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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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search for a killer and a a mother murdered. her young daughter missing. new details in the search for a killer and a missing child. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. joe vazquez is in san francisco and just spoke to the missing girl's aunt. >> san francisco police are scouring the city in what they're calling an urgent search for the 2-year-old girl. her mother was discovered, her
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body was, on friday. >> i hope that we find her and get her back to family. >> reporter: family and friends of nicky fitts are horrified she was murdered. now there's concern something might have happened to her 2-year-old daughter arianna. >> i'm trying to stay positive that we'll see her again safely. mostly i'm just scared that she's out there and we don't know where she is and want her home. >> reporter: the police won't elaborate on the circumstances of nicky's murder, only saying her body was found friday, but they say the fact that a murder victim's young daughter is missing makes them extremely worried something might also have happened to the little girl. >> she's 2 years old. the world is very large to a 2-year-old. don't have information on who she may be with. that's what we want to find out as well. if anyone sees her, we encourage you to contact 911. >> be on the lookout. see the photo and notify the authorities if you see anything,
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if you know anything. >> nicky worked at a best buy store here in san francisco. at this point police are not giving many details about her disappearance or how long it had been since she saw her daughter. we'll stay on the case and update you as we get more details. joe vazquez, kpix 5. police encountered what they believe was a burglary in progress today in san francisco. it happened at justin drive and college avenue near alemany boulevard. the suspect came out the front door when he saw officers. he jumped out the side window and ran. he crossed interstate 280 in to a different neighborhood, then fell and hurt himself, and that's when police arrested him. an ambulance took the suspect away. no one was in the house where he broke in. a plane's nose gear collapsed today right after it touched down at oakland international airport. the incident happened shortly after noon on runway 2811 on the
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airport's north field. the citation 750 was stuck on the runway with its tail up in the air. the plane landed normally but its nose gear collapsed moments later. fire crews came out to the scene as a precaution. a pilot and coworker were on the plane owned by a company called xo jet based in brisbane. no one was hurt. we're learning more about a car crash that killed five people in sacramento county. several of the victims were from modesto. it happened on highway 12 at about 5:30 yesterday afternoon. three women and two toddlers were killed. investigators say the driver of the car the victims were in tried to pass a number of cars before slamming head on in to a pickup truck. >> it's unfortunate that someone would take that chance to pass vehicles on a busy stretch of freeway here and it would make the difference of maybe 2 to 3 minutes in your time of travel. >> four passengers inside the pickup truck are expected to be okay. it isn't clear whether or not slick roads were a factor in the
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crash. new details on a deadly police shooting in san francisco. a high ranking police official says stun guns may not have made a difference in last week's shooting. at the same time as mark kelly shows us people who live in the city have conflicting views about options for non-lethal force. >> reporter: 23 seconds. video shows that's all it took for officers to fire four bean bag rounds and seven bullets at 45-year-old luis, a homeless man police say was wielding a knife. >> what does that tell you that it happened so fast? >> tells me they don't have compassion or patience. >> reporter: luis said pd should have learned its lesson after the deadly shooting of mario woods in december and given officers a new tool. >> do you think police should have tasers? >> absolutely. >> why is that? >> because that way they can actually do their job less harmful to a human life. >> reporter: but san francisco police are banned from carrying
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stun guns and some like it that way. >> weapons will hurt and sometimes kill people. >> reporter: on kpix 5 news sunday morning, tony chaplain told phil matier that stun guns aren't a silver bullet. >> if somebody is advancing on you with a knife, you're not going to use a taser, right? >> well, it all depends on at one -- at what point that person is coming at you, what their distance is, can you deploy that weapon. obviously if they're closing that distance rapidly, no, you're not. >> reporter: crisis intervention train ing has been teaching officers non-lethal options. still, this fatal shooting happened, and it once again has the community divided. >> for them to do it again is shameful. >> but i think most of them are trying to keep people safe and doing their best. i don't think anybody wants to murder somebody. >> in the mission district, mark kelly, kpix 5. at this hour clouds are
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lowering over part of the bay area and this case in dublin after a weekend dumped more than an inch of rain in the east bay and an inch in the south bay. the question is, is there more on the way? the answer is not much. not yet, anyway. as the kpix 5 hi-def doppler shows rain is heading south and out of the area. close-up view shows lingering showers over the ocean and moving in to the bay area, there's not a drop in sight, and it should mostly stay that way overnight. changes later in the week, forecast coming up in a few minutes. meantime, the warriors played a crucial game in san antonio today. >> golden state has tied the nba record for the most wins in a season with a chance to set a new record on wednesday. >> kpix 5's reporter mur mur is in san jose, a spot where fans were closely following the action as it wrapped up a short time ago. hi, maria. >> the energy, the excitement, the warriors have done it. they won against the spurs, tying with the chicago bulls.
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single season win record of 72. we're going to take a video we shot a few minutes ago of fans as they watched the end of the quarter as steph curry made the shot. many of them on the edge of their seat wondering will they win the game? that chicago bulls record set back in 1995. here's what fans had to say to me. >> 20 years ago. it's time. the bulls were an amazing team and everybody knows it. they've been in the history records forever. it's time we break it. >> curry is on a roll right now. >> i wish i could take you guys inside the bar. there was so much excitement as they won against the spurs. the question is can they beat the record now? we'll find out this wednesday when they take on the grizzlies here at home. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> a lot of excitement. coming up, a medical breakthrough announced right here in the bay area. >> the possible end to hiv/aids.
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on the healthwatch this
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v/aids doctor speaking in s francisco says the on the health watch this
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evening, a prominent hiv/aids doctor speaking in san francisco says the end to the pandemic is closer than ever. >> john ramos shows us how much things have changed since the early 80s. >> reporter: those who came to the keynote speech at san francisco's global health conference got to hear from dr. anthony, a man who began fighting the aids epidemic from the first month it was identified in 1981. >> i had no idea it would be as bad as it was. >> reporter: 35 years later, after so much tragedy, and so much progress, it was still shocking to hear what the doctor had to say. >> i do believe we will have a durable end to the hiv/aids pandemic as we know it today. >> reporter: with the advances in hiv drug therapy, doctors say it is now possible to live a normal life with the virus in the same way people live with diabetes, for example. and because of that, they say
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now is the time for governments to mount an all-out effort of testing and treatment to stop the spread of the disease. >> this is the moment we need to invest. there has never been as many people as there are right now on the planet, 37 million living with hiv. it's mind baffling why more people aren't concerned about this. >> reporter: as fear has lessened, so has funding. until there's a cure or vaccine, the key to ending the disease is focusing on its spread. the doctor says he looks forward to the day he'll address a conference. >> instead of talking about an achievable goal, i'm going to be talking about a goal that has been achieved, and that's going to be a very fine day. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. still ahead, sour grapes for vintage wine. it could happen. >> the pests targeting grapes in wine country, coming up.
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>> as a wet weekend ends, could the sun come out at ocean beach? ,,,,,,,,,,
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triple-a says the average p of it's costing more to fill up at the pump. aaa says the average price of gasoline has jumped to 8 cents. the national average starts at $2.04. in california the state average is $2.77. in san francisco it's $2.84. in oakland, it's a dime cheaper at $2.74. jerry brown is set to sign legislation that will strengthen the state's paid family leave program. right now the state provides
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workers with 59% of their pay for up to six weeks to bond for a new child or family member. it would increase the pay to 60% to 70% depending on income levels. it's expected to take effect in 2018. a big blowup but that's okay. the station's robotic arm locked on a fixtures of the cargo ship and pulled it in for birthing. among three tons of cargo is an inflatable module that can be blown up and turned in to a small bedroom. if it works, and it should, it will be a first in space. today some cyclists who backed bernie sanders for president road through parts of contra costa county. they gathered at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station, got their campaign signs ready, and headed for concord. other sanders supporters welcomed the riders. as part of today's events, people also learned about taking part in canvassing and
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registration efforts. california's primaries happen on june 7th. the statewide field poll has hillary clinton leading sanders 47-41%. in napa county, safety officials discovered a dreaded wine grape pest for the second time this spring. one viable glassy winged sharp shooter was found along with 50 older nonviable egg masses. the discovery was nade during a shipment inspection last month. the wine trees were from a riverside county nursery. officials there say they're working to prevent this infestivation. -- infestation. we picked up a good deal of rain. as you look over santa rosa you might think there's more on the way but pretty much it's dried up. for us we'll just have clouds as we head in to sunset on sunday night. the numbers are in the upper 50s right now and there's the rain as we showed you a few minutes
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ago. while we've got clouds being reported from santa rosa all the way down through san jose and beyond. no rain really. it's all moved offshore and down in to monterey county and beyond that in to san luis obispo county. there's the low pressure, moving east of san diego. another little low will follow that. a ridge bubbles up, showers taper off tonight. tomorrow we'll get a peek or two at sun. we didn't do badly. this is really weird. i don't remember when there was more rain in the east bay than there is in the peninsula, and more in both places than in the santa cruz mountains. just .36 of an inch. walnut creek picked up 1.14 because we had had the rain moving easterly. a lot of the moisture got wrung out first. sausalito had .84 of an inch according to my trusty rain gauge. on the futurecast we've got
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mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow we freeze this at 9 a.m. to show you we've got clouds to start the day with. it will dry out. we've got more sun as the day goes on but not much in the way of rain. a few little popup showers in sonoma and solano counties but that will be about it. futurecast, we really [ roll the -- -we really roll the futurecast ahead. a weak cold front moves in through wednesday. it wouldn't be much. in the meantime, clouds, drop or two maybe. drying out monday and tuesday. the sun begins to come out. next rain chances coming in late next weekend. partly cloudy skies all over except in the mountains. tahoe and yosemite get backside showers coming in. overnight lows look pretty good. upper 40s and low 50s. sun up tomorrow morning at 21
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minutes before 7:00. high temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid 60s. so we have a showery day today but for monday and tuesday, we'll dry it out. tuesday we get some sunshine. wednesday, increased clouds. and then maybe a few light showers overnight wednesday, lingering in to early thursday. friday, saturday, and sunday, the numbers skyrocket in to the mid 70s. we won't hit records but records are on the mind of the folks in the sports department including the chief. here's dennis. >> could spieth hold a five-shot lead at the masters? could the giants overcome a five-run deficit against the dodgers? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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games left... and two wins from setting the single sean record with 73 it was pretty simple math for the warriors. two wins away from setting the record. warriors looking to hand them their first home loss of the year. kawhi leonard turns the corner, throws it down. spurs up by 8. that would not last long. curry pulls up for the 3. part of a 12-0 run. warriors up by 4 points. then it's curry passing up the 3. watch him finish over danny green for the hoop and foul. he had 16 points in the quarter. it was nearly 19. curry banked it in from beyond half court but it was waved off after the replay showed the ball still in his hands with the red
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light on. 4th quarter, curry digs a little deeper in to his bag of tricks with the shot clock winding down, he hits this one over and curry finishes with 37. the warriors win 92-86. they tie the '96 bulls with 72 wins. they'll have a chance to break it wednesday night at home against the grizzlies. there is an old saying in golf. the masters doesn't begin until the back nine on sunday. that cliche proved true to form in golf's first major of the year. jordan spieth looking for his third major in a calendar year. he was running away with it. here's the wedge from 125 yards out on 7. he gets the roll. a three-shot lead at that point. the birdie train speeding. goes 7 under, a five-shot lead. four straight birdies for the defending champion. the wheels fell off. he bogeyed 10.
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he bogeyed 11. it's his tee shot on 12 and look where it lands. he's got to take a drop. here's his next shot. remember ray's creek? there it is again. a quadruple bogey 7. he drops to one under for the tournament. suddenly danny willett is your leader. willett parked a tee shot on the 16th, made the birdie putt to go 5 under for the tournament. a three-shot lead over lee westwood. willett tapped in for par on 18 so he's got a two-stroke lead at that point. this is a great tee shot. he's got a realistic shot to pull within one of the lead with two holes left. but the putt would not go. that's pretty much it. spieth couldn't find anymore magic in the final two holes which seal the win for willett who's had a great couple games
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and has had a few great rounds after becoming a dad. >> he came 12, 13 days early to let me come and play. you talk about fate, you talk about everything else that goes with it. it's been a crazy, crazy week. >> pretty sure i'll be disappointed with that one. just think it was a very tough 30 minutes for me that hopefully i never experience again. baseball now. giants starter johnny cueto heard boos in the 1st inning and cheers in the 7th. how does that happen? giants pick free agent signees that slipped up in more ways than one. thompson. when it rains it pours on a family, right? dodgers led 4-0. cueto would give up 5 in the 1st, but picked himself up and made it through 7 innings when he got cheered. two batters later, there's brandon belt after buster posey hit a home run. $79 million man comes through, tied the game.
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bottom of the 4th, l.a. up 6-5. angel pagan interrupted an interview with affelt. first homer of the year. bottom of the 6, giants teague off -- teeing off on the dodger bullpen. they go on to win 9-6. giants scored 26 runs in the series and they take 3-4 from l.a. felix hernandez, king's court out in full force in seattle. king felix does what he does against the as. he dominated. struck out 10 in seven shutout innings but the as got him out of there. he takes advantage in the bottom of the 8th inning and the game goes to extra innings. coco crisp, he was hurt basically all of last season. he's not hurt anymore. this is his first home run since august of 2014 and the as win 2-1. they finish off their first road sweep since last june.
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so they started out a little bit slow at home. but they're back on a winning note. >> maybe that turf was a little wet from all the rain. do you think that little slip up there? >> at home, yeah. remember yesterday was a 45-minute delay. >> so not his fault. john will break down the epic collapse of jordan spieth on that 12th hole. >> thanks so much for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> see you back here at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> steve kroft: behind these doors, in the u.s. capitol, is a book that contains one of the most secret and sensitive documents in the united states. 28 pages that could shed light on the events of 9/11. they've been seen by very few people, and tonight you'll hear from some of them. >> i think it's implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom didn't speak english, could have carried out such complicated tasks without some support from within the united states. >> kroft: you believe that the 28 pages are crucial to this. >> they are a key part. >> holly williams: in the remote hills of eastern china, this is a magic kingdom that not even walt disney could have dreamed up.


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