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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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new video showing how quickly a situation slated between a homeless man and san francisco police. . >> seconds later after bean bags. >> the district with how this raises questions for the police department. kate? . >>reporter: they have seen the video you have just saw. when i asked about the timing, here's what they had to say. >> this happened in seconds. what do you have to say to this. >> we will look at training and aspects of the investigation. but too early to speak on that.
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>> identified the man, called jose. >> never saw him doing anything to the police. >> living blocks from where the shooting happened. >> when i heard it, i looked to the window and saw a man on the ground. and when i heard get on the ground a few more towns, he was on to ground. >> saw them fire the bean bags and the guns at the same time. >> shooting simultaneously. >> seemed to me that things were rushed. seemed like he should have been given another chance. i wish there was another time
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between communicating verbally and firing shots. . >> police say conflicting accounts. and hoping for the knife -- looking for the knife. a kpxix five authority. >> a gun in one hand and a man with a knife in the other hand. it's not going to end up well for anybody. >> jeff says every second counts. >> trying to have a conversation and doing it with both hands on the weapon. in that short amount of time, fire the weapon, fend off the person with the other happened and still maintain the situation.
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>> police are still planning on interviewing witnesses and what happened. >> barely a month ago that police chief greg sur put out the new order. a closer look at it. >> based on a new research group after the officer- involved shootings across the country. >> can you think of a way to respond? >> slow don and call for help. these new police officers were packing guns, but not looking at it in the crisis situation. >> yes and non. those are the answers. >> requiring for the new officers in the new use of force order. >> using the new shooting on
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what not to do, using specific deescalation tactics and establish a buffer zone, require additional resources such adds a hostage or negotiation team and maintain a reaction gap. >> whatever it takes. >> he told our reporter. >> i told them, it's nomentr not only okay, i'm asking you to do this. >> if there is a use of force incident, and looking at the totallity of -- totality of this, this is a way to decollate it. >> so if an officer doesn't do
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what they have been trained to do, they are subject to discipline. >> the superintendent armed with an edge edd weapon like a knife. >> thank you so much. linked to organized crime. a federal arrest warrant was released for him. arrested by the fbi a week ago in a xreetly unrelated case. >> covering the story from the beginning, we hear more. >> know he had a checkered past and arrested no fewer an 43 times.
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looking at the tie. >> the fbi arrested him it the @ -- him at this house after finding the drugs. a five time convicting felon and gang member and his girlfriend were not supposed to be in possession of a firearm. . >> page six, things take an interesting turn. this conversation, heting a website rub by an administrator had a link to the web address. and that may be a clue that he's linked to organized criminal tiflt on the dark web. >> if you can go on the web and
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patrol, you don't want the government looking fur you or knowing about that. >> as they became for sophisticated, jeff harp said the silk road and the black market reloaded have become place to look for illicit activities. >> if that's where you thought where you could hide, and thought you couldn't, you would probably do it more feektly. >> new charges will be revealed at that time. know more about that in about two weeks. as for the case in that video, he filed for a can't in the roomroom. >> working on a building in a deadly building collapse could lose that you are listens.
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the state contractor licensing board could revoke or our suspend the license because of failure to ad her here to guidelines. buying or selling the stuff on line, could be feeling a little bit safer. could be setting up the first exchange zone. >> this is it. the exchange zone, the first of its kind. police set it up in front of this building. making it a place to meet or exchange for cash. . >>reporter: he loves the drone. >> a q x three. >> bought it on craigslist.
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selling this one. >> i think it's great. >> selling it. >> protects both parties. available, close access to the freeway. >> and the department wants to reduce the craigslist robberies . and don't see a lot, but might as well make a place for them to neat meet for the first time. >> all here. cameras and everything. >> police officers coming in and out. >> may not want to meet them at their house or the shopping center. take the fear or the safety part out of v out of it. >> spending less than a thousand dollars for the spots and putting up the spot.
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>> colin said it's going to hem him feel safe skwieshs i think a better piece of mind. >> shot and killed over the robbery of a play station that victim advertised on instagram. and could be seen in an exchange zone in a couple of months. live for kpix. >> you can feel the wind and that's not it. chief meteorologist in the weather center, tracking it in the south. >> that is a sign that things will get a little bit wet. a few showers out there. showers and storms. new showers now faling in that area.
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through free mont, dr frement -- mountain view and stanford getting the showers. more onthe radar at 6:00, more than 3:00. that trend will continue throughout the night. watch the rain through the south tonight. widespread rainfall toward sun rise tomorrow. there's an opportunity tomorrow and widespread light rainfall and the totals are increasing. if you have plans or hitting the garage sales tomorrow, plan on the weather impacting you adversely. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> how about baseball tonight? the san jose giants going for the second win in a row.
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fans and players are keeping an eye on the sky. >> things are iffy. and waid waiting for the sprenls and what i'm watching, thelittle legalers waiting for it here. the san jose giants are hosting the lancaster giant scombs the fans are starting to arrive. it's a question of when the rain will hit. if there's a rainout, that's the first since the 2014 season. >> in the hour-by-hour forecast are you nervous out here, but excited for the game at 7:00. >> salute to the military game.
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going to get a trading card set with the local heros no, ma'am nalted by the jersey. and the players will be wearing the jerseys that fans can bid on. there's fireworks out there. pefrn looking at the sky if it's going to be a rainout or if we're going to get the baseball in. >> the man accuse odd starting a massive california forest fire comes ean. how he got burned by his own selfie video. >> using with his head, but didn't cover up all his tracks. >> hillary clinton's wakeup call in california from bernie sanders.
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i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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ice.. after sharin . new at six, a selfie video is telling a man is busted for starting a deadly california forest fire. today, a man was sentenced to 20 20 years in pris prison for intentionally starting the fire in 2014. he's seen for laughing at stuarting the blaze. he shared it with a retired firefighter. more than 97,000 acres burns and thousands had to evacuate. caused thousands of dollars in damage. flames coming from the second story. shoppers and staff were told to get out.
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workers stayed on to look for hot spots. a hot plate was the cause. beshdz is narrowing -- bernie sanders is closing the gap. hillary clinton's lead is dropping down to 3%. our emily turner is live where the president is raising money for democrats. emily? >> all about the numbers. that's -- the dollar signs. you can see the security that's here for the president of the united states fundraiser. rolled in five or six minutes ago. he is here for raising money for democrat congressional committee, trying to win back
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seats. he is very straight forward. one thing, not about who he wants for president. that is close. >> not the golden ticket, but the primary is taking on something it hasn't in past, especially on the democrat side. going from 63 to six ahead of beshdz. >> are you surprised? >> yes. absolutely. and i kind of have given up onnon him. >> and sanders is viewed more favorably. >> i think she's going to coit. >> i doubt if he's going to make it, but i wishwould. >> here's why at which san
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francisco demographics play well. all in his political wheel house and plenty hall of fame of those. but that could cause a weakness, less likely to make it to the polls. >> more californian. >> and speaks to our generation in terms of being progressive and pragmatic as well. >> far from over. what this is going to come to show, june 7th in the primary here. s . s snooichlt wheels up about 24 hours later.
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burglars on camera, going to a pizza joint after hours. two crucial clues they left behind. >> as smash and grabs go, 30 seconds of brute force and then the thief plows through the glass with his head. >> terrible. >> jumping the counter wasn't so easy. and slipped down to his knees. could be helpful. touching the monitor with his bare hands. >> looks like he knows what he is doing. >> so -- somehow nowo know where the safe was and head straight for it. and one carries the safe out by himself with the money. 28 seconds.
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>> the owner didn't want to show his face. , barely turning a profit. >> hardly believe how they feel. >> took the rock as evidence and two good surveillance video. and the case is still under investigation. with any luck, catch these guys. good news, bad news, in the market, depending on your perspective. it's the only region where prices were above when the recession hit. hit 1.25 million over last year. above the peak in 2006. not good if you're looking to buy one. a shade blow 474,000. above the 2006 level. another old part of the
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bridge is coming down as we speak. a time lapse from when the first one came down in february. it's a slow process, depending on the kwl at which cal trance decided to start today instead. the work is going on near by, so you can drive by, but foot and bike traffic is shut down. >> ain't what she used to be. >> like an erector set. a lot of legos. >> dog it because of the weather moving in. talk about it right now. looking at this, fre mont- newark. not going to get it there.
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light rain turning into steady. wet between now and 7:00. starting to pick up. the radar is where shall and we'll see an increase in the overnight tonight. and the corridor, busy, folks go to the south bay north toward tahoe. and windy out there. showers out there. sunshine over san francisco. highs depending on where you are toward -- sunshine and 75 75 degrees. richmond, cloudy. 60s and 70s. rain is getting closer. different low causing thunderstorms on the strip in las vegas. it's pouring and raining in phoenix and santa barbara.
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a change by tomorrow at two. could be a steady band of rainfall tomorrow mornings. i don't think we'll get to this morning. but at least a quarter to a half of an inch. rainfall tomorrow and tomorrow morning. watch out for some rainfall early tomorrow. 60s in the area. everybody has high ins the 60s. another change, sunday is looking dry. not the sunniest or warmest of days. going to be dry on monday and tuesday. more showers on wednesday and thursday. april rainfall. we couldn't buy a drop of rain in february. now that it's april -- >> good thing it's march. new fall oout over a snap chat video and a gun.
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how a principal is taking action. burning a bay area mountain on purpose. the event that will be crucial come fire season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crews are clearing brush ont tam... focusing right now on the eldridge grade trail. kpix five's don ford on a system that's proven successful for decades. nats fire burning. several s today on the slopes above b tempe lake in marin county. very sensitive part of the n municipal water district land.the same land that hel feed water to reservoirs na snap of a flare. carl sande m.m.w.d. watershed maintenae supervisor, "today we're dog forest management or fuel reduction it's called." nat "we're about to lite two mo and that'll be it for light" it's a good thing.these cre are carefully burning pilesf dead brush.reducing the fuel load from the hillside.prot¢ ing the reservoirs.get¢ tin ready for this summer's fire is a good day o it. carl sanders - m.m.w.d. watershed maintenance supervisor, "we burn i ar, early spring . and that's why two furs are burning. >> today we're doing forest management and fuel reduction. >> two more. that's going to be it for lighting. >> that's a good thing. burning piles of brush.
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protecting the area and getting ready for the fire season. today is a good time to do it. >> this is the time. the grass is green, less likely to start a fire. >> not taking any chances. a fully equipped crew with hoses laid out, making sure it stays where it belongs. >> not the first time. >> never to this extent. >> when you burn this, hundreds of piles in the background here. >> the take into account says there hasn't been a major fear here since the 1940s and they want to keep it that way. >> a good chance to see more fire and smoke. but it's just them taking care of the forest.
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coming up in our next half hour, stanford wants to tighting the rules on booze, reigning in campus drinking. >> a racist death threat on snap chat. >> a rule on marriage. what the pope is saying about divorce and gay marriage.
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. you're watching kpix news. top stories tonight, video is showing how quickly things escalated between san francisco police and a homeless man. the last count, 23 seconds. using bean bags and lethal force. a first for a bay area police department. creating a safe exchange zone. looking at those on craigslist from going bad.
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marked and lit and under camera surveillance. >> tightening its policy on alcohol in student housing. >> some students are saying, not so fast. >> nice, low key atmosphere. >> living in the frent house where the rule of alcohol is clear. >> we can drink alcohol as long as we keep the doors open. that's on campus. >> looking at hard alcohol and undergrad housing. >> i think you're kidding yourself if you think they're not fog to buy alcohol. >> looking at drinking and the hard alcohol is connected to sexual assault and incidents on campus. >> another with rape and sexual assault.
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>> looking at if it's happy and healthy. and a long-term approach to a million problem. >> tougher restrictions to alcohol is far from the solution. >> if there's a ban, people are going to have it anyway. >> people say the relationship between them and the residen advisors, going to turn ras into cops. >> they're kind of scared of them. and take the alcohol and pour it down the sink and they're trying to chug before the ra can get to them. >> and another spokesperson - seeing if there was any
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investigation, and said she couldn't provide those to me. failing to reach a deal, the teachers are getting a raise in kl state. a raise by july 17th. and look agent lounge it's going to take to be eligible for benefits. the modesto student accused of making a racist threat on snap chat have been arrested. the two teenagers posted this two weeks ago, targeting a black. one playing with a noose and the other said the african- american student must die. >> i don't care if it's a joke or not. this is no joke to us. it crosses a line of the judgment. >> the mother of the student
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targeted met with investigators as to whether they should pursue hate crime charges. in the brussels attacks, last seen with salah abdeslam two days before the attack. belgian officials say it's unclear if he's the man in the hat in the brussels attack. the pope francis is talking about love and sex. no one can be condemned forever. banning home sexual unions and contraception. and looking to become more flexible. >> talking about pragmatic and some issues that some wouldn't address. outside of your marriage and
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being attracted to others. >> wishing the pope would have been talking about ways to expend the role of women. she said yes. how this proposal quickly went down hill. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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two big wins for space-x. today the company sent a spacecraft with seven-thousd pound of cargo to the international space statio . two big wins today. 7,000 pounds of cargo to the international space station, along with a rest room for astronauts. he asked her to mary him. she said yes. things wentd sideways.
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climbed the rock yesterday, used facetime to ask his girlfriend to marry him. he now may have to pay for the ride. and pris cited him for trespassing and possession of meth. sharing over? sharing them is on the decline. users are instead using links than content. is this true for you? we have more on that on cable 12. country right now, the showers increasing right now for part, but not all of your
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weekend. which chunk will be the wettest? we'll have more. >> hitting 70. some are looking for 73. who will be the master? not the field of dreams. the price of playing football. the story you don't want to miss is next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight we catch up with on first profiled 12 years ago. career back east in order to >> we catch up when we first profiled 12 years ago. >> she has returned home from a career back east in order to raise her younger sister. the teenager who is now an adult, rising above. >> i've been dying to see this. >> it's moving day for her. a first time home buyer. >> it is pretty xhiiting. it's -- exciting. it's very nice to know that i'm securing land for my family so we can have investments for our future. >>. >> reporter: it's a security she didn't have when we met her 12 years ago. she was homeless in her senior year. here, she shows us the room they stayed at the rescue
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mission. >> my mother she was asleep on the single bed. and my brother was on the top and i was on the bottom. >> reporter: she grew up independent. her father died of a drug overdose when she was three. her mom did times for selling drugs. but she was back home when she had a major stroke. she was 16. >> she was in charm of everything. >> i had to -- in charge of everything. >> i had to take care of my brother and sister. >> she was like this is it. i need to focus on school, college. college that's all she thought about. >> she graduated with a degree in psychology with honesty others. she got a masters from the university of michigan and he some has a four-page resume with work experience, all with helping other people. >> now she works are for the --
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works in oakland. here she's talking with some students at a community college. >> people see education as a way not only to help themselves but also their families, too. and it's very, very true. >>. >> reporter: family was the reason she returned to the bay area. her mom is in transational housing now. she came back to raise her younger sister >> i love her dearly. i almost feel as if i'm her mother. we're very, very close. >> reporter: back in high school her mentor told us. she was very determined. liikt nothing can stop her -- like nothing can stop her. >> now, that's truer than ever. for example, her home. >> is very tiny but it's mine. >> but she bought the whole triplex so she's already a landlord. >> i will have it in the family about seven years before i try
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to buy something else. >> you see how it works. you can help students like her rise above by going tocbchlt s -- that is awesome. got some rain on the radar impacting your friday evening plans or more importantly your saturday morning plans. it will be more widespread throughout the bay area. right now, highway 37, wet from the to -- rich monday, we're looking at some rain, napa, some showers toward vacaville and fairfield. and the rain is pretty widespread over the sierra and i'm looking to the south because this is moving from south to north. what's coming up next? plenty of rain for monterey, getting very somethingy right now. that's the rain that will get us tomorrow morning.
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62, a pretty popular temperature. santa rosa 63. we got some baseball tonight. dodgers, giants. there will be showers around but i do think we get the game in tonight and the rain will likely end in time for the game tomorrow night. some showers around 56 degrees. your first pitch temperature in about 30 minutes or so. : redwould city and san jose, 56 degrees. >> we talk about rain moving in from the north west, seems like it's coming at us from all directions now. we will receive nothing like what las va gas is getting right now or arizona is getting. they are getting pounded with rain. more than an inch in a few spots. we will get some steady light to moderate rainfall. futurecast, 11:00 tonight, here comes that rain that's over monterey county right now work, its way into santa clara county. this is the widespread steady rainfall. 7:00 in the morning, that's
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most the way area -- most of the bay area right there. decreasing in intensity for the afternoon. another change we made, sunday will be cloudy and cooler but likely dry. next week, different direction. a storm coming from alaska likely to give us more rain toward the middle of next week. showers increasing after midnight. tomorrow morning, those outdoor plans, count it iffy. sunday is now looking mainly dry. concord you hit 66. napa and san francisco, low 60s for you. it will be a showery morning tomorrow. dry monday and tuesday. more showers or light rain moves in next wednesdayened next thursday i'm next witness and next thursday. that's your forecast. two minutes away with sports. we told you tesla has created 5 thousand new jobs with more to come. a move to shut down the
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country's last sand mine. we learn this stretch of monterey bay has the state's highest erosion rates. plus a green master piece with a four-story living wall. expect original reporting. expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fade... get ourselves a legitimate battle here... first big repect to tom watson...the 66-year old's last walk up s a competitor at augusta al... ...a c first big respect to tom watson. the 66-year-old last walk -- competent tore, a career that began in stanford. second round play by first
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round leader at 3. his second shot within inches. lead would grow. but here came roy mcilroy. the left to right action, that's your boy. got him to the second place. how about bryson? he's an amateur. he had game at the par 3. hole 12. >> his third bogey on the back nine. the unthinkable at 18. into the crowd. he was having the low round of the day so he reloaded, and he did it again. a triple bogey 7, four shots off the lead. so two of the games heavy weights will be paired up
6:54 pm
saturday. a one-shot over roy, 171. dennis 0 done necessarily, follow our coverage. wow 14 players within four shots of the lead. >> you know the war yors -- war yours, their defense last night. the turnovers became points the other way. they won it 112-101. as you watch this -- these plays, this was at the expense of number two seed. it's still in play. >> think about the year we had. started 24-0. haven't lost two in a row all year, yet we are still sitting here needing three in a row. that tells you how hard this is to do. so to get this far and kind of
6:55 pm
just tank it and say never mind, we probably will never get to this point again. that's why it only been done one time. >> three weeks from now, guess what? we're going to have the nfl draft, where the concussion issue, well, as far as the game goes, we will be right at the forefront. it already is at a play house in the city on post street. >> reporter: it is a hot button issue, felt almost as hard as the blows on the football field. >> you are kringing every time something like that happens. >> reporter: that is act or jason -- who plays an injured player, through the end of the month. it addresses concussion. >> i found a disease that no one has ever seen.
6:56 pm
repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. >> reporter: as did will smith on the big screen in the film "con" -- concussion ". >> listen to his hin gearing effects after multiple concussions nine years after he retires. >> even now i have tingling that goes down the left side of my body. i'm in bed probably from 14, 17, 18 days a month. it's still like that. but now when i'm in bed, you know at least i can kind of watch tv. i can eat now. >> wait until you hear even more of the effects of jarod cooper on game day sunday night at 11:30. >> good stuff. good issue. have a good night. good night.
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steve: well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, from omaha, nebraska, it's the camenzind family. [cheering and applause] and from st. louis, missouri, it's the patterson family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge. give me jessie. give me cecilia. top 8 answers on the board. here we go. what's the best way for a shy guy to meet women? jessie: go to a bar. steve: go to a bar.
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cecilia: um, his best friend, actually, asks his best friend. steve: set--best friend. pass or play? cecilia: we're going to play, steve! steve: they're going to play, ok. sheila. sheila: yes, steve. steve: what's the best way for a shy guy to meet women? sheila: what about on the internet, steve? steve: on the internet. sam, what's the best way for a shy guy to meet women? sam: i would say on the telephone. steve: on the telephone. "hello?" sam: that way they can't see how they look, steve. steve: "sir, do i know you?" "uh-uh. i just thought this was the best way for us to meet." on the telephone. patricia.


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