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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> good deal. >> thank you. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> rose: t >> rose: the presidential candidates are in a new york state of mind. >> mamma mia. >> i love these people. these are my people. >> rose: and senator bernie sanders is here in our studio. do you believe secretary clinton is unqualified to be president? also tonight, another driver killed by defective air bags, this time a teenage girl. the i.r.s. warns con artists are targeting taxpayers. >> i was freaking out. i was so scared. i didn't want my parents to go to jail. >> rose: and extreme sports in a war zone. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. this is our western edition.
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as the democratic presidential candidates took to the sidewalks of new york, the tenor of the campaign was approaching the gutter with each side raising questions about the other's qualifications for the highest office in the land. 12 days before the critical primary, our cbs news tracking poll shows hillary clinton, the former new york senator with a ten-point lead over brooklyn- born bernie sanders. here's nancy cordes. >> i don't believe that she is qualified. >> reporter: sanders startled democrats with that tough charge last night and repeated it today. >> maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary. >> reporter: clinton's allies said that crossed the line. sanders' senate colleague mccaskill tweeted "come on, bernie, not qualified? remember what we all have to do together in november." >> i don't know why he's saying that, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump and ted cruz any time. >> reporter: sanders says she
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started it. you routinely say you respect hillary clinton and her experience. so why do you now believe she's unqualified? >> because the "washington post" had a headline which said, "clinton questions whether sanders is qualified to be president." that was what was thrown at me. >> reporter: clinton never actually called him unqualified, though she has stepped up her attacks. >> well, i think he hasn't done his homework and he has been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn't really studied or understood. >> reporter: the change in tone has to do with the looming new york primary, which suddenly looks like it could be close. to show she's the true new yorker, clinton ditched her motorcade today in favor of the subway. after an early struggle with her fare card, the former first lady rode the rails for nine blocks in the bronx. >> it is so convenient. it is just the best way to get around.
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>> reporter: a loss for clinton in the state she represented would be humiliating, but for sanders, the stakes are even higher. he needs to turn that race around, charlie, to preserve even a narrow path to the nomination. >> rose: thanks, nancy. earlier today senator sanders joined us here in our new york newsroom. you said that secretary clinton isn't qualified because she takes super pac money and has supported trade deals. >> what i said was in response to what she has been saying. "washington post" headline, "clinton questions whether sanders is qualified to be president." i thought it was appropriate to respond. >> rose: but is it tit for tat? is that what this campaign conversation ought to be about? >> no, it certainly should not be. as you may know, i had tried to run an issue-oriented campaign, which is what i believe the american people want to hear. they want to hear about what ideas we have to improve their lives, not just attacking each other every day, but what i do have to say, charlie, if we are getting attacked every single
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day by the clinton campaign, i want them to know, we're going to respond in kind, but i hope that we do not... >> rose: do you believe secretary clinton is unqualified to be president? >> well, does secretary clinton believe that i am unqualified to be president? >> rose: why can't you simply say, yes, she has a first-rate resume in terms of a life in public service. >> absolutely. >> rose: and she's one of the most qualified people to run. >> she has years of experience. she's extremely intelligent. you know, i have some experience, too. i have a pretty good record in congress as a senator, as mayor. i think i am qualified to be president. so to answer your question: you're right. we should not get into this tit for tat. we should be debating the issues facing the american people. all i am saying, people are going to attack us, if they're gointo distort our records, as has been the case time and time again, we're going to respond. >> rose: people are saying the tenor of this campaign has changed and it's sounding more
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and more like the republican campaign. >> well, let's not go that far. no. >> rose: take a listen to this. this is what you said. you said that clinton should apologize for iraq war deaths. do you really believe... >> for what? >> rose: for iraqi war deaths. >> this is after i was asked to apologize for the tragedy in sandy hook. >> rose: again, tit for tat. >> it is tit for tat, but i'm responding to attacks that are being made against me. >> rose: i'm asking where the tenor of this campaign is going, and is that going too far to say she bears responsibility for iraqi war deaths? >> do i bear responsibility for the tragedy and the horrors of sandy hook? so you know, let's get off of that. of course she doesn't bear responsibility. she voted for the war in iraq. that was a very bad vote, in my view. do i hold her accountable, no. >> rose: do i hear you saying tonight "that i'm embarrassed by these personal attacks that are taking place and all i have done is respond to attacks, but i'm
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embarrassed and they're giving a tone to this campaign that i don't like, i don't like the fact i have the participate in it and i wish it would stop on both sides." >> yes. >> rose: are you willing to say that? >> yep, i am. look, charlie, you're looking at a guy who has been in politics for a long time. there are many elections. i have never run a negative ad in my life. in this campaign, as i'm sure you can appreciate, every other day people are coming up to me and saying, "aren't you going to attack hillary clinton on her e- mails? aren't you going to attack the clinton foundation?" and you know how many times i've done that? zero. let me finish. you saw me in the debate, right? >> reporter: yes. >> when i was asked about e- mails, what did i say? enough of these damn e-mails. >> rose: i want to come back to the iraqi thing one second, one more question. you have made a point that she voted for the iraqi war. other people did, as well, many other people. >> yes. >> rose: do you hold all of them responsible for the deaths of americans?
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>> no. >> rose: then why say it, senator? that's the question. >> i am saying it because i was attacked. >> rose: that's not a reason. i promise you to say, "i'm saying it because they attacked me." >> i hope you ask senator clinton, am i responsible... look, i'm being asked to apologize, you know. >> rose: come november 2016, if hillary clinton is the nominee, you will be supporting her? >> i think the idea of a donald trump or a ted cruz presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for this country. i will do everything in my power and work as hard as i can to make sure that does not happen. and if secretary clinton is the nominee, i will certainly support her. >> rose: thank you for coming. >> thank you. always a pleasure. >> rose: thank you, senator. senator bernie sanders. i will have more of that interview with bernie sanders tonight on my pbs program and tomorrow on "cbs this morning." the campaign for the republican
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nomination took on a decidedly new york flavor today. major garrett has that. >> reporter: looking for support in brooklyn, texan ted cruz shook hands with hasidic jews outside a matzo bakery. inside... >> would you like to make holes in your matzo? >> i would love to make holes in my matzo. >> reporter: cruz had a ball. he also appealed to jewish voters by announcing he was cosponsoring a bill with new york senator chuck schumer to recover art stolen by the nazis. >> this is like being so alive being in new york. >> reporter: john kasich devoured an italian sub in the bronx as he courted the youth vote near fordham university. it's all about new york's 95 delegates. donald trump stands to win most, but cruz and kasich are trying to pick off delegates in congressional districts with small republican populations. >> it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. >> reporter: donald trump doesn't need the food photo op, feasting instead on the adoration of more than 10,000 on
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long island and pounding cruz for criticizing so-called new york values. >> i've got this guy standing over there, looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn in his face, with hatred, with hatred of new york. >> reporter: cruz has maintained that new york values are not conservative values, and he says trump fits right in. >> oddly enough our friends in the media are very comfortable with the new york liberal who has supported andrew cuomo and hillary clinton and chuck schumer for decades. >> reporter: trump did pick up the support of one prominent new yorker, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani said today he would vote for the billionaire. trump also settled an intense power struggle within his campaign, giving new hire paul manafort control over all convention preparations and trump's new d.c. campaign headquarters. charlie, corey lewandowski, trump's embattled campaign manager, will now be limited to traveling with trump and focusing on future primaries.
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>> rose: thanks, major. belgian investigators released new images today of a key suspect in the brussels bombings. they asked the public for help finding him. it's a sign perhaps that their investigation is coming up short. here's holly williams. >> reporter: we don't know his name, and his face is a blur, but if he's caught, the man in the hat, as he's now known, could reveal vital information about isis cells in europe. the two other men in this security camera image blew themselves up in brussels airport, killing 16 people. but the new video shows the third man walking away, and then into the heart of the city. at one point he breaks into a slow jog, but the rest of the time he appears calm. his distinctive jacket disappears in the later videos and police hope that if it's discovered, it could help them find him.
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he's last seen here nearly two hours after the airport bombings in the schaerbeek neighborhood where a police raid targeted the apartment the three men set off from, finding bomb-making materials and an isis flag. after missing clues that an attack might be imminent, the belgian authorities are under pressure to find the man in the hat. but he could be hiding in plain sight. salah abdeslam, the suspected logistics man behind the paris attacks in november, was able to hide out in brussels for four months before he was finally captured. it's thought he relied on friends in the neighborhood where he grew up, an area that's now become infamous as a breeding ground for extremists. intelligence officials across europe are searching for isis recruits, including those with direct links to the attacks in brussels and paris, and,
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charlie, today in denmark, police arrested four people suspected of traveling to syria to join isis. >> rose: thanks, holly. today under federal orders, amtrak started retraining track maintenance crews on basic safety procedures. last sunday a passenger train collided with a backhoe on the tracks near philadelphia, killing two amtrak workers. amtrak was ordered to reinforce the rule that tracks remain closed until workers have cleared out and have been warned about oncoming trains. we'll cut to the chase now. two burglary suspects led police on a wild one today in los angeles. at one point they spun doughnuts in the street with their top down despite the rain. they almost got pinned by a tour bus, but somehow got away. the suspects did eventually stop. then they waited and posed for pictures until sheriff's deputies arrived to arrest them. there is a warning from the i.r.s. about a phone call that could cost you thousands.
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5:46 pm
pay or else they're going to go to jail. >> reporter: the caller said he was from the i.r.s. anna's mom kate picked up just in time. >> he was calling from a chicago-area number. he knew the name and address of the i.r.s. building in chicago. he named supervisors, had information about me and my husband. it was very scary. >> reporter: and fake. the i.r.s. says these phone scams continue to be one of its top concerns. another rapidly growing problem, phishing an malware scams in which fake i.r.s. e-mails trick taxpayers into handing over personal information. they are up 400% so far this tax season. matt leas is a spokesman for the i.r.s. why do you think the frequency and the number of these scams are increasing rather than decreasing? >> these are adaptive adversaries. we seen this over time where they continue to change their tactics, continue to go after honest taxpayers. >> reporter: one such scheme
5:47 pm
targets payroll data. >> phishing criminals are e- mailing, pretending to be the c.e.o. or leader of an organization to the h.r. and payroll departments, asking for all the w-2 information that they're going to need for something they will be doing. >> reporter: the i.r.s. says it will never demand immediate payment over the phone, nor will the agency e-mail you to solicit personal or financial information. kate rupert says she is still thinking about what could have happened to her family. >> i'm not sure she wouldn't have started reading aloud credit card numbers. she was very insistent we not get taken away to jail. >> reporter: since 2013, the treasury department says taxpayers have been taken for nearly $30 million through phone scams alone, but, charlie, that's just what's been reported. >> rose: thanks, jeff. still ahead we'll meet some remarkable athletes. their playing field is a battleground.
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movantik is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> rose: federal regulators have confirmed another death, the tenth in the united states, from a detective air bag made by the japanese company takata. a 17-year-old driver was killed last week after she rear-ended another car in richmond, texas. the police told our david begnaud her air bag exploded, shooting a piece of metal into her. >> almost like a shotgun blast. >> reporter: right. >> penetrating that air bag and just unfortunately this piece struck huma in the neck, causing her death. >> rose: carmakers have recalled 29 million takata air bags. the girl's family says they never received a recall notice. we posted a complete list of the recalled vehicles on our web site, we here at cbs news have lost a
5:52 pm
good friend and television journalism has lost one of its pioneers. phil scheffler died today at age 85. for a quarter century his steady hand and integrity guided the storytelling you saw each sunday on "60 minutes." as executive editor, phil was the trusted right-hand man of the program's creator, don hewitt. >> sandra languished in custody for ten full days. why? because those are words which are evocative of your support for her. >> rose: phil started at cbs in 1951 as a copy boy when doug edwards anchored our evening broadcast. phil's jobs in the days before teleprompters including printing cue cards. phil later became the program's first street reporter. today "60 minutes" executive producer jeff fagar called phil "a first-class journalist and an admirable human being." we could not agree more.
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when you're too weak to put on your uniform. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. next on kpix 5. weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> rose: the physically demanding sport called parkour held its championships in las vegas last weekend, but a top team of palestinians was a no- show, stuck in its war-torn homeland. barry petersen spent time with these athletes who get their joy through jumping. >> reporter: a war-blasted hulk of an abandoned apartment building in gaza becomes a perfect stage for parkour, an extreme sport blending gymnastics with agility training developed for a military obstacle course. how many wars have you seen in your lives? >> three. >> reporter: three wars.
5:57 pm
so the men on this parkour team called themselves three run gaza, for surviving three wars, and they cannot leave because gaza is under a blockade. "parkour makes us feel free," says uday. "nothing is holding you back." gaza's ruined and twisted cities are an improbably perfect outlet for their exuberance. they don't see danger but challenge, leaps and twists from floor to debris-strewn floor, ever higher to the rooftop. if you look over there, you see the israeli watchtower. what do you want them to think when they see you jumping and running? "no matter how much they destroy or kill," hamza says of the israelis, "i will still dance and have fun." there is already enthusiasm from
5:58 pm
the next generation, eager for drills teaching how safety comes from practice. mohammad is the team's coach and its philosopher. "we love life and hope," he says, "and peace." so what an outsider sees as death defying, the men of three run gaza see as life affirming. all around us is sadness, they say, but in the air, in the moment is the sheer joy of youth. barry petersen, cbs news, gaza. >> rose: the affirming joy of jumping. this is the "cbs evening news." for scott pelley, i'm charlie rose in new york. thanks for joining us. i'll see you first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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constant meltdowns.. delays and crowded commutes. would believe.. most people are s pretty happy with bart? surprising results of our exclusive new poll. burglars caught in the act: neighbors decl ome break-ins. ".i feel v constant meltdown, delays and crowded commutes. would you believe most people are still pretty happy with bart? >> surprising results of our exclusive new poll. >> burglars caught in the act. neighbors declare war. how a bay area city is taking action to calm fears. >> it's happened again. san francisco police shoot and kill a man with a knife. our phil matier weighs in on the new pressure on the chief. >> live like european royalty with a view of the bay. inside the castle, yes, the castle, up for sale. >> good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. new at 6:00, a report card on bart. our poll finds many riders think the system is pretty good. 46% rate it good or excellent.
6:00 pm
36% say service is fair. and just 16% rate bart as poor. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live at the concord bart station with why bart is going to need some help. >> reporter: bart riders we spoke with say tt they support a proposed bond that could come up in the november ballot. but the problem is they say they have a hard time trusting bart. >> right now it's too crowded. midnight, 10:00 at night, i'm getting on the train and i still got to stand up. i get on the train 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning i still got to stand up. that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: bart is working to get back on track with rider confidence. the transit agency is still doing damage control after an electrical problem caused a major meltdown on the pittsburg- bay point line forcing riders to take shuttle trains or bus bridges. but bart riders seem forgiving. when we asked how reliable the system


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