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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and the cost, $3 million. kpix 5's mike sugerman went to find out what's going on. mike? >> reporter: kenny, you know, you hear it, you go, a bus stop? $3million? well, this is not just any bus stop. so a lot of people are shaking their heads. this novato bus stop was built 37 years ago and still has its fans. >> it's crowded. it's just delightful aesthetically. >> reporter: but a look in the mirror upon reflection shows others a different view. >> it's garbage. it looks like if you are going catching. >> reporter: and marin transit has plans to improve it, update it, beautify it, make it safe and more accessible. >> so that's pretty. with this part -- yeah, oh, that's pretty. >> reporter: it's the cost some here find hard to swallow. northbound $3.5 million.
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>> wow. that's a waste of money. >> reporter: and the cost keeps rolling along. >> people don't realize this is money coming out of your pocket, my pocket, and all the other people. >> reporter: eleanor during the last three of her six unsuccessful campaigns for novato city council has been a constant critic. it's only been in the planning stages six years. >> if it takes a little longer and costs more, then we are going to do it, we're going to do it right. $3million sounds like a lot for a bus facilities. >> it isn't higher than what we see for similar public works project. we have had a lot of reef view. >> reporter: new stop lights, disability improvements, landscaping adds up and part of the increase comes from public complaints. there have been 50 records requests, 44 filed by one person. and each takes money and time to go over, she says. a lot of this has to do with
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safety. the transit district will put a new crosswalk and we talked to a bus driver today who said you have to go from the left lane to the right lane immediately so the district is going to put in a stop light, then the driver says that's not going to help, either. as you said in marin, nothing is easy. in novato, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> despite the complaints, the novato city council has voted 4- 1 to go ahead the project. we have some new video that police say clearly shows a pickpocket in action on a muni bus in san francisco. check out the left side of your screen. see the man in the black hat and scarf? watch as he gets behind the guy holding a child and slips his hand into the man's pocket, grabs his wallet and walks off the bus. this happened in january on the 5 fulton line. >> to obtain the video takes a little time. so one thing is the victim didn't remember the bus line.
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so our investigators as well as muni worked back and were able to find what bus it was and then obtain the video. >> the thief hasn't been caught. so if you have seen this man, san francisco police would like to hear from you. new at 6:00 after getting heckled at his own inauguration, san francisco mayor ed lee has been keeping a rather low public profile lately especially when you compare him to the mayors of san jose and oakland. kpix 5's phil matier went to the city hall to find out what is going on. phil? >> reporter: veronica, you know, san francisco mayors whether it's dianne feinstein, gavin newsom, willie brown, they have been larger than life. and it's been quite an entertainment watching them. we have a new game in town. it's called where's mayor ed lee? kind of like where's waldo? here's the story. >> thank you. we heard you. we heard you. >> reporter: in case you haven't noticed, san francisco's mayor ed lee hasn't been seen much publicly since his fiery swearing-in. [ chanting ] >> reporter: and when the mayor does appear in public, often as
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not it's a small controlled setting like this downtown streets team event. >> nice to meet you sir. >> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: a far cry from his reception at last month's king day event. [ chanting ] >> reporter: since then, however, more and more people have been wondering, where is ed? [ laughter ] >> the mayor has to be in the streets. >> smile. >> reporter: a check of the mayor's daily schedules for march shows that he was either out of town or conducting meetings at city hall 28 days out of the month. in february, 23 out of 29 days were spent at city hall meetings. >> you have to understand mayor lee's background. he is a bureaucrat, not an elected official, he is not a politician in the traditional sense. >> reporter: this is what his press person told us as well when we went to check up on him and was told he is too busy to talk. >> i don't think the mayor has ever been one to look for headlines and look to see his face on television.
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what he is about is bringing people together and solving problems and moving the city forward. >> reporter: a recent chamber of commerce poll showed that in the wake of the mario woods shooting and the homeless camp on division street, lee's once 60% popularity rating has dropped to the low 40s. >> anytime you become the symbol of something that's not good, it won't be good for you. >> there's a lot of mistrust in the community. we are trying to built that back. >> i won't stop until we build better trust. >> reporter: once again today mayor lee was in his office holding meetings. i have to say, even if he did come out to attend a few events, he is so low key there's a chance you wouldn't even notice. meanwhile, we'll keep an eye on him for everybody. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. we learned an hour ago a jury found a former stanford swimming star guilty of raping a woman after a frat party.
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he said the sex was consensual. kpix 5's devin fehely is at the courthouse in palo alto. devin? >> reporter: yeah. the emotions in the courtroom today were raw and running over. the victim and prosecutors clearly relieved that in their eyes justice had been served but on the other side of the ledger the defendant's family, his mother in particular, was distraught. clearly believing that this verdict was a miscarriage of justice. from swimming standout to jsex offender his fall from grace was spectacular and complete. people cried as the verdict was read guilty on all counts including attempted sexual assault and the penetration of someone who was either unconscious or too intoxicated to give consent. >> we need to change the culture. and it's on all of us to do that. today, a santa clara county jury gave a verdict which i hope will clearly reverberate throughout colleges, high schools and everywhere. >> reporter: police say the assault happened after a night of hard partying and heavy
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drinking at a campus fraternity. prosecutors say the victim was passed out drunk and turner groped her until two good samaritans intervened. >> she broke down upon hearing the verdict but feels validated that finally her voice has been heard and she was violated and she was happy to hear that the jurors saw through it. >> reporter: turner testified that the sex was drunken, ill advised but ultimately consensual. the jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts after two days of deliberations. now, prosecutors recommended today that brock turner be taken immediately into custody but the judge disagreed with that recommendation. he will remain free on bond until he is sentenced on june 2. in palo alto, devin fehely, kpix 5. cal state university faculty are ready to strike if they can't come to a valley deal with the administration. faculty from all 23 campuses marched from downtown sacramento to the steps of the state capital. they want a 5% raise.
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administrators say they can only afford 2%. many students are siding with faculty and marched alongside them today. >> half the people here are students here in support of the faculty that take care of them. they understand perhaps better than the chancellor does the relationship between students, faculty and success. >> the campuses may strike on april 13th if contract talks break down. a couple of state lawmakers want to even the playing field when it comes to enrollment at uc campuses. a state audit found current enrollment practices put california students at a disadvantage over out of state opportunities. to address the imbalance a new measure would put a cap on the number of nonresident students. it would also require higher admission standards for them. nonresident enrollment mass increased by more than 400% over the past 10 years. new at 6:00 a showdown tonight over a company that has
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been in northern california in business for more than a century. it has to do with sand and the future of the california coast. len ramirez takes us that the town of marina in monterey county to explain. >> reporter: you have seen the smokestack from scenic highway 1 on the way to monterey but project haven't seen the other side of the sand dunes. this is the last beach sand mining operation in the united states. and it's still going strong after 100 years but maybe for not much longer. >> it's good news for the bay and the coast of california. >> reporter: environmental groups are applauding an action by the california coastal commission to shut down the mining plant which has been operating in marina since 1906. >> closing the plant in marina is going to reduce the environmental impact that we have erosion rates and it's also going to reduce the amount of economic impact that we see here from that erosion. >> reporter: the heart of the operation is a large pit that the traps sand and sea water at
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high tide about 20,000 dump trucks worth of sand extracted through this pipeline every year to be used in playgrounds and industry. environmental groups say mining that much sand speeds up erosion along the entire coast. in fact this section of monterey bay has the highest beach erosion rate in california. allowing a sand mining operation like this today would be unthinkable here on the monterey bay national marine sanctuary. but this was actually grandfathered in and allowed to continuously operate when the california coastal act was signed back in the 1970s. but time may now be running out. cmex workers wouldn't speak on camera but were unhappy. a spokesman said, cmex is reviewing the letter and disagree with its assessment. the statement says the mine is operating in an environmentally responsible manner and is following laws and regulations. the company plans to fight to stay in business. in marina, len ramirez, kpix 5.
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>> the company has until april 6 to submit its statement of dissent. construction is now under way on the $6 billion redevelopment project on yerba buena and treasure islands. here's a sneak peek at what it's going to look like completed. crews are demolishing 40 existing structures over the next few months to make way for new housing. last month, kpix 5 was there as hundreds of trees were cleared away for 8,000 future homes, shops and a hotel. this marks just the first phase of a project 20 years in the making. san francisco police want you to take a look at this video. a guy in red who is petting a dog is accused of stealing it while the animal's owner was shopping. he picks the dog up, walks out the door with it. it happened at a walgreens on divisadero earlier this month. the dog is a 5-year-old brown male chihuahua-poodle mix named catfish >> robbers take off with thousands of prescription painkillers
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from a burlingame pharmacy. now two of them are under arrest. police say this man jumped the counter and pulled a knife on an employee at the walgreens on el camino real tuesday. police say he got away with 3200 xanax and hydrocodone pills. but they tracked down the drugs at a hotel in hayward this morning. two people inside confessed and were arrested. police say one more robber is still on the loose. san bruno man suffering from serious injuries tonight after he was struck while attempting to cross el camino real just north of mateo avenue. witnesses say the driver of a silver toyota tacoma hit him at 11:00 last night and fled. bracing for summer headaches at the airport. how travelers are paying the price for a plan that was meant to speed up security lines. >> plus, a push to make it easier for cal students to get abortions. the fiery debate over a proposed campus clinic. >> plus the silver lining to the snow survey.
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how it's giving ski resorts the chance to do something they have never done before. >> we'll see what that is. we have rain on the way for the bay area. you will have to wait a little bit for it. in the meantime looks like a good weekend as we examine the highs today. they were all in the 60s. as for what's ahead, we have the forecast looking live toward the bay bridge, it's right after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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prepare for some very long airport security lines. the t-s-a says one of their pros le along isn if you are planning on taking a trip this summer prepare for very long airport security lines. the tsa says one of their programs to move people along isn't as popular as expected. kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich on how travelers are paying the price. >> reporter: you know, normally we here give yourself a few extra minutes like an hour to an hour and a half before your flight which i never do. now they are saying give
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yourself two hours, be prepared and here's why. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's not music to travelers' ears. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: to hear they now have to show up two hours early before a flight or risk missing it. >> we didn't get that memo. >> reporter: the memo is for the summer months when the casual traveler mixes in with the regular business traveler making for longer security chickin lines. combine that with tsa reduced staffing by 10% over the last three years. >> good to know. we are going to belize in august so that will be good to know for then. >> reporter: the expedited prescreening program precheck was supposed to help ease long security lines, but four years later not enough travelers have enrolled to make a difference as you can see by this empty precheck line today. precheck is a quick screening process. cynthia only waits -- >> 15 minutes max. yeah. max. to get up to the gate. you go right through. >> reporter: but for other
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travelers, they already abide by their own two-hour policy. >> i travel a lot internationally and you have to do it anyway so i'm just programmed for two hours early. >> reporter: what do you do for that two hours? >> i read. i look at my mail. i look at people. >> reporter: so you got the memo now. be prepared. or enroll in precheck for an annual $85 fee. like juan did. so you can fly through this line pretty quickly, right? >> yes. tsa precheck, um, averages about 5 minutes. >> reporter: unless someone stops you to do an interview? >> unless we do an interview. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you better go. i don't want to get new trouble and get you late. >> thank you. >> reporter: and he did make his flight. now, if you do travel a lot, you may want to enroll in that precheck program. if not, remember to give yourself two hours time. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. tonight we have learned the car theft suspect brutally beaten by alameda county deputies has had several recent run-ins with the law.
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stanislaus petrov was seen being beaten by deputies in a san francisco alley in november after a chase across the bay bridge. now we have learned that petrov had at least three-runins with san francisco police in just the last three weeks. on march 13, officers pulled him over in the tenderloin for driving a newer bmw without any rear license plate. when officers walked up to his window he took off. the next day, he was pulled over in the bmw for speeding near at&t park. he was cited for speeding and driving on a suspended license. and then on march 20, an officer pulled petrov over on bayshore boulevard for driving a gray chevy at night with no lights on. officers cited him for that. and again, driving on a suspended license. petrov has outstanding warrants but was never taken into custody after any of these traffic stops and tonight remains free. san jose is looking at some
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unconventional options for tackling its homeless problem including building temporary modular homes. tonight the public gets to comment on a plan to provide modular homes for about 170 homeless people on evans lane. homeless advocates insist the location will not become an encampment like "the jungle." in san jose, mayor sam liccardo is working on a plan to help homeless veterans. the goal for the initiative, housing 1 hero is for each of san jose's 250 churches, mosques and synagogues to find housing for a homeless veteran who has a housing voucher. >> faith communities have a way of reaching homeless in a way government simply can't. it's going to take actually a miracle but, yeah, we are in the miracle business so we think the cause is right. >> so far, more than a dozen religious organizations have pledged to help. with all the snow from el nino storms, you think the snowpack would be well above
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formal. right? wrong. kpix 5's emily turner says today's snow survey was a little disappointing but there is a silver lining. >> reporter: when it comes to drought relief this year's snowpack wasn't quite the field of dreams it was made out to be. today's measurements put snow levels at about 5% below where they should be. and far from where they need to be to fix four years of low or really low snowpack levels. >> we have given up. the likelihood of major storm activity is virtually nonexistent. that's what it would take to, um, to have any dramatic impact. >> reporter: but there have been dramatic impacts on businesses. three years of subpar snow left ski resorts and the economy surrounding them in a tight spot. this year's snows have brought back the crowds they need. >> we had our earliest opening ever this november thanks to the early snowfall. we obviously have a ton of snow left.
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we don't have an exact closing date but traditionally we're open until mid-april. looks like we could even go beyond that this season. >> reporter: possibly making it "sierra at tahoe"'s longest season ever if the crowds stick around. mount rose is extended into may for its own record season and many resorts may follow suit. so while the state is still at a deficit, at least someone can cash in on the snowfall hopefully recouping some of the losses from years past. >> huge relief. we definitely have welcomed el nino as we called it here el guapo. let it keep snowing. >> reporter: drought restrictions will be announced in may. there's a lot of numbers that scientists have to crunch before they make that recommendation. in "sierra at tahoe" emily turner, kpix 5. i want to hear from the el guapo of meteorology. i want to hear from the boss. el hepe!
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>> he is on vacation. [ laughter ] >> is average okay? 95% of average? >> you would think so, right? >> it's a lot better than it used to be but, you know, the whole talk is about can we replenish everything we lost? the accumulated deficit of three or four years? no. is normal good? yes. twice normal would be better. the hype we didn't contribute to [ laughter ] >> leading up to el nino didn't pan out. we got a fairly average year out of it. but we'll take average on top of three years of drought. it's not bad as we look at some of the other indices for the sierra snowpack. north-central and south not bad. you know, up in the north about average. central nine-tenths of average down south it doesn't matter that much. we are worried about up north. the snowpack overall 87% of average. it's up 82% over what we had a year ago. high 69 at morgan hill today.
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san jose at 65. in hayward 62 in the city right now actually the high 58 degrees. that high pressure is built in strongly off the pacific northwest. still is he surface we get an onshore push that translates in a low clouds. then a mix of sun and clouds for tomorrow. it will be mild. a little bit warmer as we head into the weekend. nothing dramatic. guess what baseball first time this year we have a game forecast, a's taking on the giants at at&t. low clouds and cool tomorrow night at 7:15. fun to talk about that again. for tomorrow, we are going to have highs near 70 degrees for much of the bay area. and temperatures are going to slowly rise as we get into the weekend with readings approaching the low to mid-70s inland. near upper 60s around the bay next chance of rain such as it is coming in on monday. after that we'll clear out. doesn't look like much on
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monday. it will be enough to get things a little bit wet. thank you. tomorrow the world gets a glimpse of tesla's first car for the masses. and the excitement is electric! how far some fans are going to get their hands on the model 3. >> and only on "5," a bay area woman takes a gamble with her life to get this close to a mountain lion. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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model-3.. which is set to be unveiled tomorrow. in walnut creek: this guy made su ine people are starting to line up for the tesla 3 being unveiled tomorrow. this guy in walnut creek made sure he was first in line, camping out. we asked him why all the hype for a car that no one has seen? >> we think it's the future. we are really excited about this company and this product. tesla is a really innovative company that not only the energy future for our country
6:27 pm
but as a transportation future. it's also all american made here in fremont california american parts american labor. >> the electric car is priced around $35,000. customers can put down a $1,000 deposit in store starting at 10 a.m. only on "5", a woman in boulder creek had a close encounter with a massive mountain lion. when nicole wagner spotted the big cat, she did what a lot of people do these days, pulled out her phone and started recording. the relaxed mountain lion is seen kind of sauntering around her yard seemingly unfazed. hey, lady, what are you? she says, she has seen him around a couple of times. >> he walked up by the chicken coop over here and walked up around this tree and was up by the trampoline. >> hm. keywords there, chicken coop. [ laughter ] >> yeah. pet owners in the neighborhood are keeping a close eye out and they say they are worried about how bold this lion has become. coming up in our next half-
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hour a campaign shocker. donald trump says women who get illegal abortions should be punished. how he is explaining that comment tonight. >> and the abortion debate taking center stage at cal. the controversial idea to make it easier for students to end their pregnancies. >> a huge safety issue, you might not even think about it. how most car headlights are keeping drivers in the dark.
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high-profile sexual assault case.. involving a former stanford guilty. that's the verdict a jury reached in the high-profile sexual assault case involving a former stanford swimming star. brock turner claimed he had consensual sex with a woman on campus after a frat party last year. he could face 10 years in prison when sentenced in june. novato moving ahead with plans to build a $3 million bus stop despite complaints about that price tag. it would replace a 37-year-old bus stop. it will make it safer and more accessible. uc-berkeley finds itself in the middle of a hot button issue. there's now talk of opening an
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abortion clinic on campus to make it easier for girls to end their pregnancies. kpix 5's da lin is at cal. how did this all get started? >> reporter: yeah. it started with students thinking about ways to help female students succeed here academically so now the student government wants to put an abortion clinic right here at the student health center on campus. they say it's about having better access and helping students succeed academically. this young politician's learning fast you have to have thick skin to lead. the student senator is pushing for an abortion clinic on campus. the student government unanimously voted to approve it. but now she is bombarded with hate messages. >> saying the bill is against god, it's against religion, the university should go to hell. >> reporter: uc-berkeley provided abortion services back in the '80s. she says it's important to bring it back and make it accessible since college students are in the age group
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that has the most abortions. >> student health is a priority that the administration has not been focusing. student help is so important for students to do well on campus. >> reporter: administrators are hesitant to put an abortion clinic here. the university declined an on- camera interview you but said in a statement there are medical providers nearby that can provide that kind of service. >> i think the university is scared. they are scared about the reaction. the bill has already caused a lot of controversy within the bay area. >> reporter: one student says having it on campus sends the wrong message. >> making it accessible to people is like saying you can do whatever you want and then come here and be covered. >> reporter: other students disagree. >> i think that women on the campus should have the option to, like, have something really close to them that they can go to and have a safe place. it's harder for students to
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get to places off campus. >> reporter: that student was referring to the closest plan planned clinics over in west oakland and el cerrito about 20 to 30 minutes away from campus here. but even though cal officials are hesitant to move forward with the idea, the student government plans to meet with administrators in the next few weeks to try to push it along. if approved, this clinic would be paid for by tax dollars. live at uc-berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> abortion is taking center stage in the presidential race. and its republican front-runner creating a firestorm for saying what he would do if abortions were illegal. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment for the woman. >> trump's comments were slammed. one of his rivals for the white house who governor john kasich said abortion is a difficult enough situation as is and
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called trump's comments inappropriate. and hillary clinton criticized trump on twitter posting, quote, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, horrific and telling. end quote. trump later clarified his comments in a statement. he said doctors performing abortions should be held legally responsible, not the woman. trump also said the woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. they are calling it a scarlet letter of sorts. a civil rights group went to a federal judge in oakland today challenging a law affecting registered sex offenders. the international megan's law requires a unique identifier on passports. registrants convicted of sex offenses with a minor. it also allows u.s. officials to alert foreign governments when those individuals travel abroad. president obama signed that law last month. the group claims it violates registrants' constitutional
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rights. the judge today did not issue any ruling. a first-of-its-kind headline study finds only one car passing the test. which one and why coming up on headlight study. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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very good job. the insurance institute of so are your car's headlights keeping you in the dark? the beams on most cars are not doing a good job. >> the insurance institute for highway safety tested headlights on numerous midsized cars and rated their performance. consumerwatch reporter julie watts is here with the results which are pretty bad most cases, julie? >> reporter: they are. only one car the prius v got a good rating and only after it was upgraded to the l.e.d. lights with high beam assist. now, this car lexus is was among the 11 cars that got an acceptable rating and while you may be thinking my headlights work fine you may not realize how they are supposed to work. look at some side by side video here that shows a difference between the top performing toyota prius v with its optimal l.e.d.
6:39 pm
headlights on the left and the lowest performing bmw 3 series with halogen headlights. at 50 feet the driver of the prius can clearly see the person on the side of the road and the deer ahead. but the 3 series driver would only see this. the pricy bmw was among the nine cars that managed a marginal rating which still beat ten 2016 midsized cars all rated poor by the insurance institute for highway safety. why? well, some blame lack of regulations. >> the government regulations dictating how much light comes out of the bulb but not where it goes and whether it's usable. >> reporter: some of the fancy adaptive headlights performing poorly, as well. some of the more basic halogen lights got an acceptable rating. a study found actually half of all accidents happen at night
6:40 pm
even though 25% less traffic at night. and the number of traffic- related fatalities is three times more at night, one contributing factor to both of those of course reduced visibility. on the consumerwatch, i'm julie watts. first apple didn't want to help the fbi unlock the iphone blocking to the san bernardino shooters. now that they have, apple wants the fbi to tell them how they did it. so tonight we're asking you, should the fbi share that information with apple? go ahead and send me a tweet right now weigh in on our twitterer poll veronicadlcruz is the place. we'll have much more on this plus even more than that tonight on breyer nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station -- on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. straight ahead after weather, santa clara's man can do more than just coach. >> i learned how to operate our dishwasher. >> a bay area baller went crazy in a national game. >> scoring legend! >> wait until you see how the
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new breed of bowlers get it done. [ strike ] >> we'll do the work and pass the savings on to you in sports.
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recovered from his injuries has a new do you remember smurf the abused purple kitten ? he recovered from his injuries and has a new adoptive home thanks to a redwood city animal shelter. tonight sharon chin profiles its found they are week's jefferson award winner. >> you can see just little wounds all over. >> reporter: smurf was dyed purple and covered with bite marks when he came to the foundation the nonprofit founded by dr. monika rutger. >> he made it through two months of rehab. all his wounds have heeled. >> reporter: the 13-year-old redwood city shelter is one of the only no kill cat shelters in the bay area. it adopted out about 1700 cats last year. >> first to rescue cats from high kill shelters and at risk
6:45 pm
situations. >> reporter: -week-old kittens get care from the on site clinic. she got them from another shelter. >> they may be euthanized if not rescued. >> reporter: nine lives has space for 400 cats but often finds room for four. >> our second mission is to prevent them from getting into the shelter system in the first place and do you that by encouraging spay and neuter. >> reporter: chris needed help to trap and neuter several cats in her neighborhood. she says other organizations gave her the cold shoulder but not dr. rudiger. >> she totally made it easy so -- she is very -- she seems very caring and very dedicated. >> reporter: dr. rudiger started nine lives in 2003 while working for another animal shelter. she began rescuing cats scheduled to be euthanized. she started housing cats in her own boarding facility and finding them permanent homes. so the next thing she knew, nine lives foundation was born. today nine lives cares for cats
6:46 pm
deemed unadoptable because they test positive for feline leukemia and another disease. she adopts them out and also offers medical care for their lifetime. >> these cats mean everything to her. they -- she knows that she is needed. >> reporter: what makes all of this worthwhile for you? >> oh, gosh, getting to save a life every day? i mean, there's nothing better than that. come on, love. >> reporter: so for saving countless lives at the nine lives foundation, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. monika rudiger. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> if you can help connect with the nine lives foundation, using the link on our website, that's also the place to nominate your local hero for a jefferson award. >> well done. as the sun sinks slowly into the west on this wednesday evening, we have some low clouds along the shoreline. as we look at the golden gate bridge, nice day around the bay
6:47 pm
area. rather brisk, rather cool, it will warm up just that much tomorrow and a little bit more on friday and saturday. right now, the numbers are in the 60s except in san francisco which is 56 degrees at the moment. here's how it looks on the hi- def doppler. not much. some rain in southern california. you can see why on the satellite-radar, that low pressure sticking around and heading right around the california arizona border so as long as this stays right here it's pulling in the moisture on the topside of the low and they got .11" at bob hope airport in burbank. so a little rain in the southland. for us, we're too far north. we'll get a ridge building and as a result the numbers come up a bit but there's still going to be some low clouds because while we get an offshore push way up top if you are in an airplane, that's nice, but down at the surface we're still bringing the low clouds into the shoreline. by 7 a.m. tomorrow, the bay is packed in. summertime fashion. so we'll start out with overcast and clear to the shoreline, later in the day. and the numbers come up a
6:48 pm
little bit into the upper 60s, maybe a few low 70s. so as we fly over animal shelter mated view of san jose, low clouds with drizzle here and there, bay and inland sun tomorrow mild and a little bit warmer into the weekend. and overnight lows we are going to be looking at the temperatures to be from the low 40s around santa rosa , livermore 45, san jose 47. sun-up tomorrow at 4 minutes before 7:00. numbers are close to average. 61 in san francisco. concord 68. san jose 68. oakland 65 degrees tomorrow. down in the south bay some low clouds giving way to sunshine and the numbers will be from the mid- to upper 60s, unless you go over 92 to half moon bay, number will be 58 degrees by the shoreline there. east bay looks nice, mild, temperatures near 70 degrees for antioch and brentwood. a little cooler along the 680 corridor. up in the north bay, it would be nice to take the day off and luxuriate up there. if you can, you will find 66
6:49 pm
degrees at mill valley, 61 for sausalito. come by and say hi! 70 at santa rosa and of 60 at bodega bay. mid 70s for ukiah and cloverdale. extended forecast, sunshine on the way all the way through the weekend. the numbers warm into the low 70s on saturday and sunday. that looks good. around the bay we'll be in the upper 60s and at the shoreline we'll have low clouds and drizzle. rain coming in possibly on monday. not a lot. tuesday and wednesday we'll clear out. that, ladies and gentlemen, weather. but for sports, mr. glenn is right over there and he will be here after a break. ,,
6:50 pm
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pretty good week for bay ar hirings, meets & greets. men's college basketball up top. it looks like a good week for bay area hiring. monday stanford, today santa clara. friday usf. he is posing with santa clara athletic director renee balm gooder in and later on with his wife on the left and one of his three daughters. three schools, 22 seasons over 400 wins, nice resume'. he was most recently at arizona state through 2015. then for him, made the awkward segue to domestic life.
6:53 pm
>> most importantly i learned how to operate our dishwasher. [ laughter ] >> i got the cadence down for garbage and recycling wednesdays and fridays and i really pitched in around the home more than i had my entire life. down time for steph curry? not while they are gunning for the 73 win mark. last night after the victory over washington, tnt reporter asked curry about rest. curry answered showing big respect for the reporter batting leukemia. >> could you use a rest? >> seeing you and doing what you're doing, we got no excuses. so, um, you're an inspiration for us. you know, just keep doing what we're doing. keep fighting and, um, that's the mentality we have and it's contagious. >> ken, the legend of sabrina
6:54 pm
went through the stratosphere tonight. the miramonte senior was epic at the mcdonald's all american game in chicago. look at that. very curry-like, seven three- pointers scored 25 points set the mcdonald's single game scoring record and was named the mvp leading the west over the east in overtime 97-88 to pick a college. look what this couple did with their old baby bjorn harness. threw their puppy in it. that's a pampered poohed: this is at a phillies spring strange game. that's unique. [ laughter ] >> i love that. now, i have heard of using both hands when you catch a ball. how about throwing it? let's take you to daly city. [ bowling ] >> reporter: bowling can be a two-handed job now. not just according to daly city's danny chen.
6:55 pm
it's at the pro level, too. jason del monte brought it to the spotlight nine years ago. >> here's bell-mo winning again. >> reporter: young stars knew it, too. >> anthony simonson. >> reporter: it's mainstream now. no bowling peninsula are safe. neither is this unfortunate cameraman. what did you think the first time you saw two-handed bowling? >> i was like, man, i think that was incredible. i have always wanted to try it. and it's been working out pretty good. >> reporter: at his home base, classic bowling center, chin, just 15 the day our camera was there bold a 275 a multiple champion himself, chin also has a perfect 300 game in his resume'. all two-handed. at well over 20 miles an hour.
6:56 pm
>> the thumb needs to go all the way in? >> no, it doesn't have to but for me when i throw two-handed i use these fingers not the thumb. it's easier to hold it. >> reporter: it's not easy, either. >> imagine that this ball is like a football. and air trying to pass it to the other guy. . >> reporter: i'm going back to one hand just the right hand. >> you got to see it. classic bowling people just stop what they are doing and watch him. >> what's the science there? the faster the ball goes in the more pin movement? >> pin, english, whatever. the guy gets it done! captions by: caption colorado "name your price tool" phase. cae
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, franklin. how are y'all? how's everybody? thank you very much. i appreciate you. i do. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. listen, we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of a 20,720 bucks, from omaha, nebraska, it's the champs, it's the franklin family. franklins: grab that gold! steve: and from san jose, california, it's the lemus family! [cheering and applause] [laughter]
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got a lot of greedy people on the show today. all of this for a chance to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility somebody driving out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge, everybody. well, let's meet our families. it's the champs, it's the franklin family. cydney: hi, steve. what's going on? steve: boy, y'all getting it done. cydney: that's the plan. steve: y'all getting it done. cydney: that's what we came to do. steve: this is your third day. you done won $20,000... fred: yeah, steve! yes, sir. steve: fred is the, uh, head man here. this is the father. this is fred. this is the lovely mother. how you doing, brigette? brigette: i'm good. steve: this is lindsey. lindsey is the middle sister, and she has a complex about being the middle child... [laughter] and this is pat, the really demure one. what do you do again, pat? pat: i am a staff assistant for the newly elected 17th ward chicago city councilman.


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