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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's monday, march 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00. and we begin with developing news over in the east bay where a body was found in front of a fire station. oakley firefighters found the body in a parked car in their station driveway around 7:00 yesterday morning. investigators say the car wasn't in a crash and while they don't suspect foul play, the man did have blood on his shirt. firefighters say the car must have been parked sometime between 4:00 and 7:00 because they didn't see it when they headed out for an earlier call yesterday morning. >> coming into work this morning, i saw the police cars here. i thought maybe somebody had crashed into the station. i have never seen anything like this in my 15 years here. >> contra costa county sheriff's office says the man was 51 years of age, they are waiting on an autopsy report to learn exactly how he died. well, it is a morning full of delays for anyone who travels between concord and oakland on bart today. track work between those stations is still underway and passengers are having to be
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bussed to other stations. kpix5 reporter jackie ward is live at the north concord bart station and, jackie, how are passengers dealing with the delays today? >> reporter: monday mornings are tough enough, michelle, as bart delays on top of that, yeah, they are a little frustrated out here this morning and rightfully so because bart officials still don't have an answer as to why last week's power surge happened so yet again east bay commuters are dealing with commute delays. let's talk about where this is happening. we are focusing right now on two stations, the north concord stop where we are this morning and pittsburg/bay point. this is where services were stopped and budge bridge to shuttle commuters between the two stops. bart says they have been testing the tracks for days now and yesterday after continuing to examine where the power surges happened bart still didn't have a reason for this disruption. so some morning commuters aren't thrilled with the prolonged delays and lack of answers. >> i hope they get it done speedy, real quick because we need to get where we got to go,
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you know. >> reporter: bart issues have become a topic of conversation among many transit experts across the country. they say these problems are most likely the result of aging tracks. we will send it back to you. >> jackie, is this related to the power surge issue bart had last month? >> reporter: we don't know for sure if these two are related but what we do know is that bart is still trying to recover from that power surge that happened last month. they had to take a couple dozen train cars out of service so they are still dealing with a lack of trains from that issue, now even more on top of that. >> jackie ward, thank you. let's see how people are handling that situation again on a monday. kick it to gianna and find out. >> you might see a few extra cars on highway four this morning, delays now for folks avoiding bart and westbound 4 at least 36 miles per hour in some spots as you work your way
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through pittsburg, your drive time 11 minutes from hillcrest avenue to 242. so definitely slow working your way through there this morning. there is at least a 10 minute delay on the pittsburg/bay point line in both directions this morning. northbound 17 at glenwood that overturned vehicle, they are working on getting this over out of the right lane to the right shoulder. backed up to sugarloaf at this point so big delays because of this accident there. and better news, this accident northbound 87 in julian now been cleared out of lanes but slow-and-go ride as a result, a 15 minute drive time northbound 87 from 85 to 101, looks like 101 itself starting to fill in just a bit between 286, 80 towards 237, 14 minutes so use 280 in the meantime. and that trouble spot we had south 680 at 242 now been cleared out of lanes. still slow as you work your way through there. let's go ahead and check in with the ever popular and entertaining brain hackney. >> i need an agent. we've got a few showers around the bay area this morning and mostly cloudy skies, we are going to be looking for more showers as the day goes on. so even if it's a bit dry this
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morning, things are going to be changing as we get toward the afternoon hours, you can see that on the kpix5 hi-def doppler with most of the action up around cape mendocino and around the bay area there is simply not much. so we will just see that develop as we head toward the afternoon hours, so out the door this morning, a few scattered showers, numbers in the low 50s, a little bit of a bite in the air with concord at 52, san jose at 50 and santa rosa 51 and here's what's happening, low pressure offshore is powering showers through the bay area later in the day today so showery weather continues through early tomorrow morning. what we will expect is showers to develop for the north bay but the latter half of the week looks warm and a return to dry weather by tuesday afternoon. meantime a few showers to contend with. numbers today near 60 degrees and warmer weather by next weekend. that's weather, latest on the news, here's frank and michelle. >> thank you, brian. happening today apple's headquarters will be bustling with a lot of curious reporters and big names in tech.
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>> that's because the cupertino company is unveiling new products. >> let's check in with kpix5's kiet do live in cupertino where apple is already getting ready for a showdown with the fbi and they got a new product too. kiet, take it away. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. apple is hitting the ground running this monday morning with a product launch set to happen in just a couple of hours and all indications are pointing to a smaller iphone, pundits and industry insiders are dubbing it the iphone se, basically it's going to be a 4- inch phone the same skies as the old iphone 5 but with the guts of the iphone 6. the new phone will likely have the company's faster processor and apple pay. apple has been hinting at lower than expected forecasts of iphone sales and this newer, smaller version should attract customers who think the bigger phones are a bit unwieldy. analysts and tech blogs say to look out for the new smaller model of the ipad pro, probably a 9.7-inch version with four stereo speakers, support for apple pencil, faster processor, more memory and a 4k camera. expect apple to phase out the
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ipad air 2. tim cook had a lot to say about the company's baths with the -- battle with the fbi at the shareholders meeting a few weeks ago but analysts don't expect much about that today since it could take away from the spotlight on the product launch. apple's public showdown with the fbi reaches a critical stage tomorrow where the two sides will face off before a magistrate judge in southern california. now, this is the same judge who order apple to unlock the iphone of the san bernardino shooter syed farook who killed 14 people at a company holiday party back in december. legal experts say apple will argue the law the feds are citing, the all rich act of 1789 is outdated and apple could also argue forcing it to write software also violates its free speech rights amounting to what lawyers call compelled speech. back here at apple headquarters the keynote today certainly doesn't have the buzz that the apple watch had a couple years ago or when the ipad was first rumored to come out. but you never know what tim cook will have up his sleeve. back to you. >> you never know, kiet. any possibility they will mention an apple car during
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today's launch event? >> reporter: yeah, you know, we were first to report the secret facility that apple was testing some kind of a car project in sunnyvale. apple has a lot of distributors and suppliers all across the world. that's how a lot of the media gets word of these products coming down the pipeline. there has been zero word of any kind of apple car. that project likely won't come to light for at least a couple more years. we are live in cupertino, kiet do, kpix5. >> thank you, kiet. first family spending its first full day in cuba. yesterday president obama became the first u.s. president to visit the island nation, nearly 90 years since calvin coolidge. a big step toward normalizing the relationships between the two governments and as don champion reports, mr. obama has a very big meeting later today. >> reporter: after his historic landing on sunday, a busy day awaits president obama in cuba. this morning he's scheduled to meet with cuban president raul castro. set to take part in a summit with u.s. and cuban
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entrepreneurs. shortly after arriving yesterday, president obama and the first lady greeted staff at the new u.s. embassy in havana. >> more opportunities for the cuban people to improve their lives, it's all happening because of you. every single day you're bringing the cuban people and the american people closer together. >> reporter: the president and the first family then toured old havana by foot. the trip to cuba is being called a big step toward normalizing relations between our countries. coverage of the president's arrival on tv captivated some cubans, cubans here in america are also watching closely. >> i don't mind obama going to cuba. i think it's wrong for us to open relationships with cuba unless cuba agrees to also come to the table with things like freedom. >> reporter: to prove that is a priority, the white house says president obama will meet with several cuban dissidents which was a prerequisite for the
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visit. don champion, cbs news. and the rolling stones are also in havana this week. they are wrapping up their latin america tour with a big concert on friday. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump will be campaigning for himself on capitol hill today. he will meet with party leaders in washington before delivering remarks at a pro israel conference. trump pleaded with his party over the weekend to put their trust and their votes behind him. >> we bring our party together, we will win, we will win by numbers that you've never seen before. >> trump is set to meet with nearly two dozen republicans. early projections ahead of tomorrow's winner-take-all arizona primary have trump beating ted cruz and john kasich, even still the possibility of a contested convention hangs over his head. on the democratic side bernie sanders is counting on wins out west to slow hillary clinton's momentum. clinton leads sanders by close to 800 delegates. it is 6:09 on this monday. a south bay highway is growing
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more and more dangerous, the reason behind a big spike in major crashes on highway 17. and a troubling find near the iconic hollywood sign. the discovery that has tourists on edge. starting out with a bit of an unstable monday. we've got some showers around the bay area, but sunny skies later in the week. we will have a complete forecast coming up. and traffic is loaded up at the bay bridge. still have trouble spots out of the south bay. details coming right up. ,, (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. here's a look at sierra at tahoe. they got plenty of f snow fell this weekend... y can see it whipping captain kirk william shatner turns 84 tomorrow. but i won't be here. i want to say happy birthday today. >> you might be, brian. you never know. happy birthday, mr. shatner. high above the sierra, sierra, tahoe, the ski resort
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at echo summit, got a lot of fresh snow that fell over the weekend. you can see it whipping around, strong gusts over there on sunday and more on the way today. speeding on highway 17 is more and more risky with crashes at their highest in a decade. chp says in 2014 alone there were nearly 200 crashes on that highway. kpix5's maria medina shows us why the windy stretch of road has grown so dangerous. >> reporter: every work day this is penny siler's drive. >> we drive carefully because if you make one mistake it could be fatal or somebody else. >> reporter: and just yesterday she said she nearly got rear- ended. >> i traffic slowed down, i slowed down nearly to a stop but the car behind me did not see me slow down. he came right at me. if there hadn't have been a turnout on the right-hand side, he would have hit me. >> reporter: she works at the summit house beer garden and grill at the summit where she has a clear view from the restaurant of how dangerous highway 17 can be. >> we see the ambulances and we
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have a helicopter pad right here and in the last two weeks we have seen two helicopters come with ambulances taking the patients away. >> reporter: in fact, the california highway patrol reports in 2014 three deadly car crashes and 171 injury accidents, the highest number since 2005. one of those crashes killed daniel mcguire when a big rig driver plowed into him. >> i wasn't on the road that day and someone had not lost life because of my actions. >> reporter: the driver says he lost his brakes that day but chp says the growing number for the crashes, people on their cell phones. highway 17 known for being windy can also get foggy and slippery. chp says many drivers also speed, tailgate and make unsafe lane changes. penny says she takes it slow on 17 while keeping an eye on everyone else. >> i'm a good driver, i drive very carefully and i'm very
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aware that everybody else may not know how to drive. >> smart woman. a task force called safe on 17 is pushing to make the highway less dangerous. so far the group's efforts have paid off. during its first year in action, crashes dropped from 260 down to 174. a grisly find near hollywood's most well known sign. hikers discovered a human skull there on saturday and police say the remains have been there for -- had been there for quite a while. no other body parts were found near the skull. the trail is a popular place for a workout and it's only used regularly in movies. locals are pretty unnerved by the discovery. >> a little nerve racking, actually, being a young woman. >> the skull was found near the site where authorities discovered a head back in 2012. big happy birthday to twitter, celebrating 10 years in business today. the san francisco based company has gained a high profile during that decade yet still has not turned a profit. that's a problem.
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the company says its most followed user is kinger katy perry with over 84 million followers. >> even more taylor swift? >> that's a ton of people. >> that's a lot of people. >> surprising. i know. you tried to coach me on how to better use twitter and i'm trying. >> was an epic fail. >> she has done better. it's such a good tool to get information, like traffic information out and weather and everything. >> great. >> i like it. well hopefully i will look at the bay bridge. if you're working your way towards oakland to san francisco, it is a rough ride this morning. no accidents but extra busy, a lot of folks making their way to work this morning. delays into the maze right now, 24 minutes as you work your way from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we have rain headed our way. it's quiet right now so dry freeways but later on your evening commute going to be soggy and medicationy so be prepared -- and messy, so be prepared. your speeds off of the east shore freeway heading towards the bay bridge, 13 miles per hour. some spots seeing delays off of
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westbound 580 as well so keep that in mind. northbound 17 at glenwood hot spots this morning, right lane still blocked for an overturned vehicle. the delays are building, you're backed up to vine hill now. at this point very slow and go out of santa cruz mountains this morning. as you work your way on 101 northbound, seeing delays here as well but that's pretty typical for the morning drive. also northbound 87 slow early this morning, had an accident at julian, now been cleared but good drive times, 15 minutes, yough to 101 on guadalupe parkway and 101, 14 minutes from -- what's up? the surf among other things this morning. high surf advisories as the big storm offshore continues to produce breakers up to 20 feet at the shoreline, strong rip currents as a result. as we look over the great city this morning, concord right now 52 degrees, livermore 45, in san francisco 53, and santa rosa 51. not much in the way of rain. not much unless you're watching this morning in mendocino, that's where most of it is falling in the early going on
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monday. a few showers over the observatory up there at lick, beam, san jose, other than that, light rain in the north bay and that's it. more rain will develop later in the day. the rain turns to snow in the mountains where winter weather advisories are posted this morning. four to 8 inches of more snow on top of what they have already gotten. here's what's happening, low pressure feeds moisture into the bay area this morning, especially this afternoon. we will have more showers develop as we head toward the evening hours. futurecast bears that out. watch this come through around midday today and then power south leaving us with unstable air, kind of like unstable people, you don't know what it's going to do next. so it will be showers and then sun and then rain. by tomorrow morning it begins to dry up and latter half of the week looks pretty good. travel weather forecast heading out of the bay area, looks wet north of sacramento, and dry south of fresno. for us today we will have scattered showers but some could come down pretty good at times after midday today. forecast, we are looking at numbers near 60 degrees, it will be even cooler tomorrow.
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extended forecast, wet pattern continues through tomorrow morning, but then latter half of the week, sun comes out, things warm up. by saturday and sunday things look nice and warm, so that's what they had in weather. speaking about what they had in weather, we will continue this rainy theme. here's michelle. >> thank you so much. the weekend rain is still causing some problems this morning in some bay area communities and we will have more on the impact of the storm. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, did you see it last night? the most amazing comeback in the final minutes of ncaa tournament history, amazing finishes across the board. stay tuned. ,,
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a week ago the pack '12 had 17 in the ncaa tournament but last night down to one and oregon was on the ropes.
6:24 am
here's how it came down, st. joe's flying high. less than 90 seconds left, oregon down 62-61 but dillis brooks with the go ahead, oregon survives barely 69-64. texas a&m season was over. they trailed northern iowa by 12 with 35 seconds left, but they came all the way back, adam guilder scores to tie the game and forced overtime, incredibly the aggies end up winning in double overtime 92- 88. wisconsin tied with xavier, two seconds to go and the badgers, and koenig buries the winner. wisconsin wins, onto the sweet 16. notre dame trailing sfa austin by one, rex solutioner with a tip-in game winner. the irish escape 76-75. sharks and coyotes and there's the power play. that made it a two goal game and the sharks go on to win 3-
6:25 am
0. how about it? you just got one team left out of seven in the pac 12. the tournament will continue thursday night right here on the big 5. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. >> all go ducks now. thank you, dennis. xavier, wisconsin, badgers with the ball, the game tied. final seconds, watch. >> and that's what the madness is all about, wisconsin with the game winner. a big slot in the sweet 16. your play of the day. it is 6:25 right now. more bad news for a cal basketball program already in disarray amid a high profile sexual harassment scandal. and the power surge that disrupted bart service last week continues this morning leaving commuters here in the
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north concord bart station frustrated. we have details for you next. ,,,, after a long day of hiking in portland, you may be too tired to walk back to your hotel. that's why we have public transportation. ♪
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. as debate continues over the president's supreme court pick, republican lawmakers indicate the next commander in chief may face a similar battle. >> reporter: i am kiet do live in cupertino at apple headquarters. we've got another round of showers headed toward the bay area. heading out this morning not much in the way of rain but it will be here. forecast coming up. keeping a close look at highway four as we deal with another day of bart delays. it's march 21st.
6:30 am
i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 6:29. allow extra time and maybe even take a book if you're riding bart this morning. those delays between concord and oakland are still going on today, slowing down a lot of commutes to work. kpix5 reporter jackie ward is live at the north concord station with the very latest. jackie. >> reporter: michelle, commuters are frustrated this morning for a lot of reasons and one of them is because they still don't know why the power surge happened, which is leading to all of these delays this morning, so if you're traveling from the east bay this morning into the city of san francisco, you should absolutely continue to expect delays. let's show you the two stops that we are talking about this morning. we are focusing on the north concord and pittsburg/bay point stops. this is where service has been stopped for now and replaced with a bus bridge to shuttle commuters between the two. so bart says crews have been testing the tracks for days now and yesterday after continuing to examine where the power surge has happened, bart still doesn't have a reason for the
6:31 am
disruption. bart issues have become a topic of conversation among experts across the country. they say this problem is most likely the result of aging tracks, so keep in mind that bart had a similar power surge issue just a few weeks ago, last month in february, where they had to remove a couple dozen cars from the tracks then. so we don't know if the two power surges are related but we do know that bart is dealing with a high lack of cars. at the north concord bart station, jackie ward, kpix5. elsewhere in the east bay, some residents are still suffering the consequences of el niño storms. moraga dealing with a landslide and a sinkhole, courtesy of all the reseptember rains on augusta -- recent rains on augusta drive. the city put up signs in front of three homes deeming them unsafe because the rain is eroding the ground beneath this, slowly distorting the walls and foundations. a very costly problem because property in moraga ain't cheap. >> that's very true. >> how would you know that, frank? >> i grew up there. not too far from augusta drive.
6:32 am
i know where that is. >> he's a high roller. >> yes, true. well that was 100 years ago. wither going to get a break from the rain anyway, right? >> really? when? tell me about it. >> in a couple of days. >> yes, but this morning showers on the way. we've got scattered showers coming into the bay area later today and then as michelle has advertised, we do have sunny and warmer weather coming up into the bay area. we are going to have to wait for that, though, until later on wednesday, thursday and friday. for this morning, numbers a bit on the chilly side as we look toward the bay bridge and most of the heavy rain is hundreds of miles north of the bay area, but it will begin to sink south, santa rosa has already picked up light rain this morning and as you can see it will continue to come down for the rest of the bay area too, all be ushered along by low pressure that's off of oregon state this morning and it will ride the jet into the bay area as the day goes on. so a few showers coming in after midday today. you can see it on the futurecast right there around noon. and later in the afternoon we
6:33 am
will have pop-up showers here and there and some could come down pretty good so you're going to need an umbrella today and through the early hours tomorrow morning as well, especially in the north bay. forecast highs look like this, we will be up to 58 in the santa rosa area, 60 in the city. in livermore today, 62 degrees and 65 in san jose. the forecast is calling for things to begin to clear out and the sun to come out by wednesday, thursday and friday. by the weekend we will be in the low 70s so stay tuned. looks good. that's weather. traffic not to pretty. >> no, it is not, especially if you're taking highway 4 this morning, pretty good delays working your way westbound out of pittsburg here. checking our drive times, they are inching up this morning, 14 minutes hillcrest to 242, you might see some extra cars on the roadway, a lot of folks using highway 4 to avoid bart delays we have been dealing with this morning, actually for the last few days, north concord, pittsburg/bay point no train service. bus bridges are in place. brake lights working your way out of concord into walnut creek this morning. westbound 580 loaded up.
6:34 am
also if you work your way towards the dublin interchange making the connector over to 680 and south of there really slow and go south 680 out of pleasanton. you will see brake lights through the sunol grade as well. taking a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is okay. one of our bright spots out of marin into san francisco. back to the news next. >> thank you. developing news in east asia where north korea reportedly fired missiles at south korea's coast. these pictures allegedly show north korea missile exercises. a news agency in south korea claims its northern neighbor launched a missile and multiple short range projectiles into waters off its east coast yesterday. north korea has been very critical about annual military drills in bout south korea and the u.s. -- in both south korea and the u.s. in washington some republicans say they will not budge on the supreme court vacancy. last week the president nominated merrick garland to fill antonin scalia's post but many senate republicans refusing to confirm a nominee
6:35 am
until after the november election. ruling out garland as a pick even if another democrat becomes the president. >> i can't imagine that a republican majority senate, even if it were soon to be a minority would want to confirm a judge that would move the court dramatically to the left. that's not going to happen. >> but not every republican is supposed to -- is opposed to garland. some up for reelection are open to admitting garland. white house says it will set up those visits when lawmakers return after the easter recess. donald trump will release of five or 10 judges that he would nominate to the supreme court if he were elected. he was telling a crowd in florida that he would only select justices that everybody respects, likes and totally admires. latest efforts to stave off concerns by some in his party that he might pick judges that are too liberal. happening today all about silicon valley techies and reporters are flocking to apple headquarters. >> it's because big cupertino company will be showing off its
6:36 am
newest products. kpix5's kiet do is live in cupertino where apple is also busy preparing for a court standoff with the fbi. kiet. >> reporter: yeah, even though the company is locked in an epic legal battle with the feds it's business as usual in cooperteen with appear -- cupertino with apple set to launch a smaller iphone. it's being called the iphone se. basically the same size as the old iphone 5. about 4 inches in diameter, but -- diagonally with the guts of the iphone 6. the new phone will likely have the company's faster processor and apple pay. the company has been hinting that iphone sales have been dipping after the blockbuster launch of the iphone 6. this new smaller iphone should attract customers that think the bigger phones are too big. analysts and bloggers say to look out for a new model of the ipad pro, smaller, four stereo speakers, support for apple pencil, faster processor, more memory and a 4k camera.
6:37 am
expect apple to phase out the old ipad air 2. don't expect tim cook to say much about the battle with the fbi because that would likely take away the spotlight from the new products but apple's very public showdown with the government reaches a critical stage tomorrow, when both sides will face off before a magistrate judge in southern california, the same judge who ordered apple to unlock the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook who killed 14 people at a holiday party back in december. legal experts say apple will argue that the law the feds are citing, the all ritz act of 1789 is outdated. apple can also argue that forcing it to write software violates its first amendment rights mountaining to what -- mounting to what lawyers call compelled speech. we are hearing that the apple watch will also get a refresh with new wrist bands. >> do we know if they will mention anything about the release of the iphone 7? >> reporter: a lot of chatter on that. typically apple launches new versions, new generations of the iphone in september. there's been a lot of talk about this phone losing the headphone jack. also having dual cameras and
6:38 am
going to wireless headphones, being called possibly air pods. we are live in cupertino, kiet do, kpix5. in southern california a community is mourning a 27-year- old marine who was killed in iraq. staff sergeant louis cardin of temecula died saturday when the department of defense says his unit was hit by rocket fire. cardin was based at camp lejeune. this is the first time since last october that a u.s. service member was killed in iraq. another blow for the cal athletic department. three star shooting guard tyson jolly took to twitter announcing he is asking to be released from his national letter of intent to berkeley. the basketball standout telling that he hopes to reopen his recruitment to some other schools. this comes after a seven month probe found that assistant coach yuan handcuff neighboringle had -- yann hufnagel resulted in her being fired and now the university is taking a closer look into whether the head basketball coach cuonzo martin reported
6:39 am
all the allegations once he became aware of them. friday they were update in the first round of the ncaa tournament. a piglet found running amuck in san francisco will move to her new home up in sonoma county. >> a couple of weeks ago the piglet named janice was rescued by brother damien. no owner stepped forward to claim janice so she will be living at the sonoma county reptile rescue which despite the name is able to care for a wide range of animals. >> janice is going to get a lot bigger. >> she is cute. >> she is cute now. time now 6:39. the next round of primary voting set for tomorrow. why it's looking like the house of representatives could choose the republican nominee. and california is scaling back its electric car rebate program. who is no longer eligible to get cash back. ,,,,
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hello, hi and welcome back on this monday morning at channel channel, numbers are going -- channel five, numbers are cooler than usual with san francisco at 60 degrees, concord 62 and oakland 64. prepare for showers. we are starting out with mostly cloudy skies in san jose, forecast high of mid-60s for the south bay, low to mid-60s in the east bay, showers develop later in the day today, earlier for the north bay where already santa rosa has had light rain and up in ukiah, cool and rain on the way as well, already falling. looks good in the extended, warmer weather on the way and a complete forecast in a few minutes but i have an appetite for some business news and we know just the guy for it. >> we are going to give it to you. a big strong serving right now. kiet do, reporter, as you may recall, a big day for cupertino apple. >> for more on today's product announcement. here's kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks. good morning.
6:44 am
>> apple pie sounds good this morning but stick with apple. big event taking place today and as kiet do was talking about the possible products we will see, not expected to be a big stock mover for the company. the smaller iphone 5 follow-up the 4-inch phone, mainly there to keep people in line with apple who don't want the bigger phones and the 6 lineup that we have seen and have been very popular. overall smart phone growth is slowing. the iphone in the recent quarter for apple saw its lowest growth and the company is expecting revenue to decline in the current quarter for the first time in 13 years. a newer ipad also coming in and ipad sales really have been slumping. they were down by more than 20% in the recent quarter for apple. the stock for the company is down about 20% over the past year, although it has been rebounding after starting out the year in a bit of a hole with the rest of the stock market. coinciding with president obama's visit to cuba, more opportunities for americans to travel to cuba.
6:45 am announcing that it's struck a deal with havana to start offering rooms in havana in the coming weeks but you have to meet certain travel criteria from the u.s. government. it's not for everybody right now. people that can go include family visits, professional research visits, journalists, religious activities and a number of other groups in those 12 categories. stock market working with a five week winning streak and the dow in its best run since last october. the dow and the s&p now in positive territory for 2016, looking at a bit of a breather this morning, take a look at the big board and see how we are doing so far. the dow has turned positive in just the past couple of minutes, it's up five points now, nasdaq gaining 11, s&p up by one point. apple shares moving higher by a little less than 1% in the early going. >> on that note, jason, a lot of times if apple doesn't recreate the world their stock depose down on these types of days -- goes down on these types of things. what do you think? >> clearly smartphone growth is
6:46 am
slowing down across the world. apple is realizing that. we can't forget the company had a profit of more than $18 billion in its recent quarter. that was a record. so they are still doing pretty well. >> they are doing okay. all right. jason brooks, kcbs radio, thank you. if you are in the market for an electric car, california about to change its rebate program for some buyers. starting march 29th, the state is putting in an income cap to people who make $250,000 will no longer qualify for rebates. the limit is $340,000 for head of household filers and half a million dollars for joint filers to earn rebates. let's see how the cars, the gasoline ones too, are doing on the highways. here is gianna with on that. >> backed up into the maze at this point. at this point as well all approaches to the maze and to the bay bridge are backed up also. so we are seeing delays coming off the freeway, 580, even 24 at this point. give yourself a few extra minutes. extra time across the san mateo
6:47 am
bridge right now, 18 minute drive times between 880 and 101, sluggish as you work your way out of the east bay towards the peninsula. conditions along 880 southbound, you're going to see sluggish conditions southbound as you work your way from 238 into hayward, stays slow into fremont this morning, speeds around 39 miles per hour in some spots. still dealing with this major trouble spot northbound 17 at glenwood, overturned vehicle trying to clear out of lanes there. you can see traffic is really backed up in the area. last check, busy, give extra few extra minutes. northbound 87 dealing with delays from an earlier accident. 16 minutes from 85 to 101. no bart service, no train service between pittsburg/bay point and north concord, bus bridges are in place. pittsburg/bay point line dealing with 10 minute delays this morning, so we are seeing extra busy conditions along highway 4 westbound as you work your way between hillcrest avenue and 242. don't forget your umbrellas. for more on that, here's brian. >> good advice there.
6:48 am
we've got mostly overcast skies, light rain in the north bay to start things out, ushered along by low pressure off the pacific northwest. that flow off the pacific will trigger more showers later in the day. not so much this morning, but by noon, 2:00, 3:00 we will get some fairly heavy showers at times, surf is up as well. breakers up to 20 feet at the shoreline, careful if you're out there. right now the number is low 50s as we look toward the sun thinking about rising over there at -- hope it does. if it doesn't, there's your headline. temperatures in the low 60s by this afternoon. hi-def doppler shows some pretty good showers coming in from mendocino in the south over toward cal stowinga later -- calistoga later in the day and the only light rain on the hi-def doppler as we head into our hour is coming up in sonoma county. futurecast shows the pretty good popcorn like showers popping over the bay area later in the day today, continuing tonight, wildly scattered but sometimes when it rains, it will pour later in the day today. here's what we expect.
6:49 am
verifiable clouds, showers, so the workweek begins cool and wet, more rain in the north bay first then spreading over to the west bay area but warmer weather returns by the weekend. 58 in santa rosa, 64 for oakland. showers later in the day today, extended forecast calls for all of it to dry out tomorrow. sun comes out, numbers recover into the low 70s. i bet you melissa caen knows who was the last president to visit cuba before president obama. >> calvin coolidge. >> but you're not melissa caen. another round of caucuses set tomorrow and forces lining up to oppose one donald trump. >> melissa caen has more on how the house of representatives could choose our next president. we have a lot to talk about this morning, melissa, plus talk about -- let's start about the elections tomorrow. >> a huge week in presidential
6:50 am
politics. tomorrow utah and arizona are holding their elections for both parties and democrats in idaho are voting for their nominee. for republicans arizona is a winner-take-all state. and trump is expected to win there and get all 58 arizona delegates. and utah polls show ted cruz has a big win. 40 delegates and will award them proportionally unless someone wins more than 50% of the vote. we will be watching to see if cruz can cross the threshold and get all 40 delegates. starting wednesday we get a break from all this because the next primary election is on april 5th. we got a couple weeks in the middle there. so we are going to chill it out? no, of course not. during that little break there is reportedly going to be a lot of antitrump maneuvering. opponents say they plan to run ads in the remaining states and if that fails, they are also
6:51 am
considering a third party candidate to challenge trump if he gets the republican nomination. >> so wouldn't a second republican flip the vo anyway so -- vote anyway so democrats could run off to the white house? >> a ross perrot situation where he splits it up. it could also mean that a nontrump republican could be the winner. and here's why. to be the president, you have to win a majority of the electoral college vote. you can't just do better than everybody else. you got to get that majority of electoral votes. let's assume clinton is the democratic nominee, trump is the republican nominee and mitt romney is a third-party candidate. if these three candidates were to split the vote so that none of them get that majority of electoral votes, then the house of representatives decides who is president. that is right. the house of representatives, which is controlled by republicans, gets to elect the
6:52 am
president and if you're a candidate like mitt romney in that scenario you have a very good chance of being elected. that is how a republican establishment candidate could become president even if trump is the official party nominee. >> interesting, very interesting. could the house of representatives, could they pick anyone and could they pick someone who didn't run for president? >> right. there's always a concern, can they open a phone book or pick one of their own to be president and the answer is no. the house, if they were to pick, would only be able to pick one of three candidates who got the most electoral college votes so they couldn't pick a random. they have to pick one of the actual candidates who is a top three finisher to rein them in a little bit. >> let's throw ah phi out there -- a few out there. who might they pick? >> we can certainly talk about this. according to the "new york times" former candidate rick perry is being discussed, also former oklahoma senator tom
6:53 am
coburn. other names like mitt romney, paul ryan and even john kasich bound to be in the mix as this potentially becomes an actual strategy. so we are about to have a break between elections but make no mistake, the bombs will keep dropping, the rallies will keep happening and the chest pieces will keep moving and we will keep you informed right here. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:56 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. five things to know at the 55, president obama meets with cuban leader raul castro later this morning on his historic visit to the island nation. the president touched down in havana yesterday along with the first lady and their daughters. president obama is the first u.s. president to visit cuba in 88 years. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump meeting with party leaders today before delivering remarks
6:57 am
at a pro israel conference. this comes head of -- ahead of tomorrow's crucial nominating contests in idaho, utah and arizona. a retired pennsylvania state trooper is the suspect in an armed toll booth robbery that left three people dead. police say 55-year-old clarence briggs killed a toll collector and a security guard yesterday, then drove away in a toll collection van. briggs was shot and killed when police caught up to him. and police in oakley are trying to figure out how a dead body ended up in a car parked outside a fire station. firefighters say the car showed up between 4:00 and 7:00 yesterday morning in oakley. the car wasn't involved in the crash but the man did have blood on his shirt. right now foul play is not suspected. twitter turns 10 years old today. the san francisco based social networking site launched on march 21st, 2006 with a tweet from founder jack dorsey. since then twitter has become a part of daily life affecting everything from politics and
6:58 am
culture to entertainment and style. i'm jackie ward in the north concord bart station where bart officials are still trying to figure out what caused last week's power surge to happen. in the meantime while they are looking for answers, commuters from the east bay should continue to expect delays this morning. we are talking about the stops between north concord and pittsburg/bay point for now. service has been stopped and replaced with bus bridge to shuttle commuters between the two stations so bart is also running a test train periodically with riders on board. one commuter we spoke to has been dealing with this service disruption since wednesday but says it hasn't been all that bad. >> i'm okay. i drove to the pittsburg bart station on friday. good thing you don't have to pay for parking right now and just jumped on the bus, came here, friday was out here, they gave us snacks while we waited on the bus. so awesome. >> reporter: keep in mind bart is still trying to recover from that surge in the system when the system went down a couple weeks ago in february when they
6:59 am
lost a couple dozen cars so there's a lack of cars from that, plus now this is a whole lot less cars than they are used to dealing with and they will continue to try to figure out what exactly caused that power surge later on this morning. from north concord bart station, jackie ward, kpix5. pretty serious accident at the west end of the dunbarton bridge, multiple vehicles involved and it is blocking lanes, backing traffic up onto the bridge as a result so give yourself a few extra minutes. you might want to use the san mateo bridge as an alternate. it is getting busy between 880 and 101. >> you're done. i'm ready. >> yes. the weather out there, we've got a few showers out there to start the morning, low pressure off the pacific northwest means it's going to be cool and showery today, even if it's not quite yet, except up around santa rosa where they've got light rain. numbers starting out in the low 50s, they recover into the low 60s but take heart, sun will come out later in the week. thanks for watching, everyone. remember, your next local update is at 7:26.
7:00 am
cbs this morning is coming up next. enjoy your day, folks. we will see you at noontime. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, 21 st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama prepares to meet with cuban president raul castro in an effort to end more than 50 years of hostility. we are in havana for the historic trip. more violence erupts at a donald trump rally. republican leaders urge the front-runner to stop it. outrage after a tennis official says men carry the sport and women players should go down on their knees to thank them. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. >> your world in 90 seconds. >> this is a historic visit and it is a historic opportunity to engage directlit


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