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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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cyprus this morning. >> reporter: a man jumped out of a cockpit window, others merely walked off the plane. the hijacking of egypt air flight 181 ended in the same bizarre fashion it started over night. a man on board claimed he had a suicide belt so the flight from alexandria to cairo diverted to cyprus after most of the passengers were released, investigators revealed the hijacker took over the plane for personal reasons. possibly something dealing with an ex-wife. >> we are dealing with it. >> reporter: security forces surrounded the plane as negotiations continued. the hijacker was eventually arrested more than four hours after the plane landed. juan is a cbs news security consultant. >> certainly in washington you will have people scrambling to understand what this is about. what americans may be at risk.
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and if this is part of some broader terrorist attack. >> reporter: the hijacking comes five months after a russian commercial jet was bombed in october over the sinai pips la of egypt. an affiliate group of isis later claimed responsibility. don champion cbs news. egyptian government official says the hijacker hoped to list in istanbul but the plane lacked enough fuel to get there. three people are back home after being trapped at point reyes. it happened past beau lyonnais. search and rescue teams scaled the rock face to get to the two victims stuck on the rock. the third was on the beach. a claim against alameda county sheriffs department will be filed later today by a man that was beaten in the street and the whole thing caught on video. aside from the beating police also stole from items from him.
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jackie ward is live with more. >> reporter: we are outside the office of the lawyer's representing stan petrov. they will be meeting with the alameda county sheriffs office. now another deputy is accused of stealing petrov's gold necklace and cash and giving it to a homeless couple in exchange for their silence. this reported behavior is not tolerated at the alameda county sheriffs office. >> they are no better than the criminals they arrested. no better. if these allegations are true. this is unacceptable. >> reporter: there is also body camera footage that wasn't logged into the system until ten days after the incident in the san francisco alley. deputies are required to wear them but don't have to turn
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them on per department policy. >> it is possible that he didn't know he recorded it and turned it in as part of turning in his equipment. we'll have to see where that goes. >> reporter: the body camera video is in the if george gas tone. as for the deputy accused of theft and bribery he's a 19- year-old vet an ann and he's on administrative leave. >> is there a difference between the surveillance video and the video taken by that body camera? >> reporter: yeah there is a ten second gap in the surveillance video. and in the body camera video, there are no gaps. >> thank you. it's 6:03. let's which in with gianna. >> we have a couple things brewing out there. it's getting a bit busier.
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680. northbound as you connect over to 80 we have reports of an accident. busy on the westbound side of 80 for the morning drive. elsewhere let's head south of there as we work your way 680. getting word of an accident here. it's over to the right shoulder. it's on the southbound side of 680 but it's reported to have possible injuries. we are seeing our drive times okay through that area. 34 minutes. elsewhere if you are out and about look out for trouble along 580 westbound we are still seeing delays there along the altamont pass. you are starting to thicken up a bit. busy 205 and 580 connector there. also starting to see a few brake lights out of san jose northbound as far as the capitol expressway seeing speeds down to 41 miles per hour now which means your drive times are inching up just a bit. 13 minutes on northbound 101. northbound guadalupe parkway seeing delays this morning. at least 12 minutes to go
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between 85 and 101. it was a bit windy for the san mateo bridge. have themes died down a little bit? >> they have died down. good morning even. located at 600 montgomery street is the aye conic transamerica pir mid and that is where we climb up. obviously you need to bundle up as you step on out or get the kids ready for the bus stop today. later today with the sunshine and decreasing winds temperatures look at that. where we should be for this 29th day of the month of march. spot on. 50s and 60s. mid 60s around the peninsula. factor in a wind 57 degrees out of the northwest. feels a bit on the raw side.
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east of the bay as well. numbers topping out to 68 degrees. we'll have the full forecast featuring your pollen report that is still coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. >> thanks. happening today san jose city council could make big changes to the city's marijuana policies. kpix 5 kiet do is live at san jose city hall with what the votes could mean for the marijuana business. kiet. >> reporter: it's a fluid situation in san jose. it seems like the laws are changing week by week and this kind is no different. the city council is considering establishing a brand new marijuana division and allowing new deliveries. they will over see the registration process. and it will not come cheap. the city says it would likely
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take 3-4 new full time employees and cost therely $3 million a year. that cost will be split evenly between san jose 16 dispensaries which comes out to $170,000 per year per business. that is on top of the 10% tax that the dispensary has paid. the council takes up this issue at 1:30 this afternoon. live at city hall in downtown san jose kiet do kpix 5. we hear from neighbors of a man who brought a weapon at a u.s. capitol building in washington, d.c. yesterday prompting a lock down. the lone gunman is identified as larry dawson. he's from tennessee. his neighbors in tennessee seem somewhat such prized after the
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news of monday's event. >> he is smart. he's a nice person. friendly with everybody. you never know. you can't be no n shock about nothing these days. >> he was shot by capitol police he under went seasonal and is listed in stable but critical condition. >> students from renaissance academy in san jose were on their eighth grade trip to the nation's capitol. some of the students had just passed through the capitol's visitors center before it was placed on lockdown. a parent chaperon describes what it was like inside. >> while we were on lockdown, they were in the theaters and they were told to stay there until further notice. >> parents and staff on the trip say they are continuing their tour of d.c. as previously scheduled. happening today a jury of four women, eight men will deliberate on a stanford rape case and closing arguments
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yesterday prosecutors told the jury brock turner is a face of campus sexual assault. he claims the victim agreed to have sex. police and prosecutors say the victim had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system when the alleged assault occurred. she was blacked out drunk and unable to agree to sex. the travel warning issued bauds of the see cavie us has expanded. why it includes parts of the u.s.. >> a firey collision between a car and a bus in southern california. what may have led to that dangerous wreck. >> good morning to the kpix weather center. sure we have a bit of a breeze out there today but not as brisk as 24 hours ago. full forecast still coming up. >> an accident along 880. ♪
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forecast in just a few minu in salinas...the police chis missing an a-r-15 ri your time is 6:12. it's tuesday. welcome to your tuesday. this is what it looks like. wow. this is a city by the bay. the city of san francisco where yesterday's high temperature was only 57 degrees. we'll pinpoint your neighborhood forecast. that is all coming up in less than four minutes. >> thank you. time is 6:13. the police chief is missing an ar15 rifle because somebody stole it and stole it from his cruiser. the gun was taken on friday afternoon. he says the suspect broke into the car's trunk, busted through the firearms locked case. he also swiped ammunition and a ballistics vest. meanwhile these firearms are not a liability for the people of bay point. contra county sheriffs seized more than a dozen guns and 1400 rounds of ammunition.
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the man and woman living in the house are now behind bars. witnesses say illegal street racing may have caused a firey crash between a car and an l.a. metro with bus. good samaritans and police officers pulled people from the burning car. the crash happened in the 1600 block of west martin luther king junior boulevard. >> i saw two cars racing. the other one went by the bus and hit into a couple cars. >> the fire department says seven people were take ton the -- were taken to the hospital. two in critical condition. more of the bay bridge will be imploded by cal trans. back in november it took just six seconds to demolish one of the concrete piers. cal trans admits it did kill
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some wildlife. >> this morning joe vazquez tells us some doctors are advising women to avoid parts of the united states. >> reporter: the mosquitoes are already here. travelers are already coming back from countries that have the disease. that is why the center of atmospheric research posted this eerie prediction. >> you will see million local outbreaks particularly in the south eastern part. >> reporter: given the prevalence of birth defects, the centers for disease control is recommending pregnant women and those planning to have babies restrict travel to some 38 countries and territories where the zika virus has been positively identified. there have been no cases of mosquito transmitted diseases in the mainland of the united
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states. but should doctors go a step further and warn women away from traveling to miami or houston? >> i've got patients that are asking me what about this wedding for my second cousin in texas? my question to them is, is this travel really necessary? >> reporter: we talked on skype to dr. christina waldof. she believes she has an obligation to tell her patients to reconsider travel to certain southern cities. >> it will be awhile before we know what is happening in these areas. and we need to just be aware of what is coming and think about unnecessary travel. >> reporter: joe vazquez kpix 5. the san francisco insurance commissioner will hold a hearing to discuss the merger of signa corporation into anthem incorporation. it begins at 1:00 at the department of california insurance. this evening people will have another chance to sound off about tighter restrictions
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on dogs at the golden gate reck national area. it's the latest in a series of public meetings. it will begin at 6:00 tonight. i think i'm finally awake. >> finally. >> how many cups of hot chocolate did it take? >> about four. and two cups of coffee. a lot of the problems on 680 this morning. we have this one northbound 680 connecting over to westbound 80. it's blocking that connector road. nonjuries but it is out there and blocking one lane. we are starting to see delays on the westbound side of 80 any way as you work your way out of fairfield. south of there we have trouble spots. it's over to the right shoulder. but it looks like we are seeing a bit of a backup there. maybe to 580. just a bit beyond there. southbound stays sluggish as you work your way past the
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scene. another wreck reported southbound 880. its looks like this one is out of lanes as well. you will see delays north of there out of 54ward on the southbound side of the freeway. give yourself a few extra minutes there. especially if you are connecting over to the san mateo bridge. here's a live look at san mateo bridge westbound 880 to 101 only 14 minutes for your drive times so that has been an easy ride all day long. bay bridge not so much. phone caller reported an accident near the toll plaza. busy as you work your way through there. you are backed up at least through maze. westbound 580 starting to back up just a little bit. also seeing extra volume heading toward that 680 interchange as you work your way authority and southbound. you will see delays out of tracy. here's roberta. i want you to take a good
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look at this. everybody stop and take a view of this. it's our live weather camera looking due east. i can't get enough of this. you can see mt. diablo in the background here. be i posted this on our radio and facebook page yesterday. i heard from one woman keep these pictures coming. and i asked where are you? omaha, nebraska. okay. it will be 66 in omaha today. not a bad looking day. locally today it's a cold start to the day but boy pristine visibility. 37 degrees in livermore. 50 around the bay. the winds are not as brisk as 24 hours ago. 9 in san francisco. four in redwood city. also in san rafael. they will -- we were picking up
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63 miles per hour wind gusts. a bit on the breezy side earlier today. lots of sunshine and less wind and gradual warming beginning tomorrow. i love the satellite and radar. you can see where the core, the center of the area of low pressure brought us to .2 inches of rain. the center is about there right now. you can tell by the counterclock wise rotation. there you have the frontal boundary area. in its wake we have high pressure right there. it's building in so it puts a tight squeeze on the departure. that is why it suggests the lines are so close to together. temperatures across the state today. it's snowing still. we get two minutes and 25 seconds more of daylight than yesterday. so get out enjoy it. 50s and 60s.
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pollen reports suggest we're still on the medium to high side. another uncomfortable day for all of us allergy suffers. make it a terrific tuesday. they were the darlings of silicon valley and now a lead test is under a microscope. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dozen how about sports? how about the sharks. last season they were out of the stanley cup playoffs for the first time in a dozen years. well, they are back now. take you to the tank last night facing former coach darrell sutter with the lackings. early in the third period and justin braun scored a couple for san jose.
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the sharks peppered the net three times to clench a playoff birth. local college hoops. stanford introduced their any head coach. spent the last four years as the head coach at birmingham. so shopping for a new home is now a whole new experience. >> i've been looking at price of real estate around here. >> finally my wife is starting to relax and you ask a question like that. >> good luck with that, coach. on the ice for our play of the day. we will take you to tampa bay for the lightning. bouncing a shot off the goalie. teammate andre he will battle the rebound. tampa bay went on to beat the leafs 3-0 and grab our play of the day. >> thanks. it's 6:25. the stand off is over after an
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air egypt plane was hijacked with eight americans on board. we'll have the very latest from the middle east. >> big changes could be coming to the city's marijuana laws including a medical marijuana division and deliveries. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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retirement savings plan. weather ad l california considering a proposal to automatically enroll millions of residents in a retirement savings plan. >> we've got delays at the san mateo bridge and the bay
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bridge. details coming up. >> and good morning it's tuesday, march 29th i'm maria medina in for michelle. >> and i'm frank mallicoat. time is 6:30. developing news in the mediterranean this morning. egyptian native is in police custody after hijacking an egypt air flight. airline officials told crew members they had a bomb and ordered the bomb to be diverted to city press. at this hour they are all accounted for. this was a domestic dispute between the man and his wife. kiet do is live at city hall on all that can change in the marijuana business. >> reporter: running a marijuana business in san jose could get very expensive. that is because later today the city council will consider
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establishing a brand new marijuana division and it won't come cheap. the city says it will likely take 3-4 employees and cost $3 million a year. now that is on top of the 10% marijuana tax the dispensary has already paid. as for marijuana deliveries, they have been beganned since tim in san jose. but with san francisco and oakland allowing it and now with the state debating it as well, council member osh has been considering getting in line with state regulations. >> we want to make sure as the state moves forward, that we're making regulations that are sensible and consistent with state rules while still maintaining local control to keep our communities safe. >> reporter: the city takes up this issue later today in downtown. we are live kiet do kpix 5. >> thank you.
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after almost five months of waiting for crab season to begin, it all comes down to the price. there is a closed door meeting happening later between the fishermen and wholesalers to agree on a local price. they got their first look at the first dung news catch of the commercial season. one buyer we talked to said the crabs were excellent with good meat to weight ratio. >> unofficially they looked pretty good to me. we just hope they do process out to where the meat content is acceptable. >> crab season has been on hold for almost five months because of high levels of demoanic acid. and now to wild weather. that is hail. the surprise storm pounded parts of solano county yesterday and this is what it looked like in vallejo. >> and some of that came down in pleasanton because roberta gonzales had her little camera handy and she has her track
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knew shoes on -- has her track shoes on. >> i heard something on the rooftop. oh no you didn't. and yes some of the sounds that were generating and building and developing over our local mown be tape range went to the eastern portion of our bay care and through the back door and north bay as well. beneficial rains will take it. a little bit of light rail around the bay area as well. we are live. weather camera looking out toward the pristine bay area where we have official sunup coming up at 7:00. and it looks like we have temperatures in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. the winds are not as brisk as 24 hours ago. and look at those temperatures. we will be spot on for this time of the year. 50s and 60s at the beaches today. 60 les be coming around -- 60s will be coming around the peninsula. 68 degrees there. meanwhile mid 60s across the
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santa clara valley. back into willow glen. east of the bay numbers in the 60s as well. 67- degrees in san ramon. good morning, to you in petaluma at 65. northwest breeze at 15. pollen report is coming up 48 minutes after the hour. we talk delays along 680 this morning. the accident not causing too many problems but we have a busy ride southbound. 37 minutes now for your drive time. again that wreck completely over to the right shoulder. maybe slight spectators slowing. elsewhere if you are heading along south 880 you will find delays. between 238 and heading down to fremont and cutting to the san mateo bridge where traffic is stacking up. we are bumper to bump never some spots. somewhere a disabled vehicle there. 22 minutes between 880 and 101. so you need a few extra minute to squeeze through there. bay bridge metering lights are
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on. you are backed up into the maze. all approaches are starting to feel the delays especially off the east shore freeway and westbound 580. it looks like highway 24 doing okay on the westbound side. taking a look at 680 right now or 580 connecting over to 680 similar traffic looking pretty good. at least from the top of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. it's just east of there you will see most of your delays on 580 westbound coming out of tracy just past greenville. frank. the remaining presidential candidates all hit the trail again today. all across wisconsin where the primary will be held a week from today next tuesday. protesters already planning to disrupt an appearance by donald trump. it's a critical state for republicans. >> candidates don't bring with them this message of hate. >> bernie sanders believes he can still win the democratic nomination. he is counting on young voters to deliver him a win over hillary clinton. the state public safety
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committee will hold a vote on ignition interlock devices. four california counties have been testing the devices, now state senator jerry hill of san mateo says it's time to expand its every drunk driving conviction. a claim being filed today for a man being beaten by police. now we are learning investigators have a lot of new ed. jackie ward is joining us live in oakland where the claim has been filed. jackie. >> reporter: this is where stan petrov's lawyers will be meeting with sheriffs office representatives in just a few hours. that is because petrov is filing a civil lawsuit against the department for excessive force and bribery. this case involves a couple different kinds of video. surveillance video was first
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released showing petrov was severely beaten by two sheriffs deputies. but there is also body camera footage. and that wasn't turned in until -- they don't have to turn them on. >> we get a little ticked off when things like this happens. it tarnishes my badge and everybody elses badge. >> other deputities accuse of the theft and bribery. so this beating is allegedly the end result of a high speed chase that started in san leandro and ended in san francisco. petrov is accused of ramming two patrol cars and ramming a if deputy. jackie ward kpix 5. we are learning new details about an arson investigation in santa rosa. investigators say a woman in the home doused herself with gasoline and set herself on
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fire. the woman identified as melissa mcmullen remains in the hospital with third degree burns. the alameda coast guard is getting much parades for taking 12,000 pounds of cocaine off the market. watch as the teen climbs on to a submarine 300 miles southwest of panama. if you are cure mouse about street value of all of that it was 200 million. ctures blood tests... is facing a tough blow. a secr the tests could far a bay area startup is facing a tough flow. secret study shows the test could be faulty. but a group of mount sinai researchers have for carried out a ever thing of research.
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new this morning golf nor jerry brown will decide whether to give 7 million california januaries access to a 401k pension. the proposal will require payer os automatically enroll their workers in a state run plan. employees would be able to opt out of that program. time is 6:39. the government has hacked the san bernardino iphone without apples help. >> and dealing with frightening and unsolved crimes. ,,
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it is tuesday march 29th. time check is 6:42.
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look at how close to average we are today. pretty spot on for this seasonal spring day. good morning half-moon bay with the sunshine today. 58 degrees. northwest 15 at 68 degrees. east bay numbers stacking up to 68. brentwood, tracy, oakland all the way to mountain house and discovery bay. and hey there san rafael in the mid 60s. upstream we go. lots of ample sunshine. 68 degrees and your full forecast is four minutes away. check out how messy the drive down was menlo park. conditions were the worse by bay front express way. the fire scorched about 13 acres. investigators believe it started at a nearby homeless encampment. man accused of shooting an eight-year-old boy on friday is in critical condition after shootout with police. the police caught up with the suspect in the parking lot on north texas road in fairfield.
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when they tried to stop him, he took off on foot. the chase insued and officers fired their weapons. police say james shot an eight- year-old boy while he was playing with friends in concord on friday night boyd was struck in the neck but is expected to survive. apple no longer has any sway over the fbi. it reads fbi uses mystery method to break into gunman's iphone without apples' help ending court case. >> the fbi's investigation was going on. it never stopped. >> reporter: security analyst and former fbi assistant special agent in charge jeff hart told us the fbi's operational technology division was working around the clock to crack the code with or without apple's help. >> what they do there is ultrahigh sophisticated technology.
6:45 am
they try to crack the code on whatever they can. whatever is out there. >> reporter: it's common for the fbi to out source. the justice department issued a statement saying with the recent assistance of a third party, we're now able to unlock that iphone without compromising any information on the phone. >> if there is somebody out there that they can get information from or get technology from that allows them to unlock the -- get the keys to the kingdom, then they will do that too. their mission is to solve this crime. >> reporter: apple isn't backing down. the company issuing this statement. we objected to the fbi's demand that apple build a back door into the iphone because we believed it was wrong and set a dangerous precedent. as a result of the government's dismissile, neither of these occurred. this case should have never been brought. now the feds found a way to unlock the san bernardino terrorist suspects iphone, does this mean they have an all access pass to your iphone? >> what i hope happens is that both parties take a breath,
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step back, and decide to take this to congress. >> reporter: shane mcghee with cyber security and mall ware company fire eye. >> they probably don't have a master key they can use to unlock all the iphones. this is probably a very specific compromise that they can use on one particular version of the iphone. >> and both mcghee and harp agree the fbi will not be able to crack the iphone has use as new operating system. bart is facing a contract lawsuit that gives riders their wi-fi. suing the transit agency. saying bart cost them $7 million. open based wi-fi rail incorporated says it spent millions to develop the infrastructure necessary to give bart trains and stations reliable internet. it is 6:46. let's check in with give an ma. >> it's busy out there. we're getting first word of an accident 680.
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westbound 80. it's blocking at least two lanes which is making that ride on the east shore freeway pretty troublesome right now. we will see delays out of hercules. maybe beyond that at that point. we will see brake lights as you work your way toward the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. stop and go approaches. you will see delays past the metering lights. no delays northbound 101 or 280 into san francisco right now. let's head to the south bay. lanes are blocked here for an accident chp and emergency crews on scene with this one. we're seeing delays and results along guadalupe parkway. it looks like our drive times are slowing down as well for 101 and busy conditions along capitol expressway. right now 280 is in the green so that might be best bet.
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you can see traffic is just crawling along. 35 minutes now to go between 880 and 101. so pack your patience if you want to use the san mateo bridge. the dumbarton bridge might be a better choice. and south 680 new accident just reported here. it looks like you got delays to 242. hi roberta. it is weather watcher time. it's time to check in with my bff's in and around our micro climate. we have joe blecher in san jose. reporting a very chilly 38 degrees. it's another cool crisp morning and wind gust to 24. you know what, joe, that is a good observation because just shortly before that in the east bay in pleasanton i picked up this. some pea size hail that fell with a brief shot of very light rain. we picked up .2 inches of rain in the eastern portion of our
6:49 am
bay area yesterday. currently 40s in the south in san jose. across the way bay at four in san ramon. the winds will blow out of the northwest 5-15 miles per hour. more sunshine, less wind and a warmup begins tomorrow. this is the center of the area of low pressure. the frontal boundary way to the south. you -- 58 degrees monterey bay.
6:50 am
our numbers 50, 60s. up to 68 degrees pollen report, yes. if you suffer from allergies another uncomfortable day. here's extended forecast. we have a string of sunshiny days and warmer conditions through the weekend. bundle up. make it a great tuesday. rent in one san francisco neighborhood is higher than ever but that is not the only bad news. mark kelly on what locals call a shocking spike in violent crime. >> when walking through duboce triangle today you see a different neighborhood from the 70s. >> it seems creepier. it seems so much creepier now. >> reporter: the neighborhood has become down right violent. the man attacked him and his
6:51 am
wife mary last night for the first time police released a sketch of that suspect. >> i want my neighbors to feel safe. i want us all to feel safe. >> reporter: dean's assault isn't the only unsolved attack. two years ago a man known as feather lynn. his real name brian higgins was beaten to death. another man mike march quiz shot to death. that has many in deboss -- in duboce saying they are looking over their shoulders. >> psychologically i have been effected too. >> reporter: the entire san francisco police force has 300 few erasers than a few years ago. still in recent months park station place police have assigned an investigator to duboce and beefed up foot patrols. many say lasting change will mean neighbors working with police to clean upen
6:52 am
>> i feel like i should be able to walk around in my neighborhood. >> both property crime and violent crime is down in this neighborhood but certainly the number of high profile crime that is what has residents here rattled. in san francisco mark telly kpix 5. senate bill 876 will have its first hearing. coalition of nine groups will discuss the bill that hopes to put an end to discriminatory policing practices that criminalize homeless people for sitting, resting, sleeping, lying and eating in public when they have nowhere else to go. it is 6:52. chaos on capitol hill. the man shot by officers in front of a huge crowd is no stranger to the law. details on his previous run in with police. >> we're live in downtown san jose. big changes could be coming to
6:53 am
the cities marijuana laws. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. cairo and forcing it to lan cypr a man is in custody after hijack at an egypt air flight to cairo forcing it to land in cyprus this morning. eight americans on board when the man claimed he would blow up a suicide bomb. >> the u.s. capitol visitor center reopens after a shooting there yesterday. capitol police opened fire on larry dawson after he pulled a gun during a security screening. the 66-year-old remains in the hospital. he was arrested last year for an outburst on the floor of the house of representatives. 2016 presidential candidates all heading to wisconsin ahead of the state's primary next tuesday.
6:57 am
demonstrators lined up a day in advance to protest donald trump's scheduled visit there today while ted cruz challenged the front runner to a one on one debate. >> and san francisco dog owners get their chance to weigh in on the new rules for the golden gate recreational area. that meeting starts at 6:00 at the county fair building. >> and jury deliberations are expected to begin today in the trial of this man brock turner. charged with sexually assaulting a student. he had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system when the alleged assault took place. turner faces up to ten years in prison. later on today the city council will consider establishing a brand new marijuana division. now this new division would over see the enforcement process and the registrations and collection of taxes. and it will not come cheap.
6:58 am
the city says it will likely take 3-4 new full time employees and cost nearly $3 million a year. that cost would be split evenly between san jose 16 dispensaries. that is on top of the 10% marijuana tax. as for marijuana deliveries they have been banned in san jose since 2011 but with san francisco and oakland already allowing it and now with the state considering it as well, pressure is mounting to change the law. the council will also be looking at allowing dispensaries from outside the city to deliver in san jose. they take up these issues at 1:30. we have an accident blocking rein lanes. slow and go ride as you work your way westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we have a lot of delays there this morning. taking a look at bay bridge. traffic is backed up. you are crawling along out of the maze. all approaches seeing delays. you might see a little bit of
6:59 am
backup on westbound 24 as well. give yourself a few extra minutes to get past the metering lights. we're starting to see slower speeds across the upper deck to san francisco. you guys like this shot right here? or this one right here? sfo. >> the first one. the first one definitely. >> there is no reports at sfo that is why it's a pretty picture. otherwise let's go back to that one. official sunrise is happening right now only it's chilly out the door. 38 in livermore. in the 40s to the south in san jose. to the east in concord. numbers today where they should be for this spring day. in the 50s and all the way up to 67 degrees. winds will not be as gusty out of the northwest at 5-15 miles per hour. wait it gets warmer.
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