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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 26, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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right now on kpix 5... an 8-year-old shot while playi live with the the area studios this this kpix five news. right now on kpix and 8- year-old shot while playing with his friends. now of the area manhunt underway well police search for the man they believe is responsible. overnight reads and arrests made as a growing memorial provides a reminder to terror. plus. this garbage does not belong in politics. >> as a war of lives. >> continues, new members show the impact it's having on women voters. it's 7:00 and thanks for
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joining us. let's get things going with julie watts. it's looking fantastic, guys. >> good. >> another day with above normal temperatures. it is sunny and 70 and it won't stick around forever. let's take a look outside and we do have blue skies over the south bay and a little hades. a little 49 -- 49 degrees in concord, 48 san jose, 46, stanhope -- santa rosa. cool start with light winds. clear and cool to start and sunny and mild and we will see winds in -- increasing. winds 10 to 25 miles an hour so coming up just a bit we will talk about what to expect for your easter sunday. i will tell you changes begin just in time for the easter egg hunt. it won't be quite as beautiful and more significant changes on
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the way but not a washout spoiler a work not a washout a lot of people have outdoor plans. thanks, julie. an 8-year-old boy is shot in a drive-by shooting right now concord police are searching for man they say is responsible. this happened last night around six on the cell near carmel drive and the boy was out playing with his friends in the driveway when he was shot and this is the man police are looking for. there is a $1.1 million warrant for the arrest of 32-year-old james gerard. police say he is considered armed and dangerous and you have to call 911 if you see him. the boys family initially drove him to the medical center and from there taken to children's in oakland. several neighbors witnessed the shooting and now are being interviewed by police. >> this is a safe neighborhood and a safe part of town. we are looking to see whether this was a targeted house or whether this was a random drive-
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by. police say the boy had surgery and is expected to make a full return -- a full recovery. six san francisco police hope this new video helps them track down the attacker who fatally stabbed a british tourist last month. you see the suspect chasing the victim into the street. it's near post and franklin by passing car. two suspect, a man and a woman were trying to rob the torah. this happened on february 18th but the victim died thursday. police are offering a $5000 reward -- trying to rob the woman -- >> a deputy left his home in visitation valley and when he got home the next morning his home had been ransacked. the deputies badge, bullet proof vest and the lockbox is gone with his gun et cetera. criminals desperate for weapons
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know where to look. >> more people are targeting law-enforcement homes because they know there is guns -- there are guns in there. law enforcement are easily identified. it's obvious they are law enforcement. >> this is the latest instance of a weapon being stolen. last year it happened three times in july when a gun was taken from a federal agents car and it was used to kill a woman on san francisco's pier 14. a live look at the golden gate bridge. today and tomorrow you cannot park on either end of the bridge. that is from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. this evening. no private cards at vista point in marin county or the welcome center in san francisco but you can still take the tour bus, corporate shuttle, taxi or ride booking service. the purpose is to try to cut down on traffic tieups -- tieups we often seen during the
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weekends. no trains running today or tomorrow between san leandro and be fair station. crews need to repair equipment and tracks and several more weekend shutdowns are planned between now and june. workers have more than 2000 feet of rail to replace. >> we are doing major repair work on this step -- this stretch of track. >> keep in mind the shutdown will be in effect when the warriors play the philadelphia 76ers tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. even with the bus bridge, warriors fans can expect a 32 and even one hour delay on the fremont or dublin pleasant line. this morning attribute to the victims killed in the brussels terror attack. dozens of flowers lay across the plateau or thousands have passed so far to remember lives lost. as cbs reports more reads and
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arrests came overnight. >> cell phone video shows a man being dragged some of us shelter pin brussels. police were suspicious of a bag he carried and told him to move it away and shot him in the leg. >> we heard two shots. one small shot and a big shot because its a sniper. >> police conducted a series of raids throughout the day and night netting at least six arrests. members of law enforcement are looking for two people. one seen with the two suicide bombers at the airport and the other at the subway station. mason wells was severely burned in the airport bombing. >> i remember seeing fire in front of my face and fire down by my feet on the ground. we will really close. i feel lucky to have escaped with what i did. >> vigils like this one have become a nightly tradition here as residents deal with the fear and grief but not everyone is
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finding solace. this woman does not let her daughter ride the metro anymore. >> no driving and dealt -- in belgium anymore. >> when you see this it's getting worse day by day. >> belgian officials say the threat is not over. >> that was cbs's -- cbs's kenneth craig. the airport in brussels will stay closed until tuesday as they assess damage stay with kpix five is this story continues to develop and you can get up-to-the-minute development on the belgium -- on more u.s. troops could be heading to a rock. general joseph dunford who carries the joint -- joint chiefs of staff will be discussed shortly with president obama. iraq's second largest city is under the control of isis forces. right now the u.s. has about
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5000 troops in iraq. final decision to deploy more has not been made yet. the push follows the u.s. military's takedown of the top isis leader. >> this week defense secretary ash carter announced american commandos killed a man. some analysts call him the number two in isis. u.s. special operations forces tried to capture him alive but something went wrong and commandos had to open fire. >> the removal of this leader will hamper abilities to affect operations. >> he oversaw all the funding and his death hurts their ability to pay fighters and higher recruits. >> a funny fundraising letter being sent out and who is being targeted and what to watch for. plus working towards equal pay.
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how much amazon pays women and the pressure for other tech giants to keep up. >> dry and warmer than normal for one more day cooler changes on the way and details on your forecast and beyond coming up. digm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950.
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suggesting he might not sup donald trump-- if will. welcome back in the race for the white house ted cruz is suggesting he might not support donald trump if he is the republican nominee. >> i don't make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and my family. >> this comes as the gop rivals has been sparring and personal attacks involving spouses. part of trumps attacks, a tweet threatening to spill the beans on heidi cruise. in a retweet of a split screen image of lonnie and heidi cruise. the images are worth a thousand words. >> in a head-to-head matchup with hillary clinton trump trails 50-to 40%.
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women give clinton a 20-point advantage over trump 55-35%. it is a very different story among women who vote in republican primaries. trump is leading with 41% followed by cruise at 27 in kasich at 23%. senator bernie sanders may be down in the race for the democratic residential nomination but he says he is not out in the polls prove it. >> poll after poll after poll makes it clear that we do much better not only against trump but against other republican candidates. >> a new cnn orc poll shows 52% of democrats survey backing clinton compared to 43% supporting sanders. our political insiders are breaking down the presidential race tomorrow morning including the fact that nothing is off- limits when it comes to
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attacks. >> once trump announced last june or july, all bets were off because he did not understand protocol, the rules, running frosts -- running for office, the constitution, any form of mutual respect, zero. >> nothing should shock us anymore when it comes to this campaign. >> that is all coming up tomorrow morning on roberta gonzales -- kpix five news at 7:30. join us and we will be here with phil matier. a southern california grandmother me have fallen for republican party donation scam. lori noticed -- got a notice of delinquency with the letter that appeared to be from the republican national committee. it said she was delinquent in making a donation. the granddaughter posted the letter to facebook and heard similar stories from people all across the country. so lori says she has never been a registered republican and believes the scammers are
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trying to take advantage of seniors. regional water officials disagree with the state over whether water restrictions should be lifted. it depends on how you view the status of the 4-year drought. if it does not use all of its water it's just going to flow into the rivers in sacramento and end up back in the oceans. rivers and drivers what -- rev -- reservoirs are at 100% or more as average. >> whilst -- well northern california have been fortunate, they have not seen the kind of rains and they don't see the water stores we see here. >> they are forced -- they focusing on a snowpack survey and the state board will consider how to move forward on april 20th. it looks like, julie, not a lot of rain on the way? no. we are dry do the extended forecast. we are not out of the drug woods yet. we have added to our rain
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bucket here and especially in the northern portions of the state and most of the state is in severe drought mode. right now no rain on the horizon and heading out the door temperatures in the 40s and 50s and areawide we start with clear skies and light wins later today warming up and very springlike out there. 60s along the coast and by the bay low to mid-70s inland mostly sunny becoming breezy later on this afternoon. futurecast shows we are starting off with clear skies for most of the day but that changes as clouds move in just in time for easter sunday and cooler air begins to filtering as well. we have a ridge of high pressure in place for one more day keeping is clear and warm with temperatures above average. upper level low drops and beginning sunday into monday and really deepening on into tuesday. that means cooler air coming in from canada and we could see locally gusty winds and the off chance of a couple of stray
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showers. most of the rain stays to our north into her east that we can't rule out a straight shower or two midweek. what we can count on is this. snow in the high country. if you are spring breaking in the sierra heading home rights of -- vice versa or heading to the high country keep in mind we will see snow especially along the peaks sunday night into monday. we could see a couple of inches. just be mindful as you head out on the roadways. what to expect? and mylan breezy and the cooling trend begins easter sunday and continues on into next week. mostly dry and cooler and significantly cooler than what we've seen. today unseasonably warm and temperatures in the low to mid- 70s for the warmest spot inland. easter temperatures cooling down a bit ranging from the upper 50s along the coast for the warmers -- towards inland it's a little bit warmer. we shouldn't have any rain for
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the easter egg hunts. again significant cooling. beginning and middle of next week but the extended forecast shows by the end of next week moving into next weekend yet another weekend -- warm weekend with above average temperatures. the important thing is no rain. i feel like we had rain the last few easter's. >> i am sure you had won planned for your little girl. >> when we head to sacramento there will be cousins and easter egg hunting going on. >> sounds like fun. warnings about metal cans lined with potential he harmful chemicals are going to be scaled back. cans containing higher levels of bpa are supposed to get warning notices in california starting next month but the state is worried that could scare poor communities from canned food. the state will post general warnings at store checkout
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counters. bpa can harm the female reproductive system. amazon is playing important -- paying employees of both genders about the same. a review of its u.s. staff women's compensation last year was 99.9% of men's in the same job. this come -- comes as apple, intel, microsoft come under pressure to release gender pay information. intel and apple have done so along with amazon. honoring a football legend and an award being given to late 49 -- 49ers coach bill walsh. plus we have your morning sports. what do i have for you? i don't have any easter eggs. i've got some three-pointers and some surprise endings. will that do? it will have to. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ach... who welcome back. tonight the wash will be honored at a ceremony in fremont. the legendary coat -- coach will get a legacy award from the multiethnic sports hall of fame. at the same ceremony several players from the raiders and niners will be inducted. the event happens tonight at the doubletree by hilton hotel on ballantine drive in fremont. cocktails at 6:00 followed by dinner and a ceremony. tickets are $150 at the door. the morning, everybody. i've got the golden state
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warriors up top. these guys are the king. 65-70. visiting last night was david lee the former warrior place for dallas got his championship bling and some love from the oracle crowd. them i got down to business. steph curry in the half. what else? three ball. he scores 33 and dubs up 15 dubs set a record 933 marks for three-pointers. yes, klay thompson shot did it right there in the final period and he scored for your -- 40 and the warriors one at 128120 and they are perfect 52-0 at home. college basketball sanford business men's team hired a coach, yes. jared hoss, the bespeckled when they're in the middle. a one-time albert grew up in tahoe and spent the last four seasons running the program. then the ladies landed a big one. a cardinal against top seed notre dame and in the first af they scored 19 points by this
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-- by the break. carter led by 11 and mccall had 27 points in the game. less than two minutes to place and the back was open. for carly sanderson. one of her five threes four seated cardinals shocked the average 90-84. they're going to face washington tomorrow for the right to go to the final four. that is sports at this hour. everyone had a terrific saturday. i will see you later on. special lineup at kpix five we bring you ncaa tournament action at 2:00. the road to the final four and then it 3:00 it's regional finals between the oklahoma sooners and oregon ducks. at 530 the villanova wildcats take on the kansas jayhawks and join us for the kpix five postgame show. happening today the oakland zoo the annual feast for the
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beast. you can bring along fresh produce for zookeepers to hand out to the elephants and other animals. first feeding gets underway at 9:00 a.m. in the event is included with regular zoo admission. this weekend at alameda you can catch some of the best classic gamers if you going old school. high score arcade is holding a gaming tournament. things like centipede and donkey kong and spectators can get in on it. players are coming from all over the world. >> world locker -- world record level players. people who can sit down and play for three or four hours at a time without stopping on one credit. >> that type -- that is a high score. i wonder if they have frog or. >> i do remember that. >> sometimes i feel like i'm playing frog or when i'm walking across the san
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francisco streets [ laughter ] time to shop and eat. your fresh grocer is helping you pick out a perfect snack. >>reporter: i love this. it's a spring apple/pear. look how beautiful they are and the texture is incredible. delicious, crispy, a lot of flavor and if you add a little citrus it even taste better. i am not kidding. cut in them -- let them in half with a little lemon or orange juice and eat them out of the bowl. when you buy them nice and jell- o all the way around. a little browning is opaque. it is not bad but make sure not too much brown. like an apple not appear it's got to be nice and firm to the touch. skin, treat it like an apple in the refrigerator like -- right away. the yellow repair in the market now not around for long time. if you see them at the market by some and enjoy some and you
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will love it. sweet and crunchy and the flavor profile out of this world. i'm your fresh grocer and remember to eat fresh. watch this. hold on. yelm. that is delicious. sounds delicious. veterans of bay police officer on the wrong side of the law. what this sheriff found that could lead to his arrest. following months of delays bay area craft season finally opened this month but there is a hitch and we will tell you why fishermen won't be setting their traps just yet. we are sunny and mild once again today cooler changes on the way. how cool will it get and the details on your easter egg hunt, that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will will -- live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix five news. welcome back. 7:30 a.m. on the saturday morning. i'm mark kelly. >> i am anne makovec. a lot of people have outdoor plans this week. >> nice easter. >> if you want to wear that easter dresses, today is the day to do it. tomorrow's going to be chilly but for the most part staying
7:30 am
dry. today definitely the warmer day of your easter weekend. a live look outside as the sun rises over san francisco, but we are watching from san francisco and as you can see mostly clear and cool to start the day. temperatures outside in the 40s for the most part, low 50s right around the bay. later on today headlines clear and cool to start and sunny and mild with northwest winds picking up 10-20 miles an hour. easy and your easter forecast a little cooler ranging from the upper 50s to upper 60s depending on where you are around the bay. partly cloudy and mild. today it's going to be relatively warm and a beautiful saturday in store. >> we will check back for more details in a few minutes. thanks. the bay area manhunt underway after an 8-year-old child is recovering. it happened last night in concord on lasalle near carmel drive. the boy was playing with his friends when he was shot. the boys family initially told
7:31 am
him to the medical center and from there he was taken by ambulance to children's hospital and oakland. he is expected to be okay but this is the man they are looking for. $1.1million more out for the arrest of 32-year-old james gerard. police say he is armed and dangerous. a santa clara police officer has found himself on the wrong side of the law. >> kpix shows us how it led to his arrest. >>reporter: tyson green all smiles and even posing with former vice president al gore. >> i would not believe it in a million years. >>reporter: his neighbors are stunned. the arrested the 14-year veteran accusing him of operating a chop shop in a san jose garage. investigators say the 41-year- old officer had been selling shelley -- chevy camaro engines on craig's list. customers suspected the parts were stolen.
7:32 am
the auto theft task force found four camaro engines each worth $15,000 and it doesn't car computers. the parts were taken from stolen cars in the past two did years from all over the bay area. >> we were thinking more like police officer is in the neighborhood and maybe we are safer. but now he's running a chop shop type thing. that's unbelievable. officer green was released after he posted a $50,000 bail. i went to his upscale home. >> sorry to bug you channel five news. may speak to channel five -- may speak to mr. green police? >> this is not a true reflection of the hard-working men and women of this department the go out each day to serve and protect our community. if convicted of the green could face five years in prison.
7:33 am
this is the latest embarrassment. green is the fourth officer arrested in the past six years. the others were accused of shoplifting indecent exposure and conspiracy. highway patrol on the chase for more than an hour in southern california. it happened yesterday afternoon in palmdale and one point a black saturn pulled up going the wrong way on an on-ramp and made a u-turn u-turn. the suspect pulled over and gave up. he got out of the car with his hands on his head and walked past -- backwards to face arrest. french national police released a photo of a suspect. they believe 28-year-old is a man seen dropping failed explosives at the airport or the second man that dropped off explosives. he is considered armed and dangerous. the community is trying to stay united and adjust to life.
7:34 am
workman opened the shutters to reveal the empty ticket hall seen through the smashed glass. a make ship monument continues to grow -- makeshift monument continues to grow as people leave messages and flowers. >> we don't have anything to do with that. >> ongoing reads and belgian have netted at least six arrests linked to tuesday's airport and some -- subway bombings that killed 31 people. big names in the bay area threatening to boycott georgia and north carolina if they don't back off legislation they say is anti- gate. those companies include google, facebook, apple, salesforce and netflix. and georgia a bill that allows religious officials to refuse to allow same sex marriages
7:35 am
have been passed. in north carolina the governor signed a bill that eliminates antidiscrimination protections for all the people. printers publicly -- twitters publicly slammed it. they oppose bills that enshrine discrimination. their unjust and bad for business and we are not this. san francisco mayor adley is chiming in. he tweeted he is barring publicly funded city employees to travel to north carolina due to the new discriminatory law against the lgbt community. more news this weekend. alanna had if you're writing the vta. no light rail service between the civic center and st. james station because of a cracked rail. a bus bridge will be available contractor state repairs will be finished by tomorrow. >> the commercial craft season opens today. the area kravis go out today on
7:36 am
boats but there is a catch. fishermen have not yet agreed on a price so there's no telling when local shows will be on your cable. the toxic chemical turned up and crustaceans. >> it's never happened here in california so we have no idea what to expect. it's a virgin territory for us and that's why no one is rushing in. >> one crapper told us he makes most of his money in the fall and wraps it up by february. he estimates his losses as high as $150,000. the rolling stones rocking in havana. highlights and reaction after the band's landmark gig. losing weight with the help of your phone. the combination that working coming up next on 1015. -- kpix five. ,, ♪
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♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
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nats from show welcome back. history made in havana as the rolling stones rocked cuba for the first time ever they opened
7:40 am
last night with jumping jack flash. tens of thousands of excited fans gathered 18 hours before the show except -- before the show started. those who could not get in danced on rooftops overlooking that menu. accounts are kicked off two days after president obama became the first u.s. president to visit the island nation and nearly 90 years. the president and the first family returned yesterday after a trip to latin america which also included a stop in argentina. the area congresswoman barbara lee was on of the few people who accompanied the president to cuba and we are going to have her life in the studio tomorrow morning to discuss the historic trip. join us at 7:30 a.m. with phil.
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pope francis led the way of the cross ceremony on good friday and the blessed palm and olive branches to commemorate jesus is trip. he criticism -- criticizes people who don't take care of the refugees. hunts are happening all over america. san francisco is hosting a family event happening in golden gate park and starts at 11:00 a.m. and it features egg hunts, carnival rides, games and barbecue. of course a long-running condition will continue on monday outside of the white house. thousands of people will join the first family for an easter event on the south lawn. the white house easter egg roll has been happening every year
7:42 am
since 1878 and that's when rutherford b hayes and his wife lucy started the tradition. >> it's nice and dry for the easter bunny. today for all the easter egg hunts and activities, gorgeous weather and cooler. a few more clouds in store for easter sunday but today should be great if you want to get out there. tomorrow not bad either. right now temperatures are a bit cool outside. clear skies and light wins and fog. temperatures in the 40s and pretty much areawide. later today warming up well above average in the low to mid 60s along the coast and by the bay mid-70s for the warmest spot inland. mostly sunny and the breeze picking up later on this afternoon. futurecast showing clear skies the most part to start the day but we do see cloud cover moving in -- moving in. a little more cloud cover and high pressure stays in place for one more day.
7:43 am
it will hold off the cloud cover for saturday. sunday into monday early next week and upper level low drops and take canada bringing with it cooler air and locally gusty winds. can't rule out the chance for scattered shower. forecast models pasting rain to the north and east and mid week we could see a stray shower or two in the bay area. we will likely see overnight sunday into monday, look at this. snow. we could see a couple of inches and keep it in mind if you're traveling either to or from the high country. what to expect? sunny and mild and breezy and cooling continues on easy -- easter through midweek mostly dry but cooler for the most part. today nice and mild. highs in the 70s. tomorrow we begin to cool with a few more clouds and it's still pretty nice. upper 50s to upper 60s depending on where you live and
7:44 am
then again a cooler day today moving sunday into monday as the upper level low drops in. we stay in the 60s through midweek by the end of next week we start to warm back up again. temperatures in the 70s with plenty of sunshine. >> looks like spring. >> on the healthwatch this morning high stress levels could increase your risk of heart attack and stroke according to a doctor at massachusetts general hospital. they examined meadow -- imaging and researchers found more activity in the stress center of the brain, the more inflammation in the artery walls in bone marrow. smart phones are helping heart attack patients lose weight. a study at mayo clinic finds patients that use cell phone diet half combined with rehabilitation are more likely to lose weight faster. patients who exercise tend to
7:45 am
have less problems. this may have you thinking what's in your easter basket. >> one area reports high levels of heavy metal in popular branding chocolates. >> we assume that companies are testing their products before they put them on the market but they're not. >> health watchdog group shows a list of chocolates that expose consumers to heavy levels of lead and cadmium. up to three times the california legal limit. >> there is no safe limit for children. >> chronic cadmium exposure is limited -- is linked to kidney damage. >> it is not just one time and it flushes out. >> popular brand gear delis and seas candy and trader joe's had some products on the naughty list when we showed them to shoppers. >> do you recognize these chocolates? >> i do.
7:46 am
>> do buy them? >> that is my favorite one. >> you would not think it's in chocolate. >> it needs to be removed from the shelves. >> this will end up in kids easter baskets and you're telling me it has cadmium minute? >> no. this one has led. >> what do you think it says about our society to take -- for making these kinds of change? >> it says the fda is not protecting up -- is not protecting our health. >> only two companies have asked to work with them and others denied any wrongdoing. consumers can rest assured that our products are safe and that our industry adheres to all government regulations. the national confectioners association shores consumers they are within fda and state standards but as you so they are willing to -- as you saw they are willing to take these companies to court to prove it.
7:47 am
spreading the zika virus. working on a new project. what tech giant apple is jumping up behind the scenes and big-name companies helping out. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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officials say students who defrauded by corinthian colleges can apply for loan forgiveness. an investigation found the n federal education commission says students who were defrauded by corinthian college can apply for loan forgiveness. the chain of closed -- the chain of schools have closed and they banned students who were behind on payments. this year they offered $820 million in restitution. students can get more info at student aid. as summer approaches some good news, the risk of zika is low in california.
7:50 am
that's according to researchers for the national center of atmospheric research. they found even in the warmest months the dry climate will keep mosquito populations at low levels in cities here in the west. zika is spread through bites from a specific type of mosquito. the virus can potentially cause birth defects and neurological disorders. state health officials have discovered the first case of the zika virus in california and it spread through sexual contact. a man travel to a country where the disease is prevalent and then he returned back to california in effect at a through sex. both have since recovered from the infection. the cdc says there are 17 documented cases of zika here in california. preventing the virus from spreading is critical. university of texas researcher combining algae with mosquito
7:51 am
killing bacteria to kill larva. the solution works within 24 to 48 hours and researchers believe it could cut populations down 80% to 90% in areas that it is used. >> killing adults which is what mosquito control is is kind of late in the game. they are already out biting people. calm they get to kill larva you don't let them become adults. >> the algae is not ready for distribution. the team is looking for funding to move forward on the next phase. dozens of mobile homes damaged in florida. winds up to 60 miles an hour ripped through this part in dade city. 65 mobile homes were damaged and roofs ripped off and she metal and fences bent and twisted. officials say no one was seriously hurt. a tornado caused serious damage this week in oklahoma. national weather service says an ef two touchdown washington county on wednesday night.
7:52 am
since then people have been dealing with the mess. wind speeds may have reached 120 miles an hour based on analysis of the damage. this is clear it's a tornado based on debris pattern and that's no-brainer. we tried to estimate the wind speeds based on the damage the tornado produced and ultimately gives us the rating. >> several homes were damaged or destroyed. trees were uprooted and cars were tossed more than 500 feet from where they originally stood. winds this afternoon but nothing like that. >> it's a tornado season in the midwest. >> we are lucky we don't see anything like that. we do have earthquakes but aside from that we are pretty spoiled weatherwise. let's take a look outside and get one last check. it's a little chilly out there,
7:53 am
mostly clear skies and we will see breezy conditions picking up later this afternoon. winds out of the northwest at 15-20 miles an hour. outside you want a jacket and later today warming into the 60s along the coast and 70s inland. you will still see plenty of sunshine in tomorrow increasing cover for easter and temperatures slightly cooler and upper 50s to upper 60s for the warmer spots inland. with the cooler trend heading towards the beginning of next week and we warmed back up near the city degree mark as we head back into the weekend. unfortunately no rain but fortunately drive for the easter egg hunts. >> a nice easter graphic you got there too. thank you. [ laughter ] >> apple is diving in and making its own non-scripted tv series. the focus is on apps. the cupertino-based company is working with will i am an executive producer ben silverman. the series is apple's first effort to create its own content outside of the music
7:54 am
category. it is released programming such as taylor swift world tour and a duck you series. will fibers opening a store in salt lake city utah and also plans to start providing high- speed internet service by the end of the year to area businesses and homes. the company has been linked fiber for nearly a year opening infrastructure. teaming up to help you get to coachella. how much you can expect to pay if you want helicopter ride to the famous music festival. ,,,,
7:55 am
grubhub is giving you a too express just how hungry you. the food delivery service-- new this morning grub hub is giving you a tool to express just how hungry you are. the food delivery service which also owns something like seamless launched its new, they're calling it and emoji. it's made up of food themed
7:56 am
emoji's and stickers. pretty cool. blade and uber are teaming up to provide door to door service to the coachella music festival. for six -- for $695 you can get flown from van nuys to palm springs. if you take six friends it will cost over $1000. headliners include guns and roses, lcd sound system and kevin harrison. i'm so old the only one i know is guns and roses. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> you are not old. >> thanks, guys. comfort her for a second [ laughter ] >> we are trying to think of a witty something and i've got nothing on saturday morning. i'm sorry. >> it is looking like a nice easter, right? >> it is. dry and cooler and temperatures in the 70s the well above average. slightly cooler as we head into the middle of next week. >> it looks like a nice spread
7:57 am
for the seven-day forecast. plenty of sunshine. i've been enjoying spring. >> we have a lot coming up tomorrow. we have phil matier back here at 7:30 and congresswoman lee is back from cuba. we will have her in our studio tomorrow morning to talk about that. >> that will be interesting and our political insiders and the latest on the presidential race that can only be described as drama. >> and now it's ted cruz and donald trump. we will see. it's going to be a wild sixer seven months. >> later on cbs five we are having more march madness action. how are you brackets looking? >> i was going with the home state of wisconsin and they let us down yesterday.
7:58 am
plenty of fun to be had. enjoy your sunny sunday and enjoys tomorrow at 7:30. >> see you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
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