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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 30, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, march 30th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking ranks. the last three republican presidential candidates back away from a pledge to support the eventual gop nominee. more than a dozen current and former detroit education officials are accused of corruption, including taking bribes coming at the expense of the schools they were serving. find out which model comes out at the head of the class in a new study of car headlights. and late late show host james corden takes his carpool
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karaoke show on the road in prime time. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. republicans by the republican candidates to support whoever is the gop nominee have gone out the window and donald trump is dealing with another controversy. don champion is here in new york with the details. >> reporter: the reversal comes just a week before the critical primary in wisconsin. it also followed the shocking development that trump's campaign manager would face a criminal charge for a high profile incident involving a reporter. a week before the wisconsin presidential primary, donald trump is taking back his vow to support the gop's eventual nominee. >> no, i don't any way. >> you don't? >> no. we will see what it is.
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>> reporter: trump's turnaround came around a town hall in the state where he is locked in a tight race with ted cruz. cruz and rival john kasich did not hide their thoughts on the possibility of a trump nomination. >> i think nominating donald trump would be an absolute disaster. >> if the nominee is somebody i think is hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. >> reporter: trump navigated around a tumultuous day tuesday after his campaign manager corey all allow lewendowsky. >> she fell to the ground. >> reporter: democratic front-runner hillary clinton said the incident speaks volume. >> he is like a political arsonist. he has set some fires and then people have acted in ways that i think deplorable. >> reporter: her rival bernie sanders is make ago hard play
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for wisconsin's 96 delegates. the two candidates and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson about the latest trump flare-up. discrimination is quickly becoming a key issue in the north carolina governor's race. the democratic challenger, attorney general roy cooper, says he wents defend a state law opponents say discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. cooper calls the law a national embarrassment. >> the threats to our economy
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will grow even darker the longer this law stays in effect. it will also cause a flood of litigation. >> reporter: there were protests against the law in raleigh last yit. republican governor pat mccorey says cooper is inventing for political gain. >> as a state attorney general, he can't select which laws he will defend and which laws are expedient to refuse to defend. >> reporter: the chief executives of dozens of companies released a letter urging north carolina officials to repeal the law. 90 victims of last week's terror bombings in brussels are still in the hospital and more than half of them in intensive sayer. two mormon missionaries wounded in the attack are back in utah this morning. closer look at the apparent
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explosive belt. he had a flight attendant snap the photo. apple wants the fbi to explain how it hacked into an iphone. the agency said it was able to gain access to the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. so the justice department dropped its legal fight to make apple help it break into the
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phone. apple wants to know how the fbi broke the digital lock on the phone without apple's help. coming up on the "morning news." detroit school scandal. a dozen current and former principals are charged in a corruption scheme. and, later, a little girl upset over president obama leaving the white house has a wish come true. th ...except you. opioid-induced constipation, oic, is a different type of constipation, which may need a different approach. longing for a change? have the conversation with your doctor about oic, and ask about prescription treatment options. ♪
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breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! helps preparey themng right for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day. a fire that spread to four apartment buildings in brooklyn, new york, injured at least ten people. the six-alarm fire broke out last night, but is under control this morning. the fire quickly spread from one building to the next. flames shot high into the air as dozen of firemen battled the brace. detroit principals are charged in a kickback scheme and uncovering racial legislation at a major pharmacy chain. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. buzzfeed reports racial
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profiling accusations against cbs cvs against five former employees. racial lawsuit they were frame blacks and latinos to boost the number of shoplifters she caught. they call the clams claims baseless. the arizona republic reports an unarmed man begged for his life before he was killed by a mesa police officer. it was described in a police report released yesterday. >> i heard him say, "please don't shoot." and he was crying for his life. >> the officer said he thought the man was reaching for a gun. he was fired and is charged with second-degree murder. the "los angeles times" reports that janet dickinson's defamation suit against bill cosby will go forward. a lawyer for cosby called dickinson a liar when she accused him of sexual abuse. >> i don't really know how i'm feeling, but i can tell you the truth. greatness should go to jail!
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>> more than 50 women have accused cosby of sexual abuse. he is scheduled to appear in a california court today in a case brought by one of them. the detroit free press reports federal bribery charges against a dozen current and former principals in the city. prosecutors say they ran a million dollar school supply scam with a vendor. >> in exchange for approving these fraudulent invoices, norma shy paid bribes to these principals. >> investigators say the scam lasted 13 years. detroit schools have an operating deficit of 550 million dollars. maxim has a plus sized model on its cover for the first time. 28-year-old ashley graham is featured in the april issue. she tells the magazine she wants to expand on her clothing line and a fitness program and a talk show. still to come, a dim view on car headlights. the study finds most cars fall
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things happen in their own time and today couldn't have been better. >> patty duke overjoyed in 2004 when she was honored on hollywood's walk of fame. the award winning actress and mental health advocate died yesterday in idaho. she won a oscar at 16 for playing helen keller in "the miracle worker." patty duke was 69 years old. for the first time, we have ratingings of best and brightest car headlights. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: the toyota prius v is the clear winner in the insurance institute of highway safety's first-ever headlight rating. >> our evaluation involves looking at both the high beams and low beams on different paths along the test track. >> reporter: of the 31 mid-sized cars tested, the prius v was the only one to earn a good rating when upgraded to include led lights and high beam
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assists. >> adding 7,000 to the prius over the base model to get the better headlights. >> reporter: the more expensive cars don't always come with better quality lights. many of the poor rated headlights were installed on luxury vehicles. the bmw 3 series halogen headlights had the lowest scoring system. this shows the difference in visibility between the top rated prius v and the bmw 3 series. >> over half of the fatal crashes that occur every year occur at night or at dusk or dawn. helping the drivers see the road better at night can cut into the deaths and injuries. >> reporter: the ihhs says new high intensity lights and curve adapted headlights that adjust to steering doesn't always mean better performance. the kia optimum and mercedes-benz c class perform badly and the headlights on the honda accord received an acceptable rating. danielle nottingham, cbs news. on the cbs "moneywatch." shedding light on the next interest rate hike.
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and the world's most expensive sneakers. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. fed chair janet yellen says the fed will move slowly in raising interest rates. she spoke at the economic club of new yok yesterday and cited an global economic slump and lower oil prices and stock market turbulence and issues that could affect the u.s. economy. yellen didn't specify a timetable for a further rate hike. the fed's next policy meeting starts april 26th. stocks on wall street closed at their highest level of the year following yellen's comments. the dow finished 97 points higher yesterday. the s&p gained nearly 18 points. the nasdaq finished 79 points higher. instagram users compose 60-second videos. the photo and video sharing app extended the time limit on user posted video from 15 seconds to a minute. up until now, 60-second videos were only able to advertisers. how about a pair of 4 million dollar sneakers?
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the world's most expensive shoes made by a chinese company lending way has several hundred carats of white diamonds and sapphires set in 18 karat gold. and a solid gold pez. the shoes will be auctioned and they will be distributed to kids in need. we may know the woman who will appear on the 10 dollar bill replacing alexander hamilton. treasury secretary jacob lew says he is close to an announcement. he says hamilton will still be honored but he didn't say how. at least he has a broadway show, right? >> exactly what i thought. it's really hard to buy tickets for that show too. i cannot wait for the big reveal. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still ahead, carpool karaoke parked in prime time. "the late late show with james
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ i'm still jenny from the block used to have a little now i have a lot ♪ no matter where i go ♪ ♪ i know where i came from "the late late show" was a little earlier last night.
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james corden bringing his carpool karaoke to prime time last night. he scrubbed through j. lo's phone and texted one of her famous friend. >> hey leo. >> don't say leo because i would never say leo. >> what would you say? >> hey. >> hey man. >> hey baby. >> okay, hey, baby. i'm kind of feeling -- >> no! what are you doing? >> no, i'm kind of feeling like i need to cut loose. >> i'm not going to let you send that! >> i think he sent it! yes, he did. leo replied. to see the full video, head to stirring up trouble! a comedy website funny or die has fired back to north carolina with its recently passed lgbt law with a tourism video poofing the state. >> north carolina, home of beaches and mountains and a extremely homophobic governor. now you can enjoy the incredible ignorance by hang gliding back
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wards in time. >> calling the law a national embarrassment, the state's attorney general has said he will not defend the state against a federal challenge. president obama, once again, proved why he is the consoler in chief. >> no! >> we can write him a letter. you want to write him a letter? >> do you remember this little's girl video? it went viral. she was absolutely devastated when her mom informed her that the president had less than a year left in the oval office. so she wrote him a letter saying she wanted to meet him before he left office and, monday, the president obama made it happen, bringing the girl and her family to the white house. the united states men's soccer team has quieted concerns that they would miss the next world cup. the stars and stripes took on guatemala last night. in a crucial world cup qualifier, it was a statement win for the u.s. beating
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guatemala 4-0. the win puts u.s. on better footing in qualifiers on the road to russia 2018. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," major league baseball commissioner rob manfred. osteo bi-flex, he's tg she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. you were made to move. so move. ,,,,,,
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a 9-year-old florida girl made history over the weekend. she became the youngest person to finish a grueling obstacle course inspired by navy s.e.a.l.s. our miami station wfor spoke with her. >> we are driving over to the battlefield. >> reporter: if she weren't 9, you'd think she was training for a military mission. melia bozoto isn't getting ready to go to war. she has been training to compete in battle frog 24. this past saturday, she completed the 24-hour obstacle race designed by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s.
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she's the youngest to ever compete in this race. if you're wondering about the kind of training and discipline it takes to prepare for an event like this, well, melia has been training for nine months, five days a week, three hours a day. >> when i don't get it, i'm just nervous. i'm ready to do it but i'm not ready to fail. >> reporter: her mission, leading a movement she calls inspiration for the ipad generation. >> i just so want, like, people to quit because they don't believe in themselves. >> reporter: melia, who has been bullied in school, desired to empower herself by training with her dad and coach. >> i think the bully thing has died down just because her outlook is so much different now that she knows how to defend herself. i used to be super heavy set and i changed my whole life to be an example for her. if she is an example for other kids, that is mission accomplished. >> reporter: this isn't melia's first adult race. she span the spartan race with her grandma and dad last year,
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crossing the finish line holding hands. a moment frozen in time and emotional even for this tough 9-year-old. >> that was just a memorable moment, just holding hands! >> if i had heroes, my heroes are my daughter and my mom. >> man. i thought doing a few burpees was something! i have to get back to the gym! coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a look at the cost of cosmetics and whether the products you're buying live up to their promises plus our way jing beijing seth doane has a look back on his years of covering asia. has a look back on his years of covering asia. >> reporter: we had to wear masks in beijing because of the pollution. this is saber rattling on a very grand scale. neighbor north korea conducted its fourth nuclear test in january and we visited the
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closed-off country twice. both times, tangling with government minders. we interview people and we can't come to north korea? >> you can't come. >> he's got stories. on the eve of the new baseball season, mlb commissioner rob manfred pays a visit to studio 57. that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. we close our show this morning with a look at how james corden opened his last night. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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good morning. thank you for joining us. a live look at levi's stadium where all is quiet in santa
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clara. a couple miles away, i was fast asleep i didn't feel the rattlers in san jose. >> earthquakes. >> about a 3.2 the biggest one. >> right. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. good morning. if you only knew what happens right before we go on the air! [ laughter ] >> it's incredible. roberta how we doing? good. >> all right! >> i have the boots and saddle ready to jump on the horse! >> bring it. >> we just had a 2.5 outside of clearlake. just a little bit of a wake-up call. good morning, everybody. this is our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge from the transamerica pyramid. it's another chilly start to your day. right now our numbers in the 40s and 50s. easily tumbling into the 30s before sun-up this morning in the santa rosa area. now, seasonal. that's what you can plan on today. seasonal highs from 50s beaches approaching 70 away from the bay. we have the full forecast coming up in less than 10 minutes.


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