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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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car window shot out, people injured. bb gun vandals turned violent next. ,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. they shot at dozens of cars, then they shot people. bb gun vandals on the loose tonight. i am juliette goodrich.>> i am brian hackney. at least three people have been hit by bb gun shots. emily turner is live in san leandro where peace -- police are on high alert looking for the shooters.>> reporter: some people might think it's a bb gun, kids toy, not a big deal. it certainly is a big deal because they have already injured those three people that were hit. police are worried of the possibility something worse might happen. police need your help figuring
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out who is driving in this video and who the person is shooting out windows with a bb gun. now police say they have begun shooting people.>> yes, it's a bb gun, but it doesn't take away that vision in your head of someone standing out on your driveway shooting. >> it was surreal.>> reporter: this woman did not want to show her face but has had her car when this destroyed by vandals three-time. these men are responsible a for vandalizing 100 these men are responsible a for vandalizing 125 cars, causing over $65,000 worth of damage. orr these are not burglaries. there accident vandalism destroying property. >> reporter: the groups have become more menacing in recent weeks. they shot bbs at people for different times, injuring three. now police are stepping up their patrols. there warning neighborhoods to keep an eye out and give them a call if the people are seeing.>> every time it's like this can't be happening again. what is the problem?>>
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reporter: if it does happen again, police say don't take matters into your own hands. you can call the san leandro police are you can call 911. emily turner, kpix 5. a traffic alert for caltrans writers. a deadly incident involving a pedestrian has the center track closed at millbrae. we have no other details this point. south down passengers can transfer to bart at no bright. a one and her baby -- baby reported missing in san francisco have been found. aina rentola made contact with officers this evening. she and her 17-month-old hadn't been seen since mark 14. went to his ex-girlfriend of a man just arrested in an fbi raid. agents took stanislav petrov into custody and visitation valley yesterday. a few hours earlier, there was shooting at the very same
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location. the fbi isn't saying why they raided the home or how petrov was involved. the ntsb and the faa are investigating a bizarre southern california plane crash. a woman was killed and five others injured on a crash in the freeway. the plane crashed into a car on interstate 15 n. of san diego. andrea fiji reports. >> it looked like he was trying to land, then he smacked the road. he had no power to land.>> reporter: bill sinclair is a marine but nothing prepared him for what he saw on the 15 freeway after 9 am. he watched as the single engine to see lane came down hard, unintentionally and violently joining morning traffic for slamming into an suv.>> me and two other people were trying to get the doors of the plane open to get the pilot out. >> reporter: the chp says the driver of a nissan, 43-year-old aaron mikan got told them
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people over to sink is bluetooth when the small plane came in hot. witnesses said they could see the plane having problems, swinging back and forth over the freeway. it appears the pilot was not able to deploy landing gear before touching down. >> i can only imagine what it's like to be traveling on the freeway and see a plane make an emergency landing. there is not a whole lot of suggestions you can get.>> the impact crushed and killed a 38- year-old san diego woman in the backseat of the nissan. the driver, mikan, and two other passengers were not seriously hurt. emts took the 62-year-old pilot, dennis haag, from san diego county, and his copilot to the hospital. both had life-threatening injuries. the ntsb says it appeared the plane touched down a few times, bouncing along the freeway before slamming into the park suv. investigators will do a mechanical inspection to see what went wrong and figured out why the landing gear was not in
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place. as for bill sinclair, he says this was life-changing.>> i was in special force marine corps. when people need help, i try to help. >> reporter: angela for gt for kpix news. >> the pilot also landed safely on that same freeway 16 years ago. making it even more bizarre, a former giants player was the owner and pilot at that time. he so that plane years ago and the current owner. in a few hours, the first lights will take off from the brussels airport since last month's bombing. limited passenger service will be in effect. departure areas will operate at 20% capacity with only 800 passengers per hour. officials say the brussels airport will not be fully operational until the end of june or beginning of july. the next presidential primary in wisconsin could help decide if donald trump wins the
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republican nomination without a fight at the party's convention. wendy gillette on his battle to win voters after a rough week. the next president of the united states, donald jay trump.>> reporter: sarah palin to introduce trump in wisconsin. he is on the campaign trail after a difficult week, including coming under fire -- fire for saying he would punish women for going through with illegal abortions. >> they take things in they say is very, the problem is they don't do it with everybody. they do it with me, but i don't see them doing it with other people.>> reporter: ted cruz was the only presidential candidate to attend the republican state convention before at 10 -- traveling to wisconsin.>> maybe not my first choice, but of whose left, i do support him. >> reporter: a couple of polls
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show cruz ahead in wisconsin.>> we are doing something unusual in politics, we're telling the truth.>> reporter: sanders and clinton also held events in the state. the campaigns are arguing about setting the date for a debate for new york's primary later this month. is a critical state for clinton who wants a win where she served as sen. despite building tension between the two caps, both candidates came together saturday night to attend the wisconsin dinner and was -- wisconsin. john kasich also campaign in wisconsin today and held a town hall at the armory. he pushes plan to reform social security and answer questions on foreign-policy. both poles -- most polls have him trailing both other candidates. >> a multibillion-dollar merger may be in the works for virgin airlines. alaska airline is trying to
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acquire the company. airline insiders say alaska bill -- be out jetblue and airways corporation. the deal, is reportedly worth $2 billion. back down to street level, airbnb is cracking down on host who violate san francisco short- term rental laws. they are investigating post with multiple listings. a b&b -- airbnb also plan to purge listings who have turned homes and to illegal hotels. bart is testing regular train service between pittsburgh a and north concord this weekend. the tests come after voltage spikes on that stretch of track knocked out dozens of bart cars. engineers are moving cars that are most the prone -- the most prone to equipment failure and replacing them with that are cars. if all goes well, regular service will continue for monday. the new more affordable tesla model threes taking the nation by storm.
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likely to keep the city of fremont very busy. gpx five mark kelley on what could be an economic boom in the bay area.>> reporter: tesla's model three will not be ready until next year but it already has drivers revved up.>> do you think you'll drive one one day?>> absolutely. that's my dream. is my passion. orr something which definitely someone would desire to buy for sure. >> reporter: this week people camped out to reserve the $35,000 car which will be made here at home in the tesla factory in fremont. >> i believe more jobs in fremont to the local people. i would think it would help.>> reporter: six years ago this week, gm abandoned this factory and 4700 people were out of work. since tesla has moved in, the factory floor is humming again. 5000 jobs have been created and will harrison says that means more tax revenue and jobs all
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over fremont. >> for every one advanced manufacturing job, 2.2 other jobs are created in the community. ss lynne gross, the suppliers and everything around will continue to grow.>> reporter: harrison says it's too mac early to know the exact number of jobs the car will create in fremont, but if this excitement is any sign, it could be quite a bit.>> have you picked out your color? >> light blue. that's my favorite color.>> reporter: mark kelley, kpix 5. a change for a's fan head of the home opener next week. o dunko is no more. decided not to renew his contract for the naming rights at the stadium. now it will be called the oakland alameda coliseum. a spokesperson says overstocks corporate sponsorship will remain in place. still
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ahead, the fbi offers help to police want to unlock cell phones. we look at the challenge of cracking the code. the future of space tourism closer to reality. today's big launch in the technology in the works. temperatures are going skyhigh by midweek. you won't believe the numbers. we will have the complete forecast when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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where they could provide evidence. this after the ag used outside help... to unlk the iphone of one of the san
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the fbi is telling police departments it will help them unlock cell phones in cases they could provide evidence after agency -- the agency used outside help to unlock an iphone of a terrorist. john blackstone went to a bay area company in nevada and found out what it would take to crack the code.>> reporter: when the fbi launched its search for way to unlock the san bernardino terrorist iphone, the technicians at a company called drive savers were among those who took up the challenge. they had plenty of experience rescuing broken iphones.>> how many a month do you get that you have to try to get information from?>> we see up to 300 iphones a month. >> reporter: michael koppel is the director of engineering. >> this is the chip that holds all the data for the iphone 5 see in encrypted four. -- form. >> you have that off the phone. why not just read it?>> the encryption is not so simple to
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retrieve.>> reporter: accompany the fbi has not identified has found a way around the encryption. try the wrong password too many times, and the phone wipes its memory clean.>> you have 10 are at -- attempts before the iphone gets a raise.>> reporter: to prevent this, they copy the phone, then reset the counter to zero after every 10 attempts.>> would that take long? >> it takes -- depends how fast you can pull the data off and make the copy and make more attempts.>> reporter: over the past 30 years, they have retrieved information from computers that have been burned, broken, and deliberately smash. while law enforcement comes looking for evidence, many of drive savers clients of family members trying to recover messages and photographs of a loved one who has died. leaving behind their phone but not their password.
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today, a small step toward what could become a giant leap for commercial spaceflight. brian webb shows the successful launch and landing of the new shepherd rocket.>> reporter: the new shepherd rocket took off from west texas and then returned to earth unmanned and upright. blue origin owner jeff raises made the announcement on twitter. cbs news faced consultant bill harwood.>> with one or two test flights, you take a wait-and- see attitude. with three in a row, it's apparent that blue jewel -- blue origin has a maturing technology that they are confident will take people in the space the next few years.>> reporter: it's the latest in the race for space for companies cashing in on space tourism. richard branson's failed attempt in 2014 killed the copilot and left the pilot seriously injured. elon musk spacex mission made history delivering cargo to the
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internationals a station. spacex also had three failed landings. those missions are considered more complex than blue origins.>> it seems that blue origin clearly has the lead in getting to 's for commercial space tourism. >> reporter: blue origin has said how much tickets might cost. harward says the virgin galactic flights could started around $200,000 until market demand drives prices back down to earth. brian webb for cbs news. the signs are up and preparations underway for tomorrow's rock 'n roll half marathon in san francisco. in a few hours, 9000 runners will hit the streets starting at the great highway in fulton street. the 13.1 mile course take them along the great highway through the presidio and across the golden gate bridge. surfers and beachgoers are being warned this weekend about rip currents along coastal beaches in the bay area. there is a beach hazard advisory in effect from simone
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me through tomorrow at 9 pm. people walking along the beach being advised of sneaker waves that can take you right out to see into the next world. just be careful if you're headed co-side this weekend. there's a danger of rip currents. for tonight, we're looking live towards the bay bridge. the numbers are mostly in the 50s with 56 degrees at concord and 53 in oakland. 55 at livermore. 51 in san francisco. out the door, we will be looking at partly cloudy skies with numbers near 50 degrees. some fog tomorrow morning, not bad weather to run in. just to emphasize the advisory, long periods up to 17 seconds can really slow you -- slowly pull you back away from the shoreline. the satellite and radar shows high-pressure still in command of the west coast. mild weather this weekend. plenty of low clouds tomorrow morning like today, but there's little rain: this.
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low-pressure where all the high clouds are heading up to washington and oregon, but some will filter into the bay area tomorrow afternoon. future cast shows you that. by one in the afternoon, we have sunshine inland and some clouds along the shoreline. watch the top part of your screen. as the day goes on, balls and evening, high clouds working their way into the north bay. doesn't look like rain, but we could get some drizzle tomorrow night and tonight.'s more clouds tomorrow night. to sum it up, more clouds tomorrow after low clouds tonight. partly sunny sunday. by midweek, the numbers are going to approach and exceed 90 degrees inland. you have heard about all the snow they will get in the east. if they're getting cold weather in one place, you'll get warm weather in another, and we are the recipients. tomorrow morning under low overcast, rock 'n roll half marathon, not bad conditions, 54 degrees alert -- under partly to mostly cloudy skies.
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in the bay area, 84 degrees should do it. in the south bay, sunshine after low clouds and low to mid 70s. of the east bay, a look at plenty of sunshine. the numbers will be mostly in the mid-70s as well with readings expected to be topping out around the mid-60s in the north bay. we're going to be looking for temperatures to spike as we get into midweek. it's looking good for very warm weather into the bay area. as for what's ahead in sports, here's andrea. the championship game matchup between villanova in north carolina on monday for the final dance the season. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of winning the national championship. the tarheels looking for its 6th title in program history... nova...'s 2nd. north carolina and villanova will dance for one final time in hopes of winning the national championship. the tar heels looking for their sixth title and villanova it's second. north carolina was the only number one seed to make it to the final four. the middle of the first half, the arts leading by two. the tar heels price johnson inside goes up and throws it down for the dunk to tie the game. early second half, carolina up by 12.
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a clear path to the rack, a score on the laying putting the heals up by 14. syracuse makes a run. malachi richardson takes the three, buries it. that a 10-0 run. the heals respond to a seven- point deficit with three points. the lead pushed back up to double digits. the tar heels win 83-66 and advancing the national championship game for the first and since 2009. after the game, syracuse coach bay high had no interest in talking about his future.>> how do you consider looking at your future? >> why do you guys always asked that? ask roy when he comes in, too. >> i was listening to jimmy's question. jimmy told you to stop asking about retirement. you've asked me that question five times. if i retire, i think i will retire in the next two minutes. don't ask that stupid question
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either. joe biden checking out the first game between oklahoman villanova. final seconds of the first half, villanova up by 11. josh hart is from downtown, finishing with 23 points. villanova is up 14 at the half. the sooners make a run after the break. ordered scores off his own missed free-throw. oklahoma cuts the deficit to nine. after that, it was all villanova. kris jenkins with a baseball past with the duncan a foul. villanova shot 71% and when the game 95-52 -- 51. the 44 point games the biggest margin in final four history. villanova will face unc for the national championship. coming up, we will check out the quakes in the sharks getting ready for the playoffs with only four games left in the regular season going into the night. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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their final tune up... in g3 of the bay bridge "exhibiti" series. instead of batting practice a's had a shoot around at oe it's time for the regular season to begin. the giants and a's getting their final tuneup in game three of the exhibition series. the a's had is a shootaround at oracle arena. josh reddick nailing the stephen curry tunnel shot. bottom of the third, 1-0 oakland. another run scores. lowry is going come all the way around. it is an inside the park home
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run. sam was charged with two errors. the a's when two-one. the sharks in nashville taking on the predators. san jose trails 2-0 in the third period. two more scores in the third period tie the game. the game went into a shootout where nashville's greg smith tries to get this one by james reimer but reimer is there for the save. san jose wins 3-2 to tie a franchise record with their 27 through win of the season. the earthquakes bring san jose class jerseys for their game tonight. 88th minute, the quakes trailing 1-0. adam john redirects the shot. the earthquakes salvage a one- one draw. better to get a point rather than none. air max think that in there. thank you. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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before we go, we're talking 90 degrees wednesday.>> let's look at the extended forecast. why don't you read over?>> sunday, 72, monday, 81. then 82. 90 degrees on wednesday. >> i want to know what it will be like the next week.>> why? >> that my sons spring break. >> it will be beautiful.>> no rain? >> you can go to toben regional in my professional opinion.>> no guarantees>> you did that beautifully.>> i try. you are the pro. thanks for watching. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30.>> news and updates on our website. good night, everybody.>> good night. ,,,,,, ,,
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morning. morning. what are you making? breakfast. have you considered orange juice and a piece of toast? it's in there. we got any marshmallows? and he wonders why he gets diarrhea. ( blender whirring, liquid sloshing ) oh, man. you forget to put the lid on again? maybe. well, clean it up. okay.


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