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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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weekend's weather and the big question, when will the rain move out next. ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. onto a car and par showers for hours and a mess in the north bay, the wet weather sending a tree crashing onto a car and part of a home. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. we begin with breaking news in san francisco. police find a mother murdered and tonight they need your help finding her missing 2-year-old daughter. take a look at this picture of ariana fitz considered at risk. she and her mom were reported missing on tuesday. her mother was found dead last night. now police will not disclose details but fear little girl who hasn't been seen since late february could be in danger. nt -- ariana might be in nor >> she's 2 years old. as you could imagine, the world just very large to a 2-year- old, don't have information who
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she may be with. that's what we want to find out as well. if anyone sees her, we encourage you to contact 911 immediately when you see her. >> police say at this point ariana might be in northern or southern california. we will continue to follow this brake and bring you updates as soon as we get them. also tonight the rain causing problems across the bay area. police responded to a number of crashes because of slick roads of one accident flipped this -- road. one accident filmed this vehicle onto its -- flipped this vehicle onto its side. the off and on rain today required an umbrella just to be safe. we've got more on the way, too from a low spinning 100 miles from the bay area and we'll expect more showery weather to continue through tomorrow. the latest from the kpix5 hi- def doppler shows the rain slowly sinking south, but there's still plenty of scattered showers to deal with tonight over much of the bay
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area. totals exceed an inch in parts of the east bay. more will fall here in the south bay the next few hours and then changes coming up early next week. heavy rains brought one big oak tree toppling into a car in mill valley, kpix5's emily turner on the neighbors who say this wasn't a surprise. >> reporter: it was one tree that fell and it's not the first and neighbors worry it won't be the last. in the meantime their entire street is shut down. this morning's rainy weather made for a bad morning for one mill valley neighborhood. >> i left to go to work and then my wife sent me the photograph and said margaret's tree fell on another car. >> reporter: this is the second tree to fall from this year onto the street into power lines this year around 9:00 this morning and knocked out power to several homes and has the entire street blocked while crews are working to fix it. >> it's a 3-mile loop to get back around, so it's a real
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drag for the locals. >> reporter: the trees belong to the city of mill valley which owns several feet on either side of the street. it trims the trees every year but apparently in this case not enough to keep them upright in the wet weather. >> it's a beautiful place to live, but these are the kinds of things that happen once in a while. >> reporter: the workers couldn't tell us how long the street will be shut down, but from what we could tell it certainly won't open back up today. on the green is how president obama wanted to spend his final hours in the bay area today rain or shine and we got rain. the president and several staffers played golf at the olympic club in san francisco. he had a little audience there. the secret service did follow the president which delayed some of the local golfers' games by a couple hours, but they didn't seem to mind. >> i was just practicing some chipping and he rolls around onto the 3rd tee. i gave him a wave. he gave me a wave. he hit a great shot. >> president obama's eldest
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daughter came with him on the trip. she didn't play golf. both are now back in washington. the president's daughter will return to school monday and the president has a full agenda for the week ahead. some very unusual weather today in las vegas, flash flooding kept nevada highway patrol extremely busy. you can see drivers stranded when their cars stalled in deep water, several rescues in las vegas with one man even caught under a bridge and it wasn't rain but snow blanketing other parts of the country. this is video from harrisburg, pennsylvania. some areas back east could see record cold tonight and, of course, brian will have our full forecast in a few minutes and you can check live doppler radar any time and current conditions here at our station and also by going to now to international news, in belgium the terror suspects who thought a hat was foolproof camoflauge is now behind bars,
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reporter jonathan vigliotti. >> reporter: the man in the hat, mohammed abrini, one of the terror suspects rounded up on friday. authorities say he admitted being the person in surveillance video seen next to the suicide bombers in the brussels airport. abrini is also linked to the paris attacks in november. he was caught on gas station security camera with terror suspect salah abdeslam two days before the coordinated massacre in the french capital. abrini is one of four men charged with participating in terrorist acts. 32 people died last month at the airport and a subway station. one of the suspects in custody is accused of being the second man at the deadly train station attacks. belgium police carried out more raids saturday looking for additional accomplices and working to counter fierce criticism they haven't done enough to battle terrorism.
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recruit one thousand o >> belgium's prime minister hopes to he could the momentum going on anti-terror requests. he plans to recruit 1,000 officers for the country's federal police force. the cal assistant basketball coach who resigned thursday after a sexual harassment scandal as a new job. university of nevada reno announced friday is hired juan hufnagel as an assistant coach. hufnagel lists his new job on his twitter page and tweeted yesterday i'm back doing what i love, coaching basketball. in san francisco a fight over a seat on muni costs an elderly man his life. police say the man got into an argument with a woman over a bus seat they had just gotten off of at kearny and geary streets. the man then had a heart attack and died. nearly two years after an
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earthquake the historic bittner building reopened today. it took 16 months of construction to restore the building, but the property owner says it was worth the wait. bon cutting >> this is the oldest stone building and it's a very important building for this community. >> napa's mayor and u.s. congressman mike thompson attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. pedestrians and cyclists are getting a pathway to call their own. it's going to run from san rafael to santa rosa. smart is also working on a public transit project and a control system in the north bay. >> safety is a top priority at smart. so we really want to urge motorists to be very careful whenever you approach any crossing gate whether or not
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you see a train. >> the path will make a region accessible for bicyclists and pedestrians but at a price of $50 million for the bike path. plan on extra time if you're taking part to the san leandro or bay fair station. riders should prepare for a number of weekend closures till june. one of america's biggest newspapers is making headlines of its own by printing parity instead of the news. >> we'll see how its poking fun at the republican front runner in a very public way. >> rant and roll by a rock legend. >> and it wasn't the pick me up he expected, why one starbucks customer is upset over the words written on his cup. >> how do you feel about the
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weather? there's something for everybody really when we come back. ,, a green masterpiece is unveiled with four-story living walls, expect owner reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. ,,,,,,
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turns to new york's huge pry on april 19th. brian webb reports. campaign news now, bernie sanders and ted cruz pick up wins in the west as the presidential race turns to new york's huge primary on april 19th. brian webb reports. >> reporter: a home rf battle is brewing between brooklyn born bernie sanders and hillary clinton who made new york her adopted home. >> i actually think new york values are really good for america. >> reporter: a whopping 291
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delegates are up for grabs in new york. sanders is behind in the delegate count, but he's making up for it with momentum taking eight of the last nine contests with a win in wyoming. sanders got the news from his wife and announced it to a crowded auditorium in queens. >> all right, news bulletin, we just won wyoming. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: ted cruz grabbed 37 delegates saturday and then rushed to nevada where he poked fun of the democrats. >> the democrats consist of a wide eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for the world and bernie sanders. >> reporter: john kasich spoke in rochester, new york, vowing to fight for average americans. >> trying to play by the rules and get somewhere, we just want to believe the system is fair. >> reporter: front runner donald trump leads in the polls heading into next tuesday's new
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york primary. >> clinton and sanders face off in a debate next week in new york. it's being called an extraordinary chapter in journalism. the boston globe will publish a fake front page this sunday targeting donald trump filled with satirical articles discussing hot button issues like deportation, riots and a botched economy. >> we're in enough trouble as it is with all of the issues of people working together and that's just going to make it more difficult than ever before. >> i don't know. i think the globe has gone a little too far. >> the satirical edition of the boston globe will be delivered tomorrow morning. bernie sanders is putting out a new tv ad produced by spike lee. it features harry belafonte and eric garner whose father died in police custody. the ad wraps up with a muslim american activist saying
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sanders sees us as a whole country. another twist in the police chase in l.a. this week, turns out the driver making all these donuts on hollywood boulevard used to be a tactical driver for the u.s. marines. the pentagon said herschel reynolds was prematurely discharged in january. he and an accomplice led l.a. police on a chase. he was booked on suspicion of burglary. a massive crowd showed up to the funeral services this afternoon for merle haggard held at a local arena because his family anticipated a big crowd. haggard died wednesday, his 79th birthday. we're getting a sneak peek of the roll and roll hall of induction ceremony. watch. >> ♪ johnny come lately new kid in town ♪ ♪ . >> a little eagles tribute.
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that was sheryl crowe. this year's inductees include cheap trick, deep purple, chicago and steve miller made it known he was not happy. >> they said you can have two tickets, one for your wife, one for yourself. want another one? it's $10,000. i said i'm playing here. what about my band? >> and he went on and on. the induction ceremony airs april 30th on hbo. kiss front man gene simmons isn't happy with what one of the hall of fame honorees said at the ceremony. rapper ice cube was a member of the group nwa which was inducted last night and during their acceptance speech ice cube stressed that the rappers are rock and roll, but gene simmons disagreed saying respectfully let me know when
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jimi hendrix gets into the hip- hop hall of fame and then you'll have a point. he's questioned others as well. a customer at a florida starbucks is steamed over a barista's rude comment. >> it wasn't the man's name, but it was a snide comment scrawled on the side of his coffee cup. >> that first word just automatically brought the picture of both sisters in my head. >> on the side of his drink the words diabetes, here i come. for this customer it hit too close to home. >> when you saw diabetes, what memories did that trigger? >> just the struggles they went through, some of the doctors' appointments. >> reporter: the man said his two sisters suffer from type 1 diabetes. the 16-ounce white mocha has 470 calories. the store management was stunned seeing the cup's label. is this something starbucks condones?
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>> no. this is something we definitely don't condone. >> reporter: the manager said the only thing that should be written on the label is the drink type and customer's name. the customer wrote a note of his own on the same cup and left it for the store baristas. it mentions his sisters and saying not funny. >> knowing the struggle my sisters went through since the 3rd and 4th grade, it definitely spoke a nerve. >> a spokesperson for the company said they were disappointed to learn of the incident and they contacted the customer directly to apologize. they just want reassurance it went to happen again. strange amounts of rain today, more in the east bay than the santa cruz mountains because this rain is coming from the direction of the sierra toward the west coast because the almost is south and that means on the top side of the low year getting easterly showers. usually think of an easterly flow as meaning dry conditions,
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but not when you've got as much moisture above the bay area as we've got tonight. in the south bay there's some decent rain coming down, steady rain much of the day today and they continue tonight. on the time lapse out from the central valley toward the bay area and the general trend is sinking south and out. there will be more on the way tomorrow. looking live over san jose where somebody needs to clean the lens and the numbers are in the upper 50s for the most part, 58 degrees at concord, livermore 56, in san francisco 57 degrees, santa rosa 56, a few scattered showers heading out sunday morning and temperatures in the low 50s to start the day off with. show you this again where that low is, right there, about 180 miles west of san diego. when you see over the top side of the low, the flow is offshore and that's where the rain is coming from. so more showers tomorrow on the futurecast will bear me out on this i hope.
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as you see on the time lapse here, sunday, tomorrow afternoon, more of the rain is concentrated in the south bay, but we're all over cast and question get showers from time to -- and we get showers from time to time. so a break from the sunshine for a day and a half before we begin to dry it out monday. as we go into monday, tuesday, late wednesday time frame, another low develops in the gulf of alaska, a more typical place for a low. as a result, we get a weak cold front coming through wednesday, early thursday and maybe showers by then. april showers, what is it they say, juliette? >> never allegedly bring may flowers. >> they allegedly do, but we'll send a team out to investigate. it will dry out later monday, tuesday. so monday, tuesday, look okay later in the day, chance of rain late wednesday. 60 degrees, chance of showers, japantown also in the 60s and temperatures will reflect that we've got overcast much of the day. the giants take on the dodgers
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in the old ball yard at 1:05. game time temperature will be 57 degrees, cloudy and a few sprinkles. we need some wd40 on our animation. travel weather forecast calling for showers from eureka in the north. you won't escape this by heading out of the bay area. overnight lows tonight, readings in the low 50s, upper 40s. sun-up tomorrow at 19 minutes before 7:00. daytime highs tomorrow in the low to mid-60s. so showery for us tomorrow. monday we dry out. tuesday looks nice and dry. wednesday a few showers will be around the bay by late wednesday, maybe early thursday, some clouds coming in thursday. friday and saturday next weekend, if you got gypped out of a dry sunny weekend today, next week we'll have temperatures in the 60s. so weather looking a little bleak, sports much excitement. here's andrea. coming up in sports madison bumgarner takes the rivalry to the next level.
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we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, ,,
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record of 33 road wins in a season the warriors made history tonight tying the 1995/'96 bulls record of 33 road wins in a season. now the other record is within reach to get 73 wins in the regular season, steph curry wishing maybe he was at augusta
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instead of memphis. matt barnes makes it a 10 point game. barnes scored 24, but here come the doves only trailing by three. draymond green scores but draws the foul. harrison barnes buries a three to give golden state the lead and memphis goes back in front. with a minute left green finished with a total 23 and final seconds of the game still a one point golden state lead. grizzlies miss and then a desperation shot is way off. the warriors win 100-99 for their 71st win. next golden state will be in san antonio tomorrow. up in sacramento former kings players and coaches saying good-bye to sleeptrain pavilion. steph curry channeled his older
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brother seth. the kings move into the new downtown arena next season. to baseball major pitching match-up today at at&t park, madison bumgarner going against l.a.'s clayton kershaw, a 12 total tying bumgarner for the lead among active pitchers. giants lead 1-0. top of the 9th dodgers lead 2-1 and then it goes to extra innings. charlie culverson doubles to the right field. l.a. hands the giants their second loss of the year so far winning 3-2. the a's continuing their series with the mariners in seattle. oakland starter rich hill bounced back from his rough start on opening night allowing one run and struck out 10 in six innings of work. top of the 8th inning 5-1
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oakland. steven voting doubles to center scoring danny valencia. a's win 6-1 and are tied for first in the al west for the first time in almost a year. coming up in sports the sharks final tune-up before the post season and the leader loses some ground after round 3 of the masters. we'll have all the details straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's evident on the leaderbd of the masters... with 36 y seperating the leader and t well, golf has seen a youth movement sweep in. it's evident in the leaderboard of masters with 36 years separating the leader and the
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third place golfer. the 3rd round began as the battle between golf's biggest young guns rory mcilroy and jordan spieth, mcilroy shot 5- over 77, five back of the lead. spieth looked poised to run away with it today. the pitch to the 8th green is on the money. he birdied a hole to go 5-under for the tournament. 58-year-old bernhard langer chipped and run from off the 14th green and dropped the second of a three straight birdies to go 2-under and spieth pushed the lead back to four but was 3-over his last two holes including a double bogey in the 18th when his pitch is well short of the hole, but spieth holds onto a one shot lead headed into sunday. with a shut-out tonight the coyotes not going down without a fight against the sharks in the regular season finale. san jose goalie martin jones with a shutout against arizona tonight. scoreless in the 3rd period.
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joel pavelski scores the only goal of the game. sharks face either l.a. or anaheim in the 1st round of the playoffs. their opponent will be determined tomorrow. >> that's exciting. >> yeah. warriors, then san antonio. if they can get that win, 73 is probable. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what are we going to do with all this rain? >> is it supposed to rain tomorrow? >> chance of everything. seven- thirty. >> you are well on the road. that is exactly the first thing you got to learn when you do weather. anything can happen. thanks for watching. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. >> brian will have the news and weather and so will we. >> we will? >> good-bye.
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hey. hey. so, what's going on in school? nothing. nothing? you just sit there all day and stare at the wall? that's where the clock is. ( phonerings ) charlie: i got it. well, i find it hard to believe that you just watch the clock all day. have you seen my report card? jake, it's for you. i'm busy. it's a girl. i don't care. her name is wendy cho. hold on! i'm coming! don't hang up! hey. how's it going? okay, that's something we haven't seen before. yeah. he only moves that fast when he's got the squirts. wendy cho is the smartest girl at school. i wonder why she's calling jake.


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