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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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passengers moving. working to ease the commute, cal train making changes to keep thousands of bay area passengers moving. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. with increasing demand, cal train often runs full peak time, leaving no space to squeeze in passengers, let alone those with
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bikes. joe vazquez is live with cal train's new solution. >> 60,000 people per day, and that's more than 100%. first one involved, bicyclists. up until recently, up until today, they haven't been able t accommodate as many bikes as people would like for them to do. starting tomorrow morning they're going to add some space going from being able to carry 48 bikes per train to 72. that means bike riders might not be told to wait for the next train as has been happening lately. with more space for bikes, potentially fewer people could choose to drive their cars, so says the silicon valley bicycle coalition. >> this is a win for everybody, not just bicyclists. it means that if folks can use the train with their bikes, they're not going to be on the roads clogging the streets. >> the other big change is a schedule adjustment. with more riders, each train has been taking more time at each
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stop, which means the train was never really on time. tomorrow morning's schedule will reflect the delay that has already been taking place. the cal train website will have that schedule. check your local listings. reporting live in san jose, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> as for b.a.r.t., it's sticking to its backup plan in part of the east bay. this weekend b.a.r.t. tested trains on the troubled stretch of track between pittsburg bay point and north concord martinez, but they say it's still not ready for full service. shuttle trains will continue for the monday commute. a san mateo man who has been missing was found dead. the medical examiner examined the body as 49-year-old michael shaffer. the search is on for a group of vandals terrorizing a san leandro neighborhood. police say the group driving the car has shot out the windows of
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at least 125 vehicles, running up $60,000 in damage. they've also taken aim at people injuring at least two. >> but now we're really seeking the public's help because a week ago on march 24th, then on march 25th, they became increasingly violent as they began to shoot people who were walking down the street. >> police say one of the victims was shot in the arm and had to have the bb surgically removed. for dozens of usf students, it was supposed to be one last getaway before classes started up, but before they made it to lake tahoe, their bus blew a tire and burst in to flames. all happened yesterday morning on i-80 in placer county. luckily all 40 students got off the bus safely. investigators are gathering evidence from a deadly train derailment outside philadelphia today. reporter jeremy roth spoke to survivors about the scary situation. >> reporter: tense moments onboard an amtrak passenger train after it crashed in to a
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back hoe that was on the track near philadelphia. >> i woke up to being thrown in to the seat in front of me and the window got blown out right beside me. smoky, kind of nasty smelling smoke started coming in the train. it was scary. >> reporter: the train was in route from new york to savannah, georgia carrying more than 300 passengers and seven crew members. according to authorities, the front engine of the train derailed. >> 35 were hospitalized. nine life-threatening. two deceased. but they were not passengers on the train. >> reporter: they were amtrak employees, according to officials. their bodies were found on or near the maintenance vehicle. amtrak declined to comment why the back hoe was on the track. passengers described hearing an explosion and seeing flames. >> we got off track then it was like a big explosion. then it was a fire. then a window bursted out. some people were cut up. it was like minor injuries. some people were cut up and they were running out. >> reporter: amtrak has
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suspended service around the surrounding area. >> the national transportation safety board will handle the investigation. amtrak will support their efforts. >> the crash comes less than a month after an amtrak train derailed in kansas leaving 32 people injured. it was heading from l.a. to chicago at the time. following campaign 2016 now, we're just two days away from the presidential primary in battleground wisconsin and donald trump is taking a new jab at one of his competitors. cbs reporter brian webb explains. >> reporter: coming off one of the worst weeks of his campaign, donald trump ate eggs in a diner while trying to stick a fork in john kasich. >> kasich should not be allowed to run. he's 1 for 29. or 1 for 28. whatever it is. it's very unfair because he's taking our votes. >> reporter: kasich responded on twitter, that's not how our republic works, donald. we'll keep fighting until someone reaches a majority of delegates. on stage with wisconsin governor scott walker, ted cruz told
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supporters in green bay he's the only republican candidate who can win the white house. >> nominating donald trump would be a train wreck. and that's not fair to train wrecks. >> reporter: a cbs news battleground tracker poll out today shows ted cruz six points ahead of republican frontrunner donald trump in wisconsin with john kasich far behind. the same poll shows a close race between democrats with bernie sanders 2 points ahead of hillary clinton. >> most importantly we've got to beat donald trump and i think they'll see that bernie sanders is the strongest candidate to do that. >> reporter: clinton did not campaign in wisconsin today, instead making several stops in brooklyn ahead of new york's primary on april 19th. brian webb for cbs news. >> also polls show donald trump holding big leads in new york and pennsylvania which holds its primary on april 26th. still ahead, a strange discovery. where the head of a prominent statue has turned up months
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after someone cut it off. >> enough to stop traffic. how chp officers finally got their hands on a runaway chihuahua. ,,
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head to federal court tomor stanislav petrov was seen bk in november bein the man at the center of a
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bizarre legal saga will head to court tomorrow. stanislaus was seen being beaten by sheriff's deputies, then this past friday he was arrested. hours before the fbi came knocking, there was a shooting at the same apartment. junipero serra lost his head months ago. he was discovered again this weekend. officials say a young girl discovered the decapitated head from the statue. it was found yesterday afternoon along the monterey coast during low tide. investigators say it belongs to this statue of serra that was located in the lower presidio of monterey. the head was lopped off last october shortly after pope francis made him a saint. the chp had quite the chase this morning on the bay bridge. but it wasn't a car they were after, it was a 10-pound chihuahua. officer williams said the hot
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pursuit lasted about 5 months. the little black dog was enough to bring traffic to a halt, and with no paw cuffs so to speak in the squad car, officers had to get creative to catch him. >> they don't really teach you this stuff at the academy. had to kind of get my jacket to distract him then the motor officer came up and took him in to custody. >> the chihuahua has likely run his last bay bridge sprint. he'll be spending his days with san francisco animal care and control until his owner bails him out. still ahead, former president bill clinton in the bay area, how he's inspiring to take action in the community. >> desperately seeking shade. wait till you see what's happening weather-wise by wednesday. a record breaking forecast after another kind of break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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r president bill while hillary clinton works toward a shot at the white house, president bill clinton is focusing on community service. kpix 5 john ramos on his day of action inspiring students here in the bay area. >> reporter: for the past two days, students attending the clinton global initiative conference at uc berkeley have been discussing how to change the world. today at an inner city school in oakland, it was time to get their hands a little dirty. >> demonstrating to the children who will show up and see your work that they matter, that they matter, that's the most important thing. >> reporter: the cgi university event brings young people together to share ideas and strategies to share difficult social problems across the
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globe. even as they stood side by side with a former president and all pro runningback marshawn lynch, today's day of action was a reminder that most real change happens at a grassroots level. >> it's the best thing ever, actually getting out here and engaging in the community hands on. it's something different than what we did before. >> they can see the work they've done. they can see progress can happen. >> in other words, enough talk, we need some action. >> yeah, literally. >> reporter: painting, planting. it may not change the world, but it is changing this school. and at a time of such intense political anger, these students believe coming together to help others sets an important example. >> we don't see a lot of people that are in charge working together. and i think that's why we see so many cynical people. and to see people work together here, i think it kind of gives hope for the future that maybe we can work together again. >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the day of action was an optional part of the conference, but more than 500 students
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volunteered to stay to help with the school cleanup. skaters in san francisco got quite the treated to. a legendary skateboarder tony hawk and fellow pro skaters took over the skate park this afternoon. it was part of a fundraiser for hawks foundation. it's all about building public skate parks in low income communities. in fact, he had a hand in building this park. >> i think skate parks are vastly important because it gives the kids a sense of belonging. it gives them a place to really hone their skills, to find other like-minded people and build a community. >> since 2002 the tony hawk foundation has helped build nearly 600 public skate parks nationwide. the biggest names in country music are in sin city for the academy of country music or acm awards here on cbs. they hit the red carpet in vegas just a couple of hours ago and you can expect special performances from some of the
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industry's legends tonight. dirks bentley and luke brian are hosting. it's a special night for them and their fellow musicians. >> i always love to hear the new songs artists are coming out with. and hearing the crowd reactions. it seems like every big awards show, somebody stands out and takes their career to a new level. >> you can watch the acm awards starting at 8:00 here on kpix 5 followed by our news at 11:00. looking forward to it. >> i think it's going to be a lot of fun. back here in the bay area, early this morning, were you out pounding the pavement? a lot of runners were in the rock and roll marathon. as people just took to the streets to run that ended up over the golden gate bridge. see all those folks running this morning. it all came off beautifully. i think the weather cooperated as well with low overcast keeping things cool.
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as we look out toward the bay, beautiful shot of the quoit towers. we have numbers that are still in some spots in the 60s. mid 60s for concord and santa rosa and livermore. san francisco at 57 degrees right now. headline this week is that while it's still mild on monday and temperatures climb a bit on tuesday, what's happening on wednesday is epic. temperatures will be near 92 degrees inland by wednesday and we'll keep another warm day, not quite as warm on thursday before the numbers collapse on friday and saturday with a subtropical moisture coming in and temperatures falling in to the 60s. that's the end of the week. the big news is the heat on wednesday. out the door we've got a little bit of drizzle tomorrow morning and partly cloudy skies. monday is going to be beautiful. beach hazard advisories though posted for another few hours with strong rip currents still at the shore lines. high pressure now over southern california will bubble up over the bay area.
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mild monday. warming tuesday. and hot on wednesday. that low pressure is going to advance and then die on the vine as it gets toward the bay area. with some low clouds forming overnight. tomorrow morning at 9:00, look at this. there's a few patches of low clouds. but when they dissipate, they're gone for a while. clear skies tomorrow. going to be gorgeous tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday will be down right hot. here's what we're expecting. low clouds tonight. maybe a little drizzle. partly sunny in the early going and mild tomorrow. then highs near 92 inland by midweek. if you're heading out of the bay area tomorrow, pretty good travel day. 79 at sacramento. you go down 99 to fresno and hit 82 degrees. up at eureka, partly cloudy. 59. forecast highs are above average for this time of the year. already nearly 10 degrees above average at concord, 76 tomorrow. oakland, 71. south bay, low clouds and then sunshine sets in and it will be here for a while. temperatures tomorrow in the mid 70s. out on the east bay, looks nice. temperatures will be in the mid
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70s and in beautiful pleasanton tomorrow, numbers will be 76 degrees. 71 in vallejo. 73 for fairfield. north bay, very nice. 70 at petaluma. good day to come over to the pine cone diner. great place to sit outside on the benches with the dog. 75 at clover dale. 74 for windsor. extended forecast, we're going to look for things to be warming up as we get toward wednesday. that's the warmest day of the week. low 90s already for april. thursday we'll still be in the 80s but look what happens friday and saturday. maybe showers by friday. we shall see. in the meantime, expect hot and big time. those two words, hot and big time bring this man to mind. there he is, ladies and gentlemen. live out there with the golden state warriors, mr. glenn, how's it going? >> mr. hackney, nobody can talk like you can. i know what you're thinking. the warriors are playing the
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blazers, but what about everything else? that's why you got uncle vern. i'll give you an update. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. the warriors are battling the portland trailblazers trying to get back on their winning ways. a complete wrap-up of this game coming up on our sunday night late show, game day. but i would like to talk about college basketball. it was ladies day at the final four. was anybody going to stop the
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connecticut huskies? i'll tell you what, a team by the name of oregon state tried to give it a try. it did not work out well. morgan tuck, they left her open. you forget that. uconn up big. 23-8 early. moriah jefferson got the steal. uconn blew out oregon state 80-51 for their 74th straight win. they're one win away from their fourth straight national title. so we'll see what happens as the second half of that semifinal game unfolds with syracuse trying to hang on to that one. tomorrow next door it will be baseball as the curtain will raise for the oakland as' 2016 campaign. i do want to talk about one of the members of the team, he's my new favorite. he's a relief pitcher. his name is john axford. this time last year he had other things on his mind. let me tell you about his son
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jamison who was about 2 years old this time last year when he was bitten by a rattlesnake in the backyard of their arizona home. he was in jeopardy of losing his foot. so needless to say, baseball wasn't on axford's mind at the start of the rockies, his team last year, 2015 season. axford will be one of my guests on game day tonight. >> i think we hadn't broken camp yet. i was still i think sleeping in the hospital next to him a night like this a year ago. it happened march 25th last year. i was in the hospital staying by his side. it was tough breaking camp but he was in a good place at that point after a week being in the hospital and being with the doctors. he was still in icu for a month. but my heart was definitely heavy at the beginning of the year when i first had to leave. >> how is he now? >> he's amazing.
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he still has some obstacles ahead. probably still has some surgery to come but he's a regular 3-year-old. he runs around. he's a crazy little man. he's fantastic. he's amazing. i look up to him every single day when i look at that boy and see what he's overcome and what he's done, it's amazing i can look at a 3-year-old and think better things of myself. >> my favorite highlight clip, got to be this guy. little whip, little nay-nay. baseball opener today. how about the jays and the rays. troy tulowitzki, an 8th inning blast. his jays beat the rays by a final of 5-3. lpga. this is the first major. lydia coe doing battle, tied for the lead. she decided to lay up on the 18th. pretty good, because she knocked the third shot stiff and would tap this in for birdie in a
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one-stroke lead. a two-shot lead coming down the stretch. bogeyed her final three holes. pulled a john vandevelde. tee shot on the 18th. needed a birdie. but instead coe was the champion. her second straight major victory and yes, the 19-year-old does her traditional jump in to the pond. she won out here last year in daly city. we have the final tune-up for the masters on the men's side. jim herman won today just to get a spot in to augusta. chipped in for birdie and a one-stroke lead over stenson. needed this birdie effort to drop in the 18th to tie herman, but no, no, no. herman is tapped in, a par putt on the 18th to hold on for the win. his first career pga tour victory. herman used to work in the pro shop at one of donald trump's courses. trump gave him money to just get
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in to pro golf. so that little capsule of what's happened so far this afternoon from oracle. we're going to cable up, move the gear inside, see if the warriors can finish up the portland trailblazers. got a bevy of guests tonight on game day on the late show. back to you guys in the studio. >> you're a busy guy. you're even baking a cake for your wife's birthday. happy birthday. >> she's 21 again today. >> vern, thank you. go warriors. thanks for watching. 60 minutes is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> bill whitaker: i think americans think, crime and punishment. you say punishment is not even part of the goal. >> no. >> in a german prison. >> no, not at all. >> so life inside prison mirrors life outside as much as possible. germans call it "normalization." this place is reserved for the worst of the worst: murderers, rapists, career criminals. >> it is unbelievable. you are in for murder and you have a key to your cell. ♪ >> leslie stahl: "an american in paris" is a love story. but also a valentine to dance. all kinds.


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