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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  April 10, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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what can we get to protect us.>> i don't know. i have a question, if you are consumer and with all of this hacking going on, and the social security and personal information, every time we turn around something else is being hacked, whether a retail chain or health service agent think, morning. good morning, i'm julie watts. i'm phil matier. or something like that. i'm mark kelly. there s a alk about in our nex what is the actual danger for it is 7:30 am on this the average person of that? >> it depends. sunday morning and good if you are part of those hacked morning, we have a lot to talk about in the next hour. a happy, there is free deadly confrontation involving the san francisco police caught identification security they on tape. >> new questions about the offer you. but if your number is out there, police used of force in question from whether to arm is the bad guy going to take it officers with stun guns, and we right now, knowing that the hacking just happened, and that are live in the studio to talk about what you see and what you you are aware and you have two years of free id protection, probably not. did not see on the video. all eyes on the new polls but when your guard is down in the golden state, and after two years when it political insiders weigh in on expires, that is the reality.
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the numbers, and showing >> not very reassuring. and you will not have to go hillary clinton and what she will have to do to keep up with the bernie sanders support in through security to fly from california. the bay area to southern a big week for california california. >> concord offering flights from concord to burbank three parents, the bill being signed days a week, and the private into law and how it will impact jet operator offering the private public travel service. programs. but everybody is talking about the rain, we start off with a live look outside, >> there looking at $109 each showers, and a live look at the way at this point, and that golden gate bridge. the doppler showing that will probably escalate up to $250-$300 each weight once they showers are beginning to move from the north to the south get the full service. >> and there is no tsa security across the bay area. the south bay shows showers right now, and sunnydale light check line because it is a private carrier, and all you rain, and into the warm springs need is an id, which could make some travelers uneasy. >> that is standard with the different, -- warm springs district, parts of hayward and private air travel. not that i would know, but what livermore, and we will continue i get him talking to others. to see these spotty showers throughout the day. >> if the whole point is that
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the plane is not overtaken and this is beginning some widespread light rainfall, and it will start to taper off to creating a flying bomb, how does this make us they for? scattered showers by lunchtime. >> -- how does this make us we will continue to be soggy and gray, and showers tapering safer? >> i cannot answer that off even more so tonight and question. and we are hoping they are tomorrow. a live look out side shows safe on the space station. >> the first inflatable room current temperatures in the for the asked to months -- 50s, and your full forecast astronaut's. coming up. the san francisco police need your help to find a and it will be filled with air and attached to the space missing, at risk to-year-old station next weekend, but will girl. not be inflated until the end here is a picture of orry in a of may. >> that is an interesting -- ariana and both of them were addition. i don't know that i would feel comfortable walking into it. one of the largest papers reported missing on tuesday and the mother is now dead.>> we delivered, targeting donald have been working around the trump like printing parity clock, but nothing compares to instead of the news. a look outside of the gray the eyes and ears of the public, and these are photos of skies, and drizzle, and when her, and these are recent you're skies will clear, coming up.
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photos, and remember to call us ,,,,,, right away if you recognize her. >> she could be in the bay area or southern california, and we will continue to keep you updated. you can also find her photo there and also on social media on . the driver plunged 125 feet down into the bodega bay when his car burst into flames, and arrested around 6:30 pm around highway 101. they had to use broke to get him -- rope to get to him, and they spent more than an hour putting out the flames. a deadly head-on collision in sacramento county, three women and two toddlers killed on highway 12 last night. the driver of the car that the victims worry and tried to pass a number of cars before slamming head-on into a pickup
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truck. >> it is unfortunate that someone would take that chance on this busy freeway, and (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ making a difference of maybe 2 i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ to 3 minutes.>> the driver of one way or another ♪ the pickup truck was taken to ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ the hospital with minor injuries, and it is not clear one way or another ♪ whether slick roads were a factor in the crash. ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ the terror group behind the brussels attack, initially planned to launch a second (inhales cigarette) attack on france, and to suicide bombers killed 16 people last month, and investigators have found links between the brussels attacks and the group that killed 130 people in paris in november. >> the mystery man is behind bars, and he is mohamed abrini, and he is also linked to the terror attacks, and caught on ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, the gas station security camera tomorrow is not a given.
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with sarah are -- terror but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. suspects a law office psalm. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... -- selad abaslam. ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. a $25,000 reward for women who are pregnant must not take entresto. information generated through it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. social media that helped thwart don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. a terror attack, and they say if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, you should say something if you see something, especially on a don't take entresto. terror the periods -- terror the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, feed. or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow.♪ >> and bernie sanders picking up delegates, and the victory ask your heart doctor about entresto. means that sanders has now won and help make tomorrow possible. 16 states, compared to ♪ you're only a day away ♪ clinton's 18 states, but clinton is in the lead with the 1286 delegates, and sanders has morning: a fake front page 1037. a clean sweep of colorado in the race for the white
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house, out in the newsstands delegates to the republican this morning, the front page on the boston globe, targeting national convention, and ted cruz picked up 13 delegates. donald trump. this victory gives him a total of 34 delegates and colorado, and the front runner donald it is filled with some trump was late for organizing satirical headlines and articles that discuss issues like deportation, pious and a plunging economy. in that state. >> we have listened to donald trump, this does urging website, the focus is shifting to new york this week.>> that's and we did with the globe said, right, and ahead of the new york primary, ted cruz is stopping in the golden state we reported it and put it on this week. >> that is orange county in san the front page. >> as the papers get delivered this morning, this is being diego, and john it -- governor called an extraordinary chapter in journalism, a satirical front page. john kasich will also appear at >> it is basically a huge the end of the month. donald trump has been invited, editorial blasting donald trump as we move ahead in the but no word on whether he will primaries, and that is what it come. port clinton will be in san is. francisco for a fund raiser and it's not new to journalism, but george clooney and his wife probably 100 years since we among those that are guess, and have seen something like this. we sat down with some analyst paying almost $400,000 for that to take a look at this, and
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taking donald trump seriously, event. this underscores the need we did not take them seriously. >> for so long we did not, and for money in this race, and the reason was we did that with none of them thought it would go this far. arnold as well, and we made comparisons between the two the campaign was expecting a fight in california, and bernie met, and we asked if this could sanders did not know whether he be an arnold without truck or a would make it this far, and the trump without arnold. republican side is a free-for- >> they both parachute into the all. they will need money to lift rain, 100% name recognition, the fight. lawmakers are drafting a not a lot of policy or plan, but they look good, and they bill that could ban unbreakable talked tough. encryption, a hot topic. rich guys that talk tough and >> they want tech companies to they connected with the blue- the government hack phones or collar voters that felt their pain, but after that the computers with a warrant, and comparison page. >> you know them personally and the company would have to adhere to a court order to politically, and how do you supply the encrypted information to law enforcement. compare arnold and the trump? this bill comes in the wake of >> not even close. that justice department battle arnold sells arnold, and trump with apple, and being finalized by diana weinstein. -- dianne sales whatever is not tied down at all times, and believe me, when arnold tried to sell
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feinstein. and as soon as i something other than arnold, he went in the tank. heard this, there is something on the phone called frequent the nurses took him in the tank locations, and it even says and a few others took him in this is your home or this is the tank, and he had to come your work raised on the hours. >> it will pop up when you pick out of the tank and say, "i'll be back." up your phone. >> but they both sell. it will say 33 minutes to your >> they are both salespersons, home, or whatever. >> what if the government, or a and that is what they are and divorce lawyer or civil what they are about and that is criminal lawyer could get a hold of that information, and their form of politics. how may that be used? >> arnold does show an ounce of humility, when the nurses kicked his butt, he came back i guess no privacy is something we have to expected the states, and said he learned his lesson, but could this lead to bigger things. >> and they were going after and he said that he hears what the people have spoken. can you imagine donald trump the fast track records to find doing that? >> that was a tactic. out whether clients were driving when they said they were one place and were i am certain that arnold did actually somewhere else. i'm not sure the privacy not think it. >> but he said it. actually exist anymore. >> if you want to know how to turn frequent locations off, i and he sold it, but he backed it up with these.>> keep in just posted it on facebook. mind that arnold actually has and a big one for parents, an ear on his staff, but donald
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jerry brown set to sign in legislation for the paid leave trump has no ear. >> are our -- or no staff that program. >> currently the states gives is talking to him. new parents picked 5% of their pay for up to six weeks, and this new legislation would increase it to 60 to 70% based you are talking about arnold after he is elected. >> no, before. on income level and expected to take effect in 2018. arnold was influenced by doing afterschool programs, running around the state doing that comes as san francisco paves the way for the fully afterschool programs. paid paternally.>> in addition to the percentage that the >> are they billing trump parent salary would already get, the employer now has to kick in without an arnold? >> donald trump was in the the rest, unanimously passed early 90s in preceded arnold. that legislation, and the first of its kind in the nation, and and when we were still they say would only apply to questioning who has the best care, arnold or trump? the businesses with 20 or more employees. flip it around >> it is the same color orange. and you have businesses that >> it has grown on arnold, and can be severely challenge, especially small businesses if they lose a good chunk of the it has not grown on trump. work force.>> california is one >> organic versus generic. >> one difference between the of only three states that two, arnold was totally provide any type of parental leave.>> a lot of people are controlled and scripted.
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wondering whether this could i remember covering his lead to some sort of federal law campaign, he said the same thing over and over. what he wanted to say was in , and currently you do have the and he was totally controlled. right to take time off, but not paid.>> the question is who is donald trump is totally unscripted and everything off- paying for it. the-cuff.>> and that's what and some say they are for it, keeps getting him into trouble. but rather than had the switching gears and turning business pay for, why not have to the forecast, it's everybody kick in like we do a definitely wet out there, but disability and other benefits not as soggy is yesterday. that you get, rather than having the small business we have the showers beginning to diminish from the north and picking up the tab south, and you can see some individually. >> this is not just for parents, and we have an aging spotty showers and the east bay, lafayette and oakland, baby boomer population which means many of us will have to heading south over the next couple of hours, over the next take care of our own parents. 30 minutes or so. >> which means the pool of inverness, expect to see light using this is going to be rainfall in your area and as bigger, and it will cost money. well as mill valley. >> and currently many people we will see shadows like this throughout the day, cannot take a family leave temperatures in the mid 50s because they need the pay period federal law says you can legally take leave, but they do area-wide, and grab the jacket and umbrella. as this area of low pressure not have to pay you, and seth moves out, moving out, and you meyers joked about it.
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and they said there are as many in that law as that take care of can see this picture as we make our way through, and monday we coupons. in other words, not could see some spotty showers and gray skies. tuesday we will get a break in the rain, maybe clearing. many will take advantage of this. another hot topic is the wednesday we had this next rent in the bay area. weather system making its way in, more showers possible by late wednesday into thursday. >> forcing landlords to evict tenants or raise the rent by more than 90%. and the median rain tapering into showers today, unsettled for most of rent is $3900 a month, and they the day on sunday, and a dry break early in the week before more rain heading our way. voted on not freezing the rent temperatures today cool and topping in the 60s area-wide. unsettled today, again, a in san mateo. and cutting into the bottom lingering shower on monday and dry on tuesday. line. >> these red lines are supposed the next chance of showers wednesday and thursday, and dry to help the buses and taxis avoid the cost of parking the heading into next weekend. we will be right back. car, but they say instead of ,,,,,,,,,, that, customers are coming into the stores where these red lines are painted. the muni riders that pay
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with cash may have to shell out some more money. >> under the new budget, they are thinking of charging 25 cents more for not using the clipper card, and they say it slows down the system when you have to make change, but they say this is unfair to the casual rider, and they are talking about charging the meter parking in the evening, but this has to be finalized by the board of supervisors. >> what do you think about that? >> which one? traveling around san francisco, the no nightmare. moving on, a deadly police shooting, and new questions being asked. and we will be live in the studio to talk about what we did not see. and a live look outside, and the rain and how long it will last, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast as kpix 5's allen martin res -- it can also p welcome back. rockclimbing, kayaking or backpacking through the wilderness is an adventure, and it can also provide some of
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life's greatest lessons. >> this is a piece of cake for you.>> reporter: josh franklin believes in the out in the outward bound. >> making it and confronting it and making it your choice. >> reporter: after more than 15 years, this education leader help to establish "outward bound california" because he believes that the inner-city kids need help as well. >> these are in the upper and middle class communities, but not necessarily in the more poverty communities and communities of color, so we decided to bring it to them as well. >> reporter: partnering outward bound california with groups such as the larkin street youth in san francisco, and they can realize the experience is really a means to an end. >> communication in times of trouble, and having challenges,
7:45 am
in a developing story: an investigation is now underw and overcoming the challenges. into a deadly confrontation what we see and all of the between san francisco polic students is the ability to harness their own capabilities, knife. an investigation is underway and to look at the group around them and think of problems as a group problem, something that in the deadly confrontation they can solve together. between the san francisco police and the homeless man wielding a knife. >> reporter: larkin street sees >> it took 23 seconds for these this vision as worth it. officers the fire for thing bag >> returning to this place had -- four being bag -- beanbag the experience, and they say listed this another day and go rounds, and calling for an to the beach, or they want to investigation into the shooting go kayaking again.>> reporter: . >> and talking about what we while they cannot get everyone out rockclimbing, but they do hold events like this one, the did and did not see on the video, is deputy chief chapman. third annual city challenge, this took 23 seconds, and at a helping more young adults. >> reporter: helping them no time when there is a big debate matter what they choose to do. >> they will not be successful about the time in space, in other words, when the officers if they do not know how to communicate effectively, manage arrived at the scene, given times to assess and cooldown, problems and know when to step up or step back and develop but that did not happen here, their leadership skills. and why not?
7:46 am
>> first of all, there is still >> reporter: to give these inner-city kids to accomplish an investigation and i will not going to specific details, but more in life, this days bay in this particular case you are area award goes to franklin. ,,,,,, not always able to create the time and distance. there is no way to train for 100% of what you will see on the streets. we are hearing early reports that when the officers arrived on scene, that the gentleman was seated. >> if you are arrived on the scene and the gentleman is seated, and you go up to them and they remain calm, i would figure you can set up the time and distance. but if he jumps up with the knife as some said, that changes the situation instantly. >> correct. it completely changes the situation. if you look at the video, you can see the officers, and obviously not the person shot, but they are rapidly backing up , almost running in reverse. >> and that would indicate that
7:47 am
they are being attacked or someone was coming at them? >> they perceived something, yes. >> but for the public, given that does is for us, everything that we have in america today, couldn't they throw up a net or do something scattered showers tapering off that could keep these things later today, and drying out from happening? is that realistic? midway. have a great sunday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> we have and erw which was deployed, the extended range weapon that shot the beanbags. that was utilized in this instance. if that does not work, unfortunately, there is no other step in between right now, and that goes into the debate about the tasers and the next step is the firearm. if someone is advancing on you that rapidly with the weapon in their hand, they are limited to their options. >> if someone comes at you with a knife, you will not use danger -- use a taser, correct?
7:48 am
>> it depends on the distance and whether you can deploy the weapon. but if they are closing the distance rapidly, no. >> let's go back to the shooting that involved mario woods, the most controversial shooting in san francisco for quite some time. where he was distraught, possibly on drugs, and the toxicology report showed he was on drugs, standing there with a knife, and questions of whether he was slashing it or holding it to his side, and how could it have change that with the taser? >> unfortunately, since we cannot get them or have them, we will never know that answer. but going forward that is a topic of conversation because there are a lot of people in the bayview neighborhoods that believe that if we had tasers, mario woods would still be alive. >> with it -- this debate has been going on for three years. >> yes, it's been talked about,
7:49 am
securing tasers for the officers, and every time we have been turned down. >> it would seem to me that if we do not have tasers for whatever reason, and people feel that the police will overuse them, or they do not agree with the use of them, and if the only choice is beanbags and bullets, what is the likelihood of seeing this again ? >> unfortunately, the odds are pretty good. again, you can only do so much. >> dickerson: today on face the we are pushing time and nation. the campaign caravan moves from distance, and in some of these wisconsin to new york. situations, it's just not the front runners stumble in the possible. if the individual makes the midwest try to rebound in the empire state. just like new york the campaign decision to come at you, and i is getting both aggressive -- don't know few remember this that several months ago at >> i don't believe that she is eight rural road station a similar officer shooting qualified. >> dickerson: and theatrical all occurred, the subject had a five presidential candidates spent the week as humans of knife and advanced on the new york. officer, and the officer was in they road subways, or tried to, showed off their baking skills. full retreat, tripped and fell in the bushes, and had to fire
7:50 am
and kill the subject because there was literally nothing else he could do. in a situation like that, there toured the 9/11 museum. was nothing that that officer had that could have stopped and of course, ate for the that individual sort of cameras or not for the cameras. shooting him. >> i have a feeling we will >> i learned early on not to eat seek more of you because this is in front of all of you. a debate that will be starting >> dickerson: bernie sanders has up again. let's take a change of pace now won and look at the weather. >> we are talking rain today, and yesterday was very soggy. many downed trees and power lines, and we show the showers moving from the north to the south throughout the bay area. these scattered showers are getting a bit of a break in san francisco proper, but to the east scattered showers and south at the financial. and north bodega bay and inland along the delta, fairfield also sing scattered showers. anticipate scattered showers throughout the day. temperature-wise, we are in the 50s area-wide. a mild start to the day, and
7:51 am
definitely grab the umbrella. not going to see this consistent widespread rain that was here yesterday, but certainly chance of shower continuing throughout the day. and that tropical moisture into our area, gradually pushing to the east, and we will see these showers taper off over the next 24 to 48 hours. by 2 pm this afternoon, scattered showers, more widespread to the south, and spotty at best. sunday being drawn out even more with a couple of lingering showers on monday, but monday mostly dry and dry on tuesday as well. wednesday we will see this next system move in, and this one is more traditional, moving in for the northwest, more showers possible late wednesday into thursday. the rain tapering to showers today, and a dry break early in
7:52 am
the week, and more rain heading our way, temperatures today cool. topping out in the 60s area- wide, and a look at the extended forecast, unsettled today and tomorrow and another chance of showers on wednesday and thursday. we will be right back.
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primary is weeks away, but w numbers show how democratic in the race for the white house, the california primary is weeks away, new numbers showing how democratic candidates are faring, hillary clinton watching hurt lead
7:55 am
shrink over bernie sanders in california, dropping to six points. clinton at 47%, sanders and 41%.>> given those numbers, we sat down with our former san francisco mayor willie brown, and rider guerra foley. argue surprised -- are you surprised? >> bernie has been saying things that the progressives in san francisco and berkeley love, and the progressives in santa monica love. you have it going if you are bernie sanders.>> hillary clinton is in trouble, and losing among the latinos, and her personal rating is down, and more people think of her unfavorably in california than
7:56 am
favorably. she spent $24 million here and people think of her unfavorably. >> but keep around that hillary has been around forever. this is nothing we have not seen before, and we have always wanted an alternative, and whenever an alternative shows up, it is a fantasy to think that you can perceive bernie sanders as new, but he is fresh in the eyes of the voters. this past week, i've been traveling around, and he appears to have more of an operation, a ground operation in place in california with the nurses than she does. >> absolute, and that is how she got obamacare through, because she had the ground operation going, and ernie now has that -- bernie has that ground operation going. >> and hillary was uncontested to get a nomination, but this
7:57 am
time around, hillary assumed that she would only be coming here for the coronation and thank you for all of the money that we provided her with, and to do well in all of the other states, but she never fantasized that there could be a bernie. >> but now there is, in this election will be starting up in earnest in the coming weeks, and is she in trouble in california, and if she does not win the popular vote and wins the delegates, what does that mean? >> when you say it is troubling california, u. s. in the primary. in the general election it will depend upon whether or not it is ted cruz. if it's ted cruz, hillary is on cruise control. if it is donald trump, everybody is in trouble. >> here you have both of them that have root, and i feel like
7:58 am
this could go either way, and what do you think? >> every time we go into these things and say this is hillary country or bernie country, the polls may be right, or they may be wrong, and we are waking up in the primaries and wonder what happened. she was the former senator in new york, and the clintons have been based there, and a heavy new york urban population. that is our base, and we will see what happens. every primary now, they have to watch it and they all will be looking at us. >> bernie is in for the long haul, and he will keep buzzing until he runs out of cash. >> and the cash appears to be coming in. and white waiting to put your house on the market may get you some extra cash, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm phil matier. i'm julie watts. welcome back to kpix this morning, and your time now is 8:01 am. we have a lot to get through over the next 30 minutes, and that includes a new chapter in journalism.>> and mocking what the donald trump presidency would look like, and this is the weigh-in on donald trump.
8:02 am
a recent increase of burglaries in dublin. >> and what the neighborhoods are doing to try to keep the crooks out. and the mayor telling is the reason behind this sudden spike. keeping your information out of the hands of the hackers . >> state lawmakers looking to make sure that eight cyber break-in does not happen. and of course, the top story is the weather, and that rain from yesterday help to bring down this giant oak tree, and it took out power lines, knocked out power to several homes, and the entire street was blocked. this is the second treated help from the start, and the police responded to a number of crashes due to the wet roads. and how long will this rain last, a look at the doppler tells us it looks different than yesterday. scattered showers moving from the north to the south, and spotty showers through parts of
8:03 am
the south peninsula. redwood city, san mateo, and fremont. these scattered showers throughout the east bay, calling for light rainfall, and moving toward lafayette, and san ramon has some sprinkles heading your way, and expect a gray day. and this widespread rain is beginning to taper off as we head through the midday, and unsettled throughout the day. some lingering showers into monday, and your full forecast coming up. in san francisco, the police did your help right now to find this missing two- year-old girl, and take a close look at this girl, at risk and in danger, they found the mother of ariana murdered, and both were reported missing on tuesday, but ariana was last seen missing -- last seen in february, and anyone with information is asked to call
8:04 am
911. a driver plunging 125 feet down a cliff into the bug eyed of they -- bodega bay has been arrested for dui, and a rescue crew had to use the rope to get and taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the firefighters spent more than an hour putting out the flames. new details about the terror group, and now saying they had planned to launch a second attack on france, two suicide bombers killed 16 people in brussels last month, and the explosion at the subway took another 16, and they have found links between the brussels attack in the group that killed 130 people in paris in november, and that includes the mystery man in the hat, wanted in the belgium attacks, and mohamed abrini is being
8:05 am
linked to these terror attacks and is now behind bars. the new orleans saints mourning the loss of one of their players after a case of road rage turned violent. will smith was shot to death overnight after an argument with a man that rear-ended his car in new orleans. the gunman also shot his wife twice in the leg, and she was taken to the hospital, and the 30-year-old suspect is in custody, and they are calling this incident a senseless and tragic loss. bruce springsteen is taking a stand for gay rights, the superstar is postponing the scheduled concert in greensboro, north carolina due to the passage of the hb2 and this being known as the "bathroom law," and dictates what bathroom transgender have to use.
8:06 am
and the university of nevada in reno hired john hufnagel after a -- yann hufnagel and he was fired at berkeley after being accused of trying to lure a student to his apartment to have sex. this is one among many high profile sexual-harassment cases we are seeing at uc berkeley. and a path to being created for the bikers in joggers, running from san rafael to santa rosa, and $14 million. and barth wrapping up work on the commuter trail. happening again today, the service shut down between the san leandro and bayfair stations, and this is so the barth crews could repair the equipment on the tracks, and they will be providing a bus
8:07 am
bridge for the riders, and the scheduled maintenance is offering the bart plan to replace 8 miles of track just this year. and the police say that between last fall and last month, 24 vehicles have been stolen, most of these were cars are bands or trucks with commercial signs on them, and many of them have visible toolboxes and utility racks, and about 90% of the vehicles were locked when they were stolen. when it comes to recovery, most of them are found, but rarely with the equipment still inside. and burglaries are eight growing problem in dublin. >> the neighborhoods in dublin are taking security measures into their own hands following a rash of break-ins. >> they have formed neighborhood watches, and taking turns patrolling the streets, and neighbors are taking note of anything out of
8:08 am
the ordinary, including unfamiliar vehicles. >> they think there is a growing affluence that had the newer homes being targeted. the police will step up the patrols in the residential areas, last year more than 50 reported burglaries in the city, and dick's year 26 cases so far -- this year, 26 cases so far. a few weeks of waiting to put your home on the market could get you a lot more money, according to zillow. they say that while you can sell at a good price in march and april, you can ask for more in may and june. and santa clara county there was a 1.7 boost in the average listing in the first two weeks of june. $1.4 million, a $14,000 difference for the timing of when you sell. >> and according to the realtors, they say that most
8:09 am
buyers of families and they want to get in the home before the start of the school year. that makes sense to me, and that is usually when you see people moving to new jobs as well. >> my parents just closed on their home this week in santa clara county, and probably turning off the tv out of frustration. but is it a bad idea to sell right now? are they losing money? >> it's a question of how much, talking about $14-$20,000, but with the rise of these homes, the biggest game is trying to figure out when to sell because the market, whether it is a boom or bust. are you on the fourth floor of the elevator going up for the fourth floor of the elevator about to drop. >> and we are all waiting for the next earthquake or bubble that will cool off the housing market. >> that's right. now we are going to get
8:10 am
personal. the government accountability office recently discovered a cybersecurity witnessed on the california health insurance exchange website. and they say the findings are alarming, and chain added -- chang says we must prioritize security on the cyberattacks, and says we should have more security requirements in the state. most of last year we covered a lot of problems across california. we recently had an investigation that exposed the state unemployment department for mailing in documents with your social security number.
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