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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 6, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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tonight: brace yourself for a serious blast of heat. paul: we're talking did you think it was warm today? just wait, brace yourself for a serious blast of heat. 90s in some spots since - - for the first time since mid- october. we've waited 174 days for a 90- degree day. record highs are likely daily records. current records will be broken tomorrow. we will hit 80 degrees in oakland and 90 in livermore, missy one in the one in san
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rafael - - san rafael. one day of hot, how about four days of rain? find out when the pattern slips. tonight we are learning a sexual harassment problem in uc berkeley is bigger than anyone thought. kristin is on the firings and the punishment after claims of indecent proposals. >> . >> reporter: another berkeley employee is being punished tonight over sexual harassment allegations. the - - the chronicle reports that the diving coach was accused of touching a coworker inappropriately and offering him $300 for oral sex. he denied the allegations and with quoted as saying these remarks were not meant sexually. there are 11 more staff members who have lost their jobs or
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have been disciplined after sexual harassment allegations. the coaches pay was docked but he has not been suspended or fired. also according to the chronicle, a - - a teacher offered a student a weekend of unadulterated guilty pleasures and send, that is a direct is a direct quote. a troubled bay area jail, lawmakers were not left with many clues. betty has more from outside of the jail. >> reporter: it highlights a need the need to get more cameras behind bars. one inmate had to get stitches. deputies broke it up with pepper spray. >> the fight broke out among 10 in the - - inmates.
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it happened here on the second floor where the inmates had bunk beds, shared space, and no cameras were around to capture what happened. and it is the 78 brawl this year. last year there were 285 f ights. last month, new security cameras - - cameras caught this fight. it happened one day after the sheriff caused a stir for taking matters into her own hands. she bought cameras and charge them to her credit card after she learned it would take two years and $20 million before any more cameras would make it inside of the jail. and the sheriffs office says there were no cameras in the area where the fight took place because it happened in an older part of the jail and any new cameras will go to the more
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modern sections of the jail. >> the jail's troubles were first exposed when three deputies were accused of eating an inmate to death last august - - august. it was not caught on camera. beginning in january, parents can get six weeks of fully paid time off. it was unanimously passed his afternoon, the first of its kind in the nation and the mayor is going to sign it. now companies with more than 20 employees will be required to make up the other 45%. >> we need to stop forcing parents to make the terrible decision about weather to bond with a child or to put food on the table. >> this may be good news for workers but small business owners are concerned a new policy could hurt the bottom line. >> we know how expensive bay area real estate is but a lot
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of people can't believe this new billboard that popped up in san francisco advertising homes starting in the in - - in the lower millions. what does seven figures get you? a 1500 square foot townhome. and in oakland, right now city leaders are considering how to pause housing emergency for renters. >> reporter: the conversation is still going strong in city council chambers. 200 people signed up to speak about the issue. the proposal includes a 90 day emergency moratorium on no-cost evictions and rent increases. it would also expand rent control. many say they are concerned about ending up on the streets. >> people here are going to be living out of parts on the freeway. i mean even more so.
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people who work every single day. this is ridiculous. you are concerned about people in other countries but you cannot take care of the people here. some 60% of us are renters because there is nothing you can rent if you make $30,000 per year. >> also among the crowd inside city hall, any property owners who say the proposal does not do anything to solve the housing crisis. those in favor also want the city council to vote on april 19th to send increased winter protection to the ballot. now to the campaign and the big upset in wisconsin primaries. veronica has the results. >> cbs is declaring ted cruz the winner in the wisconsin primary. he has a 13-point lead over trump with 99% increasing
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support. >> to my - - tonight is a rallying cry, a call from the hardware - - hard-working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. >> sanders celebrates his victory over hillary clinton. >> we have a path toward victory, a path toward the white house. >> reporter: what is it all mean going forward? melissa tells us as the race gets tighter, the more important california becomes. >> tonight, two things became likely. first, the open convention. second, the last bulwark is going to be california. either way it is good news for california. >> voters in new york go to the polls in two weeks. and trump is kicking off with a rally in long island.
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he started campaigning there last week. paypal is taking a stand for gay rights but north carolina is suffering the consequences. they announced plans to open an operation center in charlotte. it would have created 400 jobs that the online payment service pulled out after north carolina passed a a new law that prevents businesses from banning discrimination against gays and lesbians. the ceo said the new law perpetuates discrimination and violence violates the values and principles at the core of paypal mission and culture. some of the mississippi is going to offer the least discrimination protection in the country. the governor just signed a religious a religious freedom law that allows workers to deny services based on religious beliefs. it applies to marriage licenses, jobs, licenses, jobs, housing, even dress code. it also says the state cannot
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intervene when religious beliefs are the reason given. the backlash is beginning and new york and vermont just banned official travel to mississippi. there are porn shoots all the time in this area but the outrage has nothing to do with that. fighting for justice, but justice, but then paying the price. >> this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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music. mark kelly on the expansion plans.. that havee hbors really a neighborhood that is okay with a porn studio is drawing the line at late night music. mark kelly is on the plan that has some san francisco neighbors upset. >> home to the national guard, even a porn a porn website. but when it came to making this a concert venue, neighbors had
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something to say. >> it took me a very long time to get home. >> three times my house has been tagged with refeeding this year. >> reporter: the entertainment commission appeared reluctant to grant a permit for even more concerts, especially after two of the shows that neighborhood - - neighbor said were extraordinarily loud and did not have proper permits. >> i couldn't i couldn't sleep. >> those events were too loud. we have apologized for those. >> the building owner came tonight armed with apologies and promises including soundproofing the doors and windows and controlling music volume. >> i think the armory wants to be a good neighbor. >> they approved it tonight but
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with changes. including sound check for neighbors. >> the open space in the armory has a 4000 person capacity. they've only been allowed one concert per month. a stolen scooter has been recovered and a pair of suspected thieves are in custody. police say the suspects broke into a make-a-wish office to steal electronics, charity items, and a scooter signed by a giant outfitter. a good to - - samaritan paid the price for fighting for justice and has scars to prove it. we talked to her only here on k pbi at - - on kpix. it's an eyesore but it is downright danger - - danger for ava. she was sad this - - savagely
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attacked by two men who attacked this wall. >> i asked them to stop. i didn't think it was a big deal. >> reporter: they hit him several times - - hit her several times. she said she didn't want to get blamed for the mess and to and - - and get force to move. it turns - - turns out the tigers were running rampant. the walls around the main plaza of city hall were hit for the fourth straight week. surveillance cameras captured a group of taggers from across the plaza last week but even after this h appened, no one stepped up patrols to stop the repeat offenders. at a ceremony in the same city hall plaza, the mayor said san
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jose cannot afford to put security or police officers on graffiti watch and will focus on removing tags as soon as possible. >> . >> it is not working in this case. >> we will continue to at the graffiti off the walls as soon as it is put on. >> reporter: due to the sheer number of tax, the city cannot get to everything right away. tags at city hall were cleaned up today but the ones on this wall may stay for a day a day or two or even longer. walnut creek police say a burglar wound up in the hospital after he swallowed the evidence. he stole a wedding ring, and he swallowed the ring at crashed his car. paramedics took him to the hospital for x-rays after the crash and they saw this. he had to have that ring surgically removed. he is in custody tonight.
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some sophisticated tests are going on this week after a trial - - a chunk of concrete came crashing down. caltrans is looking for corrosion and cracks. in january, concrete fell onto the roadway into the path of drivers. >> we can tell if the concrete looks sound on the outside. but you can tell i had a time. >> the last time they visually inspect the tunnel was last july. engineers have not done a basic test which involves tapping the concrete with a hammer. they have not done that since 2004. soon a new way to travel from the bay area to southern california. julia takes us to the buchanan field airport. >> reporter: buchanan to
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burbank, three to - - three times daily during the week. >> that would be nice period i . i was thinking about going next week. >> reporter: this jet operator will offer flights on the 30 seat jet. >> they are looking at $109 each way which will probably escalate up to $300 each way when they get full service. >> you can go down south out of your own yard, how much would that save y ou? >> reporter: no tsa security checkpoint lines because it is a private carrier, just identification please period but . but that has some travelers a bit uneasy. >> maybe they should have tighter checks. maybe not body scans at all of
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that but you know, a little t ighter. giant rabbits are under 247 security at the civic center plaza. guards are keeping an eye out for vandals as well. how much does this security cost? about $34,000 and the money is coming from the city arts commission, private donations and the private arts trust fee. the exhibit comes to an end april 25th. >> we won't hit 90s until later on. >> it is going to be 90 degrees tomorrow, there you go. a beautiful sunset and a beautiful night. here is the view from san jose.
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santa rosa is 57 degrees and tonight we stay mild, everybody in the lower to middle 50s. offshore flow, it flow, it is the wind direction coming from land as opposed to the ocean. it's northeast to southwest flow that will get us away from the bay, our first 90-degree day since october. that is what you will get tomorrow but it is not going to last. high pressure is building in our direction. that will give us offshore flow for one day. under the ridge to the south of us, low pressure will develop. this will develop a southern wind. for us, we are going from an offshore wind to an onshore flow. and thursday, 90s, 60s and 70s
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for the high, cooler on thursday, not a heat wave, only one day of the hot stuff tomorrow. but then big changes and rain coming up on friday. 80s and 90s tomorrow. it will be markedly cooler and cloudier and it will rain. don't cancel your outdoor plans. after a dry day monday, more showers on tuesday. if you look at the entire forecast, it is chilly and wet. but it will be 90s and sunny tomorrow. >> we will cool off. >> take all seven days and it will be about normal. right in the middle, right there. >> go - - thank you paul. >> more stakes are slithering into bay area backyards. >,,,,,,,,
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sonoma county reptile rescu
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ding to more calls fro the heat is on and the snakes are out. and i know you i know you are not happy. they are - - more cars - - calls from homeowners finding rattlesnakes in their yards. the snakes have plenty of reason to slither around. >> is a good year for rattlesnakes. if you do see one in your yard or your house, you are advised to call animal control to remove it. >> take the camera and put it in the snakes face so it will bite the camera. >> there's a problem at oracle's. can they get the ,,,,,,,,,,,, [music]
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i love my sister. my heart doesn't see race. love is love.
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every team brings their a game against the warriors. it is tough for one team to bring that every night. 24 turnovers. the coaching was bad, the playing was bad, the warriors are not looking like warriors lately and everything is going wrong right now. here is the latest letdown. he's back on the court and steph curry did not have us - - in a field goal in the first half. golden state gets a 12-point lead and then the team will come back. two points gained, edwards drives into tie the game at 106 and we go to overtime. carl anthony calls it in and
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scores down low. minnesota stuns them in overtime. now the warriors must win their final four games to break a season record. breanna stewart had 24 and 10 rebounds when he her fourth consecutive motes - - most outstanding player award. 38-0, they become the first women's team to ever be victorious in four consecutive titles. and brandon crawford, five home runs in two games for the giants. to the one for giants in the second. rendon is going to miss it but joe will not. johnny allows one run and pivoting, they could go
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undefeated. bob melvin and - - doolittle is hoping to keep the game tied. with two outs, there is the oakland native with a total eclipse of the heart. they lose 5-4. and finally james is not looking for a puck. san jose leads 1-0, sharks go three-0 and set it franchise record with the 20th road win of the season and the fact of the matter is that the sharks are better on the road than they are at home. the warriors were great at home and are still great at home but now have two losses. they've got four games left and two of them are against the spurs. forget the record at this point, point, figure ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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warm for one day this week. that is it. there is no next day. the heat is tomorrow. 70s at the beach got it is at the bay, 90s inland, cooler and cloudier thursday, and it thursday, and it will rain on friday. somewhere close to that 94 degrees. >> i like the beach theme.,,,,,,
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