >> reporter: absolutely. we finds ourselves in this year of intense and often bizarre politics. it's increasingly focused on the u.s. supreme court. and tonight, that man, merrick garland, is in the eye of the storm. >> he also is a human being, right? he almost broke into tears saying thank you to his wife and his kid and thank you to the president. >> reporter: this law professor rory little knows a little something about merrick garland. >> i knew him. we worked in dc, we both clerked for justice brennan. >> reporter: he says garland's
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most important quality is he is decidedly uncontroversial. >> he is a very well qualified nominee. you couldn't ask for a less controversial right down the middle experienced guy. >> reporter: but this year politics is anything but down the middle. >> the curse is you should live in interesting times. this is the most unprecedented combination of events i think as has ever been here an election still up in the air for people. >> i think this is a result of some very, very sophisticated sort of gamesmanship that's been going on in the obama administration. >> reporter: kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen says the pick is designed to hand republicans an election year dilemma. block the nominee and face the possibility of an even less favorable situation in 2017. >> the idea being you can either confirm him now or wait and see who" hillary clinton" puts up and be in trouble. >> will the republicans be able to hold a unified front on him and not hold a hearing? that's going to be hard.
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i think you're going to see a republican split if you will on whether they should meet with him whether they should have a hearing. >> reporter: talk about gambling, huh? some senate republicans are on record as saying there is, quote, no question that garland could be confirmed. that is minus a heated presidential election. the nominee will make his first trip to capitol hill tomorrow. >> thank you. speaking of campaign 2016, california has suddenly become a critical state in this election. the primary isn't until june 7. but unless something dramatic happens, it is going to be in play for the republicans. 172 delegates are available. but here's where it's complicated. most of the delegates are awarded to the winner of each of the state's 53 congressional districts. here's the delegate count right now. donald trump out in front but he need to get more than half of the delegates remaining in order to lock up the nomination. otherwise, the republicans will have an open convention to
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choose a candidate. a hayward high school's decision to have a former 49er talk about discipline is drawing backlash from parents. ray mcdonald addressed students at tennyson high school. he was all smiles posing for pictures with all those kids. this is the same ray mcdonald that is awaiting trial for sexual assault and was accused of domestic violence. his legal problems led to the 49ers dropping him two years ago. some of the students questioned that choice. others say mcdonald used his life experiences to inspire them. >> arrested many times, i think [ indiscernible ] [ completely indistinguishable statement ] >> people make mistakes. we're all human. even if he made that mistake and him come here like trying to help us out that's something -- >> reporter: some parents sent out an angry letter to the district and the district apologized admitting ray mcdonald wasn't the best
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choice. his rape trial starts next month. it's the makings of a new reality show four-legged "survivor." the miracle dog who found her way home after weeks lost at sea. >> even the bay area's best sellers get stumped, tonight the clues that help them crack even the toughest words. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and presumed dead ... is beg reunited with her owner. more t this is an amazing survivor story for you. a dog lost at sea presumed dead is reunited with her owner the more than a month ago luna the german shepherd fell overboard from a fishing boat near san clemente island off the southern california coast. after a week of searching, loved ones thought luna was dead. but yesterday morning, the dog turned up alive on san clemente island. amazing. she was a bit malnourished but healthy otherwise. luna was flown to san diego today to be reunited with a family friend who will take the dog to her owner. >> luna lost at sea.
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lunacy? [ laughter ] >> am i the only one? congratulations, luna! almost 50 of the bay area's best spellers going to compete in the cbs bay area spelling bee this weekend and if you look at some of the words, no wonder some of the students study the dictionary. kpix 5's sharon chin on some of the clues that can make spelling less mysterious. [ pronouncing words your captioner does not recognize ] >> reporter: those are some of the words in the spelling bee. >> we quizzed some adults. >> in a light delicate brisk style used as a direction in music. >> l -- i -- >> lege -- >> knowing the language of origin can give a valuable hint. students were told it's from italian. that's a clue says this linguist. >> it's not a hard word if you know italian. if you speak italian. now that legero means light. >> reporter: so this is le
6:38 pm
geramen: >> have you heard this word before? >> no. it's a name given to a fish that's common in the caribbean. >> ka -- >> hint. kagnulfa is from spanish. >> the fact that it's from spanish or portugese would -- would -- would lead to you know that it begins with a c, not a k. >> reporter: so catalufa. >> these are english words? >> these are english words. >> could have fooled me. [ me, too! >> reporter: student fellows know american words are complicated. one reason says nunberg is the u.s. does not simplify its spelling like france is doing now. it's eliminating many accents to make written french easier. nonbearing says theodore roosevelt tried to reform english in 1906 so words like although, rhyme and flipped would have been spelled more like they sound. >> within a month congress passed a law saying leaving our spelling alone!! >> reporter: if you got stumped on those tough words, nonbearing says take heart even
6:39 pm
mark twain who prided himself on being a great speller missed february. sharon chin, kpix 5. [ laughter ] >> liz, your turn. if you need some help with your word we have one of the champion spellers to show your word. [ non-english language ] >> is it german? >> correct. >> i got one thing right. >> steven zeitels.
6:40 pm
you can see william and thet of the spellers compete [ spelling ] ] >> let's see what this middle school student says. >> zietgeber. >> he got it! you can see william and the rest of the spellers compete in the oral bee this saturday at noon on kbcw cw 44/cable 12 live streamed on our website, how about a shoutout for william from the middle school.
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sharon chin a san francisco teenager has a lot to teach when it comes to loving students who feel left out at school. sharon chin announces us to this week's jefferson award
6:44 pm
winner. >> what do you call it weather you don't want others to be excluded? lauren marquez gives us a special name. ♪[ music ] >> whether its music. >> thank you, stephanie. >> reporter: or money lessons. >> on this line, right here. >> reporter: lauren marquez seems to have a gift for reaching students with disabilities. here at lincoln high school in san francisco, the 18-year-old senior is a teachers assistant in henry chan's third period special ed. class. >> kids are always excited to see her. >> reporter: we're not allowed to show their faces but many students are on the autism spectrum and mr. chan says lauren's gentle giving spirit helps guide him through his first year teaching this class. what did she teach yo? >> how to be a better teacher
6:45 pm
and be more patient. >> reporter: every week during length she has "includitude." about two dozen general and special ed. opportunities spend time together in "includitude" from dancing to playing sports, lauren ensures no one gets left out. >> i can do tennis or swimming or anything and i have done those things. but these students have less opportunity in that area. so i want to give them more opportunity. >> they get to be part of that instead of just looking through the window. >> whoo! >> she just loves them genuinely. >> reporter: this long-time friend luke amodeo calls her mature beyond her years. >> in high school you don't see kids acting like that very often. >> reporter: once a week, lauren also helps mr. chan's class run the cafe at school a coffee cart where students learn to manage a small business. in addition, she volunteers for esoccer coaching kids with special needs. it's a life-long passion. >> growing up i learned a lot about jesus and how he, like,
6:46 pm
gives a voice to people who can't advocate for themselves. >> reporter: students are simply thankful. why is lauren great? >> because she is a good friend. >> everyone is so encouraging. so really they are giving back to me. >> to keep me from getting to you babe ♪ >> reporter: sore for teaching an including special education students -- so for teaching and including special education student at lincoln bay high and beyond, this week's jefferson award winner goes to lauren marquez. she wants to be an occupationsal therapist to serve people with special needs in san francisco schools. she is graduating this semester so mr. chan and his class are going to miss her. >> wow. boy, will they. >> yes. >> so patient. >> great. >> good story, sharon, thanks. and if someone inspires you, like lauren, nominate him or her for a jefferson award online at >> amazing story. paul, we're getting a nice break from the rain. it's been gorgeous out. >> such a nice day outside
6:47 pm
today. a wide range of temperatures this afternoon. now we are kind of leveling off in the mid up toker 60s to low 70s. mount vaca cam. what a view we have this evening. livermore 68. san francisco 64. santa rosa comfortable 71 degrees and oakland checking in at 70. high temperatures today from our weather watchers. look at the range here. novato, dana, reporting an 84 degrees. lindsay in pacifica 65. darrell in alameda 71. ron in concord, 72. mike in san jose a high of 73. wildly comfortable outside throughout the bay area today with that sunshine. nothing on the radar. and we'll stay dry for the next couple of days but despite the dry weather here, reservoirs to our east and to our north continue to fill from all the rain we have the first half of march, lake shasta now up to 108% of average. not of capacity, of average. and folsom lake now up to 119% of average. so good news there with our reservoirs.
6:48 pm
fremont tonight clear skies 48 for you. vallejo dropping to 46. napa 49. and san jose tonight 47. pretty interesting wind profile tomorrow. i love being able to show this to you on television now. one of our newer features. look at the wind coming from the ocean in san mateo county and the city of san francisco. the onshore flow coming from the cooler ocean will keep your temperatures tomorrow in the 60s. now, watch the wind coming from the north and northeast just about everywhere else. so you get away from the water and away from the bay temperatures in the 70s and low 80s tomorrow in places like san jose. so a differing temperature profile depending where your source of air s it's coming from the ocean like during the summertime it will be chilly. coming from land up to 20 degrees warmer. now the bigger picture big ridge keeping us dry storm track way to the north. look at this guy right me though. patiently waiting its turn it will win the battle in the sky over the weekend and rain returns sunday afternoon. so the storm track will return. we will see that rush of air, the jet stream, moving back to
6:49 pm
northern california and the timing is showers sunday evening into monday. clear tonight mild warm tomorrow for st. patrick's day. but changes first the clouds then the rain by sunday evening. highs tomorrow with that 80 in san jose, you will be 13 degrees above average. fremont tomorrow 79. pacifica only 65. los altos 78. hayward 71. sunshine in danville, 76. also 76 in pittsburg tomorrow. 72 san francisco. cloverdale near 80 with sunshine tomorrow. extended forecast, couple of degrees cooler but still mild friday. cooling down saturday. sunday cloudy, rain sunday night into monday. drying out tuesday and wednesday. that's your forecast. andrea with sports next. ,,
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6:52 pm
but reggie mckenzie had a different vision... to buile of the best offensive linesn football. the raiders and donald penn reggie mckenzie had a vision to build one of the best offensive lines in football. the raiders and donald penn have agreed to two years reportedly worth $14 million. the left tackle has not missed a game in nine seasons.
6:53 pm
the last two were with the silver and black. former nfl quarterback david carr knows his little brother will be well protected this season. he tweeted, donald penn is back, the wall reggie and the raiders have built is more impressive than the one donald trump wants to build! definitely more impressive than the one he had in texas. spring training sharks gave it back in the 3rd inning when the mariners roughed him up for 6 runs leaving him with an e.r.a. of 8.31 this spring. another day another injury for the giants denard span playing center field for the first time this spring lands hard. he leaves the game with a damaged shoulder. the giants lost 9-6. yesterday white sox first baseman adam laroche announced his retirement walking away from $13 million. today we learned the reason why laroche is calling it quits. it's because he was told to stop bringing his 14-year-old
6:54 pm
son around the team. i have a feeling there's more to this but white sox president kenny williams explained his decision saying, quote, we all think thinks kid is a great young man. i just felt it should not be every day. that's all. you tell me where in this country can you bring your child to work every day? the warriors will go for their 61st win of the season when they host the knicks tonight. that's 60 more wins than the knicks have in the last two seasons combined! we have all seen steph curry cap off his pre-game routine with the shot from the hallway. well, knicks rookie phenom kristaps porzingis wanted to try it. in his first-ever visit to oracle, what do you know? porzingis makes it on his first event. it's all "luck." >> wahoo! >> close. >> i have no doubts in my mind i'm going to make it. >> i wasn't very impressed only because he is seven what three? got a longer wingspan. my shots -- [ indiscernible ]
6:55 pm
>> great explanation. arkansas's little rock is back in the big dance for the first time since 2011. they will take on purdue tomorrow and hopefully the head coach gives a much safer pep talk than last weekend in their conference championship game. >> he would were down five at half and i made -- we were down five at half and i made a bad decision in the locker to get them fired up. we talk about boxing in our program. we're a good defensive team we believe in boxing foot worker but i didn't get the message with the hand work so, um, a dry erase board took a bad shot. >> bad call there. president obama filled out his bracket for the final time before leaving office. he is taking hawaii to upset cal in the first round and hoping the third time is the charm for his national champions. >> so what do you do here? [ indiscernible ] owes me. i'm putting kansas in here. coach, i'm just teasing. i'm not putting pressure on
6:56 pm
you. but i think the jayhawks in a squeaker get past unc. >> wasn't that giddy about it at all. he has done that before. and -- and then, um, and then he will blame me for ruining his pool if things don't work out. >> no, i think we are putting some pressure on tom izzo because i have michigan state. allen has michigan state. paul has michigan state. >> let's go, smarty. >> liz the only one picking villanova. >> that's right. >> but she has the defending champion round. >> so going rogue. >> you never know. >> something that we don't know. >> but you took hawaii over cal too. >> i am taking hawaii over cal too. but we have hawaii ties. >> okay. >> for news throughout the evening latest news and weather, always on join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. and here at 11. e of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: i appreciate y'all. thank y'all, now. i appreciate you. i appreciate y'all, now. yeah, i do. appreciate it, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and we got a good one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total 22,125 bucks, from hartwell, georgia, it's the champs. it's the stowers family. audience: [cheering] rodvous: whoo! steve: and from sylacauga, alabama, it's the fincher family. audience: [cheering]
7:00 pm
steve: everybody's here trying to walk out of here with a lot of cash, and remember, if the stowers family wins today's game, they drive out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge, folks. audience: [cheering] steve: let's go meet the fincher family. jerry, how you doing? jerry: doing great. doing great. steve: jerry, that's a mighty sharp shirt and tie combination. jerry: thank you. my wife bought it. this is the best i looked since i got married. steve: [chuckles] jerry: [laughing] probably won't look as good again till i'm laid out. [laughing] better not sweat in the coat. can't take it back. [laughing] steve: he said...[laughing] "better not sweat in the coat. can't take it back."


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