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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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weekend.. think again. tonight: the search for a fix.. stretches all the way to the east coast. let's get right to andria borba at the north concord station.. which is the end of the line, for now. andria? as the sun sets over pittsburg/bay point bart -- it's also setting on
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spike, and then they can better interpret what's going on. also, on board, an expert flown in from the east coast. while bought is coy about who he is, they say he's the man to unplug the power problem. >> he is an expert had it comes to on the manufacturing side, as well as on the industry side, so he understands the train cars as well as the power system, and how they interact with each other. >> reporter: as the tracks shut down continues to take on the bill for bart continues to pick up, not only is the agency trying to replace this $1000 piece of equipment, they will likely have to pay for the bus
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bridge. typically, mutual aid between bart, ac transit, county connection and try delta is free, but only for a few hours. >> we'll have to, at the end of it, tall it up to reimburse -- tally it up to reimburse the agencies helping us out. >> reporter: riders should assume on monday, a bus bridge will be in place here as well. live in contra costa county. crews had to dig this hole to make repairs. crews repaired main, and fixing the flooded street. east bay says about 30 customers were affected. standoff with a suspected child molester in the east bay lasted almost 12 hours, and it ended when detectives shot and killed the man, it began last night at a home on hoffman lane in byron.
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deputies were serving a warrant on a 49-year-old man, charged with molesting his young foster daughter. he came out with a handgun. then, he barricaded himself in the house. deputies managed to evacuate. other people inside. hours later, s.w.a.t. officers through chemicals into the home. >> he exited a window of the residence, carrying a firearm, at which time he raised the firearm in the direction of our deputy sheriff, and the deputies in fear for their life, fired and struck the subject. >> the man died at the scene. negotiators made many calls to try to get him to surrender peacefully. a fly dubai flight crashed during bad weather, killing all 61 passengers and crew on boards. the cct foot handle shows the moment of impact. the skylights up from the
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fireball. the emergency minister said the jet cashed near the runway while trying to land for a second time. the plane was flying to russia from dubai. the father after california hero is facing federal charges in an arson fraud scheme. brian stone is one of the three men charged with conspiring to burn down commercial buildings in sacramento for insurance money. there have been a total of 7 fires, sings 2009. at six commercial properties. he is charged with mail fraud, for allegedly helping to file the insurance claims. stone's son spencer was called a hero when he and two friends thwarted a stair or attack on a train to paris last august. our sister station in sacramento spoke with spend serve by phone. other than acknowledging the allegations against his dad, he had no comment. the only suspect who escaped the november terror attacks in
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paris is in custody tonight. we show you the four month long manhunt ended in a hate of gun -- hail of gunfire. >> reporter: belgium forces stormed the neighborhood, and captured the most wanted man in the paris terror attacks. 26-year-old sal safely was shot in the leg -- salah abdeslam was shot in the leg, there were imaging of him being dragged into a police car. he has opinion on the run since the coordinated attacks in paris. he he rented the volkswagen. >> they want to know about his support network, or other operatives at play. >> reporter: the raid comes after salah abdeslam's fingerprints were discovered in an apartment the police stormed earlier. the man shot dead in the raid is believed to have been his accomplice. alan martin, kpix5.
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>> to create a government back door into to. apple customers we asked today were split on the issue. >> i would like to know what's on the phone, privacy, security. [ strong accent ] >> i'm for privacy, but i think if it's an extreme case, like our homeland security, and they're going to threaten to attack our country i think the government does have a right. >> apple has a court date on tuesday in riverside, veronica de la cruz, kpix5. the secret service, fbi and new york city police are
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investigating a threatening letter sent to donald trump's son. his wife opened the letter last night. inside, a message demanding that donald trump drop out of the race, or his family will be harmed. there was a suspicious white powder which sources say does not appear to be assist dozen. another scare in the air, this one near lax, reporter peter dowd on the close call between a drone and a commercial jet liner full of people at 5000 feet. >> reporter: faa says the drone nearly collided with the lufthansa airbus preparing to land. it came within 200 feet of the aircraft, despite laws prohibits drones from flying near airports, and more than 400 feet above grounds, it landed safely but the incident highlights a growing problem of near misses between drones and aircraft. last february, a pilot for southwest airlines reported another close call involving a drone at lax.
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>> one of those radio controlled helicopter things went over the top of us at 4000. >> on the floor the top of you? over the top of you? >> yeah. >> got it. a drone. >> little bitty one, red in color. >> reporter: the faa has recorded more than 650 close calls, majority happening in california. and with drone sales expected to hit near 2 million this year alone, many fear it's just a matter of time before the close calls lead to something far more serious. >> police helicopters were dispatched. if caught, the drone operator could face fines and up to six months in jail. the news that crab lovers have been waiting for. the dungeness season is opening. date is a week for tomorrow, but areas south of the county line season has been stalled for months due to high levels of
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acid, but now the levels no longer pose a threat in the area. warning signs up about new neighbors who moved into one part of san francisco. coyotes! there have been a number of sightings around ingleside terrace. a hearing will take place next week to address the growing concerns. a couple weeks ago, this coyote was caught on camera walking in the corona heights neighborhood. the biggest names in tech and pop culture are in san jose for the first-ever silicon family comic-con. this comic-con is like no other. >> are you feeling intimidated? >> a little bit. >> just join the dark side! >> reporter: for the first time this weekend, the convention center is transforming into a playgrounds for comic and science fiction fans. >> how do you feel about almost killing captain america? >> bad. he was high best friend.
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>> reporter: -- he was my best friends. >> reporter: and thousands are expected to the comic-con. >> it's fun to get out into the public. >> reporter: but what makes this different than others is all the technology, including this visual reality zone. >> i thought it was incredible. >> reporter: the man behind it all is apple co-founder steve waznak who after william shatner said, he admires. >> that's where it belongs. silicon valley is a comic-con by itself. >> reporter: while this has the normal cast of characters, the fan, celeb bits and city leaders fans, celebrities and city leaders think it will bring a twist. >> we're very, very excited. >> come on down! tomorrow, i'll be here, and so will a lot of people. it's great fun, and you can talk to the waz. >> reporter: of the future, the back to the futurecast will
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reunite, the events goes until sunday. in san jose, maria medina. a bay area mother's terrifying ordeal. >> this is a new twist on -- the party that has microsoft apologizing. >> how big is that grande latte? the lawsuit accusing starbucks of skimming off the top.
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cauguiran spoke to a bay area woman.. who fell victim to a virtual kidnapping scam. we spoke to a bay area woman who fell victim to a virtual kidnapping scam. >> i was shaking. >> i just heard what sounding like a child screaming. >> reporter: this marin county mom greed to share her -- agreed to share her nightmare, what she heard on the other line of this call would send chills down every parent's spine. >> he said i have your daughter i kidnap people for a living. this is what i do. i don't give a. [ bleep ] about your daughter. >> he claims he kidnapped her daughter. >> i do whatever i say, you keep
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the phone on. >> reporter: the message won't can through to her husband. >> i just was following instructions because i was so scared. >> reporter: she told us the man on the phone told her to go to the bank withdraw all the money in her account, and go to this lucky and transfer that money to an account in mexico, just as she was about to wire the money, a friend's text message got through, letting her know her daughter was safe with the baby sitter. the whole thing was a scam. fbi calls it virtual kidnapping. the criminals learn about victim's family through social media and claim they have family hostage. security analyst and former fbi assistant special agent in charge jeff harp. >> they know the only way they can target the victim and
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collect any money is for them to involve technology. >> reporter: the criminals are often mexican gang members. the phones they use are not traceable, and can change numbers easily. the fake ordeal was real. >> even though this was a cyber scam, essentially, about 45 minutes, for that 45 minutes, my daughter was kidnapped. it was very real. >> here we go again, another fight over rent tonight between santa clara, and the 49ers. according to the mercury news city leaders claim the niners have withheld 3 months of rent on levi stadium. more than $5 million since december. team officials say they've paid what they owe. they're up to date. this comes as the nfl has been pushing for a lower representative agreement for next year. city council will talk about it next week. test that has a first look
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in the new gig factory. it is in the middle of the desert. it has a four story car manufacturing plant, and bare bones models of cars coming down the pipeline. this is about 14 percent of what they're building. the whole project to be completed in 2020. alphabet is ditching boston die -- dynamics. why? google says the unit which it acquired in 2013 has failed to come up with useful products that could be released any time soon. bloomberg reports toyota, or amazon might be interested in buying boston dynamics. microsoft through a party in san francisco last night, and tonight, the tech company is paying for it. pictures and videos popped up on social media from the game developer conference after party. they somehow go go dancers
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wearing next to nothing, and critic says it sends a bad message to a male dominated industry to be more inclusive to women. others say it's not big deal. >> it's probably misconstrued. i don't think they intended to insult anyone. not many women versus men -- i don't think that -- >> microsoft executive apologized saying in part, we represented xbox and microsoft in a way that was not consistent or align to our values. it was unequivocally wrong, and will not be tolerated. some customers accusing starbucks of skimming off the top. now, there's a class action lawsuit. christin ayers on the drinks they say just don't measure up. >> reporter: robert king claims it's a chronic problem at starbucks, ask for two shots of espresso, and you get one and a
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half. >> i want starbucks to admit they are shortening customers. >> reporter: he's not the only one complains. a san francisco woman and southern california man have leveled a lawsuit against the company, claiming starbucks cheats purchasers by providing less fluid ounces in lattes than represented. in fact, starbucks lattes are probable 25% under filled the substitute says they skimp by topping off lattes with foam, and leaving a quarter inch off the brim. >> reporter: by e-mail starbucks said the claims are without merit. if a customer is unhappy with the bench preparation, then we've happy to remake -- we're happy to remake it, a statement customers said they can attest to. >> if you open it and say can you add more, they would do it.
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>> i don't mind when they don't fill it all the way. >> i just want to know why don't they have pumpkin spice all year-round? wouldn't you like one now. leer's a question, winter is almost finished. tomorrow, 9:30, take a look at the map. there it is! spring begins tomorrow. 90:00 tomorrow, we say hello to spring, and good-bye to winter. paragliding, a nice day for it a nice breeze, cooler today, and tonight. san francisco, 55, santa rosa 55. tomorrow morning, valerio, 50, san francisco 52, santa rosa 58. tomorrow, the on shore flow gets stronger, look at the winds rushing in from the ocean. good-bye to the warm weather. inland, you spent four straight days in the 60s, not -- 70s, not tomorrow.
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you'll drop to the 60s. mainly cloudy day tomorrow. big change coming ridge of high pressure that kept us dry for a long time, about five days, now, west of cabo, nowhere close to us. so we're looking at this low. it's not terribly strong, it will fire i am bulls over the -- impulses over us. but tomorrow, the change is cloud cover. cooler, and cloudier. no rain yet, so when will it gyp to rain? saturday, no. sunday morning, you'll begin to see light rain, about 3, 4:00 sun sunday away, notice the lightest shade of green. it's not going to be heavy stuff, we clear out sunday night. another wave the light rain on monday. look ominous on the 7-day forecast, with 3 days with the chance of rainfall, but just scattered showers for the majority of the bay area. sunday, monday, tuesday. north bay showers as early as sunday morning, rest of us get late day showers. concord, 69 degrees, redwood
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city, 69, and fremont, a high of 69. showers, sunday. showers monday. showers tuesday. say, we'll take any rain we can get. and dry out by the middle of next week. the warm stuff? it's gone for a little bit. >> all right, can't believe it's already spring. >> and the weekend! >> i love that! getting out of trouble, how this california kid got bruce springsteen to sign his tardy slip. >> and on stephen colbert: be
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♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. the pop star is performing in oakland tonight.. and like queen bey.. he's staying in a swanky pad in los altos. yes, the same one bey justin bieber is staying in a swanky pad in losalto. thanks for hooking me up with airbnb, he's probably not footing the bill. talk about a boss excuse for
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being tardy, get it? a kid in pasadena has worried he would be late to school the morning after a bruce springsteen concert so he got the boss to sign his tardy note. it reads, he has been out very late, rocking and rolling. please excuse him. if he's tardy. >> warriors get a hall pass every day. this is why they call it march madness. wrap
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week came to an end for cal...monday they fired an assistant coach, wednesday their leading scoring broke his hand, and today this.. jabari bird didn't play today against hawaii with back spasms.. r today, cal, this, bird did not play against hawaii, because of back spasms. the rainbow star played 18 minutes because of foul trouble, but had 16 points. sam singer scored is it, and kept the lead to just 2 midway through the second half. bears super freshman, brown, was a no-show. he turned it over, led to a layup. 19 points for the antioch
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native. what might be the final game if he leaves to the nba. >> situation that took place, one coaches, and then tyrone goes down. and it's tough, a young guy, but for us, this is life. >> of course, you're disappointed, but you win balls games, you lose ball games. life goes on, and we had a great season. >> texas trailing northern iowa by 2 in the find seconds. taylor hits the lateup. panthers had one final chance. >> half court heave! he got it! he nails it. northern iowa wins it at the buzzer. >> grandma is not disappointed you woke her up. jefferson banked in the shot. northern iowa upsets texas
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75-72. right now, at this minute warriors on their way to san antonio for tomorrow's game between the top two teams in the nba. but before leaving for the alamo, they dropped 22these. steph curry stole for dirk, and drains the 3 to end the quarter, he does this every game, doesn't he? third quarter, warriors leading by 1. we have a harrison barnes siting. fourth quarter, thompson drains one of the ten 3 pointers pushing the lead to 106-99. warriors win 130-112, and now a showdown in san antonio tomorrow night. >> expect to see 20 three
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pointers. >> if it's going to happen, it has to be tomorrow night. >> if what? >> i have no idea. >> okay! >> the only local reporter on the road with your golden state warriors, we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning the wednesday is -- the weekend is here, are you watching basketball? >> there are still two teams
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alive in the women's. >> have a great weekend. >> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to "the late show," everybody. thank you so much. everybody up there, down there everybody out there, out there out there. >> stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: trying to wake them up! wake up! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: whooo! ( cheers and applause )


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