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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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bay area deputies beat a suspect, what they stole from him to cover it up next. ,,,,,,
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got caught b live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. 'til you hear wha two bay area sheriff's deputies got caught brutally beating a man. tonight wait until you hear what investigators say a third deputy did next to cover it up. >> andria borba broke this story on our 5:00 newscast. what did you fine out? >> a civil -- find out? >> a civil suit will be filed tomorrow in the case not only questioning force used by alameda county deputies against stanislov petrov, it accuses law enforcement of theft and bribery. first the surveillance video emerged of stanislov petrov brutally beaten by two alameda county sheriff's deputies. now another deputy is accused of stealing petrov's gold necklace and cash and handing it over to a homeless couple in exchange for their silence over
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the incident. .36.12 there's dash dy cam that body cam >> they are no better than the criminals they arrested, no better, if these allegations are true. question is the video is fr v-view camera like this -- red to wear this is unacceptable. >> late last week the deputy accused of theft and bribery, a 19 year veteran, was placed on administrative leave. this is a bit of the dispatch recordings from the night of the november attacks. >> 1441 stevenson. we're in an alleyway. >> that moaning you'll hear is likely stanislov petrov after he was tackled and beaten with about a ton, but in yet another bombshell this -- with a baton, yet in another bombshell this afternoon, we learned there more evidence. >> there's body camera and dashcam video. >> that dashcam was not logged in until 10 days later.
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>> we'll have to see where that goes. >> the video is from a camera like this deputies are required to wear but not yet required to turn on per department policy. unlike the surveillance video, there are no 10 second gaps in the body camera video which is now in the hands of san francisco district attorney george gascon. the body camera covers most of the incident between petrov and the deputies. >> we get a little ticked off when things like this happen because it tarnishes everybody's badge, my badge and we don't like it. >> now no charges have been filed either against mr. petrov in alameda county who was accused of ramming a deputy's patrol car or against the deputies here in san francisco. we're told internal affairs is looking into previous cases involving the deputy accused of theft and bribery to see if there is a pattern. andria borba, kpix5 news. breaking news, a tricky rescue underway right now at
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point reyes, this is going on north of abalone point. search and rescue teams are scaling their way down the rock base to get to three people who are stranded. two are stuck on the rocks. another is on the beach. the chp says it can't reach the area by helicopter making the rescue all the more difficult. surprise storm now to some pretty wild weather, check this out. that is hail, kind of a surprise this storm pelting parts of solano county this afternoon. this is what it looked like in vallejo and this sudden downpour drenched monday of alameda county this afternoon. this is in san leandro. brian hackney is in for paul tonight. what happened? >> a little bit of a surprise of low pressure well east of the bay area decided not to be quite so far east and as a result, we get some showers over the top side of the low. we were thinking maybe a few sprinkles, but it was more than that this afternoon when rain poured in some parts of the bay area and the winds, too, bottom
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part of your screen. doppler shows all of this moving out of the immediate bay area. we have pretty much dried up. what's next? we'll answer in a few minutes. strong winds fueled this fire a few blocks from facebook headquarters in menlo park this afternoon, so much smoke by university avenue and bayfront some drivers could barely see. the fire scorched 13 acres. it's believed the fire started in a nearby homeless encampment. tonight the fbi is saying mission accomplished. the alert went out earlier today. fbi uses mystery method to break into gunman's iphone without apple's help ending the court case. question tonight, how did they do it? that's what cate cauguiran has been digging into. >> we know it involved a third party, but we don't know who and i talked to a former fbi agent tonight who gave me the inside track. >> the fbi's investigation was going on.
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it never stopped. >> kpix5 security analyst and former fbi assistant special agent in charge jeff harp told us the fbi's operational technology division was working around the clock to crack the code with or without apple's help. >> what they do there is ultra high sophisticated technology. they try to crack the code on whatever they can, whatever's out there. >> it's common for the fbi to outsource. today the justice department issued a statement saying with the recent assistance of a third party we are now able to unlock that iphone without compromising any information on the phone. >> if there's somebody out there that they can get information from or get technology from that allows them to get the keys to the kingdom, then they'll do that, too. their mission is to solve this crime. >> tonight pale is not backing down, the -- apple is not backing down, the company issuing this statement. we believed it was wrong and would send a dangerous
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precedent. as a result of the government's dismissal, neither of these occurred. this case should never have been brought. but now that the feds found a way to unlock the san bernardino terror suspect's iphone, does this mean they have an all access pass to your iphone? >> i hope both parties take a step back, step back and decide to take this to congress. >> security malware company fire eye. >> they probably don't have a plaster key they could use to unlock all the iphones. this is probably a very specific compromise they can use on one particular version of the iphone. >> once apple releases a new operating system the fbi's efforts to unlock this phone won't apply to other iphones, but tonight the legal battle is over for now. cate cauguiran, kpix5. an ar15 rifle is in the wrong hand tonight after it was stolen from the salinas police chief's squad car. chief kelly mcmillan said
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someone swiped the gun friday afternoon. the suspect broke into the car through the trunk and managed to break through the gun's locked case. ammunition and a ballistic vest also are gone. >> having this firearm out there on the street physically makes me ill. i am so upset. i am so hopeful we could get it back. >> tonight a suspect is in custody. police say this man was caught burglarizing 11 other cars in the area, but there is still no sign of that gun. tonight all these firearms are off the streets in bay point. contra costa county sheriff's deputies found more than a dozen guns and 1,400 rounds of ammunition inside a home on steffis. investigators are trying to figure out what the couple who lived there was going to do with all those guns. tonight neighbors told mark kelly there's been so much violence in the area of debose
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triangle lately that now they are living in fear. >> reporter: neighbor asks police what's going to be done to fix this. ..police released a sketch of the suspect. bite dean-, assau us neighbors to when walking through debose triangle today, cora atkins sees a very different neighborhood from the '70s. >> it seems creepier. it seems so much creepier now. >> reporter: the neighborhood has become downright violent. a man attacked this neighbor and his wife last month. tonight for the first time police release a sketch of that suspect. >> i want my neighbors to feel safe. >> reporter: dean's assault is not the only unsolved attack. two years ago a man known as feather lynn, his real name, brian higgins, was beaten to death. another man mike marquez was shot to death that. has many in debose saying they are looking over their shoulders. >> psychologically i've been affected, too and i just kind
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of look twice when i'm walking down the street. >> reporter: the entire san francisco police force has 300 fewer officers than a few years ago. still in recent months park station police have assigned an investigator to debose and beefed up foot patrols and you have seen a difference. >> i have seen an increased police presence. >> reporter: tonight many have a lasting change will -- mr. say lasting change will mean neighbor -- many say lasting change will mean neighbors working with police to clean up the streets. police say the violent crime and property crime are bowe down here in this neighborhood, but certainly -- both down here in this neighborhood, but certainly the number of high profile crimes has residents here rattled. live in san francisco mark kelly, kpix5. tonight a bay area lawmaker is trying to slam the brakes on repeat dui offenders. ignition interlock devices like this one prevent drunk drivers from starting their vehicle. four california counties have
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been testing those devices. now san mateo state senator jerry hill says it's time to expand it statewide. >> repeat dui offenders keep reoffending. they account for about 1/3 of annual dui convictions. >> the state public safety committee holds a key vote on senator hill's bill tomorrow. critics of the super bowl festivities in san francisco are saying told you so. only on 5 tonight phil matier found out the game busted the police budget not by a little, but by a lot. >> reporter: according to records obtained by kpix5 from the san francisco controller's office, february, 2014 overtime costs for the san francisco pd 1.7 million, the next year 2.1 million, but in february, 2016 the month of the super bowl overtime costs went to 7.6 million. >> that's take a lot -- a lot
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of money. >> reporter: police note the chinese new year was in february and there was also a string of black live matter and other protests in the same month. they put the taxpayer expense of the super bowl for police at about 2.9 million which is still $1 million more than originally estimated. >> san bernardino and paris came in obviously after the bid and kind of changed a lot of plans. >> reporter: at the same time the city made an extra $5 million in hotel taxes, sales taxes and other taxes. >> we're still assessing the revenue generated and what the real costs are, but news like this does concern me what other costs might have been. >> reporter: the fire department, sheriff's department, the port, muni, department of public works costs and we problem won't get a final accounting as to whether we made or lost money until the final report due possibly in april. until then everybody's talking.
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in san francisco phil matier, kpix5. an 8-year-old boy shot in this bay area neighborhood, tonight we'll tell you about the dramatic end and manhunt for the suspected gunman. >> chaos at the u.s. capitol after gunfire erupts, tonight the san jose students caught in the middle of the mayhem. >> mosquitoes spreading zika could be here sooner than you think, tonight the parts of the u.s. experts say are prime spots for an outbreak. ,,,,,, ,,,,
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sea. the crew climbed onto a submarine, 300 miles southwest of panama, d arrested 4 people earlier ts month. they also seized more than 12- thousand pounds of cocaine. street value? about 200 million dollars. the drugs were most likely headg to mexico -- where the coastguard seized more than 12,000 cocaine off this boat, street value about $200 million. the drugs were most likely headed to mexico where they
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would be repacked and sent to the united states. tonight a suspect wanted for shooting an 8-year-old concord boy is in custody after he was shot by police. >> reporter jennifer mcgraw on what went down in a lowe's parking lot in fairfield. boy in a driv e in the ne >> reporter: the weekend man hunt for the suspect who allegedly shot an 8-year-old boy in a drive-by is over. taylor knew like many others in the area also heard shots. >> i seen the police running toward someone, but i didn't really see. ill thought it was like dangerous, so i -- i thought it was like dangerous, so i went back inside. >> reporter: investigators were chasing this man, 32-year- old james jarrard. concord police say he shot at a home friday night and hit a child. jarrard managed to evade police this weekend, but then came the much needed tip. a concerned citizen followed the suspect from news reports and he followed him to the lowe's parking lot monday afternoon where police came face to face with jarrard.
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>> fantastic, just shows you the power of watching tv and social media, keeping a close eye out. here a citizen goes out of his way to contacts us reporting this and it turns out to be the right guy. >> but mcgraw couldn't surrender and police shot the suspect. jarrard was taken to the hospital listed in critical condition. police say this is an ongoing investigation but believe jarrard is the one who pulled the trigger and hit the young boy friday. concord police say the boy underwent surgery and is expected to survive. tonight a gunman shot at the u.s. capitol is in surgery under the knife and under arrest. congressional staffers and tourist ran for cover as the capitol building and white house were both put on lockdown. the lone gunman was identified as 66-year-old larry dawson from tennessee. he set off the metal detector entering the capitol visitor center.
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>> the individual drew a weapon and pointed it at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect who was subsequent treated by medical personnel. >> we don't know the motive yet, but police say the suspect is known to law enforcement. some san jose middle schoolers who were on a class trip to the capitol got caught in the middle of the chaos. one of those students is the son of kpix5's len ramirez. >> reporter: 8th graders from renaissance academy in san jose including my 13-year-old son lucas are safe and sound in the nation's capital, but there were some tense moments for two groups of students who were inside and outside the capitol building when the shooting happened. >> one of our groups was on lockdown. they were in the building and told to stay there until further notice. >> reporter: this phone was taken of d.c. police barricades as they evacuated. >> all the kids are accounted for and safe. we're going to continue our tour. >> reporter: washington d.c.
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is a yearly study trip for 8th graders from renaissance, but this was scary for students and their families. >> the kids now aren't too afraid about it now. there's so much security and they know what to do. >> reporter: spring break is a very busy time at the nation's capitol and students and other tourists have spent a lot of time in long security lines, lines they are more likely to see now as a necessity in today's world and not just a hassle. some new trouble for thernos tonight, the silicone valley startup under scrutiny because of a secret study. the company offered rapid cheap finger blood tests, but now according to mount sinai searchers who conducted the test without thernos' knowledge some of the company test results like for cholesterol
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are not as reliable as commercial labs. thernos is disputing the findings saying its results are in line with those from other labs. for months now doctors have been warning women about international travel because of the zika virus of tonight joe vazquez tells us some doctors are even advising women to avoid parts of the united states. are a zika virus out >> reporter: the mosquitoes are already here. travelers are already coming back from countries that have the disease. that's why the centers of atmospheric research recently published this erie projection, that conditions are ripe -- eerie projection, that conditions are ripe for a zika outbreak this year sometime over the summer months. >> unfortunately it is probably likely that we will as the summer comes see many local outbreaks, particularly in the southeastern part, gulf coast states. >> reporter: given the prevalence of birth defects in babies born from mothers with the zika virus the centers for disease control is recommending
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pregnant women and those planning to have babies restrict travel to some 38 countries and materialities where the zika virus has been -- territories where the zika virus has been positively identified. there have been no cases identified in the mainland of the united states, but should doctors go a step further and warn patients from traveling to miami and houston? >> i've got patients asking me what about this wedding for my second cousin in texas? my question to them is this travel really necessary? >> reporter: research scientist at the university of washington, she believes she has an obligation to tell her patients to reconsider travel to certain southern cities. >> it will be a while till we actually know what's happening in these areas and we need to just be aware of what's coming and think about unnecessary travel. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. there's a closed door meeting tomorrow morning where fisherman and whole salers will try to set the price of cab.
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today local crab sellers got their first look at the first dungeness catch of the commercial season. one buyer we talked to out in bodega bay says the crabs were excellent with a good meat to weight ratio, but now weather has become a bit of a factor. winds clocked in today more than 35 knots. small craft advisories and gale warnings well offshore with all the winds in the flatlands. it's whipping up waves and surf creating some problems. as we look out towards the bay bridge tonight, a bit of a chill in the area, 52 in the bay area, same thing for concord. all the showers have moved south out of the bay area and it looks like we'll be dry right through the rest of the week. heard that one before. low pressure is finally beginning to kick that low out to the east, pick up some moisture on the top side of the
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low today, .1-inch of rain in santa rosa. when it came down, it poured. there was hail in the bay area today. winds were a factor through sunset, but now they've calmed down in pleasanton and livermore. northwesterly 10 to 15 miles an hour. as for what's next, futurecast shows that we've got fairly transparent skies, just a few clouds building up again tomorrow from which we expect not much. that's what we said yesterday, but it does look like things are drying out. so breezy and chilly overnight, milder with less wind tomorrow, a little more warming later in the week, near 70 degrees by the weekend and temperatures close to average down in the south bay, mid-60s for tomorrow. out in the east bay we'll look for more of the same, mid- to upper 60s, north bay, sunshine tomorrow, mid-60s. in ukiah tomorrow it will be 65 degrees. in the extended forecast plenty of sun heading towards the
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weekend and a did he green or 2 a day and we should -- a degree or 2 a day and we should get it. that's weather, fairly predictable. sports are coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,
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egyptian we have breaking news out of egypt right now where an egypt airplane has been hijacked. egyptian officials say it was flying from alexandria to cairo. the associated press is reporting the plane landed moments ago. there is a suspected bomb on board. details are still sketchy at this point, but again an egypt airplane has been hijacked. we'll stay on top of this for you and bring details as we get them. a college prominent coach losing in a game, brand-new batch of bay area college coaches, too, and why you'll see sharks hockey a lot longer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the face.... of former sharks head coach nhl up top. i've heard three times a charm but four, really? really. in the face of former sharks head coach darryl sutter, pick it up in the 2nd, got it through martin jones, tied the game. sharks had lost three chances to make the playoffs. with jumbo joe thornton in the final period they finally won the game 5 -2, clinched a
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playoff berth. in fact, they had insurance. they were in anyway because arizona had also lost. college basketball, kpix5 has learned usf will hire kyle smith to be their next men's basketball coach. he was an assistant at st. mary's for 10 years and is about to finish his season at columbia, could be introduced on the hilltop as early as thursday. stanford introduced their new head coach on the left jarrett haas. he spent four seasons as coach at uab and once played for cal. so he is aware of sticker shock in the bay area. >> i've been looking at prices of real estate around here. finally my wife is starting to relax and then you go and ask a question like that. i appreciate that. you want to see somebody get mad? that's baylor's kim mulkey
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flung her jacket across the bench in anger. guess who gets to face top seed uconn? oregon state. 60-57 winner tonight advances to its first ever final four in indianapolis. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there is a suspected bomb on board. was on its update you on that breaking news, the hijacked plane landed in cyprus about 10 minutes ago. there is a suspected bomb on
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board. >> details are still developing. we'll have the latest tomorrow morning at 4:30 and on >> have a great evening. >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to the late show. (cheers and applause) thanks


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