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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 12, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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the bay bridge! tonight: why there seems to be no live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. drivers stopped for a donut on the bay bridge, tonight why there seems to be no stopping these dangerous and disruptive sideshows. >> this isn't the first time we've seen a stunt like this. kpix5's mark kelly is at the bay bridge tonight. mark? >> reporter: guys, we now know of at least two illegal sideshows here on the bay bridge. for drivers these are, of course, a nuisance, but for the chp they're some tough cases to crack. u mentioned. it was brought tr attention. unfor weren't able behaving as if the bay bridge is their private movie set, these wannabe stuntmen brought traffic to a halt yesterday
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evening. other drivers weren't amused. >> it's not the fast and furious in real life. it's dangerous and it's stupid. there's really no reason for it. >> with all the technology and surveillance they should stop this right away. >> reporter: but for the chp sideshows like this weekend's are like magic acts. they last just minutes and then the drivers disappear into thin air leaving only their black tire marks behind. >> some people say there's the video. they're committing the crime right there. isn't that enough? >> i wish that were the case. we saw the video that you mentioned. it caught our attention and we were not able to identify any license plates. the video quality was not good enough we could make out any numbers or letters on that plate. >> reporter: but we have one lead. the same group, bay area movement, seems to be posting many of these stunts including this one on the bay bridge in february which the chp is still investigating and this massive
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700 car sideshow in east oakland in november. at this point police are asking witnesses to turn in drivers who do this. >> it's just very difficult unless we actually see it to arrest someone. >> reporter: officers are also spinning their own wheels trying to figure out why these sideshows keep happening, but the theories are certainly out there. >> that's what they all do. they go on instagram, facebook, snapchat and these post these now i think it's for their girl friend or something, you know, look at me. >> reporter: that man is guessing, but the chp says they do have leads. as far as why these stunts are happening, that is still the million dollar question. mark kelly, kpix5. new clues in the brutal robbery that left a british tourist dead on a bay area street, san francisco police releasing composite sketches of two suspects. they say the man is 5' 10 with
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>> reporter: against assistant professor blake wentworth and the university of california setting the stage for a possible lawsuit. >> i think it's definitely the
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tip of the iceberg, but i am so in awe of them and their bravery and i think we'll only see more people come out at this point. >> reporter: berkeley is under fire and a federal investigation for allegedly mishandling sexual misconduct cases, as many as 19 employees violated the university's sexual misconduct policies in the past five years. many of them kept their jobs protected by their tenure. >> we put in calls to berkeley officials as well as a professor but have yet to hear back from them in. berkeley maria medina, kpix5. >> the accusers told the chronicle wentworth touched them inappropriately and repeatedly spoke about sex, strip clubs and drugs. the school eventually relieved him of his teaching duties, but as of tonight he is still on the uc payroll. three survivors of the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley are now suing. the women say they officered mental and emotional distress from seeing their friends plunge to their deaths.
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they also just stepped back into their apartment when the balcony gave way. inspectors found evidence of water damage. one bay area city taking an expensive step to keeping its employees closer to home, betty yu is in palo alto tonight which is spending millions of dollars to give police and firefighters a raise. betty? >> reporter: ken, these workers haven't had significant raises in years and this new deal is the result of two years of negotiations with the city. in that time palo alto fire says that it lost about 7% of its workforce because the pay just isn't good enough. [ sirens ] >> reporter: palo alto fire says for years it's had a hard time keeping up with the city's sky high cost of living. >> people want to have the american dream, own homes, provide for their family. to do so you can't live within 10, 20 miles of the city. you have to live further and further out. >> reporter: seams for new
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firefighters start at 85 -- salaries for new firefighters start at $85,000. the median price of a home in palo alto in february was just over $2 million. tonight the city council voted unanimously to give palo alto's nearly 600 employees represented by four unions raises. under negotiations police officers and firefighters will get a 2.5% bump in three installments to bring their pay to the median market standards. prior to this deal palo alto firefighters were making the lowest among comparable -- >> we won't lose any more firefighters and i think it will help us be competitive with recruitment definitely. there's still going to be a challenge with rising housing prices in the area. this will definitely help us keep competitive. >> only about a little less than 10% of our employees actually live in palo alto. so trying to attract a workforce is challenging in those environments.
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>> reporter: the union and city agree the pay increases will help. they admit it will not dramatically change these workers' ability to buy homes here in palo alto. also as part of this deal, these workers will have to pay a bit more for health insurance and in medical costs in exchange for higher salaries. live in palo alto, betty yu, kpix5. no relief for renters in san mateo tonight who say they are getting priced out. the city council killed a proposal for an emergency ordinance that would have required landlords who evict tenants to pay six months relocation assistance. some properties owners said that wouldn't be fair. >> so many of us have worked from having nothing to have something for retirement and to put constrictions on that and take away our rights is unconscionable. >> tonight three council members said the proposal for mandatory relocation assistance was just too vague and one
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called for a possible ballot measure instead. rents are also rising sharply in oakland. the real estate site zumper saying the cost of a one bedroom up 14% for the year, average price almost $2,300. two bedrooms are up 18% at more than 2,700. these are the highest year to year increases in the u.s. b.a.r.t. managers say a new contract with workers assures that you won't get caught in the middle of a strike any time soon, but 1 board member told our phil matier the deal has some serious flaws. half percent over t ears - and >> the bay area riders get a lot out of this, the certainty of no strike, no service interruptions. >> reporter: that was the message from b.a.r.t. managers and labor leaders as they announced a new contract that would raise b.a.r.t. workers' pay by 10.5% over the next four years and at the same time guaranteeing no repeats of the strikes in 2013. >> it's five years of labor
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peace. >> this is a pivotal moment in b.a.r.t. history. >> we all realize we want to up our game and improve what happened last time and rebuild the system. >> reporter: but the lone b.a.r.t. board member to vote no on the last contract said the new deal is more about politics than good policy. >> i think it's a bad deal. extending a bad contract from 2013 is a bad thing to do. >> reporter: malay said b.a.r.t.'s workers are already among the highest paid in the nation and get benefits like full family health coverage for only $129 a month. >> and several deficient work rules. >> reporter: like what? >> our train operators do two round trips per day and miscellaneous yard work and get eight hours of pay for 4 1/2 hours of actual operations. >> reporter: all this comes as b.a.r.t. is getting ready to ask voters this november to pony up for a $3.5 billion b.a.r.t. fix-up bond. >> the bond measure is about a capital reinvestment in the
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system. none of that money will be used to pay the workers. this will all be paid for on the operating side of the budget. >> the public will be disappointed when they hear this and it will be more of an uphill climb for us to get our bond passed. >> every b.a.r.t. worker also stands to get a $1,000 bonuses if ridership and revenue continue to climb. on to campaign 2016, the next big battle ground for the republicans is right here, veronica de la cruz on why it could all come down to california. >> that's right, liz. the golden state will be the last big prize before the gop convention and for ted cruz it could be his last shot. (trump nats) we're millionsf votes ahead of cruz. it takes 1 7 delega >> california is going to decide the republican nomination for president. >> cruz brought his gain to southern california today hoping to tip the scales away from front runner donald trump. >> we're millions of votes ahead of cruz. >> it takes 1,237 delegates to lock up the gop nomination. if trump doesn't hit that number, some delegates could
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change their allegiance at the convention. >> the system, folks, is rigged. it's a rigged disgusting dirty system. >> the democrats are focused on another big prize, the big apple. voters go to the polls next week in new york where hillary clinton holds a strong lead. >> under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. >> we can run a winning national campaign without being dependent on wall street and the big money interests. >> back here in california governor brown says he is in no hurry to endorse a democratic candidate, but he does have a strong opinion on ted cruz. >> i marvel at the fact he got out of harvard and had so many lame ideas. >> governor brown is a so- called superdelegate. that means he's free to support the candidate of his choice at the democratic convention. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. the governor waded into the presidential race while signing a bill that expands paid family
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leave statewide. people who will be paid 60% of their salaries while on leave for up to six weeks. low income workers will get paid 7%. it goes into effect in 2018. allergies seem worse than ever this year? you're the imagining it. tonight we found out how changing your showering habits could help. >> plus a sea lion crisis getting worse by the day in the bay area, why sick pups are washing ashore faster than they can be saved.
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the sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, if you're suffering, you know what i'm talking about. it is allergy season. sharon chin spoke with an allergist who confirms this is ad about year. >> it sure is. -- this is a bad year. >> it sure is. there is a lot of pollen in the area and it's expected to get worse before it gets better. >> now go ahhh.
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>> dr. andrew engler has been busy at the allergy clinic of san mateo. it's been a rough year for people with pollen allergies, but this year he said it's more intense. >> there's no such thing as a good spring here in northern california, but unfortunately this spring has a lot of pollen and it's making people unfortunately and i think el nino has definitely contributed. >> he said the allergy season didn't start earlier, but compared to past drought years the ash and oak trees are in full bloom this spring and grass pollen will follow later this month. >> you fry and go out through your day and you got all these allergies, you're like man, how am i supposed to last? >> to help you avoid pollen, keep your windows closed on windy days. change your clothes and shoes when you get home and shower and wash pollen out of your hair before bed. >> otherwise all that pollen will go from your hair into
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your pillow and sheets and then you'll be rolling around in pollen all night. >> he recommends using medicine like antihistamines to prevent symptoms and not wait till you get them. he said tips and over the counter medicine work with most people, but if not, he recommends seeing your doctor. >> terrible because you feel like you have a cold or something, but it's really just what's in the air. >> doesn't seem to go away. brace for more. tonight the cdc says zika is sawyer than anyone first thought. the virus is -- scarier than anyone first thought. the virus is linked to babies with small heads, premature births and eye problems. health officials want congress to free up $2 billion in emergency funds to fight zika. about 500 million now is left over from the ebola fight that's being used. >> it is not enough for us to get the job done. i mean it's just a temporary stopgap. >> we absolutely hope we don't see widespread local transmission in the continental
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u.s. we need the states to be ready for that. >> about 350 cases of zika are reported in the u.s. all related to foreign travel. mosquitoes that spread zika are now present in 30 states. we're seeing more and more sick sea lions washing up on our beaches. more than 1,000 have washed up this year. that's four times more than usual. kpix5's cate cauguiran went to the marine mammal center in marin county to find out what is going on. >> we've got mammals in crisis mode basically at example. we're having a hard time fitting more animals in our -- at capacity. we're have, a heard time fitting more animals in our pool. >> reporter: mammal like school daze. the center gets five to 10 new rescues a day, most of them found emaciated and starving. the marine mammal center is treating nearly 80 young sea
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lion pups, four times the normal average. dr. shawn johnson with the marine mammal center says el nino is partsly to blame. >> the past couple -- partly to blame. >> the past couple years the extremely warm water caused the crawfish to go farther north to sea, so the mothers were unable to find enough feed for their pups and provide millennial for them. >> reporter: there have been four times as many harbor seals than typically seen this time of year, all also displaced by el nino's warmer waters. >> we have 1,000 pounds of fish that we have to purchase every single day. >> reporter: cate cauguiran, kpix5. brown is the new green in a drought, right? not for one bay area community. some people in the gaited community of blackhawk in the town of danville are being told brown lawns could lead to stiff
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fines. a letter from their homeowners association says beautiful landscaping will be required as of june 1st. some people stopped watering to avoid fines and now this. >> some people that have gone to the far extreme of not watering at all and that's the problem because then it starts to really deteriorate the area. >> state laws say hoas can't push people for letting their lawns go brown to serve water and no one is suggesting it's okay to some conserving. we got the rain. east bay and south bay we've already received triple the amount of monthly rainfall. san francisco is right there for normal. livermore and south bay, you got a lot of rain, more than you average the entire month of april already. just this past weekend fog rolling into san francisco tonight, 54 degrees there, also
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in livermore and santa rosa. mild night tonight, mid-40s to low 50s, fremont 51, redwood city 48. watch for fog in pack of cha and santa cruz 52 -- pacifica and santa cruz 52. tomorrow the santa clara valley will be the coolest spot running about 5 degrees colder than normal. low pressure gave us some rainfall for five straight days in southern california. we got rain here friday, saturday, sunday morning. that low which was to our south is moving out. it will be over arizona by tomorrow morning. there's a didn't one moving in -- different one moving in, only give us a one day chance of rainfall wednesday night into thursday morning, the majority of the rainfall in northern california. we will see light to moderate rain overnight into thursday morning. after that if you wonder where the heat is, it comes back friday. we'll see some 80s over the
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weekend. it will be very nice saturday or sand. mornings will be cool and mostly cloudy, foggy along the coast. vallejo 63, san francisco and san jose low to mid-60s. partly sunny skies wednesday, mid. thursday and friday some rain. here comes the heat, 80s near the bay and close to 70 on the coast. last weekend that just ended cold, wet, cloudy. next weekend the payback sunny and gorgeous. it's monday, got to think about the weekend. >> absolutely. why not? speaking of gorgeous, it hill be the hottest particular in town, how much it will -- it will be the hottest ticket in town, how much it will cost to watch th,,,,,,,,,,
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from making history. and die-hard dubs fans are willing to pay a hefty pric be a warriors are just one game away from making history. >> die hard doves fans are willing to pay a hefty price to be part of it when the team shoots for a 73rd win on wednesday. the regular season finale courtside seats are going for upwards of $10,000 apiece on stubhub tonight. to sports tease} >>. >> who needs a seat? you're standing anyway. think about it. >> you can opt for standing
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room only for a bargain of 335 bucks. >> it's not a sellout. >> will you settle for steph surry's brother, how much you would pay to see him? i got news on seth curry tonight. he pull off a move that is the talk of the nba. we've got it. >> and the first place a's come >> and the first place a's come home red hot.,,,, boy: this is the story of a boy who didn't talk for a long time. the boy liked things to always be the same.
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any changes would scare and upset him. the unknown was an unfriendly place. the boy was very sensitive to lights and sounds. so he built secret hiding places where they couldn't get in. the boy didn't like looking people in the eye. he wasn't trying to be mean, it just made him feel uncomfortable. sometimes he would flap his arms again and again. second boy: one day, i found out i had something called autism. my family got me help. slowly i found my voice and learned all the ways i could live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at
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they're in first place, thee playing the angels who feate the best player in baseballd i've crowd in the the oakland athletics are in first place playing the angels who feature the best player in baseball and i've seen a bigger crowd in a kpix5 restroom. sonny gray looking for his second win of the season. he had a shutout through 5. when you go fishing, you better keep the bait lower than that. mike trout gets out in a hurry. he has 17 home runs against the athletics. the a's had 10 hits. they manage one run and lose 4-
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1. steve kerr played for the bulls team that played 72 games in 1996. now coach for the warriors he could break that record and some of his former teammates in chicago are letting him have it. >> luke longly will have some snarky joke for me and everybody else will just mutter expletives under their breath and leave me alone. steph curry's little brother seth went off tonight in phoenix, the spin move to three, don't know if it was an ankle breaker, but that shot went viral tonight. watch this number. curry recorded his second 20 point game, innings can beat the suns 105-101. look at this. sharks thornton playoff beard already so out of control. despite looking, he's getting ready to fight the bears and the appalachians and did find
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time to give his perspective about the playoff match-up against the kings. >> i think both teams have changed so much, 2016 sharks versus kings, it's going to be great. playoff beards, ken, what's the famous line, dangerfield? >> looks good on you, though. >> it looks like you after a week of vacation. >> wednesday night the warriors will go for that record. if they win that game they'll be 73, so we'll be there, but seth curry tonight, i saw him earlier when he was unemployed and i felt bad for him. he's got a huge game tonight and a player option. >> he's picked up a couple moves from,,,,,,,,,,,,
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. love to invite you. love to invite you. we'll see you then. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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