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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. breaking news. a shooting involving san francisco police and a man with a knife. it happened about an hour and a half ago in the mission district in the area of 18th and shotwell. let's get right to kpix 5's joe
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vazquez on the scene. >> reporter: we just got a police briefing. you can see officers here on the scene dealing with this officer-involved shooting that happened around 10 a.m. today. what happened is that there's a group from public works, the city public works department that comes out and helps homeless people get into shelters. they were talking to a man and he apparently did not want to go into a shelter. at some point, the public works folks called the police department and said the man had a large knife and that he was acting in a threatening manner. now, just a couple of minutes after 10:00, the police arrived. i'll let police chief greg suhr pick up the story. >> our suspect on shotwell street with a large -- waving a large kitchen knife. mission state unit responded a short time later at 10:01 approximately, four minutes later that was updated to the
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knife had a 10 to 12" blade. at about 10:02, officers came on scene and were directed up the block on shotwell street. at 10:04 the broadcast said, challenging one, has a large kitchen knife, next broadcast is shots fired. >> reporter: in between those two incidents, the chief says that in fact, the police officers on the scene tried to hit the man with a beanbag several times. this is a nonlee than weapon called a beanbag weapon. he didn't go down after the beanbag several times so they shot him. the police chief well aware there's been a lot of attention on police tactics in this kind of situation especially, a person with a knife. it's not clear why the police officers felt like they had to fire their weapons this morning. the police chief says they have been doing a lot of training about getting distance and time between the police and suspect.
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so this situation right now under investigation. we'll bring you the latest as it develops. >> thank you, joe. we're following more breaking news in the north bay. marin catholic high school in greenbrae and basic elementary school are both on lockdown right now. these are still pictures from near bonaire road. reports are someone spotted a man with a rifle nearby. police are now canvassing the area including a nearby office and medical complex. no confirmation of the armed man. we have crews on scene here. we are going to bring you more updates as we get them in other news this noon, san francisco police just returned a stolen scooter signed by giants outfielder hunter pence to make-a-wish bay area. officers escorted the motorized vehicle into at&t park this morning. three men are accused of stealing the scooter and other items from the charity's office over the weekend. they are now in jail. the scooter was auctioned off for charity last year. it had been held at the make-a- wish office for the winning bidder to pick up.
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of course the other big story at the ballpark, the san francisco giants home opener. we have live team coverage starting with frank outside at&t park. hey, frank. >> reporter: all right, michelle. how are we? i got to tell ya, roberta on the money, no jacket required today. it's a gorgeous day out here. some 41,000 fans are going to be treated to the giants home opener today at at&t park and not just any home opener. it's the giants and the dodge earnings. so a bit of a double bonus there. i can tell you i was talking to the fans. they are ready but how about at&t park? she has slumbered for 189 days but at&t park is getting its baseball back on. opening day preps in full swing. yes, nothing like that sweet smell of grass and cowhide. willie mack is ready. time to fill these seats and -- >> play ball! >> reporter: it brings summertime thoughts, sunshine, and jigs a great day with the
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family. >> opening day is all the promise of a new year. every team believes this is their year. >> they love the even years. 2010, 2012, 2014. what year is it? >> 2016! >> how many days have you heard that even year thing? we have been hearing that a lot and we don't like to create any false expectations but we are feeling really good about this team. >> reporter: and they should. with seven new faces including johnny cueto who pitched 7 innings of one run ball in his debut and new centerfielder denard span who raked in 5 rbis in the milwaukee opener. solid and so is at&t park. the park has new safety netting behind home place. -- home plate. yes, it's all about the fans. how does she look is this. >> i think it looks good. we're ready to go. >> reporter: yeah, she is ready
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to go! ballpark-wise. how about the giants? with more on that, let's kick it inside to dennis o'donnell our sports director. dennis. >> reporter: yeah, frank. thanks a lot. i think you hit it right on the money when you said it's the giants and the dodgers. it doesn't get any better than that. and here's what bruce bochy and dodgers skipper dave roberts had to say. >> reporter: there two things that prove all is right with the world, the sunrise -- >> programs and score cards! names and numbers of all the players! >> reporter: -- and the dodgers playing the giants on opening day. >> i know the guys were excited about getting back home and playing here. of course, we're playing the dodgers so that makes it probably that much more special for everybody. >> reporter: new dodgers skipper dave roberts' career ended in a giants uniform so he is pretty well versed about baseball's greatest rivalry west of the mississippi. and roberts' debut is off to a great start. the dodgers joined the 1963
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cardinals as the only teams to open a season with three straight shutouts. >> what is your impression of the dodgers? obviously, you have been in milwaukee. now what they have done. >> i mean, they're solid. they're balanced, solid pitching, starting pitching obviously, i mean, it's -- it's hard to do what they did, that's shut out a team three consecutive days. >> reporter: the dodgers will turn to alex wood to extend that streak of 27 scoreless innings. he will face jake peavey who is 14-3 lifetime against los angeles. okay. so one slice of bad news, frank, as we'll go back out to you. denard span, the giants' leadoff hitter who had five rbis in the opening day, he is going to be a game-time decision. as now, frank, the flu has been sort of, um, running through the giants clubhouse. so he is still under the weather. but bruce bochy says he wants to play. we'll see what happens at game time.
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>> reporter: thank you, dennis. i hope he plays. he had five rbis in the first game in milwaukee. we'll talk to some of the fans coming up on why the home opener is such a special day. but antime, back to you, michelle. >> all right, frank. it is special. thanks so much. we'll check back with you in just a bit. the giants aren't the only big sporting event in the bay area today. in oakland, the a's hope to even up their win/loss record as they host the chicago white sox in the finale of their season opening four-game series. game time is at 12:35. right next door to the coliseum, the warriors host the san antonio spurs tonight. the warriors must win all four of their remaining regular season games to get 73 victories and beat the chicago bulls' all-time record for wins in a season. game time there 7:30. and in downtown san jose, the sharks will be jockeying for a high berth in the stanley cup play-offs hosting the jets this evening the second-to-last game before the post-season run. the puck drops at 7:30 at
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s.a.p. center. campaign 2016 now. word that donald trump has just canceled a planned trip to southern california tomorrow. instead, he will be in new york. meantime, bernie sanders is out with a new attack against hillary clinton. cbs reporter weijia jang reports. >> reporter: bernie sanders started the day in philadelphia defending his sharpest blow yet to hillary clinton. at a rally last night, sanders said this. >> she has been saying lately that she thinks that i am quote, unquote not qualified. let me just say in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified. [ laughter ] >> well, it's kind of a silly thing to say but i'm going to trust the voters of new york to know me. >> reporter: the republican candidates are touring the state, as well. donald trump embraced a huge hometown crowd on long island reminding people of one of ted cruz's infamous attacks. >> talking about new york values with scorn on his face. >> the values of liberal democratic politicians.
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>> reporter: new yorkers vote in less than two weeks. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> california's presidential primaries are still a few weeks off. but a new field poll shows donald trump leading the republicans in our state. trump is the choice of 39% of the state's likely gop voters followed by ted cruz at 32% and john kasich at 18%. in the bay area the numbers are the same for trump and cruz. still ahead, could work be making you fat? the factors in the that was could be tipping the scales. >> the clouds are in creasing, the winds are beginning to whip up. rain is on the horizon. we have the full forecast as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the website "careerbuilder" conducted a survey. it foun percent of u-s w your job may not be good for you. the website career builder conducted a survey and found 44% of u.s. workers say they have gained weight while at their present jobs. among those people, more than half blamed sitting at their desks for most of the day. 45% said they are too tired from work to exercise. 36 blamed stress-related eating. here we just have a lot of potluck. big doings for giants fans after three games in chilly milwaukee, the hometown team finally back at at&t park. and so it our frank mallicoat, who has been talking baseball with the faithful. hey, frank. >> reporter: hey, michelle. it's hard to believe but this is season number 17 at at&t park. some 50 million fans had gone through the turnstiles all those years but there's only one home opener. so we talked to some of the fans to get their take on why
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this is such a special day. >> it's the highlight of my life. i can't wait for opening day. >> reporter: why is this such a big game? >> because it's my first one. i have been to a lot of games but my first opener we're going to win today. >> hold are you, jeannie? >> i'll be 85 at the end. -- >> come on, what took you so long! >> we expect a little bit more. we wanted a little bit more. >> it should be a good ballgame. the giants 12-4 in the home opener at at&t park. jake peavey is on the mound. his record is 14-3 with an
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e.r.a. in the 2s against the dodgers. he like their chance. jackie ward has more on some of the new changes to the park since last season. >> i'm sure you can feel the outside. the viewing continues outside. are you ready for the game? >> yeah! >> everyone is ready for the game. there may be changes if you decide to catch a game. behind home plate it's more safe. new guidelines required by all teams made them install nets to keep the fans safe from foul balls. at&t is one of the first ballparks to use magnetometers but now every fan will be
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screened by metal detectors or something hand-held. >> a good vibe in here throughout the -- this is our 17th year believe it or not in our new ballpark. and we feel good about be have a comfortable safe environment. >> new for the players, the city of san francisco has banned smokeless tobacco here which means players have to abide by this rule, as well. it's already banned in the minors so players are accustomed to it. fans may want to check out virtual reality at the cafe behind left field. these guys are so ready, they have a little over an hour to go before game time but it should be a great season. join dense disturbance and the kpix 5 facebook page at 12:20 and we'll be there live. from at&t park, jackie ward, kpix 5. the weather is gorgeous.
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not only here in san francisco, but don't forget about the oakland a's. they are playing today. with more on the forecast, here's roberta. >> kendall graveman on the mound for the good guys for the a's and we have partly cloudy skies across the bay for the most part. winds will be increasing. this is our live weather camera looking out at the city of san francisco. yesterday 87 degrees record- breaking temperatures. those clouds will increase. right now, 67 degrees in san francisco. 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. 64 in santa rosa. hey, oakland had a high yesterday record shattering event. currently 30 degrees cooler than that. winds up to 14 miles per hour in the city. east bay san ramon winds at 14, 1 vallejo, 23-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield. they will blow out of the southwest gusting to 30 miles per hour. dana in novato one of our weather watchers says i'm going perfect weather, it's going to kill her because she is out doing work in the yard.
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take it indoors. we have rain coming. rain over southern california. it's raining in san diego at 61 degrees. cloud continue to lift north increasing clouds becoming mostly cloudy towards the evening commute. and an unsettled weather in the forecast all the way through the weekend. high pressure out of here! low pressure, that's the baby we are going to be watching as it continues to spin and lift up in a northerly direction. another area of low pressure is right on its heels. this is the futurecast. you can play along at home. here's your thursday. and watch your friday. the showers begin from the south lifting across the santa cruz mountains into the san jose area. that's your evening commute. saturday we'll have hit-and- miss scattered showers with a chance of a thunderstorm, as well. now, meanwhile, as far as precipitation totals are concerned, we are talking about the most rain in san jose. nearly .8" of rain by sunday. sunset at 7:30. by then we'll have highs today 60s and 70s up to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. breezy to windy later today. unsettled conditions each day
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through the weekend. make it a great afternoon! hey, don't go away! our news will continue after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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also provide some rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking through the wilderness is an adventure but it can also provide some of the life's greatest lessons. that's the goal of this week's jefferson award winner. teaching young people how to lead, serve and problem-solve. ♪[ music ] >> this stuff is like a piece of cake for you. >> reporter: josh brankman believes in the out in outward bound.
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>> facing fears, confronting it and making your own choice. >> reporter: after more than 15 years as a teacher, principal and wilderness education leader, in 2009, josh helped establish outward bound california, because he believed inner city kids needed help, too. >> those programs were traditionnally for middle and upper middle class communities and not necessarily low income and communities of color. so we decided to come to an area where we could partner with community members and bring our programming to that community, as well. >> reporter: as executive director, josh has partnered outward bound california with groups such as larkin street youth in san francisco, where participants realize it's a means to an end. >> communication, having trust and really, um, doing -- challenging, having challenges, and overcoming the challenges. >> but what we see in all students is this ability to harness their own capabilities and also look at a group around
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them and think of problems as a group problem, something they can solve together. >> reporter: larkin street sees josh's vision working. >> always hear my students talking about wanting to return to the place where they had the experience with outward bound, like hey, don't we take another day and go to baker beach or like let's go kayaking again. >> reporter: while outward bound can't get everyone out rock climbing, josh and his group do hold events like this one. it's called the third annual city skyline challenge, a celebrity rapelling fundraiser to help more young adults help them no matter what they clues to do. >> but they're not successful if they don't know how to communicate effectively, how to manage problems, how to find their leadership skills, know when to step up, when to step back. >> nicely done. >> reporter: so for helping give inner city kids the tools to achieve more in life, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to josh brankman. allen martin, kpix 5.
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>> outward bound can use volunteers and also some more outdoor gear. to see their wish list of items, see the website, we'll be right back. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in it and what it's all abo. today on kpix 5 news at fiv -i-x get ready for more "star
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wars." a new spinoff hits the airwaves. find out more. >> i'm a big "star wars" fans. >> may the force be with the giants and a's today. >> a's are playing the white sox fourth game. >> 12:35. >> and 1:35 we have the giants playing host to the dreaded l.a. dodgers. we have the warriors and the spurs tonight and sharks in winnipeg and we have the san jose giants playing lancaster at home. >> we have a lot going on. captions by: caption colorado
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