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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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egyptair hijacking a little later on this morning on "cbs this morning." now, there's been a major blow to the investigation into the brussels terrorist attacks. elaine cobb is in brussels with the details. good morning, elaine. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. belgian police were forced to release a suspect they had charged in connection with the bombings and admit they're back to square one in their efforts to capture a fugitive known as the man in the hat. last thursday they picked up this man, freelance journalist faycal cheffou, he was charged with terrorism and murder. his home was searched but no weapons found. he was released yesterday due to lack of evidence. his lawyer says he had a
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telephone alibi, and police checks proved he was not the same size as the suspected third airport bomber, the man in the hat. belgian police have now posted video of the unidentified suspect, asking for the public's help. police found two gloves on a bus shortly after the bombing with traces of the same explosives on them. tensions remain high in brussels with heightened security. european union officers will reopen today following the easter break. brussels airport remains closed. the brussels bombings killed 35 people. more than 300 were injured. 100 of them still in the hospital. the bombs the terrorists used were described this morning as a satanic cocktail of nails and nail varnish remover. anne-marie? >> elaine cobbe in brussels, thank you very much. the showdown between the federal government and apple appears to be over, at least for now. the fbi says it was able to hack
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into an iphone belonging to the san bernardino shooter without the help of the tech company. but the bigger face-off over whether companies are obligated to assist the government still hasn't been settled. don champion is here in new york with more on that. good morning, don. >> good morning, anne-marie. apple says it was looking out for the privacy interests of its customers when it refused to comply with the government, but the fbi's ability to hack into the encrypted iphone raises new questions about the security of apple's biggest-selling device. >> reporter: the fbi won't say who helped it hack into the iphone belonging to syed farook who along with his wife killed 14 people in san bernardino last year. the government revealed in a court filing monday that it gained access to the phone without apple's assistance and is no longer asking the court to order the tech company to help. investigators would only say the testing was carried out by highly skilled personnel and that the investigation of the phone's data is ongoing.
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>> we don't know how they did this, and we don't even know who the fbi is working with. >> reporter: the government's request for help was met with stiff resistance from apple. ceo tim cook argues that helping the fbi would set a precedent if it created a so-called backdoor that would allow investigators to gain access to the iphone. >> we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy. >> reporter: the iphone 5c running apple's os9 system was issued to farook by his employer, san bernardino county. after the shooting, they could not crass the phone's pass code. the agency asked for apple's help, saying it was the only way to gain access to the data. california congressman darrell issa is critical of the way the government handled the case. >> i would prefer that the fbi and everyone involved keep their knowledge of how this is closely held so that it doesn't become a
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vulnerability on the street, and at the same time, they're not back asking apple essentially to develop a back door again. >> reporter: but the government's newfound ability to crack iphone encryption raises a new series of questions. >> the broader issue is not over, though. the government and law enforcement are going to keep wanting access to phones. tech companies are going to keep fighting back. >> reporter: now, this is somewhat of a victory for apple. the legal fight over this one iphone appears to be over, but the company has not said whether it will try to find out who helped the government and how. meantime, the fbi hasn't said yet what new information farook's phone has revealed about december's attack. anne-marie? >> don champion here in new york, thank you very much, don. well, a man shot by police after he allegedly pulled a weapon at the capitol visitors center is listed in critical but stable condition this morning. the visitors center was crowded with tourists yesterday afternoon when the trouble began.
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officials say this was not an act of terrorism, but the criminal action of one man. craig boswell has more. >> reporter: tourists ran for cover as shots rang out. families and student groups say they never expected this kind of activity on a tour of the nation's capitol. >> it's okay. it's okay. just stay down. >> reporter: this video captures chaotic moments after a man drew a gun at the security screening area inside the u.s. capitol visitor complex monday afternoon. >> where we going? where we going? >> it just happened so fast, you were just kind of like what? i grabbed my kid, put him under me. >> reporter: capitol police say 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee pointed a weapon at officers who shot and injured him. dh dawson was arrested last fall after he interrupted the house chamber. >> i am a prophet of god. >> reporter: and had been ordered to stay away from capitol grounds. >> there is no reason to believe this is anything more than a capital act. >> all of a sudden, there was
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just a scramble with people yelliyell ing and screaming and officers just coming out from every direction with guns drawn. >> reporter: congress is on a break is this week, so many lawmakers are back in their districts. but washington is filled with tourists here while kids are off from school. diane belo's husband and her two sons were inside the capitol. >> just don't expect something like this to happen when you're with your family on vacation. >> reporter: the visitor complex will reopen tuesday morning. there are multiple layers of screening and security at the capitol visitors complex. the suspect, larry dawson, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and ssault on a police officer. in washington, craig boswell, cbs news. well, coming up on the "morning news," seismic disruptions, clouds of ash from a volcano in alaska causes travel chaos. this is the "cbs morning news." . you can never get enough of..
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400 miles. that grounded 41 alaska airlines flights. and now to the race for the white house. donald trump plans to make his fist campaign stop in wisconsin today ahead of next week's critical primary there. ted cruz is already there. a strong win for cruz would hinder trump's path to the gop nomination. cruz wants to debate trump one on one instead of tonight's separate town hall meeting. >> now, in all likelihood, donald is going to turn me down. why? because he's scared of actually answering questions about substance. because while he's very good at yelling and attacking and insulting, he does not have meaningful solutions to the problems facing this country. >> also in
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his wife is believed to be living. all right. on the "cbs money watch" now, a cyber attack on a hospital group, and campbell's soup switches to bpa-free cans. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hackers breached the computer system of a major washington, d.c., hospital chain. the fbi is investigating. medstar health operates ten
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hospitals in maryland and washington. yesterday a virus paralyzed its computer system at some hospitals and doctors' offices. the fbi is trying to figure out if the hackers want a ransom to restore the system. medstar says there's no immediate indication patient information had been stolen. a slowdown wall street as some european markets were closed for easter. the dow gained 19 points. the s&p was up a point, ending a three-day losing streak. and the nasdaq finished 6 points lower. campbell's soup company says it will stop using a potentially hazardous chemical known as bpa to line its cans by the middle of next year. bpa is a component in metal can coating. it protects food from directly contacting metal surfaces. some studies indicate it poses a health risk. campbell's began using cans with lining made from acrylic or polyester material. low-fare airlines start-up virgin america may have a new owner by next week. it put itself up for sale. bloomberg news reports the
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airlines in discussions with at least two potential buyers, jetblue and alaska. virgin flies throughout the u.s. and mexico. and old spice deodorant is a subject of a class action lawsuit. it says hundreds if not thousands of men have developed rashes and burns after using old spice products. the suit names 13 products specifically. procter & gamble says men may experience irritation due to alcohol sensitivity. anne-marie? >> thank you very much, jill. we will be right back.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. weeks after announcing a carpool karaoke primetime
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special, we are finally getting a look at what james corden has been up to. ♪ tonight i'm on my way before 12:30 ♪ ♪ cleaning up my language because i can't talk dirty ♪ ♪ a tv show brighter than a halo with j. lo ♪ >> the late show host is toasting one year behind the desk and behind the wheel for his viral success "carpool karaoke." it features the best moments from the past year and a new ride-along with jennifer lopez. it all starts right here on cbs tonight at 10:00 eastern. (music plays)
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,,,,,,,, live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning everyone. a live look at the bay bridge as we all slowly wake up this morning. michelle griego is sleeping in.
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>> i bet she's not. should we find out? maybe not. hi everyone i'm frank mallicoat. happy tuesday. it is 4:30. we're all in blue and ready to rock and roll your day. >> i was checking i think i dropped my microphone somewhere. i think it's right back there. >> oh good. >> all right as we are getting ready to head out the die we have lots of clear skies. check this out. this is a beautiful view from the transamerica pyramid looking due east. if the sun was up you'd be able to see mt. diablo. temperatures 38 degrees. otherwise 40-50 degrees in san francisco. winds are still picking up from 13-15 miles per hour. will not be as windy today as yesterday. sunshine compared to 24 hours ago. up


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