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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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pushing to get as many people registered as possible. tonight in a kpix 5 exclusive we have learned that dozens of completed voter forms were stolen from a starbucks . joe vasquez is live at that starbucks in walnut creek forest. >>reporter:i spoke with the signature gatherer, that is this woman's job title. she is actually out gathering signatures for initiatives, and in the process of getting some voter registration cards filled out. after that she came to the starbucks, she was getting her paperwork together. she turned around, the -- than the bag was gone, it was recovered across the street. shall i right here. >>reporter:easter sunday morning, bob erickson of concord was walking his dog on the iron horse trail near the pleasant hill bart station. he spotted a bag stuffed full with stacks of paperwork. >> it was ardie open. the forms were pulled out. i read the top line and it said voter registration form. >>reporter:bob posted -- posted this photo on facebook he
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worried there might be disenfranchise voters >> these people would have showed up on election day, ready to vote, and unable to because there forms had not been processed >>reporter: the assistant registrar, himself, saw the facebook posting i drove to the park to retrieve the bag. it turns out someone stole the back from a woman at the starbucks. she's a signature collector for political campaigns. while they are signing, she encourages people to register to vote a process that is perfectly legal. apparently the thief ditched the bag in a park nearby. >> 24 registrations that appear to have been unprocessed >>reporter:that's two dozen potential boaters -- voters who signed the cards thinking they will be register with the c ounty. >> this stock is a photocopies of registrations not copies, but not originals. these cards are believed to have been sent to the county. officials say all of the recovered paperwork will be sent to sacramento county where the signatures were gathered. an election season disaster
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averted but also a reminder? >> whenever you involve a third party, you are exposing the privacy of your information to some type of risk >>reporter:that said, these folks need to be more careful. >> absolutely. we wish it could be done a little bit differently, maybe a little more securely. , this is the process that we have. >>reporter:the signature gatherer, her name is tanya, she would not tell me her last name. she said that bottom line here, she is glad that those registration cards were recovered, because the op is -- those people trusted that she was going to get them to the right place. live joe vasquez, kpix 5. we are trying to learn about -- learning about a tragedy on easter sunday at a family pool party. the pool became electrified. julie watts says the first -- at first the people felt a tingling feeling. then what happened >>reporter:this is such a sad story, it involves a family from early burlingame. jim jumped into a backyard pool
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to save his children, and a cost of his life. this is a picture from a gofundme page. jim, and his family, were in their home in palm springs when he noticed the kids struggling in the water and turning blue. he jumped and to help his kids, and died after being electrocuted. neighbors are stunned. >> very unusual. that we would have something like this happen. you always hear about an accident where maybe a child near drowning or something like that. >> gem was 42 years old, his 9- year-old daughter is in critical condition. her 10-year-old sister is stable. the home -- the homes of the neighborhood were built in the 50s. investigators believe there was faulty wiring in the pool's lights. >> lights are required by national electric code to be grounded and bonded. that is one of the primary things that should be inspected at least twice a year. if the grounding is intact, the bonding is intact and the gfi's president working. >> a total of seven people were shocked, in the pool, 4 others
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were further away from the lights it is believe their injuries were not as bad. they were treated and released from the hospital. jim worked at a computer company called red jet. pool electrocution's are not unheard of, but they are rare. >> these things are usually caught. they usually inspect pools when a house is sold, or by. i understand this was in the family, for years, for years the soul. >> a vacation home, so maybe not something you would inspect as frequently. you go out there a few times a year. just heartbreaking story. >> scary. a reminder for people to check everything. you for that. only on 5, it happen again, vandals targeting san jose city hall. graffiti is now scrawled on the building overnight. kpix 5 says it keeps happening. >>reporter:that is right, san jose has had an ongoing battle with taggers. what happened early this morning was an investment. taggers are not getting more active, they are also getting a
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lot more bold. it was a frontal attack, on city hall, numerous large tags not scrawled in some hidden corner but plastered on the prominent stonewalls of city hall's main entrance walkways. >> is very degrading to see our city citizens go and degrade a great city icon >>reporter:san jose native anthony, does not like to see graffiti anywhere specially here. >> it is really sad to see. >>reporter:attacks were found by security crews at 8 a.m. this morning. it took 4 city workers about four hours to clean it up. it's not the first time. the city says taggers do small hits daily and big ones about once a month. the closely and you can still see a previously scrubbed tag still showing through. >> this plaza is for people to come together on. the same reason it makes it open and inviting also makes it vulnerable to do damage. >>reporter:there is a surveillance camera above one of the walls that was tag. the city says it is working but
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did not record the taggers >> we will continue to do what we do, to get the tagging down as quickly as possible >>reporter:the mayor says san jose can no longer afford to have a special police anti- graffiti unit that were to shut taggers down. that puts san jose in a more reactionary position, and the taggers know that >> property crimes, burglary crimes, graffiti crimes, unfortunately because they are understaffed, they do take second place. >>reporter:something else the tagging crews apparently know, is hours of the security crews here at city hall. they stay late into the night, but all night. apparently, this tagging happened after the screws went home. live in san jose, kpix 5 >> alameda county da has decided not to file charges in the deadly balcony collapse last summer in berkeley. six students died in seven others were hurt when the balcony gave way during a party on june 16. the da did not want to talk, on camera, about her decision.
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the collapse was the result of dry rot. the city of berkeley has lost an extensive balcony -- launched an extensive balcony inspection program. >> as a result of the inspection program, more than for hundred balconies in berkeley needed repaired. tenants tell us that their balconies receive reinforcements. in fact, you can see the work that has been done, as a result of the inspection program. >> balconies are now inspected rigorously and rechecked again after three years. victims of the collapse, included five irish students, 22-year-old ashley donahoe, they release a statement expressing disappointment. it read in part "there is a deep desire for this case to act as a lesson for other builders, and avoid a tragedy like this from happening again." is a first for the bay area, san jose is creating a medical marijuana department. it will register dispensaries, collect taxes and enforce the law. the cost would be split among the cities 16 dispensaries.
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that is $170,000 a year, on top of their 10% marijuana tax. is not creating a medical marijuana division, san francisco is not creating one, no other city is doing it. that somehow san jose -- feels the need to siphon money off legitimate business and put it in their pocket. >> the council has also ordered a study on weather to lift the ban on medical marijuana deliveries. they have been outlawed in san jose since 2014 cigarettes may soon cost seven dollars a pack in sonoma county area the board of supervisors wants to raise the tobacco tax to make up for the roughly $84 million a year the county spends on tobacco- related health cost a bill that would make it harder for convicted drunk drivers to commit the same crime again passed today at the state capital. mothers against truck driving requires every -- mother against -- mothers against
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drunk driving would be like a breathalyzer in their car. if the driver does not pass, the breathalyzer, the car will not start. new claims, these deputies pummeled a man and then took a trophy photo. what we found when we analyze the picture culture clash in a bay area campus. a white student pulled by a black woman, he cannot wear dreadlocks. tonight, he is speaking out only on 5 dodging broken glass and foul balls, the new changes to keep fans safe behind home plate. we are starting out differently than we did yesterday. a few showers popping up on the kpix 5 high death doppler. it looks pretty nice outside, but there are changes coming. the next chance of rain will be detailed, in the forecast, after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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county sheriff deputies bea this man in san francisco's mission district.
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during our 5 o-clo can i come as a new information internal affairs investigation involving alameda county sheriff's deputies beating this man. earlier during our 5 o'clock newscast we reported exclusively the name of the deputy accused of taking the man's gold necklace. >> we take a closer look at the video >>reporter:i am live at the eden township substation here in san leandro. it is where all three deputies were based out of. all three deputies are on paid administrative leave pending a criminal and internal investigation. in the days, after the meeting, all 11 alameda county sheriff's deputies come at the scene, were required to submit reports about what went down in the alley in the mission. the first draft were rejected wide internal sheriff's investigator. >> when the investigator referred -- reviewed the report he found it lacked some documentation in regards to the injuries to the victim.
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japanese were not totally aware of all of the injuries to petroff, so they were not documented at that time. the investigator knew of those injuries, so he wanted further documentation. >>reporter: the surveillance video of petroff getting severely beaten with batons did not match on paper. >> it is very common for deputies to submit the report to their supervisor and have it sent back for punctuation, time changes, number of rounds on the ground, things that were put in evidence. >>reporter:speaking, for the first time today, about the beating, sheriff greg ahearn was stern about truthfulness. >> if it's proven not to be truthful, or factual they are subject to termination >>reporter:in a civil lawsuit filed today with the backdrop of petroff beat nonbloody, he said they took a trophy photo of him right after the meeting. deputies at in that photo,
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amongst themselves. look what we found, would we analyze the videos. it looks like deputies did take that photo. another issue, this photo, petroff gold chain and medallion. ebony took a photo, for e vidence, but that chain never made it into the evidence locker. petroff says a deputy stole it from him. >> we take evidentiary photos, and in that photo was a picture of the gold chain. that gold chain did not make it into evidence, which is one of the main reasons why that person is on leave now >>reporter:kpix 5 has learned the deputy on leave for the alleged theft of the gold chain is this man, sean osborne, who has more than 15 years on the force. he is a decorated training officer for the sheriff dui unit. that deputy is accused, not only of taking that necklace, but giving it to a homeless couple who witnessed the beatings in exchange for their silence. live in san leandro tonight, audrey mccormick, kpix 5 cleanup crews have cleared away to tons of trash left
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behind a former homeless encampments. bottles, tarps, a mattress and other junk once littered the overlook trail and open space preserve. things look quite a bit different now. about one dozen people helped restore the area to their natural glory. officers are now patrolling, at least once a week, to try to keep it clean. cruiser pulled off a tricky rescue, this morning, after three hikers got stranded on jagged cliffs at point raise. it happened north past salinas. a helicopter cannot reach them, so rescue teams rappelled down the rock face. the group of 4 men were hiking when the tide came in and trapped them. no one was injured. the marine county sheriff's department tweeted this photo of the volunteers involved in that rescue. bart has been sued a company contract to provide passengers with wi-fi, at one time turn -- attorneys for wi-fi rail argued that he spent millions of dollars developing
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infrastructure to deliver wi- fi, on bart trains, and in stations. but, bart pulled out of the contract. wi-fi rail wants to resume the project under the previous contract terms. we reached out to bart, we are told their lawyers are looking at it. bay area congressman, wants to hold hearings on the nfl's handling of player concussions after a new york times report that the league omitted data in a study of head injuries. the nfl today demanded the times retract it story, but the times refused giants fans will have a slightly different view starting next week. at&t park has extended the netting behind home plate to protect people in the stands. the nets will be 5 feet higher, and extend beyond both the dugouts. it's all part of new guidelines for major league baseball in the wake of incidents where flying bats, and balls have hit fans.
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>> our priority was safety. we wanted to do everything we could to keep fans safe behind home plate. >> the team says do not worry about the nets obstructed views, there is a post have been removed and nets disappear into the background local fishermen do not waste any time getting out to see once the price was set for dungeness crab. the fishermen voted to accept the wholesale price of $2.90 a pound. kpix 5's don ford on the good news after a long delayed crabbing season. >>reporter:the bodega bay crab fisherman gather early to consider the wholesale price being offered to them for dungeness crab. that price is influenced by the quality of the samples tested here at north coast fisheries. >> when we tested the crabs, they were a whirled hardshell, they were full, they were in good shape. they look very good. >>reporter:many of the fishermen agreed. >> i.e. the crabs the other day they were delicious. a lot better than the sandwich >>reporter:late this morning, crab errs and wholesalers came to an agreement, we have an agreement, between all of the force of $2.90 and
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we are taking off here pretty soon >>reporter:$2.90 per pound wholesale. crews erased thereabouts. scrambling to shove off, and finally start the dungeness crab season. >> i am telling you this is crazy. >>reporter:boat after boat leaving the harbor, lined up in the channel, the parade of vessels quickly made their way to see. merely out of money, out of time, and out of options. >> they are losing houses, boats, families, they are going to lose their dogs. they've got to get to work >>reporter:how soon before we see the source? >> we should see it in the stores, coming to us on thursday night. we should be cooking on friday and getting it into stars friday afternoon and saturday morning. >>reporter:as soon as this weekend. very good. don ford, kpix 5 >> when you go to the store expect to pay the six dollars a
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pound for fresh, locally caught crab. bryant's and to take a look at the weather, this time yesterday we were dodging raindrops. today it's a watch out for the sunbird. >> not too bad, looks like it's going to stay that way for the rest of the week. then there is a chance of rain that is coming up monday and tuesday, but in the meantime with readings in the low 70s. not bad as we have a look at the kpix 5 doppler. 1012 gilroy and head east i am sure kenny has on this many times out toward the san luis reservoir. you go over that treacherous pass on 152, you can see the reservoir right to the east of where they have a little bit of a sellout there, maybe even a thunderstorm. aside from that, and down here on san benito peak that is were the only action is today. santa rosa has 67 degrees, san jose 66, redwood city 66 and san francisco low 60s.
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for what's happening, way up top, that low pressure is still spinning over the nevada, utah border, it's going to be continuing to bring strong northeasterly's over the pacific northwest, a little bit of an offshore flow down to about the north bay. southbay is a little bit out of that northeasterly flow, so maybe a few more low clouds down south and up north for tomorrow. both clouds will packing along the shoreline tonight, a son and called me for tomorrow. we will warm its however gently between now and the end of the week. the numbers will be back into the low 70s by thursday and friday in lent and then bid 70s by the weekend. overnight lows tonight with mostly clear skies in the early going, santa rosa gets down to 38, son of tomorrow at 6:57. livermore 39 for number low, tomorrow mid 60s for the most part it's going to warm into
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the low 70s by thursday. friday through sunday it all looks good and sunny and dry, and warm, and then monday and tuesday we get the next chance for some showers, a few spring showers that will be moving into the bay area. you know what they say about april showers. they last for hours >> or they bring out the umbrellas >> good knowledge. a whole new kind of hotel experience design for the silicon valley, at least, the personalized pampering you get for $12,000 a night uc schools blasted for not paying fair for admissions how they are accused of shortchanging local students. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in silicon valley. devin fehely says a company come up with a hotel that's offering a unique kind of personalized pampering.. foa price. with its rooftop pool... if you are going to reinvent something, do it in silicon valley. >> why not, the company has come up with a hotel that is offering a unique kind of personalized pampering, but for a price. >>reporter: the rooftop pool, personal around-the-clock chef, and concierge service is
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typically reserved for an island resort not downtown palo alto somatic you get your own personal concierge from the moment you arrive at the hotel, and it includes anything pretty much that you want as far as food and beverages concern. >>reporter:palo alto does palo alto's newest, swanky test hotel. the venture capitalist, the tech type, those with the money and appetite for its special brand of pampering. >> there is a wide spectrum of who will be able to stay with u s, but it's all about the ease, and the personal touch that you can get at our property, that you will not be able to find at other hotels, the area. the entry to the hotel, this is where our personal concierge will be with a tablet >>reporter:tailored to your taste service does not come cheap, a one night stay will cost you $800. the hotel management says that rate will eventually go up to $1200 a night. >> east -- each guest will have a personal concierge assigned to them.
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it's one person to go to that can take care of everything that you need for your stay >>reporter:the comment is at its heart of boutique hotel just under two dozen rents. it's management helps the client see it service, not size that matters. in palo alto, devon, kpix 5. >> that all inclusive means all of your meals, anything from the minibar, housekeeping, twice a day, and a personal concierge. >> not bad coming up in our next half hour, a hair-raising confrontation, on campus, the student who claims he was harassed for wearing dreadlocks shares his side of the story to kpix 5. donald trump's campaign manager facing criminal charges for grabbing a reporter. why the presidential candidate says he is the real victim. plus, why it may have been love, and not terror that voted -- motivated a man to hijack a plane in egypt. ,,
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of voter registration formsn pleasant h our top stories tonight an unusual find it in east bay park area and a guy spotted a bag stuffed with voter registration forms on the iron horse trail
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near pleasant hill park. it turns out someone stole that bag from a signature collector. the recovered paperwork will be sent off to sacramento county are the signatures were g athered. alameda county sheriff is making changes to department policy. part of the investigation into this video from november. that shows his deputies are beating a man in san francisco. among the changes, a new use of force protocol, and body cameras need to be recording at all times. splitting hairs over a student choice to express himself, at san francisco state university. here is the video that has gone viral showing an african- american woman confronting a white man about wearing dreadlocks. kpix 5's mike sugarman is live at san francisco state, where he talked with the young man, at the center of this video. >>reporter:this deadlock over dreadlocks has led to a police investigation. it is a twisted tale over twisted hair. >> in my case
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>>reporter:heath, and his hair have gone viral. >> the video has over 120,000 views and it has not even been 24 hours. >>reporter:not that he has anything to do with that. 22-year-old san francisco state senior corey goldstein says he was walking, on campus, wanted a fire this woman was passing out and she said "we do not want people with your hair coming to our event", >> it was not something i was prepared for, that i've had to deal with, and it was something that was really surprising that happened on campus. >>reporter:he says she followed him into the student union, down two flights of stares to confront him. someone he doesn't know shots and posted the video. >> it off of me. >>reporter:she grabs, and pulls him off the stares as he tries to get away. police eventually came. >> the police that i can file charges, if i wanted to, and it was considered better yet a hate crime.
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i did not file any criminal charges. >>reporter:the woman identifies herself on a linkedin page as a media intern for the associated students on campus. we did not confirm that, nor with the police tell us anything saying it was an ongoing investigation. the university is also investigating comments as a promotes free speech, but does not condone any action that prevent safety. in san francisco state, mike sugarman, kpix 5 estate audit found that the university of california hurts students by admitting -- omitting out-of-state students. the number of nonresident students tripled, since the fall of 2007. recommend -- recommendations are a cap on their enrollment a better efforts to recruit more californians especially minorities. 2 state lawmakers plan to -- >> i see a lot of my friends in similar situations, good test scores, good grades who get rejected from all of the schools. and, it's annoying.
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>> the president criticized the audit she says the additional tuition, out-of-state students pay unions when added apart victory in a us supreme court ruling. the justices deadlock four-four in a case bought -- nonunion members should not have to pay union dues. i split decision means of the lower court ruling favoring the unions stands. >> this is the first ruling since the death of antonin scalia, and his questions during oral arguments in january indicated that he was leaning toward the teacher side. a first on capitol hill, supreme court nominee merrick garland met with a republican, mark kirk of illinois. just one of three republican senators to suggest hearings should be held on garland's nomination. kirk is up for reelection, and may be the most imperiled of
6:33 pm
all senator republicans in november. following campaign 2016, a dramatic day for donald trump. his campaign manager, corey, is charged with battery after grabbing a female reporter during a campaign stop earlier this month. at first, he vehemently denied ever touching her, but recently surfaced surveillance video shows otherwise. trump shot back saying he is the real victim, in the case. >> those are pictures where she is grabbing my arm, and i'm going like this trying to get her off. i think it's a disgrace that something, like that, could take place and i am shocked by it and i will stick by people. >> she -- she is scheduled to appear in court on may 4. in the meantime, wisconsin governor, scott walker, endorsed ted cruz today. just one week before the wisconsin primary. walker says he is backing cruise because he is a strong new leader, as well as a constitutional conservative.
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it started as a man wanting to talk to his ex-wife. but, it turned into an airplane hijacking, hostage situation and hours long standoff. on a domestic flight to cairo, egypt, a man identified as a [ name indescernible ] told pilots he was wearing a suicide vest and demanded the plane be diverted to cyprus. the plane landed there, he freed 49 hostages including eight americans, eventually police were able to arrest him i discovered his vest was a fake, police say he did it to deliver a note to his ex-wife stocks hit their highest levels of the year today after reassuring speech from janet yellen, she hunted the feds will move slowly when it comes to raising interest rates. she survived the dark side of child stardom, and use her
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struggles to help others. we remember the legacy of oscar winning actress, patty duke. we first introduce you to this bay area bodybuilder who changed her life through exercise. the impressive feat right before her 73rd birthday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but she'll always be remembd as one of two id -v. she was an academy award- winning asked -- actress and an advocate for the mentally ill. she will only be remembered as one of 2 identical cousins on tv. [♪ music playing ] patty duke has died, the tv show that bore her name ran for three seasons in the mid 60s, but she went on to much bigger things. her breakout role was playing helen keller and of the miracle worker on the screen and stage, one on her an academy award for best supporting actress when she was just 16.
6:38 pm
she later revealed in her autobiography that she suffered from manic depression. a first among celebrities, that time. her agent says that duke died this morning from a ruptured intestine. she was 69 years old some special honors for marin county bodybuilder who happens to be 72 years old. we introduce you to dixie james earlier this month, she took a -- up bodybuilding in her 60s. over the weekend, james earned a couple of first-place awards at the northern california bodybuilding and fitness championship. she won top honors in the mist of physique competition and a sports model contest. james will turn 73 in one week. congratulations. the late late show, is taking over prime time tonight on kpix 5. his popular franchise, carpal karaoke has already hosted an eclectic group of a-list guests and passenger seats. this thing is a hit. justin bieber has been there, one direction, adele, her
6:39 pm
addition of carpal karaoke shattered the internet. and tonight he picks up with jennifer lopez. that's right, her music filled ride, the carpal karaoke primetime special, a special now airs tonight at 10 o'clock right here on kpix 5. also attend, you might want to set your dvr, california might be unveiling a plan to help workers without a retirement plan say. tonight we are asking you, are you saving enough to retire. send me a tweet right now, veronica de la cruz we will use some of your best tweets tonight on bay area night beat. also at 10 o'clock tonight, over on our sister station. san francisco's newly extended museum of modern art is coming to life. l ight. and we've got a look at the exhibits you will notice before you even get in the door. it looks like things are pretty good, for now, but there is more rain coming. we will have the forecast, after a break. i thought warriors play
6:40 pm
will last forever. athletic trainers, i always wanted to know this. you ever come home and go i have a case of smelly feet today. you are going to get that answer, and sports. stick around. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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month... the sf- moma will the largest modern art musen the country. ook inside in the the new expanded san francisco museum of modern art will reopen to the public next month. will be the largest of modern art museum in the country. >> we are going to get an inside look him in the coming weeks, but tonight kpix 5's wilson walker shows us the museum features an art exhibit that is growing outside. >> it's all about shades of green, and different textures. >>reporter:just outside of the expanded david brenner has created a green masterpiece. >> to me, this is an art piece and itself. >>reporter:you are looking at the largest living wall in the bay area. >> if you were to walk up to
6:44 pm
the mountain and see a lot of these understory california native plants. >>reporter:it's also a feat of green engineering. brenner is working with what you might call flora on plastic because the wall itself is actually recycled bottles turn into massive sheets of felt. >> it is providing the water, the nutrients, and the growing mediums that the roots are going to grow into >>reporter:the plants, through the felt, are precisely hydrated using recycled water. >> there's about 10 different moisture sensors in the wall that will tell it if it's not getting water. >>reporter:the biggest challenge was getting each of these plants and just the right place for you that . that meant projecting a blueprint across for stories, and carving out every single pocket >> the latest number here is 19,000 -- 19,000 for hundred 40. >>reporter:let's be honest, with all -- hallways, heart
6:45 pm
services, white walls even a world-class art museum can fill a little bit stifling after a couple of hours. you step outside of front of this living wall in the moment and with a change of settings that you can actually feel. >> i think you need a break after a certain moment to see something that really feels natural >>reporter:at nearly three times its original size, walking through the new moma can be an all-day affair for you. take a few moments, step outside, and enjoy some living relief. >> went to >> one of my favorite things, too, is to come up here and watch a little one -- when russell believes and zone out for a second. >>reporter:in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5 >> will belong now, it opens again on saturday, may 14, on that day admission will be free. but you must have a ticket to get in, and the free tickets will be available starting tomorrow at noon on -- do not forget there is a limited supply. if you are really interested. act fast tomorrow at noon.
6:46 pm
we've got to respond to ever-changing weather situations out there with tonight finding winds up to 20 miles per hour. not nearly as wet as last line. as we look live at the transamerica pyramid toward the bay bridge. a beautiful day in the bay area. low clouds will be moving into the shorelines tonight for the numbers are the 60s right now. san jose 63, kind of a brisk day but things will be warming up as we head for the weekend. a lot more in the way of rain yesterday, this time. diablo range extends almost all the way down to southern california. it extends right where san benito peak is where you see some of the showers talking up. aside from that we are high and dry. set alight satellite and radar shows we have low pressure still over nevada/utah and bringing down a little bit of moisture
6:47 pm
over the sierra where they are getting some snow. for us, we are getting offshore winds in the pacific northwest down to northern california. what should keep the northbay clear. look at what happens at the southbay, tomorrow morning, some low clouds move into night, as we get toward nine a clock in the morning, not much in the way of cloudiness in the northbay, but in the south bay we could get a couple of things. low clouds tomorrow morning, some low clouds tomorrow morning and then you see the green patches this will be a little bit of drizzle. as well. and then as a day goes on it begins to clear out a little bit toward sunset. variably cloudy tomorrow, and the same, maybe if you little spring was down here in the south bay. low clouds and fog moving in late tonight. a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, more clouds in the south than the northbay. modest warming between now and the end of the week with numbers hitting the low 70s by thursday inland. for tomorrow it looks pretty good with some sunshine. temperatures near average, 61 in the city tomorrow, concord 68, san jose 69, and in oakland
6:48 pm
66 down in the south bay the numbers will be in the mid 60's, for the most part, over at the shoreline a little bit cooler at half moon bay 57 degrees. as we head out to the east bay the numbers will be in the mid to upper 60s, with sunshine coming out in the afternoon if not before. the northbay look sunny, temperatures tomorrow will be in the low to mid 60s. a little bit of a brisket day, your doghouse for, does not matter, take it out there. 69 santa rosa, 71 lakeport, 71 at cloverdale. extended forecast, looking for things to warm up a little bit as we head toward the end of the weekend. numbers reaching low 70s. the chance of rain, looks as if things are changing so that by monday and tuesday, the number school down and a little bit of rain can come down, too. that's not until the beginning of next week, in the meantime, for now, looks like a nice sunny spring weekend.
6:49 pm
a proposal to allow billboards on scenic interstate 280. we ask if the most beautiful freeway could become like it's ugly cousin. we took a bumpy ride along 101 bayshore stress where potholes have cratered from recent storms. plus, this local teenager invented an app that brings emojis into life. expect original reporting from kpix 5 news. expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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10-percent chance of qualif for the world cup usa fans in columbus, international men's soccer up top, usa loss tonight would give them just a 10% chance of qualifying for the world cup.
6:52 pm
usa fans in columbus, ohio, a critical game with guatemala, and blue, and in the 12th minute, watch the ball deflect to clint, and the rout was on. guatemala four-zero and because of that usa chances to qualify, jumped to 92%. baseball, choice cuts the a's pitcher jesse hahn will begin the season in triple-a nashville. get ready for the felix dumont show he is the fifth man in the starting rotation. final days of spring training, a's at the cubs, and addison russell, former a's prospect was swinging away in the fourth. took sonny a great -- sunny great agon -- away in god. gray's next start, opening night next monday at the coliseum. nba, the warriors warriors running at home tonight with a washington wizards going for win number 67, moving pictures on
6:53 pm
the late show. this is maurice spade, also known as moe buckets. what a huge scoring shot, off the bench, he is averaging 11 points per game over his last 11 games. that doesn't necessarily translate to more playing time for the fan favorite. >> moe is almost becoming a cult hero, would you took them out in the first half people groan. he has a shelf life. [ laughter] so, i would tell fans, do not worry i will get him back in. we have to pay attention to that expiration date. >> hey ken, this from last night, a kid right out on the court to give carmelo anthony a hug. during the game at art -- on new orleans, young fellow turned around around back to is he. >> did you get his name? and i had to get anything, he
6:54 pm
didn't say nothing to me. he didn't say anything, he just ran up and gave me a hug. >> everyone needs a hug. some of you know, i was actually shocked that it happened. you usually see that in soccer. i've ever seen not in b asketball. >> next time somebody tells you, forget it, cannot do this, you cannot do that, you are dreaming. you just watch this. consider the story of jessica, let's take it to half moon bay. >> i want people to go after what they want to do. do not let a physical limitation hold you back from doing it >> that is exactly what jessica did. she is the athletic trainer at half moon bay high school. a medical beacon of light for the cougars. all 3 feet 11 inches of her. >> what did you do yesterday? p eople look at me and say okay,
6:55 pm
you are a dwarf, i don't think you can physically lift a cooler, physically do this tasks that are given to you. i kind of come back at them and say, well, i have found ways to do all of those things, in a different way >> this native texan was born with achondroplasia, a genetic bone disorder. he never stopped her. when she discovered this profession. >> usually high schoolers do not know what they want to do when they grow up. i was one of the oddballs and new it, and kind of took that passion and ran with it. >>reporter:first a degree at tcu. graduate work in phoenix. then full certification. once athletic director, found her last year, he hired her on the spot. do you ever come home and go oh, i have a case of smelly feet today. [laughter] >> i'm so used to it it's more
6:56 pm
the athletes are more subconscious. oh no, i don't want to dispel my feet. [laughter] i'm so used to it. i don't identify with my physical disabilities. it's obviously a part of me. i'm jessica, when people asked me. i am the athletic trainer. i don't say i am short stature little person. >> she is in charge of 750 student athletes, at half moon bay high school, let me tell you something. there is a line come out the door, the end of school just waiting to be taped up. jessica just terrific sport, just a fabulous job. >> they are lucky to have her. >> absolutely. >> somebody who loves her job. >> for news throughout the evening follow is always on cbssf. com. standing by for fun. ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, franklin. how y'all? i appreciate it. thank y'all. come on, let's go, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man, steve harvey. we got ano good one for you today. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, omaha, nebraska, it's the champs, it's the franklin family! franklins: grab that gold! grab that gold! steve: and from westerville, ohio, it's the jones family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new bold ford edge. let's go meet the
7:00 pm
jones family. hey, danielle. danielle: hey, how's it going? steve: how you doing? well, this is a young team over here. danielle: it is. steve: y'all ain't got nobody over here 25, do you? joneses: um... danielle: you don't ask the age. steve: i didn't ask you your age. [laughter] uh, jalon? jalon: jalon. steve: sorry about that, jalon. what do you do, sir? jalon: i'm a full-time student at ohio university. go, bobcats! [cheering and applause] uh, i also write tv pilots. if i get 8 hours of sleep, i'm a pretty funny guy, so i'm a stand-up comic, as well. steve: really? >> he's pretty funny. steve: really? jalon: yeah, i try. steve: well, this is--this ain't a "try" business. jalon: it's a funny business. steve: yeah, yeah. you got to get out there and get it, man. where--where you work out at? jalon: where do i work out at? uh, i've been trying to do a


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