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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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a mom murdered, her young girl missing, new details in the search for the killer next. ,,,,,,
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learning more in the live from the cbs bay area studios this is knew. a mother murdered, her -- this is kpix5 news. a mother murdered, her young daughter missing and we're learning more about the search for the young girl. 2-year-old arianna fitts was reported missing on tuesday. family members are become increasingly concerned. >> reporter: the mother, nicole fitts, was last seen april 1st. her family reported her here to the bayview police station. we have now learned that her body was found friday at john mclaren park. now that body was found not far from the park sign, in fact. police say she was the victim of a homicide. her 2-year-old daughter was last seen in february.
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because there was foul play and the child is so young, police and family members are very concerned for the safety of the little girl. >> i hope that we find her and we can get her back to family. >> reporter: family and friends of nicole fitts are horrified that she was murdered and now they're besides theirselves with concern that something might have happened to her 2-year-old daughter arianna. >> trying to stay positive that we will see already again safely and mostly i'm just scared that she's out there and we don't know where she is and >> reporter: the police won't elaborate on the circumstances of the murder only saying the mother's body was found friday, but they say the fact that a murder victim's young daughter is missing makes them extremely worried something might also have happened to the little girl. >> she's 2 years old. we don't have information on who she may be with. that's what we want to find out as well. if anyone sees her, we
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encourage you to contact 911. >> just be on the lookout, see the photo and notify the authorities if you see anything, if you know anything. >> reporter: there are some unusual facts in this case. the mother's body being found in a park, the child we understand from social media posts made by nicole fitts' family was with a baby-sitter, so it's not clear whether that baby-sitter had something to do with having custody of the child for some period of time here. we're still working through these facts. we'll bring you the latest as this story develops. joe vazquez, cbs5. turning to lighter news now, the warriors just one win from setting a new nba record after a big win today. if they beat the grizzly wednesday, they'll have the most wins in a regular season, no pressure. sports director dennis o'donnell now with us for more. >> it's not just that they won a game, they beat a sheriff's
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office sheriff's office team that has not lost -- they beat a san antonio seem that has not lost all season. 3rd quarter kawhi leonard turns the corner, throws it down. curry pulls up for three, part of a 12-0 run. warriors up four and watch curry passing up the three finishing it over danny green for the hoop and foul, 16 points in that quarter. it was nearly 19. curry appeared to hit another buzzer beater from beyond half court. how many does he have? this one was waved off after replays showed the ball is in his hands when the red light went on, curry with 37 points. 4th quarter warriors up seven. curry deflects the pass, comes open to steal, pushes it forward court, feeds klay thompson, dagger. warriors beat the spurs to tie the bulls with their 72nd win. >> just think about it i guess is perspective. only two teams have done what we've done so far and hopefully wins that we can finish that
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off, it's unbelievable. >> i never would have thought this my rookie year. i knew we had a chance to be a good team but not maybe one of the best team ever. so it's really surreal. >> i'm not going to sit here and say it's not on my conscience. the bulls? come on. it's crazy. so it's an accomplishment, but the accomplishment that we're looking for is 73. t against the grizzlies... >> they'll have a chance to break the record at home wednesday night against the grizzlies. we'll have more reaction from san antonio after this newscast on gameday including what michael jordan told draymond green about the warriors' pursuit of that record. >> keep them hungry. they want it. >> draymond said sometimes they have a tendency to get bored, but they got a carrot at the end of the stick right now. other news right now, a plane icefloes gear collapsed after it touched down at --
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plane's nose gear collapsed after it touched down at oakland airport on the north field. the citation 750 was stuck on the runway with its tail up in the air. the plane landed normally, but its front wheel buckled moments later. fire crews came out to the scene as a precaution. a pilot and co-pilot were on the plane owned by a company called exojet based ins before i bandage. no one was hurt. -- in brisbane. no one was hurt. we're learning about a car crash on highway 12 at 5:30 yesterday afternoon. three women and two toddlers were killed. investigators say the driver of the car and victims were in tried to pass a number of cars before slamming head on into a pickup truck. four passengers inside the pickup truck are expected to be okay. it is not clear whether or not slick roads were a factor in this crash. we have new details on a deadly police shooting in san francisco. a high ranking police official says stun guns might not have made a difference in last
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week's shooting. at the same time as kpix5's mark kelly shows us, people who live in the city have conflicting views about options for nonlethal force. s st tells >> reporter: 23 seconds, video shows that's all it took for officers to fire four beanbag rounds and seven bullets at 45- year-old luis gongorga, a homeless man police say was wielding a knife. what does that tell you that it happened so fast? >> just tells me they don't have compassion or patience. >> reporter: at sunday streets in the mission district luis cisneros said the pd should have learned its lesson after the deadly shooting of mario woods in december and thinks officers should have new tools. do you think police should have tasers? >> absolutely. they can do their job less harmful to a human life. >> reporter: but san francisco police are banned from carrying stun guns and some likes it that way.
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>> because weapons will hurt and sometimes kill people. >> reporter: on kpix5 news sunday morning deputy chief telling phil matier stun guns aren't a silver bullet. >> reporter: if somebody is advancing on you with a knife, you're not going to use a taser, right? >> it all depends on what point that person is coming at you, what their distance is, can you deploy that weapon, but obviously if they're closing that distance rapidly, no, you're not. >> reporter: crisis intervention team training has been teaching officers nonlethal options such as to slow down, create distance and call for help. still this latest fatal shooting mapped and it once again has the community -- happened and it once again has community defiled. >> to do it once again is shameful. >> i think they're trying to keep people safe and doing their best. i don't thin anybody wants to murder somebody. a concord family is outraged after the man convicted of killing their son
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is free from prison. in 2008 esteban nunez and another man were convicted of stabbing 22-year-old luis santos to death in san diego and sentenced to 16 years in prison, but then governor arnold schwarzenegger announced he was reducing nunez's sentence to seven years and with good behavior nunez was out in less than six. >> we're just sad and frustrated that there wasn't anything we could have done. >> nunez's father, former state assembly speaker fabian nunez, was a political ally of schwarzenegger. the nunez family released a statement saying in part, "our son has paid his debt to society and will continue to meet all legal and financial obligations to the victim's family." police in the east bay need your help in identifying this man. he was found yesterday at about 11:30 a.m. sitting on a bench near a north berkeley library. he somed confused and was unable to tell -- seemed confused and was unable to tell
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officers his name. he had no identification. the man was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation. berkeley police have not received any reports that this man is missing. in the race for the white house now accusations of poor judgment and even cheating are popping up. next up the new york primaries with a large number of delegates on the line. cbs' brian webb reports from the big apple. >> reporter: donald trump says there's something wrong with the way republicans choose their presidential nominee. >> this is a crooked system, folks. >> reporter: trump's campaign says ted cruz is using underhanded methods to pick up delegates loyal to the texas senator. >> you see the gestapo tactics. >> that's a strong word. >> we'll be filing several protests. >> reporter: cruz's campaign calls the accusations lies. he said he will be ready for a contested convention. >> i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. >> reporter: trump can still clinch the nomination before the convention, but he needs to
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win nearly 60% of the remaining delegates to do it including a big win in new york next week. trump and hillary clinton both have double digit leads in the polls in new york. clinton went to several churches sunday before campaigning in baltimore where she slammed sanders' record on gun control. >> he voted to make it more difficult to shut down gun dealers who sold guns that ended up in criminals' hands. >> reporter: sanders and his wife ate hotdogs at brooklyn's coney island. he no longer questions clinton's qualifications but -- >> maybe her judgment is not quite as lie as it should be. >> reporter: the -- high as it should be. >> reporter: the new york primary is april 18th. here in new york those who backed sanders road their bikes through concord. other supporters welcomed the riders when they arrived. california holds primaries june
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7th. talk about creating your own drive-thru, coming up why investigators say a california man deliberately drove into a fast food restaurant not once, but twice. >> plus from a distance it looks like a fireworks show, but it turned out to be a firestorm. new details on a temple fire that killed more than 100 people. >> a little chance of a sprinkle between now and sunrise. we led out the door tomorrow morning, it -- head out the door tomorrow morning, it doesn't look too bad, but things change later in the week. >> a medical break-through announced in the bay area, the possible end to hiv aids next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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--pause for nats- thousands were packed into a hindu temple... to celebrate end more than 100 people are dead after a fire erupted in southern india. thousands were packed into a hindu temple to celebrate the end of a festival with a fireworks show and that is when a spark ignited a separate batch of fireworks. shrapnel from the blast rocketed into crowds and fires leveled entire buildings. close to 400 people were rushed to nearby hospitals, many with severe burns and broken bones. still the tragedy could have been worse. authorities found dozens of fireworks that never went off. on the health watch tonight a leading hiv aids doctor speaking in san francisco says the end of the pandemic is closer than ever. at ucsf's global health
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conference today dr. anthony goucho, a man who began fighting the aids epidemic in 1981 said that when he started treating patients decade ago there was concern whether doctors would ever find a cure, but that line of thinking has since changed dramatically. >> i do believe we will have a durable end to the hiv aids pandemic. >> san francisco averages about one new infection daily, but health officials say their goal is to reduce that by 90% by the year 2020. a man is under arrest after investigators say he rammed his car into a jack in the box restaurant in los angeles not once but twice. his rage apparently grew from frustration over a bathroom inside the restaurant being locked. greg mills reports from l.a.'s koreatown. or his b when this guy to >> reporter: drive-thru took on a whole new meaning at that koreatown jack in the box. lapd took this guy into custody after he slammed into this
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place twice. >> yeah. it's crazy. he could have killed people, youen. >> reporter: edgar morales was inside waiting for his burritos when this guy took out the front door. then he went around to the other side and took out that door, too. here's how it started this morning. the suspect walked inside, tried to get into the men's west room, but william correia was already in there. >> i heard him banging the door, but i didn't come out. >> reporter: witnesses said the suspect was parked across vermont. he got into his car, waited until traffic cleared and raced across five lanes of vermont and crashed head on into the front door. this man was sitting at a front corner table. translator: scared. he said his heart was beating very fast. >> reporter: but the few minutes of terror was just beginning. >> then he went around the corner of jack in the box and went the other side and slam in there, too. >> reporter: the district manager said nobody was hurt. a woman who works here told us
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she was very scared when it happened and scared to be working inside the building afterwards because she wasn't certain it was all this safe. code enforcers slammed a restricted use sign on the building and workers intent the day putting up framing. since this happened customers are not allowed inside. drive-through is the only option. brendal is an chose couldn't exactly drive through. he rode through. others did it the old-fashioned way until mid-afternoon when the drive-thru option was taken away as well. prank sterlings have been terrorize -- pranksters have been terrorizing employees at fast food outlets around the country. someone calls and claims to be from the fire department. the person says he's remotely monitoring the building and that workers should break windows to prevent an explosion. a frightened burger king manager rammed his car into the building. police plan to press felony charges if they find whoever is making the crank calls. new signs are up in some
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areas around lake lagunitas to get bikers and horseback riders to slow down and be aware of blind corners and encourage people not to block trails. the program is a collaboration of the county water district and an alliance that includes a bicycle coalition and the marin conservation league. a fairly wet weekend with numbers in the east bay far greater than they were in the santa cruz mountains, but now it's moved south out of the bay area as you can see from the time lapse of a few hours ago. it's heading south from the peninsula out of the area leaving us with a good deal of moisture behind but not much rain. in the next 12 hours maybe a drop or two, but that low is heading off into the desert southwest to be replaced by a weak low in the southland. it won't have an effectous. showers taper off after -- effect on us.
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showers taper off after tonight. after within inch of rain in walnut creek and more than 1.25 inches in livermore, but look at the santa cruz mountains, just .36 because of an easterly flow of moisture all weekend, almost an inch in st. helena, .84 in sausalito, all pretty much gone now. a lot of clouds around the bay area tomorrow and slowly begin to cleanse the upper atmosphere of moisture. by 6:00 tomorrow night might get a fairly decent sunset for parts of the east bay out of it. let's really wind the clock into the future to wednesday afternoon at 4:00 when low pressure now comes from a more traditional direction, gulf of mexico. weak cold front means maybe some late showers on wednesday. maybe a few showers through tomorrow morning, not much, drying out later on monday and tuesday. next rain chances comes into the bay area late wednesday.
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heading out tomorrow partly cloudy skies from eureka to fresno and afternoon showers for lake tahoe and yosemite, overnight lows tonight upper 40s, low 50s and sun prizing at 21 minutes before 7:00 on your monday morning. the forecast highs, mid-60s, should be mostly dry, maybe a peek or two of sunshine. in the extended forecast after the showery sunday monday goes to partly cloudy skies and tuesday sunshine. wednesday and thursday that weak system could come through and maybe drop a little rain, not much. look at the weekend. by saturday and sunday we're back in the mid-70s and sunshine. meantime enjoy monday. it's going to be mostly cloudy. see you later. >> all right. coming up a former professional football player and super bowl winner shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident, the suspected gunman behind bars. >> but coming up why investigators now say the incident may have been more complicated. ,,,,,,,,
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crash. as jamie yuccas reports... it's possible the shooting was not simply an t of road rage. (:01-:08 social media photo no excerpting) the former pro-bowl defensive e, will in new orle a former player for the new orleans saints dead after a car crash. it's possible it was not an act of road rage. >> reporter: the former pro football defensive end will smith and his wife were in new orleans and headed back from dinner when a hummer hit them from behind. smith's mercedes hit the car in
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front of them. police say that's when smith and the other driver 28-year- old suspect cardell hayes got into an argument. officers say hayes went back to his hummer, pulled a gun and started shooting. >> one life is over and another life is ruined. >> reporter: smith died in his car. his wife raquel was shot in the leg. police booked hayes on second degree murder. >> at this time we do not have any information to suggest that they knew one another. >> reporter: but police are investigating a possible connection in. 2005 hayes' father was shot and killed by police. hayes won a civil lawsuit against the city. just before the accident smith had dined with one of the officers involved in that fatal shooting. in 2010 hayes was charged with illegal drug and we possession. he was -- and weapon possession. he was on a local amateur football team. smith spent nine seasons with the saints and was just voted into the team's hall of fame. fans created a memorial at the scene of the murder.
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a big blowup in space today, but that was actually a good thing. a spacex cargo ship made it to the space station seen here 250 miles above the pacific. the station's robotic arm locked onto a fixture on the side of the cargo ship and pulled it in for berthing. there is an inflatable module in the cargo that can be blown up and turned into a small bedroom. if it works and it should, it will be a first in space. in napa county safety officials have discovered a dreaded wine grape pest for the second time this spring. one viable glassy winged sharpshooter egg mass was found along with over 50 older nonviable eggs. the discovery was made during a shipment inspection last month. the wine trees were from a riverside county nursery. officials there say they're working to prevent this infestation. ... next. onto the weekend box office, in the battle there's
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two superheroes pitted against one very funny lady. so who won? we have the answer next. ,,,,,,
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top... "the boss" made n it was close, less than $50,000, but the boss debuted on top. the boss making $23.4 million in its opening weekend. batman versus superman, dawn of justice slipped to second place with 23.4 million it's also
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near 300 million overall. then zootopia closed in on $300 million in the domestic box office receipts with a third place weekend worth $14.4 million. place. and "hardcore all right. 6.4million put in my big fat greek wedding 2 into fourth place and hard core henry came in below expectations with $5.1 million a fifth place debut. 1 goat had quite an adventure in rohnert park today. someone snapped a photo of the goat after it wandered into a starbucks early this morning around wolf den plaza. an off duty sergeant took the goat to rohnert park animal shelter. the owner stopped by to claim her. the animal named milly broke loose from her pen grove home. the shelter gave milly a new collar and name tag. we'll be right back. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
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