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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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incident in san francisco includes stealing from a suspect bribing witnesses and cover-up. anne makovec is in our newsroom with more on a case that's led to three deputies being removed from active duty reporter: the victim accusing deputies now of taking a photo of him as he lay bleeding in the street and we found out that a sheriff's investigator rejected the deputies' first reports of that incident because they didn't match what was on surveillance video. here's some of that video taken last november showing two alameda county deputies hitting a man with batons after he led them on a high-speed chase from castro valley to san francisco. now that suspect accuses them of taking a, quote, trophy photo after they beat him. another deputy now accused of bribing two homeless witnesses by giving them that, the suspect's golden necklace to keep quiet. >> you take evidentiary photos and in that photo was a picture of a gold chain. that gold chain did not make it into evidence, which is one of
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the main reasons why that person is on leave now. >> reporter: that person he is referring to the third deputy now caught up in the scandal 15- year veteran sean osborne. all three are on paid leave as the investigation continues. no charges have been filed. in the meantime, the sheriff is announcing new rules including use of force training protocols, body-worn cameras that must be on and a restructuring of the patrol division. we are going to hear from the victim's attorney coming up in the next half-hour. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. a hazmat team went out to richmond after people complained about a sulfur odor coming from the chevron oil refinery. chevron says the flames all part of a process called flaring that relieves pressure during the refining process. a crew determined the air is safe. in a statement from chevron, although the site of the flare may cause concern we want to assure our neighbors that casual flaring is an important part of keeping the refinery
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running safely. medical marijuana will soon be closely watched by the city of san jose. the city is creating a marijuana division. the department will register dispensaries, collect taxes and enforce laws. the cost would be split among the city's 16 dispensaries. that's $170,000 a year on top of their 10% marijuana tax. the city council also ordered a study on whether to lift the ban on medical marijuana deliverories. happening today -- well, we'll get to that into moment. but first we'll go to that. residents about a plan to build a temporary housing for the homeless. [ pause ] >> all right. let's go to weather. we're going to go to weather because we can. roberta is ready. she can't wait to tell us about the forecast. >> i'm taking a look at some of my long-range computer models in hopes of rain returning to the bay area. what's the old saying, april showers? and i'm actually looking at some precipitation returning next week. until then, good morning, everybody! it's our live weather camera.
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we are looking out towards mineta international airportage mineta international airport and levi's stadium. partly cloudy. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. clouds serving as a blanket. livermore down to 39. some clouds around san mateo at the coast and inverness into bodega bay so we'll call it partly cloudy throughout the day today. and look at the temperatures. temperatures close to where we should be for this 30th day of the month. wow! 30th day! 50s at the beaches today approaching 70 in sunnyvale and san jose through willow glen into cupertino, campbell and alviso. numbers east of the bay 68 in pleasant hill, 70 in brentwood. we'll spike at 70 in discovery bay. meanwhile 60 in bodega bay to
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the 68-degree mark in novato. low 70s clearlake lakeport, windsor, rohnert park. we have the full report coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. taking a look at the roads right now let's get you updated on this accident. northbound 101, right at willow two to three cars involved. chp just arriving on the scene. at least two middle lanes are blocked so you can see some slight delays approaching the area. debris reported in the road as well so give yourself a few extra minutes. willow and university, north 101 and san bruno an accident there, as well. possibly blocking lanes. northbound 101, 92 to the 80 split only 80 minutes. still no delays eastbound between 280 and 101 along 92. here's a look at conditions on westbound 580 extra volume as you head towards that dublin interchange. both directions of 680 now moving with some nice speeds west of there though that's
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where you will start seeing most of the bulk of delays as you head out of the tracy area westbound 580. slow to greenville but that's typical this time of the morning and everything clear past there towards 680 and san jose off to a great start. back to you guys. happening today, san jose residents weighing in about a plan to build temporary housing for the homeless. kpix 5's kiet do is live at the empty lot where the city hopes to shelter nearly 200 people. good morning. >> reporter: they're called modular shelters and they will be built here at this empty lot on evans lane in the communications hill area of san jose. some thought went into the choice of the lot because right next door there's a recovery center and on the other side of the lot is affordable housing. the lot is huge. it was used for rv and boat storage but now it's got room for 170 people.
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the contract will be given soon. no details yet. the modular individual unions that have locks are up to 100 to 200 square feet. they have access to shared bathrooms and kitchens. now, the city may also allow couples and pets. the site is close to public transportation including buses and light rail. now, the city wants to avoid this. remember the jungle that was cleaned up more than a year ago? more than 250 people living in deplorable conditions for years at a crime-ridden filthy site near downtown san jose. at the time, it was one of the largest homeless encampments in the country. >> do you feel like there's been a shift in the thinking in the way that we approach homelessness in san jose? >> absolutely. for a long time. this community has been working very hard to adopt a housing first approach but now we have partners at the county and at the housing authority and we're really making a change. >> reporter: there's a public meeting tonight about the evans lane proposed site. the meeting is at the scottish rite center at 2455 masonic
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drive in san jose. that's at 6:30 p.m. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. in the race for the white house, republican presidential candidates were put on the hot seat during a town hall last night in milwaukee. >> there is no place in politics for insults, for personal attacks, for going to the gutter. >> i didn't start it. i didn't start it. >> sir, with all due respect, that's the argument of a 5-year- old. >> i didn't start it. >> members of the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press. >> ted cruz was eager to talk about donald trump's campaign manager who was arrested yesterday. on march 8 cory lewandowski is accused of confronting a reporter after a trump press conference in florida. according to the police report, he grab the her left arm. there were photographs of a bruises allegedly caused in the incident. the campaign manager is charged with a misdemeanor, simple
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battery. a former canadian cabinet minister and several of his close relatives died when their small plane crashed. 7 people were killed yesterday when this plane came down on an island in eastern quebec. the former cabinet minister and his wife and three siblings were killed. they were taking a trip after the death of the man's father. the man who hijacked that egyptian airliner says he did it to give his ex-wife a love letter. crew member and passengers landed safely at cairo international airport in egypt last night. they were all held hostage on egyptair flight 181 which took off from alexandria in egypt. seifedeen mustafa wore what appears to be an explosive belt when he demanded that that flight go to cyprus instead of cairo. the landed in cyprus and he released all the people on board and walked off the plane himself. he was arrested. mustafa chose cypress because his ex-wife lives there and he
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wanted officers to send her a note. 5:08. the life of luxury in the heart of sillicon valley. just ahead, a tour of a unique hotel. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody, hey, go ahead, wax the board. get the skis and snowboarding ready because we have your snow report coming up in a matter of minutes. >> we are monitoring an accident along the peninsula. details coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. 5:12 on this "hump day," it is wednesday. we are looking south. if it was brightening you, you would be able to see we are looking in the direction of the peninsula. the full microclimate forecast and snow report in less than four minutes. four small earthquakes rattling parts of the san jose area. the swarm happened last night along calaveras fault east of alum rock park. the largest magnitude 3.2. the first one was 8:23 p.m., the last one about 9 p.m. trouble for popular fast- food restaurant mcdonald's. last year mcdonald's closed 154 restaurants across the country. including 4 in san francisco. the popular location near at&t ballpark will shut down this
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year to make room for a new hotel. the hotel and restaurant consultant says the money [ indiscernible ] >> paying less than a dollar a square foot. when that same lease comes up for renewal, particularly in san francisco, where the rents are skyrocketing, you're looking at rents 10 to 20 times this. >> he says the makers of the happy meal are making happier profits in europe and asia where the company is expanding. traffic at 5:13. >> we are getting busy along the peninsula. we have had our eye on this accident northbound 101 at university. so as you work your way out of east palo alto into palo alto you can see northbound 101 we are seeing some slight delays past the scene. an extra 8 minutes to squeeze through. two middle lanes blocked with debris. past that no troubles on 101 northbound into san francisco.
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southbound no delays. that accident northbound 101 at university. if you have to leave early, you're in luck it's a good time to be on the roads at least along the nimitz where traffic is not showing any delays right now. northbound is clear all the way towards the maze 16 minutes from 238 as you work your way towards the maze this morning. southbound not seeing any delays right now either. traffic is clear all the way as you work your way into hayward all the way down into fremont. if you plan to cut across the san mateo bridge so far so good. you can see easy conditions as you head out of hayward into foster city. your drive times about 13 minutes to go between 880 and 101. eastbound no troubles heading into hayward. taking a look at conditions at the bay bridge, we are starting to see a few more cars from oakland into san francisco. no delays, no metering lights, traffic clear into san francisco. westbound 4 not bad only 7 minutes from hillcrest to 242. in fact, westbound 4 is easy
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out of antioch into pittsburg. clear towards the eastshore freeway. shuttle service between pittsburg-bay point and north concord. you have to transfer there. the rest of bart is on time. no delays also for the rest of mass transit. caltrain and ace running with no problems as is muni this morning. looking at the altamont pass so far, so good all the way towards 680. let's get a quick live look at conditions along 101. this is near sfo and south city. headlights going northbound, not a bad right all the way into san francisco. southbound, it's an easy ride out of san francisco as you work your way along the peninsula. that's your morning drive. let's get a look at the forecast. >> was that a new camera for you? >> it was a special camera for today. >> here's dave from napa. this is his dog yeager as in yeagermeister. i don't make this stuff up. dave is reporting clear, cool,
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35 in napa this morning. another chilly start to your day. but we have the clear skies. we're climbing up 853 feet tall on top of the transamerica pyramid. clear skies over the bay. 51 in san francisco and east the bay bridge but still in the 30s in livermore, 42 in santa rosa light winds. 6 miles per hour in the oakland area into berkeley and alameda. 35 degrees a wind at 6 feels more like freezing as you step out the door. so bundle up. more sunshine later today with seasonal highs. showers next week. right now the coast is clear except for clouds developing around the san mateo coast right there. today partly sunny as high pressure comes in from the
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north. a tight squeeze on things. see how tightly these lines are lined up? that's what we refer to as a pressure gradient. 70 in sacramento. 58 at the coast. 44 high sierra, currently 32 degrees snow flurries on the fly. here's your snow report: >> i like olympic lady run at squaw valley. >> dress in layers as you head to squaw valley today. temperatures in the 60s approaching 70 degrees. we are approaching high levels of pollen in the atmosphere today so be mindful of that if you have allergies. seven-day forecast, clouding up next monday and tuesday leading to chances of rain on those days but still going out there with rain arriving by april 7. >> is the snow still okay up
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north? >> 9" of new snow. >> let's go. >> road trip. >> all right. >> i'm there. you drive. >> frank drives. a case of animal cruelty after police found five animals shot with pellets at the berkeley marina. groundskeeper reported finding the animals including a feral cat on seawall drive over the weekend. four of the animals died. a fifth had to be euthanized. some pet owners will be more cautious in the area. >> i'm a trusting person for the most part but then you come, like, somewhere here where you see everybody, you know, like, hanging out being peaceful that somebody would do this, kind of crazy. >> berkeley police are urging anyone with information to contact them. in sonoma county college spring cleaning the collection of two tons of trash. bottles, tarps, a mattress, and some other junk once littered the overlook trail and mon
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montini open space preserve. officers are patrolling once a week to clean it. there is a new hotel in town that makes you feel like you're on vacation but you're doing business. devin fehely says it's a unique kind of personalized pampering, pour a price reporter: for this rooftop pool, personal around the clock chef and concierge service it's a level of luxury typically reserved for an island resort not downtown palo alto. >> you get your own personal concierge from the moment you arrive at the hotel and it includes anything pretty much that you wanted for food and beverages. >> reporter: the palo alto hotel is targeting a high-tech high-end clientele, those with money and appetite for its special brand of pampering. >> there's a wide spectrum of who will be able to stay with us but it's all about the ease and the, um, the personal touch that you can get at our property that you won't be able
5:20 am
to find at other hotels in the area. this is the entry. this is where our personal concierge will be with a tablet. >> reporter: tailored to your taste service isn't cheap. right now one night goes for $800. and the hotel management says that rate will go up to $1,200 eventually a night. >> each guest will have a personal concierge assigned to him and that's designed to where you have the familiarity and one person to go to that can take care of everything that you need for your stay. >> reporter: the clement is at its heart a boutique hotel with about 2 dozen rooms but its management hopes that the clients see that it's service not signs that matters. devin fehely, kpix 5. >> that all inclusive is just that all your meals, free mini bar and housekeeping twice a day. all right. it's 5:20 on this "hump day." are seafood lovers about to get crabby about the price of new crab? the new agreement, straight ahead. >> are the sharks getting hot as the stanley cup play-offs
5:21 am
approach? highlights and a star player's big accomplishment coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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market. after a five- month delay in fishermen so get your favorite seafood [ indiscernible ] ready . bay area crab fishermen
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settled on a price per pound yesterday. that's it right there. $2.90 a pound wholesale. consumers will pay about $6 a pound. fishermen raced to the boats to kick off the long-awaited commercial season. many boats pulled away from the harbor and headed for the shellfish. warriors continue to roll at oracle. the wizard got a heavy dose of dub nation left the big 8 point losers so that's 67th win for the warriors did it in front of bill russell. a rare dunk for steph. he had a team-high 26. "dubs" up 8. washington led by nine and then run by the "dubs" a dozen straight capped by one of curry's six three balls. three-point lead at the half. and then they turn it on. 3rd quarter, draymond green running the break backboarder mr. bogut with the flush. warriors won 102-94.
5:25 am
six more wins will give them an all-time single season record in the nba. sharks got the play-off- bound beards cooking sporting the white last night in vancouver. pick it up in the second. sharks in attack mode. joe pavelski got the scoring started to put team teal up one. now tied at one how about logan couture? he got busy in a big way the first of his three. san jose won 4-1. sharks are already in the play-offs and are now only three points out of first place. soccer, no? how about some international soccer? taking you to columbus, ohio. white clad team usa housing guatemala. a must-win to stay as a world cup qualifier. back of the net opening moment second half. all team usa. 4-nil the final. they got a 92% chance now to advance to the final round of qualifying. play of the day, back to that sharks victory a little curtain call for hat trick
5:26 am
himself mr. logan couture. . >> couture shoots, he got it, his first nhl hat trick for logan couture! >> an empty net shot in the closing seconds gave him his first three goal game. he has had 20 two goal games. your play of the day. 5:26. a major decision in the wake of last year's deadly balcony collapse. in berkeley. the reaction coming up. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do. we're live at the empty lot in san jose which could be the site of a brand-new modular homeless shelter that would be the first of its kind in san jose. ,,,,,,,,
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the plan? many say it's an effective way to curb the homeless problem so why are some people opposing the plan? >> things get even stranger and more intense in the race for the white house. >> are you sneezing and wheezing, itchy eyes? i have the full pollen report coming up. >> the bay bridge starting to back up, also we have drace along the peninsula. details coming up. >> good morning. it is wednesday, march 30. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:30. san jose residents get a chance to speak out about a homeless housing proposal. kiet do is live at the empty lot where the city hopes to give nearly 200 homeless a second chance. >> reporter: good morning. you know, for years, people were telling government leaders to do something about the homeless crisis. well, it looks like something is about to happen here at this empty lot on evans lane. this butts up against almaden separation in the communications hill area of san
5:31 am
jose. this used to be rv and boat storage but it could soon be transformed into so-called modular shelters. the lot itself is huge. it's got room for up to 170 people. the county plans to award the contract soon. however, detailed plans have yet to be finalized. one idea that seems to be gaining momentum are modular individual units that have locks and are 100 to 200 square feet with access to shared bathrooms and kitchens. the city may also allows every allow couples and pets. the site is close to public transportation where people can catch bus or light rail. the city wants to avoid the jungle. more than 250 people living in deplorable conditions at a crime-ridden filthy site near downtown san jose. it was one of the largest homeless encampments in the country at the time. it was cleaned up more than a year ago. people scattered everywhere. >> with 4,000 people on the streets any given night we have an enormous challenge every day. it takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and resources to make
5:32 am
a change in our community. but i think we are at the beginning of a promising trend for people in need here. >> reporter: there's a public meeting tonight about the possibility of modular homeless shelters here on evans lane. it's happening in san jose. that's at 6:30 p.m. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a burlingame man is dead after getting electrocuted in a swimming pool. tech exec jim tramel, who was 43, was spending easter with his family at their vacation home in palm springs. police say he noticed his 9- year-old daughter turning blue in the pool. the child was experiencing an electric shock from a broken light and when tramel dove in to save her he jumped into the electric current. >> some of these homes are 25, 30 years old or older and they can deteriorate. so maybe it is something that needs to be looked at. >> that little girl now in critical condition. police say there were five
5:33 am
other people in the pool at the time. but their injuries why less severe because they were further away from the broken light. a scandal growing over a beating by alameda county sheriff's deputies that was captured on video last november. now a third deputy has been removed from active duty. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the newsroom with more that deputies stole from the suspect and then allegedly bribed witnesses, as well. >> reporter: new details coming out as the man beaten in this case filed a civil lawsuit and a criminal investigation continues. last november, these two alameda county deputies hit that man with batons after he led them on a high-speed chase from castro valley to san francisco. now that suspect accuses them of taking a, quote, trophy photo after they beat him. another deputy now accused of bribing two homeless witnesses by giving them that, the suspect's golden necklace to keep quiet.
5:34 am
yo every. >> our policies don't include excessive beating. they don't include taking jewelry. they don't include bribing witnesses. >> it was wrong to flee the scene. but what was more wrong was deputies violating their duty and inflicting deadly force when there was absolutely no justification. >> that's the attorney for the victim in this case. meanwhile, the alameda county sheriff has announced three new initiatives involving body camera policy and use of force training all three deputies on paid leave. no criminal charges have been filed. more on how that gold necklace raised red flags coming up in the next half-hour. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. frank was talking about the snow. i was just up in the sierra last week and it was beautiful. >> plenty of it. >> we have nine more inches that fell and accumulated since monday on the north shore. 4" on the south shore. wax up the skis, get the
5:35 am
snowboard ready and head to the sigh high sierra. it's time for the ama supercross. it's taking place this saturday night at levi's stadium. clear sky, 68 degrees. my brother at one time was number 2 in the country in motocross right behind roger decosta. looking out from the transamerica period, we have clear skies, a few clouds drifting in and out. otherwise 39 in livermore to 42 in santa rosa. winds under 5 miles per hour. coast has been clear but some clouds are gathering just due west of the san mateo coast. we'll call it partly sunny today and a seasonal spring day. approaching 70 at redwood city and sunnyvale into san jose.
5:36 am
your full forecast is coming up. >> let's jump to the bay bridge where traffic is just crawling along. metering lights were turned on about five minutes ago. so traffic is slow-and-go now as you work your way out of the maze into san francisco. again, metering lights are on so slow past the lights. gets better across the upper deck once you get past there over into san francisco but again give yourself a few extra minutes. elsewhere, we are seeing some better conditions along 101 at university. that accident involving a couple of vehicles in the middle lanes has been cleared over to the right shoulder. you can see traffic backed up to speed on the northbound side of 101 with no delays there. highway 4 though starting to bunch up just a bit westbound out of antioch. you will see delays westbound through pittsburg with your drive time between hillcrest and 242. 8 minutes right now through there. also getting reports of an accident westbound 4 at port chicago looks like it may be on the off-ramp. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. the final three republican
5:37 am
candidates for president all taking back an earlier promise to support the eventual nominee. don champion has an update on the campaign trail. reporter: a week before the wisconsin presidential primary, donald trump is taking back his vow to support the gop's eventual nominee. >> no, i don't anymore. >> you don't? >> no. we'll see who it is. >> reporter: trump's turnaround came during a town hall in the state where he is locked in a race with ted cruz. cruz and rival john kasich did not hide their thoughts on the possibility of a trump nomination. >> i think nominating donald trump would be an absolute train wreck. >> if the nominee is somebody that i think is really hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them . >> reporter: trump's campaign manager cory lewandowski was charged with battery for allegedly grabbing the arm of a female reporter earlier this month. trump questioned the reporter's account. >> she didn't fall to the ground. she wasn't dragged to the ground. i stick up for people and i don't want to ruin somebody's life.
5:38 am
>> reporter: democratic front- runner hillary clinton said the incident speaks volumes. >> he is like a political arsonist. he has set some fires and then, you know, people have acted in ways that i think are deplorable. >> reporter: her rival bernie sanders is making a hard play for wisconsin's 96 delegates. the two candidates also agreed on another debate next month ahead of the new york primary. don champion, cbs news. hov who john kasich picked up some -- ohio governor john kasich picked up support from the largers state newspaper. former presidential candidate scott walker the governor of wisconsin endorsed ted cruz a week before the wisconsin primary. walker says he is backing cruz because he is a strong new leader, quote, as well as a constitutional conservative. president obama's choice for the supreme court is seeing
5:39 am
more senators including one prominent republican. senator mark kirk of illinois defied his party leadership and met with judge garland a chicago native. kirk may be feeling pressure from his constituents in illinois a liberal state where he faces re-election. but he cited the constitution as the reason for the meeting. >> we need a rational adult open-minded consideration of the constitutional process which judge garland is part of. >> garland is scheduled to meet with at least two other republicans but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it should be left to the next president to fill the vacant seat on the high court. jill wagner of reveals what the cupertino company, apple, is asking of the feds regarding the iphone hacking. >> reporter: good morning. fed chair yell lynn says the central bank is in no rush to raise interest rates putting investors in a buying mood yesterday. the dow closed at its highest
5:40 am
level of the year up 97, natalie up 79. home costs doubled the pace of income in 20 cities. prices up 5.7% earlier. wages up 2.2%. apple wants the fbi to explain how it hacked into the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. the fbi reportedly hired an israeli firm celebrate for help. google going old school. google fiber phone will cost 10 bucks a month a land line. it's available in areas with google fiber. there are plans to expand. >> i'm not crazy about this next story but if you like whoppers, you look the color red, i guess you're in. what's that all about? >> reporter: yeah. don't adjust the color on your television. burger king is rolling out a
5:41 am
red hamburger bun. it's called the angriest burger sandwich putting hot sauce in the bun. >> of all the fast food burgers, the whopper with a little extra tomato, i'm okay with that. but red buns? maybe not. maybe not. >> stick to what works. >> all right. thanks, jill. 5:41. the alameda county d.a. made a disappointing decision in the case of a deadly balcony collapse according to some. the office has announced there are no charges. six students died, seven others injured when the balcony broke during a berkeley party last june. the d.a. says dry rot caused the collapse. the problem happened because water was trapped during construction of the balcony. five victims were irish exchange students, the 6th, ashley donohoe of rohnert park. they wanted the balcony collapse to serving as a warning for future construction projects.
5:42 am
's home to one of the bay 's biggest government so how are iti vandals g to city hall? it is now 5:42. it's home to one of the bay area's biggest governments. so how are graffiti vandals getting to city hall? >> and let's take you outside take a look at the traffic on highway 880 at 5:42 a.m. gianna has you covered on the roads and roberta will have that forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:44 on this "hump day." yes, it's wednesday. out the door it's our live weather camera looking east. you cannot tell you about we have a combination of clear to mostly cloudy skies. i have your full midweek forecast coming up in a few minutes. surveillance video could provide some clues into the latest graffiti at san jose city hall. take a close look at the left
5:45 am
side of your screen. a surveillance camera captured these silhouettes of people climbing the west plaza wall this week. hours later security crews found large tags on the building's main entrance walkways. we're told taggers do small graffiti daily and big ones once a month. the surveillance video didn't capture the vandals. >> this plaza is for people to come together on. the same reason that makes it open and inviting also makes it vulnerable to do damage to it. >> mayor sam liccardo says the city can no longer afford to have a special police antigraffiti unit and security guard at city hall don't work all night so taggers are taking advantage. 5:45. got the whole gang here. roberta, we'll get to you in a moment. but gianna has -- >> please? >> next time you can be first. >> traffic is more important
5:46 am
right now. >> beauty before brains. >> oh!! [ laughter ] >> on the freeways it's busy so if you need to hit the roads do it a few minutes earlier. an accident at the bay bridge. it is backing things up heading there. couple of lanes blocked. so busy metering lights turned on at 5:0this morning so approaches starting to see some delays, as well. give yourself a few extra minutes. 20 minutes westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze. first reports of an accident westbound 4 at 242. at least one lane is blocked. chp headed out to the scene. drive times inching up quickly on westbound 4 hillcrest to 242, 14 minutes now and that accident is just around there. busy as you work your way westbound. we are seeing delays out of antioch. stays sluggish into pittsburg as well with stipulates down to 24 miles per hour in some spots. business as usual as you work your way out of tracy. westbound 580, "super commuters" dealing with slow conditions all the way to
5:47 am
greenville maybe beyond that at this point. we are seeing delays almost to vasco so slow, sluggish but typical. you get a bit better conditions once you hit 680 but 17 minutes now altamont pass and 680. 880 both directions so far the nimitz no troubles northbound into downtown oakland. southbound easy ride towards the san mateo bridge. the bridge itself no delays. 14 minutes between 880 and 101. we have a live shot of 101 near sfo. thank you to our photographer joseph cousins. northbound is where those headlights are headed and so far traffic is clear near sfo so no delays along 101 in both directions at least through there. it was chilly this morning, roberta. i had my jacket. >> good call. temperatures in the upper 30s in throughout the tri-valley but right now i'm taking you to san jose into santa clara county. this is mineta international airport named after norman mineta former transportation secretary in the cabinet of george bush. temperatures at 39 degrees in
5:48 am
livermore to 45 degrees in san jose. it's in the 50s on either side of the bay bridge either due east in oakland or due west in san francisco. the winds have been up to about 6 miles per hour today. oakland, alameda and berkeley. very light winds along the immediate seashore. so bundle up out the door. a few clouds, but still chilly temperatures. more sunshine today with seasonal highs and then our next chances of april showers comes next week but right now, i have been watching this batch of cloud developing along the san mateo coast. a few clouds will work their way into the forecast today. so overall partly sunny. low pressure still spinning east of the bay area and producing a few snow flurries this morning in the high sierra. then on top of the nine inches of snow that did accumulate on the north shore since monday, 15 inches in the last 7 days. so here's the ridge of high pressure. and notice when these lines get very tight together, that's
5:49 am
when you pick up some breezy conditions. that's more out over the outer waters today so our winds will not be as windy as they have been the past couple of days. 70 state capital. 50 at the seashore. 44 in the mountains. 55 degrees some lingering snow showers in the yosemite area. sun-up this morning about 7 a.m. and by the time it sets we'll have 2 minutes and 26 seconds of more available daylight today. so enjoy your day today. 50s and 60s approaching 70 in discovery bay. otherwise, your pollen report does suggest if you suffer from allergies another uncomfortable day with that pollen count. off the chart by friday. i'm leaving town friday. i'm getting out of here. it's going to be off the charts. after my shows. okay. [ laughter ] >> there's your extended forecast. more cloud cover monday and tuesday with chance of rain on wednesday. this weekend the supercross at levi's stadium and one of my favorite events in the whole wide world here in the bay area
5:50 am
rock and roll half marathon, perfect weather. >> you don't want it too hot. >> you get a view of the golden gate bridge as you run. >> hey! >> hey, hey! time now 5:50. a broken [ indiscernible ] at a crime lab revealed serious flaws in santa clara county's storage sample. it stored drug samples from thousands of people on alcohol and drug charges but the refrigerator reached 107 degrees on sunday from a broken thermometer. the alarm went off. no one heard t an automatic email alert about the alarm got out and it got stuck in and out box. 5:50. a strange sighting in an unexpected place. still to come the face of a very lost seal in the prayer. still to come, the fate of a very lost seal in the bay area. ,,
5:51 am
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5:53 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ good morning. it's wednesday, march 30, 5:53. we are just a couple of days away from april fool's on friday. working on my jokes for maria but until then, we have partly sunny skies and high temperatures up to 70 degrees. we have an accident at the bay bridge just before the toll plaza. they shut down a couple of cash lanes so you can see in our live shot traffic trying to scoot to the right lanes. expect delays. backed up into the maze. veteran acts tress patty
5:54 am
duke has died. she was an academy winning actress and advocate for the mentally ill. she will be remembered for playing a dual role of two cousins on television. >> the tv show that bore her name ran for three seasons in the mid-60s 60s. her breakout role was in the miracle worker. she won an academy award for that. she had manic-depression. her agent said she died yesterday in idaho. patty duke was 69. my favorite story of the day it is not something you see every day. a seal baby surrounded by crime seal tape at the marina. this seal was spotted yesterday wandering around. the seal appeared to be young and hurt although it was moving fast. >> we got a call that this animal was in the road and right now, we are just waiting for people from the marine
5:55 am
mammal center. >> not sure what the crime scene tape was for but it's unclear how the seal was hurt. . it's tagged. the 25 priciest zip codes in the united states are top heavy with bay area addresses. majority of the most expensive are on the peninsula or in the south bay. atherton, 94027 is second with a median sale price almost $6 million. palo alto number 5 at 94301. los altos 94022 number 12. los altos 94024 came in number 14. time now 5:55. the next half-hour, a man is allegedly beaten by bay area sheriff deputies. now new allegations against them including the trophy photo they took coming up next. >> i'm kiet do. we're live in san jose. this empty lot could be the site of a brand-new modular homeless shelter.
5:56 am
the first of its kind in the city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
griego. oat good morning. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, march 30. i'm maria medina in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 6:00. today san jose residents get to show their thoughts about a homeless housing proposal. kpix 5's kiet do is live outside an empty lot where the city wants to give nearly 200 homeless a fresh start. >> reporter: they're called modular shelters and they will be built here at this empty lot on evans lane in the communications hill area of san jose. some thought went into the choice of the lot because right next door there's a recovery center and on the other side of the lot is affordable housing. the lot is huge. it was used for rv and boat storage but now it's got room for 170 people.
6:00 am
its about six acres in size: the county plans to award the contract soon, no details yet. the modular individual units that have locks are up to 100 to 200 square feet. they have access to shared bathrooms and kitchens. now, the city may also allow couples and pets. the site is close to public transportation including buses and light rail. now, the city wants to avoid this. remember the jungle that was cleaned up more than a year ago? more than 250 people living in deplorable conditions for years at a crime-ridden filthy site near downtown san jose. at the time, it was one of the largest homeless encampments in the country. now, the jukele has been clean up for more than a year now the city is sounding very optimistic. >> i feel like we're heading in the right direction. there's a lot of work to do. we have a great community plan to end homelessness. we have fantastic partnerships going on at all levels of government so i do think thera


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